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Topics: Chat Feature on Spreaker / Stripe Testing / Talk with My Daughter and Parenting / Church Tattoos / Decades of Life / Patreon Goal Reached! Hello Folks, this is Shane Armin row, you're in the passenger seat with me. Fasten your seat radio. It is February 17 2016 you're on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Yeah, a little bit late today a little bit later. And we're kept me a little late trying to get some stuff done. You know, it's funny as a manager. My life has been kind of relegated to meetings and you know roundtable discussions and all that good stuff. So like when I have a list of things I really want to get done a lot of times that just takes a backseat to all the stuff that has to be done. I don't know where I'm going with that but yeah so tends to interfere with getting stuff done. So, just a reminder. I really enjoyed the live chat interaction. I had yesterday with Gus. So I believe all you have to do it depends on if you have the app or, you know, I've never been on the other side of a speaker Live podcast before so I think all you have to do is if you're in the speaker app. I think there's while you're listening to this. There's a chat tab that you can hop on to and just type something right so send a question or a comment or something. And I think if you're listening on the web, which are probably not but you might be then while you're listening to the show. There'll be like a little chat window or something that you can hop into so pretty neat. I like that concept some time off to actually make a planned event for passing your seat radio like you know I'm definitely going to be going home between this time. And this time, hop on and ask your questions. So I'm in spreading the love of Deadpool around after my review and a lot of people are kind of in the same boat. Right. They don't know if you know they don't know anything about Deadpool. So, can they still enjoy it. One person was like well it looks a little you know little slapstick not enough superhero email and all I can tell you is I loved. I mean, that's all we were talking about it all day that and of course we've you know since Ryan Reynolds is then there we have our excuse me, we have our discussion about Mr. Whiskers on the voices, you should definitely see that movie. You know, it's the more I talk about it in the more I recommend it to other people. The more I want to recommend it because it is just so such a bizarre movie but it's funny I walk around talking like Ryan Reynolds cat and dog all day you're that I'm a good boy. You get to be what is, what did he say yeah you hear that I've earned the right to be called a good dog. You've earned the right to be hit by a minivan. Awesome. No, man. Well, you know, it's Wednesday already I just can't believe it. The week is flown by I mean I know there was a four day week at all, but very, very quick. A lot of people are words still sick just amazing. I still have a sniffle and throw was hurting, but then again I had martial arts and I had a lot of vocal exertion yesterday and being a testing time and. All right, so we've talked about that we had stripe testing yesterday stripe testing is where the students perform different parts of the material that they know and they get this cool little stripe around their belt and it's a sort of a stop gap right it lets us take a look in sort of a more formal environment. Right. Normally we like a scientist instructors or assistant instructors to take a certain group and then we walk around and kind of observe, but it's a little more formal and so you get the stripes and you get nice big belt full of different colored stripes. It was funny. We if you ask any martial artists, probably in any art, be it tongue pseudo Taekwondo, you name it, especially if they're especially if it's a family organization and there's a lot of kids the absolute hardest part of martial arts is not the kicking or the punching or the board breaking it's lining up yeah I implore you, I mean, no matter how you break it down for some reason it's always hard to line up so well we have stripes for hand feed technique and if he techniques forms self defense weapons right I'm thinking we need a we need an actual an actual stripe for lining up. Would that be great. We certainly trend. It's like I said, I bet every single studio, especially when you have like 30 4050 people that they all have trouble lining up and you know it's really all about. It's all about you know who's the senior in a particular color right so you got 10 orange belts, let's say, and essentially becomes like because they don't have numbers or every one of them has a number assigned to them so they do have a seniority but none of them know what their number is right. The black belts. We all have a number our names and our number are actually embroidered on our belt. So you can't wash it off and never goes away. And that's the number you're assigned for life as long as you're a black belt and the lower your number, the higher your seniority right the higher up you know the number goes, then obviously you're later on in the game. So when we line up black belts, you know, second degree third degree, whatever, you know, we can kind of we know and because there's not that many of us, and we've been lining up forever. And we know that typically who's standing to the right of us been who's standing the left of this but you know we're not we don't really worry about the pecking order as long as we're all clumped in a secondary black belts, but the way the orange and white belts are I mean it is literally like they will club each other over the head to get in, you know, closer to the front of the line when it's time for their color to line up. It's kind of funny. So let's see. So I talked at least to my daughter last night. Samia, and we we rarely have that we've had. We've had a really good relationship. This last couple of years you know if you're listening to the show. We went to Portland. We got to see her everybody misses her. She misses us and she's you know she's really she's really coming into her own in life and it's it's really cool to have that sort of success story happening anyway. So, you know, as a parent, you're constantly. There's my two can I'm at the corner of Bethany home road and 27th Avenue and here's my my tax parents just sitting over there, clicking away. You know, it's funny. As a parent, you have so much life experience in some in some cases where it's almost I don't know not puzzling but funny. What's my wife trying to ping me with a second. If I don't answer this, and she'll call and I don't want to interrupt you know you tend to, um, you get jaded by all your life experiences. Right. And one of the things I'm really proud of my daughter been proud of her for a while things, but she called me and she's like, you know, I I'm kind of miserable and miserable she she's she's working towards a career, which is interesting because she kind of already has one and she's young right she's under 25. So, you know, most of us had didn't get our together until we were 30 or older. In some cases, in some cases, we don't have our together at all. But yeah, so she's had to get this so she's under 25 I don't know she wants to be talking about her age or not she's old enough now where I have to respect the information that you know her privacy, if you will, when she was, you know, under 18 and I owned her, so to speak. So I talked about her, but I will talk about her, but she's under 25, but she's been working for Starbucks for four years. I mean, when's the last time you heard of any millennial at the same job for four years and you know it, in general, like, you know, information technology has a very high turnover rate typically about 18 months 18 to 24 months. So two years right two years is like a nice long term it job now I'm not talking about necessarily government. I'm talking private sector. And so she spent as a as a under 25 year old. She has been working this same company working her way up for four years and so she calls me and she's like, you know, so she's actually studying cosmetology now. All right, well, so much for my wife not calling in the middle of the show. You think that we have a signal or something set up that it just doesn't work out, I am recording my show that's Don't call me text me don't call them. So anyway, so you know she's she's getting fed up with the corporate world so she she's looking at cosmetology and again you know cosmetology is not something I would have placed my younger daughter doing because she wanted to do films. She wanted to do theater acting, that sort of thing. And you know what, that's great. There was a time in my life I was pretty close to doing that too. So I get the need, but the practical side of her wants to have something that is essentially a job that she will have forever. You know, she wants a career Hey now, Alex j Lopez has joined the chat was some my good man. So she's looking. She's almost done with cosmetology schools and the parallel is a lot more to it than most people think it's not just cutting hair but there's all sorts of chemicals stuff and all this other good stuff anyway. I don't want to talk about cosmetology but so she graduates, like in July and so she's really wanting to get rid of the Starbucks gig and I don't blame her right so she's been customer service for four years. I remember doing my stint in customer service right we're talking like 16 to 18, you know, 15 and a half, we get your first job sleep and burgers and this isn't a burger seen job, obviously, but its customer service and there's politics and there are people above you, that are unhappy and there's anyone your drawer gets short and you're immediately suspect of being a thief, that sort of thing, it's it's a job. It's not a career right now she could probably easily get herself up into a management position, but I think she's ready to move on and she's almost in the school so she's like dad would Why do I mean my boyfriend and foot the bill for a few months until I start getting gigs, but I don't want to be a leech you know should I quit now. Should I put in my notice it's really tearing me up. And so it's kind of interesting because you know it's been a long time. I mean, I've worked in Maricopa County for 15 plus years I've been there long time. I don't even remember what it's like to change jobs. I mean, even when I changed from one office to another. It was literally like crossing the street. I mean, I don't I don't remember my first quote hairnet job. That's what we call those early ones right we old folks like to call those first loser jobs that you get hairnet jobs because usually that's do the food industry and I did it all. I mean, I worked at Arby's Burger King McDonald's Taco Bell yeah I did all of that nasty in my late teens, so I know all about it. I really liked Arby's I think I told you some stories about Arby's the cane lady and us doing Greased Lightning up on the counter after we closed and of course the mysterious stranger that came in and chatted me up and we went for like an all night talk fest at some restaurant very strange. I will lots Arby's But anyhow, so it was interesting to get in a discussion with my daughter. That's sort of like real life you know she's getting to the age where the synapses. Are you know finally starting to close in and she started to realize that, yes, we were a pain in the. But we were really doing the right thing. We felt we were doing what we felt was right to make her the better person and yada yada yada raising kids pain in the don't necessarily recommend it to anybody as too many people on the planet as it is and what's really sad is I don't someday I think she's going to get the bug to have kids, but she's definitely not there yet and you have two approaches with kids right you either have them when you're young, so that you can sort of grow with them. That's not my mother took that to the extreme right she had me at like 15. So we were literally writing in the same pedal cars and doing the same jigsaw puzzles together. But then there's people who you know have the quote change of life baby in their frickin 40s and 50s. You know, I think that there's a happy medium. I don't think anybody should be tied down until they're at least 30 that's you know what of course it's situational dependency right I looks like a. What is a look like. Well, it looks like the woman that's walking along the sidewalk right now next to my car. Hang on a second. Let me see if I can give you a very verbose description very high heels like stiletto style pink shirt showing her midriff very tight short shorts tears all made up. She's, she's open for business. I would say so. But yeah, so it's it's kind of nice. At some point with your kids and I think this is I think this is like the perfect age. Right. Your kids are up and out there on their own, but they still need you right so this is a good time at some point, they're not going to need you anymore and I was listening. This is funny. I was listening to some stern and, you know, like I said, I'm like a year behind. So if you're like,, that was like a year ago he had Kid Rock on and listen I'm not a kid rock fan. I'm not going to pretend to be a Kid Rock fan. Although the song that they played the first kiss I actually kind of liked that song. What they played him in. So I'm going to look it up actually heard that this morning, but he was talking about, you know, he's Kid Rock so love him or hate him you know he's famous you know he's the kind of guy that you know everybody thinks to be cool to hang out with was talking about taking is either his kids or grandkids grandkids man is talking about going to the theater to see a movie with the kids and they like scattered right they don't want to sit anywhere next to them. So literally, it doesn't matter who you are, you can be Mike well okay Michael Jackson set a good example. The kids should all sit away from him, but I'm talking to her along the lines of, you know, it doesn't matter how cool you are, you're still somebody's parents and all they want to do is sit somewhere else. And he said, you know, that I paid money for this, you're going to get your over here and sit next to me, but it was funny. You know, it's, it doesn't matter whether you're the cool dad or the friend dad or or the pain in the Stern, dad. They don't want to sit with you. Let's see. So the car in front of me an offset Apple logo. So this is kind of funny so like I've got an Android sticker on my back window right so it's like, Who am I did pass judgment, but if it were me, I would have put the Apple logo right above dead center the bottom of the window, the way it looks. Now it looks. It looks like they were drunk when they put it on. Let's see, then over on the left in the far left lower corner is vineyard church. Now, I don't know how churches are outside of Phoenix right cuz I've lived here for so long. I don't know what the progression is but there's a huge push to have church tattoos on your car like all the big churches, we're talking like you know the big pat robertson type churches ones with all the money and the big cathedrals, and you know 7000 constituents. These guys are they all have these stickers, they have these car tattoos on the back and you know it's like anything else you got to ask yourself, what the hell should I be putting on my car now even Android and Apple might be a little controversial because there's always the Android hating Apple people and there's always the apple hating Android people. Sure. Almost asking for, you know, it's like putting a political bumper sticker on your car, you're going to somebody off so why would you do that. Why would you make yourself a target, you know, why do you want to be all preachy and put church on the back of your car that's that's gonna somebody off. You don't want your car messed with and then as if not even with any organizational skills at all is like my son as a proud Eagle Scout or assumption. It's like, you know one thing one item on the back of the code, probably not a bumper sticker right one item. It looked like I said that Apple logo would have been fine. They just moved it over a little bit looks like and I would have said the same thing. And if you've been an app or an Android sticker still say the same yeah it's interesting, being a parent though it's it's really the greatest social experiment, you'll ever partake in you know all of the all of the questions of heredity versus environment and and and punish reward all of these different things. You get to have a personal experience with and you get to see how it goes. And if you're like me, you have kids that are really spread apart like you know my to 20 something daughters and then I've got my nine year old son right so you would hope you would learn from one of them, but the truth is you learned because you don't have enough data now follow me on this one. So your kids don't really get their together until they're like 25, maybe a little later maybe a little earlier but that's sort of the age. The women start coming into their own men take a couple years longer because you know we're just a disgusting species of humanoids gender of humanoids I guess but woman's intend to get things going a little sooner. It's usually something tragic has to happen is this weird. So I was thinking about this. So what makes a woman like I mean obviously there are chemical and and and mental type hookups and all that other stuff. And that's science right and that's everybody your brain just isn't fully formed. It's not shooting off the right things, you have your risk reward center isn't fully function, blah, blah, blah. This is all in the brochure, but like women need something traumatic to happen to them. It's like to get their together and you know my daughter had a situation, my younger daughter her saying is, she had a situation that was very traumatic for her bordering domestic abuse, domestic violence type scenario and that seemed to wake her up really really fast. Now, on the other hand, my other daughter Catherine. I'm not sure what the hell, she's up to, you know, she's the one who ran away from home to hook up with some guys. She met on Adult friend Finder. She's well you know squirted out three welts and it's it's that's just a whole story that I don't want to get into yet again it's in the archives. So just follow along, but it's it's one of those things where it's like you look back and you say well you know what did what we thought was right with Catherine and obviously could have worked out better we didn't think for Samia would come around, we thought, you know, at one point time we thought she'd end up dead in the ditch somewhere and that's just that's just God's own truth. She came to us, not in the best state right she came to us when she was 14 and there was a whole bunch of nasty that happened before. Then they essentially we brought her here from Washington to and you know we can't counselors and everything and you know the counselor said you'll be lucky, you'll be lucky if she's still in your house and here she is blooming thriving in fact flourishing who to thought, you know, we did the best we could with her what we thought was right. We were hard on certain issues. We were unmoving on other issues. It's weird. Being a parent and now we have the third kid and we're not sure what's going to happen and with him right he's nine and they're all different makeup. Right. I mean, you would think they related children would have a lot in common, but they just don't it's weird. It's weird. Being a parent, not for everyone, not for everyone if you're gonna do it. Wait till you're about 30. That's a good time. That puts you what 48 when they graduate, 50, they're out of the house you spend another 10 years you know working on your proverbial garden and then ready to retire can hang out maybe get a couple grand kids out of the deal. But I'll tell you what, you know, having kids in your 20s 20 socked man you know there's some sort of an expression like you know life sucks in your 20s in your 30s you have a little bit of money, you know, you're not living, you know, hand to mouth all the time. There's some expression about the decades of your life and you know being a guest my technically in my late 40s I'm in my mid 40s still right I'm 46 that's still mid 40s I don't have I don't I don't really I'm in a spot where I'm comfortable financially. Right. So if I want to buy something I can buy something, if I want to do something I can pretty much do something. There's really no restriction on my life and that's cool. You know, the 30s were okay but it was more hand to mouth and the man you know it's funny youth is wasted on the young, you know, I was thinking about all the cool things like if I were in my 20s now but I still had you know the income and the job. The whole bit. What can I get a what, what can I do in my 20s man I you know ripped up and and you know I could be like a martial art style and I see the 22 year old males in my martial art region. They're all ripped flexible and kicking and I can kick a little is but telling these guys even when I was 13. You know, I wasn't very flexible, not in the lower body. Anyway, I always wanted to like, you know, there's always talking about cutting your tenants to make you like super flexible. I didn't really have much of an agenda today. I just wanted to kind of talk and see if anybody popped on the live chat and you know topics you want to be to talk about or anything just not much so several of you have written about this little project I'm working on. So without telling you anything about it. I can tell you I'm just over half done with it. So once I get closer. Don't worry. You guys are going to know all about it, it's gonna it's a very exciting thing to me. I've shared it with a couple of people, a couple of close people that I think would get it and that they think it's cool. So I'm I'm excited to share it with you my listeners. Oh, hey, you know, we did have a a rather large pledge on Patreon, which is great because this puts us over that $25 thing I was looking for. So now we've made our first we made our first milestone with passenger seat radio, which is amazing. So we're over 25 bucks. So I'm going to upgrade the account so that we have more than that 45 minutes that I'm going to start moving the show's over and start fulfilling all of the rewards, but I really got to think of something cool to do for this $20 donation. I mean that's that's a significant amount of cash. So I've got to come up with like something really cool for, like, I don't know, maybe I think the last ones at $5 right so maybe a $10 reward $15 reward a $20 reward. I don't know something, because that's that's a big contribution and want to mention his name, unless he writes me and says, you know, he's it's okay with me to mention it on the air. I'm not sure if Patreon will reveal like the full name of a person but a huge Thanks for supporting the show. It's very cool, very cool. Indeed, excited about upgrading that account getting everything going getting the the pastor see radio archives put together so I can share with you guys. Your donators. All right. Listen, I'm a subway I promised the wife I pick up food. So I guess that's going to be it for this show little random. Sorry about that. Again, join us in the chat room when the when we're live and talk to us. Talk to me talk to each other and that way you guys have somebody to talk to my wife calls interrupts the show. All right, that's gonna do it for this episode. This is Shane Armin row past your C radio. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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