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Topics: No Man's Sky - Vindicated! / Crystal Pepsi BACK! / 3DS Hacking Redux / USB Duplicator / Synthetic Oil Change Story / Goodwill Chair Story / Shame Drop / Vinyl / Script Shrink Visit and Lorazapam / Melatonin Whacky Dreams!

nowa folks this is Shane our Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is August 15th 2016 you're on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show sketch craft in at record time 15 minutes I think ya even beat you Travis and it will be B you to everybody got beaten hey well be a my god did I see that you were engaging in some forest action over the last week are you enjoying the game I'm so jaded and I'm so into that game that I can't I came and imagine going into it from a brand new perspective so I'm curious what you think of the game enjoy it a lot so now on a previous show I I was asked what my thoughts were gonna be on this no man's sky thing and I think I went through pretty much probably ad nauseam why I'm not a big fan of procedural gains etc etc now here's the greatest part pretty much everything that I said in my non review I'd never even seen the game never even seen a trailer for the game it was pretty much right on the money start reading reviews and they will mimic exactly in you know almost word-for-word some of the things that I said in my overview of this no man's sky and I knew that listen it there's no other way to do it you know if you're building a game that is pac-man you can have random levels you play until you die that's easy enough we're trying to sell a story yeah just can't get away with procedural programming not like that so I was happy to be vindicated I was happy that I didn't spend any money on it I'm happy I didn't get sucked in I'm happy that I was had the good foresight Val was cool welcome to the show hey man first-timer I love it love that icons what is that avatar if it looks like somebody from Fat Albert and the Cosby kids it's hard to see them and Mike Conan Conan Mike Conan am I am I even close I like Conan so we're just going to change your name to Conan so we've got the Barbarian here we go if we've got the thief we got the Acrobat you got it all yeah so anyway so the whole procedural gaming thing pretty much landed exactly where I expected it right so that's good no good for me not good for the poor fuckers who spent 60 bucks on Crystal Pepsi yeah yeah yeah so um thanks for bringing that up it's on my list of things to talk about but so I don't know when it actually hit I think it was the ninth Crystal Pepsi the reject from the 90s has come back again much like the McRib that nasty ass sandwich just keeps coming back and yeah I like that avatar man it reminds what was the the guy with kind of the behavior babe the beloved Kiba deben I'm sad to admit that I watched Fat Albert and the Cosby kids okay that was before we found out how allegedly Bill Cosby was dating so yeah I love the Fat Albert Halloween special that's one of my favorites we talked about it madam about that on the show though some all the perennial favorites you know come together dude either go faster or go slower but Let Me In damn people are psycho going to fries they finally had a decent promo code sale picking up some memory sticks and paper I don't know what the hell it was one other thing man so guess I found the coolest thing I hope it works out it got four stars on Amazon but it's a pretty mixed bag reviews Mushmouth yes Mushmouth that's awesome Makana in the kid with the haircut that was like over his face and they cut the holes out of his hair to see through the eye sockets yeah that's good stuff anyway so I found this cool device so those of you been listening for the last couple weeks know that I've been recently getting into 3ds aking and modding yeah they've got it pretty much opened up yeah well Travis you just bought a house and you had them completely how much did you drop in that house like 12 K as soon as you got it four floors and all that stuff yeah see you're investing in your future I'm buying memory cards that'll be dead in a year so you know consider yourself the smarter of the two of us so anyway so so the coolest thing about this 3ds mod is it doesn't require a flash cart or anything of that nature almost got in an accident for the Beamer I'll take my accurate against that beam or any day so this 3ds hack uses just a micro SD card which there's already a slot for and I think I went through the whole process about what you do with it but more like 20k yeah damn so I lost my train of thought damn it oh yeah so this 3ds hacking well so the 3ds has come with man this is crazy the highways like completely stopped and let's see here what am I gonna do I'll try to sneak in here I don't want to be a dick and drive up in front of everybody you let me in I'm a good boy I've earned the right now you hear that mr. whiskers I have earned the right to get into the middle lane so these cards the way they're set up is kind of fragile in other words there's too weird and there's a weird-ass partition on the front of the card which is where the 3ds magic happens the emulated NAND memory and then there's like a regular old partition of fat32 which is where all the save files and the miscellaneous junk go right well one of the things that you'll quickly find out when you have access to all of these games is you need a bigger card four gigs is not gonna is not going to handle it so you think a sixteen should be plenty sixteen should be plenty so you go through the process you format the card all special like you split the partitions up and you build so you're installing games like they're free and next thing you know you're out of space so it's like damn it well I gotta move to a 64 gig card I'm not gonna make 32 forget about that I'm just going all the way to 64 well it's so if one of the things is if you clone the card yeah you know what you're thinking you're thinking well that should be easy use like a disk imaging core type program like win image or something like that to copy the sixteen gig over to the 64 gig and then open it up like in partition master or true image or any of these other type of partition adjustment tools there's a ton of them and then just make the yeah four gigs it's fine yeah exactly so you just stretch the partition out and you're good every single time I did that this is under Windows 10 at least it would trash the card it would say oh you can't have more than one of this type of partition so we're just gonna go ahead and mark this other one blah blah blah I swear to god I spent all fricking day dicking with this card trying to clone the 64 or the 16 gigabyte card up to 64 and then somehow expanding that damn partition and if you look on the internet you do a search for you'll find people saying oh no use partition master works great use don't use partition master use clone discs or whatever it is blah blah blah none of homework save your time save your energy I'm gonna set you hip right now back up the end u n-- and right just back that up it's about two gigs you're gonna back that up you're gonna format the new the new car the 64 gig card you're gonna prepare it for n u n-- and then you're gonna copy your engine and back on that will leave you the partition empty where the files go then copy all your files from the 16 gig this 64 done that's the only way you can pull it off at least are the windows 10 either that or I'm completely are tarted because I can't figure out how to make it work so huge pain in the ass but that I'm getting off topic here so what I found actually I didn't find it Alex J Lopez which he should be in here any minute now he found what he called the equivalent of the Chinese sweatshop for 3ds modders it's a 15 micro SD card duplicator you stick in one memory card and slot one and then put as many cards as you want in the other slots and it will duplicate the cards perfectly like a disk image of each of the card over all the other cards up to like 2 gigabytes per second hey see I told you be here any time hey now just talking about that micro sd duplicator dude so now obviously I don't need to make 15 copies of a given micro sd card now if I were in malaysia and i was looking to mass sell these hacked 3-d asses which i am not then a 1 to 15 card you know putting a 64 gigabyte card in there and you know duping it to 14 other cards that would be sweet as hell but i'm not doing that so what i did find on amazon though was a one to two card duplicator it's actually technically a USB duplicator but it works on flash memory and things like that now it remains to be seen whether or not this copier will totally wig out with a 3ds modded custom firmware in Yuma and 64 gigabyte card but if it works out the cool part it's not that I want to get into some weird mass distribution but I want to be able to back up my card quickly and easily and not have to you know plug it into a PC and unplug this card reader play I just want to have a little station where I can shove my card and shove another card in or probably just leave the backup card in there just put in the source card push a couple of buttons and I forget about it and you know in an hour or whatever it's done how freaking cool is that then I can back up my families cuz my sons is hacked my wife's is hacked and and I'll tell you why a backup is suddenly so important to me you're going oh well you know who cares you can always download the games again and blah blah blah no no no no no it's not the games it's the time that it takes to rebuild that card because even if you have a superfast internet connection and you've got all the games tucked into a nice little roms folder somewhere it doesn't matter it still takes forever to inject these games onto the cartridge run to the flash drive so being able to have a base card let's say for example I took a 64 gigabyte card right that's that's I think an average person Alexei Lopez has 128 gigs in his and I think he's almost out of space but that's Alex J Lopez he's AM he's a niche case right for me 64 gigabytes is fine just like 4 inches is fine Robin that's right so if I could make a core base64 card that has all the utilities the basic games I know I'm always gonna play like my Animal Crossing things of that nature and then I've got that as a backup right so I can always start with a fresh copy and then I'll back up my regular working unit from time to time so that I've got two good backups women's a solid starter I like it it's like 69 bucks for this duplicator now if it doesn't copy the 3ds cards properly back it goes because I don't have I have no need for a protocol duplicator you know I've got moisture vaporators in 3ds I can't I can't be bothered with something that won't duplicate my 3ds memory cards so we'll see how that works out I'll keep you guys posted and I'm very excited about that my wife trying to get ahold of me no good told her I was doing a show I was hoping that I implied not to call me but it doesn't seem to help let me bring up my keep list here let's see so so my agar has been due for an oil change forever now I know this is something that a lot of people don't know well maybe a lot of people do know I was just an idiot didn't know so my car requires synthetic oil now I knew what synthetic oil was I'm not completely stupid but I didn't realize that certain vehicles essentially required synthetic oil so I've got this you know every time that I've got to do my oil you know you know you get the coupon for 999 oil changes or fifteen ninety five or twenty four ninety five yeah yeah that doesn't apply to synthetic oil so if you have a nicer vehicle that only takes synthetic oil or you are choosing to only put synthetic oil in your vehicle then you're talking about 75 to 80 bucks a hit for having your oil change which sales ball crushing and it really is when you guys swipe that card for 80 bucks that's harsh but what a lot of people also don't realize is that the synthetic oil also lasts about four times longer than regular oil so at the end of the day you're really paying about the same maybe a tiny bit less so my poor Acura has had the service light on forever right it comes on at like I think 15% is where it's set for on my oil which means you've got like five weeks to actually get it in before it's zero degree oil life yeah Michael Caine not the actor yeah 80 bucks and that's what the five dollar coupon that's a Jiffy Lube that didn't go into the dealer dealer probably one three you know three three digit bill right there buck twenty five probably have my oil change at the dealer triple-a though trooper lays about the same it's about eighty bucks so with the coupon without the coupon you go to Triple Aim you're pretty good if you've got triple-a of course so but but they're a pain in the ass you have to make an appointment like two weeks in advance any of the off hours forget about it and I died I digress from my original story so I've been loath and you get my oil change I hate it I hate getting my oil changed why because it sucks you don't know when you're gonna get done there's never anything to do they've got some shitty TV turned on it's literally like a 13-inch black-and-white with rabbit ears right they've got a soda machine in there that's like three dollars sodas and it can there's never anything nearby so it's almost like captive audience you know you're kind of trapped in there no Wi-Fi there's never Wi-Fi for the customers to use maybe my jiffy lubes are just ghetto but it sucks I hate him I hate going to Jiffy Lube but I don't like going to the dealer any more than that so at least the dealer's got Wi-Fi so normally I pack like an entire bag of shit to do you think I was going on a seven-day cruise to the Bahamas I've got freakin tablets and oh I got my phone I got my tablet I got my 3ds I've literally packed down with shit three or four batteries just in case my phone goes dead because you know sometimes you go there in an off day like a Sunday afternoon right you would think that a Sunday afternoon would be an off time done in a minute so I pull in there's two cars in front of me not 20 minutes per oil change you know two bays 20 minutes per oil change that should be 20 minutes right and so he's like well you know you know I just wanna let you know we're a little behind I'm like okay so how long do you think it'll be that's about an hour now I didn't realize there's gonna be an hour before my car got in there I thought it was gonna be an hour before my oil change was done I guess you have to ask questions where do the whys so on a good note there's actually something halfway interesting next to this Jiffy Lube that I go to up on bail it's 60 first Avenue and bail for those of you love looking this shit up there is a goodwill in the same parking lot now I love doing me some good will essentially dumpster diving that's what goodwill is and my we actually went there that went not to this goodwill we have like 17 good wills in a stone's throw from my house so we occasionally on half-price Saturdays when we're really bored and have no money which lately has been frequently we go on the goodwill tour and believe me there's no rockstars at the end of this tour you know nobody opens for us we we hit like seven Goodwill's in succession and on half-price Saturday of course I mean I'm gonna let you guess what half-price Saturday means the places are packed and the the quality and quantity of merchandise is lower but it's something to do so I have an hour which really turned out to be closer to two hours I had an hour to kill and my wife was desperate to get another like folding chair or chair she can have in the living room so we can set up this little folding table because now she's back to school so now she's grading papers every night now she's grading tests every night now she is now she's making curriculum and I'll tell you what there's an interesting factor where if you're sitting in an easy-chair and you got the legs up and you're laid back you don't get work done I don't know why that is you know calling me crazy but I can put that laptop on my chest or on my lap it doesn't matter no work gets done but if my ass unfolds the folding table and scoots a chair up to it and I put everything up on the table I'll actually do something productive so when I know I'm gonna have a long like tonight for example my wife will eat kick the other kick the family out you know kick the daughter and her kids out the door as soon as possible she'll be in bed by 6:30 maximum she'll be asleep by 7:00 so now I've got like four hours of time to myself so I'll set the table up I'll put I'll put the I'll put the TV on something that's you know repetitive like Modern Family or 70s show or or Goldbergs something I've watched a lot of get that distracted part of my mind busy and then I can actually get some more done so she wanted another chair my son a next hour only folding chair to go to his quote quote desk that sits next to mine which is really just our plex server but it has a very nice video card in it now so he can play Star Wars battlefronts or whatever so the box double does double duty but he took the chair and of course my wife doesn't want to go back and get said chair she wants another chair so we went to a goodwill on Saturday and came out with bug juice we got nothing and it wasn't even a Half Price Saturday that was just there were no chairs no good chairs anyway really shitty chairs traffic on the 17 absolutely blows it's 4:40 and I'm not even to Indian School yet this is absolutely ridiculous but I'm going to fries you know if I wasn't that Fry's going to fries I'd have plenty of any I'd be on the surface streets be so much better this is ridiculous anyway so I decided well the cars gonna be in there for an hour all wooden tip over to Goodwill I can get a nice price drink over there right they got dreams and ice cream you know these are all like retail products you know it's like how do you get a how do you get a I live two miles away from where get fuck you man nobody wants to hear how good you have it Travis go back in charge some more shit for your house so anyway so I thought well I'll go to this goodwill maybe they'll have a chair and I can get a drink right because they've got they got energy drinks they've got like Starbucks coffee in the cane and the prices are you know they're competitive at the store but it's not like three dollars a can like the assholes of Jiffy Lube right so I figured I'll get a drink you know poke I'm gonna have time to poke through the toys you know every now and then somebody will somebody will give something to Goodwill that's actually worth something Oh crash at Indian School of course of course 19 minutes to Peoria oh my god that's only the HOV Lane that's covered so we should be able to get through here it's only like three-quarters of a mile sucks man all right well it gives us more time for the show right absolutely more show time I love it I got plenty of shit to talk about so I get over there to Goodwill and I go and I check out the chairs now this goodwill is ass in elbows full of chairs now it's just more along the lines of which chair do I want well I got some nice padded chairs I got like some school chairs with the rigid bags what's the wife gonna want so I find this black chair it's got a blacks padded see black padded back it's made of like the reinforced you know like I know it's like metal frame it looks nice it looks nice light and easy right and it's in decent shape this Goodwill shit is not in good shape this had a little bit a couple little tears on the seat it was nothing throw a little you know black masking tape or black duct tape on there you'd be good to go be perfect Sheriff and it was six dollars not half price tag just six dollars regular price so I'm like okay well leave it if that chairs gone when I get back there's plenty of other chairs so I go when I look around I check out the DVDs I check out the CDs like you know there's listen I still like physical media okay and it's great because people don't so they're offloading this shit to Goodwill well like it is going out of style and so I can get some seriously cool shit if I'm willing to dig well normally I don't have time to dig but today I had time to dig so I dug around I found this I found this letter sorter and I got you know like a desktop letter sorter I'm thinking to myself damn you know I could use this as an electronic stand my tablet my Chromebook everything will fit in one of these slots I'm using this wireframe mail sorting thing now takes up half of my desk but now I've got this other thing to try out anyway so I picked that up today's supposed to be the release of ansel on witcher 3 oh shit you had to go and say something Mike more drop just helped me out and told me that Ansel is releasing for Witcher 3 tonight probably it's probably already out Ansel is that new in-game photography system where essentially you can pause the game and set up any camera angle you want in full 3d let me see here what was that there's a beating down on Travis like I don't wanna miss out on it will be why does Travis use Cameron's face from Ferris Bueller's Day Off no a second I got to scroll back now to see what Rick now that's actually him at least on my side of course that picture of his is like 900 years old I think it's grabbing from my contact so I'm not sure what they got up there for him all right sorted back to the goodwill story so I you know I finished my rounds you know I checked the toys there's no toys I'll check the housewares I got my I got my mail sorter thing which I'm dying to try adds a simulated woodgrain on either side very 70s so I go back to get the chair and it's still there which is fantastic so I grabbed the chair it's nice and light and strong I take it out I sit on and if it'll hold me hold my wife and yeah that makes more sense when you tell them you're like 22 because you look like you're like 15 in that picture so I go back and get the chair and I'm hauling this chair up to the front to the line right because there's never more than one checker a goodwill I don't know why that is it could be Saturday half-price day or it could be Sunday non half-price day they got one checker and there's always two other people that look like they should be checking but they're not and today was no exception so I get a line and this halfway attractive woman comes up to me and she's she's an employee but whatever 20 to 25 makes no difference once you reach like 46 22 25 will mean nothing to you anyway she comes over to me like I don't know she like she knew me or whatever and she says that's my chair or that's our chair and I'm what I was almost too stunned to speak you know well it's got a tag on it it says furniture yeah it says furniture she's gonna $5.99 or $6.99 whatever it was and she's like this is our chair she grabs a chair and she's walking off with it oh hey that's my chair I'm gonna buy that chair and show us no this is our chair and I'm like it's tagged I said it's for sale and she's like I'll call the manager and so she calls the manager in the man and she says I found our missing chair I'm like what sort of fucking retard I didn't say this because I'm a nice guy what kind of fucking retards are you that you lost your chair right because this chair was supposed to be outside the fitting rooms or something we lost the fitting room they lost it like two weeks ago and I said what you fucking brain children didn't have the thought process to wander over to the other chairs that you have for sale and see if it happen to be there two weeks you've been missing this chair and it's been sitting over there tagged against the wall the whole time and listen I don't like to be the elitist but that's just fuckin stupid right so now if if this had been like non goodwill this had been customer service and this has been whatever they would have said look we made a mistake let us you know let us make it right here you can them we'll sell you the chair fuck it you know what we can get another chair we got a whole fucking row of chairs over there yeah it does right we'll be does sound like a game that they use to mess with customers I imagine if you worked good will you be bored as hell all day and you would want to screw with the customers right and the only reason I even put up with this remotely is because she was halfway attractive right she was let's see let me think about this for a minute okay so in a Goodwill store she was an easy 8 so if I apply the goodwill verses and everywhere else algorithm see carry the one she would have been like I don't know six I guess on the outside right so she was a goodwill eight and she had glasses on right so she's got that kind of librarian look going on which always helps out Chris Henschel knows what I'm talking about even though he's not here he'll listen to the show later he'll appreciate the shout out anyway so she's like she's like nope this is our chair manager says I can't sell it to you so you think that they'd go out of their way either Sony the chair or say listen opening up another chair it'll be on us or its goodwill no I'm saying this isn't you know Pier one Imports so I said so it was a nice guy was gonna make a huge I was gonna make a huge ordeal about it you know and and and be that asshole customer that nobody wants to deal with but I didn't I was a nice guy so yeah there's other chairs over there I'm good so I went over and I found this other chair not quite as nice but it was wet it's nice and padded it's heavier duty it's made out of like real wood you know a particle board it's a nice chair it's got a little rip in the in the corner cushion but it's good we'll what do you want so I look at the back of it and it's sticker prices 99 cents this chair is 99 cents so I'm like how much how how hard do you think it's going to be for me to get through the register with another chair now that says 99 cents on nobody negative goodwill sells a well-padded nicely built chair regardless of the condition for 99 cents so I got up to the front again I had to wait lying again cuz there's one checker and one checker only I get up there with my 99 cent plastic sorter and my 99 cent chair to check out and so she's scared so you know she just has in brain dead scan the product mode and she scans both of them and then she says you know that's a dollar 98 and I finally had a couple bucks on my wallet but I didn't so I had to like run my debit card for a dollar 98 we're just kind of a douchey move but you know what fuck it it's good with be happy you're getting the money at all I told him they could round up the two cents they could keep that it's I'm a generous guy like that so as soon as she finally it subtly clicks - heard that I'm walking out with a chair and something gals for a dollar 98 she's like it's not really 99 cents and she gets it this is where I expect all hell to break loose I expect the the goodwill eight librarian chick to haul her ass over telling me I can't have that chair either it's miss price that needs to be $6.99 on to sit around because you know what they can't price it out right there at the register they have to call somebody for a special tag I swear to god this is goodwill again not Pier one Imports looks like so I'm like oh that's what it says his this furniture on there so I guess we're good you know I kind of Jedi mind trick to her just you know I didn't bring any attention to I like it yeah it's like it's like what's-his-face from The Tonight Show so yeah so anyway I left that place with a 99-cent chair hauled my ass back to hell my ass across the parking lot carrying this heavy ass made out of real wood chair and my car is still sitting outside the goddamn Jiffy Lube do you believe this I've been I have been I have been busting time like nobody's business over a goodwill they still don't have my car in so now I'm trying to squeeze this actual real chair into my car now the actor is a great little car it's not designed for hauling furniture what's gonna fit in the trunk it didn't fit in the backseat I barely got it into the passenger side and then move the scene either lay a bag you know firstworldproblems I stuffed the chair and they're closed it and went into the waiting lounge where I okay listen I broke down I bought a Diet Pepsi I'm not proud of what I've done but I needed a drink and I forgot to bring one over to anything I was gonna be able to haul one over with that big-ass chair so I'm sitting in their stupid little lounge with no internet no air conditioning either by the way if there is it's turned on like 90 but just is that really air conditioning I asked you this so I'm sitting in there for at least another 40 minutes one bay is completely empty at the jiffy loop the other one's got one vehicle in it no weight my car is still sitting out there and it's sitting out there and sitting out there and sitting out there and sitting out there and I'm like are we gonna fucking get to my car yeah oh I need a bell oh shit I'm gonna record that for one of my sound drops on here I'm gonna get that Bell from Game of Thrones chi-ching chi-ching Shane that's call my god Thank You Travis that's gonna be I'm getting that and it's going on my drops thing oh my god that's awesome King Shane maybe I can get a body double to walk naked down the street for me God knows you don't want to see this anyway so yeah so I finally got the card then I had to slide the you know had to slide the $80 swipe to have my oil changed but you know it was a two-hour ordeal pain in the ass but it was like you know it's good we'll do you think they'd be happy to Slough shit out of the way yeah even if enough whatever anyway I'm done with the goodwill story just too much to work on and oh wait wait there's one more thing I got to talk about about goodwill there's always somebody digging through the vinyl now get it vinyls making a big comeback and people think vinyls are both it's not got 999 pieces of the vinyl ball it sounds great on my phone off but yeah so it's making this big comeback but listen there's no good vinyl a good one right unless you like the sounds of Engelbert Humperdinck yes that's a real name for those of my younger listeners listening to the show that's actually a real guy's name maybe a little Tom Jones maybe a little partridge family you might be able to get some vinyl you know you're not gonna you know you're not gonna get you're not going to get Peter Frampton live or you know you're not gonna get a Led Zeppelin record you're not gonna get kiss you're not gonna get you know final kings yeah you're not gonna get that stuff at Goodwill but there's always like every time I go there every single time because the vinyl is right next to the DVDs or the CDs so while this guy is crouching digging through John Denver's Greatest Hits and and you know Elvis Presley blue Hawaii actually know what there wouldn't be any Elvis there that's just a joke that would be way too upscale for Goodwill but you have to like like Pierre over this guy because for some reason there's maybe oh no like 12 pieces of vinyl ball there's like 12 pieces of vinyl there and somehow it takes him an hour to go through 12 pieces of vinyl you say I've been taking the vinyl out and looking at it for scratches or anything he's like checking out the cover and then looking at the back of the cover and and looking at the front of the cover again anyway dude I need to buy that can you get out of the way I've got to look at some of these freaking I Spy and putt-putt goes mini golfing fucking CDs okay move Alan oh my god alright so the next the next great story I have for you and so in Arizona I don't know if this is federal or state or whatever but in Arizona your regular primary care physician can't prescribe you maintenance like psycho drugs right they can't / - can't they can give you an initial prescription for an SSRI you know or you know like sand Volta or one of those but in order to maintain that in other words in order to maybe it's an insurance thing I don't know all I know is I have to go to see a shrink every two months and this isn't like sit down and talk about your feelings and and talk about how you want to string your grandkids up by their toes and beat them with a pinata stick no I'm not talking about that kind of son guy I'm talking about the guy that you swipe your card for your copay you walk in is how are you doing Shane good good are you sleeping okay good good here you go see you were too much that's the psychiatrist I'm talking about so this psychiatrist decided that maybe my daytime you know restlessness and whatever was being caused by the fact that I'm not sleeping well we said I will prescribe or something to help your sleep and your yourse their waking life is a direct reflection of your sleeping life I'm like sure okay whatever you say boss just write the script tell me how many to take I'm in so he prescribes me out of it now a divan is a great aid for sleep and also like removes dreaming and Shih Tzu that's almost like it's almost like you're under anesthesia it's almost like Michael Jackson you almost feel like Michael Jackson all you need is like a turtle pod that you can like the sensory deprivation pod that's all you need and you'd be just like Michael Jackson anyway so this ativan like put you right out the problem is it runs for like a good 12 hours so I'm taking the ativan at like 10 o'clock 11 o'clock at night before bed and it goes till lunch the next day and I'm always on before the morning not getting anything done right so I started taking it earlier and earlier but then once you reach a certain point if you take it like say 7 o'clock you're ready for bed at 8:00 and I can't sleep for frickin nine hours like that I can't do it I gotta have time to do shit I got stuff to do so I started doing some research on ativan and it turns out that a divan is not supposed to be taken for long periods of time it's extraordinarily habit-forming it's this it's that you can look it up for yourself just google adamant lorazepam is its name is it's a generic name ativans like a brand name so lorazepam you'll find it anyway it's supposed to be like a two-week drug you're supposed to have take it for like two weeks and that's it well these assholes put you on it for life right he's even up my dosage it's like you're not sleeping where I give you a more dosage I give you a higher dosage whoo you have a total milligram now two minutes whatever it is right so I'm sitting here reading this one your son of a bitch right no wonder I'm freaking losing my mind no wonder I'm groggy half the time no wonder I have trouble with memory recalling shit so you start looking at all this shit about people who've been on a divan for long periods I'm good no wonder I'm a fucking mess but on a demand for a year and a half so I go to that I go to my medicine doctor I met at my wits doctor and I tell him I say I say to him yeah you know you know I'm sleeping you know almost too much now I'm really groggy during the day do you think maybe we could you know start ratcheting this back or maybe get off it all together it sound like I'm suppose to be taking you this long and it's like well you may try melatonin you can try melatonin to help you sleep at night maybe take the place of the lorazepam you can try you can try of course if you like and I'm like okay melatonin so I'm scribbling to typing this in on my phone so I go to Amazon and I order a big-ass bottle of melatonin I think it's five milligrams and so I started cutting my ativans in half right and replacing the half with melatonin figuring between the two of them I'll still get a decent night's sleep but maybe I won't be so goddamn groggy in the morning holy shit if you're not already googling melatonin Google this melatonin dreams melatonin fucks with your head at night here's what it really does it increases your REM cycles that's why people get a good night's sleep on melatonin because normally when you have shorter the shorter your REM cycle the less you dream or you remember your dreams Jesus I okay you can do whatever you want honey okay what's up yeah but they could only hear me I can't pause it stops they could only hear me so it's all good I'm just pulling into Fry's the 17 was completely destroyed there was an accident like an Indian school and it was back-to-back traffic all the way back to Thomas I was completely stuck for like two seconds how did it go our doggies are okay not dead yeah I don't remember that I don't remember that either yeah he looked okay yeah well the heat pisses everybody off oh that's that's awfully smart why didn't we think of that are we smart people oh you did it while commuting think of that before you went to the vet it's probably caused by our grandchildren yeah I know I was making a joke yeah well they can't hear you like I said I could only hear me because I have some of this before I listen to a playback well we've done this they could only hear me yeah so it's fun so I can mess with them and like say weird things they have nothing to do with our conversation yep they can't hear you say looking nipples or anything all right well listen I'm going to go pick it up all my stuff is waiting at the counter you know how that is the fries though a couple of flash drives I got you a new battery pack and I got paper are you going to continue to chastise me about my prized purchases close to reams of paper and 1198 for your battery pack I know it's really like this when I saw this one I said you know Louise this my wife I know social I'm on the phone the show or not it's not spaghetti night yeah so we're off the hook tonight huh nice no they can eyes they can only hear me I love you too I'll see you soon love you bye all right well that cut into valuable show time yes I need some peanuts mmm unsalted Oh thought I'd try it you know fat guy eating peanuts probably don't need to salt proteins good though yeah not Travis's nipples I've seen his nipples they're nothing to get excited about anyway um yeah melatonin dreams just go just go look that up look at some of the psych they use it for lucid dreaming all this shit I've been wondering why all week long I've been having the most richest vivid dreams ever unfortunately they're never anything fun in fact some of them are downright scary and one of them my wife was like a serial killer or something right and I kept thinking that she was gonna kill me because I knew about it or something weird like that anyway the dream was in an endless loop and it would start I don't remember where I would start but it always end to end up with us laying on the bed and me like on my side looking at her right I'm all yeah yeah yeah yeah your nipples are all we talked about right right sure so anyway saw this dream is in a loop I must have gone through this loop of Dreams like five or six times and then I woke up but I wasn't sure I was awake because I was laying on the bed facing my wife so it took me like two minutes for me to actually decide am I actually awake and I'm really looking at my wife our my stillness fucked up melatonin dream state anyway check it out melatonin I'm sure I'll have more stuff to talk to you about with the melatonin later alright listen guys you got a 40 set 48 minutes show no one can say that I stiff you this week I'm gonna go to fries and see how they managed to bungle my order which they always took listen you buy online so you don't have to dick around with going and finding the shit you just want to walk up say here's my order they go get it they bring it back you pay you leave never works out that way guarantee it's not gonna work out that way today either alright this is Shane our Munroe passenger sea radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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