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hello folks is a shame our Monroy here in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it's December 19 2016 you're on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show Alexei Lopez first one in inside of 15 seconds that's amazing and that was probably you know the delay is probably 15 seconds so it's perfect it's perfect I'm gonna air my car out for just a second while I'm in the parking garage tell you it's freaking the hot stuffy in here there we go feel the force around you man so yes Monday weekend not much to talk about hey now credential in the house not much going on this weekend them I'll tell you about the monitor thing in a minute yeah you know sorry I'm trying to get out of a parking garage without crashing into somebody there out that pew you had no kidding right clear out my fecal dust yeah yeah anyhow so the weekend was pretty uneventful for the most part my wife had some sort of flu thing kicking her ass she had to do tons of end of the semester grading and she was miserable she was in bed a bunch I personally stayed in bed a lot this weekend um I truly believe that sleep is the cure for almost all ailments so if you can keep off your freaking feet and sleep it seems to work out hey we'll be ease into so let's see I wrote down a yellow sticky on my way out of the office was some crap to talk about here before I get into the whole g-sync thing and a couple of articles I wanted to talk about let's see so the first thing I want to talk about is it's a Kickstarter project called unknown realm it is a it is an 8-bit style game for the PC and the Commodore 64 it was inspired by such a big classics as Ultima and of course legacy of the Ancients now the only reason I bothered to bring this up because if you if you go on to Kickstarter right now or GoFundMe or anything you literally fall over nine billion 8-bit games that are in development the only reason that this guy got them the figurative steam off my was the fact that in his breath so to speak he talked about the game and he said you know why is it misspoke to me why is it that when you ask people what the greatest RPGs of all time are you know anybody over the age of 30 they'll tell you things like Ultima and legacy of the Ancients legacy the Ancients does not get its due as one of the great RPGs ever so the fact that this guy is willing to put in print after altima legacy of the Ancients I had to hey man Anthony McSweeney that sounds like a vaudeville name you don't hail from vaudeville to him I could see you being the act in between the juggler and the guy reading from Shakespeare Nick stop mastani McSweeney and the great McSweeney vehicle I don't know I was going somewhere with that but it didn't work out sometimes it doesn't work out anyway so I'm trying to help this guy along and these people along and get some backing for his game i back twenty bucks that gets me a copy of the game and I'm excited that Limerick Ireland that's great so anyway check it out go to Kickstarter search for unknown realm and see what you think I like the concept that you get you can actually get a card Brij version of the games specially designed cartridge so that the game is it loads as fast as possible it's really cool you know I check it out if you're interested in that sort of thing I was reading an article that the cable companies are all up in arms now but they need something new to go you know to go after and they are totally pissed off I posted this on Google+ they are really pissed that the piracy Android box is becoming prolific in the wild hey John John mon gain mone gain Momo it's something I want to see Morgan every time I look down there but I know it's not anyway so what is this so recently I think I mentioned it here on the show I picked up on I picked up one of these Android boxes so what I wanted to do is I really wanted to compare what a tricked-out plain-jane android running on an android box would differ from an android TV experience so this thing promises you everything if you go to ebay right now and you type in free TV Android box you'll probably find at least a dozen if not more of people selling fully loaded ready for piracy Android boxes now listen hey Michael Smith son now normally I would I would look at this article and say this is just like you know talking about piracy or anything else it's typically a little blown out of proportion and not properly modulated and its clickbait right well here's the thing and I talked about this before about six months ago my mother-in-law who bless her heart she is actually a in her age group she is one of the more techy people I know she is a manager of technical people and when I say that I mean technical people like her company if you ever go to the grocery store or to any store and you swipe a card stick your card in or whatever into one of those little boxes chances are that her company could it I mean if you're in Southern California anyway company could be involved in the deployment programming and everything else on that thing so she works in a market you know she doesn't work for a you know a department of clothing store or something like that she doesn't work for a clothing company right where even if she was technical their product still isn't technical no so she's she's you know she's pretty well suited yeah here's the part that gets me she she emails me about four or five months ago and she says I'm looking to get rid of cable the people at work want to set me up with a Cody box do you know what that is they say it's free and I could get everything I want and it won't cost me anything what do you know about that so I wrote her back and I kind of explained it to her you know it's not free it's piracy I said it's all torrent based you know I told her everything I knew and I said look your internet service provider is watching or probably watching for this sort of thing you you may get it and have no problems whatsoever I said here's the problem though it's not the seamless experience that you're used to with cable right you're not just gonna turn the computer turn the computer turn the TV on and flip the channel 12 and start watching TV it doesn't work that way you know and so uh she's like oh I didn't know it was piracy blah blah blah I said yeah I mean you know they're all breaking the law everyone's doing it I said I said listen I said I would much rather put you into a box that you know where you can access my plex server you know not that that's any better but you know they're not looking for Plex streams you know what I'm saying they're looking for torrents and you're basically putting up a big white flag that says hey over here I'm pirating so I'm pirating movies over here my kid my daughter might completely technologically void daughter Ksenia who I love I have to you know after I say something negative you say something positive it's in the managers book you you you sandwich a negative comment between two positive comments Alex knows all about this alex is a zookeeper so he understands a lot of this management time so anywho so I you know and so she goes oh you know what they I called him up and told him I was thinking about disconnecting and they gave me 40 bucks off for the next year 40 bucks off a month for the next year she goes so I'm okay I'm like okay good well you know if you get around to it again let me know we'll talk you know possibilities and I'll let you know what you're really in for well ever since that and my daughter telling me that they're torrenting movies and TV shows up in Portland you know it's it's come to my attention and even my other daughter who's also about she's a lot more technologically savvy than my younger daughter even she was asking me for stuffing because she couldn't find it on the Pirate Bay it's like wow oh Jessie Leonard hey what's up man so essentially what I'm hearing is everybody's pirating whether or not they know their partners see my daughter my younger daughter didn't think she was doing anything wrong and I'm like how do you figure that you're getting free TV and movies how is that not wrong it's just well we don't keep copies of it we don't we don't jump seat it I'm like what are you talking about she goes well you know as soon as we get the movie downloaded we we disconnected we we we kill the torrent so that so we're not seeding so it's legal like what you're talking about you do realize that the whole time you're downloading your seating right no okay listen to me now I had to give her the full story about what she's doing is not looking good so Dini him so it occurred to me after all of this that there is a legitimate call for these black box turncoat things but you can get on eBay so I went up to ebay started looking around and they're all over the place you can find these things in there and they're blamed I don't even understand how these things stay listed you know it's like oh we pre install this we pre install that what's your favorite TV no cost blah blah blah what the hell how are you getting away with that it's nice that you're catching the live show Jesse early 2000 rgr that's a long time ago brother nice to have you in here that like I'm gonna I'm gonna take a stab at your your avatar though your icon is that Kansas City what is that what is that is that Kansas City Chiefs on a tomahawk head or not a tomahawk an arrowhead I don't know I'm taking a guess here you'll find out a lot about people by their by their avatars so anyway I get a look at these boxes I find one that looks like it's suitably powerful and I grabbed it I did I bought it and I when I got it home I opened it up I took a look at it I plugged it in and I started to check it out well the first thing that is almost every piece of software that's on the box is out of date so you have to upgrade this upgrade this upgrade this o upgrades not available right now try it again later blah blah blah and I'm thinking you just lost my mother-in-law this is over you know what I'm saying you're done here so alright myths what's next okay well let me try one of these things so I try the movie browser or whatever it is they named it just another popcorn you know Showtime you know front end so I bring it up and sure enough here's all the latest movies listed everything's right there and I'm like okay whoa let's see what the experience is like so I go to I don't remember what the hell the movie once I start I try to play it nothing doesn't work alright go to another one doesn't work switched over to the TV live TV viewing app that work which order this other app you need to update no update server's not available okay well we're looks like we're pretty much done here and I'm thinking my poor mother-in-law what if she got one of these right and of course it's all Kodi based its Kodi with a whole bunch of piracy plugins and of course they've got a couple of other like front-end tools and it's all just a mess and I'm thinking here's the problem an experienced pirate would have no use for this people who are not experienced pirates wouldn't be able to use this so how are these things making money oh yeah I'm a huge NFL enthusiast in fact if I if I weren't in this car right now recording this show I'd be sitting in front of a TV watching the game right now I don't know what game some game guaranteed oh hey fellow Submariner now we're talking nuke program sweet so did you um did you make it through nuclear power school where you nuclear fallout or did you make it all the way through I'm sorry I'm sorry did I not acknowledge Travis he is so butthurt when I don't acknowledge him he wants to start a fight with me anyway so I'm not trying not to acknowledge him too much he wants to fight with me whether or not backing into a parking space is safer than pulling into a parking space so what we're gonna do is I'm not going to talk about it because I'll have him we'll get in the car we'll drive around for a half hour or something and he and I can debate about it see here's the thing he's got me at a disadvantage because he works for an insurance company which quite frankly would be I would definitely tend to put more emphasis on him but he didn't make it all the way through nice nice so uh yeah so did you I'm sorry I'm talking to a fellow you know nuclear-powered sub Mariner here so I'm so did so you made it out you were an electrician you run subs that explain to my audience that explain explain to them sitting I don't think people believe me they think I'm full of hyperbole so um so let's say this tell me true or false the first buy only made at eight weeks so the first at least eight weeks are three chalkboards with some guy writing on one while he's erasing the other one and all you're doing is transferring notes transferring notes from the board into your book there's no study there's no lecture all they're doing is transferring from the board into your notebook true or false machine readable yeah that's me but you know what I said I'm not gonna talk about it Travis is gonna get all spun up I don't want him to get all spun up or we stir this intersection still closed goddammit I feel like an ass doing that I didn't mean to pull up I thought the intersection would be clear by now but now yeah I wish when you guys gonna let me in I stopped back here thank you thank you very much whole world's not filled with assholes except for me because you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna sit here in pathway in between each Lane and stop the assholes from pulling up into the right and merging at the last second hey I'm gonna get to gsync okay very true okay next thing next were you on mandatory hours at all did you have mandatory study or were you smart enough to not be mando 35 like me yeah yeah tell her about the tell him about the white cotton gloves tell him about some eight hours of class followed by four to eight hours of homework every day that's including the weekends now the class wasn't on the weekends that prick went around me you guys are assholes pardon my french but you're an asshole you know what I'm gonna back I'm gonna back up sons of bitches I am not letting a single one of you and you never got Man two hours yeah you were smarter than me yeah see I bet you did you have college or anything when you win in I mean I barely passed the nucular power test in fact I didn't pass it they got a variance so that I could be in there yeah it was not it was not a pleasant thing yep oh here we go hi oh really Wow that's crazy talk Wow okay well good thing good thing you told me no probably not because that's not in my nature but maybe after we wouldn't worked out yeah I might be yeah yeah I don't care I'll eat salad stuff so if you want to get are you stopping at Albertson's so maybe some hard-boiled eggs some fresh the like Hillshire farms meat stuff you know I usually get four sandwiches I like to dice up and put in my salads I find that hard to believe somebody not paying attention to their children say it's not first your dicks alright yep love you too yeah the highest mando I ever got was 40 40 hours a week now remember now you got to remember too that you don't ever you can't take any of your books home all of your studying and everything had to be done inside the security control buildings everything was confidential or higher all right absolutely sucked yeah that was quite a few years after right yaks I went in in about 89 I guess right so not actually not that much further out no no of course that was still in Orlando you know that place is completely gone Jesse have used have you noticed that you cannot find RTC anywhere on the map because it's gone the whole place has been turned into like housing tracks and stuff it blew me away absolutely nuts yeah so I went in the Navy like 89 went through you know boot camp and everything so I would have been there I guess 90 ish yeah so I kinda I wish I could remember what my class number was I'm trying to think about my boot camp number well our boot camp cc2 five six yeah but see that wood road sayed pretty quickly had to sign in to study ya captain's mat oh my god listen they they did everything possible to get you kicked out I was telling these guys Jesse that some guy got kicked out of because it was a three man barracks I don't know if it was still that way when you got there but the three man barracks one guy got caught with a hot plate in his locker because you're not allowed to cook in there right so he got busted and kicked out of the nuclear program went to the conventional Navy and then his two roommates got busted his two roommates got busted lost the stripe and got sent to the conventional Navy because they didn't tell on him there's an integrity clause it's fantastic anyhow enough of that stuff yeah it's uh it was it's kind of sad you know that was a huge there's a huge piece of history that's just gone off the face of the earth it's unbelievable all right so let's see so back to that cable versus Android box thing so here's the deal here's the deal on this thing it's absolute fabrication you can build these things on your own and quite frankly it's not the way to go it's not the right answer if what you listen there are ways to do piracy and there's ways not to do piracy that is going to get you kicked inland stones you know probably a warning letter from your ISP maybe worse probably not worse but you know you get enough kicks in the nuts then you know they you know they take away your cable or put you on a cap or do something terrible so anywho so I listen if there's just there's ways there's ways of doing it that's a little bit better than that so anyhow so I thought it was interesting it was an interesting thing especially now like out of nowhere after I already looked at the box and I've been doing all this research and suddenly now cable companies are having a attack and there's nothing they can do I mean there is literally nothing they can do except for go after ISPs because the Box inherently isn't isn't in violation of so that's great that's right I'm I'm I'm I'm doing an Oprah thing I'm doing a bit let's see here what else is on my list oh battleborn yep you know this is getting out of control I am finding too much stuff to play I don't have enough time to play all this stuff here I'm warning you indecent love too much to do right right peace and love I have too much to do too many games to play it's unbelievable yeah that's why this shows a couple minutes late I was busy making a peace and love drop I got to get another one too that just says peace and love peace and love I love that one but yeah I love that bit I've got too much to do it's good stuff okay battleborn one of our mutual friends here um what was wrong with that oh you know what I think it has to think it there was something messed up cuz normally I can't hear it hang out it's like let me try something let me try this again you're hangin I'm warning you and Mason loved too much to do that's interesting normally normally I can't hear it but suddenly for some reason I can that's not what I want I want it to stream over not enough to did with that later anywho I'm so this battleborn five bucks on CD case calm this game $60 on Steam folks and a lot of people get it confused or try to compare it with overwatch and there's sort of a similar art style but it really isn't it's not the same game battleborn is like sort of an art kay it's you know what it's almost like it's almost like a 3d gauntlet okay so take gauntlet takes a Borderlands 2 because it's a gearbox game so if look kind of feels like Borderlands the items have the little lines coming off of them there's all sorts of little nods to to valve and gearbox so anyway so take take gauntlet and Borderlands and kind of make mix it up into this sort of overwatch sort of style of art and that's how you get that's a good battle board yeah yeah there's an echo because it's it's coming out of my speaker going into the microphone instead of directly streaming and I don't know what's causing that yeah well I can't fix it now so I'll have to fix it later so yeah so I played a bunch of that battleborn if you if you're interested in seeing and a couple of missions the prologue and the first mission I recorded some video and send it up to you you pube YouTube check it I need five bucks listen it's a no-brainer it comes with some DLC it's not the season pass but it's a little bit of DLC it's five bucks I mean come on for the price of a cup of coffee you can save little hanji or you can buy a copy of battleborn for five bucks yeah I'm sure you do demand better than overwatch they're different games overwatch is sort of as a team-based shooter right this is more like an arcade game you know there's lots of powers you know there's lots of characters it's got this sort of similar art style but they're really totally different games so they're independent of each other so it's not like well I'll play battleborn or I'll play overwatch they're just totally separate even though they've been compared probably incorrectly in the past but I would say listen five bucks come on I mean I don't know what Russian I don't know what Russian truck they fell off the back of but I bought like seven copies and they all work so that's the gift you can give to your friends it's the gift that keeps on giving battleborn so I was reading this article some Canadian judge chastised an individual for dragging dog custody into court listen a lot of single people or I'm sorry a lot of single people and a lot of married people without children get animals right sometimes you can take anything too far people I'm telling you when you start dressing you get a little dog you start dressing it in clothes calling it your baby you take it for walks in a stroller that's that's crank ring okay that's just cuckoo that's nothing but that's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about people who have decided not to have children and so instead they get dogs or cats and then consider them their kids right somebody dog gets it it still work I'll tell you sorry so a co-worker of mine actually one of my subordinates I love the word subordinate even though I just don't think of it that way but it cracks me up the word subordinate is priceless which actually has another which is great okay I'm gonna I'm actually gonna segue out of a segue so Justin and I were were walking back from lunch and we were entering the downtown justice center where we work and we were talking about how his people hate or didn't limit what they say the people didn't like being called his workers or something like that and I said yeah you know there's some of these words some of these words are really really ugly you know that people you know people hate to be called them you know and then this super hot chick that was walking in front of us you could tell she was listening to our conversation and she was smiling and she turns back and she goes subordinate I'm like yes that's the word Justin go back to your people right now get him in a room and tell them they're all your subordinates and watch them snap yeah I like coworker we're a team as far as I'm concerned but let's let's let's not diverse too much so anyway so one of my co-workers of course here's the problem that's his manager you know it's sort of it's sort of in my purview to keep track of white people aren't at work right so he calls in he's like listen I got an issue I'm gonna have to come in late or I'm gonna have to take the day off it's great well once it happens in two three four days in a row then as his manager and not his co-worker friend I have to sort of get involved and say hey you know I if this is something medical maybe we need to look at FMLA for you or something like that whatever so anyway so he tells me that his dog got hit by a car and of course the guy kept going naturally no no caring for your fuzzy friend and so he got a call he had to take a man take her in I guess and you know is this it was this you know she was up from the sound of it but you know she was gonna live but she needed constant care for a few days all that stuff right and at one point time she actually nod her tail off I mean literally it was like a little tiny piece of sinew or something holding her tail on because she chewed it off apparently from what I understand and I'm learning a lot here apparently dogs that have nerve damage like on tails or feet or something like that he'll actually know I'm off I mean we know that like wolves will know all their legs off to get out of a trap right or you know like if you have a really bad blind-date and in the morning you have to chew your arm off you know to avoid waking her up it's the same idea but in this case they had to take her back in I guess he got out of the shower and she'd done it like right there and twisted retro yeah don't get me started on Reilly mark you're too late for that if you want me to do Reilly you have to get here like in the first like a couple of minutes it's 29 minutes into the show can't just break into spontaneous Riley Martin for you I tried to give the fans what they want but damn so anyway so uh shoot her tail off and all this other stuff and so we're sitting here talking today about it I'm asking how the dogs doing and she's doing great and you know she had some you know pus build up by her tail and they had to drain in and her legs are a little stiff but she's coming around and so you know we started talking about the concept of animals as your kids right and hi well I don't know ten and a half eleven depending on the shoe probably eleven with nice big socks our ten-year-old wears nine and a half inch star nine and a half shoes well then how about there yeah well I guess the legends are not true okay I know that was for you honey yay nice yeah he wears his shoes out okay we'll talk about it later right that's good now now just like you know maybe roast beef in Turkey you know what's that yeah we got ham at home if I want am I think you do actually I don't so get something fresh okay all right love you chip all right so back to this whole you know so we're talking about it and he's you know he's and I'm like he said something about it being expensive and I said yeah man I mean that can't be cheap all everything that she's gone through and so you know it's like my kid it's like my kid but of course Oh aren't you freaking cool in that little box Fiat yes yes good job burning the rubber off those tires POW dillhole yeah so we're talking about it and you know back you guys remember the story I'm telling you about my ferrets and you know they got intestinal blockages they have surgery was like fifteen hundred bucks my dad had no compassion how much is a new ferret it's like a hundred fifty bucks right yeah some people don't understand but anyway so I saw this article breezed by that this judge got all pissed off this was in Canada by the way which I find funny for some reason and the judge went off on these guys saying that you know this is these aren't your children you're wasting the Court's time and effort and money blah blah blah you're wasting taxpayer money by bringing this to court and yeah you know and I thought about it for a minute and it's like them it's like okay well forget about it being children right it's true right they you know they're not protected by anything they can't grow up and vote right they can't do anything they're dogs but you know what I've seen mother on Judge Judy in people's court fighting over a $25 toaster but that's okay to take to court that's not wasting the Court's time help small claims courts under 500 bucks right in most jurisdictions some up to five thousand but if you've got a dog that you've had you know this is an is a as a family unit you've had a dog for ten years that's just as important to me personally you judge Canadian judge whatever his name was I didn't write it down you know it's like that to me if you're gonna go to fight about a toaster I think a dog is just as important so the Canadian judge who said dogs aren't kids and they're not but don't talk about wasting the Court's time believe me I know I've seen some of the petty people take each other to court for you know the dog is that I think the dog is a lot more important than toaster or some chicks long-johns they the dude stole pissed on and burned outside of her house anyway what else we have on my list I got nothing so what's left just to talk about the whole monitor debacle so first of all I have to take back everything I said about my wife she so okay so let's roll back so you know that my wife green-lighted me this g-sync monitor but she greenlit it in a way that was not conducive to my future good fortune and so I erroneously ordered one and then she basically I turned out you know that the shipping time was gonna be forever and and so I wrote her back and said you know we're not gonna get this thing and she was good because I'd be really pissed at you if you got it bla bla bla bla bla bla bla right so she was not happy so I had to tell her one they got ordered and she was pissed about that and I said I'm gonna try to cancel it but I don't I think it's already shipped it's already in the shipping pipeline even though they said I wasn't gonna ship for two weeks it was instantly in the shipping pipeline so there was no way I could return it so I tried I wrote to Abu Dhabi and you know premiere bunch of Michalek batman/superman takes three days to write back to me you know even then even then it was March it as soon as I realized that my ass was hanging in the wind I jumped back up on the site which would be order and it said shipping and as soon as that happens you can't cancel him there was nothing you could do now listen could I have gotten on the phone and talk to somebody Adele maybe but my guess is they would have told me the exact same thing that the website said which is oh you know the product is already shipping blah blah blah so Peru OD superman/batman says you know well I'll tell you what I'll send you a call tag we're gonna charge you the shipping to ship it back but you know it'll be fine if it shows up just you know take it put the call sticker on it take it down to UPS and ship it back and we'll only charge you for the for the shipping well I know how much shipping is on that big that thing is big and oversized it's not super heavy but you know they're gonna cost a fortune to ship that thing back so my game plan at that point was according to Dells website everything that they ship requires a signature right so I'm thinking okay I've still got a shot at this if they try to deliver and they leave a sticker I'll just not go pick it up they'll deliver the next day and then the next day they'll take it back no problem problem solved well of course the thing is delivered and they just leave it there fortunately it wasn't in a box that actually said expensive Dell monitor on it because it was sitting right out front so I brought it into the house my wife comes in and I said yes it's the monitor I've got a you know I've got to ship it back but we might need to talk about this because shipping is gonna be like 30 40 bucks you know that's like 10% the price of the monitor and so this went on for about 24 hours or so or she was kind of PD about it and and then we started negotiating and eventually to make a long story short she which does not like me but I love to make short stories long but you know she's like you'll probably get to keep it you know all pissy and so she doesn't understand why this is a special monitor she just thinks I'm getting another one of what I have 10 of already so I understand that but when she gets in that mood you can't read it she's like a terminator right you know you can't reason with it you can't stop it they will not stop until you are dead you can't bargain with it you can't reason with it hi you were gonna get a game me for me and Salas them I have no idea what you were stopping for I don't know what you were stopping for you said we're gonna stop at the store love you bye all right so now that I've had four calls from my wife in one show right so she doesn't understand the difference and she doesn't want to know for her it was all a matter of principle right as you heard from the previous show but she let me have it mm-hmm and okay so let's talk about this whole g-sync thing so we'll do a little background I was actually writing this whole big giant article okay I was gonna write this big article for review Lagoon talking about what you think is why it does what it does what problems it's trying to solve and all this other stuff right well I typed it into a notepad I was on my work computer right I was typing it over my lunch hour I left it sitting there right now for lunch I got busy and so then they did software updates over the weekend new to my box and of course it didn't keep a copy so I lost like you know an hour's worth of typing so I decided I'm not gonna bother to do that article I'll just talk about it up here on the show where it should be all right so let's talk about this whole this whole situation here so first off you got to understand the principle behind this thing chances are likely unless you spent over 300 bucks for a monitor it's probably a 60 Hertz monitor right it's probably nice and big it's got a nice screen but it's probably 60 Hertz right which essentially means that it can draw maximum of about 60 frames per second right so that sounds pretty good but me 60 frames per second so I need okay the video card however depending on the game and the situation and all sorts of other neat little things typically can write frames to the monitor faster than it can display them right so if your graphic processing unit can process games at a hundred frames per second okay then what happens is is something called Terran now everyone's seen this especially if your video game down a PC early on this is essentially the GPU sending frames faster than they can be displayed which means you end up having a frame overlapping another frame now the more action and the more differential between the two frames the more tearing you get so this is typically seen in fast action games first-person shooters things where there's a large Delta change tank so what they did is they created a software solution for this called vsync and what this thing does is is it synchronizes the GPU writing out frames to the monitor so now your GPU is essentially for all intents and purposes more or less crippled to whatever the monitor will display which is 60 frames per second so as long as the GPU does not send the frames too fast there's no tearing alright now let's go to the other side of the equation let's say that you're playing I don't know let's pick a game I ran and just cause 3 just cause 3 is a technical mess great game but a technical mess you will regularly fall below 60 frames per second if you can even get that far because it is a graphically intensive demanding game that requires this mess it doesn't matter if you drop below your monitors refresh rate which is a fixed refresh rate of 60 Hertz right what will happen is you get what they call stutter or jitter it and everybody knows what that is everybody's familiar in fact if you play Just Cause 3 you know all about stuttering and jittering that's because now instead of sending too many friends it's not sending enough and what that can induce is lag not just on the screen which causes the stuttering but also in your input this is why these assholes with $1200 gaming rigs are kicking your ass online they're not getting stuttering they're not getting input lag because they're not using a 60 Hertz monitor hooked up to a graphics processing unit that can simply kick ass okay so these think fixes the caring but it doesn't fix the stuttering what do you do to fix that energy sing Jesus is a technology where they put a little board inside of a monitor and instead of the monitor being in a fixed refresh rate of 60 Hertz it accepts a signal from the GPU saying I'm ready to deliver a frame and as such in real time it dynamically changes the refresh rate of the monitor it may be 60 Hertz right now but now it's a hundred now it's 92 now it is 30 now it is 29 now it is 35 all of those frame rate changes can now be compensated by the monitor via G sync technology now it's Nvidia so you got to have Nvidia on both sides you have to have Nvidia g-sync monitor and you have to have an Nvidia graphics card if you are the V of the lower house of the Commonwealth and you decided to have an AMD card don't don't give me any then you have options of something called free sync which is an open source because that makes it so much better listen I don't care if it's open source or I pay for as long as it kicks ass I'm good so if you have an AMD card you can use free which is the same pretty much exact thing although I've never been able to sit there and compare them side-by-side this is the basic core technology behind it's the same it changes the monitor from a fixed refresh rate to a dynamic one based on what the GPU can kick out so now the question is is g-sync worth it well here's the thing G sync is only a piece of the equation okay if you've got a 60 Hertz month let's say you you you kicked out for that 35 inch IPS gorgeous ultra wide curved monitor okay let's say you've kicked out for that you paid for 500 bucks for that sucker it's gorge but guess what it's 60 Hertz you're kind of screwed right I mean that's you you you've you've encapsulated what you're capable of doing right so even though you've got a cool monitor in terms of size and color and all that you still are locked right so here's the thing G sync is not cheap it adds about 150 to 200 dollars for the price of a given monitor the question really is is it worth it so here's the thing if you buy a g-sync monitor it's not going to be a piece of monitor that's typically the way it is because G sync and free sync for that matter are more of a high-end technology no one's gonna buy a 60 her g-sync monitor it's not gonna happen I don't even know if they exist well you are gonna get is a hundred 144 165 Hertz monitor now you're ready to play with the big boys now that monitor can go anywhere from 140 444 frames down to like 5 frames you're not gonna get tearing and you're not gonna get stutter and you're gonna run the game at the highest framerate possible by your video card not 60 the highest framerate possible is that worth it opinions vary okay I'm telling you right now the fact that I changed out my cheap 27-inch 60 Hertz monitor with an incredibly nice monitor with higher resolution better color all of the stuff that makes a monitor better than another monitor plus the g-sync I see an extraordinary amount of difference games that require super high frame rates for the illusion of speed and accuracy of a picture things like do Witcher Gears of War all of these games Call of Duty write these games look better under g-sync period you can't argue with it and it's a bonus here's the part that should really concern you and that is you're getting rid of the input lag - so it's it's all around your chance are likely you're upgrading to a better monitor you're getting the g-sync is a bonus and you're gonna eliminate tearing stuttering and input lag again it may not be worth it to you 200 bucks is a pretty health you know health the hefty em price increase for g-sync monitor now I can tell you here's the biggest problem of g-sync I can't tell you about it you can't read about it you can't watch a video on YouTube you have to see it in person on and off to really understand the difference and you can't do that anywhere you go to Best Buy you're a fries oh yeah they got the monitor up there you open up the Start menu there's no games installed on it what the how are you supposed to show off this monitor g-sync if there's no games yeah it looks great the colors are great it's nice and wide show me a GC well we don't have any games installed sir oh yeah whatever so you really can't see it unless you go to somebody's house that's got it and they can show it to you and turn it on and op you'll see a difference it is not one of those things where you'll go huh look it's not like here that you know like when you're at the eye doctor and the guy's got the drill like this because he's been doing this all day long which looks better now hey or B can see that I get a B hey okay okay good hey or B know which one looks better now B or C yeah anyway so yeah so that's it's not like that it's not like green one can you go back to that other one because they look really really close neck nananananana I can put a game up on my 27 inch monitor and show it to you and then flip over to the g-sync monitor you will tell the difference there's no two ways about it but again gotta say dude is it important enough to you a lot of people the answer is no right if you're if you can get a steady 60 frames per second out of your video card for the games you want to play and you have a 60 Hertz monitor you turn on vsync it's done you're done you're finished chances are likely though unless you're running everything on low or medium you're gonna drop frames when you drop frames are gonna get the stutter just way this so anyway you have to take it upon yourself to decide all right I got to get going here fifty minutes show you get the long version today plus I gotta get some more keys out there they're all pissy alright this is Shane our Monroe passenger seat radio we'll see you next time take care buddy

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