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Topics: Star Wars Force Awakens Pre-Show / Cannon Films Documentary / Adoptive Storage Ramblings // Hello Folks, this is Shane arm and roll. You're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is the holiest of days December 17 2015. And I am on my 13 mile commute home and off to see Star Wars. Welcome to the show. First of all, there will be no discussions of spoilers of the spoiler nature of any kind. I have blacked myself out of reading anything with the word Star Wars in it. I didn't watch I didn't even watch the last the Chinese trailer because they said there was a lot of stuff in there that you probably shouldn't know until you watch the movie. So if you're worried that we're going to talk about Star Wars in a manner that will be somewhat and be fitting for those who have not yet seen it we will not be I have not looked anything up. I don't know squat other than a couple of trailers back I saw. So here's let me give you a little background here. So I was very fortunate to get seats at all. You know, this is like, I think he just released a report. The Force Awakens has generated 100 million dollars in pre sales that's before the movies even out the movie has not aired yet. And yet, my guess it's aired now. I guess. Like No, no, no. Seven o'clock local time, right? So it hasn't aired yet. It's three hours before it airs anywhere. And I was gonna say, well, it's aired on the east coast. But that's not true. Yeah. So a friend of mine, I believe it was Chris Henschel shout out peace and love peace and love. He let me know that Fandango this was a couple months back, we're pre selling tickets. And so I hopped on there, and the seven o'clock show. Well, it had a couple of seats, they were like, really seats. So I went to the next show on the list of 830 and found two excellent seats. My wife did not wish to attend and got my son and I seats. So we got good seats. It's assigned seating, so there's no reason to push and shove and waiting line or do any of that other goofy shit. I can literally just walk in whenever I feel like it. My seats are there. So that's, that's great. However, they're supposed to be a couple of good trailers attached to Star Wars, including the first like real trailer for Deadpool. Which, okay, so listen, I like Star Wars as much as the next guy. All right. The prequels have soured me to the series, and I am going into this I went into Phantom Menace with my expectations, ratchet it up so high, it could have been a new hope and I still wouldn't have liked you know what I'm saying? So I'm doing a very low expectations I'm actually more excited did to see the Deadpool trailer than I am Star Wars call me blasphemous, whatever truth is, I'm trying to keep any sort of level of excitement or expectations very, very low. I think that is the safest thing to do with any new Star Wars movie, given the past performances. So according to those who have seen it, including that I'm not giving anything away. You don't have to shut your app off according to the people out there that the first thing that you hear is, it's the best Star Wars since the original movies. That's actually like a live that's an actual real living headline right there. Best Star Wars since the originals. I mean, literally, you could take a piece of shit and rub it on celluloid and it would be better than the it would still be like the best thing since the original movies. You know what I'm saying? That has zero merit whatsoever. That's like saying catch it is slightly more tasty than dog shit. You know, I'm saying so. Then you got the other people it's like. Okay, so now that I've seen it, let me rank it in order for you as to the best to the worst, so apparently, that that's vacillates. Some people say Empire than the original Star Wars. I refuse to call it A New Hope. Fuck George Lucas' Star Wars. It's Empire Strikes Back Star Wars. And then Force Awakens. For others. It's Empire Force Awakens then Star Wars. Who gives a shit about the other three? Right? So supposedly Vance The, the current going method of currency here. And when it comes to Star Wars movies, Empire Strikes Back is still the most valuable movie of the set, followed by either Star Wars or the Force Awakens. So again, you know, if you just ignore the prequels, what you just kind of have to do if you're even remotely. I mean, even if you have any remote interest in Star Wars whatsoever, you have to eliminate the first three movies when I say first three, of course, I mean, episodes one, two, and three, he's had to pretend those don't exist, and instead say which movie will this one be better than what I like is the other headlines I've seen. It's better than Return of the Jedi. Now, Jenna was widely pan is the worst of the three movies. In fact, some people don't even really even consider it as part of the trilogy, which is funny, but they don't. That's how bad they consider jet is. I didn't hate Jedi that much. I kind of liked the dark Luke Skywalker. You know. I like the I like the lightsaber fights. I like the plot twist. But minor plot twist. Okay. Empire still the best, right? Because not only does it mean it's just the greatest Star Wars of all time. It's just that simple. So what am i expecting? Here's why. Here's one of them. Let me let me just I'll talk a little bit and I'll move on to another topic. I want to talk about Star Wars the hallway. So what this looks like, to me is a secret reboot. If you've seen some of the trailers, it remarkably looks like Star Wars. And when I say Star Wars, I mean the quote quote, A New Hope it's the same sort of idea. In fact, from the trailers I've seen, it's practically the same movie when this movies released on video or home, you know, home video, however you want to call it these days, there will be people overlapping. I guarantee there will be people overlapping a force The Force Awakens and Star Wars overlap overlapping them to see where they mesh up. And I'm betting that they will, it will happen in more than one spot. It literally be like watching a reboot of the original Star Wars. And a lot of people go Well, great. Star Wars was fantastic. So, you know, at least this has some semblance of hope, no pun intended. The problem is, is then what we are talking about here is a reboot of Star Wars. That means they're going to take everything you love about Star Wars, just like made a with Star Trek, essentially, and stick a foot up your ass and like move their wiggle their toes back and forth. Because that's what we're talking about. With these ribbons, you saw it was Star Trek, horrible, horrible, horrible, and the same guy responsible for those responsible for this, it's hard to point that out. So we don't really want a reboot. Nobody wants a reboot of Star Wars. So what they're going to do is, and this has already been confirmed, I talked about this a few weeks back, I said, if any of these next three movies are going to be any good, it will be the first one because they have to reel you back in and essentially apologize for the first third of the trilogy, the original one through three trilogy the prequels, they have to apologize for that, which means they have to give you everything your heart desires in this film. Now, the fact that they're rebooting if I'm not mistaken, and I could be I'll tell you if I'm wrong. Once I've seen the movie. If they're rebooting it, then the next couple of movies will be nothing you give a shit about. They will they will take it in whatever direction the JJ Abrams secretly does when they wants to reboot something like Star Wars or like Star Trek did and it's already been said right off the cuff I mean with a couple right after I said it a couple weeks back it actually got posted that episode you know eight and nine will be much much different and so and not what you expect I mean that was essentially the headline so we it's been said enjoy this one because essentially the next two we're going to fuck with them and along with that they're going to fuck with all of your favorite icons are going to make you a Boba Fett spin off they're going to make you a Han Solo spin off they're not going to use the people you want to see Boba Fett they're gonna they're gonna try to some way miraculously get him out of this are like bit I don't know. I'm disenchanted with Star Wars of the moment. And hasn't helped that you can't like walk down the street without falling over something with a Star Wars logo on it. Unbelievable. So anyhow, yes, I'm excited to go but am I like jumping off bouncing off the ceiling and my like, almost trembling my my hands fluttering now I'm excited to see the Deadpool trailer that we'll see how it goes. Because I know the Deadpool trailer is going to be amazing, because all of the stuff that we've seen for Deadpool so far has been amazing. And let's be honest, Deadpool really is. You know, let's just say that it's since Ryan Reynolds to play Deadpool. So, let's see. So Star Wars, of course, is the big thing. Star Wars. Star Wars. Star Wars. I'm on vacation after tomorrow. I've got my I got to burn those hours off. So that's exciting. I'm excited to start my vacation. I needed some time off of work. I'm I'm burned out the year has been very stressful. So I'm ready to I'm ready to have some downtime. Ready to get some sleep ready to just lay around the house and, and play games and do whatever. I'm sure my wife will keep me busy as well. So let's see what I might have been up to. Other than that. So I saw this documentary on the Canon film group called Electric Boogaloo. I can't remember the rest of it. It's like the unwritten wild tale of the Canon filament, or whatever, it's on Netflix. You can look around and find it again. It's called Electric Boogaloo. So you'll if you search for you're probably going to end up finding the the two movies with that name or the one movie with that name breaking two Electric Boogaloo. Me the the the documentary is freaking amazing. So cannon films. Essentially, here's the background just to give you a little teaser so that you know that you want to see this so to Israeli cousins decided they wanted to be filmed. They're huge fans of cinema. As a kid. They wanted nothing more in life than to make movies they didn't care what the movies were. They didn't I mean, they had ideas but they just wanted to make movies and that was it. They didn't care about the glamour they didn't care about any of that shit. All they wanted to do is make movies so they came over here and either acquired or bought or started the Canon Film Group. And if you remember, I mean listen, you've seen a cannon film. You may not remember seeing it or you may not know as a candidate film. But if you've seen Masters of the Universe invasion USA one of my favorites last American virgin. If you've seen any of the schlock movies from the 80s, then you've seen canon films work life force, one of my favorite movies from the 80s again, cannon films if you saw Superman for first, I'm sorry. Second. That was that was my Canon. So these guys over the top with Sylvester Stallone. Listen, I thought the movie was okay. I mean, I'm not an over the top hater. But that was another movie from the cannon group when they were trying to up their budget. But the story of starting in the early 70s all the way up until cannon dissolved and two cousins went their separate ways and then started trying to outdo each other, which is a whole great story in itself. It's an amazing tale of these guys. And they talk about the movies themselves, right? They talk about they take each little film each of the more major films right from the the sex floatation movies of the 70s like happy hooker and what were some of the other ones Emmanuelle and some of these other movies that they were responsible for. And so they start off with that. So there's tons of nudity and stuff. You don't want to watch it around your kid, probably not your wife. But so they they talk about, you know, all these guys wanting to do is make movies all of the money that they had they put into movies, right? So normally, so these guys made what, whatever they want it they started off by remaking films that they loved from Israeli cinema, right? So it turns out that last American virgin is almost a scene for scene reshoot of a film called like Lemonheads, or lemon cake, or some lemon face name, you have to look it up. But literally, I mean, they show scenes from both movies like side by side, and then you're not. They're not kidding. It was literally shot scene for scene. And it's, it's a great movie I love last American virgin. It ended on a horrifyingly sat Nope, sorry, if I just wrote it for you. But damn the movies like 30 years old. And they bring in actors and actresses that were in the films, they brought in a lot of the producers or directors, they directed these films, they, Brian and Dolph Lundgren to talk about Masters of the Universe. It's, it's, it's an amazing people just grab you and hold you. Even if you don't even know the movies to see these guys. I mean, literally, they're like, they were like check titers, right, they would write a check to cash a check. So essentially, their formula was put out a film, then pre sell another film while you're making the next film. So you got to film in the theaters, you're going to make one and you pre sell one that you're not even doing yet in order to fund the one you're working on. So they would cost the lead they would take money for films that they were they were supposed to be making for some German guy or something, right? They take that money finished a film that they had before making that guy's film using that guy's money it's a it's a nutty, frickin great story about these two guys. And they, they're really yeah, you have to admire these two guys, they didn't care that their movie sucked. They didn't care they were schlock fest. These these guys reasons for being on the planet. They didn't care about the Hollywood, the spotlight, the limos and all of the the the Hollywood theatrical trappings of being movie studios, or movie producers, all they wanted to do was shoot movies. And they were kicking out 20, 3040 movies a year at one point, these guys, you know, major studios were kicking out five, maybe six movies a year, these guys were cranking out 40, 5060 movies a year. And that's just, it's, it's insane. And like I said, it was stuff that they saw that they wanted to see. And they had a particular they had a particular draw of crossing genres. They were totally different from each other. So they were make a Lawrence of Arabia, but they put Ninjas in it, right, you know what I'm saying? So, it's, it's a fascinating story. If you get a chance to see this. I it's, it's not a waste of your time. It's a fantastic show. I ended up having to watch it. Like in three parts. I watch it at night, my family goes to bed, everything's quiet. Don't get interrupted. But yeah, but you know, I want to see it. It's not something you want to like, you know, sit and program or surf the web or something while you're watching it. You want to actually watch like every minute of this thing, just to see what these guys were up to. And how they pulled the shit off. So at one point in time, they like own every cinema in Germany, right? So they love movies so much that not only did they want to make movies, but they wanted to buy their own cinemas to show them in unbelievable, fantastic documentary. A must see. Do not wait. You must see it. Um, let's see. So what else I'm gonna Well, I haven't watched much else lately. And it's a chance to catch up on American Horror Story. I'm slowly catching up on modern family. Again, brilliant show. If you haven't, if you're not if you're not watching it. Big fan. Big fan. So what have I been playing at home? Excuse me, I've been doing a lot of research on so I'm big Android person. Most of you know that already. And Android six, aka marshmallow is coming out soon. For a lot of devices, right? It's coming out for a lot of devices I own relatively soon, which is important. I mean, even my even my Note Edge which isn't even made anymore. Oddly enough, my original Note Edge is supposed to get it in the next couple of months. But more importantly, my shield devices are getting it soon. Supposedly, again, before the end of the month. Depending on you asked not to my insiders in video will tell me when it's coming. So that's probably a smart idea. But so let's talk about this feature of marshmallow because I I find it I find it fascinating and it creepy at the same time. So one of the features of marshmallow is something called adoptive storage. Now, anybody who's been around Android for a long time knows about Android storage. It's Wow, that was impressive. Hey now and what a pain in the ass it is. Right? So even if you have a micro SD slot, which a lot of a lot of Android phones don't have. Now, even if you have a micro SD slot, what you can do with it is extraordinarily limited, under say lollipop or Kit Kat which I love the names. So m, our Android M, Android, Marshmallow, Android six point whatever you want to call it is attempting to solve that problem with this thing called adoptive storage. So let me for those of you who may not be big Android people are just don't use your phone or tablet like the rest of us dim, essentially. Here it is. So let's say you buy I don't know a Tab S was 16 gigabytes of memory. Right 16 gigs seems like a lot. It's not after you after you format it. After you install Samsung's touch with shit. And they're building apps, there's nothing you can do about once all of that shits installed, you're now down to like, 11.8 megabytes of free space. Again, 16 wasn't very much 11 is even worse, right? So take again, take a modern type first person shooter on dead or undead. Or let's see what's in a Dead Trigger to any of these games. You're talking about 1.4 gigabytes for that one game. That's 10% of your storage for a single game. Now Forget about it. If you want to have some videos on there some music you would stall two or three bigger games or 678 hundred megabytes and Bs and you're literally at a space in like two seconds. So you think to yourself, Well, shit. If I've got a phone that has a micro SD card. I would just buy the smallest phone I could like a 16 gig phone or tablet and I just stuff 128 gigabyte card in there. And I'm said, Why should I pay for 32 gigabyte or a 64 gigabyte phone or a 500 gigabyte shield TV when I get the smallest one and stuff a card in there? My problems are solved well they're not. And here's why Kit Kat and lollipop essentially locked out the SD card for security purposes. So an app can use the SD card for storage. But they get locked into their own ecosystem. So they can't read and write anywhere on the SD card. Except for in their little folder. And you're going well. So what that seems okay, that seems to solve the problem. Not really, what if you have an emulator with like, 50 gigabytes of Rahm's, right, you would have to stick them inside of a certain folder to make it work with whatever emulator you've got name or Playstation one or whatever. Those emulators can only reach out to either the internal storage of which you have no space left, or they can reach out to their own folder. Well, why don't we pop gave sort of a special pass if developers would allow it right. There's the big key here, if developers allowed it, you could request through a file request or special access to the SD card. So if the app developer allowed it, if they put the code in the handling, you could get access to the rest of the SD card for like a file manager or something of that nature, right? Well, that's still kind of sucks. So how do you deal with these two gigabyte, 1.52 gigabyte apps, they're sitting there, sucking away your valuable 16 gigs of space, or 11.8 gigs of space. So some games allowed you again, if developer allows it, etc, etc. to offload portions of the card of the game, I should say, to the SD card. So like, the game itself would reside on internal memory being only 100 megabytes or whatever. And then the OBD your data files could be moved partially or in toto over to the SD card. But this is like the refrigeration storage that we had to deal with with the week right, you had to move stuff from internal storage to external storage and back and forth it take the card out, the whole system becomes unstable. Because you can't have an edit some apps you can move out there, but the data you could it's just it's a mess. If there's one thing about Android that's a mess. And you want to make fun of Android of work of course you don't have any choice on Apple stuff so do you make fun of it, but it's more than Apple has and it's it's that horrible, horrible handling of the SD card so somebody clever said listen if you wrote your device if you get your device unlocked, or quote jail broken gays term fucking ever leave it to leave it to Apple to come up with that or Apple users come up with that if you route your device, giving you ultimate access over the file system, you can run a little tiny program absolutely free takes two seconds, and it unlocks all the restrictions to the SD card, you can pretty much do whatever you want. You can even make virtual mount points on the SD card. So let's say that there's a folder on your internal memory called the Android slash OBD slash ball. And inside that folder was 1.2 gigabytes of pinball tables. You could use an app like link to SD or folder mount and say all the shipments in that folder, put it on the SD card, and then make an make an invisible link between the two. So you free the space up on the internal memory and you're still running the game from the SD card. It's pretty clever. But you have to have root which nobody wants to do. And some phones, you can't even do it anymore because they locked him so far down my Note Edge. I can't root it. No root method available damn horizon. But if you can, you can unlock the SD card. And life is good. That still doesn't solve the problem. It helps. It lets you have utilities that will let you do this, this refrigeration housekeeping thing but enter marshmallow which promises something called adoptive store. And then saying that here's how it works. plugin. external device of some sort of being a micro SD card, a USB drive, a flash drive, and external hard drive in a case, whatever you plug it in. And Android will essentially to turn it into internal memory. They'll format it there has to be formatted. So if you have anything on there, kiss goodbye. It has to format it and encrypted and it encrypts it to that device only. So if you were taking uses and take pictures with your camera or the phone camera and it saved it automatically to the SD card and you took the SD card out and plug it into your computer to get the pictures off. That goes away. That SD card is useless to any device on the planet. Other than that phone at that time. If you do a factory reset, if you upgrade your custom ROM, if you put a different custom ROM, whatever, whatever you do will invalidate that SD card. It there is no way to recover the data off your dun dun dun if you take the card outs, obviously that can cause some horrible issues. Some people claim and break stuff more than others. Some people say that it's no big deal. Because when you take it out, Android will mag the shit out of you until you put it back in. And all sorts of different possibilities. Now right now, there's only a few devices out there right that have marshmallow on it, then have the ability to use ot G or that have a micro SD card slot. So there's a lot of unknowns. And it seems that whatever any device every device you go to, appears to handle this adoptive storage just a little bit different. For example, in one case, one review said that if you if you have 16 gigs internally, and you put in a 16 gig card, right, a micro SD card, the micro SD card becomes your internal memory. So it doesn't go 16 plus 16 equals 32, it goes 16. So you really have no more space than you had before. The only value that you get is if you in something bigger than your internal memory. And of course, micro SD is going to be slower than internal memory, you have to have a super fast card and it will tell you like when you plug a card in. And you say format is internal storage it will format and it'll tell you flat out hey, this card seem slow. And you may suffer the consequence for using a slow as card as internal memory. And you will I mean Zen pinball I installed and then let it then put it on there. And it's a mess. It's slow, it's choppy. And in. That's the whole thing about SD cards. 120 828 gigabyte micro SD card you buy for $60 is not the same hundred 28 gigabyte card you get if you spend $200 but could be. But there's such a disparity. There's almost no guarantees that if you buy a reasonably priced SD card that it will be fast enough for what you're looking forward to do. So the promise so then on other devices, if you plug it in, it becomes part of internal storage, but not all of it. Or not only it right. So if you have 16 gigs internally, and you have 11 gigs free and you plug in a 16 gig card, you will have 27 gigs free according to Android. But while that's sort of true my experience which is running a an ace and as an ao SP or a ASAP ROM on my Tab S shows that internal storage on an external device is essentially locked out from your prying hands. File managers don't access it right. It's it's you you have a lot of difficulty specifying. So my one of my it's the the same I did last night. So this is what I burned up all my free time last night doing so here's what I did. I took my device which has 11 gigs free. I've actually only had like six gigs for extension installed by six gigs free. I plug in a four gigabyte card ranks. I didn't want to like wait two hours for the format and have to copy a bunch of data over. What I wanted to do is is I wanted to copy incidental files. I wanted to copy my Titanium Backup files, I wanted to copy a bunch of Rahm's I wanted to copy not media files, which Android recognizes and does stuff with automatically, but things that is so images, things of that nature incidental files that the file system doesn't understand. Because when you so when you format the card, I'm going to backtrack just a little bit. Sorry, I know I'm jumping, all around traffic's bad if when you format the card, it says Would you like to, you have some space on your internal memory? Currently, we have at you know, it basically says, We have detected x gigabytes of memory you can save by moving into the card right? Now, would you like to do that? Well, it was a four gig card, I put in and said, I had six gigabytes of stuff that could be moved over. And I like, you know, that's not going to fit right. Well, apparently, it doesn't know that because I said, move it. And it tried. And it fails, it filled up the extra memory card all the way to the top, literally zero bytes free. And then it crap sound says couldn't move them. But that's okay. Your original files are all right, because it doesn't really move them copies and then removes them big difference. So I knew it would fail. Because you can't put six gigs on a four gig drive, it doesn't work that way, you're going to hope and pray and you know, top, then you're not going to get the system to hold six gigs on a four gig thing. It's not possible. So I wanted to see what would happen if I tried that. And it craps out. And all of a sudden, at that point in time, my internal memory was essentially gone, none of the file managers would see it at all, even the internal File Manager, you know, the one that comes with Android that should be able to see all that shit transparently. It's like, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. So I rebooted the device. And suddenly, my internal memory now is behaving the way it should. However, it still shows my SD card is full, even though there's technically nothing on it. So let's say that that card had been half full. Before I tried that little trick, the data that used to be on there I'd have no access to and the only way to get that card back, you can just plug it into a PC and get your shit off. That's over, it's encrypted. So your only choices to format that card and say bye bye to your data. Bye bye. So it's not at least in the version of it that I was using. It was not working like I'd hoped I had speed problems. I tried various different cards, I tried the four gig card did not give me a speed alert, the 32 gig card and the 64 gig card both said you didn't say the magic word, the four gig and a couple of my 16 gigs gave no errors in terms of speed, right. So my guess is the majority of people buy as big of card as they can for as cheap as they can, right. That's the way of micro SD. Unless you're one of those crazy people. I guess you're not really that crazy. Aside from those people that literally go out and beg smart like every card, they can lay their hands on or go to benchmarking sites and find out that this particular brand and this particular lot of Samsung SD cards happened to perform an extra two megabytes per second of transfer speed. And this Amazon card, but it's $40 more expensive, but it's worth it. Unless you're a fanatic about SD card speeds. You buy as big as you can. For as less as as little as you can. money wise. That being the case, if you've got a 30 to 60, 428 gigabyte card, you probably put the fucking cheapest possible card as you can. Because it doesn't really matter if all you're doing is storing music or videos or whatever. As long as it's fast enough to stream that format. That media file. Who cares if it's any faster than some people do. So the stuff that you have, and you plug in or that you already have, you're going to have to first of all, you're going to have to wipe it clean. So if you've got a 64 gig card with 42 gigs free, you're gonna have to jerk back card out, put it in a PC transferred across Wi Fi, do something and copy all of that data off. Let the card reformat, which by the way, formatting, a 32 gigabyte card took like an hour. So this is not a fast process. They tell you to plug your device and they tell you not to restart it. They tell you not to reject anything, you know, basically you're asking for painting discontent. Yeah. So So what is it? How does it work? When it's actually working the way you would kind of hope it works well, depending, again, on the developer. And this varies again, from review to review, you can actually set where you want apps to install, I couldn't really find that you can move apps around app they're installed. So let's say that the developers says you're not allowed to have it on an external SD card. I think I think that Android six understands that and forces it to install an internal storage. If it's not specified, or the developer allows it. It goes immediately to your quote, external internal storage, for lack of a better word, your SD card, so it's a crapshoot. I installed a couple of things someone's internal memory someone to external internal memory, you just don't know. Now, I did notice that when you install something like Zen pinball into external internal memory, everything, all the data that it downloads, all of its purview of downloading is restricted to that same location. So let's say you have a 16 gig micro SD card as adopted storage, you've got one gigabyte free on that card, you download Zen pinball and install it next external internal memory, I notice it gets very confusing. And then you start downloading tables. Well, at some point, you're going to exceed the one gigabyte of space that you had free. And you've got nine gigs of free space on internal memory. But it will not let you it will not split. It will not allow five tables to be on the external internal memory. And then the rest of the tables to an internal memory doesn't work that way. So you, you will be unable now what you can do is move the app back to internal memory, and then it will take all the data and everything off with it. And then if you have any free space, so there could be a shitload of moving around. Especially if you want to update that card picture. riddle me this Batman, you've got a 64 gigabyte card, it's almost full. It's been formatted as adoptive storage, right. And you're ready to move up to 128 gigs, because you're 64 gigs, almost full. You have 11 gigabytes of internal space, what do you did? You can't copy 63 gigabytes of data back to your internal memory, swap the card out, format it and put those 63 gigs on there. You can't use a PC to do it. You can't use a file manager to do it. What do you do? Yeah, you see how that works out and see people don't think about any of this shit. Alls they think of is Oh, adoptive storage is going to save my piss poor device that has no free memory. So instead of saying maybe I should have bought a 32 gig phone or 500 gigabyte shield tablet or a sheet the TV they're thinking fucking marshmallow says I can use as biggest storage devices I want. I'll buy the shiniest one. I can get smallest version I can get and then I will use marshmallow to expand Well, there's a shitload of problems with this adopted storage that people will not think about until it becomes a horrible inconvenience to them. So that's something to think about. If you're one of those people that are hope that because let's be honest, what else and marshmallow is so fucking exciting that you can't wait to upgrade to it nothing This is as far as I'm concerned this is this is the shining star upgrade for marshmallow and quite frankly it feels half baked half assed and a lot of people with what they have now they're slower micro SD cards, full micro SD cards etc etc They are going to have a pitching the time using this adopted storage and they're going to pissed so I'm doing as much research as I can because it like I said in some ways once you do it it's kind of final you know you feel that card up enough there is a point of no return where your life just became a living hell if you ever want to get rid of that card What if the card fails ship these are SD cards micro SD cards were ever really designed for random access constantly being hit like internal memory would be done right SSD kind of came around and and solve that problem But these aren't SSD these are micro SD cards These are our device these are items used to store pictures or music files long loading sequential alright I'm home hope you enjoy the show sorry if I board the living shit out of you with my android six adoptive storage talk but I wanted to get it off my chest I want people to understand what this is and not get their hopes up to it all right this is Shane arm and real passenger see radio couple hours I'll be seeing Star Wars and maybe I'll hop on and do a quick show on the way back my son and I'll talk about it and I don't know maybe not because my son doesn't know how to do spoilers so maybe this is Shane arm and real passenger seat radio. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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