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hello folks this is Shane our Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is August 9th 2017 you're my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show well I got off work a little bit early today I just I was getting glassy-eyed I'm just I'm mentally exhausted so I was telling my friends and my group chat I said I was exhausted all right how are you exhausted you said a desk all day critical mental exhaustion you know and I'll tell you what my wife gets it too as a teacher when you're literally on all day I mean literally just hard focused and you know it's not every day that's like that in my job but the last few days have just been laser focused it means there's you know there's really no downtime there's no you know I managed to get out to have something to eat but it's like every minute is just in your face AJ what's up man welcome to the chat so yeah I'm just unexhausted you know there's so much riding on what I do or you know the last couple II the last two nights of deployments you know it's and I'm responsible right I mean that's the best part of being in charge is you're also responsible so you know it's I worry about stuff like that I worry that I'm doing a good job I'm worried that I'm providing good customer you know service I'm worried that I'm gonna screw somebody's stuff up you know it's all part of it so I'm used to a little lighter of an atmosphere where you know we and we're production support right so for those of you who are non non you know DevOps types oh look at ya twist a retro J a shout out to twisted retro J who owns one of my cymbals which ensures him a spot on the mothership you see what I'm saying something you know so production support is this a sine wave right so we could just be quietly fixing bugs or the entire place to be on fire just depends on the day we haven't had any really big fire fights lately but it's there been some very high-profile stuff that we put out and everybody's watching you know and when you work for the government there's always agencies out there like it and here in Phoenix there's a newspaper called the New Times it's sort of like the TMZ of newspapers so it's like a scandal rag and they love to find you know they love to see people screw up and they love to put it in the paper and so you know they're always you know we have as government employees you know they can come and request stuff like if there's a reef they could provide any sort of reasonable reason they can actually come and pull all of my emails that I send every single day they can pull all of my emails you know because we're public servants we we work on time you know from taxpayer dollars so they have access to all that stuff so you're always trying to make sure that you pass the headline test that's something that I don't know if all government agencies talk about the headline test but essentially if at any any everything that you do anything that you do if somebody snapped a shot a picture of it you know or somebody capture a moment in time of what you're doing could would it pass would you be able to see it on a headline and not be embarrassed you know we had to go to training on this and there's one where they're pulling that kid what was the kid's name that was hiding in the closet like in Cuba well if somebody helped me out here this was so this was so long ago remember but they had this picture of them you know pulling this kid out of the closet and it's these two guys with guns and you know one guys actually got his finger in the trigger guard you know and so this picture they were actually rescuing the kid but in reality you know the picture the headline could read anything they wanted and it could you could have interpreted it any different way so that was the sort of the visual aid that they use to help us out of that so yeah so you always have to be on your toes and worrying about what you're saying and who you're saying it to and all that other stuff so it's training it's a draining thing so sometimes especially like two nights in a row I had to work you know it's 1415 hours I'm just yeah tired want to go home so I'm on my way up that's why the show is early there are the ANP you look under it's in the phone book you can't find it under AIT's under B oh man I got a huge list of crap to talk about let me see here let me pull up my keep list whoa traffic is bad today hey now I understand traffic should be better I left earlier so let's see let me see let me see I got a whole bunch of crap so apparently so I've talked about this earlier I'm night trap the Sega CD game from many many moons ago earth in the was early 90s right it's having its 25th anniversary and it's being re-released on it's being released on major consoles and PC well they were talking about a switch version but apparently Nintendo kiboshed I'm getting to do the switch version I was very upset with that I would love to have that on the switch hey now Xavier just got your first 3ds best route to custom firmware I am one version behind in the whole custom firmware thing so there was a site called 3ds guy dot info I think it is that will always have like the latest greatest best methodology of hacking your 3ds it's it's I mean it's it's fully open about man you'll love it so the last the last thing that I did was the L a lh9 or AK or whatever but I think there's one beyond that now so you gotta look it up and keep up with them so yeah so I'm really sad that the night trap is not coming to switch that's one of those games that I would definitely rather play in a chair you know I've got Modern Family or something on in the background just something to goof around with versus sitting at my PC when I could be doing a million other things 3ds not guide ok thank you thank you is something like that yeah it's good stuff I mean I still have to update all of mine mine are all still on the old stuff so I update it's pretty good though man they've got the stuff pretty well figured out it's very nice just whatever you do it or don't update the damn thing until you get all these hacks put on hopefully you haven't already done a system update you might have screwed so anyway no switch night trap which is too bad speaking of switch so rainway is this app I've been talking about that allows you to stream PC games to non pcs sort of like the Nvidia you know it used to be called grid now it's called game stream it's similar to that where you install some sort of a client on your PC and then on your disparate device either in your own network or out of your network you can stream games and they actually show in numerous videos on their Twitter feed of them running PC games like Witcher and other cool stuff on the switch so I'm thinking to myself that's what I really want I really would love to be able to stream with great controls and great quality I'd love to be able to stream my PC games to the switch gives me more options I love it it's on version 7 yeah you're a good shape you're in good shape on seven so hopefully well nevermind I don't want to get into a hole 3ds hacking thing especially since it my information may not be as fresh as it could be so anyway this rainway is we're all looking hello yes hello are you there sir hang on I'm gonna grab my phone do you hear me hello hello are you regular oh there we go I can hear you now yes sir no we have no Angie bushes yes sir we are yep thank you sir talk to you later hi we're called glad I answered it it didn't come up with my boss's name some Coleco ex boy did not hear about the disaster I'm behind on so much crap I'll have to look that up I'll have to read up on the click the Coleco Expo with SoCal Mike involved because that's always a good story so here let me get back so let me finish this damn rainway thing this rainway app is do me for Android I don't know if they have iOS or not who cares but you know other Despero devices Smart TVs even consoles gaming consoles right so you can stream PC stuff to BS for whatever so it's so funny you know I signed up for early beta blah blah blah you know please notify me as soon as there's something I've been following a month winter and all that ended up so they send this thing out and I mean they really must figure people are trusting they wanted to do a survey about rainway they actually want you to download an executable on your machine and run it so that they can gather speed tests and everything else on your Internet and I'm like damn you know I'm I'm more of a trusting guy probably than I should be so I was trying to do it but it kept crashing and it wasn't just me there were tons of other people that it was crashing for so they kept trying to release a new version and another new version of this survey app and it never did end up running but a bunch of people I guess did manage to get it through but I'm thinking to myself you know that's kind of ballsy I mean you gotta have a lot of trust now if Microsoft said or Google said in order for us to help you know improve Google Plus we need you to download this executable and run it even if it's Google and you trust and love Google there's still a shade of like what the is that you really need me to download an executable and run it so you can get some sort of benchmark better the sound right so a lot of people were like um no thank you so then if they decided I guess to release a Google Forms version of a survey to try to get a feeling for what people were running things like that so just so goofy and so that segues into my other story so I mentioned I don't know if I mentioned online or not we're on the show or not but Corral I'm big fan of corral stuff I've got Paint Shop Pro I got their video editor suite a big fan of their stuff of course I was using you know Paint Shop Pro back when it was jasc you know jas see and then with Corel bot and I thought I'm gonna have to leave cuz they're gonna it up but they didn't it wasn't like cool at it when Adobe bought it and totally shitcan the thing so you know they kept in the spirit of it they've improved it maybe they're doing you know the yearly releases a little too yearly these days but they just released and I got in on the early bird you know loyal customer early purchase of it PSP 2018 which is this year's version of bait shop bro and so so I installed that and all that and all that works great the real story comes from the video tool it's a video studio ten is what's currently out there I'm sure 11 is around the corner somewhere or 2018 putt up so anyway recently I don't know if I talked about this either but there's a wonder cher puts out a bunch of cool applications that I love to have a youtube downloader that have video converter software stuff like that and I keep an eye on these things I like these sweets of tools that you can get for 30 or 40 bucks that take care of you know your basic needs screen capturing and you know quick video conversions videos splitting you know just the sort of stuff I mean I've gone through tons of tons of sweets over the years trying to get the best thing possible hey turbo what's up man so right now my current favorite suite of utilities is Wonder shares ultimate video converter now I know it says can video converter but it's a suite of video tools and one of them is a is a screen capture right something that you would normally have to pay like for Camtasia or one of these other higher-end packages it comes complete and built into this thing and it actually records in a decent file format not you know WMV or or flash you know SWF it actually records in mp4 which is what I want so I did a screen capture I don't even remember what it was for now using the wondershare package and so I was going to drag that in oh I know what it was I was gonna do the elite for the Xbox a elite controller that I did the video review for so I recorded this the configuration utility with this wondershare screen capture stuff so I open up the video thinks I'm going to combine my live video on my life but my recorded in person video of the controller and then append on the configuration screens off the computer so I drag the file in and boom video sweep just blows up crashes it sits there grinding for like five minutes and then bang it explodes and I'm like what the this thing's pretty durable I mean I've really it's really really good and so I tried it again I reboot you know I did all the levels zero hey Christian man what's up so I drag the file in and it blows up again and again and again and again no I haven't talked about the Google memo not yet something I'm gonna have to dedicate some time to XP coins it oh that's on the list of things but I don't thing I'm gonna get to it today so anyway so I reach out cuz crows got pretty decent technical support and they you know I mean they're they're they're decent company I mean every company is evil but overall I seem to be able to deal with them okay so anyway so I send them this email and I I staged the file up on you know my personal domain so something they could get to and I say hey you know I I captured some screen I just captured some screen video with this tool it's mp4 it plays in VLC it plays in Media Player it seems to be fine but when I bring it into Corel Video Suite it blows up and and so they're like oh you know so thing you know I don't know how ever many hours it was later twelve hours later I get a this note back that basically says you know that takes me through all the levels zero did you reboot did you reset your settings on video studio all that silly goofy and and then they said and then they said by the way we couldn't get to the file so I mean you can't get to the file it's sitting on my personal domain it's not you know in a locked up Dropbox or something and so I put it up on Google Drive gave him a share I wrote him back and I said I said here's the you know here's the video file for you to use there's like 26 Meg's or something and so they wrote back and they're like okay so we tried it on our end I should post this whole thing cuz it's nuts we tried it on our end and it does indeed crash when we try to import it and I'm like yes and they're like would you do us a favor and you know get us assist info on your computer right so they have this like totally you know it's level zero you know every single click this click that they could have said just get me assist info and I would have be able to get it for him but you know there's this whole long tirade of what to do and then they say also please download this win audit dot exe and run it on your system and send us the output but I'm like what the is this so I go when I get this win on it and it's on you know CodePlex or git or one of these you know open source things so I get it and I run it and it literally disembowels everything on your PC every program you've installed what version it is the DLLs that they use I mean it is not too freaking but everything on your computer so I wrote back and I sent him the sis info and I said hey here's the sis info but I don't think I'm gonna be sending you that that went on it out put a little to disclosing for me is there something in there that you meet specifically and I'll be happy to pull it out for you so you know this exchange has been going on for the last few days and so then she writes back I swear to God I just die sometimes you know when I get these responses either in person or in email or on video sometimes you sit there with your mouth hanging open so instead of saying okay sir thank you for your info we'll go ahead and send it to our technicians and they're gonna you know we're gonna figure out why this particular video file doesn't work whatever thank you so much for reporting it you know there are millions of things that create video files and you know we need to be compatible with all of them bla minute and there's none of that she actually said and I swear I got this in writing could you please convert the video to something else and then try to bring it into a video editor I'm like are you kidding me is it who are L hello is this a bot hello is this a real person of course it's gonna work if I convert it to something else but this is an mp4 this isn't you know W two six six or something that hasn't even passed through you know what I'm like so I basically wrote back and I said you know with all respect you know I don't I think that a common format like mp4 should not require me to reconvert it before using it with a higher end video editing program I said if there's anything else I can do to help you make it work great but you know this is is ridiculous so this is like this seems to be a common thing these companies just assume you're gonna download some executable let it rape your system and go ahead and just send them the results I don't know that's nutty but yeah so I'm waiting to see what the Corel people write back I mean it's ridiculous you know the thing plays in major players but it won't open in a video editor I mean I could render my ass into a video file and that that software opens it but this mp4 file that can't get open get out and I told my wife I'd stop and pick her up a hero from King hero but they're still in business that doesn't even look like they're open anymore let's see Sora's my favorite they got you know they got real Mediterranean people in here hey Alex I'm just getting ready to sign off and they had actual Mediterranean people in here and their their cadence and everything is fantastic I love it you know XP coin I sort of thought that too but I'm not positive that's the case in any event they need to know what's inside the container because whatever's in theirs crashing it so I don't know like I know like MK V can have pretty much anything in it you could have you know any sort of encoded video or anything in there but I thought mp4 was pretty much within a couple of standards but I don't know in any event there's no way that I'm going to let them get away with not letting me open an mp4 from a screen recording package you know in this thing go ahead just convert it before you import it no I don't think so we're gonna pass on that that's a big pass 10-4 good buddy over so yeah they're open so I guess I'm stopping and getting her a hero so I guess that's pretty much the end of the show yeah we'll have another show this week I've got but loads of stuff to talk about gotta talk about glen campbell i got what else do i got on here I want to talk assay that I got some more millennial bitching to do I got some Android TV stuff some home an automation stuff to talk about I dug up another great high school story to share with you so I read all sorts of good stuff it's just gonna have to wait for a time when I've got more time so anywho hey you know what it's great seeing everybody it's nice to see Christian in here it's been a long time brother nice to see everybody let's get some let's get some word out let's get more people in here man I love I love the synergy of having a lot of people in here and you know passing information around it's fun I like that and you know next thing up yeah Google memo I'll put that down on for the next one yeah this whole everything's getting out of hand with this you know I thought political correctness had gotten out of hand before but it seems like recently it's taken up new life it's nuts so anyway hey give some thought I don't need anything right now but give some thought as to what you would want me to become a patreon subscriber to the show I noticed we we got it we got pretty high we got for like 60 bucks a month which was covering everything very nicely now we're back down to like 20 a month so I mean that that basically covers Spreaker doesn't cover anything else so if there's something that you would like for me that would make you feel better about donating through patreon for the show let me know I mean I know people want access to retro gaming radio shows I'm going to get you guys that I'm not sure what the tiers gonna be on that one I'm gonna look up Coleco Expo - yeah so much to look at all right I better get in there it's a-you know the Mediterranean people make good food but it takes them a little while so alright this is Shane R Monroe pastor C radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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