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hello folks this is Shane our Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio December 16 2016 you're on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show all right let's see who the first one in the chat is and we will heap upon him much love or her much love much love peace and love peace and love it's Friday oh my god the day drug ass you know you ever see those dogs they have worms and they're dragging their ass for like an hour on the carpet that's what it felt like today I mean it was like have you ever had that day there's nothing wrong with the day the day is fine nothing bad happens you have a nice lunch with your friends you know everything is fine but the day just won't end that was today I could not get to four o'clock to save my life my poor friend Justin was the same way we've been sitting here for like an hour it worked oh hey man si o si oh I don't know how you how do you like do it with the initials Mike Hummers in the COI you know it's just the first time you've been and I know I've seen your name so I think you're either a patreon subscriber or you're a an old retro gaming radiohead I've seen your name before right Justin could not get the day over with we had we had Philly cheese Friday right best of Philly downtown central and Thomas oh my god I'm actually drooling a little bit I'm not even really hungry I'm drooling thinking about the the Cheez Whiz steak sell a sandwich with the bread nice and light and fluffy and the fries were super good tonight there today so good just could not make it out making me crazy oh my god so anyway yeah pretty good day today pretty good day overall now I'm gonna go home my wife has had the week from house so she's exhausted you know it's the end of the semester before vacation and she's a math teacher she teaches like all sorts of high school math first of all she teaches math which would make me mental then she teaches teenagers which would literally have me up on a chair rope around my neck and kicking the chair out you know rope hanging from the my god oh she does day after day after day oh yeah you've been on the Springer tribe before okay cool yeah I know I recognized you this the SiO it's like the CIO only not anyway so yesterday I left off the story I worked at better concepts for a brief period of time in New York and there is a there's a terrible story behind that time of my life I have never shared it on the show so this is actually something new that I haven't shared um I got into a sort of an Internet phone relationship with some girl it's suddenly it's I'm there's trying to think of where she was from it was nowhere near where we were which was right outside of New York and we talked on the phone like every single day I don't even remember how we met it was such an ugly thing that it turned into such an ugly thing that I wanted to erase it from my mind but here's let me give you the situation okay so when I was working for better concepts I told you yesterday about the adult disc that I put together for them and it's old okay I mean in immediate terms that's a couple hundred copies you know but it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't Tomcat which one of the other dark indigo productions developers made which made tons of cash but it did okay it was a modestly successful thing and so what they wanted to do was they wanted to talk to Michael Welch who if the name sounds familiar ain't no Alex so if you know if you if you know the name Michael Welch is because he did something called DX ball on the PC he did pocket tanks and of course he did the legendary scourge tanks on the Amiga well he was sort of part of the programming umbrella that I was under which was dark unicorn productions of course and scorch takes sold a bun scorch tanks and the Amiga are almost synonymous I mean anybody who's had an Amiga knows what scorch tanks is it's it's pretty impressive for those of you wondering there was some sort of it's an artillery type game that was loosely based on one on the PC but the PC one blew ass compared to this one I can't suddenly remember with the PCs version name was but it's sucked but anyway so better concepts after I did the disc for them later on after you know we went through this I had ended up getting a divorce you know from my first wife and I was in Washington they they said listen we want to do another project with you I'm like okay cool I'm up for that and it's like we want to bring you here to New York it wasn't New York it wasn't I'm trying to remember where it was exactly if you look up a better concepts ad and you see what their address was that's the town we were in and I mean you could see New York from the hill where we lived but I mean it wasn't like we were in New York but I digress so they're like we want you to come here for a few months and work on the project and I'm like whoa you don't want me to come to New York and like yeah yeah we not that we don't think you get the work done there but we want to collaborate we want to sit down with you we got some great ideas I'm like okay so what's the project and he's like we want to make an amiga cd32 version of scorched eggs but we want to we want to undo all the stops we want to we want to you know have full motion video cutscenes we want to have all the weapons with special animation all this stuff I mean they were buying that they were gonna buy a four thousand they were gonna have light wave available to do rendering on the tanks and everything so it was like this is like a very ambitious project and they were gonna they were ready to sing some cash into it and I sent him I said bolt that's all well and good but I don't I don't own that game and they're like well well you're but you run dark unicorn productions right I'm like yeah and I said but we're independent programmers we're dark unicorns just a label you know everybody who writes owns their own shit and they're like wow hmm he's like well do you think he would let us do it and I'm like I don't know I mean I don't think he's gonna give up a source code we'd have to write it from scratch right and so we talked to him about it and there was a there was a I believe he sent us some code but anyway beside the point so essentially once I found out that we were gonna move forward with the project with or without him I mean if we couldn't use scorch tanks we couldn't use scorch tanks but they really wanted to do this thing and I didn't really want to piss off Michael Welch because he was a great guy he still is and so it's like I don't know and I don't want to piss all over his parade and they're like well listen we'll put together a little sample of prototype I'll show him that we're serious and maybe he'll be on board right and of course scorch tanks was written in Amos a MOS which was a very high level gaming language which was very cool you could rapidly make games but a lot of them suck so Amos kind of got a bad rap like a clicking play or any of these other sort of point and click game makers Amos was a real language but it got kind of lumped in with the rest of it but again another story to be had so they wanted to convert it into there see or blitz blitz basic which we turned out to be using on the PC not long thereafter but again another story so anyway so he ended up sending us some of the source code he's like you know there's a few things I'm not really comfortable sharing but I'll share this I'll share this it's like ok cool they'll give us a start he says you know when you get something really cool put together let me know well you know we'll talk so they flew me over night now I'm trying to think I was just out of the military I've just been divorced so trying to think of the year 1995 maybe right 1996 somewhere in there I got in the military 95 I married my wife in 90s 98 oh shit 97 97 so yeah okay so it's had it been 96 it was somewhere in between there so they flew me over and I had sort of this grandiose idea of what better concepts was right I mean they were a premier Amiga shop and you know they were getting ready to fund this game and all this other stuff well it turned out it was kind of a sham right it better concepts turned out to be kind of a shithole company they worked in out of a warehouse right they didn't have offices or anything they were agilent in many many ways right they would sell stuff before they got it they would send broken stuff to customers it turned out to be a real drag that they turned out to be scumbags and so you know they said that they had a house that several of them lived in that I would be staying at you know sort of like a roommate sort of thing it's like okay that's cool you guys are cool we can hang out we can play freakin Amiga shit all day and so it turned out that it was looped this little tiny house I was literally sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag it was it was not the I wasn't Howard Scott Warshaw having Atari fly me in for you know hot tubs and chicks and booze and weed mother was probably some weed going on there but it wasn't it wasn't the sort of the glamour gig I was hoping for but somewhere along the way I was involved in some sort of an online thing and I met some chick online you know I'm recently divorced so I'm looking to have you know kind of reach out and we Tod we talked online then we started talking on the phone right and you know we we kind of got like we were like really into each other but you know we exchanged photos they gotta remember this is like this is like 95 so it's like dial-up internet at best so she sent me some like really blurry ass picture or something and I should have I was young I needed the money I was thumb right so you know listen looks aren't everything I'm totally down with that but there has to be some chemistry between two people physically meeting you could be all aligned online right I mean from a perspective of let's just say that there's some more open to interpretation when you're in an online relationship right so it came to the point to where we really wanted to meet and in meeting we wanted to do naughty things like probably sex each other right so let's talk about this so I put together some cash and I arranged for a hotel and a flight for her to come in and she was going to I don't remember how she got to the hotel or if I came to the hotel and she was already there hey Mike what's up happy holidays to you as well sir so anyway um it was it was a disturbing situation so I was sort of on edge about the whole thing and you know my friends are like my friends are assholes you're gonna man go meet her man good lucky come on go meet her friends will fuck with you man kenderson said it best right they'll let you piss in your suitcase in front of them you know oh so like yeah I mean you should do it you should do it it's like okay so literally I had to drive and wasn't into the city but it was one of the suburbs and so Craig the guy that owned better concepts and ran better concepts essentially um said okay you know I'm gonna drop you off you know cuz I didn't have a car or anything so he had to drop me off and he said you know I'll pick you back up tomorrow night or whatever it was and whatever the time periodicity was I had no escape route I had this I'm new to this sort of thing right so I get in there and truth be told there was just no chemistry none zero zilch and it wasn't like it wasn't there wasn't a situation where she had lied about her appearance I mean she was just a vague about it and there was nothing particularly wrong with her appearance I mean she wasn't like you know punch bag and hair growing out of her neck game show like that because it's an embarrassing story Michael this is one of the sort of things that I don't talk about some day I'll tell you the unless I've already told you about my old one and only visit to a prostitute that's another story but anyway so I get in there and it's the most awkward fucking thing you can imagine the most awkward thing because there was zero chemistry none all of these discussions we had online and all these topics that we talked about and all of this good stuff I mean literally it was a perfect on paper but damn it did not translate and it was I think it was more me than her but I don't think she felt anything either you know it just wasn't there what's up will be so then it's like what the fuck do I do I'm stuck here for a day and a half or two days what am I good at what are we gonna do you know her plane doesn't leave til tomorrow night we're literally stuck here and so this was evening time right and so after we both realized that this just wasn't it you know and became extraordinary awkward right I couldn't leave she really couldn't leave right that was a ballsy dickhead thing to do you know that balls it where's my freaking video camera there we go good news you'll be on my freakin patreon channel asshole anyhow um so yeah so then oh my god this is terrible so then we decide we lay on the bed right it's like nighttime it's like bedtime it's like there's one bed in the place right we sort of overshot on that one to Queens if you're gonna do this ladies and gentlemen to Queens is the right answer just sayin so we're laying there in the bed it's completely awkward we turn the lights off it's dark and I'm like maybe if we just start fooling around things will work out right so I reached over I initiated of course because I'm a pig I reached over and started fondling her crotch and and then she reached over start filing micro now listen I may not have personally been interested in her butt but my penis thought what's going on boss what do we what are we doing here hey I thought we were I thought we were out on this one but I'm good to rise to the occasion let's go right and so uh anyway so once that started I slipped my hand under the covers and I got inside the pants and then she she went down on me right and she came over and I guess she was interested in figuring out if this might work out and then I swear to God have you ever did you ever see did you ever see bedazzled not that not the original of the the the brendan fraiser remake remember in the wish that he wanted to be intelligent and wealthy and well-liked and everybody knew I'm very popular and so the so the geumja chick end up in the bedroom right and they're about ready to get it on and all of a sudden this gay guy pops out from under the sheets and and Brendan Fraser's like what do what are you doing here and he's like did you drink too whiskey sours again or something like that and he starts going on and on and he's like I don't know what you're talking about I'm not gay and he's like oh that again and so the gay guys like talk trying to talk him off this heterosexual ledge and he's like okay whatever you want and so he's like I'll prove it to you and he goes over to the girl and he kisses her right and literally the two of them like partner and he's like okay thanks for coming by it's like great nice meeting you and then the big part it was the most creepy thing but that's the only thing I can relate to what happened so at some point now listen this I don't know if this proves I'm a good guy or a shitty guy but somewhere in the midst of getting fellated I basically kind of grabbed her head no that's not where it's going I kind of pulled her back up and said this isn't working or something like that so we stopped weird to sleep the next morning she packed up I don't know what the hell she did I guess she went to the airport or something but I had to call my guy and say hey didn't work out you need to come get me it was it was really it was really a really shitty endeavor you know the whole thing it cost a bunch of money it didn't work out it was dad it was weird man which is really funny because less than a year later I met my current wife on something called virtual places got anybody remember that and I met her on there and that she was from Chelan or Chehalis no cheap in the SH land they was boarded like born and sheyla's but they live in Chilean so we had stuff to talk about Michael Caine is on the show Michael Caine wants to talk to you about HPV virus anyhow so yeah so anyway it cost a bunch of money it was just it was so uncomfortable and then it turned out that the essentially that entire like three-month period being over in New York and that whole better concepts thing is just this indelible ugly period of time you know and I can't get rid of the thoughts of it I mean I remember everything once I started finding out that they were scamming people and all that stuff it was just sucked man I mean all that stuff but anyway the one good thing that did come out of that well shit Travers just missed the whole story oh well you can listen to the replay so anyway so out of that came I told a story I've never told before and I'm sorry but you missed it I should delete the show right now so he can't hear it would that be a dickhead move to dude so Travis couldn't hear the the great story I just told so anyway so one of the things that we would do is is is when we weren't working on the game which was pretty much never we were packing boxes stuffing boxes creating fake fake UPS numbers that sort of thing and because we were a vendor a lot of outside agencies wanted to sell us shit right so we had a fax machine set up in the quote quote office which was a table that sat on the other side of the place and so periodically throughout the day we'd be packing boxes sorting adding mailing stickers you know stuffing boxes full of rocks to mail them to people and the pho you hear though you'd hear the phone ring and then you'd hear that you know that beep are the facts and then you hear the fax print and like I don't know 15 seconds later would stop hear that it was done well that's normal that was normal fodder right all day long we heard that shit so once you get attuned to hearing stuff like that over and over again you start to tune it out right and becomes just background noise in fact if you didn't hear it you might actually go something's wrong what am I missing here there's something not right is the air conditioner not working so anyway [Music] so we're sitting there we're packing everything up and doing whatever and you know there's the familiar sound of the ring hey Jesse the familiar sound of the ring and that you hear that you know the little little modem screech and then we heard the fax machine kick on and start going well after about I don't know 10 or 15 seconds it started making this grinding sound right so you know remember like when you when we used to have like a dot matrix printer and you'd print something really heavy you did that really deep rumbling sound as it was printing through a lot of ink so be like you know you know when I'm talking about a fax what she basically worked the same way so about 10 seconds later the fax isn't done right which is about how long it would take for regular fax 10 15 seconds whatever so we here you know we hear it all it's like what the hell is wrong with the fax machine so we go over there and there's like an inch of paper sticking out of the fax machine so it's only it printed an inch along the top and I think it was and it's completely unrelated to the story but I don't know why I'd be funny to say it was some sort of a serif font it had the letters it had a letter M over and over again big big big letter small letter and then you know ellipses right so essentially and I'm like what the hell is this and you know Craig and me and the other guys are all sitting around going what the hell is this so you're sitting there and of course because it's grinding it's only putting out like 1/10 of an inch per yeah every 10 seconds or something so it's terrible you can't see you can't figure out what the hell's going on it's like well let's let it finish printing we'll come back later so we go back we're working it's like 40 minutes later and it's still grinding so we go in there and now you can make out a picture coming in right I'd say the paper is a third of the way through at this point there's a picture of this woman like from the top there's no there's no boobs yeah but it's like a bright above the booze from the chest up to her head and her head is thrown back like she's in a passionate throw and I think the hands were above her hand I don't completely remember where the hands were but that's the sort of idea and we're like what fuck is this so at this point in time we're figuring it's porn right because remember I told you yesterday that the company did deal and you know turning porno CDs for IBM people so we're something going okay this is getting good right so we go back out pack some more shit we come back 10-15 minutes later now it's down to the woman's stomach her bottle open and there's a guy's head plastered between her tits that River this is a black-and-white fax you know this isn't a full color laserjet you know what I'm saying so you got it you got to kind of get the get the the motion of what was going on and so today man we cannot wait to see what this has got next right I figure by it you know by the time this fax was done she was gonna have her bottoms down he's fingering her on a table you know it could be anything you know fingering like the Robert Palmer son so so we go back out again it's 10-15 minutes whatever we come back and now we've got the full picture I'd say that it's two-thirds of the way down through the paper now and you know he's not doing anything to her he's just grabbing her around the back with his face plastered and her tits and we still don't have any light we still don't have any clue what this fax is for all it says along the top mmm so finally we got fed up when we went to lunch right it's like damn okay well we'll go to lunch it may be this thing will be done when we get back so we get back and the fax is done we pick up the fax literally I wish it's funnier to see this I've actually drawn some hand-drawn versions of this over the years but if it's Hoppus mm and then underneath the people that are like getting ready to bang each other it's like scuzzy hard drives 149 you know floppy drives $29.99 it was fantastic literally I mean it we thought it was the greatest thing ever we laughed and laughed and laughed I mean that's the greatest that's the greatest example of sex selling right I can't even imagine what it costs them to make that fax because they're I guarantee they were local whoever that wasn't sent that so they literally made like an hour and a half or two hour phone call to send us a fax it has a chick with guys face barrier in her tits saying mmm scuzzy Harger dot matrix printers 249 god I wish I still had that thing I don't know we had it we had it up on the wall for a while I'm sure after I left and they closed shop that that that went bye-bye but that's too bad that was like one of the greatest things ever so that's right go to story anytime there's talk about faxes or fax machines I get to break that one out and tell the story you're slacking off you are you missed the best story they're gonna have to go back and listen to the replay man I told the good story not as good as the prostitute story but I'll get there so anyway so that finishes up the better concepts era of my life very unpleasant overall I mean other than you know the mmm scuzzy hard drives I don't know why but I keep thinking of that far side where the two construction workers were having lunch and the one guy's got his sandwich shop and he's like mmm skunk sandwich bill skunk sandwich trade you for that banana and the breads got this the skunk arms and legs and Tails sticking out it's fantastic all right enough of that I got something else on the back burner here I was gonna talk about G Seng today but I'm not sure that I can talk enough about it today I don't think I can get everything I want to say in so I'd rather save that for another show let's see you see here I put something else in here so scuzzy hard drives mmm okay that one's done okay so let's talk about for a little bit I know I talk about Plex a lot but it's a product I'm very excited about a lot of my friends are excited about there I did I said hi I'm even wait till I heard you in the background before I said I I did what's up I did I said hi well the connection was online and maybe you didn't get the connection hi I am at Bethany home in 27th you want a big fat Wendy's Burger double oh my goodness it must be serious no pickle no tomato not mayonnaise on it okay got it no fries am i picking him up something too sumit Baconator des fries okay sounds good yeah okay all right right let let her boo sit there and wait for the air conditioning guy yeah that's ridiculous yeah that's what I thought I knew she would get used to being able to lean on us for picking those kids up and I knew she'd try to abuse it now it's a bad time to wait that's on the way okay I will get your feeling okay I've got I'm sure I can find something to do with my time play with my new monitor oh it's so gorgeous it's so smooth oh it's like buttah something when you're in the better and more wake of a mood I'll explain to you why it's a special monitor that you can understand why I was so excited about it I hate when they do that is hey Brian are you going to ask me about your minecraft is not what you're going to ask me about yes I got I don't know how I don't know how many of the episodes are there but at least it's I think it's one through five so don't get the other ones Rocking when I find him okay so okay I know I know I remember I played watching dead on there and I was I was chewing at the bit to get the next episode so I understand the need I smell like a hair salon outside that's so gross ah well I'm gonna turn the vent off or something that's so disgusting you know that hair salon smell vomit probably the sewer Glendale okay honey I love you TLC soon yeah we weren't getting at we were getting away without a phone call today so sorry about that okay so Oh Plex yeah so um I I got some I got in on the cloud the Plex cloud server now a lot of you might be interested in this that's why I wrote it down I mean you guys hate it when I go over similar topics all the time but but check this out so well multiplex is I think for the most part right it's a media server you set up a computer you dump a bunch of media files to it you point the software at the folders and you can pretty much watch all of your shape anywhere anytime from any device right they've got Plex clients for phones for smart TVs for Roku's for everything so it doesn't matter where you're at your collection follows you around and it's really well done blah blah blah the servers free but part of that there's two parts of that that make it difficult for a lot of people who would be interested in this sort of thing to to do it one is you have to have an always-on PC you have to have a buttload of storage you have to you know you have to maintain a good solid internet connection you have ten good upload speeds that sort of thing right so um so that sort of precludes a lot of people from actually being able to do it there's an investment hardware if you've got this huge movie collection right and you could rip your own movies and your own TV shows right and you can put them on a hard drive but then you have to put it on a network piece it's a pain right now it's not for everybody flex it's not for everybody but there's a lot of things about Plex that even if you're not a fiend or a pirate or whatever where you're collecting billions of movies and TV shows sometimes you just want an easy way to distribute your own media pictures music your own homemade videos right at homemade video clips clips from from your kids Bar Mitzvahs Mitzvah whatever it's a there's reasons to share media now there's a million sharing services right Google photos you've got tumblr you've got Flickr I mean there's a ton of ways you can share your media but none of them are is they all require additional fees right so you've got to pay you know you got to pay the storage hose to blah blah blah it's it's it's a it's a mess right and then sometimes you're limited how big the pictures can be you don't have any control over your media Plus you know they're scanning in you know that those of you who are privacy freaks that sort of thing you know and you don't really want to put anything copyrighted up there right just because you own the relic and you want to let your mom want on your mom your dad watch it you know so you could put it up on Google Drive and let him see it or try to upload it to Vimeo or something and hope that they don't you know smack it down I mean there's grin it's probably on Netflix but he doesn't have Netflix just Shane flicks he's got me I've got all these movies sitting around so I can mail it to him right but you know that's that's goofy so the solution is flex flex is a great solution for getting all your media in one spot movies and pictures and all that shit enough of the sales pitch on that part but again it requires you to do all the work yourself that's maintaining the server and the upgrades and all that other stuff so Plex cloud server is designed to allow you to host your own plex server within the cloud imagine the name actually makes sense right plex server cloud server so here's how it works you purchase storage somewhere right now I believe it currently supports Dropbox Google Drive yay I've got 2 terabyte up there and onedrive which a lot of you I know probably have a lot of free space on it was going to support Amazon but Amazon's being a pain in the ass so they are actually um we're gonna still try to make it work but as of now and the beta they are removing it from the beta let's see how many terabytes is your video collection up to let's see so here's I don't have the exact number in front of me the last time I did account it was 17 terabytes but I'm sure it's up I think two or three since then so I've got I've got some one two three four drive bays external drive bays each one has at least a three terabyte drive in it mostly bigger and I've got two I think internal drives so I'm pretty close to 20 terabytes if not over at this point so that's a lot of space but listen I'm crazy I've got ten thousand videos and DVDs and movies and shit so I've got a rather large collection but listen if you're talking about hosting your own personal media I'm talking personal photos personal videos maybe some music videos whatever you know you're just yours hosting your own stuff something like a terabyte at Google is a couple bucks a month you know I'm saying a terabyte is pretty big if you're not putting you know 1080p rips of you know blu-ray copies of the force awakens for you know 17 gigabytes that holds a lot of space for a terabyte you know what I'm saying so for a couple bucks a month you can have you know your own flit server with a terabyte of storage that's fantastic now but up the other side of that equation is I don't know if they're going to charge for this product or if it's going to be roped into the Plex lifetime pass holders right now it seems like if you are a Plex lifetime pass holder you'll get your own cloud server for free which makes sense all they're doing is spinning up an instance of this server somewhere you're hosting everything you're paying the storage right you're doing all the maintenance they don't have to do really anything but act is sort of a mediator so essentially the cloud of the Plex cloud server is a full-blown plex server there are a few things that does not have it does not have camera uploads it does not have mobile sync there's a few things that it's missing right but you don't get and they in the sort of a slightly pared down version but otherwise it's the same damn thing you can't tell yeah I'm gonna get to road one if I've got time it's on my list so um that was for the SiO the Co Co CI CI Oh so it's a great opportunity listen the Plex pass costs a lot of money and a lot of people would be interested in owning a Plex pass if there was a really solid or alive for it right right now you have to be a real Plex head to get value out of the Plex lifetime pass having your own Plex cloud server could definitely offset and justify the cost of buying a lifetime pass right so I look at that as a good thing it's a healthy thing for Plex to be doing so yeah it's it's great you know I thought at first maybe it was gonna be I don't know what I was expecting it to be but it turned out to be really I mean it's dad easy to set up it's uh it's scanned my file so right now what I'm doing is on my cloud server I am I am putting up all of my radio shows right so I'm putting it passenger see radio I'm putting up retro-gaming radio I'm putting up dual screen radio because those are the sorts of things I don't have on hand right so if I want to listen to an old episode of dual screen radio or whatever I can do it right for my plex client booth poof and I'm listening to it on my phone right so it would be very convenient to have those available I am a patreon supporter of the podcast lore which I've talked about on the show a million times I love that podcast right so I'm gonna get all of those and put those up there my Howard Stern copies that I get off the internet I'm gonna put those up there so I'm literally gonna have access to all my podcast I may move all of my personal photos up there right we've got a terabyte that's what we're paying for is to store stuff so I put up all my pictures or full format right because Google photos will only allow you to put like a 1600 by 1400 picture up or that starts charging against your space well if I could put if I can get access to all my photos anywhere and give my family access to them using plexes that go between the Google Drive that's great yeah okay I could just share a Google Drive with them but plexus has a lot of features and it's cool to use so it's neat so I'm gonna I'm gonna keep working with it and see if I can find any problems right now like just when I soon as I got the beta I tried to get everything set up and it was down so it was down for like 15 hours or people on the Plex beta forms bitching and crying it's like dude 1 you're not its beta ok so relax you were told that it's not going to be up all the time you know personally as the the creepy man pig that I am I could see this being useful for men or women hey let's not generalize women like porn too now that's what I've heard I've been told that so I mean that'd be a great porn source right you know you don't want the kids to find the VHS tape you left in the machine now you can grant it you could just go to you porn or something whatever I don't know I'm just I'm vamping here so anyway yeah so I'm kind of looking forward to seeing where they take that what they do with it well by the way I found something that's kind of cool and there's um there's a filters section right I didn't I didn't really kind of make the connection that you could use filters to make playlists one of the things I wanted to do for my family and my friends and our my plex server is um I wanted to be able to create playlists of movies right I'm always asked well what's a good Christmas movie what's a good Halloween movie you know what's a good Valentine's Day movie you know what's that what's a good movie what's some good movies to watch this summer that I haven't seen so literally I can create collections using filters and then if they want to see a given you know category of you know like I've got one for all the hallmark movies right so now you can just click on that filter and you don't have to go digging you know if it's not you can't search for Christmas and get all the hallmark movies it doesn't work that way so it's pretty cool I'm excited about I mean I'm really enjoying plex I've really got my money out of it I think I got in on Plex when it was like 99 bucks before they made that jump or maybe it was 79 they almost doubled the price so I must have been about 79 bucks or something like that so I paid a good amount of money but not what they're asking now not like the Queen's wardrobe no no no not the kind of money you're talking about so I've got my money out of Plex period and a discussion I am NOT I do not feel bad for a second about spending money on the Plex past all right so let's talk about Road one a lot of people went last night I've had two co-workers that come to me and said it's the Star Wars we've been waiting for now these guys these guys are die-hard Star Wars people I mean these aren't these aren't the Kevin Smith's and the people who were invited to an early showing who basically you know when they came and they walked out the door somebody you know slipped a note in their pocket that said you're bad now this movie I'll send Mickey Mouse over to cut off your legs oh we're gonna have a problem here are we huh that's what a fucking fuck funny South Park joke for those of you who don't understand that anyhow oh yeah I mean you know I trust these people who are absolutely crazy psycho about Star Wars so two of the people I've talked to again say that it's it's amazing you know one guy said his wife cried it was so good I'm gonna gimme a break so okay soon as you told me your wife cried how can I value your opinion another guy's the other guy said it's like it borders on Empire Strikes Back good and I'm like okay you can't invoke Empire with anything that's not Empire you know what I'm saying so I don't know so I can't really trust him so now I've got a bunch of other people many of them are on this channel right now they're gonna go see it this weekend I am not seeing it this weekend my kid's been bugging the shit out of me to go see it I don't care I don't care about rogue one now I know you're saying you're saying but Shane you should care because this is this is the piece there's Vader in it it's epic the last the last reel will blow your mind of course the middle reel will bore your ass is slow but as somebody helpfully pointed out so is Empire apparently the ride is worth it I don't care here's my problem I don't care about any of the characters in there other than fader I don't care the story is the story is not robust to me this is how the plans you know this is how they stole the plans for the Death Star that's like a short that's like a 15 minute short you could shoot and put on YouTube do what I'm saying which means there's a lot of filler I don't none of these can I don't care about any of these characters you should show me captain Antilles with c-3po and r2d2 then I might care I don't you know they've got another robot in there you know the c-3po thing I don't know plus they've done plus I've got this nasty taste of political correct Disney shit over the top of it now I'm informed by the people who have seen it that there's furthest from the truth this is like the most mature thing that Disney's done and you know blah blah blah blah blah so it is tempting my son wants to see it really bad but you know what one I don't like going to the theater I go to the theater very rarely and typically is to see movies I already know that I love scene back at the theater again I'm going to see force awakens and you guys know my impression of that it was basically Star Wars retold and retooled to help you forget about the original Star Wars so maybe any time you think of a cantina you're not gonna think Mos Eisley don't think of this other place but that's all in another show you'd go back and listen to that at your leisure but yeah so I don't like the female protagonist thing listen I'm not misogynistic you know I'm not gonna grab her pussy I'm just saying that um it feels forced not the force in the good way like how much fear the horror so how do I'm talking about it feels like there was never a possibility the road one could could possibly have a male they did it has to be a female right we've got to have this we've got to have that and listen I'm telling you listen star wars without lightsabers equals fuck you all right on the video trailers that I've seen in the bits and pieces I did not see a single light saber to me what makes Star Wars great are Jedi's and lightsabers I do not care about the rebellion I care about Jedi so I don't think I'm alone I want to see lightsabers I want to see people getting their arms chopped off that's what I want to see I want to see Jedi no it hasn't been done to death yet because those prequels were terrible you know oh but no there are no Jedi say all went into hiding remember the genes-- went into hiding there's no right there's no Jedi's in the middle of this because this is my report another episode for got it bullshit you can give me some lightsabers in here and went into hiding that doesn't mean they're all dead you could show me some lightsaber action I don't know I I don't I I'm not I'm not excited to see it I don't care if everybody that I know and trust comes back to me over the weekend and says the same thing that everyone I'm hearing is telling me I'll go see it because you have to see Star Wars in the theater period and a discussion you know I'm not Howard Stern I don't I don't want to watch Star Wars on my 8 inch iPad Mini you know what I'm saying yeah that's what I want to watch TV's on this little tiny fucking screen in mono or and you know Dolby Surround yeah did you already see it co-ceo how do you how do you want me to pronounce that if you're gonna be a regular in here I am was that supposed to be a number on there I can't really see your little thing that's supposed to be a five one zero is that likely to speak in Reverse or numbers become letters so you're trying to figure this out no Travis does not fit the no one trusts group he and I have very similar tastes we like a lot of the same movies listen Travis has more pull than anybody I've talked to so far okay guaranteed no problem there I do not trust him to render me a verdict on Star Wars there's nothing personal in that it's just the way it is yeah you don't trust people that can kick your ass and Travis can kick my ass he will pay for it and I will beat him but he will inevitably kick my ass I know a lot of his tricks cuz he's taught them to me for those of you who are like new to the show that don't understand Travis a nice relationship we studied in the same martial arts studio together he was a belt ahead of me so we kind of got to do like blue belt things together you know we were blue belts at the same time that sort of thing so we have a long-standing relationship so we can talk to each other like this oh no no I won't sit on you I won't sit on you I'll hit you a few times and you will be unhappy in the morning I will give you the ultimate win you will probably beat me because you have more endurance sigh oh sigh oh I don't remember this maybe I won't I'm losing my memory I'm losing my mind I'm 47 years old got something creeping into my brain it's probably one of those freaking brain-eating monster algae and things you know but I didn't go ziplining where I wasn't supposed to I didn't swim in any legs but I'm pretty sure it's on there so maybe here's what's gonna help me remember sigh oh what's what does that relate to why is it sigh Oh what does that mean you're taking your kids to see it on Sunday okay well listen you can hop back on here and leave a comment after you see it you can leave a comment on this episode any time you don't have to be live in the in the in the chat to leave a medley vac ah meant because all these chats turn ameba thank you flesh-eating algae amoeba thank you for playing your music really loud I love that music - do you guys hear that I'm seeing my microphone jump up and down walls points you guys got to be hearing it it's like three cars over why are people rude like that I had another case where I was walking through the grocery store and there was some chick playing having her phone she's old she was holding up her phone like a boombox but it wasn't it was so loud I mean granted if she had it turned down really low and she was listening to it up to her ear like that I'd be good but now somehow everybody who listens to music like that who were assholes apparently wants you um apparently they want everybody to hear what they've got going on Nikolas Nikolas let a don't come toe I get even close let's say Nicholas let say Italian I don't know I'm not good with with nationalities but hey welcome in the first time was think great and you're an old fan of psrr gr you're you're a saint thank you for being here thank you for coming I was I was not sure how PSR would do to be honest with you I mean we've been doing PSR for what nine years now like nine seasons of PSR been at this forever longer longer in fact I think maybe than retro-gaming radio ran now that I think about it certainly more shows so that's kind of cool yeah so it's kind of neat I'm glad people from retro-gaming radio can come over here and get some sort of enjoyment out of the show this it's definitely different material so good nice to have another another person coming into the live chats I like that I like the live stuff it's fun I got to find some way I might have to get a second cell phone at some point that way people could call into the show because I can't I can't do well you guys know what it's like you can't and here you can't hear somebody on the phone you can only hear me so that would ruin any that ruin any kind of fun of having a call into the show but man people are driving like rodents these days the hell man I'm in a parking lot here it's Safeway and getting ready to go to Wendy's for my wife's dinner but um Brazilian okay sure were you on Nicolas were you um were you on the discussion forums you know the old mineral world forums cuz your name looks unbelievably familiar to me so that's cool Brazilian yeah we had a lot you know Brazil was a good place for em retro-gaming radio we had a lot of Brazilians listening to retro-gaming radio that was cool you know retro-gaming radio I'll just sit here for just a minute I mean I got to get food and everything but the it's it's kind of cool man you know retro-gaming radio and a lot like this show this show has a pretty diverse listening background I haven't done any research really on the demographics and stuff but retro-gaming radio had the most amazing disparity of people right we had we had crackheads that listen to the show I mean literally like serious hard drug users listen to retro gaming radio then on the other side we have like Roman Catholic priests they'll listen to the show and you know it's like classic video gaming that unites all groups we had everything in between we had male listeners female listeners we had old young I mean it was it was very very interesting yeah yeah I thought you posted on there that's cool yeah we had such a diverse listening group it was great cuz everyone kind of brought something a little different we had tons of countries the UK big England huge following for retro-gaming radio Brazil was big I had a bunch of Germany what was one I had to mail a retro-gaming radio a retro-gaming radio CD some unbelievably random location it was so random but like the post office was like I wish are you sure this is the right address I'm like listen this is what the guy gave me what do you want you know and it's like I have no idea where it's going but I guess he got it yeah ex man of the cloth now right yeah Travis tonight Travis and I will do am Travis and I'll do one of the the guest spots like we've done yes yes rest in peace kid i'b yeah kid hype was the producer of retro-gaming radio once it came back from the dead and he was like the greatest guy ever man if you want to hear some of the best audio ever you need to listen to the interview that we did with the Daphne guy gosh his name just suddenly slipped out of my head but the with the interview we did with him at classic gaming expo so this guy was like a die-hard Mormon right and and Bryan you know he was black kid from the hood you know so he is just do you think I'm foul-mouthed he puts me to shame but he but you listen to that and you could tell that the kid is getting you know and we were all kids back then but he was kind of getting uncomfortable and stuff so I kept trying to steer the conversation and I remember Brett Brian Brian kid hype that's yes my son is named after Brian kid hyde-smith but I remember Brian was saying something like he was saying something like so so so when you got the laserdisc hooked up its I know this is a king of all blacks boys but he didn't really sound like this but this is like the only voice I can do so like the first time you got that disc looked up to Daphne and you saw the dragon's lair come up you just did you just fucking shit your fucking pants when that came up man I was dying I'm sure they've been oh my god you know this guy's let you know the guy we just talked we did a pre-interview with him I was gonna pee my pants when he started ripping like that I can talk all day about kid hype all right listen I got to get out of here it's almost been an hour you guys got a long show for a Friday I get my wife food she's dying to go to bed this is Shane our Monroe Paterson radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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