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Lindsay Lohan rumors everybody from the speak album if I recall, this is Shane R. Monroe. You’re in the passenger seat with me right here on passenger seat radio. It is June 11. Thursday morning my commute in. It is time for part two of my great james holmes stories. I got two more great stories to talk about. With regards to James. I could probably come up with more of him actually, but this will do for now. If you missed the last week’s episode, you want to go ahead and listen to that first because I’m not gonna recap a whole lot. I’m gonna jump right into the stories because I got lots to talk about. So Do the whole Miyagi thing. kind of story that I can’t tell you until I tell you a different story. Hong and I got got pretty close. And so he wanted us to be on site with some of the things he was doing. So he was shooting an episode of the old show Millennium with Lance henriksen. And he asked us to come up, bring cameras bring stuff and videotape and record and capture his appearance on millennium. Now, I’m a huge stereo Quinn fan, and he was on the show. And of course my Lance henriksen fan who isn’t. So I figured, you know, whoever was shooting that day would be really cool to get hooked up and make a couple of contacts. And I remember talking on the phone, and he’s like, you know, be fanboy. This work this is work. Not fun time. This is work. You love me fanboy. I said, Okay, listen, I’m going to bring somebody else up with me to be my sisters that close the gap, but make sure he not fat boy. This serious work. I’m like, okay, don’t worry. So we go up. And this is like, I’m trying to think of exactly what it was. It was. It was wintertime, and this is a Washington State. And they were shooting in Vancouver. You can look it up on Google Maps. So we were driving up there, my friend, Stacy and I know Stacy, by the way, is the guy that got popped by the cop was hiding in the bushes. And the judge asked Stacy, just how fast those bushes were going, same guy. It’s funny how all my friends end up in all my stories. And then, you know, later on the reference of Stacey Kirkpatrick. Here’s your shout out, buddy. Anyway, so we got in there. This, this. I don’t even know what you’d call it a suburban right? It was a bigger vehicle. We were driving up there. First of all, you know, it was neither fit for man or beast to be driving through that crap. And the road in some places was pure ice. And I remember driving you know, I’ve been driven in snow and ice all my life. So it’s not like in Seattle when the roads get a little slicker in Arizona, when it rains, the roads get a little slick that nobody knows how to drive. I know how to drive. I know how to turn into a skid I know how to handle myself on ice and I handle hydroplaning I know how to do all that stuff. I was in a Ford vehicle. For one thing, it wasn’t the vehicle I usually drove. So we’re driving along. And this is one of those parts where the sheer ice black ice you can’t even see it. The whole road is nothing but ice. So we’re driving along and for those of you who’ve ever experienced this, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those of you who don’t Sorry if I can’t explain it right? The vehicle starts drifting. As we’re driving. You starting to get to a point where your speed and being on the ice, your vehicle just starts to slide starts to drift. And you weren’t doing 5060 miles an hour and the vehicles drifting. It’s crazy. It’s like hydroplaning only, like 100 times worse. The whole vehicle starts to drift. Stacy, I think we’re about to beat an accident. He’s like, what’s going on? I said, we’re drifting. I said, we’re just floating on the ice right now. I said, if I put on the brakes, we’re screwed. I said, I’m gonna try to slow down and see what happens. But we can be screwed right here. It’s one of those rare times you can actually predict you might have an accident. very crazy. Okay, hang on a second. I need my morning fix here. See what I can do about talking while I’m ordering here. apple slices with fat free Carmel dipping sauce. That sounds tasty. Good morning I need a large Diet Coke with lime and a junior breakfast burrito please. Sausage, my man you got it helps me like every other day. A few days I fooled card readers. I try to help the guy out by not sending it back in with the card, you know. Back to the hauling story. So we’re we’re drifting In this in the suburban, it’s not even our suburban i barterfli j and so I let off the gas right what you’re supposed to do you let off the gas works. We were sliding or just I could feel of drifting and I knew we had to regain contact with the road slowing down and all of a sudden the vehicle starts to starts to turn to drift. Again if you don’t know what it is, I’m sorry, but starts to drift her but Okay, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Stacy’s gripping the grip in the console. Like, you know, he sees Jesus. And so I’m like, Okay, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. So the vehicle starts to move. So I start I start turning into the skin, which is what you’re supposed to do. Like turning to the skin, and of course when you’re on here is a little turn goes a long way. I turned a little too much. Wow Is this my fruit? writing more. Thank you. service with a smile from our buddy Marquis. I gotta find some way to mess with him. Anyway. So we’re starting to turn into the skin. And, of course we are on ice. I overcompensated. And so now we’re flipping the other way. So I’m trying to imagine a video game or something that I can relate exactly what this looks like or feels like, but it’s just not gonna happen. Either. You know what I’m talking about. So, I start fishtailing back and forth. I’m turning into the skin and we start turning back into the skin. I could not regain control. And believe me, I tried. We ended up doing like two spins. I think we did a full two 360s I mean We’re talking. There you go. We’re telling you excited for when you’re in the air doing the spins. That’s exactly what we’re talking about here. And then, of course, that ended up with us hitting a snowbank. Fortunately, with soft snow. We didn’t hurt the vehicle or anything, but believe me, it was a white knuckle drive the whole rest of the way. So we get up there, and we’re on the set of frickin. Now this is back when the show was still popular, of course back when it was still on. And it was it’s just exciting. You know, you can’t help me get starstruck a little bit. I mean, where’s Hendrickson? Man? Is Lance henriksen I think I’m gonna meet him kerio Quinn, of course, I’m going to hang out with Han which is always fun. So we get up there in Homs dressed up in this doctor outfit, right? If I remember right, he said he’s playing this. this weird. I don’t know some sort of supernatural doctor or something which is perfect for home. And we go in there right and I’m expect First of all, I’m expecting Very a bunch of hostility because you know, this is kind of Hollywood and Okay, so it’s in Vancouver, but it’s Hollywood, you know, and we’re kind of outsiders. I mean what are we we’re Hong’s website guys you know this is back when you know websites were still for the people who were afraid of you know weren’t afraid of computers so we go in there and we meet Hong we find out we find Hong and his trailer and I tell stays and listen let’s let’s do some video let’s do some video me going up to knock on Hong store and you know we’ll see what happens we just spontaneous you know, ad hoc. And so I walk up to the door I knock on the door and I have no idea what there’s this not planned to rehearse this video still. And then he opens up the door and he like chest goes off on me. It was the funniest damn thing ever. And I just cracking up. He’s like, you know, it was like these pops up on his door. like what the hell do you want Monroe? I was buying I mean, it was like the funniest damn thing ever you had to be there for see the video, but it was so damn funny. And so we we talked to him, he’s like, okay, you stand in the way you stand up way you get shots when nobody else is down. You have you take lots of pictures. We know what to do we know what to do. So, we’re taking lots of video, lots of pictures, and I’m getting ahead of myself. So this is the first time I’ve actually been on a television set. Okay, so this is a little on spire and I’m a little struck here. So we go in and Stacy’s in my boat. He’s just like, this is cool, you know? We’re gonna snickering to each other. We’re like on the set of millennium. You walk in First of all, the first thing of course, is what the fat guy notices. Is the catering services table you walk in and this thing is like a lush spread. This is this is not, this is a second unit shot. This is a primary unit shot. I can’t remember the director’s name. you’d recognize my service name into the first unit shot. So we’re actually on a set. But you’re kind of in the middle of nowhere, you know, it’s not like you’re in downtown Hollywood. You’re just like drive on this road. All of a sudden, you’re this close. You get permissions to go in and isolated. She go in and it’s like, here’s this huge buffet. meats, cheeses, everything you could imagine is on this on this catering team and you wonder, wonder where the budget of movies goes on that goddamn catering table. So we go in and you know, we’re kind of like, you know, trying to stand in the way blending in with the background waiting for Hong scene. To come up, and the director comes on, he’s like, oh, you’re like, yeah, you know, we’re trying to be we’re trying to be low key. And he’s like, Oh, great, great. Listen, I’m gonna get you guys set up with some great shots. Okay? We’re gonna shoot Hong Kong in about an hour and a half, blah, blah, blah. It’s like in the meantime, let me let me take you around and show you or show you where we’re going to be shooting today. I’ll show you some really good spots to get some good pictures. I’m going to Damn this guy kicks us in the direction of being a pain in the ass nudie bitch. And here he is, like, falling over himself. Like we’re the celebrities, you know? He’s like, let’s go over here. You know, here’s my gaffer blah, blah, blah. Here’s our here’s our What do they call the cameras on the on the tracks. I can’t remember what he called them. But there’s more special names for everything and hidden in Hollywood. Everything has an acronym You know, my dp blah blah. So he’s walking the streets. Okay, we’re gonna be shooting here for pharmacy. There’s nobody in here right now. So if you want to get some preset pigs, blah blah blah. And he’s like, yeah, you know, it’s so awesome working with Mr. Han. He’s such a such professional. He’s He’s so he’s so talented. I mean, this guy’s like gushing over Hong Kong and I’m like, dude, you’re like this like, big time director you’ve been directing TV forever. And here he is like fawning all over. Like Yeah, he’s a great guy. You know, we’re really honored to be working with him and blah blah blah. So so he’s like he needs to stop shooting the news to move cameras around or move some equipment around and get a better shot let us not this guy is so freakin cool. And I’m winning me No I’m so I’m thinking you know, okay, so the crews gonna be okay the directors cool but the crews start trying to move around and get some set shots and do this and that too. For the time of very expensive video cameras and digital camcorder, and back then things were four grand. Okay, and set it over for us to take with us. So we had some really good technology and these are guys that are working in the film industry and been movie TV industry all the time. And I’ll tell you what, that was the ultimate icebreaker. Everybody want to come over and see this camera. So once again, you know, my name is Kevin. I work on camera guy and boom mic, blah, blah, blah, almost coming over. That’s really cool. Blah, blah, blah. And and everybody was like, just awesome. I mean, we’re talking about like, you know, the crew. And I’m thinking, Man, I can’t believe these guys are so nice. This is like the coolest experience ever. These guys, anything you need anything? No, you’re wrong. Yeah, anything you need. Just let us know. We’re going to be shooting here and here’s the here’s the camera path. We’re going to be using blah blah blah. If you get over if you shoot from over here, you get some really good pictures. And it’s just I was I was simply blown away by the crew that met with us that day. Everybody was so freaking cool. And so I was asking, yeah, so Who’s shooting today? You know, with Han. He’s like, you know, Lance will be in later and, and there was somebody else was gonna be there and I said, What about? What about Terry liquidus you’re gonna be like, No, no, he’s not on the call as Tulsky for today. And I’m like, that sucks. But we’re gonna be in so the director, the director comes up to me later on. He’s like, he’s like, yeah, we’re gonna be shooting this burning coffin scene up in the hills like tomorrow or the day after or something like that. You just want to come up. And I’d love I’d love to by taking the day off of work. I couldn’t go up there. I was so pissed because I could have been up there everybody was up all the principal characters were up I guess for that tend to quit and everybody nicely, you know, that’s real generous, but we’ve only got a one day shoot thing going on. So we have to go back Blah, blah blah. It would be crushed me to know what’s gonna get me to quit. But anyway, so as long as it works, let’s continue. So it’s coming. Lance henriksen shows up the first of all this guy is short as hell. This guy’s got to be like five I had no idea how short this guy really was. I thought maybe it was like a stunt double or something. You know, your first thing is like, wow, he’s really damn short. Anyway, so I’m the director says, you know, let me introduce Mr. Hendrix. Like I’m like, Okay, so now I’m thinking, here’s where the shoes gonna fall. The director TIG das, the Korean kick bass. Now, what about the actors? And Lance is like, yours, Mr. Hong. Yeah, he’s, he’s a great guy. I’m real pleased to meet you. Listen, you know, let’s, let’s talk later on. You know, I know Hong is doing this celebrity web thing. I want to talk to you guys about real, real life. Should my hand like I was a freaking this guy’s awesome too. What the hell? Where’s How can we get this bad reputation of being so cool. So comes out, we shoot, and he’s with Henrickson in the scene. And they go through this whole bed. Oh, look at the episode for you guys if you want and I’ll see if I get clips missing. But anyway, so we do shoot and we’re down for either lunch or we’re in between scenes or something. And the director of course, like all help yourself whenever you want the craft tables over there, help yourself wherever you want. Blah, blah, blah craft services. He comes over, he approaches us. Of course, he loves the camera too, if I recall. And he’s like, yeah, so you guys are shooting all this data, what we’re doing is again, that’s great. That’s really great. It’s really hard for us to connect to people outside the industry to do these sort of things and and that’s been good. I have a billion things I want to talk to Lance Henderson about. And I’m being a non fanboy. And I said, I said, Listen, you know? Listen, I have warned me against being a fanboy. But I’m such a huge fan. I said, Does anybody ever asked you to do that thing with a knife? And for those of you don’t know, the references from aliens, he was the synthetic person that was on board. And he, he was the one that took the Bill Paxton did the knife between his fingers in his face, like he’s in his face Trumps all the frickin time. I really, I mean, that’s, he’s like in a bus in the story. He was driving I think down the 405 or something. And he gets pulled over by this cop, right for speeding. And the cop comes up to him, and he looks in the window. And he’s like, I need to see your license or what? When you’re He’s like, a visit do that. They So, so the cop gets in the car with him. And they start shooting the breeze. They said, they’re talking to this cop, like half hour. And, and I said, I said, Man, that’s the same. He’s like, Yeah, he’s like, I get that all the time. It’s like the big thing. And I said, I bet you didn’t get a ticket. DJ just looked at me smile. He’s like, I usually don’t get a ticket. And he starts telling me stories, and he’s like, just the coolest guy. He’s like, hey, let’s get some pictures. Let’s get some pictures together. Let’s get some fish to like family. And I’m blown away by this guy. And so we get legit. We get pictures. Of course I have none of them, which really pissed me off. I don’t even think Stacy has them anymore. Let’s get a pic. Let’s get picture like we’re family. So we get this pig. We get pictures of us in Henrickson in Hong Kong. so freakin cool. The whole experience was simply insane. Whereas hinrichsen nicest guy in the planet Stories didn’t mind us asking the questions to pictures with us. The director I wish I could remember the guy’s name. It really pisses me off. I forget stuff like this, but he was so cool. So nice. The cast and crew, everybody was awesome. I could not have asked for a better experience. And I wish I could have connected with Lance more or lied to him just because he was like, full of great stories. I love collecting info like that crazy guy, man. I mean, he’s he’s a funny guy. He’s a funny guy he wouldn’t know by looking at his all serious stuff, but just remember the second the last homestore I have I can’t tell you till I tell you about this other. This girl Janae Frank, which by the way, I caught back up with compliments of Facebook. You know, Facebook does have its uses, I guess. And she said lot different of a person these days but I’m gonna tell you the story of her up to the point before I met her back on Facebook because there’s there’s sort of a personality trait or if I can get her story and before I get to work. Okay, so here’s what happened. My best friend Troy moved to Kashmir, which is about 15 miles out. So he had a whole bunch of new friends and new school, new high school. And he said, Listen, you know, we hung out every weekend together, either he at my house or me at his house. And he said, Listen, there’s this party. I’m supposed to go to some friends school. And he says, you want to come you want to come to the party? I said, Sure. So we go over to this to this party. And for some reason I had like, tr written on my shoes I advance and for some reason I had the letters t are written on my shoes, and I have no idea why. I still don’t remember why. But I told her, I said, Listen, let’s let’s have some fun here. Let’s see how long I can be somebody else. So I became Terry Roberts, which is really funny, and it’s not significant to the store, but let’s just say for the purposes, the first encounter I had with Janae. Frank was as Terry Roberts, which is so funny, because that’s what the two letters were on my vans. And let me tell you something about Janae Frank, Baghdad, I don’t know what she looks like now. I mean, I’ve seen a picture of her on Facebook and she still looks good. But back then she was striking. Have you ever met a girl or a woman that is striking? not pretty, but striking you when you lay eyes upon them. It’s like getting hit over the head. That’s striking. She bears a strong resemblance or she did bore strong resemblance for those of you ever seen lifeforce the the female alien that they bring back, Matilda Mae facially speaking, I can’t tell you about the rest of her. But facially speaking she reminded me a lot of her until the man Which is believe me the greatest compliment on the planet just in case you’re listening. That’s a good thing Believe me. Anyway, so we met at this party and I was totally taken in by her now she had this grunt boyfriend name I think David or something like that this guy, consummate asshole. Just a prick by every stretch of the word he acted like a prick. He presented himself like a prick. The guy sucked ass. I mean, everything about him just made my skin crawl. So I knew I had to get closer to it. I knew that there was something about her I had to know more. Well, first of all, it turned out, it wasn’t Jehovah Witness. Now for those of you who have ever been involved in a JW relationship, you know, that they’re not allowed to really date anybody who’s outside of their religion. Now, I didn’t really know a lot of this stuff back then. I learned a lot more about j W’s. Have lots of legs. Why do women have to wear like eight inch heels? What is that? That that turns me off. But here’s this girl. This woman is wearing a black skirt and a white top. She looks like she’s going to a Catholic school. But then she’s got these heels are like seven inches tall. I don’t get that. Anyway. So I started getting closer. And what’s really funny is I am spending a lot of time at her house. And I don’t know how this worked out. Her parents were super cool. She had a little brother named Doug, I think. Anyway, he was he was just as fast I loved. He was great. He would. He was he was a great kid. He’s the kind of kid you know how like older kids get a younger kid that hang out with him and annoy the crap out of him a lot. Doug was like that little kid that hungry like the little dog that hangs on the big Bulldog and jumps run his bike. Let’s go bike that was kind of done. But he was like so far. So he was a cute little using cute kid. All right. So it was awesome having him around. We would go I would. They invited me over to their house. I’m thinking, really? He barely know me. I mean, this is sort of the JW way, right? So I came over I met her parents. This was like, the second time I met her. We met I met her parents, I met her brother, I was invited over to our home. We were I had a huge movie collection. So I would bring movies over, like on a Friday or Saturday night and we’d all kind of sit down and watch like a family. It was weird. It was almost kind of creepy. But it was it was a wagon to spend time with her. I got to be near. And this relationship just sort of blossomed into a really good friendship. But I really believe that it could go somewhere different. I really believe that. And I started kind of fall in love with this girl. You know, she was you know what’s really weird? Because Janae had an old girl On, onto strikingly beautiful, which is, of course, that’s the thing I told you about before. But she’s also incredibly smart, very smart girl. And she had a good sense of humor. She had the trifecta going on how often you come across that. So we’re starting to get close. And I really think that there might be some sort of a future for us. And let me just let me tell you how close we started getting. One night, we were I was there late watching movies. And it was like midnight, one o’clock in the morning. And her parents like, um, you know, you don’t need to drive back into town. You want to stay with us for the night. Just stay here. I’m thinking really, I mean, this is crazy. I mean, you’re letting this guy that’s kind of like, courting your daughter to just like spend the night. He just kind of blew me away. But I started spending like almost whole weekends over there. And That’s how much time I spent with these people. And they weren’t pushy. They weren’t, they weren’t the religious people that you don’t want to be around. In fact, religion never came into the discussion, which is really bizarre. There was no you know, conversion chamber like on the Wii where they put you in there and start putting strobe lights on you trying to convert you to GW ism. But you know, one day I talked on the phone a lot, too. And one day, we’re on the phone and I’m like, you know, I think we should start going out officially, I think, you know, when I think it’s time, I think, really dig each other. And I think we should kind of go to the next level on it. And so matter of factly it’s like, this is this is crushed my ass. So Matter of fact, she’s like, I can’t, like I should have known all along, and this was, you know, a pointless gesture. Why can’t you don’t belong? I’m like, I’m not a witness. Just like right? As you were getting that deed guy and he’s like, But he’s a dick. And she’s like, Yeah, but he was Jehovah Witness, I could date him. I’m talking about getting crushed here. I mean, here is the trifecta of the perfect woman. And I can’t date her without converting to Jehovah Witness. And I made it a strong personal vow many, many moons before that there would be no way in hell I’d ever convert my personal beliefs. For a woman that’s just not the smart way to go. And I said, I said, Well, I’m not sure we can hang out, you know, like we’ve been doing. It’s just kind of, kind of hurts me to do that. Understand, I’m sorry, but, you know, matter of fact, and done with that. And I was, I was really crushed by this. It was, it was, it was hard for me. I’d spent so much time with these people. I gotta tell you one quick story about the whole Janae thing. missionary work or something like that in India, so I didn’t see much of her after that point. That’s the story that I can tell you the King Kong story though. I can’t do that today I’m at the parking garage. But I can tell you another story. That was fun. First of all, for those of you who’ve ever heard me use the expression, worry not about your neighbor’s doorstep when your own is unclean. And I always credited to Janae Frank. Well, that’s what I’m talking about. She said that, for some reason, that seemed incredibly profound to me when I was that age. And I’ve used it a lot, but I’ve always credited her for that for the thing. But no anyway, so I bring over what’s really funny is is religious people. I don’t know. You’d expect them not to want to watch like radar movies and stuff because you always hear about the the far right, religious people, but they were cool. They wanted to watch pretty much anything. It’s like, yeah, you know, you want to watch the National Lampoon vacation movies. And the first one is not so bad. I mean, there’s some profanity and stuff in it, but not a big deal. So I brought over you European vacation. I didn’t have any TV or anything. This was the actual film actual movie. And, and so I’m halfway through the movie. And halfway through the movie her parents, her brother, her little brother, her and myself are in the in the room watching this and all of a sudden I realize when they go to France, all of these chicks come out topless with their titties bouncing all over the place. And all of a sudden, I realized, oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god, how am I gonna? What am I gonna do with this? What am I gonna do with this? Am I gonna stop it? Am I gonna warn them? I’m just gonna let it ride. think think think think what am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? I don’t want to ruin my chances to being invited over again. You know by showing you know, naked boobies bouncing all over the place. So the scene comes up and I decided to just write it out and see what happens. I’m figuring I’m gonna get kicked out of the house. I figured I’m gonna be you know, in find out, whatever. So the seat comes in and goes. And I’m like, sitting there all cringed, poised to jump to the door, make a run for it, and nothing happens. It’s like, there was no reaction. It’s like they treated the boobs like a homeless person and simply from pretending they weren’t there. It was like the coolest thing ever that I’ve ever seen, like religious people do is just gloss over that like it wasn’t even there. You know, they were that family. The Frank family was a huge push to make me really look in Jehovah Witnesses them as a religion and say, Man, they’re not pushy. They don’t care about watching movies on TV. This might be a religion I can deal with, right? But no, it didn’t work out that way. And we drifted apart of course, and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, gag. So now you have the Janae Frank story as well, which is perfect. Now I can tell you the whole story on my next show. Had a very specific idea how I should have handled that situation. And I’m going to tell you all of that and more on the next passenger seat radio but right now I am out of time. Hope you enjoyed the show. I hope you enjoyed the stories. And we will talk to you next time right here on passenger seat radio. Take care, everybody

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