Passenger Seat Radio Episode 2008-03-24

Topics: Gas Talk / Ferrets 101 (passing away of Auggie) / Spring Break Teen Behavior / Meth Billboards Part 2 / Making yourself a target via politics / white jogger

Hey there everybody you’re here with Shane Armin row and this is another edition of car talk

well it’s Monday morning folks Monday mornings commute

day after Easter, you can always tell when it’s the Monday after a holiday traffic’s a little bit lighter. Everyone likes to take that extra day pass the holiday and of course you can always tell the day after a holiday by the plummeting gas prices. I remember on Friday afternoon. It was 316 gallon here then of course by Saturday afternoon. Oh, is 313. They got all the people filling up to go out of town and now of course Monday when everyone’s supposedly back it dropped back down to 309 you know there just seems to be something really crazy about this whole gas thing and I know you know I was talking

or I read, I should say


what they do is is when gas prices go up,

they immediately raise the price the gasoline and the pumps immediately the spot, no matter what the gas in their current tanks cost them. They raised the price immediately. And then when the cost of fuel goes down, what they do is they keep the price high until they buy the next set of fuel at the lower price. Now, I don’t know how true that is but if it’s not, if it is true. And it’s not just a bunch of made up media malarkey that’s

pretty messed up, you think about it,

so we’re paying them more for the cheap gas. They got before and we’re continuing to pay more until they get the cheaper das back

that doesn’t seem right to me

it seems kind of off

and now could just be me folks

here I am sitting at the corner of 43rd and grand and what’s the other crossroad here Camelback yeah so we got a whole whole

bunch of intersections here.

For those of you familiar with the area and there’s a Home Depot right across the way at Carl’s Jr.


So it’s been a long weekend.

All things considered, the one of our ferrets passed away yesterday he goes a very interesting thing about ferrets. A lot of people don’t know much about ferrets they think that ferrets or, you know, another cat and dog and there’s nothing really complex about them but they really arm a complex creature and they suffer from a lot of the same things that

excuse me a lot of the same things that like pure breed dogs and animals tend to fall susceptible for like cancer, things like that. Things that are sort of pure breed type diseases but ferrets have all sorts of

interesting other little side diseases or side problems. A lot of people know with small animals, especially ones that are set free to roam around and that are nearly as curious as ferrets that they tend to eat stuff they’re not supposed to, and they have a very short small intestinal tract and what they tend to do is they eat things like rubber rubberized type things plaster Saul, you know, and they chew those because for some reason they’re attracted to it and then they swallow it, and

it blocks their intestinal tract

and you know they die really fast. These, these are little tiny animals with a really high metabolisms so you get a blocked. You know, you get a blockage in the ferry. He doesn’t eat and you know 36 hours from then he could, he could definitely be dead by then. So you have to as a ferret owner, you have to be very, very diligent and

watching your ferrets it’s not

they’re not maintenance free or low maintenance animals. They’re very high maintenance and it makes me really sad when I’m at the pet store and I see people who obviously are not going to be good fair parents buying ferrets I know I know it’s just an animal. How do you get so uptight about stuff like that. Well variants are like one of the smartest animals underneath rats rats apparently are the smartest of the so called domesticated pets furniture. Number two, and if you know anything about rats, which you probably know more about rats and you do about ferrets

pretty smart. I’ve seen my fair. I’ve seen one of my favorites problem solve and if you’ve ever seen a four legged creature solve a problem. It freaks you out a little bit

so they’re not they’re not

exactly dumb animals. They’re a lot


social. They require lots of, lots of social interaction with each other and with their with their owners. I mean, you can leave a dog or a cat on his own for a week and, you know, as long as there’s food and water. They don’t care but you know ferret some fears are different. Well, one of the interesting items with fair. It’s one of the things they tend to get her cysts which apparently or you know their cancer related which apparently are very popular with like I said purebred dogs. We got a boxer that had the same problem he grew cancer system his later days. But anyway, so the,

what happens is is the ferret gets up a small cysts somewhere and it doesn’t even have to be something that’s visible

by the human eye or something which you can pound pay you know that you can go in there and squeeze around and say, Oh look there’s a cyst right here. Apparently you can be you know the size of a pinhead and what happens is, is that it produces insulin and I don’t know that’s that sounds pretty creepy. To me, that sounds like no weapons of mass destruction creepy. Yeah, we’ve got this. We’ve got this agent, you can dump into the humans drinking water that causes insulin producing cyst you can’t find it sounds. It sounds very you know underhanded does it not. It sounds very shady. But anyway, what happens is these little sis produce insulin and of course the pancreas producing insulin the same time and insulin, of course, is what dissolves and breaks down your body sugars it. Think of it as an invert inverse diabetic instead of not being able to produce insulin they produce too much insulin and eventually the body goes out of whack and apparently well I can I can actually attest to this now. But what happens is, is they end up having a seizure. There’s too much insulin in the body and they have

a seizure

and after the seizure, you know, the seniors very, very I mean it’s scary as hell. If you’ve ever seen a seizure in a person you know like an epileptic seizure.

If you ever seen one of those you realize it’s kind of scary well affairs is even worse because

Ferris have a high tolerance for pain there reports that ferrets break their legs, you know, jumping off of furniture or something they break legs and and harm themselves and you’ll never know it, they don’t show pain. They don’t you know they don’t limp. They don’t cry out. They don’t you know they don’t whine, they are you know sturdy creatures and to hear a ferret I mean literally screen you know i mean if you took a if you took a dog and like stuck a knife in his belly and listen to it scream I mean that’s what you’re talking about this Ferrin started screaming during a seizure and I’ll tell you it it kernels your blood and it

really makes you feel bad that this little animals just going through something that’s so traumatic like that. And of course, they have all the other seizure signs. They flail around and you know it’s it’s really crazy and the only thing that you can do for a ferret having a seizure like that is to, um, try to stabilize their blood sugar, try to do you know get some sugar into their bodies and what you do is you rub some caramel syrup or some maple syrup onto their gums and that’s, you know, as it sinks in it you know metabolizes down with the insulin and things are okay and then they are comatose like they’re

they’re like little vegetables for about an hour after a seizure up to an hour and then you know the the worse off it gets, the more seizures are supposed to see and we’d seen like one or two seizures in the last few months

and yesterday he just went off seizures. I mean, over and over and over and over again and you know there’s as a responsible parents of animals you you know you need to know when it’s time and so we took him in and unfortunately our animals always seem to die when there’s no vet around so we always have to take him to the emergency vet which always sucks because it costs a fortune and our vet is very close to our animals and you know he’d like to be with them. In the end, and be part of that and he never gets to be because they all you know they all go terminal when he’s not around on a weekend or holiday. So that was kind of traumatic our family you know as lost a lot of animals in the last couple of years as all of our animals kind of came to term and and so it’s I hate to say that it gets easier. The more that go and this was a little adopted ferret that we got from a friend of ours and we didn’t have nearly the bonding time with with him that we’ve had with all of our other ferret so it might have been a little easier to let him go. But it wasn’t easier with the streaming. I mean, the other ferrets that we’ve gone just just sank into oblivion. You know, this one the screaming and the pain and everything the suffering. It was just horrible sell that sound. That was our Good day. Good deal for the weekend and sell. Yeah. Yeah. My kids are on spring break this week which always makes life interesting I’m surprised they haven’t called yet.

I don’t know about you guys that have kids, but mine like to call me all the time. Can we do this. Can we watch this movie. Can we do this. Can we do then stunning.

But I told them, I said, Unless you’re pretty much carrying your own head. Today I don’t want to hear from you. You know, here’s what you’re going to have for lunch. Here’s what you can have for breakfast you spell everything out when you have teenagers because teenagers tend to see things in other things. If you say

you know don’t cook on the stove, then they’ll cook in the toaster, or they’ll find some other way, you know, the bust open a canister no and started cooking popcorn over that they’ll do the figure out the loophole. That’s what teenagers do so our whiteboard. We have a whiteboard at home that we write down you know what’s for dinner and you know shopping list that sort of thing. And the whiteboard is absolutely packed. I mean, there’s no white on it anymore. It’s all ink we wrote everything down on there and don’t do this, don’t do that can’t do this can’t do that. Eat this. Don’t eat that

you gotta spell things out and you have teenagers.


So let’s see what do I have to talk

about car related now that I’ve board you with ferret stories. Hopefully you found some interesting information in there and if you have kids or you’re thinking about a fair yourself just realize that there are a lot of work and they are considered an exotic animal. They’re hard to find vets for and the vets you do find are going to be expensive. The hard to find good vets for because there’s just, you know, most

most vets haven’t had a lot of experience with parents but anyone so keep that in mind.

Yeah, these new billboards, they’re not actually new but there’s a whole bunch of them downtown. Now you probably seen him if you live in the area there these new anti ones and I might have mentioned one of them before but I keep seeing him. I think there’s new ones popping up. They’ve got they’ve got one. And I think the one I mentioned the other days as you probably you might not have heard the other show one has this guy that looks like he’s been through hell and back and I mean he’s got like open lesions on his face. I mean, he looks messed up

and I mean it looks like he’s right out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video, you know. Anyway, and you know the guy looks like the undead, you know. No, you know, he looks like he looks like one of those undead right before they come back to life zombies from life force be seen life force the movie, you know, right before I before they like wake up and want to feed again that looks just like that guy anyway

so the sign says


no will not help you hook up or something like that. And here’s this guy that looks like he’s just been through the wringer I love it, I love these in your face drug ads and other ones shows like this really nasty bathroom. I think this is what I talked about on the show the other day this nasty bathroom. I mean, it looks artificially nasty and it says you never thought you’d lose your virginity in a place like this and then it says underneath it, you know, will change that it’s like you know that might have been a little too high level for math heads, you know, you might have to break things down a little bit. Now I’ve never used math and I don’t know how that affects you know your thought process or decision making, but frankly I don’t think that if you, you know, if you use any window. I don’t think they’re gonna quite figure that out, especially if they’re you know on math right then. Yeah, well, this is actually better than a bunch of the bunch of the religious ones that went up for a while, I don’t know, I’d rather hear about math than I would about religion, I guess, which is kind of sad, I guess, but it’s true.

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