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Topics: The Prodigal Daughter Returns Part 1


hello folks this is Shane R Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is Thursday the 16th of June 2016 you're on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show well I'm gonna vamp for just a couple of minutes while everybody gets their alerts that the show started yes so let's start off with something interesting and fun while I wait for people to hop on cuz I know a lot of people are interested in where I've been why the show hasn't been on for about a week and a half and some of you already have some clues as to what's going on but you're ready for the rest of the story so like Paul Harvey I'm gonna give you the rest of the story but first things first I repurchased the passenger seat domain I let that lapse a while ago because I was sort of interested in taking all of my properties you know passenger seat radio retro gaming radio etc and moving them all underneath the Munroe world umbrella and so for the longest time the official website of passenger seat radio has been passenger see radio dot Monroe worldcom well I realize I'm never gonna give up retro gaming radio because I have a feeling people would steal it and do bad things to it so I'm gonna keep that so I figured what the hell let's get passenger seat radio let's go ahead and one of the things I promised with the patreon campaign was that I would redo the classic original website for passenger see radio make everything a lot easier to find more searchable things of that nature so people could find the old shows of topics that I mentioned that we've already covered and so I changed it over to a wordpress site and a bunch of custom programming to cut a tie-in Spreaker along with the old classic shows and I got to say it turned out pretty darn good so you can now go to passenger see and you can check out the archives all of which are online so you can listen or download whatever you like so the show originally started what 2008 I thinks or something like that maybe I remember when it was 2010 anyway it's been off for so long I forget but point is all the older shows are up there and apparently they're all they all at least have topics now what I really need to do and I'm hoping that somebody would love to volunteer to do this somebody who really loves Passenger see radio I really need the keyword index the the website so I can make like a heat map and things of that nature on the website so people can find topics of interest without having to do weird surges so a lot of times like if I do the trip to Vegas right all I'll put on the topic is trip to Vegas part one right well that doesn't really tell you what I talked about in there is the second see I thought I had all of that taken care of and yet I did not we're three minutes in 45 minutes are 3 minutes and 45 seconds into the show and I have nobody in the chat room I am stunned well that's okay if not you can hear the replay that's the good part so anyway pastor C new-and-improved you can listen to all the shows right from the webpage you don't even have to download if you don't want to you can just stream them whatever you want to do just then hey now Justin Carr Guth Carr Guth carga 'the carga 'the yeah it could be ten different ways to say that anyway not my friend Justin my my comrade-in-arms from work but a different Justin but we have as many Justin's as we want it all works out all right so we have two big topics to talk about and I was hoping more people to be in the chat you guys could tell me what you want to hear first because each one of these topics is probably a couple of shows a piece so I guess we'll talk about what's been going on in my household for the last week and a half so you'll notice urban no-shows I had like two shows a week until all of a sudden that went silent I couldn't really talk about it until now and even now there are many things still in flux but I can give you a pretty good overview as to what's going on so as most of you longtime listeners know my daughter when she turned 18 a couple weeks after she turned 18 she more or less ran away from home shacked up with some guys she eventually ended up marrying and had three kids with this guy this is not a nice guy at all and I'm not going to use names just because I don't want to get my kid in any trouble but not a nice guy not a nice guy not the greatest husband not the greatest father but you know what at some point kids make their own decisions their own discussion sketch craft finally six minutes in you're late so you know once they turn 18 you know there's nothing you can do now the entire day the entire story of this has already been done on this show so if you search for the word runaway if you go to passenger C and search for runaway you'll be able to catch the original show plus all of the updates so you might want to do that because I'm not going to go into great detail about the departure a few years back about a couple years back she called and said that she wanted out and could we come and get her and at that point in time she had two kids can you bring the kids and bring me back to Arizona as you probably have already figured out that did not work out well that is also chronicled in print pass shows again look for runaway so that did not end what I would call Anika bleah so when we got the call a few weeks back essentially saying the same thing that she's serious this time she really wants to leave the guy she really wants to relocate back to Arizona back to where her family is things of that nature I was a little bit on the skeptical side and I told my wife I said you know we can't I don't know if we can really afford to do this you know this is a this is a big thing and blah blah blah so anyway so for the last three weeks or so we've been plotting and planning how we're gonna get her here and how for him not to figure it out and for him not to take some weird proactive action against her so there's a lot of things there's a lot of things that have to be put in motion for something like this so essentially my wife flew over on Thursday of last week so a week ago today and she originally we were going to rent a u-haul a ten-foot u-haul it's about 1,400 bucks for anybody who's interested in that that's a one-way trip there's a lot of a lot of people don't realize what a huge pain in the ass moving trucks moving rentals and things like that how what a pain in the ass they are so really what we needed was a van we needed a big van that she could sticks a lot of stuff in but nothing really that big if we were gonna get a truck which eventually we decided we were going to do then she could bring her bed and some other things but I wasn't completely sure that that was even going to be possible I mean I looked up I looked up tons of different things there's this one really cool service which you should consider and I was hoping we could do this but it wouldn't work out with the way the situation was they've got these movers that essentially what they do is they bring a trailer with the space of your specification so let's say you need 10 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet of storage they bring you something that has that much space on and be it a trailer part of a truck whatever they let you fill it and then they have somebody come and pick it up and then they drive it to your destination for you and then when they get there you unload the truck and it's it's it's dirt cheap to do this I mean a rental truck was gonna be like but I said 1,400 bucks this was more like 600 bucks and nobody I mean she could have done it herself we could have could have purchased this service and she could have had the truck or the trailer dropped off the second I'm trying to get out here but this asshole truck keeps blocking my view so we could have had that dropped off she could have loaded it up and then just driven herself over my wife wouldn't have to have flown over you know all of this other stuff so I was sitting there kind of calculating the cost of all this you're talking about a truck of you know a truck that gets eight miles to the gallon or whatever so you're paying for gas for both vehicles you're paying the rental truck it all came up to closing in on three grand when you throw in the hotels and the food and all the gas and everything and you know I don't have $3,000 just laying around you know what I'm saying you can't just make I can't make $3,000 just appear out of my ass so I was very skeptical on how we were gonna pull this off not only that what about when she got here right her and three kids in our little house is not a match made in heaven so for the last three weeks things have been fairly stressful about how we're gonna pay for things what we're going to do is she even serious this time you know last time last time she was gone in 48 hours we spent a couple grand getting over there packing her and driving her over here and within 48 hours she had called she had spoken to her dickhead they had arranged a friend a couple of friends to drive over and pick her up within 48 hours so they drove straight I can't remember what the drive time is like 21 hours or something so they drove straight for two you know over the course of 48 hours and came and got her she was gone for 48 hours so obviously I was a little bit gun shine and the one thing I did not want was hey ex man of the cloth what's up what I did not want was then moving into our house because once they move in getting them out would be extraordinarily difficult yes you're supposed to love your children your grandchildren you're supposed to let them stay with you but we're not prepared for that our house isn't baby-proof anymore we don't have spare rooms laying around it's we were in our mid forties man we cannot handle four more people joining our house of three and it just wouldn't work out you know so I said listen we will get her here but we cannot be on the hook for her living with us for her to take care of everything for her I mean it can't go down that way and of course that put a huge strain on my wife and I was relationship because obviously she wants to do anything possible to get her grandkids here which is which is really I get it but at the same time there's there's there's some bad history going on here and I don't know financially speaking it's a it's a it's a money it's a money pit so her father the sperm donor father I'm early her dad I've been I've raised Katherine since she was four and a half almost five so I've been her dad most of her life now the sperm donor has helped her out over the periods of time they she was not amicable to our dislike of her husband and her situation and her decisions so somehow she's managed to get some sort of comfort out of him in the way of financials so he promised her to Brand said listen if you want to move back to Arizona fine I'll kick in two grand and that should you know that'll help you get started and we'll go from there you know and we'll see how it goes so I said okay she's not moving into the house you know the sperm donor is hooking her up with the you know first and last month deposit whatever she needs to get into her own place all right all right let's let's do it so I flew my wife out on Thursday while she was flying out and I see this is interesting one of the things I was alluding to on a previous show was Google spaces and I was telling you guys when I first heard about it I can't think of a good use for Google spaces not one well this was a perfect use for Google spaces so my wife myself my daughter all got onto Google spaces and I can house-hunt post pictures post links and we were all in our own little private Internet so the three of us can sit there and collaborate on where's she gonna stay here's the you know here are these apartments here's where they're located here's links to the maps here's what's in the area for employment blah blah blah so we were able to ernest google spaces to collaborate on what's really kind of a mini project so there is a use for google space as hopefully yours won't be quite as esoteric as ours so anyway so what i've we've been doing and you've caught a couple of them looking for apartments finding out what it's gonna cost to move in what her options are how much she has to make a week in order to pay for set apartment so she's not drowning over her head when she gets here etc etc so one of the reasons why they wanted to truck my wife insisted on them having a truck was the captain wanted to bring her bed and I kept saying this isn't gonna go down the way you think it is you know he's gonna catch on he's gonna figure it out and he's gonna stand in the way nothing's gonna come out of that house of any value and you know you're gonna rent a truck and not have anything in it then the two of you are gonna drive you know cross-country and you know you're gonna it's not gonna work out pack up the car how about we do this let's rent now let's try to find a van that you can rent right well it turns out that renting a van nobody does one-way rentals except for like u-haul and budget and Penske maybe but one way rentals guaranteed fourteen hundred bucks like that all of them are the same thing $12.99 $13.99 they're all right in the same area so even with the triple a discount even with doing everything that I could it still came up to fourteen hundred bucks and I said so I was talking to Kathryn when my wife was in transit I was chatting with her on Google spaces and I said you know so if the only big thing you're moving is a bed I would rather not spend the $1,400 and just have you guys pack up the car bring over as much as you can and then when you get here when we find out what your apartment situation is we'll just buy a bed I guarantee I can get a nice bed for you for less than 1,400 bucks right so what a suit it was an interesting shuffle it was like I'm an air traffic controller right so while my wife was in flight I cancelled the truck found a car that would I found a rental company that would do a one-way car rental from st. Louis Airport to Tulsa Oklahoma which was their first stop it's out of state and I'll explain why that's important in a minute and essentially what they would do is they would pack up both cars with as much crap as they could drive to Tulsa in separate cars once they got to Tulsa I would arrange for the makar top carrier from Walmart or Target or whatever they would transfer the content out of my wife's rental into the car top put that on top of the car and then take one vehicle the majority of the way back to Phoenix tons of cash saved her rental car was like 300 bucks right the car top carriers was like 60 bucks so that's how much it cost instead of the truck so it worked out very well financially and it also made sure that they didn't have to drive alone right I hate that I hate the fact that they were both gonna be driving alone so anyway so we got that so Katherine agreed that you know we don't need the truck so I cancelled the truck got the rental car and the car carrier you're purchased sitting at Walmart waiting for them to pick it up at Tulsa all of their hotels I had pre you know preordained prepaid for I had a full schedule laid out for them how many hours a day they'd have to drive I kept it very light you know four to five hours a day tops in the car because they had kids are you wanting to come over here cuz your blinkers still on yeah okay let's go so anyway so now the real question is now the real question is how did it go down we had you can only plan for something like this so far something will go wrong something will happen something will not go down as planned so that's where the real story begins I even I even had to go back and trim a PSR down because in one of the PSR episodes I actually was talking to my insurance company about my wife being covered to drive the truck without extra insurance and I realized after I posted my comic-con pictures senior dickhead started following my pictures he followed my album so I knew he was watching me and my online presence so I immediately went back and listened to all the passengers he radios that had taken place since we decided to make the move and I had to clip a couple of them up and repost them hoping that he hadn't already heard them he hears it now it's I mean it's already too late so who cares so how does the story pan out so my wife arrived in st. Louis and I immediately texted her and said listen plans have changed you are going to go to the Hertz rental car thing they're gonna have a car for you you're gonna take that down you're gonna meet Kathryn here's what's gonna happen there's no truck you're gonna drive down the st. Robert I already got the I already got everything set up at the hotel you're good so you want an extra you know 24 hours because a space was supposed to go to work on Friday so as soon as he went to work on Friday she was going to come over with the truck in this case the car and and who loaded up while he was gone and I said he's gonna figure out what's going on the second you blow into town because she wanted to make it she wanted to give some sort of a side story like I had some time for her birthday I surprised her by flying her over blah blah blah so they had this elaborate backstory I kept telling them it's not gonna go down that way he's going to know and then things are gonna be more complicated and she's like no I'll have to have the kids come over on Thursday night after I get set up at the hotel they can come down they can swim in the pool right so she was gonna try to create this visual you know this story that would keep him from suspecting that they were getting ready to blow out of town and I said I said it's not gonna work out as soon as you show up I mean he's got to know by now that something's going on you know ignorant but not stupid so if he knows what's going on then something's gonna go down that's not right and in this I'm telling you you got to be ready for this you've got to be ready for what might happen because we're not playing on our home field you know so anyhow so she got the car she drove down she checked in at st. Robert where we st. Roberts where we got the first hotel and they they had the kids parent Lea Kathryn the kids came over while he worked on Thursday night will come Friday it was pretty much assured that he understood what was going on and the game plan they have two vehicles one is a flea-ridden piece of van which I don't even know if it has valid plates I know that there's all sorts of wrong with it it's a piece of so the car the Impala that they had was Catherine's car her sperm donor so the sperm donor actually came through on this one had got her a car a couple of years back and it's a nice car I mean it was nicer than I thought it was going to be I was worried that they weren't gonna even be able to make the trip back and a piece-of-shit car because I didn't have a clue what she had all I knew was a Chevy Impala you know so he had purchased she had helped her get the car and then forgave her debt so you know that's like a seven grand car that he'd gone for which is that's pretty good sperm donor came through unfortunately but I'm getting ahead of myself I don't want to I don't want to ruin the fun we'll take this nice and slow so come Friday morning so I'm at the other end of the computer essentially waiting to get bulletins from what's going on over there right it's like I'm waiting for Pearl Harbor and all of a sudden my wife's like my wife's like he wants to take the car to work he wants to take the car to work he's not gonna take the van he's not gonna leave the car here blah blah blah you know he's talking about not going to work and I said I told you I told you the second he got wind and sniff anything going on he was gonna back out of going to work so once again I was right so he claims that he was gonna skip work that you know he doesn't trust them blah blah blah so he knows he has an idea of what's going on so I said listen I said just go do it it doesn't matter that he's home now see if she had rented the truck if the truck rental had happened it would have been a complete waste because he wasn't gonna let anything out of that house that he could possibly sell or turn a profit on or one for himself so the only thing that she would be allowed to take would be toys and diapers and that he doesn't care about right so I said go now I said you're just delaying the inevitable because they were gonna wait and see if he went to work and I said even if he says he's going to work he's not gonna go to work he's gonna sit there and hide and wait and if he takes the car you're screwed anyway you know she can't stop him from taking the car without it looking rough so I said just go right now I said she goes should I call the sheriff I said yes call the sheriff inform them what's about to go down ask them if they will do a courtesy right along to ensure that this goes smooth because it's not gonna go smooth so she calls the sheriff the sheriff she calls him back says the sheriff will not go with them but if anything happens feel free to call you know that's what kind of a Dickey move is that I mean I get it I understand that they're probably you know understaffed and you know overworked but essentially you're saying there's going to be a domestic violence action happening in the next two hours you have an opportunity to prevent it would you coming out and they said never what kind of is that so I said okay make sure the sheriff's numbers on speed dial make sure you have a right handy and I said so that you can call the second anything happens I mean anything happens the remarkably frightens you or scares you he does anything out of line you call and I said you might as well just go and get it over with so her and Catherine went back and the next call I get is a 5 to 3 number which is Missouri but it's not you know it's obviously it's not my wife's cell phone so for some reason her cell phone has no reception she's on the house phone calling me while Catherine is trying to get as much of her packed as she can while he is trying to talk her out of leaving now somewhere along the way and again I'm still trying to line all my facts up somewhere along the way he called the sheriff and claimed that my wife grabbed him somehow you know trying to make some sort of assault thing or whatever to get the cops out there right so I'm not even sure if they actually showed up I think they did this is all very garbled in here but I can hear my wife sigh I just want to stay on the phone with you I just want to stay on the phone with you I said has he gotten violent his he's you know is he taking a punch in either one of you and she's like no no but he's he's trying to talk her out of it and I said well yeah of course he is that's his meal ticket getting ready to pack up and leave and so she packed as much into the cars they pack as much stuff as they can which was a pair of apparently a fairly significant amount but I guarantee no bed would have left that house right so we did the right thing with the truck anyway so they're getting ready to take off and get this ass face snatches the older kid jumps in the van and drives off with him right before they can leave he snatches the kid and bails off how about that so now there's they're stuck I mean there's nothing they can do about it he's got the kid he's the parent right they can't call the cops they can't say that he kidnapped them there's nothing they can do not a thing and so my wife calls us is what do we do and I said you've got to get out of there you've got to leave who the hell knows what he's off doing right now he could be off getting a weapon he could be off getting friends he could be off doing whatever get the out of there take the two kids you have of the three get in the car and drive get over the border ASAP they're about three hours on out off the border of Oklahoma and I said you guys get in the cars and you leave you don't stop until you cross the Oklahoma border and so and there's a reason for this and again I'm getting to it so they get in the car he's calling her he called his mother who's a real bitch from what I understand he calls his mother and they're saying you better come back and get Nicholas you better come back and get Nicholas you you know you can't just leave him here you know what kind of mother are you to leave this other kid it's like he took him he took the other kid what do you want you know he wanted another shot at either hurting her or getting her to stay there right it's all like transparent as and I said you cannot go back and so meanwhile they're talking to my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law who works for the who works for the police force over at Irvine they contact the police station over there something trying to get something going on and they basically said you know tell her not to run tell her to come back to the courthouse and file a complaint and I'm like no way she cannot stay anywhere near that guy who knows he is unfuckin stable you know the last time we came in goners because he was choking her and doing other nasty right who the hell knows what he's capable of especially now that he knows what's going on the element of surprise is not there so anyway so they decide to continue they do not turn around and go back and file a complaint and she had spoken with an attorney over there and essentially made sure that she couldn't be caught for kidnapping the kids and taking him out of state and they said as long as there's no divorce pending and there's no court case pending that she can leave the state with the kids right so I said here's the thing if you go back and he's and suddenly he managed to get a spine and files for divorce before you can get to the courthouse and file that will lock your ass into the state I think your best bet is to get your ass here get out of the situation and then worry about everything else so that's what they did they got to Tulsa meanwhile he's trying to call he's trying to call she's ignoring him he's trying to tax she's ignoring him so now she's then he tries to get her to talk by saying that my wife kidnapped her writing that he's gonna go to the cops or something and say that my wife kidnapped her or something of that nature kidnapped the kids right real gem the real gem misguide bla bla bla and of course she doesn't reply to him she does not reply to him so they consolidate the car in Tulsa and they just keep they keep truckin meanwhile he's doing everything he and to try to guilt-trip her try to do anything she can to get her to communicate with him hey man you're gonna have theirs Gus though just showed up and dude I'm like mid-story here you're gonna have to go back and listen to the replay so anyway so they bailed and so now he's calling her you know he's trying to get ahold of her he's texting he's emailing he's like oh you know yeah you know I you know with the van there's nothing I can't get to work in the van reliably and blah blah blah you're turning your back on your kid blah blah blah all right just do everything that you can to with her so in the meantime I'm out well well my why act while they're gone right my son who's not in school I have to sit and babysit him over the course of the weekend while they're traveling also I have to get an apartment now right because she doesn't have a job well she did have a job but she doesn't anymore she doesn't mean she's not present she can't lease anything you know she doesn't have the credit or the credentials or anything else so now I'm on the hook so now I have to go get the apartment I have to put it in my name I have to sign a lease right and this is all now listen we're still under the presumption they she could turn around in 48 hours and be out the door like she did last time right so I'm sitting here signing my ass away getting an apartment as face that the sperm donor is not giving her the money for the apartment so I'm having to go out of pocket to put down the holding and the application via the deposit and everything else cuz is being a pain in the ass about it I'm sorry not the sperm donor I know I'm trying to I'm trying to use names to avoid actually telling anybody's name family nobody'd get back as aunt when you're talking about about me well nobody knows it's you pal right so let's see so the apartment meanwhile of course they're traveling right so whoa hey now what do we drifted in the other Lane that was almost an accident - cool unfortunately I don't have my sd card in my dash cam I took it out to dump hopefully the dump that bird splat out that we had the other day on the show but it wasn't on there and the cards too small it had already overwritten so I'd taken the card out but I haven't put a fresh one in yet all right so they're in transit I'm trying to arrange for the arrival making sure that there's a place I mean I went and looked at a bunch of apartments I went and did all the footwork I know I sound like you know I'm a drama queen but I mean it's a lot it's a lot of work if you've never if you haven't had to rent an apartment a lot of people my age and they're probably listening to the show haven't rented an apartment in 20-something years renting an apartment sucks it's easier to buy a house and a rent an apartment I swear to God so we had to figure out what she could pay what the price range was gonna be how much space she could get then find actually ones that would accept her with three freaking kids right so you got all sorts of variables that have to go into play so that's what I'm doing while they're traveling meanwhile it's constant barrage of information well you know he claims this he's you know he's doing this he's doing that so they finally get here and I find out from my wife they entertained an attorney and we promise to pay for it so that's fantastic so that's 2,500 bucks retainer plus whatever the court costs are gonna be for chasing down Nikolas chasing down the divorce getting the divorce sent through the pain you know the court system and everything else so that's another gift that I get to bear financially speaking yeah where's all this money coming from yeah don't ask I'm gonna be in debt for the rest of my life anyway so so now the attorney is like okay so here's what we're gonna do blah blah blah start filling out papers so they get here and they start you know she starts doing every note she starts cutting off all the accounts she starts doing everything that she can to stop him from screwing her over well one of the things that he says to her like within 12 hours of her getting here is oh I took a title loan out on your car since you're not gonna be here for money I had to get money somehow so I took a title loan out on your car and I looked at I said how the is that possible his name's not on the car is it and she said well I'm a cop what why is his name on the car well the insurance company said that if I wanted him insured on it that it would be cheaper if he had his name on the car blah blah blah so she put the car in his name as well and so I'm thinking well there's probably two three grand yet you're gonna be in the hole for cuz you know he ain't gonna pay it back they're gonna come after you so later on he called that later on he sends a message that he was just he was just kidding and he really didn't do it and he was just trying to get her to talk to him bla bla bla well now we're trying to get the sperm donor to come up with his to grant so we can get her moved in get the power turned on do all this silly and now he's like and that gonna pay for their and that paying for their I wanna and I told her I said I told you I told you he wasn't gonna pay he's gonna demand an itemized list of every painting but you want to spend like he won't do that he won't do that yeah right so of course he's completely saying he's not gonna pay no no no I'm not gonna pay this I'm not gonna pay that you know I agreed to pay for the deposit not for your first month's rent all the sudden he's reneging on everything bla bla bla he doesn't trust us so he's not gonna send us the money to compensate for it bla bla bla bla bla anyway so I'm at home so I'm gonna have to cut the show off but yeah and so there's there's a few more juicy stories to go on but come time for the next show I'll actually have more information to share sir kind of caught up to date so right now her apartments not open until the 17th so I told my wife I said no they cannot stay here the second you move a name you can't get him out it's it's it's classic stuff we don't know how sincere she is about this you know I don't know she's gonna be here in 48 hours I don't know any of this stuff I said they can't stay with us I said I will put them up for three days in an extended stay so they have someplace to live while we're waiting for the apartment to open up right well it doesn't really matter because they're basically living here anyway they go back to the hotel at night to sleep but they're here the rest of the time well it's just well it is unfortunate that the other kid isn't here I'm glad because having a nine a three and a one-year-old running around my little house makes me Looney Tunes I went back to work for the first day today you know since they got here and I have to tell you it was a lot quieter so anyway so there's all sorts of more stories to go with this I will bring you up to date as much as I can maybe tomorrow on the way home from work I'll give you guys a little more background and information on what's going on but yeah so on a good note a couple of things I'll leave you with is she does seem serious this time she doesn't look like she's going to go back it looks like you know 25 is the magic age she figured out that this was taking her nowhere and she decided to get out so in the end it's gonna be all great you know once the debts paid off but we'll see what happens anyway um next show we will finish up this tragic tale we'll bring you more information probably won't have a lot of more information until next week after she moves into the apartment and we see you know how the sperm donor thing pans out and you know what other sort of crazy goes on this is Shane are Monroe passenger see radio we'll see you next time

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