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hello folks this is Shane R Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is November 9th 2016 you're on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show I assure you that I will be interrupted by a phone call at some point throughout the show so I apologize in advance and of course the topic of discussion today was going to be the election I was gonna go into great detail and discuss this I was going to tell you about how much I disagree with the electoral college process I was going to tell you about how I think our system is broke to and I was going to tell you how disgusted I was for what happened over the course of last night's events but you know what doesn't matter that's my new catchphrase doesn't matter because you know what it doesn't it doesn't matter who's in the White House it doesn't matter how much you go out of your way to explain to people how corrupt the system is it doesn't matter who the last two assholes are standing before the election actually starts it doesn't matter it doesn't matter because in the end it doesn't matter so you know what I'm not gonna get REM they're gonna rant about it I'm not gonna yell about it the system's broken my generation is obviously not interested in fixing it nor is the generation before me maybe the generation after me has an opportunity or will decide they are so disgusted for what we put up with that they'll make a change but right now that's not gonna happen the old blood has to be wrung from the rag before the rag will be clean and it's just not gonna happen so we're not gonna talk about that hey Alex Shaye Lopez Justin's in the house not my friend well there's the other Justin Justin's in the house Justin car good card car cthe I've never said your last names hopefully I got it right he's in the house will be zan that we got the whole house is just filling up so I'm not gonna sit and rant I'm gonna let the next four years stew we'll see what comes up and you know we'll compare scorecards at the end of four years we'll see what happens so I'm not gonna talk about politics yeah Riley Martin the aliens came down you see and they saw a need for a change so the be obvious of course our staunch uh Democrats you know the screed the screed is a long-standing member of the GOP you see what I'm saying son yeah all right I could do that all day so anyway so what are we gonna talk about today if it's not about election or politics or any other goofy cuz I'm really and I'm just I'm exhausted I am exhausted by everything so I don't want to talk about that I'm gonna talk about something else there's got to be something else we can talk about now one of the things I was I was thinking about talking about was a full rundown of how to set up a using that server you know using that solution of your own so you could download movies and TV and enjoy yourself while cutting the cord but when you talk about our pie Oh yeah listen so our piles Minh has been on the has been Sheriff for 24 years all right it's it's time to move him along anyway I'm not super you know engaged in the term and then the concept of term limits but I think you can be I think you could get to I don't know I think if you're an elected official I think that much like the presidency or anything else you might need to step down after a certain period of time you got to let somebody new in I mean I don't know our pile personally yeah I I don't like the fact that he's costing the taxpayers a lot of money I don't like the fact that he's kind of an arrogant dick and does what he wants without taking the rules into consideration have I ever met him no I've seen him in person but I've never met him person I've never stripped the man's hand or talked to him and you know I'm far from racist okay you can ask anybody you want I think everybody from Generation X and before I think racism is built into our DNA it's really hard to fight it because we grew up with it you know I've told this story before but my mother's grandmother right she was a Nazi wife now you got to imagine what it's like for her hey tech master holy we got an all-star cast here now see who's flair to show up here and we have the full the full gambit here we need easy cheese to old-school IRC days but yeah you know what I don't I have I have a problem with illegal immigration I think there should be better easier ways to get in the country I don't I don't like I I don't like money leaving our country whether it's through immigration whether it's through tax sheltering in foreign countries I don't like it I don't like money leaving here and I know that people come across the border because we've got a we're a nation of wealth and they make a ton of money they don't pay taxes on it some do it some little mini don't they don't pay taxes on it and they send it back to Mexico listen I don't like that just like I don't like Apple or Microsoft or anybody else I mention Apple because specifically like I read something about them recently with regards to not paying taxes for God's sakes they've got they got like what thirty four billion dollars offshore Apple does something like that I don't remember the last number was but you know I don't like that I don't like the money leaving our country for God's sakes let's keep it in here you know if you want to be a United States citizen we should we should be able to make that work out I don't know I'm not the expert in this field but you know I also I don't have a huge problem with our by other than the fact that he breaks the law when he breaks the law I should be punished but his quote Gestapo tactics against illegal immigration I'm not I'm not opposed to that I'm just not I'm sorry that makes me racist I guess so but I don't feel like I am anyway that's enough of that be AVI and alien yeah anyway um this guy carrying it's kind of poster or something nutty alright so I know Alexei Lopez is all about me talking about the HughesNet thing because we were just talking about he wants me to help him figure out a solution that works for him and I'll tell you what what we're talking about this whole cord cutting in News Ned and all this other stuff I'm I had finally done it I have rid myself of cable television completely we now have you know the over-the-air antenna we have the only thing I had cable for is Judge Judy that's it and now my wife is actually in love with over-the-air antennas and over-the-air programming because there's some channel called like the justice channel which you don't get on cable but you do get on over-the-air and all they do is play like 24 hours a day Forensic Files and criminal not Criminal Minds but you know all of these like forensics and crime shows she can't get enough I've got a harddrive bursting on my capture box getting over-the-air through my HD homerun getting all of these shows and so she's got content like 24 hours a day she loves it and I'm not paying a dime for it now no more cable I dropped I think I'm paying 109 now for my internet that's it 109 but I've got the top tier you know what I'm saying so where I was paying like a hundred and 60 bucks a month for cable TV I didn't use in the internet I'm now paying 109 a month so somebody could do the math or what is that twelve hundred bucks a year I'm now saving I love it Oakland tense and why yeah I'm looking at the channel here I was baited into doing that I'll tell you what was really funny though yeah but just this channel that's right Justin knows all about it that's all my wife watches anymore she watches Judge Judy which we get off of Fox over-the-air and she lives or some justice Channel yeah so we capture all that you know what I need to do Justin I need to give you access to that second plex box that I've got all that on so you so your wife can watch that time-shifted because the commercials in there horrible yeah let me talk about that for a minute the HD homerun I remember I went through a whole bunch of issues and the first one wasn't the right one the second one was getting problems this third one it seems to have I guess settled I don't know I don't know what happened but it suddenly started to behave and now well occasionally a show will get missed it'll just say you know recording was stopped or something like that it's getting like 95% of programming which is more than enough God knows my wife gets enough television so we're in a good spot now hey there's Travis back from Mexico speaking of meheeco I assume you're on vacation yeah remind me to do that Justin so you guys can have access to that it's not part of the other Plex server but anyway so yeah so now I'm down to paying for Internet I'm no longer paying for cable they didn't sucker me into buying their digital boxes and my wife is happier than ever yeah Gears of War tonight we've been playing a lot of that it's been a good time we've really had it we've really managed to I mean we've all spent paid full price for Gears of War 4 and we're all seeming to get our money's out of it so that's been great all right so let's talk about this whole cable cutting thing so I'm going to give you I'm gonna give you the tools that you need to succeed I've decided I'm gonna do a video presentation as well where I'm going to use my favorite tool which is index cards I'm gonna explain to you guys how this all works so if you don't get it over this I know some of you were tuning out you wanted to hear me rant and talk about my daughter and her boo and all that other which I don't have any new news for you but you know what sometimes you know we got to do the techie talk stuff too the show is well rounded we're not gonna talk about election stuff so I can't I can't put myself through it again so all right so let's talk about what your options are for cord cutting right so we've already kind of talked about you've got the options where you could go quote quote the legal way and that is getting Netflix and Hulu maybe HBO now maybe the Showtime app right so if you want to put together your own package of internet-based television you can do that right and you'll pay a variety of fees for it so you'll pay I don't know I don't even know what Netflix cost these days Hulu I think 15 bucks a month CBS is like eight bucks a month I think pretty much everything runs I'm gonna say in average I'm just gonna throw a number out there about 10 bucks a month right so you got you could pick about five or six packages and that's what you were picking for cable so hopefully you can get what you need out of that but let's say you want to skirt the line a little bit you want to look into say the CD or side of things the first option available to you is the the whole popcorn thing now popcorn is essentially and this comes in many shapes and sizes it comes in various platforms it goes by various names like show box and other things these are standalone applications some of them are plugins some of them are plugins that go into Kodi which is the xbox media players logical successor which runs pretty much on anything Android or various I mean even Smart TV star Cody but with a plug-in you can get access to this popcorn system I don't know hi cool I'm not that far along oh oh that's ten minutes it takes ten minutes - oh my ass back up to my office get my key I'm so pissed yeah I didn't park anywhere close on the parking garage either I parked all the way at the far end oh I did I had my hand I was touching the knob no opening but I'm like no no then I realized what happened in bang so yeah yeah I don't like anything in my pocket once sitting around my desk a sleeve everything on my desk and what was under some papers I do I do I do I need a basket at work yeah so they I just come in and drop my crap in good idea Oh a manly spray-painted basket for my for work my mancave yeah too funny okay well no we're going to do I don't know what we're going to do about dinner you're good okay I'll fix something for Brian then give me a crappy pizza or something okay what sounds good too or crappy pizza I got governance tomorrow governance yes sucks well its governance its governance and deployment day so you still can't come to the house even if we meet it I'm not gonna I'm not going to trust somebody with my own that I've met for an hour oh I'm sorry our children are animals in our home yes yeah you have more than enough animals three kids right furry friends three kids okay well I do I do tell you you'll be safe on your way home I never say that okay all right you'd be safe I love you sounds good alright so I saw a whole bunch of go flying across the chat while I was on there let's see do I still use subsonic no flex handles music as well so I don't need subsonic anymore but blood do I have an ass no all right so let me continue so this whole popcorn thing which people just seem to love and quite frankly it's dangerous as hell because I see a lot of people are have misunderstandings about what's going on here for example I have my daughter my younger daughter the one that's in Oregon the the hippie of the two well you stop pacing me I want over assholes they'll sit there and pace you you speed up they speed up you slow down they slow down I want over your dicks anyway yeah even my daughter understands what a torrent is right so let me for those of you who are missing in action here in the whole technological side of things I'm gonna give it to you I'm gonna lay these things out to you a torrent is okay remember Napster Napster was file-sharing and what happened was is you put a whole bunch of music on your hard drive you ran a piece of software and you pointed it at your music you're then left that running and then using the app you could surge you could using Napster you could search for some music you didn't have and other people connected to the network that had that song on their hard drive you would be able to transfer from their hard drive to your hard drive that's basic file-sharing right and of course it's illegal that's why the record companies got all pissed off and shut at that mainly because they weren't making any money off of it so torrents came along as a means of sharing large files now of course torrents didn't be BitTorrent changed into torrents with a see that because they you know whereas let us see at the end so BitTorrent became it's like any other technology can be used for good or evil right so BitTorrent became a piracy tool and what does BitTorrent do BitTorrent doesn't require one person to have all the pieces of the file so let's say that there are ten of us on a BitTorrent Network I get something called a torrent file or file the torrent then points me to other computers that have this same file through the BitTorrent client it goes and starts chunking little pieces of that file from each person so not any one person is fully overloaded right well so to get a file from ten different people if they all ten have the exact same file right technically speaking as long as their cumulative upload speed matches my download speed I can download that file as fast as possible on the other hand if I were downloading a file from one other person like say Napster style then I would be at the mercy of his bandwidth and whether or not his computer was on that day right so the idea of BitTorrent is to have a single file scattered with many people having the same file and scattering the chunks up and little tiny pieces right well the power of BitTorrent is mass adoption right if one other BitTorrent person has the file you want and that's it out of a million BitTorrent users you're going to get that file incredibly slow if it ever manages to get down there at all because there are times when you could be downloading a file from another person only one other person through BitTorrent and you're literally downloading it at like 1k per second which means it'll be a month before that file comes down now if you're talking about the latest episode of Supergirl there's gonna be 500,000 people that have a copy of that and you're gonna get it down very very quickly okay because there's 500,000 people sharing that same file right again completely illegal all right just so we're clear it's completely illegal so once you have downloaded the file in any piece or manner okay listen closely this is the part that a lot of people don't seem to understand while you are torrenting that file the pieces you already have are being farmed out to other people my daughter had the weird thought thought process that she wasn't going to get in trouble or it wasn't illegal because they don't keep the file after they download it once it's downloaded they don't share it anymore but they they I mean they copy it off and it's no longer in their BitTorrent client yeah the whole time you're downloading it you're sharing it that's how it works so what does that mean why is that such a big deal who cares who cares right well a copyright police care right the the movie industry the record companies the TV people they all care so what they do is they have hired these organizations that do nothing more than police for copyrighted content they do it on the web they do it everywhere YouTube they do it on file-sharing they do it everywhere okay they set up essentially a digital sting organizations where they'll take a whole bunch of computers seed files that look like the latest episode of Supergirl and they will wait until 15,000 people start downloading it log their IPs and go after their Internet service providers which then in turn either cancel your service and you see citizeness letters or in some case if they really feel like it the companies turn around and Sue you right this is not an isolated case this is not a matter of well they don't care about me they're all going after the big fish BitTorrent is very very easy it requires very little effort on their part for them to snag violators of copyright law super easy for them not a lot of work that's why it's so effective at then catching people now with five hundred billion people on the planet using it it's a little harder but someday your number may come up that's not the position you want to be in plus you're giving away your bandwidth for free right you may say well I don't care it was like blue you should be caring who the hell knows what's going on yeah that's if you know what you're doing that's if you have set up a BitTorrent client and you have set the out bet so I know what you're thinking well Shane why don't we just shut off the outbound sharing and then you can bid torrent and not worry about it ah well they thought of that BitTorrent clients typically have a sniffer of some sort they have a means of telling who's sharing and who's not and those who don't share penalized or denied access right so there are many times you'll see an error message come from the BitTorrent client that says you are not sharing properly you are violating the spirit of BitTorrent and as such we are going to reduce the amount of downloading speed that you get so if you're only going to provide 1k upload so your bandwidth isn't used we're only going to provide you with 1k download and this is built into all this stuff right so somebody decided to take BitTorrent to the next level they wrote it into a turnkey package known as popcorn popcorn here's the thing bandwidth is going so fast now that you can BitTorrent and watch the show at the same time streaming BitTorrent now this isn't quite BitTorrent because in bit torrenting using torrents the file doesn't come in sequentially it comes in in pieces whoever's got a piece give it up I'll take it and I'll assemble it all later ok so they figured out a way to sort of take the BitTorrent model and modify it so that it became sort of a first-in first-out side thing so instead of randomly gathering pieces as fast as humanly possible they start grabbing the first pieces of it and as soon as a certain amount is downloaded you know just like Netflix or anything else they buffer it buffers the signal the video and then it starts playing the show so while you're watching the show the rest of the files downloading slowly in the background and by the way it's sharing that file with others because that's how it works right so you could be using Cody and Showbox watching illegal movies meanwhile you're sending copies of the files pieces to someone at the FBI or some other organization that's interested in stopping you from doing something all right so not the best plan listen hundreds of thousands of people are using that process and they're not going to jail you've got to decide if you're willing to take that chance or maybe you live in the country that that's not illegal I'm telling you if you don't know what the client is doing you are at risk okay the other thing too about popcorn and stuff is that the servers on the other end of popcorn that actually maintain the routes to where these files are stored those change constantly so while the show that you're watching may be up today it may not be up tomorrow or a show may not be available or whatever for whatever reason you're at the whim of this infrastructure that's between you and the shows you want to see all right so that's enough about the torn thing I'm not going to get to the good I'm halfway out so somewhere along the way way back when in the 90s late 90s there was a system that had been around on the quote internet forever called Usenet and what used that was was I I attended to public email okay so just like you would open up a mail client and you would see inbound messages to you Usenet had a number of different topics like all dot movies all dot sex slaves whatever all of these groups existed thousands of them and you could use this special reader to subscribe to those groups and read messages and post messages sort of like a public bulletin board or public email well somebody got really really clever and said you know what I bet that we could actually make a system that would chop a file up in this case pictures into the size acceptable by a Usenet message and then we can upload pictures as a series of posts right in fifty parts all you need is the tool to put it back together so then use nets with binaries became the user net readers became by an area where so they agreed on some sort of a format for posting binaries and this essentially was driving porn by the way porn was the driving factor behind posting these things so it's sort of with pictures and small you know small like you know thumbnail size videos but it wasn't it this wasn't this wasn't for big things for like pictures and stuff so that became very very commonplace now all of these cool Usenet readers could be used to harvest porn and believe me there was porn aplenty every fetish you can imagine on the planet exists on Usenet still to this day with pictures and video even things that are absolutely completely illegal kiddie porn bestiality you name the fetish it's on Usenet right now and it has been for twenty years okay so that led to software being uploaded to Usenet using the same sort of principle right well a software got bigger and bigger they had to upgrade their means of storing this stuff right so instead of uploading well you know I mean you have a game right so let's say somebody buys a brand new game there's 500 files on the de CD so they take those in a zip or in this kit and nowadays they rar them because rar is the preferred format for crunching these things up they do them in multiple pieces right so let's say you have a movie that is two gigabytes and an MKV format they then rar that it's already compressed they don't use compression and chunks it up into 50 parts okay or whatever the number of parts ends up being there's very strict guidelines and the piracy scene about how big these files can be and all this stuff oh yeah yeah anime ps2 games console games everything any sort of piracy you could want is unused it anyway so then they started posting the RAR files right so then you would be at the whim of oh by the way how does Usenet propagate that's an important thing to know so Usenet was a lot like any of the other sort of early echoes servers that are designed the house Usenet and accept Usenet it's gets complicated but suffice to say if I upload a file on my Usenet provider it echoes to all the other user net providers most of the time right but if you're missing anything right if you have a multi rar set and you're missing one one-hundredth of the fifth rar of that set you can't unzip the file and this was very very commonplace well then they took a note from the from the Nazz group and said we can use parity checking to make sure these files come up right because that's how raid technology works it's parity so you only need a certain subset of parity files to rebuild any missing piece from the mastered collection of files you have 50 rar files you are missing one kilobyte of one file and the old days screwed download 1k of par files which are recovery files running against a piece of software and it rebuilds the missing piece it's magic I mean it's not magic but it's magic it was magic at the time and it's still magic to those who don't understand how parity where's but now we have a means of massively distributing software movies regardless of size and every single day you would sign you know when you go to your Usenet server you would pull all the headers down from all the messages your user net tool would scan the headers make them into something that you could read and say look okay here's part 1 of 50 and you download it and then if he doesn't extract you download some par files your run quick par it rebuilds the files you run rar it you got the file yeah yeah of course everything everything is everything right and Usenet because it was so off the radar nobody cared piracy ran rampant you can get every TV show every movie every new piece of software every crack every hack nobody was trying to make money on Usenet it was an open free-for-all hippie love society and everybody was getting everything they needed it was fantastic well then the Normie started coming in and figuring out what was going on then all of a sudden after they'd shut down everything they could put their hands on the motion picture association and all of these other groups that wanted to protect their IP they went after Usenet providers now Usenet comes across over about four different backbones across the world most of the backbones are within copyright law so your thinking is well I'll just get to use that provider in some other country yeah okay you could do that and some people do do that but most of the backbones are all provided through the same basic legal channels so now you're down to like having one backbone that is considered quote uncensored and untouchable the rest of them and it doesn't matter who you're using whether you're using Usenet server whether you're using Astra web whether you're using Giga News it does not matter who you're you they are all subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and they will pull files off of there in a heartbeat now what does that mean you well these groups that are out there watching torrents watching for web sharing patrolling YouTube for copyright violations those guys are watching Usenet they've got intelligent BOTS watching the sea when Supergirl episode - you know g2e one - is posted and they immediately automatically contact the Usenet backbone people and they have it taken down so Usenet gets up for everybody it turns out though that the Usenet people were smart enough to say you know were obliged by law to handle your requests but you know you're gonna have to give us at least 24 hours I mean come on we can't be processing all this stuff and unless you gotta give us 24 hours that's reasonable and so the copyright police have all said okay you have to have it down within 24 hours so what does that mean it means the files that you want are still up for 24 hours but you got to be quick you can't sit around if you go away on vacation for the weekend it's gonna get pulled down before you get back so that's when the automated using it revolution happened it started off primarily with okay well I'm skipping a step here enter the Usenet indexing services okay so these guys because because everybody is now taking down right they needed some way people could not be expected to look through three million Usenet headers every single day for 20 groups so they came up with something called the nzb it's basically a little index file that tells where a given show software whatever where is it on Usenet what group is it in what parts does it require all that good stuff so these n zeebee are little tiny things are like to king you download that you suck them into your Usenet tool and it automatically downloads the thing in full including the par files whoa all right well if I'm searching through an nzb index website I can go through and look at movies TV where's console I can look at all of those in like 20 minutes right so when people were doing then is they were grabbing those nzb shovelling him over to News leech or whatever their tool of choice was and they were getting the files down as quickly as possible well it's still not fast enough shit's still being taken down that worked fine when it was down you know when it took him 72 hours of pulled something down right the other good part was I missed a step in there too the Usenet people said oh well to be in compliance we'll just take down one piece of it right listen you say that we have to take it down we'll take away rar number 49 without 49 the file they can't do anything with the file so it's basically like we took it down but we didn't well they caught on to that so now they have to take it down in toto when those one pieces were being taken down for like a year or two everybody was fine because he had the par files to bring it back right so that didn't work out well so we had a reprieve for a little while unfortunately that went away and then they started pulling the releases down in toto the whole thing had to go so then it became a race can you get what you want down before the the copyright police pull it off of Usenet you got 24 hours that's more than enough time if you automate then enter sab nzb and sab and zbb the server version of your Usenet client with this nifty little tool you can hook it to a web indexer like oz and ZB or nzb geek or one of these other Usenet indexing providers you didn't even have to download the nzb file yourself anymore you go to the website oh look there's Supergirl the latest episode click the button and the site which had access to your ends your sab and zbd server through an API key which you granted them access to bases send the nzb file over to your server and your server took it unpacked it downloaded the pars fixed it and then put it wherever you asked for you could pre dordain all this stuff and get this bad releases were then silently reported back from the sab server back to the indexer so if five million people on i-5 at five hundred thousand people are downloading the new episode of Supergirl and there's something wrong wrong with the release which it does happen sometimes there's fakes sometimes there's password-protected ones all this stuff if it's determined to be fake you didn't even have to lift a finger the SAB server did it and they said there was no possible way we could unpack this file we tried to get pars for it didn't work we tried this we tried that it doesn't work they send that little that little heartbeat back to the indexer and the indexer takes it down so after so many bad reports it just magically disappears and you're not you don't deal with it so you wait for the next posted copy of Supergirl and sure enough the next one works fine even that wasn't enough enter sick beard sick beard is a tool that ties to the TV database this only works for television folks sick beard you would go in and you would add television shows like Supergirl you add Supergirl it goes out to the TV database and says okay here are all of the episodes that are out there right here's season one here season - here's the names of them here's the metadata forum here's what they were about here's who they're starring here's the release date right we know that the next episode of Supergirl airs tomorrow night whatever Frank now sick beard is your Butler come the time the Supergirl is due to be out based on your timezone and all another it starts looking automatically at your nzb indexer like ncb gig or oz nzb or are the other ones over the years and it says oh there's Supergirl let's grab it it grabs it sab ends EBD does all the work and it reports back to sig beard I got it you may now pick it up and put it wherever the user is said to put it SiC beard would then pick the file up out of your download folder stick it on some hard drive somewhere on your network and you've got Supergirl and you did nothing to get it nothing you you you set and forget now SiC beard is no longer the tool of choice now you have sonar with two R's you also have tools that allow you to interactively access your nzb indexer right from your cell phone from your tablet I can see here right now on my phone and add a television show from the comfort of my car and it would start downloading all the old episodes all the new episodes wouldn't even have to think twice about it it's perfect it is the perfect deal now television is the most evolved of this process if you're a movie person they have things like couch potato I guarantee you right now it is nowhere near as mature as television if television is what you want no I do not have a tutorial to do this unfortunately if if television your bag it's 100 percent doable anything you want now Judge Judy I couldn't get on Usenet right so I have to go through cable although judge Judy's are starting to be posted now on Usenet as well but that's neither here nor there movie is different story but the the indexing sites like nzb geek or whatever they have tools to handle watching for movies so what's saying what's what's in the theater right now what's something like just came out dr. strange okay so let's say you want dr. strange you will go to your nzb indexing provider providing it's a good one you'll go in and you'll go in and you'll click the link what's in theaters it's gonna say dr. strange you're gonna click a little button that says watch watch for this release as soon as that release hits their database it's sent to your Sam and ZB server the n ZB n ZB file is sab n ZB goes to your Usenet provider grabs the files and you have it within you know an hour of release of the movie on Usenet we go Mel easy yeah it's got a lot easier it used to be using that sucked it was a pain in the ass right now those in the node that are willing to run their own hardware that are own willing to run a server they're willing to go through the effort we're gonna take Supergirl yeah we're gonna take Doctor Strange those of you who are old Howard Dean or Howard Stern fans with Howard Dean during the Howard Dean age you'll like that anyway so again movies you gotta use the web indexer but things like sonar sonar is frickin amazing you will not believe it I mean it looks professional it looks like you wouldn't you wouldn't believe how professional it is it looks like commercial software it's just so easy to use so anyway that's pretty much it that's the overview of where digital piracy was and where it is now oh by the way software works the same way console releases all that stuff it all works the same way as the movies you get a good indexer you go to the indexer you set some watches up to watch for Gears of War for to watch for whatever you know Adobe Audition CC 2017 blah blah blah all that stuff so Travis is telling me that there's a sonar for movies I don't remember ever seeing that but I will definitely look it up and find out for you I'm personally okay with the way things are but these tools are always evolving folks you can't get too locked down you got to be willing to move that's why things like popcorn and Showbox are still being used by the normies because they're not willing to set up a server they're not willing to have a monthly fee for use net which is like 15 bucks a month that's that's a lot less than 60 they're not willing to go through the effort of buying hard drive space they would just rather stream it and hope to god they don't get confident where anyway that's pretty much it folks it's an interesting lesson again legally oh no there is not sonar for movies it's the best thing gods couch potato and couch potato sucks so you're better using nzb gigs watch feature it's it's much easier alright I'm gonna get out of here hope you enjoyed the education on the classic and current hijinks of digital pirating digital media mrs. Shane Arman rail passenger sea radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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