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hello folks this is Shane our Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is September I'm sorry yes September September 28th 2016 you're on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show now for some reason all the sudden I was thinking October cuz everything in my life right now takes place in October you know my next deliverables at worker in October then the next deliverables after that or in October and my son's birthday is in October and so October October October October so the only month I'm thinking about right now is October hey Travis first one in look at that you even be will it be and sched craft although you know I haven't seen sketch craft in a while so I don't know what his deal is maybe he's on Vick SC own yeah you know I don't have a formal list to talk about but I do have a few interesting things the there's a really big event that's happening in my life right now and it makes me crazy that I can't share it with you but I assure you as soon as the dust settles a little bit I will I will share with you this incredibly juicy fun to tell interesting story but I can't just yet but I suspect in the next week or two I'll be able to clear out the clear out the cobwebs and be able to get it out for you but just rest assured and theirs will be held their sketch crap bang I knew you'd be back yeah so I've got a great story to tell you but I can't yet and you'll understand why I couldn't tell you when I do tell you so ladder let later to you ladder to you I don't know ladder to you so um let's see what can I talk about Oh Jeffrey dolls in yeah you guys see I take away the show for like a week and then you guys are ready to roll when I do crack one of these things open that's good let's see so I'm trying to I'm staying up with the latest TV many of you know the fall television season started I talked a little bit about Lethal Weapon which is on again tonight second episodes on tonight so I'm excited to see what direction it goes and to see what they do with it and for those of you who miss the last show where I talked about it I'm hoping that it starts to shed its it's movie kind of tie-ins oh yeah yeah the Plex talk yeah I got more plug stuff to talk about today too anyway so yeah so I'm hoping that lethal weapon will kind of stop playing lip service to the movies and just become its own thing you know I mean it's it's gonna be good if you ignore the fact that it's got Lethal Weapon is the title but we'll see also this last week premiered The Exorcist now I look at the Exorcist and you go how do you turn that into a TV show not that hard Alex J Lopez in the house not that hard to turn a show like The Exorcist look at Bates Motel right I love Bates Motel it's been in a bunch of seasons and you know they've managed to take the Norman Bates lore and turn it into a TV show so I'm thinking they could do the same thing with the Exorcist I want to see what happens so let's talk about the Exorcist for a minute first of all there are a couple of actors in there they you know right Geena Davis is in there as the mom and Alan ruck is in there is the dad now everyone should know Geena Davis if you're anywhere over if you're a heterosexual male over the age of say I don't know 35 you know exactly who Geena Davis is and for those of you who do not know who Geena Davis is and who do not have you know permanent calluses on your hands because of her I would recommend that you check out the fly 1986 I believe the 1986 version of the fly will definitely help you understand why we all are interested in Geena Davis unfortunately I'm sad to report now I know Geena Davis has done a bunch of shit since then I know she was in that not homeland but that other one that when we rode West was it West something or another she played the president I think right anyway so I haven't been following her that close so really sort of the last time I saw her was the fly now I see her on this and it's like ah what the fuck happened you know and this is a perfect you know she wasn't long kiss goodnight - boy did she look good in that modern that's another good one yet if you're not interested in if you're not interested in the fly then this is definitely the other movie you should watch long kiss goodnight great Samuel Jackson she plays like a female assassin like a Manchurian Candidate thanks good I liked it a lot but anyway back to exercise so so poor Geena Davis is now more machine than man I mean she's all plastic good perfect example in fact I guarantee you put them side by side talking you might not be sure who's who and that's Carrie Fisher you know how Carrie Fisher looked like a plastic doll with like a CGI mouth put on her her face didn't move at all in force awakens that's what happened to Geena Davis it's like they went to the same plastic surgeon they talked the same way Geena Davis even has that little Lisp that you know that little lists that that Carrie Fisher has now thanks to the plastic surgery it was first of all was depressing a cell because Geena Davis in my opinion was a sex symbol and now she's not same thing with Carrie Fisher you know it's really sad to see them Oh Jeffries at Walt Disney World got the show notification in the cosmic rays cafe dude you know what man I am so envious of you I want to go back to Disney World so bad have a good time trying to think of what you could do in my name just you know maybe call out passenger seat radial on Splash Mountain or something cool if you see if you can dislodge some kidney stones on the Thunder Mountain Railroad love Disneyworld I love Epcot app cots my favorite my favorite place there you got you know and we've talked about that never mind I keep digressing but you know listen I have no canned topic so we've got to digress a little bit from time to time if we're gonna fill this show up as it turns out traffic absolutely blows ass I'm not sure why I'm not more than a few minutes late so anyway an Alan ruck you know that's Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off right and he's old I mean the last time I saw him really was in speed which was longer ago than you think that's like damn what is that like a 20 year old movie now speed it's just it's depressing anyway so Alan ruck Saul old Oh Thunder Mountain is down do you know what that pisses me off when we used to go when I lived in Charleston South Carolina and even when I was living in Orlando like right next to Disneyland or Disney World rather there would always be like one really good ride down for maintenance and oddly enough it was always the ride that you really wanted to go to that visit you know space mount Matterhorn was like almost permanently down I swear to God the hundreds of times I went to Disney World while I lived in Orlando I'd swear the Matterhorn was down like 99 times out of 100 Space Mountain down they still have Captain EO I hopefully you're gonna go see Captain EO while you're there I love Captain EO you know what you can make the Michael Jackson pedophile jokes and all that stuff I love me some Captain EO I love the 4d experience you know with the the moving of the seeds and the lasers and the smoke I love it it's so eighties you know it's such an 80s experience I love it love me some Captain EO so anyway so poor Alan ruck you know the part that he's in we don't really know I'm gonna try not to give you any spoilers people but the the part that is in is sort of like a I almost call like an idiot savant you know so he's got some sort of special knowledge but you know he's partially brain dead or something you'll feel still know when you see it if he decided to watch the show so he's in there and you're all depressed cuz he's old you know and you're thinking about poor Cameron City you know sitting on the the pool diving board and it's just it's really sad to see people you love from your childhood get old it's really sad it's depressing to me anyway so they're the parents and they cast some you know good-looking Italian guy is the is the father you know the young father the older father instead of taking like a real grandfatherly figure you know sort of like you know the original movie was shit William oh my god I can't even I can't even come up with it it was right there and it's gone aging sucks anyway so the original you know older father and the Exorcist film was was a lot older than the younger priest right so in this case they they close the age gap a little bit so even the older priest he's not really old but he's got some mysticism and some you know age you know age beyond her wisdom beyond his age type scenario thing going on anyway so um was that I just got buzz for something I was weird I don't know what I got busted for but anyway I want to know why a the traffic is backed up there better be an accident there may be somebody rolled over up here something I know that's terrible to hope that somebody rolled over because I'm so inconvenience but you know see what do we got going on I don't see anything I took the SD card out of my out of my dash cam so I'm not able to capture anything for the show I do have a couple of cool things to share with patreon folks um I've got to dump them off the card and you know stick them up on YouTube and I'll share them on patreon just for those while we're talking about it I guess some so one of my ways of rewarding any level of subscriber on patreon is to give you access to videos taken off of my dash cam so if I if you know you see me hear me talk about some cute chick walking down the street or there's a car rolled over barb carbecue you know I'm gonna take video of it and then I'll uh I'll post it up on patreon for you guys the least I could do you know you guys donate money and stuff anyway so the Exorcist you know it's got those and in them like I said I don't want to talk about the plot at all but it's gotten you know a couple of good scenes of possession in it so for those of you who are looking for that piece of the equation it gets delivered I enjoyed it a lot and quite frankly so far other than Longmire which I'll talk about that in a minute other than Longmire it's easily my favorite my favorite show so far this season even American Horror Story but you know American Horror Story is very formulaic the first four maybe five episodes you could live or you know you could live without because they're a little bit on the boring and dry side as they set everything up and then all of a sudden becomes you know the last six episodes are this wild rollercoaster so I suspect that'll be the same thing but uh yeah so alex has said passenger see radio vr incoming yep you know I've been looking at this and you know I get the funds from patreon right and that pays for my host it pays for my Spreaker bill and so I got a little bit left over I don't know it's like 15 bucks a month i think after bills but i was thinking you know how cool would it be if i could actually make 180 degree virtual reality videos of my right home now granted they wouldn't all be interesting i mean most of my ride homes are boring as hell but if something really cool happened like a boob blew in over top of me or there's a bad car accident or something like that it'd be really cool to have this 180 degree VR what would even be more cool and i just i just can't afford it there's no way i could i could possibly justify but if you could imagine if I had a tripod set up in the passenger seat right passenger si radio and put a 3d or a 360 degree camera on there so literally your entire drive home with me would be literally like you were sitting in the passenger seat that would be cool as shit unfortunately those 360-degree cameras cause about 360 bucks and you know the patreon income is not gonna cover 300 bucks for the camera but it would be way cool I'd have to figure out I'd probably have to bring a laptop or something for storage or I don't know a 128 gig card I haven't really looked closely at the camera cuz I know I can't afford it but those 180 degree cameras which is you know sort of like the sort of like the dash cam but a little bit better those are about 160 bucks but I've got to go through and research and find out what works how I'm gonna rig it up in the car what are the limitations yada yada yada so but yeah I would love to do something VR related with passenger see radio Alex and I were talking about that in our chat room the other day instant message room whatever hangouts yeah so anyway finishing up and on the Exorcist really really decent show it shocked me it really did and what the hell's this guy doing interesting so I'm in I'm in two lanes I'm getting ready to turn on the 27th Avenue from what is this is this Jefferson no this isn't Jefferson Adams and so I'm in the rightmost Lane the turn lane the other there's a truck right next to me in the straight Lane straight or turn lane and I'm sitting here and the guy just gets out of the truck right in the middle of the road and just walks over to the crosswalk and then starts crossing the road it's like what was this guy doing sorry and take a quick pause to make sure I wasn't gonna get crash as I turned the corner yeah there's like zero visibility on that corner I'm surprised there's not more accidents let's see so what else started up we talked about Lethal Weapon the next new one that I think starting up is that timeless I'm excited to see that that's the next one I watched tonight is that tonight's amazing we have gold Birds Modern Family I haven't watched the premiere of that yet although it heard it's kind of shitty we got we got so we got a horror story I think tonight Lethal Weapon tonight I'm uh Goldberg's Modern Family I think there's one other show that's on tonight's it was like what the hell my whole nights gonna be filled watching TV what's that about but let's see so um one of the things that I look forward to each year thanks to Alex J Lopez by the way you can thank him for me talking about this all the time was this show called Longmire and it deserves a little bit of press so I'm gonna give it to you there's no reason to like this show that's the weird part longmeyer is one of those shows that you watch and you love it but if someone said hey you know what makes a lot more such a great show you're going it's like well you gotta know you love the show I don't know so you're looking at it going so what are the redeeming values of a TV show right so there's no special effects there's no there's no supernatural shit there's no there's you there's really hard to put your finger on what makes it a great show right there's zero hot chicks in the show zero Z zilch nothing so you're doing okay so there's no there's nothing you know for you and your penis to watch the the lead the lead guy is an old you know old geezer cowboy kind of guy and I don't even know if he'd be attractive to women or not and you know the show takes place in Wyoming he's drinking Rainier beer for crying out loud and you know it's got Lou Diamond Phillips who's a Native American guy and you know there's there's really like I'm trying to think of the show from even a woman's point of view I don't think there's a hot guy on the show either which is fantastic I mean one of the seasons they had you know the guy that was opposing Longmire for sheriff even though all the Sun I can't think of his name I said I know woke up anyway so he was probably he was an attractive dude I can say that because I'm comfortable my sexuality but that's it I mean you know one of the one of the so of his deputies on the show one of them's got a great body and a great rack but she has got the ugliest fucking face she was that the cylon chick on the new Battlestar Galactica right the daughter is ugly as sin jism have a great body she's ugly as sin the longmeyer's various girlfriends all of them are ugly you know yeah dude you've had you caught two live shows before I remember seeing your avatar it looks like a red red buttocks I don't know what it really supposed to be but from over here it looks like red buttocks so what makes Longmire worth watching well you know it's interesting because the show sort of takes place on a in a small town right and the is not this is there's nothing really unique about the show but it's a little it's a small-town Sheriff and you know he's the yeah Vic was Starbuck yeah I don't know how far I think you're delayed more than the regular 15 seconds or so but yeah so there's a there's a what makes this show interesting I think is the contrast between the small sleepy town you know the town sheriff is Longmire and and right next to this town is the Indian Reservation right then I'm sorry Native American reservation called the rez and so there's always this there's always conflict or there's always cultural differences between them or you know it's it's interesting the distrust between the Native Americans and and you know the town I don't know maybe I'll shave Lopez can explain why it's a good show I can't all I can tell you is I want to see more and I want to see more right now it's a great show I get sucked in there's you know much like you know procedurals there's sort of this long overreaching story arc that goes across all seasons right every you know there's always a backstory there's always something long but then there's always something short that gets resolved within the course of a single show but it doesn't feel formulaic like a lot of shows do and I think that's I think it's due to the fact that they shoot these things back-to-back and they release them all at once so it's like watching a miniseries you know you're watching a 10 episode miniseries which I love that but you know now I've got to wait another freaking year it's only been out a week and I'm done with it I consumed the whole thing like in four days so I I was very excited about that so I got that out of my system I'll probably go back and watch this season again because it was pretty good good season so far our life has been any bad Longmire season it's just a couple of you know slow parts but Lou Diamond Phillips is great in it and you know I like Bethesda the the the Native American version of the sheriff you know he's the tribal police chief if you will no pun intended yeah good show love that show I'm waiting there's a couple more shows that still haven't premiered yet there's a couple midseason shows coming I want to watch so I'm excited there's there's some decent TV on these days and I'm I'm sucking it all in as much as best as I can I also caught up I gotten the urge the urge to purge if you will I watched I was a big fan I talked about this on the show I was a big fan of the original purge me it was predictable in spots and it wasn't you know it didn't it had its share of plot holes from time to time but most movies do but it was a low-budget sort of indie flick with a with a radical idea that for those of you who aren't familiar the idea being that one day for 12 hours one day a year for 12 hours the entire United States goes into this purge all criminal activity is legal including murder so for 12 hours the entire country becomes a cesspool right people with access to grinds both literally and figuratively people who are pissed off at their boss you know that sort of thing everybody gets pay back on the purge day and you can do whatever you want I mean nothing there's a couple of rules I mean it's not like there's no rules but there's a couple of rules like class ten government employees can't are exempt from the purge you know large government officials you know higher-ups and you're not allowed to use explosives greater than you know level four whatever the hell that means there are a few rules but for the most part you can do whatever you want and the show signature is sort of these weird fucking masks and I'm telling you in the third one the mask just freaked me out you know I guess maybe it's like clowns some people are totally wigged out about clowns clowns don't bother me but these masks that they wear it's it's fucking creepy anyway so I'd only seen the first one I hadn't gotten around to seeing the second one or the third one the second one's called anarchy subtitled anarchy and then the third one it's election year and some of the characters are shared between the two shows the two movies so that's kind of cool I like seeing a reoccurring character like that but they're they're like legitimate movies where the first one was sort of like an indie sure how to put it like a like a cult movie it's a cult cult movie but it's got it it exudes the fact that it's a cult indie movie these other two feel a lot more like legitimate films and I think you know Michael Bay being involved and probably having considerably more money because the first one you know the first one was shot from practically nothing it made a ton of money so these other movies you know the second one did very well and made plenty of cash so I made a third one I won't ruin any of the storylines for you of course I mean at all they got a formula now right it's always you know two maybe three different groups that are trying to survive the purge day somehow managed to work themselves together and together as a group as a team they managed to survive the purge or whatever so everything it's it's formulaic but it works and it I'm ready for another one so let's move them on out let's get another one going on here so I caught up on those that was fun like I said the lots of practical effects you know they have really good effects for you know shooting people in the head and all that good stuff yeah I enjoyed it I checked out the premiere episode of Family Guy and you know I love family even though it's slowed down a lot and it's not nearly as clever as it once was I still get at least one good belly laugh out of it you know I don't get that for even the Simpsons anymore you know The Simpsons is about as old and as tired as it gets but but family guy still manages to get me chuckling and I love the characters and you know I have a personal kind of personal connection to them because I ran that website for so long my family guy files a lot of people don't know that I'll segue onto that I've got nothing else to really talk about unless you guys start putting questions or something in the chat I don't even know how long ago this was it must be like 10 maybe 15 years ago when Family Guy sort of got resurrected actually was just it was before Family Guy got cancelled because when I got when I started the website I figured okay all the episodes are out everything's you know on DVD are available it's a perfect time for me to create like this archive site where if you're watching family guy for the first time and maybe you're from the UK or maybe you're from I don't know China or whatever and you because a lot of the jokes are centered around American pop culture and I think a lot of people miss him you know they'll throw shit in that I swear to god nobody but me and like one other person got you know and it's like you know they need somebody needs to somebody needs to list all of these plus I wanted I wanted to know I wanted an index you know I want to know all the times that Back to the Future was parodied or mentioned or or a hat tip was given the Back to the Future I wanted to know every time they made fun of Disney or whatever I wanted all of that at my fingertips and nobody else had it nobody had it so I created Family Guy files as the ultimate Family Guy archive and I took every episode it was all database driven it's pretty good for back then especially and it had screenshots of each episode I had screenshots and clips of the the so-called band clips the things that they went back in and change huge as a result of viewer complaints there's a handful of those like the Osama bin Laden at the airport like you know after 9/11 and all that stuff once he became you know terrorist number one they decided it probably wasn't cool showing him getting through airport security singing show tunes so they clipped our they didn't air I think they didn't air that one after that for a long long long time once I went to adults when they said fuck it nobody's watching this anyway so we're gonna go ahead put the old ones back on but for the longest time my site was really the only site you could go to to hear his you know Nazi German dream you know his wish for his birthday sneeze wish for his birthday there was one where they shot a PEZ dispenser of Robert Kennedy they shot this the head off of this as dispenser nobody seemed to like that they thought that was in poor taste so that got cut off what else was there was like five or six things that you know pretty much if you wanted to see it you came to my site and I had it they got a really big following it's it's probably the biggest because I you know I go through my moods and I'll create a big community site and you know I'll turn it over to somebody else or I'll sell it off or give it away to somebody because you know I want to move on to something else but I did family guy files for for gosh I don't know three maybe four years and the show came back on and it became you know every week I was sitting here practically going framed for frame on this show making sure that I captured every gag every reference every fat tip every nod you know and that got to be time consuming and I loved I liked doing it but again I was planning on doing it for a fixed number of episodes you know I wasn't planning on running this damn thing forever you know what I'm saying who know I could still be doing the damn thing you know what I'm saying so at some point somebody offered me asked if they could buy the website now I assumed that they wanted the domain name because it was it was pretty high in Alexa and a couple of the other site evaluators at the time it was worth a amount of cash the domain name and so I thought the guy wanted to buy the domain name and he offered me $1,000 and it's like you know I could literally change the domain name to Family Guy archives comm keep all this content up and make a grant so I said sure I'll tell you the name so you know we were getting ready to make the transaction and he asked me how I was gonna provide all the data and all that's not I'm like wait a minute do you think for $1,000 I'm gonna sell you the entire website no no no you're bidding on the domain name pal you're gonna have the domain name for $1,000 well he wasn't happy with that at all but he did it anyway because I think he wanted the name bad enough so once he took the name I shut the site down planning on bringing it up as some other name and I said you know what this is a perfect time to just bail out of this put up a little sign saying you know I've sold the domain name we may or may not be back thank you for visiting it's been great blah blah blah and my bike I have to go so no more family guy files in hindsight I made the right choice although I probably could have made a ton of money on advertising if I'd really wanted to go that route but you guys know me I don't like communities loaded up with ads and shit like that so I would have gone on losing money and going out of my way or not making any cash and yeah now so to ask the Family Guy files you know I don't think I've ever talked about that on this show that's interesting what we're talking about cool websites that I'll tell you guys a little side story everyone likes my side stories so there was a time when I was the webmaster to the Stars okay a lot of see and maybe b-list celebrities all right but you know I got I got to play it up a little bit many of you know that I ran James Hong's website now James Hong for those of you you know you don't know who he is and I know you know who he is let me put it this way you know who James Hong is you may not know his name but you know his voice and you know who he is you go look him up on IMDB this guy's got like nine hundred movies under his belt or something crazy like that I've told numerous stories about hanging out with Jimmy Hong so but yeah but I also did Cynthia Rothrock website she was a be martial artist actress pretty damn good too I guess an actual martial art it's not a bullshit martial artist but she was a very talented martial artist five different black belts one one female karate or female martial art champion of the world something like that very um famous in her own right but you know there was a time when I believed she was either considered or auditioned for or something the role of Trinity in the matrix and quite frankly I think she would have been a better Trinity than carrie-anne moss but you know hey listen good for cariann masti at Department I think the martial arts would have been ten times better but the acting was probably better with carrie-anne moss which is probably why they went with her I loved Cynthia you know she's still if she's around and listening and Jay my friend Jay had the Kangas who got me into that whole thing I loved Cynthia I still go back and watch some of her stuff she's such a badass and she'd have that bad of an actress I've seen a lot worse but you know when she's you know one of the B martial art movie actresses so I did her website I was working on we were working on Lance Hendrickson I got to meet him on the set of millennium and we were gonna do his website that fell through but we were doing his David Carradine the late great caught in a closet wearing a dress hung David Carradine I did his website and I spent time at his home and at sets that he was on so that was kind of cool he was doing Tai Chi videos and oh my god I could sit and talk all day about David Carradine what a character let's see who else did I get sort of attached to there was like one or two other people but anyway one of the very first websites that I ever did this is some good good old school knowledge so I got out of the Navy in 95 November I think of 95 I came back to Washington right I got to that's when I got divorced I moved my wife back and then we separated I purposefully did that by the way for those of you who think I'm a complete scumbag for cheating on her I did bring her back to where her family was and that's when we sort of separated anyway I've told that story but I started working at this local computer land now computer land was a chain but it was one of those chains where it's not like Burger King or McDonald's where like you're held to a really strict franchise you know type schedule so you essentially bought the name I think was a hundred grand a year for the computer lamb name and then you just ran a however the fuck you wanted all you were buying was the name you weren't buying you know lo I mean the logos and all that other stuff you were just you're just a computer land franchisee and you know sell computers thank you oh and pay your pay your finance feed asshole that's pretty much it you know there was nothing going on that was remotely you know if you went to one computer land you didn't see them all every computer land was different but not it was not McDonald's where you get the same you know sandwich wherever you go anyway so I started working as a PC technician for them bright excited some PC skills and so I was fixing computers you know restoring back abs and replacing you know MFM drives all that fun stuff you did back at that time frame and I started studying web development in my spare time the web of course was still relatively young right 1995 late 95 early 96 and I was totally engrossed in the movie Mallrats I was huge fan I saw mall rats before I saw clerks so I didn't really know the Kevin Smith legacy per se all I knew was I loved mall rats I thought it was funny as shit and I loved the characters I thought it was amazing and so I made that the the target of my first official website and I dicked around and I put up some bullshit links you know standard geo cities bullshit but this one I really I really wanted to do it right so I remember some of this was some I don't remember if this was front page or early Dreamweaver I I want to say it was front page but I don't man I just don't remember it was right at the cutoff in between the two and I didn't have a domain name domain names were incredibly expensive back then I think there were like a hundred bucks a year or something back then so you might forget about it let's sure a business you're not buying a domain name you know you could for 295 at GoDaddy back then and so I had you know it was north west internet slash Tildy monroe s slash mole rats you know and so I I remember specifically I had gotten gotten the sending in a word I had obtained a plug-in set for paint shop pro that was using Paint Shop Pro even way back then it's my back when jasc owned it JSC and that I got some plug I think it was an alien skin plug-in I think they were one of the first like you know really cool plug-in people and so it let you make pictures look like they were on coins this was like a you know an outer bevel with a lights or something super easy to do now any program I'll do it now and you know it's an easy technique to do but back then it was really freaking cool looking and you know sites that I knew I've had it you know most sites were still text and square pictures but here it was I had all of the cast and these cool coins they make cool circles that look like coins I had synopsis character breakdowns and all this other stuff and it was a cool looking site whoa yeah 1996 cool anyway you know I put some sort of uh you know contact us on my email address on there whatever and I about shit myself Kevin Smith himself had found the website and wrote to me and said thank you so much for promoting the film and you know putting together such a kick-ass website and so I wrote him back I'm like oh you know I'm gushing with fan you know sorry I'm just bah bah bah bah bah fortunately I had time to craft it you know it wasn't in person where you sound like an idiot I had time to actually like compose something halfway professional and I said hey you know I'm so excited that you got to see it it means a lot to me and I put a lot of time and energy into it so it's cool it's great that other people got to see if I'm really excited that you got to see it thank you for coming you know see and so he said do you want to do a question and answers you want to put up like an interview with Kevin Smith on the website like um let me think about it yeah so you know this was before easy audio you know nowadays I do it over Skype and I'd have you know video of him and the whole bit but you know back then it was like it's gonna be text right so he says well you know send me like ten questions and I'll answer I'm on the Gulf Jesus okay sweet so I remember writing up like ten questions and I don't even remember what the questions were but I put a lot of thought into them you know wasn't fanboy lip-service shit I asked some good questions and I sent it over to him and you know it took him a few days but he got back to me and I had I didn't have an official status right because like Miramax or something onda Mallrats so he couldn't say hey you're the official site of Mallrats but you could kind of tell he wanted me to be the official unofficial website of Mallrats and that was way cool I mean I had it yeah yeah I had like the first but I knew of web interview with Kevin Smith on my website I'm all rats website unfortunately now listen before you asked I still have a copy of the website or any of that stuff alas I cannot find it to save my life I've looked I've got archived CDs going back to like 1998 but I don't think I archived or backed up that website and no it's not on the internet wayback machine because it did never it never um archived user pages right that's what they called him back then right so NW internet calm they probably have that in the wayback machine but you're not gonna find NW internet calm slash Tildy monroe s you know what I'm saying so it's lost forever which is too bad I didn't have a screenshot of it but once I showed that to my boss and I showed him that I was getting traction and fucking Kevin Smith wrote to my ass he said you know fuck this PC repair shit you're gonna be our on-site web developer and so I built websites and websites and more websites and I got my own little closet now I'm like I'm not kidding was actually a closet but it was mine it was the closest thing I've ever had to owning my own office you know I dealt directly with the customers we did you know $5.99 web packages and I made him some decent scratch unfortunately he wasn't paying me much money that's back when I was making 19 grand a year that was 1996 folks 19 grand that's Popper wages even for then but yeah and that took off and oh my god so this is what I know this is a little on the techy side so not everybody will appreciate it but the computer land was an expert in this database tool called advanced revelation and don't worry if you've never heard of it I've never heard of it since and I barely knew what it was then but this was Dimitri was the name it was my boss's name and he was the lead coder the expert in advanced revelations he had I swear to god he must have owned a piece of the company or something but anyway so if everything was advanced revelation for him and for everything and he would spend he would go out to businesses and say I've got this accounting package I've got this inventory package I've got all this shit that we wrote in-house this is not off the tool off-the-shelf tool we can customize it to whatever you want so he made a considerable amount of scratch by custom programming this advanced revelation shit and it was crap I mean literally it was there was something something special about it you know I mean a database is a database for the most part right but every single one of them has to have one thing that sort of sets them apart and for the life of me I cannot remember what advanced revelations claim to fame was but as far as the mean-free was concerned it was the bees no forget about debase free forget about semantics QA forget about all that shit this is it advanced revelation there's nothing else it was DOS based right so you didn't have to have Windows to use it so he's the customers that were still on you know machines from 1979 they could run advanced revelation but it was all you know it was all skiing text you know there was no UI screens per se was all built with you know boxes and everything else that sort of looked like you know came from that era and so I remember the the beginning of me stopping that was the beginning of my not enjoying web development anymore and this happened around something called Ridge to River now richer River was like a triathlon in the Wenatchee Valley every year they had this Ridge to River relay r2r Ridge stir everything yeah and they would have like there was a bicycling leg that was a kayaking leg there was a running leg I think that might have been one more so it was it's not a biathlon no that's - right triathlon quad quad Athlon I don't know what the fuck they called it anyway well computer land was a major sponsor of register River in fact computer land basically was rich - river you know what I'm saying so every year they use Ridge - river as the ultimate sales tool so they were setting up I remember when I first got there they were there they were setting up work stations that were networked every leg of the race and so at the finish line where people were waiting this you know for their racers to complete the race they could see real-time stats well almost real-time leg stats of how the marathon was going and I guess that was kind of cool you know - you know in Wenatchee that was fucking high tech especially in 1996-97 and so advanced revelation was their baby right so everything was imagine Elizabeth advanced revelation came out with a beta package it was more like alpha let's be honest they came out with a web server that would allow you to code webpages against the database the first ten versions of this thing did not fucking work period I don't care what Dimitri said I don't care what the advance revelation fucking organization said that shit did not fucking work how many hours we spent dicking with that thing trying to make it work just so that we could render the results on the web that was the game plan that was the end result and he wanted that so bad I mean you might as well you know take heroine away from a junkie for a few days that's how much he wanted Ridge to River to be on the Internet I built the ridge to River Site but we didn't we and I believe he stepped out of bounds and promised that the results in real time were going to be available on the ridgid River website so now we had no choice but to deliver and we did not what we did but it was bullshit so what it really boiled down to us on race day I was sitting at my web editor and as all the leg information would come down I would cut and paste it into the web page and save it directly onto the web server so that they would see quote quote live updates it was all a sham it was bullshit and of course he used that to sell advanced revelation to more fucking customers well see we've got a web component now we can put stuff right on the web and it's like you asshole there's no there's no weapons unity doesn't work how are you how do you do that with a straight face eventually of course it did work and then of course I was expected to code against that and all the customers want a database web sites that was another time that I packed up and left and headed for Phoenix in 1998 which was the best proof I could have ever made her I'd still be back there Gooding against fucking advance revelation I probably still using it of course now it's probably based on Windows 3.1 now you know they're very progressive what other fun shit happened to computer land that was the time when a very important city official brought their computer so we were the celebrity computer shop we were overpriced everything was at least 20% more at computer land but businesses didn't care they thought that it was worth it because they you know as big businesses they had to meet his ear and they always got priority service whether they paid for it or not and Dmitriy made damn sure that these guys were you know they were in his pocket so you know if you've ever worked as a PC tech in a high-volume shop like that it's much like an HMO gynecologist but only I in my insane genius brilliance can relate being a PC tech worker with a an HMO gynecologist okay and here's why you've seen so much shit throughout the course of the day you stop forgetting who it is that's in there you know what I'm saying you know it's like everyone thinks it'll be great you'd be going to college you see pussy all day long well yeah okay one you don't need to see the pussy you want to see all right they go to bigger upscale places than you they've got probably upscale Scottsdale gynecologists looking at their pussy all right so you're not gonna get that you're gonna get the skanky nasty people you're supposed to you do not want to see and that's the same way it was with PC tech you didn't get like brand-new hardware you didn't get anything slick you know you think it's a PC tag you might see you know the lady you might see a cd-rom drive yeah something really exciting yep all you got were the Drover's and the bummers just the dregs man just the dregs so anyway so we got I had a machine you know just you know it's the same sort of Kanban system you just go over to the shelf you know pick from top to bottom grab the Machine off I plugged it in and I think it was you know hard drive is full please try to make free space or whatever and yeah that's how bad tech support was back then anyway so I'm looking and it's like oh it was unusual as it was very unusual to have a second hard drive right very unusual doesn't happen you know everybody had a seen a D Drive right C what's your hard drive D was your cd-rom and that was it right so I go to D thinking it's the cd-rom drive right so I put a disk in I was gonna run some utility that we had and I go to the D Drive and it's like why isn't setup working or whatever the command was and and so I do a directory like oh this is another hard drive or if the guy knows he's got two hard drives in here maybe that's why he's that a spacey saving everything to see but he's got a D Drive that's empty and then I started looking at the directory listing and I saw something with a jpg extension or as a Jeff extension I remember I think it was Jeff back then that I could not believe that would be there so I opened it and it was kiddie porn for bestiality porn one of the two something extraordinarily illegal and I'm like okay close the window plausible deniability I saw nothing nothing so then I'm thinking okay I better say something because my hands are gonna be the last hands that are on this thing and someone's gonna say I put it on there it's gonna be a big bunch of problems so I look at the invoice I see who it's for and I'm not gonna tell you who it was but let's just say it was a very high-ranking city official I called the meter and I said I need you to come down here now he's like what's going I said I can't tell you over the phone who could be listening come down here so he comes down there and I said you need to take a look at this and I opened up the jig the JPEG or whatever and I'm like but that's not the bigger problem and then I handed him the invoice and I said I want full you know deniability for what's what this is and he's like I'll take care of it so he grabbed the machine he took the invoice never saw either one of them again I can only imagine what Dmitri reaped for having found kiddie porn on a high level city officials machine can only imagine all right listen I'm home guys I gotta get going you got a nice long show today even if it wasn't scripted as much as I like this is Shane our Munroe passenger see radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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