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hello folks this is Shane our Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is September 2nd 2016 you're my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show so I thought I'd fool everybody this time get off about an hour early and start the show early how about that so I didn't tweet or anything I figured we would just will see who's paying attention if we come on early so yeah it's been a long hard week and I put in extra time and thought you know what I deserve I deserve 45 minutes early going home on Friday I do buddy else gets time off I can take a little bit of time to you know actually I'm not going home right now I'm going to fries hey we'll be seeing somebody somebody's you could always tell who like the real fans of the show are because they know when the show is on it just happens with a bang they're there inside of a minute I'm actually not going home I'm going to fries first Fry's Electronics they have some good deals on hard drives so I'm gonna add another three terabytes of storage to my plex server you know I got to get ready for the the new fall season a TV you know and you know I think this is the first year that in a while that I've really been disconnected oh got the tweet and I guess I have something said oh you know what I forgot I do have Spreaker set up to send the tweet out I totally forgot well I didn't send me early tweets how about that so that's good I'm glad you guys are subscribing and getting what you need to know when the shows on yeah so you know this is the first year a long time that I haven't like paid really close attention to what's coming on in fall you know it's all but September right so the fall shows start this month and I have no clue what's coming on I know there's a Lethal Weapon TV show coming that's about all I know about new shows you know I know the game of Thrones is back I know what shows have been picked up but I don't what I don't know is what are the new shows so at some point I'm gonna have to get my butt off to one of my favorite sites and I think dark horizons dark horizons as a sign I used to frequent in the past all the time I'm not sure if they're still around I imagine they are and they always seem to have a good a good recap of what's new on all the on all the networks you know what's going to be starting Westworld is starting I think in October I'm excited about that so I do know that Allen's coming what else is there I'm sure I think there was anything that I know for a fact that's new that I want to see you know American horror will be back I think Bates Motel is back from one more season I think they're gonna wrap it up maybe this season holy crap Chris angels and I cannot believe it so the trick to getting Chris on the channel is doing this at 3 o'clock say hello to Kathy for me Wow I I'm almost speechless here and I'm very M I'm honored and pleasured to have walked in the studio here with us so let's see now I've got to behave myself and not say anything that you know not piss him off so he leaves so I'm not gonna talk about in video what what else am I not allowed to talk about when Chris is on there's a couple of forbidden topics well I do have something that's on my keep list so let's see what we got here so you guys may remember a while back that I got a Dick Tracy watch for my son called the gizmo gadget and at the time there's just there wasn't a lot of stuff out there about it there still isn't it's sort of like one of the best-kept secrets of Verizon but somebody asked me the other day how that turned out you know what Adam what do we think of it you know we've had it for a while now and so what do we think about it so for those of you who you know we have a lot of new listeners for the show so I apologize if I cover some old ground from time to time but this watch is essentially for you know pre teens and tweens the ones that you don't want to give a cellphone to but have a need for something like a cell phone so you want to stay in touch you want to keep them connected to you but you don't want to give them a cell phone that's exactly what this device is for so let's talk a little bit about this because I've been reading articles right in fact there was a couple articles just this last week that came through my news feeds about when's the right age to give a kid a cell phone and I don't think there is a right age I think there's a right hey Matt how's it going I think there's a right time for a kid to have a cell phone it depends on the maturity level and you know how they handle electronics and what the responsibility level is so I think that sort of varies from kid to kid my kids weren't ever ready for a cell phone my daughters were ready my son certainly is not ready but you know my son and my wife so you got to understand how this works out see under you know why we're doing it this way my son and my wife both go to school with my wife the teachers up she teaches at will okay in high school my son goes to elementary school right down the street so when he was younger we used to drop him off it before and an you know have daycare essentially they call it dens club but essentially damn that guy came rushing up out of nowhere damn people are psycho man psychopath I'm not gonna get over am I god damn it I'm just son I'm on autopilot going home I was gonna take the freeway up instead of taking the surface streets but anyway so it's about it's about a half a mile three-quarters of a mile between the schools so while he was going to dense Club we would have to take him drop it off pick him up but he's nine he's going on ten next month and so it's time for him to learn have a little independence so we wanted to give him a means of communication but unlike my other daughters who abuse the privilege of being able to you know have a cell phone or whatever because we did we tried giving my daughter's cell phones and they abused them so no more of that so what this gizmo gadget is is it's literally a Dick Tracy watch it's fantastic you control everything who can call in what numbers he can call out you can control what he can text out right because he can text pre-canned messages but he can he could but he can receive whatever you send them it's freaking amazing so and then there's no there's no games there's no entertainment right and why is this important hey Kathy so why is it important not to have games or entertainment on this watch if they're not dicking with first of all you don't want a dicking with it at school right because that's the first they're gonna get it taken away they're gonna be a distraction my son would be on it all day you can set quiet time hours so from during that you know eight to three and the watch is silent but you don't want them playing with it right if they play with it they'll run the battery down as it stands now this gizmo gadget this watch with like two phone calls a day to fish or phone calls a day a couple attacks and it lasts for five days on one charge that's amazing you know what I'm saying and it's it's durable he hasn't broken it yet it's not scratched yet he hasn't given it a bath yet so it's um it's really a neat tool it's about a hundred and fifty bucks I think now here's the greatest part about it so if I were to add a phone line for my son right let's say that I decided that at 10 he gets a cell phone right that's ten bucks a month for the line then what is it 20 30 bucks for data on top of that right because you want them to be able to have data access right so that's another thing so it's gonna cost me 40 50 bucks a month after tax tipping or to a teat compliments of Verizon um it's like 50 bucks a month for him to have a phone well screw that he only needs to call once a day and that's during the week so oh you can do check-ins to ID I forgot to mention that and I can Zone in on him whenever I want now listen if he took the watch off or he was abducted and they cut the watch off of him yeah okay I wouldn't be able to find him but I'll tell you what you know it looks like a regular watch so if somebody abducted him or whatever they probably wouldn't think to take that watch off so I have a better chance at getting to him you know before something bad happens so it's great you can put up fences I haven't actually done that one yet but apparently you can put up fences so that if they leave a certain area you get pinged if if his foe if it's about to die his battery's low I get a text message it's got its own Android app you can keep track of it it's really neat like I said it's 150 bucks but here's the best thing it's five dollars a month to run the thing five bucks that's nothing I mean that's 1/10 of what it cost for me to give him a phone and it works as a phone I mean he can call like him hear him he can hear me it's great I mean it's like the greatest invention ever you know I can I can tether him I know where he's at I can find him I can call him he can call me let you know here's something that's interesting this is a parental note you know back when we were kids my generation when we were kids you'd go to a huge department store and yeah I was gonna chip in but you know he can't make phone calls with a chip I looked into it you we went into a big department store and your mom would just drop you off at the toy section right and they would go shopping or whatever I mean this is like JCPenney style right three floors you know huge floor space and they would just drop you off at the drop you off at the toys you know and then they'd swing back by and pick you up well I'm not even comfortable doing that but now that I know he's wearing the watch and I can find him and I can call him or I could text him or if something happens he can get ahold of me it's great it's it really it really offers a huge amount of parental comfort let's put it that way and that's well worth five bucks a month it's well worth 150 bucks to buy now if you have a fat little pudgy arm like my son does you are gonna probably have to buy what they call an expanded band for it it comes with a band but some you're gonna have to get a bigger band but here's the good part my son is a behemoth not just because he's a little on the stocky side he's a big boy and even being a quote big boy and being overweight it still fits on it with the extended band so it's good it's it's lasted him you know this whole year it's gonna probably last him another couple of years if I decide to get him a phone so it's really cool I mean check it out it's like I said it's very low-profile you're not you won't find a lot of information the only video I could find him somebody actually showing it an operation was this terribly pretentious mother and her daughter is it's a video that makes you want to kick somebody's ass is the contract nice no $5 per month no contract quit anytime it's amazing it's a hundred yeah it's a hundred fifty bucks out the door it's fantastic I think I even put it on my bill so I was able to pay it off in a couple of months so it's neat it's it's peace of mind man I mean I feel so I feel so much better knowing that he has it on and he likes it he likes to have it on so it's not I was worried that I was gonna have to fight him all the time about it you know so get your watch on put your watch on did you remember your watch get your watch on no he's good about it it's it's part of his routine now so it's fantastic I wanted to just update you guys on X I hadn't talked about it in a while okay so let's mark that off the list ah plex DVR so you guys know I'm big Plex fan I've talked about Plex a lot Plex is about to release or they had their released to Plex pass holders I think first but you know that's how Plex works right they always released the stuff to the pass holders first but which I my lifetime card-carrying member of course and it's a DVR that essentially works with a multitude of different devices but it's sort of made for the HD homerun boxes now listen you can pick those things up for like 70 bucks well under $100 you have plug it into an HD in 10 or in Chris hensel's case you plug it into the screw on your electrical outlet and it provides broadcast television all through the house on all your devices over Wi-Fi as well as let you stream it on the Internet so if you're like my friend Xavier Alexei Lopez's brother and you're constantly what are we doing here if I miss this line I'm gonna be pissed let's go people come on you better be broken down in the middle of this intersection are we doing up here some asshole up there texting on his phone can't you see I'm trying to run a radio show here anyway so yeah so this is one of the things that listen I've been I don't know if I mentioned this or not Cox is going 100% digital which really sucks because right now I'm getting we have basic cable now remember one basic cable used to be 13 channels you got the network's and a couple of shitty channels that nobody wanted well basic cable now is like 80 channels of which 76 of them you could give a about you know 15 Telemundo channels and 17 shopping channels that's basic cable and to pay for basic cable I'm paying 34 dollars a month for basic cable Gus I do have a dashcam and I do record things I just have posted anything yet that's one of the things I want to do for my $20 subscribers is put that you're one of them in fact Gus I want to dump some of these things you know if I see some sorry Kathy and I see some hot chick walking down the road or something or somebody who looks like a transsexual hooker I like to capture those little bits and keep them so I'll be posting those on patreon I think I finally figured out how to actually give content only to certain level of subscribers so that's cool like I just posted that Dungeons & Dragons video for those people anybody who's a contributor can see that video so that's kind of cool I can reward people so that's neat I like that without just being you know a stupid tier system yeah I got you guys just relax it's I haven't quite figured out a way to make this smooth and easy yet what I think I'm gonna do is start dragging like tablet to work like once a week and get an OTG get an out yep yeah my wife keeps nagging me to put hers back in but she can't it kept falling off and she wouldn't Rhys tick it up so I just ended up on her floor all the time so I got tired of going in and sticking him yeah the dash cam stuff is great I see I see so much interesting crap and that's one of the reasons I wanted a dash cam but I think I told this story before but again new listeners we were driving down the street behind some it looked like a you know this sounds totally racist but bear with me it looked like a Hispanic landscaping truck nice Chris it looked like a Hispanic landscaping truck right it had all the characteristics the rusty the rusty what are they called tailgate the whole bit passenger see video it's coming it's coming anyway so we're driving behind them we're going to I hop or something I remember where we were going it's not even important to the story but we're we're driving down the road and all of a sudden something comes flying out in the back of this this landscaping truck right and I'm like I'm like oh great thing you know it looks like you know people put trash in the back of their bed and it flies out when they're driving pisses me off this wasn't trash it was money and I'm like what the hell is going on and then another another another bill came out and then another one and another one it looked like you know what it looked like it looked like at the end of Batman when the Joker's running around throwing money in the air money money money who do you trust it's exactly what it was man there's money flying out the back I'm surprised there weren't accidents and people driving into the sidewalk but I said to myself god damn it you know if I had a dashcam I could I had that and like the next day I had a dashcam so yeah anyhow very exciting be fun I'll start posting some more of those ah any hey hey calm down man people change lanes so aggressively here still spooks me I've been here forever and these people changing lanes are insane yeah anyway so back to the Plex DVR thing so I'm very excited about the concept of that namely because I'm already DVR and stuff off of the cable right but here's the problem so back to the original thing you guys managed to sidetrack me all the way off so cogs is going 100% digital now they love it they've gotta love it because now you can't get any channels over coax anymore none zero zilch starting on September 20th I think no more over-the-air television so to speak and I say over-the-air I mean non box no decoder box no you know little black box in every room of your house so that all goes away and so there's two things that we use tell the cable television form one is to watch Fox 10 News in the morning and two is to record Judge Judy in the afternoon so I've got a box with two of the dual tuner card in it and the only thing it does is record Judge Judy for my wife because I can't find any place on the damn internet that has it if I could find a source for judge Judy's that I could download I wouldn't have to worry about recording it every day but I do so once they go fully digital no more analog signals I believe doesn't care if it's HD it doesn't need to be who needs to see Judge Judy and 4k not me I've seen the they've had on that show I do not want to see white trash in 4k I'm good trust me so the problem is is that now they're gonna require these stupid black boxes the good news they'll give you six months of Reynolds for free you better get oh my god it is like it is like going through the airport and being accosted you know every other day you know you've only got 30 days left until you know we go all digital and we get phone calls automated phone calls from them hello this is Cox communication with an important message we're gonna turn your off and make you rent boxes thank you hate them what are you gonna do don't quest or whatever they're called CenturyLink those guys are bigger assholes than Cox so I'm very very upset I'm disappointed that we're gonna lose this great thing so of course our what we can do is we can just flip over to an antenna right get a couple of HD antennas I've already got the Fox 10 News thing taken care of right so we're already getting that in the backroom and it works so now all I need to do is get another one it's about 16 bucks for the one that I'm looking at the same one I got in the backroom it works and then I'll be able to record Judge Judy just like we always have but then I got this email yeah dude it's 5 bucks a month per box after the free period it's absolute lunacy it's like you man am I not paying enough for your shitty cable service but you want to now strap my ass down now here's the worst part like right now if I want to go watch I don't know which I never do I mean what's the point of that but if I want to you know you can log in through your cable provider and they'll let you watch TV like if you want to watch Fox online you have be a menu no you have to be able to prove they made your KTAR you know you're paying for cable essentially well if I get rid of cable obviously I won't get that perk anymore which I don't think it's gonna really kill me 34 bucks a month I actually got on one of the chats with complication hey you know it used to be I couldn't have internet without having cables that still true he's like no no you can have that and I saw how much my paying for for shitty cable and it's like oh you're paying 34 but 34 dollars a month lunacy I would rather stick the cable into the electrical socket like my buddy Chris there than to have to pay $34 a month to watch 20 minutes of Fox 10 and watch a bunch of white trash people sling mud at each other on Judge Judy so yeah so this Plex TV are suddenly looking very attractive now one of the other problems with my M recording system right I got Judge Judy but what I've got I'm using a tool called beyond TV now I've talked about this ages and ages ago beyond TV is now depreciated they don't even make it anymore you can you don't get updates anymore the only thing that still works on it thank God is the channel scheduler right you have to have a feed that comes in every single day telling you when the next judge Judy's on yeah it's between 4:00 and 5:00 but sometimes it's not on right sometimes it's preempted for basketball or some so with that in mind I like having the television scheduler our you know you're gonna be a douchebag hey no go ahead can you hurry up please oh my god yeah alright they got their phone number on their car let's see canyon state stone and tire care there you go you guys you guys want to have a good time six oh two six two eight eight eight seven eight yeah tell me this is not a Drive his license plate is tilework yeah piss me off on the show give them your phone number man yeah if you didn't figure it out I hopped on the freeway service streets are just taking too long so anyway so this Plex DVR is a perfect substitute it'll just I'm just be able to drop it in so now I've got to look at getting an HD homerun and my wife will probably like that so she can watch TV and school that sort of thing which is grading papers on her prep or whatever so I'm kind of excited about that so I'll be I'll touch base with you like I said it's only Plex pass holders now but you know it doesn't change it'll it'll become available for everybody to use so I'm excited about that to share that with you so as you know I truly believe that which are three the Wild Hunt is the game of the decade that's right I'm going to go ten years back and say that this is the game of the decade maybe even longer I said it's the best game in twenty years witcher 3 and it appears that most seem to agree with me i read an article this week and you probably have already seen it those of you who peruse the same news feeds that i do CD Projekt RED is now worth over 1 billion dollars yeah I mean if robin Leach was still running the show right now his ass would be in Poland right now anybody's saying something like we're here in Poland and we are at CD Projekt RED this company yesterday was worth 1 million dollars today it is worth 1 billion dollars something like that you haven't done my robin Leach in a while so it's a little I know it's a lot but I'll work on it yeah a billion dollars man I mean this game has sold unbelievable numbers it's weird for me to be aligned with anything that's that popular or that sells that well I'm usually the underdog guy a billion dollars and you know it's amazing and we've talked about this I don't want to go over old territory too much but me we talked about if they released a drm-free who does that you know they're releasing shitty games like Just Cause 3 with uncrackable DRM right meanwhile Witcher 3 game of the last double decade 1 billion dollars for CD Projekt RED DRM free it can be done all you got to do is not produce a shitty product give them some people something they want to buy they want to back they want to support bang you've got your proof you wanted your market analysis on how to make money on make money with video gaming don't make shitty games this game by the way if I remember I was 80 million I'm sure Christine cross-checked me on this one it was an eighty million dollar purchase I was that's what it cost him to make the game and that included I think a hundred and sixty voice actors something like that I don't have the numbers in front of me but yeah 80 million 1 billion I think that's a pretty damn good ROI so yeah I was very pleased I'm I'm glad I'm glad they made money hand over foot I'm unhappy that they're terminating The Witcher series but quite frankly I don't think the cyberpunk that they're gonna put out is going to generate nearly the money that Witcher did so my guess is is after the cyberpunk fizzles out like a bad fart at Christmas once that's over with right then when the people are walking through the streets right the people walking through the streets ringing the bell they will go back to Witcher we will get a Witcher for my guess is now I'm just I'm gonna go out on the limb and say we will see Witcher and witcher 2 remastered and glorious 1080p I'm gonna say within the next two years within the next two years we will see Witcher and Witcher 2 completely remastered you know oh hey I didn't even see this new person come in machine-readable hey dude love the Whopper avatar I love that you know listen just because I'm not a fan doesn't mean there is another fans of cyberpunk I understand that it's a dickhead thing for me to say to think that cyberpunk is not gonna work out in their favor I don't think it has let's put it this way I don't think cyberpunk has the video gaming audience that fantasy does so even if it's the greatest game ever based on the content and the IP itself it's gonna limit their possible what's going on up here why isn't my dash cam on having troubles with this thing I might have to get a new one I like this one a lot though there we go yeah something's going on up here folks there's black smoke pouring off the highway okay cameras running there's black smoke pouring off the highway I just saw three different emergency vehicles go running by yeah but unfortunately that looks exactly like where I'm trying to go God if I get off now I'm not gonna see what it is that looks like someone's gonna blow up this is gonna be good hey guys let me get my camera over here you guys can bear witness all right I don't know which lane is blocked but I'm gonna try to get I see where the dark is smoke is we're gonna go in we're gonna be like storm chasers all right here we go so uh let's see what does it say up here use alternate route fire I 17 North closed 32 Mont what the cut damn it's not flipping so fast close 32 miles north of Phoenix dude that doesn't look like it's 32 miles away it looks like it's right up here I don't know what's going on but we're gonna get a better look screw it screw it as coolness or if this is coming over on the camera that looks bad man I've never seen black smoke like that that close to the freeway my morbid curiosity got an angle 32 miles out folks we're gonna go right through this chin oh yeah [Music] down down down dad didn't dent it down this is shaming Hall with CBS News I'm here on ice at a team we're driving to the source of black smoke at far let's see that would have been better if I'd been more prepared for the bit all right we're gonna drive right through this it's right on my way here we go got the cam running dude I got to pay attention to the cars in front of me holy what is on fire that's causing that much blackness man [Music] hang on we're almost there and we're almost there stand by stand by for on-site recon hey Vasquez you ever been mistaken for a man yeah oh my god what is that better not be fries god damn it fries better not be on fire I've got a hard drive sitting there dude look at the plumes coming out of that thing that is that the Burlington Coat Factory that should think should have blown up years ago oh I'm not gonna be able to see over the divider oh man that's nasty hang on a second I bet if you went to Fox 10 Phoenix comm and went on their live thing somebody's there's got to be a chopper around here somewhere I guess I'm have to get in the other Lane once I pass this holy okay I still can't see what it is yet though and do one of those asshole rubber necker's that get us caught in an accident because I had to see what was going on dude they're pouring something on it the smokes turning white I turn my camera no don't turn off oh my god what is going on Jesus we're putting it out one look it's right on the street that's like a car BQ and the guy next to me he's got his phone out in these videotaping get a dashcam pal the 90s called they want their technology back that's good stuff well now I've got to find out what it is it's Travis on the Travis popin you can check it out real quick I'm sure all the news places are covering it at this point well that was exciting wasn't it that fries wasn't on fire poor sons of bitches in that car hope they got clear my camera's all tilted dicking around with it there we go well that was fun what are we talking about oh yeah CD Projekt RED z-- billion dollar game good stuff let's see so you're some fresher stuff so I understand that listen I'm not a comic book person I have some comic books now that you a lot of people don't know it's I'm gonna give you an exclusive an exclusive scoop I actually own some comics I'm not a comic person I'm not a comic collector they are in bags with boards however I knew that much and they are tell her my attics that's probably not the best place for him but when Advanced Dungeons and Dragons came out as a comic book when Dragonlance came out as a comic book speed racer came out as a comic book I collected I was out every week I think it was every week right he's up a comic book purely to see his weekly somebody on the channel no but I was out there every single week buying comics it was weird it was a weird thing because I'm not a comic guy but I also managed to get this it was like there was only six issues it was some sort of like a team Avengers sort of comic and if I remember right the first three were like black and white you know how you know they release comic books you know the first few they don't release them in color because of the cost and then if they become popular enough they put them in color oh yeah so I've actually got those but Alex J Lopez sent me a link to they're gonna do a crossover comic of get this this is cool they're doing a crossover comic of 1977 television versions of Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman together working together inside of a comic strip not a comic book so I may I may have to get back into the comics just to start collecting those it's not a huge fan of both properties and I mean they look just like you know how sometimes in comics you know based on real people they take judicious liberties with those and they don't look anything at all like the people they're supposed to represent these look exactly like I mean Lynda Carter and Lindsay Wagner must have bought in and said yeah you can use our likenesses or something because they are dead on all right let me see here I've seen nothing on the chat channel I'm starting to think everybody got dumped off again let's see so I'm excited about that I'm excited about a comic book what do you want so I was actually you know I talked to a it's closed keepin on I have friends over at Nvidia a lot of you know that hello will stir here I guess everyone was just quiet for a minute yeah you're probably bored as hell wouldn't you see the video of that smoke man nuts I don't definitely I'll pull the SD card out when I get home today and I'll dump all the things that I've captal gotta remember to lock that down there last five minutes it's locked I don't that got the fire I'm almost at fries anyway so yeah maybe I won't start another topic I got to put a bigger card in this thing to you I think I've got a 16 gig card in there so how this thing works is it it stops it rolls over files every so often and then it just starts blanking out the other part of the card so if you want to save them you have to hit a button it stores like the last five minutes the cool thing is if I got an accident no no no I was going to talk about some PlayStation now I know Chris hates when I talk about in video but um so there's an obvious parallel between PS now or Playstation now and oddly enough GeForce now which is Nvidia's streaming service now PlayStation bought there so I was Gaikai or gate hire GA ika I right Chris you'd probably remember that one anyway so they bought a streaming company to stream games on the PlayStation now network Nvidia built their architecture from the ground up so there's a distinctive difference in these items but it's it's easy to sit and talk about them and compare because they're essentially doing the same thing delivering full game experiences with nothing more than an internet connection so we'll talk about that one number we'll talk about that one next time I'll keep that queued up because there's definitely pluses and minuses on both sides and PS now does have some interesting things to offer so I do want to discuss compare and contrast that all right well on the fries I'm gonna go get that three terabyte drive now hopefully it's actually waiting for me up front I don't have to actually go get it myself which happens Oh - Chris leave the building last to bad I bored them here it's easy to do all right guys yeah no show it's three day weekend remember so we'll probably have another show on Tuesday in the meantime go listen to the archives go listen to the archives passenger seat radio dot Monroe Worldcom I think I bought back passenger seat - so you even want to take you to the archives you can leave comments on shows you can search for shows by topic I'm a little bit behind on the recent shows but yeah go check out some of the older says I've already told all the greatest stories anyway and I know a lot of you are new to the show so I'll go check out some of the old stories thanks for stopping in thanks Kathy for dropping in specifically it's always nice to see a new face in the house this place is a complete sausage fest you know so frankly it's quite nice to have a female perspective in here all right this is shade arm in rope as you see ready we'll see you next time take care everybody

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