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Topics: Batman vs Superman Ranting / Problem with Superhero Movies / Star Wars Whoring / VG Awards / Fallout Rant / MGS / Vacation Monies Retraction /// Hello Folks, this is Shane arm and row and you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is December 4, 2015 year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the program. Okay, so we got a couple of topics we need to talk about. First off, let's talk about this new Batman vs. Superman franchise. Now, first of all, you know, there's absolutely no way that this can't suck. We knew this ahead of time, as soon as you actually talk about the concept of Batman and Superman. I know I know it comes from the comics I know that there is lore behind that, but you know, they can't help themselves and you know, it's going to be bad. You know, do you just know it? We already saw a little teaser now everyone's all up in arms about Ben Affleck being Batman. You know what changing Batman actors like you socks is perfectly acceptable. Alright, you in fact, if bail or any other person who used to be Batman was Batman again, I would absolutely fall over dead. So we knew it was going to be somebody else. We also knew that they were looking for a different Batman and older Batman. Somebody a little more seasoned, right? Not as an actor, but as a character. So they went to Ben Affleck. And you know what, I don't care. It doesn't bother me. For God's sakes. I've seen George Clooney and Val Kilmer in that outfit. All right, this is nothing. So just calm down. Now, what you should be disturbed about is essentially DC. In general, this whole Dark Knight The Dark Knight phenomenon is it's out of control, and I'm fucking sick and tired of it. Alright, so let's go back a little bit. First of all, in all honesty, the only really big that Warner Brothers has managed to earn out with the DC license is the original Dark Knight movie, right? The original Batman Begins after that the movies went downhill, they didn't make as much money. And so literally, Warner Brothers made a ton of bank on Batman Begins. It was it was not critically acclaimed, but the fans liked it. Everybody seemed to like it. So as soon as they lock that mold, and they said, Listen, we know this sales, we're going to do it for everything. And so every now and then they step outside of that formula, like with say, Green Lantern, and it completely tanks. So they know now it is dark night. It's the Dark Knight formula or nothing. And here's the Dark Knight formula. First of all, dark in the entire movie. So you can barely see the fucking thing, which actually works out great because if they're, they're using special of more and more special effects, and the CG sucks, for God's sakes, they've completed CG Batman into this one. It's, it's terrible. So they dark in the movie. And the new thing is, we have to get rid of any possible connection to the original myth. Those are the original provenance of any of these characters on film or on TV, right? So those of us who are say, over the age of 3035, right, let's say that that's probably a good number. We all grew up with Christopher Reeve being Superman right now. Regardless of whether you like the third and fourth movie or not, it doesn't matter. Christopher Reeve has always been Superman, at least to me. I know there was a superman back in the 60s or whatever I'm talking about people who watched TV. I mean, people who were born and watched superheroes that are still alive, like us, right? The Generation X people, so they don't want any of that they don't want they don't want one woman to look like Wonder Woman they don't want they don't want anybody to be anything that could be related back to what they want swear Case in point. So the new Superman movies came out. They've already put out one of those. This is going to be another one. They got the same Superman back. I can't remember the guys name and I just don't give a shit. My point is, is if you look at the Superman movie, it is literally the Dark Knight was Superman in it. They the formula you know, just like Disney has a formula for animated films. Warner Brothers has this dark knight this dark knight filter. All they do is they complete they destroy everything. If you want to see this is how you can tell that it's it's purposefully shit. Go to YouTube and find a comparison video. Somebody either leaked or manually did it or something. A copy of part of Superman, this news Superman movie they took and they had the original pre Dark Knight filter and they compare them. They have it like split screen. Here's what it looks like. All dark knighted. That's actually a verb now. And here's what it looked like when they shot it. And you're looking at going shit. It looks this looks great. But then you realize, Oh, I'm watching the untouched stuff. And then they throw on the Dark Knight filter. And it's like, oh, how does anybody even watch this shit? The suit that the uniform the uniform of the day now for Warner Brothers. Is this practically black? Everything's got to be dark. Everything has to be dark, dingy. Here's the best challenge I can give to you. And here's the part that bothers me. Probably the most, if you didn't see Superman three. And I understand if you didn't I happen to like Superman. Three, four. It was even was even bad for me. But I thought three had some redeeming qualities. Namely, the best part of three was so in this one. Richard Pryor is some sort of idiot savant with computers, right? So he can pretty much take over any computer he wants. I mean, there's plenty of holes in the plot, but just bear with me. So he sends a satellite out at the behest of some old gangster guy who now owns his ass lock, stock and barrel because he was stealing from his company, but he you know, basically you're going to be working for me and you know, the guy is a character actor. I can't remember the guys name but it's not important to the story. Anyway, so he tells Richard Pryor, I need you to kill Superman. This this one little thing, I need you to kill Superman. He's like, oh, how am I supposed to do that? And he says, well, kryptonite to Superman get some kryptonite so he can actually get his hands on the kryptonite but he sends the satellite out okay to find a piece of kryptonite suck it in and analyze it and text transmitted back to Earth what it's made out of. So he does he gets the South light out. They you know, the satellite analyzes and at the end of the list of shit that makes a kryptonite is an unknown element where he doesn't you know, he can't send an unknown elements of the lab to be made. So he scratches it out and put star on there. Right? So he has some sort of weird half ass kryptonite. They laid out Superman at some sort of an honor in his name. And it doesn't kill him. But it's slowly starts turning them into an evil Superman. Alright, you're probably seeing where I'm going with this. As he progresses into darkness. And as he progresses he starts growing stubble right? Superman's always clean shaven he starts to grow stubble his hair starts getting kind of fucked up. And his uniform turns practically black with darkness. Hold up a picture. You can go to YouTube right now and get it and get a video of Google Superman three junkyard fight. And I bet you'll find exactly what I'm talking about. Look at Superman's uniform. Look at his costume. Hold it up against a shot from any of the latest incarnation of Superman. And you will see essentially what we have here is evil Superman. First of all that bugs the Chevy. Second of all, why does it have to look like that? Why can't it look bright. The whole fucking movie looks like it's shot in with a with a with a black filter and a black gel over the camera. It makes me fucking crazy. And this way, you can't see half the fucking movie, right? Everything's in darkness. Everything is dark. Everything's bleak. The whole thing I mean, they don't even use it as they don't even shoot the movie in lightness and darkness for cinematography effect they shoot the movie and then they black in it. They just black in the whole fucking movie. It's unbelievable. I would pay extra I would actually buy some of these movies. Maybe if I can remove that filter. Alright, so now that we've gotten that out of the way, Ben Affleck's going to be Batman, right. All right. Suffer deal with it. Then we got evil Superman essentially. Right. But he's all he's ever since he's been reincarnated. Now he's been evil as far as I'm concerned with the dark black fucking uniform, which by the way, they took the same dark black fucking uniform and gave it to Supergirl which is now on TV. She's got that same dingy fucking evil, evil Superman cousin costume. Um, let's see what else what else? Oh, and I'm going to Mr. de de constructing the trailer. I don't want to get ahead of myself. So the best part of the trailer starts off in the there's a three minute trailer the first minute of the trailer, there's actually some fucking hope for the movie. At the beginning. There is Clark Kent on the red carpet interviewing Bruce Wayne. My biggest complaint with superhero movies as of late Iron Man with Iron Man aside and like the first Iron Man alter egos get absolutely no fucking love in today's superhero movies. One of the coolest things one of the greatest things I feel personally about the old TV shows Wonder Woman. Incredible Hulk. The original Batman movies are our original Batman movies, meaning the Michael Keaton stuff. The Alter Ego was the star of the movie not the superhero, right bill big speed was banner and you he was banner, three quarters of the show. The Hulk only popped up every now and then Diana Prince was the star of Wonder Woman. Occasionally Wonder Woman would show up, it's fun. I'm concerned. There's absolutely there's, there's they just don't give a shit about alter egos. So for the first minute of this movie, you're actually watching the tension between Clark Kent and and Bruce Wayne. And you're going oh, this is actually kind of what you mean. are we actually going to get to explore for two fucking seconds the people outside the mask. So you're watching it. And then all of a sudden it's over. Back to the CG dark, brooding Warner Brothers Dark Knight filter, and Okay, we're going to get down to brass tacks here. I don't give a shit about the comic books. I'm sorry I don't give a shit about the myth. Those Batman and Superman it's there is no competition that's the Pitbull and Chihuahua but you also may get a bite or two in but that fucking Pitbull is going to shred that fucker. And just the audacity, just the audacity of pitting somebody who's essentially immortal against a gadget science freak. like Batman it we shouldn't even be seeing this. This shouldn't even be a thing. I mean, it should not even bad. Listen. Okay, so Superman can fly around the Earth fast enough to turn back fucking time. All right, but Batman has a chance against him. All right, Superman can fucking lift planes and shit. But him hitting Batman doesn't crush every fucking bone and Batman's body look awesome. What his suit now protection against fucking 9000 foot pounds of pressure. Now they're not gonna explain this shit away. And you know what? It's bullshit. It's just, it's insulting. As far as I'm concerned. This is a cash grab to get to the inevitable Justice League. Which, by the way, fuck the Justice League. You want to impress me? DC Warner Brothers. You want to impress me? Bring the fucking Super Friends back. Yeah, that's right. The old shitty 70s 80s cartoon. Bring Super Friends back. We have Superman. We have Wonder Woman. We have Batman and Robin, for God's sakes. Get the fucking Zan and Gina Wonder Twins in there. You know one of the things that made the original Batman movies and again I'm talking about the Michael Keaton ones. I should I say the Tim Burton ones. That's probably easier to discuss. The thing about those films were that they felt like you were watching a comic. They felt they didn't. They weren't caught comedic, right? They weren't comedy but they were shot like a comic book would be done. And I don't know how else to explain it. The start night shift is a completely different thing altogether. I am absolutely cool. With my superhero movies. Feeling like living comic books. Obviously. I am not the voice of the majority here. Alright, so let's get back to let's get back to this absolutely insane concept of Batman and Superman fighting. So here we have the God and nobody I'm sorry, Batman. Listen, I love Batman as much as the next guy. Okay, but you're talking about a guy that the bullets bounce off of. You're talking about a guy with fucking laser vision. You're talking about a guy that can free shit by blowing on it. You're talking about a guy that can fucking go out into space and fly around planets and shit. And then you're taking that against the guy with a utility belt. It's fucking retarded. As I know they can have Krypton lasers and all this shit. Give me a fucking break. Alright, so so now we're doing the CGI fuck fest Superman vs Batman during this big fight and of course like I said the filters gone dark and you're sitting there watching it going okay well so much for the first minute that was fun. But I can see the rest of I mean I'm sure it's it's it's reflective of the film so we do get to see Bruce Wayne a few more times in the trailer which is good that's a positive I'm going to give that as a positive in the positive column and move on fucking Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor Are you fucking hi okay first of all listen legs okay first of all, why the fuck does he have hair legs? Look this is like the second time they've tried this stupid shit of putting here on Lex Luthor let him be fucking balls. Alright, just let it be bald. That's Lex Luthor right? You might as well take Jimmy Olsen and make him an old black man. Oh fuck they did that too. And Supergirl What was I thinking fine whatever so you've got some you've got fucking social media kid just see Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor maybe you can pull it off hell Heath Ledger pulled off Joker no one thought that was gonna work out but every single second this guy is on screen on the trailer all you want to do is fucking cry or hang yourself your choice it's it's it's it's terrible. It's terrible. They should have just went and got Kevin Spacey because he was actually one of the the only good things of Superman Returns other than the fact that you know Brandon Ruth kind of look like Christopher Reeve if you don't, you know throughout the film. But it looks he would be a great Lex Luthor right? I had no prob that was like the best casting choice ever. But now we've got this fucking social network kid. That's another thing I know him from. And he's done a spot on modern family. The only thing that kid was ever good in by the way was Roger. Dodger. You haven't seen that film. I've recommended it before. Roger, Dodger pick that up. Excellent. Excellent movie excellent. Like coming of age movie. Very, very intelligently written brilliant and this kid was in it might have been one of his first things actually. But anyhow, back to the trailer. So all of a sudden now Lex Luthor or somebody, I'm assuming Lex Luthor is behind it releases this huge creature. And I think this is Doomsday, right? I don't know again, that they don't bother bringing new villains into any of these fucking movies. They just do the same villains over and over again. Right. So the fact that I don't know who it is, is not surprising. So anyway, so now to wrap at the end of the trailer up to the monstrosity that is this trailer. Batman is pin Alright, so first of all, he can he has a chance against Superman. But he's been down in some fallen rubble. Yeah, okay. This is working out great buddy. Who you should be insulted watching this trailer, you should be completely insulted. So then out of nowhere, right? So here comes a doomsday or whoever the fuck it is. And he's about ready to just blow the shit out of Batman who shows up but Wonder Woman Okay, now first of all, she shows up on the shield and a sword. All right. Okay, just. You know what? Fuck you more brothers. That's all I'm saying. She's in a fucking dark, dingy. Not Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman outfit. It looks terrible. She looks terrible. She's got a sword and a fucking shield. Give me a fucking break. There was like a million ways they could have fucking done that differently. So now we've got a taste of what Wonder Woman's gonna be like, which is a complete fucking abortion. Just like the rest of this shit. Then, of course, you know the, the. So Superman like, looks over. Batman says she was you. And Batman's like, Oh, no, I thought she was with you. Okay, cute. But then they put the put them in this superhero pose. It's just hokey is fun. I don't understand how these movies are making any fucking money. I don't understand it at all. Not even for a second. So this trailers absolute trash. Just go ahead and watch it. Go and watch the trailer. And you can come back to the show. When you're done. Just hit pause and go watch if you haven't already watched it. If you have watched it now that I've told you my thoughts on it, go back and watch it again and tell me I'm wrong. All right. Well, that's enough of the Batman vs Superman fucking trailer discussion just from I'm insulted the event I the Marvel stuff makes me mental. The DC stuff is making me mental essentially superheroes. The big screen or dead to me completely. It's just it's disgusting. And they're just keep churning them out. And speaking of whoring the franchise Jesus Christ Disney, what are you doing? All right, look, there's the argument that you know, when Star Wars first came out, and it exploded. There was marketing everywhere. You just forgot this marketing that's going on now is the same shit that was going on with Star Wars in the 70s and early 80s. No, it's not. No, it's not everybody who's willing to write a fucking check to Disney can license a man can license the Star Wars and make whatever the fuck they want out of it. I mean, somebody sent me something. I can't remember what it was. But it was something in the shape of a Star Wars game. And you're going to don't just let anybody make Star Wars shit. I mean, pick your product. And it's in the form of there is coffee creamer. In the shape of fucking robots from Star Wars. It's disgusting. And now the best part is, it used to be the way that you got the kids was to plug on Saturday morning. So Saturday mornings for like three hours when your kid got up, fixed himself a bold certainly plopped in front of the TV, maybe an hour after school, right? They would play some sort of shed some cartoons and stuff. That's when you marketed to kids. Now, kids are being marketed to 24 hours a day. If they could, they would be in your kid's bedroom, whispering in their ears at night, telling them to buy fucking toys, and get this and get that my son watches YouTube. Like it's nobody's business. He watches people play games. I don't get it. I don't understand it. But that seems to be what people do today. Nobody seems to want to play games. They just want to watch other people do it. Don't get it. Don't want to get it. I'd rather sit and play my games. That's fine. But of course, there's advertising so he knows about everything. Just because he's not watching TV doesn't mean he doesn't know about every fucking toy on the planet. He knows about the stuff before I do. He knows when there's a new when there's a new adventure time thing he knows when there's new sky landers. He knows when there's new Disney Infinity shit, because he's being marketed to 24 hours of fucking day. So yes, I think Disney has lost their fucking minds with all of you hear that. So I guess they held auditions for a young Han Solo first spinoff movie. First of all, even Spielberg knows that you cannot fuckin replace Han Solo Harrison Ford's Han Solo. Just don't do it. Right. There's certain things you don't do. You don't remake Beatles. You don't remake Elvis and you don't recast Han Solo Spielberg. In a recent news article said there's no fucking way he's going to recap. Indiana Jones. Right. Harrison Ford is literally so fucking old. He's gonna be he's gonna be searching for himself. That's how fucking oldies Indiana Jones is going to be searching for Harrison Ford in the next Indiana Jones movie. Because that's how fucking old he is a carbon date you know pre pre dinosaur at this point. But Spielberg said flat out we're not going to recast it. Nobody can take the shoes of indie outside of Harrison Ford. So literally if they have to put if they have to rig Harrison Ford up in a harness with fucking puppet strings to get him in the next Indiana Jones movie that so it is written so it shall be But see, Disney has no fucking clue. You don't take an icon like Han Solo and give it to somebody else. It I'm sorry. It's wrong. It does not work does not compute people. I don't know maybe the millennials love it. Who the fuck knows. Who knows what these guys who knows what this generation What the fuck is going on? I don't because this is insanity, Disney's making spin off after I mean there's like four spin offs to TV shows three animated series. And this is all coming from the Mouse House since they bought Star Wars. For God's sakes. A Star Wars sub theme park is on its way if it's not already open. Now. It's literally it's so overexposed and I'm gonna be honest with you call it call blasphemy. Whatever you want. I've got tickets to see Star Wars on December 17. I bought them the second day went on sale. I got great seats, perfect time opening day. And I'm not even sure I give a fuck anymore. I don't. I don't even know if I care. I'm sitting there thinking maybe I could make a fucking bundle by selling those tickets on eBay or Craigslist. Because I mean if not for my son who would actually execute my ass because that's all he talks about. is we've got tickets, right? Devon got tickets right there. Yeah, we got tickets you might not be sitting next to your dad though. Depends on of dads, eBay listing clears 300 bucks for that ticket, you're gonna be sitting next to somebody who just gave daddy 300 bucks. Okay. Absolute lunacy. I just don't care. And then once I started seeing more and more of the trailers, and more and more of the story started leaking out, I realized what they're doing. It's just, it's a new hope. If you watch the trailers, you start pinning it together, you can lay like a new hope on top of that movie and say, Jesus, they're just remaking a new hope they're actually rebooting the franchise without telling you. They're rebooting the franchise. Yeah, you're gonna throw a couple of your fees are gonna throw your favorite people in there, right? They're gonna throw in the old cast, just enough to do a handoff. But in reality, even a storyline sounds the same as A New Hope. And trust me, just go back, go back and watch all the trailers again and tell me I'm wrong. So what they're really doing is they're rebooting it. They're going to work the original cast out of the series. So they can pursue a new hope again, or the new another Star Wars series without the original cast. And, and everybody's like, sucking it, like looking it up. Like, this is fantastic. I can't believe this is gonna be so great. This movie will not suck. Everybody will love it. It will be acclaimed and everything else. But this is the only when you're going to get from this from this point forward. from that movie forward, you're going to see a very different Star Wars and it's not going to be what you want. This is a tricky movie. This is they're tricking you with this one. And all of the all of the merchandising and commercialization and marketing and shit. I don't know. Maybe it's the grumpy old man center. Maybe I'm just getting too old but I'm actually slightly disgusted by it. be quite frank with you are they got 18 minutes left on the clock. What do we got left? Let me see here. I wanted to talk about the Game Awards. The Video Game of words came out yesterday. Last night, I believe and or night before last. I don't. I don't watch this shit. That's why I have news feeds. Why would I sit through all of that? Just to you know when I could. I could get the entire frickin to our show. in like five minutes of reading a news feed News. I'm sorry. traffic's really bad. That's why I'm still I'm not even close to home it for 35. Yeah. So here let me first of all, if Witcher three did not say Game of the Year and I've already been on record you I've already talked about it a bunch of times. If you're new to the show and you haven't heard me discuss Witcher 300 times already go back to the old shows. If you want my full my full breakdown of the game and historical looking why I believe this is like the game the best game in the last 20 years go to review lagoon. com sorry my wife is ping me She doesn't understand I'm in the middle of a show here alright so yes yes yes I'll pick that up alright so i have been just on pins and needles about what was going to take game of the year because of anything other than Witcher three guy game of the year I was gonna fucking Riot and if you read if you read the stuff that I've written if you've listened to the show in the past you understand why I believe that this is a franchise This is a game this is everything that a game should be and quite frankly other video game developer should be pissed because this sets a completely new standard of video gaming terms of everything story gameplay graphics environments you name it Witcher three is busted the mold on them all and if you want to do if you want to see what I'm talking about hold it up against Fallout four holding up against Metal Gear Solid hold it up against any of these other games that have won awards at the award show last night and you will it will be very very clear to you that Witcher three deserves Game of the Year. And thank God that it got it or we'd be having a very different discussion right now. But there were there were let's see. I'm trying to think of if there were any if there were any other games that I wanted to talk about. Split soon. actually took Nintendo to to. I think last night. I'm super mario maker guy. Like Best Family Game or family friendly game and split tune. So best multiplayer shooter now how about that? Who'd have thunk it? Who would have thought that on that any year that Call of Duty or battlefield or any of these other games came out that splits home would be the call for game of the year it was anybody but Nintendo. I would say that somebody bought that I'd say somebody bought that award. But that's not a Nintendo style. Nintendo's been to has come up empty on plenty of award shows. And so this is probably a legit thing. And every you know, the split tune fans are rabid about it. Good for them. I'm glad everyone loves platoon. My son played it for a couple of days. And he was done with it. So that's about it. What else can I say about that. But it's nice to see Nintendo getting a little recognition. And my son did log many, many hours into Super Mario Maker. So it's nice to see that there was some awards, Metal Gear Solid got a couple of awards for like, you know, the stuff that you'd be embarrassed to get an award for, like best soundtracks, right? Those are the sort of things it's like or snowing here to receive the awards. So yeah, thank you. But yeah, and let's see, oh, one thing was interesting. And I can't remember what the category was. But the one of the other games that I've been ranting all fucking year about Life is Strange, actually got an award as well. And I think it was like, Game Changer of the year or something like that. And quite frankly, the game deserve an award. I mean, I at this point time, I didn't care what it was, but it needed to be recognized. It needed to get an award and I'm glad that it did. The Indie Game of the Year was rocket legends, which I just purchased. And I'm probably going to regret it because it sounds terrible. All of my friends are playing it now. That's pretty much all they play. I can't get them on Black Ops can't get them on zombies. Can't get him to do anything to play this fucking rocket legends. Now. I've watched video after video after video. And I don't get it. I don't get I don't get why it's fun. It looks like Bob Lazar to me from the old a bit days. And Bob Lazar wasn't fun to me. I don't like soccer games. Football games, however you want to call it I don't care for that. I don't care for sports games in general. Like I like speed ball. Brutal Deluxe ages ago. That was a great game, but I wouldn't play it now. I mean, they've got a great HD remaster that runs on modern windows and stuff i just i i played like 100 and hundred thousand hours of speedboat. I'm not interested in revisiting it. I liked you know, NFL Blitz, because, you know, watching the players kick each other's ass is fantastic. But it's just not my thing. And this game has this, this game doesn't have anything redeeming in it that I care about, that I'm interested in right now. Hey, next show. I can be on here ranting and raving about it. And believe me, will take back everything I say. If it turns out to be like the greatest game of all time. But I'm just I'm, I'm actually dreading playing it. I've got so many other games that deserve my time that you know, it's like money down the drain to me, but we'll see. Maybe like I said, I could be wrong. It would not be the first time normal would be the last time Oh, so. Yeah. So the Game Awards went pretty much the way I wanted it, which was fantastic. I don't remember seeing Fallout, getting any awards. And back to Fallout. I mean, I know I know Fallout lovers. Just hate listening to me rant about it. But listen, I'm still playing it. Okay, I'm still playing. And I'm still logging time. I don't know what my count is right now. Try to remember to bring it for the next show. But I still playing in the game this book. Yes. Fuck. I mean, it's still buggy. I got the beta patches supposed to fix a bunch of stuff, constant issues, they'll send you they'll they'll issue a quest but then it won't start they'll go and do whatever it is that the quest told you to do, and you won't get credit for it. And then you fail the quest to the you have to roll back all the sheet you just did all the stuff you just acquired and all that stuff. Or you just have to accept the fact that you failed the quest which bothers the shit out of me because I'm kind of a completion times when you get out of your power because they won't let you use a terminal without getting out of your power armor. Which is gay is funny too because 90% of the time you can use your power armor to get onto the thing but if there's a chair in the way you have to take off power so you take off the power armor you sit down you do that I do the terminal then I get back up and it won't let me back in my power armor they just it just it acts as if the power armor is just not there so I have to exit the building go back out to the Commonwealth and then come back in and then it lets me get into the armor it's it's literally loaded with shit like that what else there was something else that happened that just annoyed the living shit out of me with Fallout I know what you're thinking why are you playing because I've got nothing else that fits the bill of Fallout I Witcher three is done I've got plenty more things to investigate and Witcher three I do have which are to to play we're just cool I will be playing which are two and finishing that but Fallout is literally first of all it's not online so my wife doesn't my wife gets pissed when I'm online and she needs me for something you're online Why Why are you online my mother so I like having a single player adventure game where I can do whatever I want. I like the sandbox I just got Metal Gear Solid so I'm hoping I'll be able to play that in small bursts but that's what fallouts working Fallout is holding me over until the next Witcher three DLC comes out but it's almost like it's like those smokers who aren't enjoying cigarettes anymore but they smoke anyway right the cigarettes means nothing to them it's just a habit so I'll drop on the fallout play for you know 10 1520 minutes and then I'll just drop off I mean it because that's what it is it's a wash and rent session we talked about this I need camps I go get shit I changed him for caps I breaking down go to a settlement upgrade the settlement wash rinse repeat do have to do a fetch quest so plus you know plus you just gotta hold it up I mean hold Fallout four up against Metal Gear Solid visually looks like shit not like shit but it doesn't look great even on a PC with everything turned up hold it against what your three zero comparison right it's like a 17 year old engine that they're working with. It's you know, like the original Morrow in engine that they've managed to upgrade and overhaul and patch and whatnot. I'm I'm shocked that there's not more bugs, Metal Gear Solid loaded with little things that annoy the shit out of me. I mean, I've played First of all, the initial quote prologue, where you pretty much do nothing to crawl around on the ground on your hands and knees. That's 75 minutes. That's the first 75 minutes of the game. And I'm still not even to the open world party. And I haven't actually done anything other than very guided rail stuff. But one thing that bothered the shit out of me about Metal Gear Solid is they use you know, like everybody else, they use their engine to do their cut scenes. Well, they the there's a missing scene, there's a scene that happens between cut scenes, or, or, or, or predetermined camera shots, and then you doing stuff and you see almost a flicker in the engine when it's changing between those. And it makes me crazy. If you suffer like OCD like my friend Chris does. It will make you mental. I can overlook it for the most part. But I could see someone losing their mind over that little flicker. Especially like when you're running down the hallway filled with people. That's the time when you can see it the best during that prologue period. You'll know when you see it. But hey, it looks pretty good. It's gonna be fun. It's nice and gory. It's going to be open world, I'm going to be able to play 10 or 15 minutes at a time, like I'm doing with Fallout now. So I really bought Metal Gear Solid to keep me from having to play Fallout, right? And I'm playing Fallout. I was playing Fallout, waiting for a new Witcher three content. So yeah, I'm hopeless. Anyhow, I'm done a six minutes here. I don't know if I want to get into another big topic here. I'll tell you what, let me talk I've got enough time to talk about a little retraction. So I talked in a previous show, and I asked anybody who actually knew the truth behind the accounting of this, I had been told that the county has to keep keep a hold of money to cover everybody, everybody's vacation time. That's why they don't want you hoarding vacation time. If you look, this is a really big problem. I actually did some research on my own, as well as talk to my friend Travis, who actually know something about accounting where I do not. And he said, No, the only reason they don't want you hoarding stuff, and it looks bad on their books. And the reason is, is because a new the, there's a group that oversees government accounting, and essentially they're required, they're required to disclose as a debt, right. So if you hold up, you know, you hold up the, the books, and it says, here's what we, here's what we made. And here's how much we spent, they have to actually list the vacation is a debt on their books. And if you do a Google search for government, vacation day, stockpile something to that effect, you'll find that this is a huge problem. And what's more people are using realizing the vacation system to make money. And I'll tell you how this works. Let's say you're a programmer analyst, one, right, first level programmer analyst and you started I know, $60,000, you earn vacation time, which will spend it you're promoted to program or two, and you earn vacation time, and you don't spend it, then you become, I don't know, program or three, whatever. And again, you get another promotion. So sometimes over the course of your over the course of your tenure, at some location, you're going to get raises, hopefully, you're going to move up, you're going to be advancing, etc. The vacation time you earned as programmer one for I don't know, whatever that number is 20 bucks an hour or whatever that number relates to your actually, when you take it as program or three, it's really 45 bucks an hour that you're that you're quote spending. So what people are doing is they're hoarding the living shit out of their vacation pay to you, or vacation time to use as a close out or to spend when they're making more than when they earned it. It's actually pretty clever, I would have never really put that together but that's what's going on. And apparently, it's a huge problem in many, many states. And some states actually do apparently keep money for their employees or to so they offsets their books but a lot of states do not, it's not required by any means. So that was a misnomer again, you know, word of mouth type shit, what do you want? So thank you to Travis for setting the straight and letting me know what the real deal was. So I find it fascinating the whole thing's fascinating to me the fact that you know somebody came up with this idea well shit if I all I have to do is get promoted and my vacation time just became more valuable i mean but that's only think of that I'm sure if somebody said hey what do you think of this and I'm going oh yeah of course that works out but pretty interesting accounting itself is like it's like real estate right remember the episode that five hour episode or 10 hours of with Troy to knew that I had in the car we drove up to meteor crater and you guys got a complete lesson in real estate was fantastic I learned so much that trip will try this and I'll take a trip at some point and he'll give us the whole thing on accounting tell us all sorts of cool nuances and insights on that so we have that to look forward to Sunday. All right, you know I'm fast they're running out of time. I've got to stop at the store my wife is insistent so I better do that so I'm going to sign off this is Shane arm and row with Pastor see radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody.

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