Passenger Seat Radio Episode 2008-03-16

Topics: First Show / Dead Air / Landmarks of the trip / Aluminum pricing (over $1) / driving smokers / 6 way stops / Meth Billboards Part 1 / Gas Price: 3.09 / Back of Cars / Impression: Rush Limbaugh / Homeless Tent City / Used Tires

Hello everybody this is Shane Armin row and you are listening to car talk. This is my 30 minute drive every single day to work and it seems that every day that I drive. There’s something that I want to talk about or discuss or mentioned or bring up and so I figured I’d just sit here and put the recorder on and talk about what I see and what’s going on my drives about 13 miles, which is a 30 minute or so. Dr. At this time of the morning my commute to I leave that a bounce us 630 ish 615 630

I dropped my son off at daycare and I take off my route takes me down. For those of you who may be in the Phoenix area I take grand in I just can’t stomach, the 17, the freeway too many starts and stops for me. Although grand does have a couple of bad bottlenecks. I’m actually at one rain now but yeah so

I gotta try to remember that I’ve got voice activated recording turned on so I don’t have to keep everything going all the time.

I’m down towards South grand right now and this is not of course the greatest neighborhood, but I’m surrounded by great cars as people are commuting on their way into work to my left a want to be gang member to my right, a pickup truck in front of me one of those cars with the license plate surrounded in chain link every quiet God then

here’s a testament of our times I drive by the scrap metal recycling place and see what they’re giving for aluminum cans, the amount per pound takes $1 or two. And that’s pretty much that’s an impressive number considering how low I’ve actually seen it go down to like 74 cents. It’s this particular facility that inspires people to drive around my neighborhood and pick up both trash that instead of letting the trash people get it. They take anything that might possibly have copper in it or metal in it. I don’t know what they do with the stuff that they can’t recycle and make money off of

it now

to my left, of course, the Platinum club baby dolls Platinum club, the first of many strip establishments down located this area


patch of grand here is kind of a pain in the. There’s a railroad track that runs alongside of it and when the train comes it stops the right hand lane or the right hand turning at here

pain in the. You know, one of the topics I was speaking with somebody the other day was the number of smokers that are in Arizona. It’s really quite amazing especially if you live in one of the non smoker friendly states like hello forget it’s truly amazing the amount of smokers that are on the road. I actually have to keep my car on recirculate when I commute that Speaking of which, two cars over a giant blue plume of smoke just came flying out so the guy behind that little red car x he’s gonna get to drive through that nasty plume as soon as they go yeah you enjoy that hope that tastes good for you. Yeah, don’t have to smoke in your car, of course, make your car smell like smoke just commute, it’s a great thing.

Alright, we’re through our first bottle neck

pain in the. We’re Indian School and 35th eight grand. These are crazy folks until I was down here. I never saw like a five ways stop but there really are like five or six different intersections right here or vice versa junctions at this intersection. It’s crazy.

We are definitely in the industrial zone. There’s a teasers topless dancers. Of course, they have they’re announcing an outdoor patio for smokers. So I wonder if the go out there to the strippers go out there and dance for you on the patio while you’re smoking how much fun. Would that be

the truck, but should have been retired years ago. That’s basically falling apart. While drives. Thank you for contributing to our gas shortage appreciate that.

Here’s another one of our infamous Drink, drink, smoke and enjoy the nudity bars there right across over Thomas, which means we are definitely in the official industrial zone of Phoenix,

that’s when we get to start seeing all the billboards somebody are pretty creepy. I like I like the billboards that denounced drugs

and show these people that are just totally messed up

and they give you a little slogans little cute slogans they one of them which is actually going the other direction. But since I’m talking about it. One of them shows like this really toilet like you know stall in a toilet and it should mean it’s nasty. I mean, if you could imagine like the worst nastiest gas station stall you’ve ever been in almost with lining the walls. That’s kind of what it looks like in the sign says you never thought about you never thought you’d lose your virginity here and then, you know, dot, dot, dot, a little lips there. And then it says method will change that. It’s pretty good.

Okay, we’re coming up on my next bottleneck. Oh, there’s the Valero gas station. Usually the cheapest gas around at 309 a little timestamp there for you to be four bucks before you know it

rough patch in the road. They’re always favorite

yeah the billboards started getting more and more on Spain, you’re closer you get downtown. There’s an at&t one in Spanish Budweiser


the fairgrounds yeah you wonder why people don’t come to the fairgrounds

that’s down here

nasty Mecca.

Ah, yes, it’s time to start commenting on the back sides of cars

turned to the the gas guzzling f 150 in front of me, which I guarantee. They’re commuting in

Jesus is the answer. And we’ve backed that we’ve done, we’ve got a little Jesus fish chaser to go along with that, and of course the infamous bumper sticker. That’s so worn and nasty can’t tell what it says. But I’m sure something of a religious connotation

what Dr wouldn’t be complete without the occasional propaganda materials on the back

infamous support our troops ribbon on the back of a nice fat gas guzzling minivan. Nothing says support our troops like sucking down oil

k ah yes you rush limbaugh rush limbaugh banner. That’s our the billboard that’s been up there for a while. What is the gentleman not taking a break from oxy cotton to oxy cotton to do the show

and seen Dr. Pepper. And if there’s anything else interesting out here

yet another banner for another billboard for Bank of America that I can’t read

now use tire place. See, that’s that’s a that always cracks me up the concept of used tires who buys us tires. Is that is that really a viable option is there a desert or a company that makes us tires because usually when the tire comes off of a car. There’s usually a decent reason for it. Right. I mean, I’m no I’m no automotive genius, but that makes sense

hotels with weekly rates and daily rates. I’m sure our lead the further south. You go. We’re actually almost at the end of grand here. We’re at intersections Seventh Avenue

for coming

up my favorite billboard people still claim that I Photoshop and this one I posted it.

It’s got a picture of bush and all of his cabinet members and the sign reads we lied to you or says, Dear America we lied to you for your own good. Now trust us. It’s got all the all the players there love that billboard some of my favorites.

Yeah, there’s there’s a domestic violence sign when you yell at your wife routers, it says when you yell at your spouse you yell at your kids or something like that

rooms for rent. Yeah, the two for $50

because you need two rooms. I love that

the wiseguy carwash down here at the corner. I think they give a policeman discount here because I always see police vehicles going through here. I guess police vehicles need to be washed here right they probably have a contract with the county. That’s why there’s like 700 locations and wife’s car washes here Phoenix.

Another great billboard bankruptcy or divorce $200

nothing speaks to the sanctity of marriage in a $200 divorce,

we get closer to downtown. We’ll get to enjoy some people watching perhaps a little bit early, but

check it out. Anyway,

there’s a nice big Clear Channel billboard for coke products that rotates out fairly regularly

and downtown with more

That’s funny. The hotel next to McDonalds is free Wi Fi wonder if they actually piggyback off McDonald’s Wi Fi

Every room has great Wi Fi service.

Here’s another billboard has a little black girl on it that says start talking before they start drinking

gives you a warm fuzzy done it gives me warm fuzzy.

We’re now at Seventh Avenue and Jefferson, the final leg of my trip. There’s no more bottlenecks. Fortunately, the parking garage, which also doubles as my office. Yes, we work in the basement. Fortunately, that’s um

that has a second entrance for employees than used to have. And

it’s really helped out when the jurors that the jury selection folks park in there and tends to backup traffic beyond words. Some days. Fortunately, we don’t have to take that difference anymore. Good thing mobile dentistry wave of the future right here in America parking lot. You too can get, you know, on your lunch break walk over and get some dental work done.

Yes, yes. Heading west bound here on road is this one down from Jefferson. This is the homeless capital of the world. I just went through homeless tent city

and there’s a big soup kitchen or homeless shelter or something right down here and I’ll tell you what my wife was afraid to drive down here

feel like packing a nine when I come down.

There’s just that many homeless people. I may be training martial arts, but you know you can’t fend off 500 people

razor wire all over the place and love it. I love society, what we must do to protect our stuff.

All right, we’re just moments from the entrance here.

The worst part about this. They built a new court building across the street. It used to be that this nobody wanted to park here at this parking garage, but unfortunate thanks to this building moving over on the other side. They took the entire second level of the parking garage and basically made it executive carpool parking


swipe my card to get in. Oh, nice, nice one of the one of those little yellow things that show how high the parking garages, you know, you must be at least shorter than this getting the parking garage is actually falling wonder whose car that hit somebody’s gonna sue the city for like 20 million

so yeah so now you don’t get any good parking on the second level anymore

so funny. There’s like nobody parked in there and yet it’s all cornered off

moments I got little look at this, there’s a bunch of parking on to the hell’s going on must have missed a memo. Well that’s it that’s it from our commute. We’ll see how this turns out if anybody likes it. Maybe we’ll do it again someday. Thank you for listening to car talk.

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