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hello folks this is Shane our Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is what July 5th 2016 you're on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show well two people have mentioned they wanted a passenger seat radio and I don't actually have any topics set aside so we're gonna have to shoot from the hip today or you can hop in the chat channel at slash passenger seat radio join us live on our chat room give us a topic give me a topic let's talk about it we'll come up with something well I guess while I'm waiting for people to show up and ideas to be thrown about I will discuss my weekend with you it's a three-day weekend of course fourth of July weekend and as you may or may not have figured out three-day weekends don't mean much in this house anymore because there's always a plethora of people stuffed in my house my daughter and her two kids my son of course he doesn't cook my son's perfectly happy when there's nobody there he's perfectly happy to be in his room watching YouTube putting together Legos whatever but when the house is jam-packed full of people that's when he decides he needs to be out in the middle of it and so he instigates fights with the three-year-old the three-year-old instigates fights with hand it's just it's a mess you know and it's like Church they're there twice a day on the weekends you know what I'm saying because my daughter works so then they have to come over in the morning then they go home then they come back for dinner so it's literally like going to morning and evening services it's terrible late in the UK midnight hour nice nice so we are minus 7 GMT right so plus 7 yeah that'd be like them 11 and change right right I always forget about the daylight savings time but some yeah so hey listen Matt um this whole breaks it thing you know I'm not still completely clear on what's going on I mean I understand what it is but I'm trying to understand like what it means to everything else what's the repercussions of this whole brexit thing I keep thinking to myself it would be like Texas seceding from the United States yeah now which I believe that's been up on them on the table at once or twice it's a huge fuckup yeah yeah yes so so what I get here and Matt you can feel free to correct me here cuz I actually have a native of the UK right here on the show in the chatroom of course um so from what I understand it essentially is is that Britain is leaving the you know the European Union and that has to do with trade and all sorts of other unbelievable things so for those of us who read the news over here and you know we only get we get whatever's watered-down for us what sorts of things are affected I mean I know that trade with the rest of Europe is is messed up in terms of their deals in place and it's bad for us in effect it's like the Trump Indians voting for the clever people down yeah so that's what I got it was like nobody wanted breaks it except for like the poor man or something right I mean what was the audience that was pushing this whole brexit thing to the service I mean we like you said we're seeing it right now the fact that Trump is actually on the ticket is amazing to me he's managed to insult everybody he is brash abrasive dare I say uneducated you know what I'm saying you're not an educated man the way that he talks and the way that he discusses things with people that's not education let me see I'm trying to follow what Matt's doing here while I'm driving probably not the best thing let's see I got nothing else damn it hoping Matt could chime in I've been really interested in this whole thing and you know what again you know you know you know things are so watered down with our media it's like they said in sneakers right when Robert Redford was in with the Russian consulate and the Russian consulate turns to him and says you won't know who to trust you can't trust anything I'm having what you read is the other half is partially true you don't even know all right here we go Matt's got something else dead it's largely a vote against immigration without thought for the real consequences an eager vote yeah well you're more like America than ever ironically they're the people that will be the most affected so so what they're saying what you're saying is is that this was about this was keeping people out of Britain that's the that's sort of the idea so in order for them to push the agenda of stopping immigration they have to leave the European Union is that sort of the is that sort of the deal it's kind of nuts I mean I guess you know what though as horrible as this is if it's a real it's a real eye-opener for democracy in terms of how democracy works or should work you know if the people in the majority demands something the government has to give it to them that's not what we have in this country in some in some ways it speaks very highly of the of the Britain British government you know everybody that's of any stature over there has probably said this is a horrible idea but the people say this is what we want now can you imagine those let's start with brexit and then throw Trump for president can you imagine you want to talk about being on the eve of destruction right that's insane it's insanity like I said I mean that's really am yeah it's nuts it's nuts that something like this can happen I don't know I know what to think you know it would be it's a lot like not maybe not a lot like but it gives me that feeling of the United States trying to leave the UN you know back when them the United States acted like a spoiled little brat and you know did a unilateral assault in the Middle East we um you know there were people saying oh I screw that you ain't leaving you in right looks like damn you guys come on where are we all just gonna go cowboy on this planet Mars isn't ready for us to move to yet assholes can we not destroy ourselves long enough to at least get another planet or you know the refugees to go to where you guys are busy making war a lot of people are regretting their votes it can happen here it can happen in the u.s. be very careful yeah I'm telling you man it's it's like those shows like a head of state at Chris Rock show where he ran for president is a joke and you next thing you know he was he was president that kind of weird can happen man I mean I can't I can't believe we're actually in the state that we're in now right so you've got the two 4runners you've got Hillary which definitely has questionable well questionable everything going on you've got Trump that I wouldn't trust you know as far as I can throw the guy and we're literally kind of locked into this thing where you got to pick one of them it's like what that's no selection that literally is the what was that the soggy sandwich in the douche bag or whatever it was that was on South Park when they were talking about the two-party system I'll tell you what man the libertarians have better get their asses in gear and take advantage of this because if there was any possibility of the libertarians taken over this is it this is the free Age of Aquarius right it's the Age of Aquarius the moon is aligned with Mars neither party has even a remotely interesting offering one of them you can't trust the other ones a idiot so who do you got you got a couple of good libertarians we can move that way damn welcome to the channel Jay good and Bruce Willard welcome to the show we were just talking about brexit and you know what that kind of you know what that means cuz Matt over there is a native and it's it's gonna be bad for them it's gonna be bad let's see he wasn't perfect at the end it's best if we band together against the wolves rather than isolating ourselves to be picked off Bianca she's becoming scarily true it's the rise of the idiots you know what I can't figure out is you know we live in such the least here in the United States we live in a cleansed environment right we are we are ran by you know the moral majority the the Christian Right whatever and Trump is 100% opposite that ticket you know what I'm saying the GOP is supposed to be the party that supports what quite frankly my opinion the wakko rights you know and the Democrats have been supporting the whacko laughs so we got nobody in the middle like anytime you want to run for office you've got to pick one of the wacko sides I understand why you can't be a moderate but you can't the moderates the moderates are the minority you get I mean when it's okay to essentially be racist and it's essentially okay to be a dickhead it's okay to be anti-semitic it's okay to to be a flip-flopper I mean Trump's ridiculous it's almost a joke and at some point you you're thinking yourself I've got to wake up this some this can't be real someone's I'm gonna wake up and it's gonna be like oh my god I just did this my mom mom mom I had this horrible nightmare that Donald Trump was running for president I don't know but you know I I'm not jumping up and down to protect Hillary either she's got enough she's got enough frickin dart smudges all over her to make her just well not as bad but bad two different way Danny wants someone we could trust I can't trust either of those assholes so what do we got I might have to go libertarian I'm telling you there's a couple of good libertarians out there I don't know man I hate talking politics on this show but the whole brexit thing was interesting to me and you know I'm gonna take advantage of take advantage of having natives here on the show to talk about it but yeah I mean it's just it's just this weird evil alignment you know quite frankly brexit and Trump are the two sorts of things that I would expect to see wedged in a Nostradamus quatrain you know what I'm saying maybe we need to go back to the writings of Nostradamus and see if there's anything in here you know what I'm saying diet you know guys seem to have something going on I don't know so for fourth of July last night to get off into the political topics because I know my listeners aren't super keen about talking about that and yeah so normally every year we drag our asses and this is the older I get the more I just don't give a right my son has been my son has been conscious of about five fireworks displays in his life five big fireworks displays right cuz he's nine I don't think he remembers before four and so for the last five years we've been going to the same place every year and it's it was a really nice well-kept secret right for those are you know the Phoenix area the Peoria Sports Complex it's named like some IP now somebody bought it now it's like the US Airways stadium or some and but they put off this huge fireworks display and all you got to do is go to the other side of the 101 park yourself anywhere along the highway and you have a beautiful view of the fireworks not a bunch of people see my problems not necessarily the people it's trying to get home afterwards right you guys know what I'm talking about you pile into some public park or public location takes you forever to park you got to fight with these people to get a parking spot you haul your ass especially here in Phoenix 106 degrees you're miserable you know it depending on where you're at there's bugs biting on you it's just miserable we're sitting these uncomfortable folding chairs I'm a grumpy old man right my son seen five of these I've seen like 40 of them you know what I'm saying I'm I'm good without going to see fireworks once every five years I can go because let's be honest fireworks or fireworks I saw really interesting documentary and I wish I could remember the name of it so I could pass it on but it was about this fireworks factory essentially they went back into the the origins of fireworks and and what have we got here an emergency vehicle where you going you know where the origins came from how much it really hasn't changed how they Pat this how they pack that it was a great I know I talked about it on the show before so you search the archives you might be able to find it it was fascinating but there's not a lot of change like every five years they come up with something slightly differential that they used to not be able to do right suddenly they figured out you know one of the things I found in the last few years is they can actually make a firework that explodes into a heart shape or into a diamond or they could actually sort of shape the charges a little bit so it actually comes up as something kind of cool what's going on at Momo's clothing shop back there huh it's a fire truck there goes an ambulance probably saw the prices let's see what we got here yeah yeah Jacob says yes to listen was any of the neighbors shooting off mortars yeah you know what I don't even understand where these assholes get these things I took my son shopping for fireworks okay let me get back to the story so first of all there was talk about my daughter her two kids coming which would have been a complete nightmare but it turns out that because it was like a 9:15 that's when it's dark right that's when the fireworks started but they decided not to come great well that's one thing I don't like now can we talk my son into not going because he has a complete attack if he's all about doing something and then we don't get to do it so I told him to say I said let's go to the fireworks stand you'll buy our own fireworks and we'll shoot them off at the house I said we might be fun we have our own stuff and we don't have to sit in Park and drive yeah I'm telling you the that we get is not what our neighbors are blowing up they literally sound like they're shooting off cannons off the bow of a ship I don't know what they're shooting but it can't be legal my dogs were in a complete mode I mean the the morgue it was actually okay this is a second floor of July so you know he's an old hand but for chorky this was his first one he was not pleased at all about it but see the worst part this is in Arizona this right to carry arms people think it's cool to shoot up in the air on the floor of the July people don't understand bullets come down I guess I don't know it seems to me that that would be some of the basic principles of nature like before you're allowed to own a gun you should be able to pass like this basic literacy test that says what happens if you shoot a gun in the air a you kill an angel B it makes a really cool sound and your friends will think you're cool see people will mistake you for shooting off fireworks or D the bullet may fall down kill some poor kid and then you go to jail yeah they don't ever no one ever picks deep I guess they like to be cool their friends think that they are cool I don't know shooting guns in the air man never a good idea what does Matt have to go on here yeah when you hit 40 yeah the benefits of the soft couch definitely you know for the for the amount of time that I spend going to for fireworks right so let's say it starts at 9:15 if you want a parking spot you've got to be there at least 30 minutes early so it's 30 minutes to the to the parking location 30 minutes of waiting that's an hour fireworks are always 15 to 20 minutes late so then once you're done it's literally an hour and a half to get back because of the 30 minutes of getting out of the parking area you know 45 minutes maybe because nobody wants to get out nobody wants to let anybody out it's a complete clusterfuck and so then you're back home I mean that's like four hours of your night you could be spending doing something else we blew off all of our fireworks in 30 minutes we played with sparklers we had a defective fountain that exploded which was cool you know I wish I knew how that worked because I would have gotten two more of those fountains see we got a buy one get one free which I should have suspected so I'm guessing quality control wasn't really great on the big tiger firework yeah true for one by one big tiger and get the other one for free yeah so the first big tiger we opened up with that and it literally went on for about ten seconds and then at the sight of it exploded out I'm thinking that's kind of cool but I don't think that's what it's supposed to do you know what I'm saying yeah so then we ran the second one it was fine I mean it lasted like 40 seconds or whatever our problem is our air our road that's in front of our house despite being never traveled except for the fourth of July so we're trying to light off fireworks and not scare the cars and you know we're trying to kind of keep it to ourselves meanwhile they're blasting cannons next door I don't know what I was thinking unbelievable I mean they've got like Disney quality fireworks at the block just beyond ours I don't know where that and they literally have to be shooting from a mortar to get that to go off you know what I'm saying unbelievable so of course the kid wakes up at like oh my god I hate when he does this it's been a long time since he's done this but he got out of bed and he came I'm so yeah I'm trying to see if I could give you the picture here so in our living room we have like captain couches right so each of us have our own recliner connected with a centerpiece and it's about 3/4 of the way back from the wall facing the wall where the TV is right so while you're sitting in my chair which is the one on the right your back is to the hallway going to the back end of the house and his room is on the back end of the house so I'm sitting there and I'm not I'm not doing anything that I carry sees me doing or anything I'm not you know watching porn or something but so I'm sitting there and I'm in a typing I'm clicking I'm like you get that feeling that there's somebody watching you and I turn around and he's right there you expect to hear that freaking noise from the shining when Danny shows up with the knife you got freaks the living out of me and he knows it I'm looking you know in the first thing out of my mouth is vulgarity right because he gets scared they get startled you know I turn like what the are you doing there I mean yeah great right would that be great to have that like on TV that'd be a great wife swap episode wouldn't it cameras like following behind him and I turn like what the are you doing there but he when he does that just Tammy on the shoulder if you want me or somethin say dad or something anything don't just stand there every good freaks me out so it turns out he had nothing to say at all ask for normal I asked him to viewers awake and he shook his head but I don't think he was really awake took his ass back to his room put him back in bed wished he wasn't talking about people that weren't there this time yeah it when he does that see anytime his sleep gets disturbed stuff like that happens right because now we've got all the kids there and we're staying up later because it's summer and you know he stayed up late for Halloween I'm not Halloween for fourth of July so anytime his sleep schedule gets monkeyed with me personally I could I could vote the only time I want to see fireworks is at Disneyland that's the other place I need to see fireworks I don't need to see him on the fourth of July anymore I'm good I'm good oops close my chat window so apparently we do I can play music and stuff and it'll play over even though I can't hear it and I can do sound effects I haven't recorded any yet though I should do my own drops so here I've got some I threw a song on here just cue it up it's evil woman from Electric Light Orchestra so I'm curious I'm gonna start it and you guys tell me if you hear it it looks like it's sending something unfortunately I can't hear it so I can't you know do much I don't know it should be playing though guys can tell me if it's playing or not if I sound ok over it there's it a good mix I don't know somebody was writing in sync they missed the card-table days when I used to sing along with the radio that put a squelch to that really quick that's enough evil woman you guys can tell me in the chat with you here or not yep so how was the mix was the mix good can you still hear me over it they give you features on this thing they don't tell you how to use it God nice good good good that's cool maybe I'll throw it together some bits or something that'd be fun I've got like room for like if they'd only give me room for like five special effects I mean five drops what's the point of that on the tablet they give you like 15 I guess there's no space more of a dam you should see the screen that I'm looking at there's like tons of room you could put a hundred drops on there it's like only room for five cool good levels nice I'm excited I'll throw together some obscure music I'll share with you you guys can laugh at my taste of music oh man so tonight's teaching karate night so it's Tuesday night crap I totally forgot to pick up my wife's battery son of a bitch well I guess I'm gonna turn tail and go back cool it's gonna stop at Walmart my favorite Walmart the Pop Tart Walmart and pick up a battery the wife's car battery took a because I need more what I really need right now are more is more cost to me I need more debits on my account paying my kids rigs I'm probably gonna be paying her insurance wife's car battery takes a dump paying for more gas yeah Walt's heart hey that's good I like that so my wife calls him poop tarts I don't know where that came from but she does teach a bunch of high school kids you know you say the word poop or boob and you made all of their day you know I remember being slightly more sophisticated in high school which is probably why I had no dates but yeah I mean but there's a there's some mathematical symbol that looks like a pair of boobs I mean every year when my wife teaches it she's like and she's like yeah it's time to teach that again I'm like what the boob thing and she'd get any owe guarantee it's like totally puts the class off I wish I knew what that symbol was left to ask her I'm sure you can find it just do a Google search for math symbols that look like boobs sure it's in there somewhere it can't be the only one we said about too far off from Walt art actually based on the people running around there and how it smells should be wall fart quite frankly man yeah which means I may have to end the show early cuz I'm have to go in and wait I like how when you do an Internet pick up it's actually takes longer than going in and going back getting the item yourself and checking out I don't get that fries is that way Best Buy is that way any place you can call ahead I don't know what it is but it's like they punish you from buying online it's like screw it we're gonna make you wait and they always have like 15 people in line one checker and one checker that's not what you would call a highly ambitious kind of checker it's always one of those ones where it's like how the did you even get hired type of checker yeah this is the famous Walmart where I am my in the right spot no I went further than I thought yeah well so can't have anything better to do tonight we'll just sit here and chat yeah this is the Walmart I almost lost my worked cell phone in my wife's funny so she went to this on Saturday she went to this big cocktail party thing that my aunt ELISA was running and when my aunt Elise is involved there's tons and tons of booze that's just not my scene I don't really like to drink anymore you know it's part of growing older you figure you can do without it now for Christ's sake all the medication I'm on I really don't need any booze to be mellow but you know there was a pool there's gonna be kids there fantastic hope somebody stayed sober my wife sure as hell didn't lots of jell-o shots I'm told but I was like going with this story so they went on Saturday so I had a few hours to myself but of course I didn't do anything at all productive and I figured they were gonna be gone a long time they were gone like three hours you know because you know anytime that I go to one of these events we're there for like seven hours when they go they're gone for like three hours doesn't quite seem fair play some honey camstudio because you know what that's one of those games where there's absolutely nothing wrong with it other than its lewd you know but it's not like there's nudity or anything going on so it's like you really don't need to explain it to your wife if she catches you playing it but at the same time she'll give you and you don't want to deal with this so you just don't play when she's not around it's easy enough son Travis yeah Travis here was the victim of a leaking water cooling system in his PC see I'm I maybe I'm crazy maybe I'm old-fashioned maybe I'm you know one of those crazy guys that can't stay up with the times but the concept of putting a reservoir of water inside a computer that cost you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for some reason that does not make sense to me you know it's it's say you know something's gonna go wrong at some point I don't know how bad it turned out but hey Travis did you get anything ruined by that I mean I can only imagine what happens you know if it like sprung a leak and it was basically water hosing your watch your motherboard be fantastic the best part about it is he blamed his uncle because he think he thought his uncle spilled on his computer and didn't tell him and then ran off for a hike it's fantastic I love that what's that your system is still okay though yeah yeah for now something something took a hit from that I just can't believe that something didn't explode when the water came pouring out it's amazing all right well I'm closing in on my destination here another 127 dollars for a car battery tell you what Arizona eats through batteries like they're nothing so I went with a five-year battery this time not that it's gonna matter but at least my lazy-ass can you know bring it back down and get a replacement Walmart's not usually my first choice for batteries but it's on the way home I could pay for it in advance and if I'm lucky I'm gonna have to stand in line with a bunch of hee-haw hillbilly and I'll actually be able to get my battery and get the out in a reasonable amount of time I could go to autozone right that's usually where I go to pick up my batteries at autozone what's that some place you would expect right yeah I could buy it at Costco but Travis there's no cost goes on my way home that's like 40 minutes out of my way and then you've got to deal with the Costco Walmart's not the only one that has its problems Costco is great but you get behind some mom who's buying $700 worth of groceries you know what I'm saying or what you're just straightening yourself in that parking position you asshole that pisses me off people who can't Park then they back out and you think that they're gonna back out I'm not gonna run into this guy here here's where I get hit up I see I'm gonna leave it running and you can hear me get hit up by the homeless guy over here that looks like he's panhandling ain't turn off in the store or something yes I'm gonna bitch I don't want to replace my battery all right let me see if I can avoid the homeless guy I just as well leave this running all right we're looking good wonder if Walmart will have like 900 fireworks on sale day after you it's like being stoned blast sorry about that who only got the world's worst part it was wrong was 8 people in line and one inexperienced check of course they haven't sure I'm in the right spot if to registry sir just the right spot for Internet pickups you buy online pick up here another experienced Walmart customer or another employee electronics that seems like a weird place to go all right pretty sure I just got put on a wild goose chase did you see this card always that an excuse to go back to electronics you know what's great is I can talk to myself because I'm in a Walmart nobody even notices better not send me to the front and we're gonna take a shortcut through men's clothing you know what's sad when you're too fat to fit clothes at Walmart and a big thanks to Walmart for putting the pickup at the very farthest back into the store from the entrance you can't believe how bad this card sucks hi I have an Internet pick up Munro's shame them row oh sure you want my order number all right it's a long number oh that you're not waiting on me then do you scan this barcode so what you know sweet sure if you want to leave the papers on there because this is a collapsible back and stuff some right here and other words I know oh great where's she gonna go now first of all her system like conflict at Abu Dhabi to login and now as she said it's gonna take a while it's fantastic thank you for shopping at Walmart maybe I'll go poke through the shitty blu-ray bin and soon we got over here for seven dollars and eighty-eight cents after earth machete kills here's independence David of course my wife's gone I don't know who that is hi where were we she needs me Ninja Turtles Thunderball Jack Black's goosebumps here's a predator and predator to double-double pack who includes Vudu great okay gremlins the Shawshank Redemption is there's one good movie strange brew sucker-punched the absolute worst movie of all time The Raven x-men first class that was good thing else need for me I guess I'm supposed to sign this oops not very well sign with a highlighter all right then legally binding in all 50 states they're just being funny so we handle or anything out no thought I got the card thank you you know it's hard to believe you can buy customer service like that you know what I mean I just haven't got the sign a receipt with a highlighter do you think I could like challenge that with my credit card company I'm relatively sure that's not a legal signature this is the best part of Walmart the clearance section where the shittiest product go from the shittiest weather the shittiest store couldn't sell unbelievable and I want to know if I can have any more fun at Walmart's so thinking I'm gonna go ahead and end this unless for some reason you guys think it'd be interesting for me to stay screw it live with the dead space least I can continue the show on the way home besides we get to play hide from the homeless guy again yeah there we go that's the kind of germ thing that we're hoping for I'm going to take a selfie while I run you over with the carton be perfect I bet you'd like to take a look at this wouldn't you those gloves get hot yeah - battery use some sort of a gift receipt or something show you well I bought it online there you go yeah item is ready for pickup okay all right thank you so much have a good one why oh why did I not load my cart up with more stuff to ghrelin simple easy right there let's keep our eyes open nobody just got somebody else click one and the other way too much noise all right I missed him he went up and got one of the handicapped people fantastic how is that for palsy huh yeah Yuja miss me pal he went for the wrong side all right well detoured but not stopped huh who's that guy I love the guys just sitting there maybe I can get some video of him he's literally sitting there like Hawking like you know like the vulture she can rock I love chicken lucy fan gets them I should roll down the window and with him what do you think no probably not right that's up he's got homeless people - he's got two handicapped people to harass tell you what though it takes a special person to Panhandle in 106 degrees say who did he get he went all the way across the parking lot Oh nope there he is his room for that guy in the white car nice what was that get homeless guy on the show that would be you know what I should have I should give the guy a buck and he could just um it'd be like coffee and cars with comedians right I just take homeless people in my car just drive around and talk get their stories that'd be great oh you missed out earlier Travis I had to buy a new car battery my wife's took a so I get the joy and pleasure of replacing her battery yeah let's see what can I do have a homeless car does he copy and cars with comedians someone's gonna have to give me a panhandler see radio bingo see sketch craft handed I was just looking for the right title panhandler seed radio Jesus that's a great idea go rent a car you know strap a nine to my side just drive around and find homeless people so get in the car and this won't involve you dressing up as Little Bo Peep just get in the car I'm gonna give you five bucks to drive around and you're gonna tell me your story should I listen to that someone's going to steal that idea I know it because that would be great that would be amazing radio because you know you get some up people in here I try to figure out how my wife's batteries clipped into her car and handlers seat radio all right you get to choose you get yeah there's three boxes in the backseat oh my god this writes itself three boxes in the backseat I'm gonna drive around for ten minutes you're gonna tell me your story in ten minutes or less then I'm gonna let you pick one of the boxes in the backseat one of the boxes has a fifty dollar bill in it one of them has a steak sandwich in it the other one has nothing you must pick one of the boxes have them labeled one two or three you know they can't lift it up or anything you give them the box you drive away I love it man I'll tell you what there'd be no end of the amount of people I mean this is like it's not quite as bad as you know San Francisco Bay I mean I could do a I could get a lot of shows that man yeah so yeah to finish up the fourth of July it wasn't much we shot up a bunch of parks remember my asshole neighbors who complain about our dogs barking yeah well we caught we caught some the daughter peeking through her window watching the shoot off fireworks so we sent my son over to see if she wanted to come out you know he's nine he's putting down threatening so he sent the nine-year-old over to the neighbor's house and asked if she wanted to come out and you know do sparklers and watch fireworks with us and so I guess the dad or uncle you know it's a Hispanic home it's an older guy that came out with her could be anybody could be her brother uncle dad grandfather Godfather they had to get you haven't got Godfather's right yeah it could have been anybody or it could have just been you know some random guy they picked up to you know cut their grass on the back you never know it's always a surprise but I thought that was a nice gesture on our part to share our fireworks with the neighbor girl despite the fact that they came over like assholes and hollered about our dogs barking did I tell you that I looked up the city ordinance on the dog noise and it's actually pretty shitty if you think about it good for us you have to have at least three immediately adjacent neighbors lodger requests before the police will do anything about a barking dog in Glendon it's fantastic because I guarantee you you won't we you'll find three neighboring you know immediate neighbors that'll complain about it it's my fast which was a very nice little girl very articulate so I don't know my wife was talking to her about what school she went to or something while I was busy trying to burn my hand off by trying to light three ground bloom flowers in a row trying to create something special for my family and almost burned my hand up but yeah much more fun doing fireworks look again you're in the seat with me pastor Siriano hey give me my wallet back yeah no that's why you get like an old beater car and you don't carry any money or anything on you you come armed you know you say hey let's just get in the car yeah get on the plastic I'm having some painting done some of you'll get that I think Rayette plastic on the sea probably reeks of urine and you'd have to like wear a mask or something you can really wear like an anonymous mask or phantom of the opera' mask would that be great the lunacy and of course you know I could just turn my - you know I could get my dashboard camera and turn it around so you could actually like see it as well as here to be great talk about your patreon special right get to see me with a homeless person fantastic love it yeah so karate teaching tonight I'm sure the house is crawling with children right now which is good because I'll be able to sit outside in the 112 degree temperature and change my wife's car battery yeah that would be fun but it's not her alternators now because the battery held a charge so it's not bad just a dead battery plain and simple it's funny one of my um employees one of my staff had the exact same thing yesterday car died car batteries huh yeah I buy that for a dollar to sketch crimes like I buy that for a dollar hell yeah panhandler see your ad I'm telling you I've got it this is it you know what god damn pedestrians are always getting in my way of turning the hell you doing out in 112 degrees anyway Paco hey listen up here Paco I need you to build this wall okay and you're gonna pay for it love it oh my goodness what kind of stuffs for dinner tonight man I've not bought I've not spent more on food in the last than I have in the last like three weeks well normally we consume more during the hunt you know during the summer because my wife and son are at home all day a man it's like a bottomless feeding trough right now let's see what have I been playing a video game wise I haven't really done much you know the summer sale was kind of lackluster I looked at this amnesia game which would have been great except for anytime the games about to scare you or do anything cool and like hiccups like it's gonna load something or it went back to the disk so disappointed in that it's like so much possibility but no you know it's nothing like having the game ruined for you my pac-man 256 score got trampled by Chris Henschel again but I had a decent score going this time it's like 22 K but then he ended up getting 24 which means it's gonna suck now I haven't played any forest either Travis has been kind of quiet there's no time to play games man you can't get into anything that takes any length of time because if you do you can help with the kids can you take the baby can you wipe that puke off the floor I need you in the kitchen it's my house is right now I'm stuck in gridlock traffic and I'm actually happy that I'm here and not at home how about that although you never know this might be a night off for Katherine so they might be at home Who am I kidding there must be an accident or something everyone's getting over there like Peoria and closing in on 43rd and were backed up like a block two blocks from the light so I never go this way take a different route you pay the price actually it's just probably later in the day I'm never on the road at this time you pay the pay and let's see hmm oh so I ordered an interesting Android device for my birthday you know when you're in your mid-40s and you've got decent disposable income birthdays and Christmas just don't mean as much anymore you know it's like you save the big purchases for those special days when you know your family or your wife or whatever will let you make those big purchases well I've got you everybody's getting out of this Lane son of a bitch I'm sorry you've waited too long to get out of this Lane now you're stuck behind this asshole if you feel that this traffic jam is in an emergency please dial nine-one-one now I know that's lanes still moving for there being an accident so anyway I ordered this interesting Android device it looks like a Nintendo 3ds it's like the same clamshell the whole bit and it's essentially an Android based gaming system but it's all in tucked neatly inside of an intended look at and go oh oh it's in 3ds but no you open it up and it's actually an Android based gaming system so that sounds like fun you know the the shield portable you know I've never been a fan of that designed for truckin it around you know it's cool it feels good in the hands cuz got a big ass controller on it but the screens really small and you know they haven't they haven't given any updates to it lately but this is this has gotten some really nice reviews it's um it's like the GP DX or I'm in Jeep what the hell was the name of it I'd have to look it up so one of those you know Chinese import knockoffs here we see here real quick obviously I'm not going anywhere so let me see I'm G it's gonna remember it from my GP GP d XD that's the name of this thing gbt XD it looks look it up you'll look for yourself it looks exactly like a 3ds with one screen it's got great reviews and let's see so let me I'll tell you a little bit about it I know you're interesting for those of you who are commuting or something and can't get to SC this is called the ultimate portable for serious gamers I can't believe how bad this traffic is gaming on the go let's see 300 grams eight to nine hours of life eight to 11 depending on what you're playing 6 thousand milliamp battery that's awesome let's see also an Android tablet PC blah blah blah give me the specs how come oncome active a load faster big all right come on we're to the specs at you know this is totally useless just where's the menu cart let's see here so essentially I can't believe this thing does not have frickin specs anyhow looks really cool should be great for emulators should be great for game straining right put some moonlight on there and stream from my PC that'd be fun oh I did pick up the ps4 has two franchises actually three technically that I'm at all interested in one of course is god of war because it's exclusive to Sony two is Super Stardust I was a huge fan of Stardust on the Amiga platform and unfortunately since Sony bought Psygnosis and everybody else of interest that came from the Amiga this team17 it's actually house Mart Markie or something like that they're the ones who actually made it but team17 distributed it anyhow so Super Stardust is another property yeah I know I know geometry wars is basically the same thing but there's something about playing the actual you know license deal which is fun gotta hit the sack alright man take it easy man sleep tight don't let the brake set bite and of course Shadow the beast right so those are the three properties now until they release well the new god of war doesn't look all that interesting to me so the only thing I'll probably even pick up on the ps4 would be like the God of War remasters or something I've already got shadow of the beast and thanks to the summer sale I was able to get my grimy little paws on Super Stardust for the PlayStation 4 for like six and a half bucks so now I have pretty much everything I could possibly want on ps4 it's so funny my wife has a total attack any time I want to play on the ps4 you know or play off the ps4 she's like and it's like what do you care I'm not even touching it oh yeah there's an icy police car up there so they got something corner off up here but she gets all that then it's mine and you're gonna take it and get more trophies and memes the only thing imma get it it's like I'm not even playing your games god I want to play like two titles on here my game streams nothing - no there's a new survey available Google opinion survey alright let's see we got here really and would you be willing to take a picture of it it's a good question I think it's in the car I guess no and that's all hey I made 15 cents for saying now yeah people rewards survey I bought it online my wife got some sort of a cabinet in the mail oh hey hey why don't you just jump right on in here pal no one else in here you just jump right on in thanks for the blinker too rude sons of bitches all right this better be good okay let's take a look at what we got here so I'm gonna have to sit at a red light of course the cop cars in the way so I can't see what do we got here nothing all right maybe I'll turn the camera so I can drive by you guys can see that's gonna be my new thing for the patreon the the high tier patreon guys I'm gonna start capturing little video clips since it's free to send those I don't have to pay 13 bucks to mail something overseas I love you Brits but dammit costs a lot of money to mail a disc over there now it was a nice juicy little accident here's the other car still there I don't even know if it'll be worth taking a picture it looks like they're clearing it up it's going to be like the car crash capital of the world right here in Arizona man people are nuts shockingly I really dug uncharted for ya you know what I don't care I don't care about these sort of theatrical nearly rail type cinematic things I just I don't care you know it's like um here we go let's see we got here nope cars are all gone nothing fun whoo that woman looked up though she had a bandage around her head yeah I'm not I'm not big into these pseudo I mean these they're like six or seven hours there's there's really no I mean everything's kind of Rails sort of like the new tomb raider you know the new last couple of two Raiders yeah there's been a little bit of free moving around but it's really kind of rail driven I don't know just I'm not a fan if I want to run around and kill I'll play Witcher you know I don't know I don't need I don't need a life changing story and my video games I really don't I like a little story but I don't need like a Hollywood cinematic experience you know even them even the full motion video games like you know night trap and double switch none of those were exactly what I would call startling stories and those were actually full motion video games then I'm playing this this new murder mystery that's all video clips it's called like from her or something like that the bronze kind of hot in it anyway you have essentially access to this database of video clips it's kind of interesting and you as you play these video clips you'll get keywords sort of that you'll identify from it and so you'll type into the competing on screen computer you'll type in you know murder or tattoo or something from the video that gave you something interesting they're like 10 second 15 second clips so then you type in tattoo and all of a sudden a bunch of other data based movie clips will show up and then you listen to that next one and then that kind of guides you to another one so it's I don't know if I would call it exactly interactive but it's definitely an interesting form of entertainment my kind of thing I always thought see I'm sure I talked about this but since I've got a couple more minutes till I get home I always thought that like one of the greatest sort of follow-ups to night trap would be being in jail you're wrongfully accused right you're locked up in jail and all you have is you managed to you managed to hide your cell phone don't ask where you got it from but you managed to keep your your cell phone and so using your cell phone at night you're able to tap into sort of a you know a closed-circuit camera system and thanks to your lead hacking abilities you're also able to hit IP cameras and so the object of the game of course is to try to exonerate yourself you know before you actually end up in the big house you're in jail now you don't want to go to prison so by using your cell phone and cameras and you know maybe light robotics you know radio-controlled robotics something like that it would be I'd want like an all-star cast so you would literally be watching quality you know quality acting and whatnot trying to figure out how you got in there I thought that would be awesome I totally play that oh I'm almost home hey we have a 70 minute show if you count all the time in Walmart so I don't know how that turned out but it was fantastic a little of lack of customer service but then again I guess if I was being paid 10 bucks an hour I wouldn't give a about the customer anyway I like where they put the pickup the pickup is like shared with the photo pickup that's where you and so they don't even have any of the merchandise up there it's absolutely nuts at least they don't have to wait in line behind eight people for one checker and then find out I was in the wrong place I'm glad I asked man I passed I looked in the eye and I said I say Beach you said bitch mmm what you actually said bitch yeah that's what I said I said bitch team feel fancy like that all right guys I'm about home I'm gonna get mobbed when I get there so I'll sign off now before I pull in this is Shane our Monroe passenger sea radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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