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hello folks this is Shane our Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it's a September 22nd 2016 you're on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show well I know I said I was going to start about 4:10 I got out of work a few minutes early and since I have to stop and pick dinner up on the way home I thought I would get an early start something tells me it won't keep the regulars out there we go see will be is already here always subtract like ten minutes from my estimates and you'll probably be about right but but I will inform you that my wife will interrupt this call with the call will interrupt the show so pretty much a guarantee so I'll vamp until I get out of the parking lot and see if anybody else pops in I've got a couple of new shows to talk to you about but also I got I got a new game to talk to you about and tell you how my cord cutting progress is going new clean cut pick looks better than the scruffy Google Plus Peck yeah you know I like to change my avatars up every now and then and I have like four that I tend to use and I haven't I haven't had a new one in a while so I thought I would get something new something fresh Justin's in the house hey now hey now no man it's actually raining here so it's something you can mark down on the calendar should be fun to drive home in you know like if when it snows in Seattle which does happen from time to time everybody goes nuts the whole place like shuts down blah blah blah well that's the way it is around here with rain even though we have like two months of oh I know right you know I didn't see that for the longest time the cursor arrow in there but um once I did see that it was there I just thought it was so freakin funny but I'd captured a picture here you know from photo or something and it had a freaking pointer in it so I thought that's just that's just funny I'm gonna leave that in there so I didn't even fix it once I knew that it was in there okay I'm out of the parking garage all right another route let's see what time it's two and a half minutes in for another 30 seconds or so we'll see who shows up and we'll get busy yeah deployment day today every Thursday we deploy code deploy stuff it's uh yeah it's super exciting and my work on Thursday pretty much locked into my desk from noon about 11:30 till 3:00 3:30 not all I want to do is just get the hell out of my office and escape you know just come to work like 30 minutes early you know and then leave 30 minutes early that'd be great but you know it's funny like the higher up I tend to climb in the organization the less flexible my schedule tends to be so if I were any higher I would have even less flexible of a schedule so I think this is a good spot to be in we'll see that in five or ten years when I'm still making the same amount of money and you know inflation has dropped its ugly head on us all right well let's get on with it first up I want to talk to you about Lethal Weapon as many of you probably don't know I'm surprised at how many people did not realize that there was a lethal weapon television show premiering this television season I didn't know a lot about it I kept kind of out of it I didn't I tried not to get too many preconceived notions now let's talk about the movies for a minute and then we'll move over to the TV show so as lethal weapons go I'll watch all of them I'll watch all four of them now a lot of people like how for was just an I should have never made four it's terrible you know they should have just stopped all right listen if you didn't like four aah I'm okay with that a lot of people didn't like three I'm not okay with X I like three I like what's his name Stuart Wilson whatever his name is played the bad guy in there then I was happy to see we're named Russo back and you know what done to everybody see all we love 101 - were so good so you know it's like any other movie series that it's dragged on probably too long and everyone likes the first couple nobody likes the last ones but that's okay I'm good with any of them I'll watch any of them I'll go out of my way to watch - like once every year or so and then every other year I'll do like one and then three and four I'll do if I just need to if I just need the continuity to finish the story now the only thing I knew about this new Lethal Weapon that started airing last night was that Damon Wayans was taking over the Roger Murtaugh role and I knew nothing about anybody else in the cast that was said I didn't know the guy playing Riggs so I you know I didn't expect to be able to sit through it so the fact that I got all the way through it I guess says something I'm gonna keep this as spoiler free as possible although there's not much in here that really requires spoiler free you know a spoiler free declaration at the beginning so let's talk about what worked first of all now I have anything that particularly that worked but let's put it this way so for those of you wondering how this is said is it a prequel is it a sequel is it a reimagining what the hell is it it is I would call it I guess you I guess you'd call it a reboot right a reimagining means that they strayed really far off the original material like Pete's dragon that is a reimagining of Pete's right that's really nothing to do with the original show in this case it's a reboot it's it's more or less the same story more or less the same characters so it's just sort of updated with new people younger people so this sort of brings in this is this sort of takes place when Murtagh is I think 40 so I don't know maybe five years before the original movies kicked in I don't know if you're looking for a timeline reference that's kind of all you got so anyway so you've got you got damon wayans he's not in yet mode you know he's not doing last Boy Scout or anything it's pretty um it's pretty straight play I mean he gets a couple little quips in there but it's nothing it's nothing it's not too bad but you know he's they you know in them trying to think about it I don't want to give too much away in kitchen of watching it but in the original movies Murtagh was sort of a straight Family Guy always worried about you know getting dead before he retired that sort of thing he was sort of a straight-laced guy and so is wayans but I guess they felt they needed to artificially give him some sort of a a forced straight guy thing and so by that I mean they give him he had a heart attack right so we had something like quadruple bypass thing and so now you know he's always worried about getting too wild but round up or getting too excited or whatever so they gave him an artificial you know cripple which I thought was totally unnecessary on the other hand now you got high I am well I figured you were going to call me when you got done picking him up so I was going to call you and you would just say well let me give you a call back when we get in the car so I figure you just call me when you got in the car all right okay good all right Wow you been in a car for a little while now yeah no one gives you too much crap 303 right I know know what you're talking about I mean you didn't just get in the car though yeah cool all right so you guys got everything and keep so that I can order all right I bet I'm tired of it too for whatever that's worth it could be the Mountain Dew it's probably barometric pressure we just had rain down here so yeah that would explain a lot I love you Tim hi well it's slow going there's a little water all over the streets down here nope nobody knows how to drive through water all right maybe I love you that's actuator I told you he'd be interrupted and we were all right so um back to the show all right so now let's move on to the rig's character now whether you like Mel Gibson or not I mean nobody knew that he was an anti-semite back then not that I know of anyway but there was a there was part of Riggs that had this really there were two sides to Riggs right well technically three I mean you got the you had the crazy persona he you know he burst forward you got the truly damaged individual on the inside and then you've got somebody that would really like to come out to play but you know if he's held back by the other two things so you know you don't realize how deep of a role that Riggs really was I mean yeah you get you know tortured yeah you got that but it's really deeper than you think when you see somebody that doesn't quite pull it off so in this one his wife's still dead he's all crushed about it they throw a couple of curveballs in there but what he the the quips in the and sort of the crazy thing it it's not it's not quite there now listen maybe he just needs a little time to mature I don't know he's not the greatest Riggs I like I like Damon Wayans okay I think he'll pull through I don't know about the Riggs character though what really makes this show less than I'd hoped was the fact that all of the support cast is essentially throwaway right in the original movies like if every supporting cast member there was something about him you kind of you kind of like you know you like the chief of police you know he had that sort of gruff eye-fuck thing going on you like the psychiatrist even the cops that get killed you know all of riggs esteem that gets ends up getting killed you even feel closer to the any of those guys in those films when you feel to anybody any of the support cast in here now that could be intentional the story is very close the story lines pretty close it's the same sort of you know too old for this and crazy guy does crazy things but he gets the job done there you know sort of forced together yeah yeah so it's it's the same basic kind of story point yeah so I have time to talk about something else bottom line I'm in for a couple more episodes at least I will see how it goes this show could grow into something better than just a reboot it's got potential so I'm gonna watch a couple of episodes before I give it the shitcan but what they have to do there's they spent a lot of the show there was at least a dozen times that I noticed a very forced reference to the movies right and that's that standard passing of the torch I mean if you're not going to have the original actors in there handing it off to the new kids right then what you have to have is you have to have yeah that's true that's about how long Fox will be running it to but here's the thing about it why I think it lasts for at least a season I don't think Fox is going to deep-six eight quite yet the Shane Black who originally wrote the first Lethal Weapon well I think he wrote all four of them actually but Shane black who wrote that he's actually back to write for this one and you can you can feel him in it so to speak you know you can feel his participation in the show and you know the director McGee right he did Terminator Salvation which a lot of people would rather forget but he's got sort of a style of directing style he's only producing though he's I don't think I think he's directing he directed like this main episode but I think he's just a producer so Anna like I said I'm in for now if Riggs can grow properly into the character you see he's got a little hillbilly slant to him I definitely don't like that but they can get rid of that they can edge that out over a couple of episodes get rid of the hicken the truck because Riggs was never like that get rid of the hick and the truck thing and you know stop trying to court the original viewers stop making some of the same jokes stop making some of the same references you know forget about that let the show grow on its own I think we'll be okay did I have another strong one to talk about that's something let me see it was another TV related thing wasn't there no I guess that was it for those of you hadn't noticed I opened a collection on Google+ called passenger see radio I'm gonna ditch the community I I can't I can't get comfortable inside the community or or the you know the business pages or anything like that that was part of Google+ and I think relatively failed but collections I dig on because I can quickly share stuff to them so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use this collection not only talk about what I'm gonna come on the air but I'll also throw up articles and things like that into there and that'll let me that'll help me to keep track of things that maybe I want to talk about or that I want to copy over to patreon so I'm gonna start trying to use that as well so you can go ahead and join that collection if you're a fan you want to sort of another inside scoop to the show that'll probably be my my primary way of sharing content between shows so you want to get in on that let's see I've got two other topics let me jump back to the channel here all right no one's chatting I'm also trying not to get crushed by people who don't know how to drive in the rain let's see so an interesting video game came out yesterday or day before yesterday xx yeah day before yesterday called the bunker and what this is it is a full motion video game I know it's like oh no full motion videos look alright but what this really is this is all full motion video there's no CG there's no there's no computer overlay it's not a security camera thing what it is is if you can imagine a point-and-click adventure game like King's Quest and and more recently I would I would call it a little closer to a telltale game right where you're kind of watching a story and periodically you you involve yourself to make critical decisions and the story kind of changes based on what you say or what you do but the bunker is about a nuclear bunker a nuclear blast bunker and this the the dates 1986 or at least it was at the time and there's some sort of a nuclear war right and this bunker is right outside of London somewhere and the bunker had like 59 people in it when the bunker you know when the war broke out they all got in the bunker and a kid was born right some one of the people in there was pregnant one of the women was pregnant in there and she gave birth to the kid and now the bunker is void of people the last two people were the kid his mom his mom dies at the beginning of the game and he is left alone in this bunker and she's trained him well all of the things he needs to do to stay alive you know run the diagnosed or like loss where they have to enter the code you know every so often he essentially every day he has to take his radiation pills he's got to check the radio he's got to do that so they gave him this little checklist to work off of so he's really you know sort of stunted development you know he's not retarded or anything but you can tell he's not socially you know he's not all the way there so once his mom dies he starts carrying on well at that point things start going wrong I mean for 30 years the bunker has served his his home and now the shit's starting to go bad just when he's all alone so the narrative it starts with a lot more narrative at first right the whole first part of the game is a lot of narrative with a couple of clicks right but as the game progresses and I mean this is really cool so there are repetitive sequences that you might do but each time that you do the sequence they be shortened it so things that you might have to do repetitively there they cleverly clip the video down so you don't feel like you're doing the same thing over and over again it's all like I said it's all live actors it's all live actors shot on a location on a bunker location it's legit and the only real computer thing is your pointer that you can click on things to interact with it click to make him walk around and again like I said it feels like a telltale game where it feels like a point-and-click adventure game but it's all video it's all this great and they got good actors they got good story writers they got a good soundtrack it's it's super good production values it's not like you might expect it to be so if you like a good narrative with you know more or less point-and-click but it's got a good story it's got you know keep showing your toes it's pretty neat it's an interesting game I shot the first hour of it and put it up on my YouTube channel just go to slash a nar Monroe one word and you can check it out see if it's your sort of game it's pretty cool yeah I like full motion video games to me there's a lot more I relate better to people than graphics right so for me full motion video even though like the telltale games invoked a motion out of me what's that other one me life is strange right all those games we vote in emotion atomy but a real person can coach a lot more out of you than any CG character can it's just the way it is for me that's me personally so I really enjoy stuff like this I like this sort of thing so and I said it's worth taking a look at it's not it's not horribly priced I think it's like nineteen bucks or something so if you had a chance to take a look sounds interesting to you go for it so next up you're probably wondering how my cord cutting journey is going so here's where we wrap the tuner be know as you recall I purchased an HD homerun tuner off of Craigslist it was a generation to hold so I contacted the folks at silicon dust and said hey I'd really like to I might you know my goal is to use Plex DVR and it obviously doesn't support this generation is there some upgrade plan I could do anything like that and so they agreed that they would send me a fourth generation unit for 59 bucks and that's cool so they FedEx tattoo day overnight shipping and the unit seems to be squirrelly it stays up for a little while then goes down sometimes it's up for a long period of time but it's mostly down so I took video I wrote up the thing I sent it to their tech support and they had me turn on some debugging so they could kind of watch what was going on and as it turned out they're sending me a new unit which will be here tomorrow so I'm hoping I'm really hoping that it's not something else I'm hoping that it's just that unit there was something bad with it and this new ones gonna work out because I like it I like how quick and easy it is to use and the quality of the television is good and it works amazing with Plex DVR when it works so I'm excited to get back to that I I do I'm theirs being able to record like old game shows like that like well there's like a if you remember of those of you who are listening to the earlier shows I was talking about some of the oddball channels that come in then I don't even think they're on the cable line up you know like laughs TV and cozy and grits and there's uh there's one that's actually a game show channel that does nothing but show old game shows well I'm talking about old game shows I'm talking about the stuff that really pioneered game shows I'm talking about things like Richard Dawson's family feud I'm talking about pressure lug I'm talking about to matchking card sharks you know all of those really cool you know I'm waiting for tic-tac-dough to Papa Joker's wild all of these sorts of old kind of game shows are on here and I'm really excited about getting to you know just both record a whole bunch of richard dawson family feud's you know i love that especially when he like goes off the mark it's fantastic so I'm excited to be able to record some of this old content but you know you can't get that stuff I mean you could have the Pirate Bay and everything else and you just can't you know you can't just randomly go out and get you know six episodes of Richard Dawson's family feud you know that's the sort of thing that you have to find somebody airing and record it yourself so yeah I'm same what's going on here um let's sort of with my notes ran out I actually didn't plan on being in the car this long I'm picking up caramba Crump is a chain store here a Mexican chain store the foods are really good I don't know what they put in these beans you know the rice and beans in the combo plate those beans are like spicy as hell I'm a gringo though right so these can be just like regular beans and I'd be you know so uh-oh you know what else started this week since I'm I'm I'm vamping here what a train really Jesus never gonna get out of here so I'm the gold bird started up I'm a big fan of the Goldbergs it doesn't hurt that it's like set in the 80s and you know the the house is all tricked out with eighties toys and eighties posters and eighties references it's fun plus some I think the mom is like really hot and my wife thinks she's hot so you know I think if you know I got both of them drunk enough you never know how that might turn out and the daughter is pretty high we talked about we talked about the show before but this one was this club so you know a lot of times they there they take a theme and they work with it because you know the actual Goldbergs kids were big into television and movies and you know that's the way the 80s were we were in the media like that so I'm I'm a big fan of the show so they did a Breakfast Club thing and and Adams dressed up like what's-his-face just dropped out of my head they had they had the hot daughter being Ally Sheedy you know and she's got the dandruff in the whole bit now one of my favorite movies I'm gonna be honest with you a lot of people just cannot believe some I like John Hughes movies I like sixteen Candles I liked Ferris Bueller but you know it seemed to be like super hit and miss with me I didn't necessarily like pretty-in-pink I had a crush on Molly Ringwald okay when I was younger but I mean I could barely sit through that yeah bender thank you I could barely sit through pretty-in-pink a night but I did it to see Molly Ringwald and sixth Breakfast Club I just couldn't do Sixteen Candles was fantastic though yeah appointment TV yeah you know it's funny you know we watched it just after it aired you know and we don't usually do that Modern Family also started this week another huge Yahoo dot all right you're right Justin Justin K says that he's got it still has a crush I'm all a dream oh so do I the stand a lot of people did not like her in the stand because she wasn't necessarily the Franny that everybody wanted but on the other hand I find her really attractive so I didn't give a who she was in that show as long as I got to see like six hours of her I was good but yeah so anyway I really I dig on the gold Birds it's filler you know it's not highbrow it's you know it's a nostalgia thing of course but it's legitimately funny and you know like I said the bomb is kind of hot it's weird seeing her without that wig on though if you ever see pictures of her you know like I mean if you see her on Modern Family when she's the lesbian and and she's got a straight long hair it's totally weird I keep expecting to see her with that Aeron she doesn't have it on it's too funny yeah I dig that show let's see what else is going on this week Oh second episode of American Horror Story I'm not sucking yet I'm really not I had higher hopes they're kind of dragging it out a little bit they're doing a little too much build-up I need I need something more real you know there's something about it that's just not quite gelling I'm still in because it's American Horror Story and you know it's gonna go off the wall in one or two episodes so you gotta hang out and see how it goes but I've never been big with the pig cult stuff or any of that I it's just it's not interesting to me you know the witches one only worked out because that hot Robert's broad is in there what's her name Erika Roberts or you know Julie Roberts daughter or niece or some she's like super hot so that makes watching that witch's one a little more bearable but this one you know that there I've seen no hot redhead I've seen nothing in this yet so yeah we'll see how it goes I mean you know I'm gonna watch the whole thing because American Horror Story has a tendency of of dragging you through the mud for an episode or two and then just becomes like this huge rollercoaster ride so I'll be in through the whole thing it's just I'm not jumping up and down you know it's not appointment TV as Justin would call it I still watch it like the second I get my hands on it but I don't know longmeyer oh longmeyer's out tomorrow longmeyer i talked a lot about that last season I enjoy it a lot it's not something that I planned on watching but regular Alex J Lopez turn me on to it I was just getting out of Banshee at the time and so I needed another show and there's I don't know why there's some sort of a similar feel about it I don't know why because it really has nothing to do with each other they're both sheriffs there you go that's the tie in but longmeyer's good and it's Netflix so they'll shoot at once so my weekend is pretty much totally devoted to watching Longmire I'm excited about that trying to think there's anything else premiering oh yeah the other the other ones the late the late time the network's always seem to be later than the cable channels so all the network is going to be out soon I think next week is that timeless and there's a couple other shows that I want to you know pick up and see how it goes I don't know about jumping up and down but hey you know maybe Lethal Weapon will pan out who knows maybe it'll be it'll end up being a decent show let's see so I told you what I'm playing told you what I'm watching how much else is going on really it's pretty quiet I had something else I don't have that much longer until I get to my turn anyway but Momo's clothing so I was looking I was I was reading about the allo app from Google first of all you for having such a stupid oh you already missed that John you musta missed that in the beginning I already talked about gaming the you know I I hate the fact that they Google likes to bring us top-quality product and then turn around and down sell it by introducing absolute consumers right we finally got some traction on hangouts and hangouts is really good you know yet yet you got everything you need it's a utility program right but then they release this stupid whatsapp competition commune oakum Pettit err and the face time can be that you know I don't know a single person and I know a lot of people that have Apple products as well as Android products I don't know anybody who communicates with FaceTime not a single person I know does video chatting none zero zilch I know people that use stupid whatsapp and and and other social messengers I don't need to put stickers on the screen I don't need to to draw on pictures on the screen you know to me it's a complete waste of time but it seems like that's what happens Google gives us something cool like Google News or something like that and then they turn around and completely ignore it release what seems to be a direct competitor to their own product and then they take the good product and they then sweep it under the rug in favor of the shithole product tired of that hate when Google does that this duo and how they what are we British ello you hate Google sometimes I have a love-hate relationship with Google on the other hand I was looking at Google trips which by the way I was a beta tester for I didn't do a lot of work with it in the early days you know I'm a Google local guide like level 4 or some it's like being a level 3 theta you know in Scientology I've got I've done reviews of over 250 restaurants and hotels and show like that so I'm considered like a level 4 local guide and so this trip app Google trip they used their local guides to test this thing out first and I got it made it's pretty slick and this is one of those things where you're so amazed scared amazed and enthralled and how much Google knows about you I know for most people it's like well I don't want anybody knowing that much about me bla bla bla but here's the thing if you want the Star Trek computer if you want the ultimate AI if you want the ultimate chatbot if you want the ultimate anything that interacts with you you've got to give up your right that's the bottom line you've got to give it access to your instant messenger you've got to give it access to your email you've got to give it access to your search results the that makes you you on the Internet if you're not willing to give that up then these personal assistants and all this other they're useless to you they can't read your mind like if you let them read your email which isn't even that's not even true see that's the part that bothers me you're letting google read your email Google doesn't give a about your email they care about what they can get about you from your email they don't care if you know you're your best friend's wife and your talk you know and you're having say your dirty secrets mean nothing to Google now if you're the President of the United States or a presidential candidate maybe Google cares about you but I'm telling you right now Google doesn't give a about you all they care about is how they're gonna put in front of you and hey listen if I can get like Google trip or Google now which knows before I even ask for it I'm kind of in you know I'm not I'm not a privacy snob and so this google trip you know in opsin right when you run it it says you know hey we want to look at your emailed so we can sort of build a profile about you for google trips and so you let it and this knows like on every trip you win on I mean it knows it knows the trip I made to Orlando for Disneyland what in 2004 or something it managed to glean all of that and so what this trip app does is it gathers up all the from your previous trips and put some little time capsules right so you can see you know when you flew out and kind of what you did and things like that but the real power of it comes of course as to what you can do next right so you want to plan a trip you type in a destination you hit okay and it builds you a little it's a Travel Guide it's a planner you know like a trip ticks like if you go to Triple Aim you say I'm gonna go to New Orleans and they bust out like fifty pamphlets and a guide book and this and that you're carrying all this around like a chump all of that gets sucked in in and is geniusly geniusly genius asleep intelligently put together for you into this little encapsulated electronic triptych right it lets you make reservations that lets you look for restaurants and locations it gives you day trips it gives you all sorts of great right and it kind of knows what you're looking for because it knows you it scanned you right it knows your fears and your sexual fantasies Bob sure Google does know my sexual fantasies but let's say so yeah hey Gus though what's up girls yeah old Gus old time friend of the show old time friend Oh old time friend of many shows I should say yeah you got a seat you say right up front okay I got your seat up front it's the VIP section for people who've known me more than like 15 years you get to sit up front yeah you notice a lot of the Schiller's not much left I'd say I'm like five to ten minutes from my destination so anyway so this google trip thing is really damn cool I would use it I mean that's sort of the mark of a good app right would you use the damn thing yeah yeah install it you dick with it and then yawn install it right that's typically my love affair with apps I install it I go oh and then I never use it right let's do that Google Translate on here do I use it for anything no dad it's the case but this trip thing I could actually see myself using it's pretty cool and you know it's gonna be tied into you know flights and all that other stuffs that's cool so yeah you know you know Google I like I said love-hate relationship I love it when they come up with something that just strokes my ballsack the right way but then when they try to kiss the iOS people's ass or they put this social retard stuff how about instead of spending time working on like duo and Ally how about we spend some time on some good more on hangouts how about that how about we spend more time working on that how about we spend more time working out photos or something usefulness how about for the love of God we put some time into Google+ I mean how long did it take for us to be able to put pictures inside the comments that seems like something they should be built in folks I don't know maybe I'm crazy man see what else is going on I was listening to Stern the other day of course you guys know I'm like a year behind on Stern so I got them all sitting on an SD card and so I listen as much as I can but I just can't get caught up and they had John Fogerty on there and those of you who listen to Howard probably heard that last year he'll he's probably been on a game sense but you know I knew a little bit about Creedence Clearwater Revival but I mean there's so much in there that just makes you mental you know and how John I can tell you how John Fogerty can live with it he's got gajillions of dollars probably a hot wife and but you know it's he got totally I mean those are you don't really know the story of Creedence I'll give you like a quick overview of it so John Fogerty is brother a couple of school chums got together formed a band right and they were like he's like 18 19 or something and he they signed with this Fantasy Records right who they were primarily like a jazz label and so they realized that you know there's more there's more money to be made with words with song there's songs with words in them sorry it's trying to get into an intersection was a little hairy there and so they sign these guys and they were signed under dolly logs or some stupid-ass name like that well once they we're gonna read kind of change their image up some asshole had taken control of fantasy record saw something are now that I can't remembers last name he's a dick but anyway so he essentially said you know I'm we're gonna make you a new contract you know now that you're Creedence Clearwater Revival we're going to make you a new contract and it was the ultimate bend over and taken up the ass job he owned everything he owned their songs he on the publishing he owned the music he owned everything and he signed Fogerty to like 180 song deal seven-year contract he could not get the out of so every great hit of Creedence been Fogerty wrote produced did everything is owned by this estate that saw died and so now his estate owns all of it but that's insane you know you look at songs like proud marry and you look at travelin man and all this other everybody Fogerty doesn't own any of that he owns nothing no royalties no publishing yes to get permission to use his own it's Lots lunacy and okay so there's the from one side on the other side apparently Fogerty was kind of a knocker and he wanted complete control over Creedence now listen the guy wrote the music he wrote the songs he produced the arrangements you know the other guys were session players really I mean that sounds like a dickhead thing to say but there were session players he was the talent in the band and so they were always fighting for power with him and it's like but but he was I mean he was Creedence he was he wasn't just the frontman you know he he did everything to make that band what it was and these guys were dig saying they decided you know they couldn't ride the gravy train and I understand creative differences they're artists whatever I get it but you know free years that they could not they couldn't make things they couldn't make things work man I guess it's like Van Halen or these other groups where you have you know two or three people that just can't get along and these guys just can't get along still his brother's dead Stu Stu Fogerty or not was it Stu Fogarty all right anyway the brothers dead and the other two guys don't want anything to do with them they wouldn't play together for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction you know it's like Abba you know those wouldn't get together for a billion dollars I got to find my source on that one because I know I didn't make it up but I remember reading and I've talked about this before - sorry but it's a good segue for those of you who are new listeners I was reading somewhere that Abba turned down a billion dollars to tour that's what a be a billion dollars to tour because they just couldn't get along how couldn't you not get along it's a billion dollars you know I hate my ex-wife I would go on tour with her for a full year for a billion dollars it would happen I would even look like I gave a about her to for that matter you know I would go all out it's a billion dollars but that's how that's how much those people can't stand each other we can't get in the same room you know three nights a week for a year and play a tour because we hate each other that much it's lunacy it's crazy Van Halen's the same way those would they get together for a tour when they close the tour like a third of the way through they couldn't make it through an entire tour I'm talking about not talking to year I mean like three months out the door and I couldn't handle it it's crazy man I think people could get their in one sock but you know I've never been I've never been in the position so I guess I can't really say but seems to me it seems to me you might be able to work that out hey would you consider an entire show on homebrew I've been dabbling with the PS Vita 3ds and they brought back some fun you know I kind of I kind of did like a whole show on homebrew I mean I had to 3ds shows where I talked about the hacking and what was involved in it and how it worked I mean the Vita the Vita is like no fun to hack at all I mean I just roll as long as you're on the right firmware it just falls over with its legs open you know there's no fun in that I don't know what was I thinking about there was something classic gaming related I was thinking about the other day that I was thinking man I think and I really needed to talk about it I can't remember what it was this wasn't that important I'm like literally one light away from getting to my getting to caramba I don't know I mean and but you know the 3d is at least there's some to play on it the Vita is just a dry hole I mean I've got this hacked Vita I have access to any game that I want to play and it sits in the drawer and rots and now it's weird I mean unless you're into JRPGs which I'm not then there's not much out there I mean there's a couple of exclusive things like you know Super Stardust or something like that it's that's something but haven't been to this particular Caramba so I'm probably gonna end up driving right by it I'm gonna piss in wine that I missed it it can't be this far down candy where am I that's a hang on hang on hang on red leader this is gold leader Paradis all right cool there's a turn later right can't tell with the water on the road and the Sun blasting in my eyes yeah though they've got to eleventh coming man eleven is coming it's right around the corner they've got they've got some of the exploits to work but they haven't hacked it completely open yet it's coming now that now that Nintendo released eleven point two or whatever I think that someone's gonna drop that eleven hack any time now so yeah I mean but here's the thing you can go get a 2d s for a 69 bucks yeah now so it's not like if you've got some special collector Monster Hunter 3 D s you know exhale think you're gonna want to with that anyway you know go get some 2d s for 69 bucks and you know just act the out of it none of them ship with 11 they'll shoot with like 9 something which is good go anyway alright I'm gonna get out here to get this food order so I can actually get home tonight hope you enjoyed what sort of cobbled together show a managed to get together I wasn't planning on being in the car for 48 minutes this is chez Armin rope as your seat radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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