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hello folks this is Shane our Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is September 11th 2017 year on my 13 mile commute Oh welcome to this show all right well another Monday a full work week this time which is gonna feel like I don't know it's not gonna be pleasant full long work week you know last week ahead to three-day week and then I had that long week this last week yesterday day before just over done gone over boom it's like it never even happened hate weekend's like that so to catch you up from my weekend of excitement thrills and chills I on Saturday my son wanted to go to wet-and-wild and you know we just dropped him off now and he goes in for four or five hours and he's all good it's great we don't have to go in with him and he has to stay as long as he wants it's fantastic so he wanted to go there so I figured about he was doing that I could go go off to the theater and watch Stephen King's it the new it's movie it's his out and so I contributed my $10 to the eight Justin's it I contributed my $11 to the 117 million dollar box office take it took this weekend and that's good I mean we need more r-rated scary as hell horror movies you know that aren't the conjuring so yeah so it's pretty cool I won't talk too much about excite of you probably haven't seen again but it stayed it's pretty good to the book I mean it's obviously you know you can't take a thousand pages to make a two hour and fifteen minute movie after it but overall it's good it doesn't deviate too far and if you saw the original miniseries on TV hey Jeffrey dolls here if you saw that this you know this follows along fairly well this one's definitely a little more scary and I say scary this is an important thing note there are two things that make this movie scary and the first thing is Pennywise the clown right he's the you know he's the scary antagonist blah blah blah and yes he's more scary thanks to a little bit a little bit of CGI here and there hey big Nick what's up penny wise gets to do a little bit more he's got a little more screen time than he had in the original miniseries but you know it shows you know everybody says what a great job that bill skarsgård did playing penny wise in this new rendition of it when you go back after watching the new one and watch the old one you're quickly reminded of just how good of a job that Tim Curry did in the original one I mean Tim did a great job and and skarsgård did great don't get me wrong but what makes it scary to me is the supporting cast and mice are the characters I shouldn't say when I say cast I'm talking about actors but the characters in it quite frankly the scariest people it's not the clam McLeod's not that scary he's predictable and you know what he's up to you know his thing but it's the other people it's the crazy mom that you know that keeps his kid on placebos because she wants him sick all the time it's the crazy if not already then probably would have soon molester of Beverly's father it's a Henry in his little pack of hoods you know it's though to me those are the scariest parts and while we're talking about it this whole cyberbullying thing what these cyber bullies these kids these victims of cyber bullying need to do is they need to flip on Stephen King's it older new I don't care which one and watch what happens to the fat kid take your pick of movies that's bullying right cyberbullying is pusseh fine you want to see real bullying what should they do to that poor fat yet that you know to me that's real bowling that's the sort of bullying I went through as a kid you know nobody ever you know stuck me with a switchblade but beside the point to me you know that's what people need to be people need to set their gauges back to what real bullying is like these kids afraid to go anywhere they're afraid to walk around they're afraid to be riding their bikes they're afraid that one of these ghouls are gonna pop up and stab them yeah those are the best the big scary part of that show freaky sons of bitch parents and anyone so yeah so I thought that um I thought that the ending of the new movie was probably better but it's different and I can't tell you why without spoiling anything but I assure you that you will leave this new rendition of it very satisfied with how it ends so yeah do you need to go to the theater hmm I would say if you're somebody who pays attention okay so if you've got a really nice home theater system and you're one of those people that can turn the lights off and leave your tabal alone leave your phone alone not pause the movie every 20 minutes to go pee or go get a snack if you're one of those people that can literally turn your living room into a theater and become a captive audience in your living room then no you don't need to go to the theater to see it but part of the fun of it is the theatrical experience and when I say that I'm an M of course talking about the crazy fucking people in the audience why do I say crazy people they spring when there's a scary part they jump they make crazy noises you know all that stuff and the people who sat next to me must have been drinking since 5:00 a.m. I went to the 130 show those people smell like they get crawled out of a barrel of beer was disgusting for too much to drink so I expect unusual reactions from them somebody also led a group of teenage girls in who couldn't shut their mouths until somebody yelled at him and then that pretty much solved it with one or two more slight outbursts later but here's the thing about the theatrical experience I'll answer big next question here in a minute it's interesting to see what turns people's keys or what rattles their chain dude I'm saying so I'll give you an example and without ruining anything there's a scene in the film which is very disturbing it would be less and be more disturbing if they'd use practical effects instead of CG but that's beside the point there's a spy in the movie that's very traumatic and very M impactful that got less reaction from the audience than when the bully licked his hand and wiped it on the fat kids face dude would have thought that he had wiped his ass and rubbed his food you know the toilet paper in the kids face it's so fascinating to me to watch movies with other people especially like this to see what rattles them to what doesn't it's nutty so that in that respect I would say definitely a theatrical go is good but overall I enjoyed the film very much the kids were actually very good it isn't I am NOT a kid movie fan I'm gonna share with you I did not like stand by me and I'll be honest with you too and nobody looking not a big Goonies fan either I'm not a fan of any movie where the kids are the protagonist because it just doesn't work that way but in this case the the cash was was great I have all of the those of you who read the book all of the limitations that were in the book I'm sorry limitations in the miniseries because it was on television are all cleared out right so the N word gets passed around quite a bit I do believe they use the N word once in the original miniseries maybe twice but yeah they're comfortable with it in the movie profanity no problem dick jokes no problem gore no problem no sex for those of me most of you probably already know from the book there was some sort of a weird tween orgy scene in the book that did not make it to course to either the old or the new movie yeah they're all by the way there's no there's no after credits scene so don't sit around between the end of the movie and the credits there's something you'll want to pay attention to but that's it once you see that and you'll know what when you see it you can go ahead and leave you don't have so if I had any complaints about the movie other than of course the CG which you know I'm gonna complain about anyway I don't get it understand why we need CG all the time we don't so many things could have been done practical effects in that movie but I digress all of them the CGI which you know I'm gonna bitch about anyway the only thing I could say it's a little long right it's 2 hours and 15 minutes runtime they could have shaved 15 20 minutes off of that I think maybe even a smidgen more yeah I can think of at least a couple areas I would trim if I were editor but you know what it's never one of those times where it's never one of those times it's like Braveheart you know Braveheart was like three hours and there are times when it slows down but you never sat there going God could we get on with this I mean do we really need to sit through this scene there was none of that but by the time you get to the end of the lunar gun man I've been sitting my ass here a long-ass time whoa I thought that guy was gonna get rear-ended damn had the camera rolling to be crazy so that's it let's see just watch Phoenix for God on your recommendation was interesting next is we go on oh yeah yeah keep recommendations coming no problem man yeah Phoenix for guns not a bad movie it's just it mean it's not extraordinary but I like Jed I mean it's a one time watcher for sure I think you're gonna like we go on dude you'll like that more than probably Phoenix Rising hurry up Phoenix forgotten sorry so keep that up I talked about rememory here right tonight I spoke about that I think on Friday that's something else to watch if you get if you get bored so over the weekend the fall TV see officially started well cable or network TV cables been going for a week or two now but of course that brings us to the Orville the Seth MacFarlane vehicle that is sold in my personal opinion from the trailers and the teasers and everything as a Star Trek spoof laced with Seth MacFarlane comedy it's not and shame on Fox for making it look that way I I went into the Orville having read several written fairly negative reviews and I listened I like Seth MacFarlane okay I like his humor it works for me I know it doesn't work for everybody again so I went into it trying to keep an open mind you know I had read no positive reviews of it at that point I only saw a positive review review um after I'd watched the first episode so what is it it is essentially take I'm take Star Trek The Next Generation wrap it up a little tiny bit with the original series and then throw a little Seth MacFarlane English on the ball and you've got the orbital it's a little CGI heavy for me unless it's a space show so you're gonna have to have some of that stuff but you can really tell the difference you know if you're a fan of the older space shows Star Wars all of these old ones that used models yeah I mean it's it looks like a CG work it's not as bad as you know same van helsing but it's okay I mean you've probably seen the commercials you know what to expect it doesn't get any better what you saw in the commercials is what you're gonna get from the effects Department which isn't a bad thing it looks fine I mean I can give a little levity when they you know I'm sorry a little levity a little leeway when it comes to stuff like that I'm like straight trapped between these cars big old trucks any side of this sits higher have to get a truck like just sit up higher and I can see so okay so what is it that it is say okay you show you know how you know how the original series had some play between McCoy and Spock right we get some of that between MacFarlane and his first office right we get some of that we get a little behind the scenes but not behind the scenes but you know support cast we get a little of there we need to see a little bit of them alone you know without the captain on the crew on the bridge that sort of thing we had to see more crews stuff and so really what it is and again this is nothing extraordinary but it's not the negativity that they put out on these reviews essentially McFarland is divorced from his wife we caught cheating in bed with a blue alien and there's their you know they've gone their separate ways he's still in the Union which is Starfleet and because they are so desperate for commanders he ends up getting the command of the ship and he gets a crew you know he adopts the crew that was on there already and we're gonna wait and see how the crew turns out I'm not sure yet I think they they seem to try too hard on the crew that will see it might work out and then of course as you probably saw the trailers his ex-wife shows up as this commanding officer and they start it's an exploratory ship so they're gonna be out doing you know Star Trek II shit and their first their first mission is to deliver supplies to this you know planet in mean blah blah blah I don't want to get too much into the story in case you actually want to watch the show but you know there's some again if you like Star Trek The Next Generation and you like the original series you're gonna be just fine here you're gonna be fine most I'll be honest with you 90% 95% of the best bits were already given away in the trailer and the commercials so if you're looking for belly laughs outside of those then they're not there I mean there's a couple that was that there were there were moments of pure genius within the show as you would expect from Seth MacFarlane anyway and then there were other times when the jokes didn't quite work out but they were still you know or the snicker if nothing else just because they went there yeah so anyway I would give it a try if you're even remotely interested watch it for yourself don't listen to my review or anybody else's fashion your own because you might find it's fun in any event I'm pretty sure they got 13 episodes of the thing in the can already so we're gonna get at least one season even if it's short so it'd be fun so let's see I had a couple other things on my list here I think you see what I had yeah oh so I'm I picked up a old new game called Magica - I picked it up for a round Oh some ridiculous small amount of money on humblebundle or something it was like I don't know two bucks or something like that I gotta say I'm diggin it I wasn't sure I could quite get the momentum of the game going on because here it is so first of all you guys know I only play games with controllers I'm very very infrequently will play anything with a mouse and keyboard I will play things like city city skylines things like that building games mouse is obviously the superior choice but when you're playing with a when you're playing with a controller on this Magica - I think you're at a slight disadvantage but it's pretty cool so the basic idea is it's sort of an isometric adventure game it's more or less on Rails it's definitely not open-world but it's got some pretty decent humor in it it's got some good it's got some good references in it which you know you'll figure out as you envision as you play the game and then so the basic concept is is you know you're this little wizard guy and you have eight different elements that you can conjure into spells along with a few sort of more powerful magic spells that you can cast and the concept is as you mix and match the elements in a certain way to create new and different spell effects so for example you can do a shield with a I don't know fire element right so if you put those two together and you cast it it creates a fire shield a job st. similar idea if you combine you know you combine earth with a shield you know and then you kasib you can cast it like as a spell in front of you or you can cast it on yourself so yes you can cast things externally onto your sword or on yourself right if you cast destructive spells on yourself it will kill you so don't do that but in some cases you can concoct some sort of a protective ward around you you can add fire or or pestilence or rock to your sword right and then it gains the powers of that and if you're attacking creatures they you know have a weakness to that and you'll do more damage blah blah blah and then you can of course cast things externally right so you can charge up your death ray and use that it's just shoot across the screen so the concept is is they put you into these different situations different types of creatures different environments and you sort of either have to figure out how to you know grudge fuck your way through it or figure out what exactly the perfect combination of spells is to use to get through there for example they put you on one they put you outside these castle gates and they won't let you in because there's monsters outside right so you've got to knock off the monsters before they'll let you in well the monsters almost all have a great resistance to lightning so thinking great I'll just sitting there in cast lightning all over the place it's great well the problem is is if you're wet and you try to charge up your lightning to electrocute yourself and of course guess what you know 90% of the playfield at that part of the game is water so you've got to figure out how to stop that and you put up shields you charge up your electricity you blast them it's pretty good it's pretty fun game I like it especially looks like two bucks hard to go wrong with two dollar games people so that I played over the weekend double XP on infinite warfare excuse me double XP and double weapon XP until the 15th according to Justin so if you're looking to get a little more final fun out of infinite warfare before the next version drops which by the way ups for people get the final expansion pack DLC for tomorrow super infinite warfare the rest of us have to wait another month but we don't have any real good details on the zombies yet but the rest of it looks pretty good yeah what else so I spent a lot of my weekend ripping blu-rays right I got done with Knight Rider and I'm working on quantum leaping right now so hard to not say quantum link commodore 64 days you know but yeah I'll tell you what the Blues look good the the quantum leap blu-rays I daresay they look better than the Nightrider ones who the hell gave them more money or more time or better prints it looks like wow these look really good so I'm still ripping those I'm still using dvdfab ten I'm still a big fan yeah most of my friends have figured out fusion surely most of my friends have figured out that's the trial be fully paid version that's good till April has served them well you can write me if you by the way if you want they released well April of earlier April this year they're released a one-year freebie on DVD fab 10 so you can use it for free up until April of next year so why not so if you need that I can give you the serial number or whatever you need for it it's totally legit it was given away on a website so and it's you know it was given away by dvdfab on a website so it's legit good stuff believe me they would know if it wasn't legit they cut your they just cut you by the nuts all that server-side phoning home bullshit which at least in this case you know is there's at least a reason for it to phone home which is they you know let you upload metadata or download metadata for the district but again really helps when doing TV stuff so at least there's a reason for them to be connected to the Internet oh yeah so yesterday I had to get both cars in for oil changes you know it's such a pain in the ass getting your oil changed you know you'd think they would make find a way to make this a better experience so if you go to the dealer all right if you go to a nice dealership you know they'll have a waiting room and some coffee maybe a TV was some show nobody wants to be watching turned on if you go to like triple-a which is often where I go for my M my oil changes because it's about the same price as you know Jiffy Lube or something it's just cheaper but again it's a pain in the ass there's no place to sit they give you these hard chair waiting rooms and oil changes never seem to take you know remember when it used to be like will change your oil in 20 minutes they don't do that shit anymore and if they do there's 15 people in line in front of you she get away for their 20 minute all changes too before you get your stuff I know I know make an appointment at the dealer that you can drive right up but you know what the dealer the dealer always seems to find something with your car that they need to charge you more for so this time I went to Jiffy Lube but I was very very calculating on how I wanted to do it and here's what here's here's what I did I found two different locations each one was right next to something interesting so the one up on bail was right next to a goodwill which I like to go in and do a little goodwill looking and I'll tell you about that in a minute and then the other one was next to a place called SIA records they have a couple of them here in that Phoenix I think it's only in Arizona Justin might know he's still listening I I think si is only in Arizona I think there's some in Tucson and then here I think anyway they're like a used bookstore music store books/media it's like Bookmans right I've talked about Bookmans on here but they've got toys they've got video games they've got movies they've got books vinyl instruments board games you name it these people have it in there somewhere so I planned my second visit to Jiffy Lube there oh it's only in Arizona yeah okay but if there's like we got something like Tucson right sure it's great place and you get some good deals I mean it's it's and some things are rather expensive I think they were selling a used copy of that 70s show blu-ray for 49.99 hey Val what's up and you know that's that's retail price at Fry's maybe even a little less so some things I mean but if you look around like any place else there's good deals to be had and then you could buy a full season of NCIS for like $2 so yeah all depends on what you're looking for I only saw one season of Big Bang Theory there again Justin I think it was the same one that was there when you and I went but they had a nice selection of clearance on Wii and Wii U games and a couple of others so a couple other systems so that was kind of fun I picked up a Pacific infiltrator for the we'd from Zoo you know zoo make some some decent games for the Wii so add that to my Wii collection so anyway so yeah so but the problem is when you park near something you have to wait until they get your car up and you check in at least that's the way it was on the one on but what I'm Thunderbird that was by the sea yet they're like are you staying I'm going well actually I was gonna walk next door to see yeah I like here fill this out and I don't want my cabin filter changed you know top off my fluids whatever you give them sort of a pre-authorization sheet and then you leave where is the one on bail it was like well you know once we get your car in we'll check you in we'll try to make you you know pay us $50 to change your air filter and then you can go so over a goodwill there must have been a PC game or the cash in its chips either figuratively or literally because there were tons of old PC games there old Call of Duty old black ops a bunch of old there was age of em or I mean yeah Age of Empires 2 tons and tons and tons and tons of PC games older stuff of course I mean you're not gonna find anything new half of that shit would be a steam key anyway but it was cool I mean there was a lot to look at and I ended up I didn't end up buying anything there I thought I had I almost did there was a Wii version of Karaoke Revolution that I would have picked up but I decided not to they wanted six box I was seeing a little high for a Wii game but yeah so I got myself a suit you know it was cheaper a goodwill than it was in the goddamn Jiffy Lube lobby it the Jiffy Lube lobby is literally the most uncomfortable place ever to be at so for those of you who have not had the opportunity first of all it's a very small room which means if there's anybody else other than you in there you're uncomfortably close to somebody else - they have the shittiest little television up in the corner of the and every single one of them has the same layout shitty little TV and it's always on something nobody wants to watch always and it used to be when I had a phone with an IR blaster on it I could check I could take care of that but I don't have such luxuries anymore then they have a coffee station which by the way never once have I had tried many times many locations to have a cup of coffee there because it's free maybe 250 for a can of soda in the vending machine the coffee's free that always bothered me when I was a kid my family and I would go to a breakfast of some sort you know Denny's er back then there was Sambo's see what other places did we use to enjoy having breakfast anyway and it always pissed me off because I would have an orange juice or a milk later on a soda and they didn't have refills on drinks back then unless you're drinking coffee you have all the coffee you want I always thought that was a ripoff so why can't I have more orange juice you get like all the coffee you want they bring you a fucking carafe I'm lucky to get a frickin shot glass for three bucks anyway so the coffee is always terrible so it's a waste of space and there's always one soda vending machine never 20 ounce bottles 12 ounce cans horribly overpriced and it still recently only cash sales right and I don't know about anybody else but I just don't carry money around anymore everything either works by swiping my phone and works with a debit card a credit card whatever well they finally added credit vending to these damn things and that was like two dollars good lord it's 14 get out of here in the chairs they put you in built by the lowest bidder they're uncomfortable maybe if I wasn't fat they'd be more comfortable but they're uncomfortable they always feel like they're gonna break they seem flimsy as shit they're put together with like pipe cleaners and out yeah and then it's always fucking hot there's no air in there maybe like you get sloppy seconds from a swamp cooler but that's it it's hot it's monkey I think they keep you in there so you'll do anything to get out right it's like you know and then they come in they talk to you really really slow and they don't bring you out to talk to you they leave your ass in the room it's like well here's your cabin air filter as you can see he's like pulling it apart really slow and there's like leaves and shit fall out and you're starting going got fucking do the filter just get me the fuck out of here now now I never do the filters there which is great you know this is the best part to me they literally take the filter out so they've already done the work they bird they bring the filter out they show it to you full of leaves and shit literally if they would turn it upside down no net they'll never let you hold it by the way if you've ever tried to reach out for that shit they'll just like pull it away like real subtle and they'll both bail peel the layers apart literal if you tap that on the back of your heel you'd get it 90% clean so they've already gonna have to work by taking it out and then they want 40 bucks these are $8 filters people and that's not in quantity and it's like just put it back into I actually told the guy this time I said you know what I know it's dirty hey listen I know it's not your doing they way too much money on filters guys I'd yeah I know I feel you man I feel you man this guy looked like God he looked like maybe a little Bob Dylan yeah man yeah man I'm with you man I'm with bass starts talking it's so great I wish I could I should record this shit he's talking about you know how bad the business is you know how bad the company is and how that all the people have left people are a bunch of idiots you know all the staff that he came to there initially it's all gone now because they were retards I can actually used the word retard to and now says bring your Chromebook yeah you know sometimes I do bring something to do but you know what I can do something else but you don't want to sit in that little room it's uncomfortably with the Chromebook man he was a tablet it's hot and muggy disgusting smell of burnt coffee so anyway so I went to the goodwill and then I went to Xion see it was awesome and that's how I spent a large portion of my day oh then I got to come home get this so I bought a new sound bar at Samsung m36 TI believes the model number very nice it was 117 dollars at Fry's Electronics it was on sale which is actually only a couple of dollars cheaper than what Amazon sells it for every day which is 119 200 watt sound bar Samsung's got a nice big ass subwoofer with it nice little unit so I got to go home and put that up which was kind of it was ok of course you know any time you have to put anything up in the drywall it's drill put the anchors in blah blah blah blah so that took longer than it should have hey but at least it was fun it was nice to have that in the bedroom because the old shitty ass Samsung DVD all-in-one receiver thing just wasn't cutting it anymore it was just horrible you just didn't want to go back to the bedroom and watch TV it was miserable first world problems right so I got to pull all that shit down put it in a goodwill box put the sound bar up and then of course my wife said that my wife's like and we should probably do something about the dishwasher it's not working very well right and now listen it's my own fault we've had this dishwasher for about 10 years it's never been cleaned it's never been serviced which is fucking disgusting but you know it comes down to this it's either spend two hours of your life disassembling it cleaning it gagging on the filthy nasty stench or paying somebody like out of 20 bucks to come to your call so I hit YouTube I found a video for a Maytag Dishwasher it was 99% accurate which was perfect I got the thing this is something I took some pictures if you're dying to see what ten years of disgusting filth on the inside of a dishwasher looks like I will send you the picture and you will be a believer but you need to have this done more than once every ten years so I spent a good two two-and-a-half hours of my afternoon doing that that was fun yeah it's freaking disgusting and of course now I'm all sort you know you listen I'm not the most in-shape guy and the way our dishwasher sits there's only access from one side it's next to impossible to get in there austere but it's nice and clean I ran a load I haven't pulled out the dishes yet but I'm about to do so and see if the cleaning was worth it I'm wagering it is all right group this is Shane our Munro passenger seat radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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