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Topics: Moving the Show Forward / Medical Progress / APK2TV and Fast Launcher / Dino Eggs and Greed // Hello, everybody. This is Shane. arm and row. You're in the passenger seat with me. passenger seat radio. It's Friday, December 15 year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the program. Well, I have about 30 minutes until I think my wife's gonna call. So I was thinking we could do a little show action, I guess. traffic's absolutely horrible. Of course. So give me extra time in the car, maybe. So I was kind of thinking about trying to move this show forward a little bit. I mean, we've got several thousand listeners, which is I'm actually perfectly content with that. I think that's a pretty good number. This is a pretty esoteric show. And if either you like it, or you don't, and I'm sure a lot of people would not because I'm you know, the format's kind of odd, and I'm very opinionated. But I was thinking maybe I could move to forward with it a little bit what I'd really like to do is move my my speaker account up a notch Reich's I'm paying I'm paying like, I don't know, I don't remember like eight or nine bucks a month or something for the service of speaker and the storage and all that. But if I moved up to like, 20 bucks a month, I could do five hour shows. I mean, I wouldn't do a five hour show, probably other than, you know, try it comes down and we drive to the meteor crater again. But in terms of being able to just run the show, as long as I want to not worry about storage, maybe start moving some of the old archived shows over, I don't know. So singing about using that Patreon, or Patreon, or you say that it's pretty cool. I back some other podcasts. People like that lower podcast I was talking about I back then I pay like five bucks a month. And he puts out like, I don't know, a show every other week. And then usually once a month, he puts out some sort of a bonus show. So I figured that's like $1, 33 a month or per show something like that per month. And that seems like a totally reasonable number to me. So I was kind of kicking around the idea of throwing up a Patreon or paint Patreon page and seeing if anybody wants to kick in and help fund the show. And I could use that to, I don't know, maybe buy a new theme for the passenger seat radio side, of course, expand this, the speaker account. I don't know. I mean, part of what I've always enjoyed about doing these podcasts like retro gaming radio and dual screen radio is the fact that you know, we never we never charged anything for the shows. And I I like that I don't I mean, as soon as you start, you know how it is soon as you start seeing money for anything every it becomes a job. I don't want that to happen either. I don't want to feel like I have to be obligated to record X number of shows a month, or my patreon rating will go down or whatever. I don't know if you guys have any opinions that you're like, Oh, yeah, that's great. I back a whole bunch of podcasts, I'd back years, whatever, just send me an email, let me know, I'd be interested to see what the audience feeling is like. I mean, you guys don't write emails, you don't really post comments. But you know, maybe some of you are interested in supporting the show. I don't know you don't care about it. This show has been going on for so long. And it's like, it's kind of cool because I've literally Time Capsule like the last 10 years of my life. So you know, nothing on the I mean, anything on the internets, basically, forever, right? So no matter what, 10 years of my rather basic life is completely captured, I can go back to the day after my daughter ran away from home, and I can listen to that show. And remember everything at some point, my kids when they're older, they'll be able to go back and listen to what I was thinking what I was feeling at those points in their lives. Because it was like the last few years of my daughter's being living with us at home and, and all sorts of interesting stuff. So it's kind of cool. I mean, there's a lot of them there's a lot of there's a trend for people whose parents are getting older right and they're starting to become in a little slower or whatever and I got this from Howard Stern but apparently a ton of people do this what they do is they take like a video camera or even just a voice recorder and they go over to they prepare a bunch of questions you can download these things apparently there's faults in these questions things you might not even think about online that our interview your parents questions were interview your grandparents or great grandparents were still alive and you interview them and then you you have this video or or audio posted somewhere where your kids your family your brother's your sisters whatever can see it and I think that's really cool. It's like a time capsule and I was thinking to myself I kind of got one of those from my kids now based on the show that's kind of neat or no wonder if anybody I know does that if anybody does that like writing and let me know I think that's really cool. So I had my annual trip to the doctor I really should be seeing the doctor like every six months for blood work and whatnot because you know, I'm you know, hypertensive. And my cholesterol could be better and I'm overweight and every other possible reason I can be going to the doctor. So I went in and, you know, here's the really sad thing. I don't really care what doctor I see, right? I mean, to some extent, I'm on an HMO program. And we've talked about this before, but we do get new listeners after a period of time. Mmm. Forever trying to think there's a license plate in front of me mm for ever but it's a Cardinals played. So it's probably some sort of a sports reference I don't get anyhow. So. Um, yeah. So I went to the I don't I don't care what Dr. I see, as long as it's a competent doctor, right? Well, it's a crapshoot when they change your primary care physician all the time. So technically, you get one that you like, and you stay with them and they do their residency or whatever the hell it is the doctors do for a short period of time at a location and then they move on to something bigger and better to pay off all their medical medical school loans, I guess. But, you know, you get you and not totally like necessarily a doctor but you get used to a doctor used to a doctor that has some sort of idea of your history. I don't need the the mom and pop family doctor that does the house calls and and, you know, calls you up on Christmas and better but I do like the idea that the doctor knows from my last visit what my numbers were right? Hey, you know, you've dropped 20 pounds Good job. And this the doctor would know because listen, I'm telling you if you haven't checked this out lately, and I have Cigna insurance, right. And it's you know, through my work signal is really kind of cutting edge right now when it comes to technology. And you know, you see more and more of it every time I go in. So now the doctors carry around laptops and sort of the nurses right they carry around these laptops and every station so it doesn't matter what room they go in, they just plug into the in the room and their their own Wi Fi already but they're plugged in for like power right so they can do a charge each time they're visiting somebody so their laptops they charged but they literally can do almost everything my last doctor actually did voice transcription right so he would actually read symptoms into the thing and as he was reading a man little pop ups were happening telling him you know possible you know illnesses or whatever it's super high tech and of course now the second literally the second I checked in and they did my blood pressure and my weight I mean within a few minutes my phone beat and I looked down and they have this thing called follow my health it's Cygnus health portal and within a couple of minutes you know there's various my updated blood pressure and everything else in the system she goes over you know she issues me a blood test you know she wants me to get my cholesterol cholesterol checked blah blah blah blah blah and literally again within a few minutes for leaving the office I get this other alert I go and I look in the app and it's like you've been scheduled for this you've got a referral to go to the empty you gotta do hearings as blah blah blah and it's like damn this is really cool I I feel super in touch with everything in the old days and when I say old days I'm not even talking about that long ago literally within the last five years so five years ago I would go to the doctor he would literally right shit down on the back of a piece of paper you know scrap paper he would he would send me down to the lab I had to fill out lab paperwork they would do the blood draw and then lead wait like a week and a half when somebody would can we get this automated call annoying as fuck it's this tell Rex service I bet they're really pissed that this follow my app follow my elf Amazon this service the doctor calls the service and tells them have a message for you the service calls you and tells you that you have a message from your doctor and you need to call this number right so you call the number and it comes up and says you know you have a message from your doctor you know enter your pain and or this or that and then it would reach you the message back a huge pain in the ass and if you disconnect the call before they hang up essentially van they keep calling you and calling you and calling you there was no way to just at least I did know of a way that you could just say I heard heard it like Dom on 70 show heard it. So what a pain in the ass now. Literally within I had my blood test my blood work done on Tuesday. My results are already in and I have them first thing this morning. You're talking a three days turnaround from getting stuck to having all my numbers in front of me. It's amazing. So I've been I've been eating this red yeast rice. This is supposed to lower triglycerides and I'm going to go out on the limb and say this shit works. This was my my other doctor. Talk to me about it. I was telling him I didn't want to really be on the statements. Apparently there's a lot of side effects and things like that. So he said, Okay, well, listen, you want to try something a little more natural. One of my other patients swears by this stuff called Red yeast rice. And it comes like in a pill or a capsule, right? You take for a day or whatever, some stupid number but it's a powerful to help your cholesterol, specifically your triglycerides. And so my triglycerides, which by the way, are through the roof. I'm surprised I'm not in the fucking casket. Already. My triglycerides last time were through the roof. Some ridiculous number. I don't know. 340 or something. Nuts. Oh, like that. You're supposed to be at like, 150. And I was over double what my triglycerides should be. Right. So this time I go in and I get my blood work back today. And I'm down to like 230 or something ridiculous like that. And that's without any medication. That's no medication from the doctor. Right? no cholesterol medication. Literally, I cut down like 40. What 42% or something to that effect of my triglycerides. Just taking this red yeast rice. That's pretty damn cool. I mean, that's over the counter shake. So apparently, of course, just like anything else, depending on how you buy it, how your body absorbs in, blah, blah, blah. But I'm I'm pretty impressed. You know, if you've got a triglyceride problem like me, you should check it out. Seriously, check out this red yeast rice and do some research. Of course, make sure it's right for you. But yeah, all of a sudden, I sound like a drug commercial. Try and see if red yeast. Rice is for you. Consult your doctor symptoms include let's see what's on my favorite similar symptoms include anal, anal leakage, death and possible back spasms. And yeah, so alright, so I'm down to count down five days until vacation. Tons of hours to burn. I'm excited. five more days. five more days. It's gonna be a long week. Next week. Probably visit the in laws for Christmas printing if there's anything else going on, kicking around the idea of going to Knott's Berry Farm. It's the Christmas edition of Knott's Berry Farm. My son really likes live entertainment he does. He likes singers bands. He liked anything live. He loves to play these musicals? Snoopy on ice if it's live. He loves. Yeah, I know what that probably means. Just relax. He's nine. Okay. So apparently not nuts. Mary farm has absolutely boatloads of live stuff. Especially in the evening hours. You can literally walk around and watch the Snoopy on eyes. And they have characters running around and and bands and all this other stuff. So it sounds pretty cool. Something we might end up doing that. Sure. Excuse me What else has been going on. So I get my toe into actual Android programming. As you know, I'm big fan of the NVIDIA Shield TV. And one of the things that I was interested in doing was coming up with a way of launching side loaded apps, right. Because if you got an Android TV, you're restricted to the Android TV version of the Google Play Store. So not everything that's that will work is is compatible enhance now on the menu. So you can literally just side load these applications and install them yourself and deal with whatever repercussions there may be, you know, have to use a mouse to start the game, or you need a keyboard for some reason, or you need to simulate a touch somewhere, all those sorts of things. But the problem is, is site loaded apps don't appear on what they call the lean back launcher, the 10 foot interface of Android TV. So chain fire, of course, the guy behind super Su, and all sorts of other fantastic Android applications created something called side load launcher, which is essentially like a folder drilling system. So anything that side loaded, that doesn't appear on the lean back launch. Or you can go into this, if you install side load launcher, you can go in there, and it'll show you icons for all of the items that it's almost like a secondary launcher, right. But you know, you get enough items in there, you're scrolling around, and they move around. If you install one more new thing that all your icons get shuffled down one. So you it's really it's you don't know where your icon is, from time to time. So I created this app, this Windows app called a PK to TV and its job is to take a side load, double A PK file, extract it, modify some files in there for a file in there that will allow it to display a banner and be recognized by the lean back launcher, which is pretty cool. So you can go out and get you know, you can get a banner for your stride anything, throw it on there and re compile the app, right? compile a backup into an A PK install it and the app works on shield TV. Now it doesn't fix you needing a mouse or a keyboard or something. But it does get it on the lean back launcher, which is part of the you know, part of the trick. Unfortunately, though, when you break apart in a PK, it's no longer signed by the original developer. So that can lead to any sorts of problems. Right? That could be it won't download assets, right? Because it thinks it's a pirated app or modified app, you mean get something on the screen that says this is not an original app, download the original app from Google Play, blah, blah, blah, let me see. And worse yet, it may not get updated. So Google Play might not update the app for you automatically, because it doesn't see it as a valid app. So any who, so somebody came up with the idea. One of the guys that was following my progress on this application is a PK to TV app said, What about making a like a like a redirect app, an app launcher for each app. So you can sign load the application and its original sign state and then have another shield TV or Android TV compatible launcher that when you click on it, all it does is just Ford Ford. You and run the siloed app and it would be seamless and you would get the update still, you would not have what you know a fake app or fake signed app. And I said that's a cool idea. But I don't want to have to install to AP case for each and every program I want to side load so that I remembered the Lux gallica on the Amiga and when a lot of people don't know about Deluxe Galligan the me is that if you Hold your fire button down, while at loads will get taken to a configuration screen where you can turn on and off certain things. And so that was really cool. And I thought, well, what if you had a launcher, then, instead of launching one app that's hard coded into the tool into the into the launcher app, what if it would, it would see what button you've got held down a be x, y, d pad up, D pad down whatever, and launch a different program based on what button you're holding down. So essentially, you can end up with like 12 different programs launching from a single front end shield icon. And so I started delving myself into Android Studio trying to figure out how to read the buttons, how to forward and add all this other interesting stuff. And I actually I made it worked out. I mean, it's not exactly what I was hoping for, it does have to load up a screen of some sort, because the the event handlers that that sniff out the buttons on the controller, don't start firing until after the interface pops up. So literally just this blank white screen pops up, I can change colors to black or whatever, but the screen pops up. And then you tap a button on your controller. And using a text file that you create and put on your SD card, it will launch that package. He's put the package name in there, you know, com dot, Android dot, blah, blah, blah. You put that in there, and you have like eight slots available. It works with the shield remote. It's pretty cool. I mean, yes, it's a kind of doing what siloed launches doing too. But it's it's fast. I mean, literally, I can be inside of an app in two seconds or less using my fast launcher versus going to silo launcher, and wait for the icons to render and, you know, pushing down trying to dial in which app I want. So that's kind of exciting. I have I've have apps on the Play Store before, but they're all generated right there generated by these mobile app creator. So it wasn't real Android code I was working on but this kind of gives me an inside looking at me set up and building and it's pretty cool. It's kind of it's kind of a neat thing. So How fun is that? So Dean awakes, rebirth has come out. Now. I'm a classic video game player. Most of my older video game experience comes from for second second generation consoles. Atari 2600 colleagues. Oh, vision and TV, Commodore 64 Amiga. Right. So I played. I've played a lot of games in the past, but there's a certain era like the NAS era. I was busy on computers. I didn't need console's back then. So I jumped back and forth is the the the arms race of consoles and PCs is waxed and waned over the years. But one of the games that that really impacted me that I really, really remember that I was super excited to actually talk to the programmer of was a game called Dino eggs or dinosaur eggs. Depends on how you say, I always think of Dino, I see the word di n o, I think of Dino from the Flintstones. Right. So anyway, this game was we've talked about this game in the past, I won't go into a huge amount of detail, but it was originally done on the apple two, they got a port to the Commodore 64, and to the PC. Very, a very cool game. It's a game about greed, it's another green game. And you know me, I love greed. And let me tell you, let me talk a little bit about greed in video games, and why it's so important and really wine. What it is, it's something that's missing, the concept of greed is missing from modern gaming. Unless people are making games that have an indie flair or an eight bit flair. A lot of them try to capture it. So today's hook, right today's just one more game or just play a little longer, or let me give you 99 cents to unlock a smurf. Barry, all of this stuff has more to do with psychological compulsion. And we talked about this a bunch of shows back about how mobile games and whatnot, their their purpose is to get you to continue to play, harvest your behavior and figure out ways of strapping you from cash. But older games, right, these eight bit games, if you will, arcade computer, whatever they are, they have, some of them were designed around the concept of greed and greed is not what you would typically considered greed, let's say Witcher three for example, right? Big fan Game of the Year, probably the best game I played in 20 years, there isn't. There's no greed in that game. None. I think we're back online from the call. Alright, sorry about that delay, folks. And I've got to feel the call from the live. So let's get back to this Greek. This concept of greed that's missing from video games. So there's nothing inside of Witcher three that compels you to risk and I'm talking about risking a lot. So we could click Save like Fallout four, you can easily click Save, and jump back to a quick save. If you get overwhelmed. We these big sandbox games are designed for you to experiment, make errors reload that sort of their things. So there's never really risk there's always a safe point, there's always there's always a way to go back, there's always a way to rectify your mistake, there's always a way to play the level again, there's always a way to get another star, there's always there's always some way to make you feel good and make you continue to play. But that's but that's different than what I'm talking about. Greed requires that you have something to lose. In the case of most video games these days, you really don't have anything to lose, let's take your first person shooter. Let's take your Call of Duty Black Ops three your games last 10 minutes, somewhere 10 to 15 minutes, right. And the span the the significance of 110 minute match in the grand scheme of your tenure, playing Black Ops is minimal to nothing. If you lose a match, you play another one, right? If you don't know if, if you need more XP, you just grind you just play another match. And another match and another match. Eventually, no matter what you do, whether you just get into the game and run around and die 100 times. Eventually you'll rate rank up a level I mean, it's just the way it is. It's there, the consequences are not severe enough. And if you'd have nothing to lose, there's nothing to dangle in front of you. Hence, the greed can happened. So let's take a look at some classic examples of green. Let's start with the granddaddy of all greed robot try this was the first really good example of greed that I can come up with robot traumas and arcade game, and there was home ports. But I'm talking about the arcade game very, very fast, extraordinary flight reflex is required. This was not a game for the faint at heart. None of these old Williams arcade games were in row veteran, you're this little essentially stick figure in the middle of the screen, you can run around the screen. And this was one of the original if not the original twin stick shooter. So one joystick you moved with the other stick you shot with. So you can literally move in any direction while shooting in any other direction. That being said, it gave you extraordinary flexibility in playing which is good because the field was literally littered with bad guys. And the the the skill that was required to play that game was the same but but that's not really the greed factor. The greed factor came in the form of these little humanoids running around the screen. Little Mikey was the kid, there's a mom and a dad and your goal. Here's the thing, totally optional. You can shoot every robot on the screen, and then go to the next level and not save a single one of those poor bastards. Just let them go. Or you could go pick them up by touching them. Now, here's the part that the greens see if that were just the case. And they were worth 1000 points apiece and be no big deal. Who cares, right? So if you were to pick up two or three and then die, the next one would the next one you pick up with your next life is still worth 1000. Who cares? This is how they get you. The first one is worth 1000, then 2000, then 4000 than 8000. So it's it's cute that I remember if that's the exact number, but essentially the number goes up, the more you pick up without dying. Now we're talking about greed. Now we're talking about are you willing, you have three lives to start with, are you willing to sacrifice a third of your investment in this game, which of course is a quarter but are you willing to invest one third of your of your it's gambling in some respects, I guess, are you willing to invest a third of your investment by trying to get that last humanoid on the screen, as sometimes it's plentiful with humanoids, right. So you can pick 1234 five, boom, you're dead. Well, as soon as you die, that counter goes back to 1000 versus the 1-234-568-9000 that you're making or whatever, I think it only goes up to 5000. But if you really wanted to score high and that's what classic games were, were score attacks were the highest, you know, the highest score wins. If you want those numbers. If you want to be the top dog, you have to make points. And the way to make points in that game was to be greedy. You're willing to put your butt on the line in ridiculous. I mean, not just so much, not just so much effect quest in Witcher three, you must go to this island. Kill all the owners and get the treasure right. So you've got to kill X number of grounders before you get to the treasure. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about an optional means that forces you take unnecessary risk with the possibility of great compensation. This was done no better yesterday today. And I guarantee for the next hundred years. There is no better example of greed. Then zookeeper. zookeeper is a very esoteric, and you've probably never seen one. If you have seen one, you probably loved it. Because it was just crazy, weird ass sound effects. Your job was to run around the outside of this Zoo pen, which as you run around a builds up bricks on the inside. And you've got to keep these animals from getting out. That's that's the whole point of the game. There's a timer burning down at the top. And your goal is to keep in as many animals the intended point of the game for every levels to keep in as many animals as possible. At the end of the match. At the end of the round, I should say you would get bonus points for how many animals you managed to keep inside. That's all just bullshit. The game has nothing to do with trapping animals. Well, sure. That's what the instructions saying. But the real core of this game is releasing the animals. Why on earth would you want to do that, because jumping over the animals is worth points. If those animals are running around the outside of their cage. They're far more valuable to you. Then if they're in the cage, even at the end of the match when they add up the points. To make matters worse, these guys instead of just 1000 for the first one, 2000 for the second one, 3000 for the third one, this number double each and every animal that you managed to jump at one time, so zookeepers really a game of learning how to get animals to run together and clumps so that you could jump over them, and you are willing to take risk after risk to jump over these large clumps of animals, because there's literally a way to score this is not a high scoring game, there's a way to score a million points. If you can jump over enough animals with a single jump without dying. It is an incredible game, the addiction factor has to be somewhere along the lines of heroin, cigarettes and alcohol. Because, quite frankly, forget about this Candy Crush. Shit. This game is so addictive. It's so driving to see just how many points you can get out of a single job. It's sick. It's a sick game for sick people to play. But it's about greed. And it is the best example of greed I've ever seen. Forget about combo multipliers that we get today. Now that's just that's icing compared to the greed of some of these old games. Dino eggs back see I came back full circle. People think I may stray off but I get back on there. Eventually, Dina wigs was 100% about green now. That's not what the object of the game was. The origin of the game is to rescue dinosaurs. It's a platformer. It's a single screen platformer where you run around and you pick up these eggs, these dinosaur eggs on the ledges you pick him up, and you'll walk out with them. Take them into the future where they can be safe. And then we're back in wash, rinse and repeat. Sometimes the eggs hatch, you have to jump over the dinosaurs and throw a warp a little warp thing around them to protect them. Their spiders dropping their snakes, there's flying Bad's, there's all sorts of shipments just dying to contaminate you and destroy whatever you're carrying. But you can only carry three eggs at a time. So you get three eggs you're about to come back you get another three eggs your workout, right well this game is about how many eggs can you get and work out with the limit of three is only until you go and pick up a power flower I had no idea was a flower at the time. It looked like a circle a little lines coming out of it because that's what a big graphics were about. But you pick up the power flower and all of a sudden you can carry unlimited eggs, as many as you want. And if you can get your ass back to the warp and work out with those eggs, you get a huge bonus. So it's not just gathering eggs and working out the concept of this game is gather as much as you can put yourself at high risk Get your ass back to the warp and warp out without getting touched by anything you can't get touched by a spider you can't get touched by bats are snakes you can burn alive in a fire dyno. Mom can't stop on you or Dino mom can't stop on you. All of these things. You are at risk the entire time you're playing for you the player to go and risk all of these eggs clusters. Plus these little baby dinosaurs are so cute. And you trap them and you want to take them back with you. If you get touched by anything. They all die it's it's you get an emotional attachment. I know a big graphics how emotionally attached you get but I made these cute little chirping sounds. So not the gets you like three different ways. So this game if if some of you are really really old fans of the show really, really remember retro gaming radio. You guys know that I was working on a PC version of this game ages and ages ago working with the original developer to create a new version of Dino eggs. Now mine philosophy of remaking classic video games is very, very stringent. There are three things that you do three and only three and you don't do anything else one you update the graphics you make it look as good as you can to update the sound right keep the same music but you need to upgrade man little console beeps don't work anymore we need full orchestral sounds and orchestral music stereo sounds the whole the whole bit right you need to upgrade the graphics and the sound third Don't fuck with the gameplay never ever ever these guys did not have anything to worry about when maybe games other than making a game that was as fun as possible within the limitations of the the the unit that they were working with these guys designed games that were crack because there were no graphics there was no there were no big peripherals there was nothing to drag you into a game and you couldn't sell a game on on on on on box shots or screenshots you had to really have like the ultimate game so these guys take a look at the Great's the pitfalls the barnstorming yours revenge Gallagher look at all the greatest games out there minimalistic graphics minimalistic sound very very basic in presentation but addictive as hell because that's what they had to work with they didn't have the arsenal of assets so my when I see a game that's been rebooted remade, restarted, whatever my concern is that the game looks incredible it plays the same way don't change the physics don't change anything Just give me the game I used to play just make it look better make it work with my controllers aren't have to use a keyboard do these things and that's all you need to do. Don't mess with the formula that worked well. The new version of Dino eggs messes with the formula and the graphic. The graphic upgrade that I was hoping for doesn't really exist if you compare a screenshot I'll try to post if you compare a screenshot to my port of Dino eggs versus the new Dino he got released you'd look at mine go damn that's the one I want to play. That looks amazing. I actually had a professional artist do that but the one that's out now this Dino eggs rebirth it it looks like a flash game. And that really it makes me mental because the game of Dino exists so good that people that are graphic whores that are going to look at the game and say that looks like shit. I'm not going to play that or I'm not even going to give it a chance. Maybe missing out on a great game because the visuals don't stack up to today's standards. That saddens me it really does the game is also moved into there's some interesting you UI choices are some interesting development choices and it makes me sad because this game could have been great but right now currently there's several things about it that I don't care for and I'm going to I'm going to talk to David Schroeder about it I'm I am It was a $10 game right we got pre release access those who were on the insiders news group. The Insider's newsletter, we all got to purchase it like a month early so I've had an opportunity to play it for a while and I'm sad I'm sad that it doesn't live up to what I was hoping for. It's still Dino eggs and there's still a classic mode so you can play it but the things that I want which are the great graphics and the great sound and even some of the the the the play factors themselves have been altered a little bit so it's not exactly the game I remember and was hoping for so we'll see I'll get it I'll play it more and I'll get back to you guys because it's a it's an important property to me I played a lot growing up and it means a lot so I'm hoping that I'm hoping he really some updates let's put it that way Are they going to get out of here this is Shane our mineral pass your see radio. We will see you next time. Take care everybody.

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