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hello everybody this is Shane our Monroe you're on the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is September 29th 2016 and you're on my very special episode I'm on my not 13 mile commute home but rather I'm on the commute back to my daughter's home from the lasik Center here in Phoenix the LASIK Phoenix Technology Center and so my daughter's gonna be joining us Catherine so I gather so she's the one who had the LASIK done and as she was talking about and I thought it'd be very interesting to my listeners to hear about the whole LASIK situation and what it was like because I was thinking about it for about two seconds in the waiting room as I was waiting for her to have it done and after she started telling me about I thought now probably not going to go that way so Catherine tell us about the prep work that got done before you actually went in for the surgery before today like Oh Jeff before today we got plenty of times when we get back okay you go in look at your eyes and make sure you're even a candidate for the LASIK what sort of things would have disqualified you did they say no like if you've got something wrong with your eyes or there's some physical damage or something yeah I know contacts have a lot to do with it if you wear contacts that has a big deal on it to leave me by if you wear them normally than they could affect your eyes yeah do it yes like I got the upgrade from regular LASIK Senate where I wore glasses so but if you wear contacts it does something to your eyes certain doesn't make them as good if you are wearing glasses gosh okay so was that just pretty much it was that first how many times did you have to go in before the actual procedure what just once what and how long did it take him to get you scheduled in after you went to that did all the paperwork and everything and then they just scheduled a date they wanted me to come in the day after I did the paperwork but I couldn't so so it's pretty quick process yes gotcha okay so so then today I mean I was tea with you for part of the process but once they took you back so they took you back twice what was the first time for her first time they went back there to check my eyes to make sure the prescription was still the same okay and so now now tell us so you went back for the second time now this was like a couple of hours I've been sitting my ass in that waiting room so tell us what happened when you went back and then tell us the story of the actual surgery they took me back I go into a room I sticker on your forehead was it by any chance a Star of David oh alright that's great so and then after that you wait and then they pull you back into the room they check your eyes again they lay you on this table and they put these drops in your eyes I guess it's too dumb it can still feel everything I don't get ahead of yourself part of this shows the build-up so all right so they put some stuff in your eyes alright then what then they take these sticker things and they stick them to your eyelashes and your eyelid and stick them open on both sides and then they stick this big circular thing and suck it under your eyeball all right don't get ahead of yourself so how long did it take you after they they after you went in the second time because it took a while I mean I know the process is short but what were you doing in there for the hour and a half that I was sitting around after you went in the second time and before the actual procedure did you texted me buddy before the procedure yeah that was it so when you mentioned that there were other people sitting there so how many people were in there um there were three other people and then there's having other people in the back so I thought about three or four other people getting shoved in other areas because they didn't have enough chairs where we were so sort of cattle like they were just kind of it's like waiting in line in a Disneyland ride they were just moving you from station to station yes all right so all right so now they actually so now they lay you down they've got your eyelids basically taped open right and so do they strap you down so you couldn't swig around that's what I want to do no nope Wow all right so did your eyes feel any different after the yeah Clockwork Orange will be is in the channel high well you're probably the only one since we're doing this in the middle of the day so yeah we'll be mentions a Clockwork Orange just exactly what I see when I think of the paste you know pasting her eyelids open and putting drops in it okay so go ahead and get to you so they so at some point they lay you down right that's after they put the sticker on your head the eyelids are open yeah and so how do they keep your eye from closing that's it the stickers so how do they keep the so then they put this big circular metal thing on your eyeball oh wait I'm still trying to figure out how they keep your eye open so you said they've got a standard fit they have like it's a circle a circular thing but it's got these like little clamps on each side to go like under your eyelid and keep it open okay so they do have clams yes gotcha gotcha those of you just tuning in we're in the show here I'm on my way back from the Phoenix LASIK Center where my daughter Katherine just had LASIK surgery and I thought that it'd be fun to have her in and talk about her experience we're in the were actually in the procedure room now her eyelids are stuck open and she got the clamps over the eyes to keep him open and she's laid down and she's getting ready to undergo the surgery so I can continue and they have this big light thing over the top of you and they tell you to look at this big green light in front of you sometime that is the focus they said don't look at anything else because you have to keep your eyes still for the surgery well that's hard yeah it sounds hard to me especially when you're in that weird traumatic clockwork orange' situation yes and then after that they they take this I think it's a scalpel I can't tell what it was because this was look at the bring light right yeah you know what they cut the flap open on your eyes so did you feel that yes I mean I mean other than pressure was a big pressure this pressure and was the was the scalp everything's automated right there's no human with their hand here I the human cut the flap open on your eye oh my god I remember vomit here in it alright so so okay okay so the human cuts the flap I'm gonna freakin puke it's a circular metal thing so they just goes around the circular thing on your eye oh my god so no so it's not like just a single blade across they actually cut the circle they cut a circle oh my god thank you gone so you're looking at the green light they've cut the circle they've open up your flap they take the flap open oh and then they put something over I don't know what it is they put something over your eye and you loot you can't see a thing but and then the laser goes you can smell it all right so you're saying they whenever they're burning away or chipping away adding your eyeball you can smell it cooking you can smell it yes oh my god yeah so but it was it just like one color of laser was a lot of laser you can't see anything oh you can't see anything can't see anything oh so cuz I was when I was sitting in the waiting room I saw that stupid pitch video like 900 times in the lobby and they were talking about that when you're undergoing it it's like a light show and you'd see a bunch of cool lights and stuff not true no lying lying sons of bitches I'm gonna go back in there and make them change their pitch video and in the lobby okay so okay so how long did that process take they did the pressure and suction for 30 seconds and the laser was like five seconds and that was it it's like 30 seconds or more it's not long it's not long no all right so so how long okay so when they were doing the laser itself you didn't see anything it was all dark yeah they do something and you lose your vision and then whatever they do it comes back that's creepy as hell that's the part I think that would bother me well aside from the scalpel part it's the part where you lose your vision is that because you think they put something over it or they with your eye in major I stopped working so that's what I'm always afraid of I don't know I didn't ask to I was freaking out yeah I'd be freaked that's it all right so and then so once they were done with the eye at some point you could see again before they went to the next die right yeah it was foggy all right so they went to the next side they repeated the process and then I'm assuming they let you late stay laid down for a minute or two while you were kind of freaked out still looked at my eyes again right put more drops and then they told me the underwater or fogginess will be normal and then set me on my way okay so how long is the underwater fogginess thing supposed to last as I said I just want to get the hell out all right so now you've got some sort of sunglasses on is there anything under the sunglasses nope but you say you can feel the flap as you're pulling the flaps you can feel them you can feel the cut oh my god that's so disgusting I'm looking at the channel here let's see cross between Logan's Run and Pink Floyd show nice gummy eyeballs for Halloween Oh Travis si by the way he's in the channel I don't know why he's not working I'm not sure why any of these people aren't working I know you're not driving your kids to the laser eye surgery facility Justin's in the house welcome in welcome in okay so now the next step the next phase of this whole LASIK action is you're supposed to go home and go to bed for four hours is that right yep sleep for four hours I've got these nice little goggles these are goggles have to wear to sleep what do they do okay keep me from rolling over on them okay and then I've got three different kinds of drops I have to use one like every hour one every four hours and then another one yeah how long do you do that for for about a week a week and they didn't tell you like when you should expect things to be more or less normal how long it would take probably a week I would guess of here yeah I'm still plump and I'm drops in there yeah about one week I need to put three different drops in and then I've got these little artificial tears that you use that they put in to well they put something in your eye like right look you're not sure that's right yeah they put something in there yeah there's no way I'm ever having results it dissolves oh my god puke it keeps your eyes moist right I get that but I'm still gonna vomit that's so does anything anything with stuff in your eyes just grosses me out all right so now the other question I have to ask is what does something like this cost because I know in the old days it was like 500 per eye I don't know what it costs now so why don't you let my audience know what something like this runs okay and the whopping number is three thousand one hundred and ninety-eight dollars holy that's that's everything right all inclusive that's the lifetime guaranteed and I got the upgrade from LASIK to contour so is that were they like Maps a dream or a topographical mapping yourself better yeah all right so now the big question I have and I know my listeners who've been following your story because you know you're a popular part of the show whether you're don't know it or not how do you get to pay for something like that my god financing port was that at the laser eye place oh yes and and what do they I mean how much a month you have to pay for something like that two thirty two hundred and thirty dollars a month yes better never come to me asking for rent money so I'm never again do you get to ask me for rent money yeah two hundred and thirty but it's a lot of money yeah Wow and so what's the term on that how long you have to pay that I'm not give you about say six months or more pay that off butcher panel came I'm just trying to do the math in my head here so if you're paying 230 dollars a month and you're paying like 3500 bucks that's at least a year where did you get figure six months of the day just don't know anything I use exactly yes yes sketch craft it's passenger morning radio today justin talked me out of it - not that I was ever hype to do yet yeah I'm done with that on it I was sitting there you know because this pitch video for those of you came in late I sat in the lobby for like the last let's see we got there about just just before 8:00 so I was in there for I don't know two and a half hours I guess and they have this a 15 minute pitch video running on the big screen in the lobby and it's like you know these very attractive people talking about how terrible their lives were you know first of all problems how terrible their lives were that they had to wear glasses and you know they couldn't wear contacts because that was just not for their lifestyle and whatever you know so you know life before LASIK you know that was the little slide at the beginning and then they're talking about how it wasn't any big deal there was no discomfort it was it was eight seconds per eye blah blah blah in and out and see this is all everything that they say in that video so far sounds like it's absolute based on what have you been telling us unbelievable and what's will be say reminds me of the home movies episode yeah right yeah so there you have it folks first-hand knowledge you see in about a week it's not gonna seem as bad to her in like two weeks it's gonna be like I was no big deal I wanted the real story right out of the freaking office what it was like to have LASIK so now I'm convinced that it's not for me I'll be wearing contacts until I'm crawling into the grave apparently but we have a few we have a few more minutes this it's not going to be a long show because we're on the way back from downtown Phoenix back to her apartment so Catherine works for a maid service company I told you guys a couple of these stories already but they're a lot more funny coming from her but Rockets mention what the name of the company is because that's that would be not a good for her but she's got good stories and I'm trying to convince her to start her own podcast it's like I promise you that not only would I listen to it but probably most of my listeners would listen to it too because it sounds like the kind of stuff you would appreciate is a National Coffee Day really I did not know that all right so so tell us what it's like first of all in your own words because that's kind of talked about it but tell them what your day is like being one of these Tiger team mates just a mess all right so all right so start on the beginning you get up in the morning you drop the kids off at daycare and you you needed a central office and go from there do you guys meet in two different places we meet at our office okay then we get the paperwork we have to go over and make sure we have everything we do we load the cars and then we and then we head out we put the GPS of that dress in make sure you know we've got our keys that everything in the houses make sure we know what exactly we need to do in the first house and head there so how many houses do you usually have scheduled for a given day four four all right so a lot of people I think they think like the maid just goes in there there for the day and they leave so what you you have a driving period and you do work in a house when you drive some more go to the next house etc so explain to the audience how um how that works for a pay perspective how do they pay you for those differently you get paid minimum wage for driving between houses and then you get paid 10 an hour for in a house so all the time you're in the house you're getting more money than when you're driving around I guess that kind of makes some sort of weird sense but now tell them about your lunch hour your lunch break tell us about that you don't have a lunch break we have to inhale our food between houses and so healthy how much time you usually have between houses it depends how close they are together sometimes one minute sometimes six minutes sometimes 30 so in order for them to track all of that time accurately do they have like a punch clock in the car or something we have a tablet we carry around and we punch in when we get we're in the house and we punch out they have a GPS so they know for in the house or not so they know where the people you you as a person are in the house yes because you've got some sort of a GPS tracker on your body on the tablet we carry around but there's only one person carrying the tablet riders everybody carries well you are now we'll get to that because most of my listeners don't know that no all right so yeah now what the best part the best stories that come from this from this job are from the people and the houses that you have to go to now I'm assuming you do some of the houses you do frequently like once a week you see the same houses but it sounds like you see a lot of different houses over the course of the job too so give us a couple of stories of some of the houses and the people that you've had the experience to to be with well we go all over the valley so I'm we have some that get angry because we're there early and then some that don't care and they show up at the door and their underwear their boobs out because they're feeding I think I've got seen it all so like now you mention to me one time that you into a house that had a special sign up that this cracks me up and I mention it on the show but it's more funny when you tell on the paperwork it says do not speak Spanish so this is actually on the paper the work order that you get says right on the thing yep paperwork and so you went to this house yep and one of my co-workers were saying if he speaks Spanish in this house they will kick you out and you're not allowed back that's crazy they don't care if you speak Swahili or Farsi as long as it's not Spanish language they just said Spanish so so did anybody that you worked with been been kicked out not that I know of okay so one of my listeners will be is asking have you been to any hoarders houses yes oh my god okay tell us the story about the hoarder house um boxes everywhere you have to like turn sideways and like wiggle your asses through to get to places and this hoarder house had rat infestation two grocers oh my god that's so filthy you know what the do we do why we're here right so I mean so what up so how do you I mean what are they expecting you to do with the house like we just clean what we can't get to I mean there's not much you can do just do the best you can so when you go to these houses do you have specifically set what you're supposed to do yes okay so give us an idea like what how it varies from house to house some they will give instructions the owner of the house whether they want a room cleaned or not cleaned they want if they want their sheets changed or not if they want something not touched or touched in a room it will be on there and we clean everything we do the kitchens the bedrooms bathrooms everything we do not clean up pet urine pet poop we don't we don't do that we don't pick up your laundry we're not made we're going there to clean your house not pick up your all right now now give us an idea now this is gonna sound extremely racist but the people who listen to this show understand um so what's the demographic of your maid service mostly Hispanic really okay give us the breakdown sort of tell us the the the people that we might be inviting into our homes to clean our house um okay there are about four black girls to three Hispanics and the rest of us are white lo crackers so wait what about like exotics like Russians haven't ever be like Russian women and we've got three guys why don't we open yes three okay one of them is Korean but that's it really yes well so um you might get a guy coming in to clean your house yeah yeah are they gay by any chance or can you tell you know no I kind of worry about worry about not gonna he's he's slipping into the deep wag buyer of gayness I'm worried about him being able to pull out of that that's awesome cool so um so before you were just as you would call a duckling right so you were you were just one of the the cleaners but recently you've been sent through sort of the Leadership Program yeah I'm fascinated that there is a hierarchy and that there's a whole big thing with with this maid service so um so so you've got your underlings your ducklings yeah and then there's a team lead and is there is the team lead the supervisor - yes you have to go back and check your little ducklings you gotta check the doublet so what exactly what do you I mean what are you checking I mean you have to check all if there were sure yes you make sure because if you get a complaint it goes for the whole team right so that counts it counts against you because you're supposed to be the team lead you go back there and check to make sure they did their work properly if did if they did not you have to send them back to do it Wow all right so now do you get separate like evaluations and so are as a team that you say the tol team takes the head yeah as the team lead I'm assuming the you get in some sort of trouble if the customer is not happy have you had I mean I know you're new to the team you got a complaint already you've got a complaint and what's the process on that the customer complaints too you know they call the office because they're too to tell us that there's something wrong they don't like right so instead of giving you the opportunity to fix it or whatever complain they'll wait for you to leave yes exactly gotcha all right so um get we need more stories what other kind of interesting stories so tell us about the grossest thing that you've so far come in contact with oh okay let's go move into the bathroom then let's do that let's do that when I go into the bathroom and there in there still and then it looks like someone's ass exploded over the whole screen it's so filthy and you think do you think that like whether or not they had a maid service or not they would be doing that I mean do they you think we do that just because they know someone else is cleaning it up there no there are people that have us come every week and you can tell when you go in there that they have no they don't clean and they wait until we come in there right right right they would rather just have this all over the seat and then wait for the service ticket and the initials initials are first-time clean we go in there and we start cleaning in a process for them and trying to get it in order alright Willie let's let's not let's go back because I thought this was interesting too so there's so you do have so when you bring on a new client right because you have a lot of repeat business I'm sure yeah but you have a new client there's a first there's a first cleaning system that goes through right you have an initial parent sort of thing yeah all right so so that's and so as the team lead you probably go in and do some sort of evaluation and you tell them listen no no nope nope nope office goes in there they do the evaluation how much it's gonna cost how long it's gonna be in there you know everything like that we don't have to do anything we just go in there and clean so essentially your work orders what you weren't God love and that's it yeah gotcha so the first time you go to a house obviously I'm sure that there are times when the house is absolutely horrid yes and then subsequent visits are cleaner because you've had that initial deep cleaner yeah I've been in the house before where I cleaned just the bathrooms and the kitchen I was there for six hours chef go on just the bathrooms and kitchens because it was so damn nasty all right so do you have any idea what your clients pay for your services yes because it has the price right there on the ticket all right so give us an idea okay so and I'm not talking about like the first clean or the horrid or or the asshole that shits all over a seat you know a regular household what does something like that cost Evan come in we all over square footage okay it doesn't matter how filthy you are that's Roomba no what are they waiting to clean the off the toilet so you get there there's no penalty yep gotcha okay so what does it cost what's the what's that courage I've seen is about a hundred okay so I could I could get somebody in once a week for it like a hundred bucks a week I could get you guys to come in and Tiger team my house yes that's not that bad really and how many people are in your crew two or three it depends depends on the square footage of the house bro yesterday I had three because we we ended up getting six houses I wanted to die oh my god how often does that happen not often let's go we're getting into our busy season so it's gonna be that's interesting that there's their seasons for cleaning is that because of holidays and Snowbird writer quarter winter gosh and they want their houses clean that makes complete sense I didn't think about that so the snowbirds show up they're the people that come during the winter down here the old people probably and then people for holidays that want their house cleaned before people come over I'm thinking that oh look at my house we clean ray don't please it's all a lie it's all a facade just like half our clients are stay-at-home moms that's so funny that is hilarious well they sit there on their asses on the computer we clean around them it's like oh yeah alright so probably one of my more pervy listeners is asking about uniforms do you guys wear a uniform no it's not a maid outfit it's in a big-ass shirt right so forget if you're looking for that I think you have to go to a special section on Craigslist yeah to get that one right so the uniform situation is over nothing salacious nothing says you know so now as a woman I mean I'm trying to trying to give my listeners the full picture here so as a woman would you say that the people that work are attractive people there are few so there's a gambit of people that range from yes yeah yeah you just have to roll the dice somehow all right well we are at your apartment um I need to walk you in or you got it yeah all right well thank you cancer for appearing on passenger seat radio and you better I need them I need the cleaning lady show as soon as possible my listeners why the cleaning lady oh my story there's so many I know that there's more we only tapped this we've only cleaned the surface here no pun intended all right go have your nap I'll talk to you later should probably make sure she actually gets into her apartment well there you go special a very special passenger seat radio let me just sit here and watch for a second there's nobody coming iced want to make sure she gets in yeah she could see the keyholes must be in good shape all right well that's uh that finishes a bad segment of the show I'm serious though I'm totally serious about trying to get her involved we're doing a podcast right because she's got to drive she's got a little commute so she could do a 10-15 minutes show a couple times yeah now I've got to go back to work so I've done my dad lis duties outside of paying for the blood sucking lawyer and yeah so I find it fascinating that somehow she can come up with $230 that's that's an interesting thing I'm gonna file that in my miscellaneous Bricker Brad collection yeah well you know I think that was I thought that was a valid question to ask is what's what that sort of thing costs yeah see I was thinking that you'd be in for about a grand but like 3500 bucks and it does not sound like a pleasant process at all so for those of you came in late my daughter Katherine was in the car and we were talking about her LASIK surgery that she'd just had her LASIK procedure and some of her stories from her maid service job be the tiger team aids so yeah I really don't have anything specific else to talk about but we can sit here and vamp for a little while I suppose let's see oh well I got a couple things I can talk about yesterday was a nice busy day for television as I mentioned there was a whole bunch of newer shows that were on like American Horror Story was on Lethal Weapon was on Modern Family Goldberg's was on yesterday or last night so I decided to spend my time I caught up on oddly enough I got in the latest episode of South Park called the damned witch I'm there I'm missing some backstory because I haven't been keeping up with it but essentially this is so great about South Park a lot of people always ask themselves you know how the sound part is no topical I mean you can have something happen a couple of days ago and it almost immediately appears on a South Park episode well for those of you who don't know their their time from conception to airing is under a week which is lunacy so they've got such a fine well-oiled machine that they can have an idea on I guess so it aired on Wednesday right so they could have an idea Wednesday night and then by the next Wednesday that idea can be on the screen and there was a there was a documentary I think was called a week in the life of South Park or something like that and they showed you the process from conception to airing it's a fascinating little documentary I don't think was that long but it kind of gives you an idea how the hell they pull that off well this last last night's was about the presidential debates along with another side story of carbon giving up social media and that there's this whole group of people who've given it up and it's like there's a support group that meets in the park it's pretty funny but the best part though was the whole Trump Trump Hillary thing now they chose not to act here's what here's the weird part they chose to actually portray Hillary right I mean it's not obviously her voice but they portray Hillary as Hillary but the Trump they have a character they assigned called douchebag so you know where their political leanings are but they don't ever say the word Trump he doesn't even look like Trump he looks like um mr. garrison right but he's got like that that face makeup ring you know that yeah member berries that was hilarious anyway I don't want to give away the whole episode but anyway they were some of the member berries were funny so they have him it's like you know his little it's in his font and it looks like his plaque for Trump but it says douche it's hilarious anyway so so they have the the presidential debates are getting ready to start and so got Hilary's prep team you know her press team in there and they're like now now mrs. Clinton listen all of you you don't have to do anything don't get riled up or anything all you have to do is after everything your opponent says just say this V my opponent is a liar and he can't be trusted or even or whatever something to that effect and so she's like okay I got it so then they show the the debate and you know douche comes out you know and he's like I am NOT suited for this position I never thought I'd get this far I don't know anything you'd be so much better off voting for this other person who you know well main that maybe not spotless at least has some sort of experience in government I am completely wrong for this position I beg you not to vote for me and of course you know Hillary is no puppeting Mike you know my opponent is a liar and his voice should not be trusted well the whole thing was kind of showing I think it stands dad he was like he can't believe that people are voting for Trump you know how could you believe this guy he's a douche bag blah blah blah and so over the course of the episode suddenly he as he's watching Trump ever times like doosh every single public appearance he just continues to say please for the love of God don't vote for me you're all a bunch of penis dickheads I hate you all and they're all like clapping you know and they're all saying you know they love him because he says whatever he wants and you know well and so Randy starts getting won over and then he goes over to one of his bar buddies houses and said hey listen I'm you know I'm on I'm on the douche bandwagon I'm gonna vote for him too I get it now and the other guys like if you lost your mind you know I said what he saw anybody's like I'm not voting for that guy he said but yesterday you were voting for him and he's like I changed my mind he's like how can you flip like that and he's like you did everything it's a great episode and I tuned in specifically because I was wondering if they would have some sort of debate related stuff and of course they did so that was great good episode of it I mean like me I'm probably a good season season and a half behind but I thought I would tune in just to see what they were gonna do with that American Horror Story finally started getting interesting American Horror Story is a great show it's been great every season as far as I'm concerned but they do have a disturbing habit of the first like three episodes two or three episodes just being set up kind of snooze fest you know every single season I say the same thing I might have to get out of this this isn't entertaining to me I'm kind of bored well with this last night's episode we are fully in now we know what's going on we know who everybody is we understand we know about the Roanoke connection we've got everything we need and now the show is actually starting to get interesting so now I'm back on board of that so let's talk about Lethal Weapon because you know along with the Exorcist Lethal Weapon has been one of the sort of surprises you know that I wasn't I watched the first episode pretty sure was gonna suck but let's take a look anyway so the second episode of Lethal Weapon they did as ice as I predicted they started to fix some of the problems that I had with the first show one there were very few hat tips or nods to the original show so the pilots out of the way you know the premiere episode they've if you're gonna if they latched on to you because you're an original Lethal Weapon fan they got you already so they're not trying this hard anymore which is great that's what they needed to do that was one of the things they needed to do the second thing they needed to do was make us give a about the supporting cast after the first episode I cared about nobody right they completely wasted the supporting cast now they're starting to work him in just a little bit and it's helping right it's it's a step in the right direction for the show unfortunately the bigger problem the biggest problem with the show that right now I can still get through I'll be watching another one the biggest problem with the show is Briggs right the the guy the actor the place rigs and the way that he's portraying rigs I don't like it I just it's not right it's not the right like I said Damon Wayans is doing fine with Murtagh it's a little bit different but it's the spirits there I'm not I just don't like breaks I don't like him I don't like the hillbilly I don't like the self deprecation and you'll understand that when you see the episode it's just it doesn't it doesn't have to be Mel Gibson right but I need breaks I have a very specific profile built up in my mind as to who he is how he is how he behaves what he does and quite frankly this guy isn't it you know I would let them for the sake of the show right the sake of the show I would let them at this point in time a few episodes in I would actually let them change out that actor right just like they did with Marty McFly when that when Michael J Fox took over right I would let them I would let them replace him I really would I don't feel the bondage but didn't bondage him I don't feel the bonding between them I don't feel a connection in fact I feel the opposite of that it's it's not good and I know it's that character I know it's Riggs as problem I know it's the fault of that actor in that portrayal it's too bad I'm hoping that the show can you know continue to to grow and maybe that character will grow too I don't know but I was hoping to see more fixing on this episode but it's a step in the right direction so I mean I'm in for another one we'll see how that goes I did not get a chance to watch them on our family I haven't seen anything of this season yet but you know I guess they got like a transgender kid in there and I'm gonna be honest with you listen I'm almost as liberal as they come I can excuse a lot of I love the gay couple on the show I love you know the the Colombian American dynamic I'm good with all of that I am I really am I'm cool them adopting a kid all that stuff I'm good with any of that stuff I am NOT excited about this transgender kid thing and I'll tell you why if you've listened to the show you understand that the whole adolescent thinking thing right essentially you people cannot start making good decisions in their lives until they reach a certain age that's why you live at home with your parents until you're 18 even then maybe it's not long enough maybe that's what the Millennials figured out we'll just stay home with our parents know we're 30 there we can start our lives but you know kids 1 ok so here's the deal right be singing development you have until they're about seven about seven is when a kid starts developing their own identity they start and decoupling any sort of influence that you want to have on them you got to do it before the age of seven by the time they get to about thirteen or fourteen they're forming their own ideals they're forming their own you know thought processes they're divorcing themselves from what they know of as expected by their parents this is when they start getting their own musical tastes right you know my son loves the music I love but I guarantee when he turns 13 14 he's not gonna listen to any of this anymore you know what I'm saying so I mean I understand that that's coming so I'm enjoying the couple of years that you can still enjoy listening to Michael Jackson and smokey because at some point I'm that's not gonna be cool he's gonna have to listen to Justin Bieber or whatever the fuck's gonna be playing at that point in time so to allow a youngin to make that sort of transgender decision listen hey listen if you are 25 and you're not happy being a man or a woman and you feel that you were born into the wrong body and you feel that you know you need to change that up I'm good with that as far as I'm concerned once you're an adult once your brain is started making proper decisions now IQ is supposed to peak at 25 - that's what will be contributed once your of you know of age where you can make a rational decision that's your column you know if you want to be a dolphin you know have a flippers flippers installed whatever I don't care that's your business the children children have to be protected not just from the shitty nasty world that we live in but also from the really shitty decisions they make and listen you may be forcing a girl who's actually a boy into being a girl until they're 25 right are 18 or whatever whatever your particular purview is but you know that's your job you know that to me that's where my my hippie-ish and a liberal attitude kind of stops I don't believe in posing religion on children I don't believe imposing drug habits or anything that could be detrimental to kids on them you know you've got to guide them you've got to steer them into at least the social order of things right you got to stop them from stealing you got to stop them from you know kicking each other's ass you have to stop them from doing things that become illegal they can put them in jail later right you've got to stop things that would harm them but but there's a fine line there and I think everybody has to find that line for some people forcing your kids to go to church and forcing religion or God or whatever on them they feel that that's protecting them right I disagree but there you have it that's like the age-old discussion about child rearing but letting kids become transgender at 9:10 when that's complete and I will go on record as saying that's complete so I'm not really happy that modern family decided to become somewhat trendy or whatever the hell it is to to feature that like I said totally happy with the gays I wish they'd throw more lesbians in there yeah now but hey you know can't have everything sauna no money I was kind of disappointed with that son supply widen and obliging it let's see so my son and I watched some more 70s show last night it was funny this is the second group of children so to speak both of my girls watch 70 show with us and now my son you know some 15 years later whatever we're watching 70 show again and it's fun to bring him in and it gets a lot of the jokes you know because it's it's it's not it's not super highbrow humor but it's fun so and we we got to watch a couple episodes of that he's all into it that's cool I don't think he knows half the cast name yet but you know what he's 9 I gotta get the break but he turns 10 in October and I was talking to my wife about that the other day and it's like can you believe he's almost double digits you know it's like just like the other day we were living in some shithole house with spiders crawling over us in wenatchee and now we've got a ten year old boy it's nuts I don't know kooky-kooky-kooky to the 17s a lot better right now so I'm making really good time I should be now get to work just in time to go have lunch how perfect is that let's see what else do I have I got like maybe 10 minutes left I think if I saw that watch any movies now yeah oh you're probably wondering about the big event that I can't talk about I still can't talk about it if there will come a time when I can I just can't right now so you know as you may have guessed there could be something legal involved with what I'm talking about so these are the sorts of things and as much as I would love to sit here and gossip with you on the show about it certain things I just can't talk about it this particular point of time but believe me it's a good story wants to get to that point it's a good story so you'll like that let's see oh let me tell you about these things oh my god so there are a lot of seasonal foods right for some people they wait all year to have pumpkin pie Thanksgiving some people never have a ham unless it's Christmas whatever which I always thought was kind of funny you know and at Christmas but um Christmas goose whatever so there's certain things like cranberries do you ever eat cranberries and outside of Thanksgiving of course not so there's seasonal foods and much like that at the supermarket they pack in seasonal stuff you know Christmas stuff goes up you know right before Halloween Thanksgiving stuff goes up by the end of the summer and so one of the things that they've sold the last few years and Albertsons this my grocery store of choice are these they look like ears of corn right they look like short stubby ears of they come in a plastic wrap it's it's and what it is is it's called soft caramel popcorn but it's in the shape of like a corn thing in a big I've you know us paint on the painted on the plastic anyway this is like crack cocaine so you've probably eaten a popcorn ball before right so you get a ball and it's popcorn with Mike Carroll serve and maybe some sort of flavoring but ball stuck together it's hard and it's crunchy but it tastes really good so those are seasonal around Halloween right I remember we used to buy boxes of these little these little popcorn balls from Costco right you get a box for like thirty thirty then a box for like ten bucks or something it's always a cheap tree it's not that bad for you it's got a little sugar in it but no calorie wise and fat wise it's it's pretty good stuff so this is like I said it's shaped like an ear of corn but imagine a popcorn ball that's caramel instead of like straight Caro syrup and it's soft the whole thing is mmm you know pliable you know soft squishy popcorn and caramel it is so good so every single year we end up buying I don't know maybe ten of them over the course of the season and you know my wife loves them I love them my kid loves them and so last year they were gone they were just gone they just weren't around anymore so it's like okay well maybe next year you know so instead of waiting to see if they show up I decided to track down the company that makes them and I didn't write it down unfortunately but I'll post it on the patreon along with a picture and stuff I found the company that makes and they'll sell you a box of eighteen or twenty I think and it's like 25 bucks plus shipping so we finally got we got those eaten yesterday I'm actually drooling a little bit thinking about it and they are just phenomenal they're just so good they're as good as I remember them my wife lost her mind she had one and she's like couldn't have a couple to take to school and I'm like of course we'll share you know because she thought I just got him for me she forgot how much she loved them so yeah you know what I have a wrapper in here a second and Mike oh here we go also trying to drive at the same time it's called caramel caramel cob soft caramel popcorn and they recommend that you heat it up you could try it warm and it's from a company called taffy kay both of them are K's the last name is ka Y taffy cake and yeah we'll see here let's find out how bad this is for you because I know some of you are interested servings per container one cob I like the fact that they call it cob so it's 280 calories okay so maybe that's not as good as I was hoping fat calories are a hundred okay that's not good either total saturated fat is six grams okay so these aren't good for you at all 25 milligrams of cholesterol 280 milligrams of sodium alright never mind what I said about them being halfway healthy for you they're not but damn they are good so if you go to caffee Kade comm I think it is you'll you'll be able to take a look at them and see what they are and they've got other flavors too not just a caramel but they have other stuff too alright I'm getting into the parking garage here I should probably end the show and pay attention because the parking garage is essentially the Bermuda Triangle cars go in but they don't come out that sort of thing so anyway I hope you enjoyed the show I hope you enjoyed my special guest I haven't really had special guests other than Troy you know in the early days so that was kind of cool to have somebody special on the car so this is Shane our Monroe passenger see radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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