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Hello everybody this is Shane arm and row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is November 28 2017 you are on my 13 mile commute home Welcome to the show I say ish because I started the show late and also ish because I'm stopping at the store so it will be a slightly shorter show today well I don't know if traffic like this and maybe longer than normal show How's everybody doing I was going to do a show yesterday and I just I didn't have the energy to do it I just wanted to drive home and peace and quiet and listen to some Howard interviewing wins the funny so let's see well I'm so the starting so late I don't expect anybody to be jumping in right at the last night right at the first of this so let's get things started Shall we so let's talk about I know I'm a lot of you have been involved with the with my my new lifestyle give you a quick overview here of what's been going on for maybe those of you missed a show or something a week ago, Sunday. Alright. So was that nine days ago, I went to Urgent Care feeling light headed, and I was concerned about my blood pressure being high. And I went in and essentially I was told that by the urgent care guy that if I was looking to make a life change, this would be a good time to do it. And I think the guy just doesn't like fat people to be honest with you. So I think it was a lot large scare tactic. My glucose was very high. But you know, I just had like, two bowls of frickin chili my wife makes. So let's have been eating all day. So it's like at night. So I expected like, I'm not shocked at my glucose, maybe not that high. But I got another blood blood pressure medication to help and and so I went me. I got that filled. And I decided at that moment that it was time that I'm 48 and I guess Hey, Justin. Justin. k. Not just amaze. What's going on, Justin? I decided it was time. I can't live like a teenager forever. You know what I'm saying? I'm 48 years old. It's time to. It's time to stop, you know, ordering my life through a clown's head right. So my thing is, I needed to find some sort of a dietary Hey, what's up Travis? I needed to find something that I could stick with. And I know hey, there's Justin Justin's Mike Justin maze. He's my compadre and arms. Justin as is taking the food challenge with me and the exercise and everything else. So just kind of give you a heads up. So I decided I was going to drastically change and reduce my diet. And I'm not I'm not a widow downer. You know, I'm not a little down or I need I need action, right? So I immediately cut my caloric intake. I dumped everything, but even remarkably fun to eat. So I dumped sodas, well, sodas off the table. I'm still drinking some flavored waters and some meal, you know, that sort of thing. But I'm trying to space in between water, still drinking coffee with my sweet cream, Italian sweet cream, and they're just the night that's our place in the morning. And I got an app, My Fitness Pal and so I'm using that to track my food as health is tracking my exercise. Although I I put the exercise in both. And as of so the next day, Monday is when I started. And my friend Alex shieh, Lopez Javier just showed up to you in the channel. His brother Alex had gone through a similar situation as I did. And I said, What did you do? You know, the guy lost 90 pounds in a year. This is what I need to do. He had the high glucose all this day. He's like a mirror image of me. So I said, What did you do? How'd you do? So walking an hour and a half a day, you know, split up morning and afternoon. And this is the sort of diet he was eating. And so I kind of cloned it. And that's what I'm doing. I am eating about somewhere between 13 and 1500 calories a day. But I'll just I'll give you the lineup. I'm trying to. It was like Albert Einstein, who had like seven exact duplicate suits. If I don't have to think about what I'm eating. I abstract the concept of eating for pleasure out of my life. If I pretty much the same thing every day all the time. As long as it's the right stuff. I will lose my dependency on food and my my mental dependency on so here's here's my rundown and I've been keeping to this I had I had 500 extra calories. Okay, I 500 extra calories on Thanksgiving. I'll tell you my Thanksgiving lineup wasn't just a minute but so breakfast I have one cup of yogurt with some sunflower seeds spread in it and some sort of either a banana or you know, some sort of the fruit base right or or an egg I have one hard boiled egg in the morning. Right so then for lunch I have two hard boiled eggs and another piece of fruit or a bag of fruit like I had strawberries today yesterday I think I had a can of Ruby grapefruit the light syrup not so good there's a lot of sugars in there but I strain and I was going to rip out the chunks but I thought that maybe that was being a little crazy. You know, everyone needs a little bit you know, little Smith some sweet so I had that yesterday. So that's so that's lunch. Justin I walk about 30 minutes and lunchtime and then I come home and my my dinner consists of four cups of lettuce, a you know four ounces or so of meat of some sort either turkey you know from Thanksgiving leftover Thanksgiving or grilled chicken right I have to hard boiled eggs and I have fat free I Italian dressing on time. Now I throw a little handful of sunflower seeds on top and occasional have tomato in it. Or I'll have a couple of extra pieces of carrot right, some little baby carrots in there. And then at eight o'clock, much like on the DOD I will have some sort of a small snack and when I say small snack, I'm talking about 15 whole roasted non sugar or non sweeten non salted almonds and a small handful pretzels or a small handful of pretzels, less than an ounce and that's what I have, that's my, that's my intake and so I sit depending on, you know there's some vacillations in there so I've got that I've got that down I'm I I had a couple of hungry days and I'm okay and then I walk at night for about 30 minutes I walk in the morning for 30 minutes so that's my hour and a half spread out throughout the days Hey Jonathan what's up so I you know and I change things up sometimes instead of meat I'll have been you know so I'm making sure I get my protein I'm making sure that I've got the building blocks that I need I am going to have to probably I'm not gonna eat fish so forget about that so I'm going to have to probably take some omega threes or something so I'm happy with the consumption I'm okay I'm not hungry all the time I don't feel faint or weak all the time I'm going to tell you the greatest story ever though about this whole thing and it it's actually a good sign Travis's he needs to talk to me offline about this stuff. I got a plan dude I got a plan. So you know i'm not sure what you're going to talk to me offline about but I got a plan I'm working I'm working the plan so here's the here's the weirdest ass thing are you talking about? The Goldberg episodes will eat the episode with et on and I have not talked about that yet. But I think it's on my list of things. Talk about I'm going to bore you with my medical stuff for a little while though. So anyway, so this is the craziest shit ever. So about so I started this on I remember I started this all Monday morning. So a week from yesterday I started this and about Thursday, which was Thanksgiving. Hey, what's up man shimmies in so about Thursday we went over to my mother in law's for Thanksgiving she lives here now by the way she's still a good 40 minute drive I mean it's way the hell out there but at least she's here I don't have to drive to the coast for holidays anymore so went out there for Thanksgiving and I noticed something really weird my my glasses my glasses like weren't working right i mean it almost like it was it was a string to have my glasses on I couldn't see close up at all It totally freaked me out with my glasses on right which I mean they're not bifocals or anything but normally I can see up close okay with my glasses on not now I mean I was totally freaked out i can't i mean i could everything was literally blurry is shit I'm like okay this is weird I take my glasses off and I can see it close great well now I'm sorry I'm so I leave my glasses off and I like exist the whole rest of the day with my glasses off and come Friday I decided to put some contacts in right but my contacts and their their you know their bifocal you know their motto or not model focal but that multi-focal right. So good. Close up. Good far away. Put those in. I still can't see close up weirdest shit ever. And at first, it's just like, whatever, you know, didn't really think about it. But they, you know, at nighttime, when I'm on the tablet and stuff I realized I'm I have to take these out. There's something funny going on with my eyes. And so of course for you know, I wrote my doctor if it was a weekend, so I'm not gonna expecting to hear anything back. But I wrote my doctor. I said hey, you know, you know, I changed my diet. My I don't want a little extreme. And I went a little radical but my visions, doing weird things. And I had no idea what was going on. And I and I mentioned it in the in my chat room that I hang out with my buddies. And then my friend Alex apparently wrote back to me about it, but I didn't see it. You know, our chats, very busy. You can't keep track of all that all the time. So I went online and get this. Once you stabilize, or you get once somebody who has like the high glucose, right, they go in and they get insulin, or they get whatever they need their eyes for about three or four weeks, weeks suddenly improve. It's the craziest who ever even heard of somebody eyesight improving over time, never. You never hear that. What is that? I don't even know what that is. But if you go looking on these forums, the diabetes forums and whatever, they'll tell you that once they started taking, you know, the insulin or the drugs or whatever, and their glucose came down on that they suddenly experienced this epiphany of good vision. And it lasts anywhere from three, six weeks. Some people say it goes back all the way to where it was before. Some people say that it stops somewhere in between on the way back, but it's a totally real thing. So right now, even though I'm technically supposed to be driving with glasses on, I have no corrective lenses. And I can see I mean, I remember the last time I can actually see without corrective lenses, I can see close up I mean, I can't see as well far away as I probably need to. But it's it's not like I said, Whoever heard of something like that. I'm going to be really sad when it's gone. To be honest with it. It led me to start thinking that I mean, there's obviously a way to correct vision. I mean, other than, you know, taking a laser to somebody, you know, slicing off a piece of their eye and fucking with it. There's a way to change pressure or whatever the hell this is and make people's eyes better. It's not. So that was the big thing. So, yes, I've been good on my my program. I haven't skipped any times. I haven't. Okay. So I'm told, I tell you what I have for Thanksgiving. So for Thanksgiving. In addition, I brought all my sound stuff. So in addition to my sound, I had, I would say a quarter cup of mashed potatoes with maybe a tablespoon spoon of turkey gravy on top. I had a a small portion, I'd say maybe maybe two tablespoons of my wife's jello dish. That's jello fruit, the loop with cream in it? And then I had a, like a half a slice of pumpkin pie. No, no whipped cream on top. And I ate that pumpkin pie. Like it was my last fucking me. I mean, I was literally scraping the, the, the tips of the fork across it to get a little pumpkin spice action on there. And then I would like suck it off the fort. It was amazing. I took me like 20 minutes deep. That little piece of pie, but very exciting. It was it was very cool that I can keep that on. Oh my god, those potatoes from credible mashed potatoes. That's like one of you know, potatoes. I was talking to Justin, you know, potatoes are my advice, man. I mean, oh, my God, I just, I want I want potatoes. But anyway, so that's the, that's the scenario right now. I haven't weighed in properly in about a week. So not much. I can tell you there. So I can tell you though, that my body people I've always I've always kind of called bullshit on people that are like, super in touch with their body and what it needs. You know, it's like, You're full of shit. I mean, I eat whenever I feel like it. And I eat whatever I want. And I don't give a shit. Right? That that's, that's how you get to be where I'm at. But these people who are talking about you know that they eat the same stuff the same time every day. And they say, you know, my body starts telling me what it means. It's like, give it to it. And, you know, if I don't do this particular workout, my body's telling me I have to do what I need to do it. I get it. I get it. My body. If I'm like a half hour late for lunch. My body is telling me do now don't wait. Don't wait for Justin to get back from but meeting you. Go eat now. My body wants its you give it it's up. Brian. Hold. So yeah, I get it now. And you know what I was? I remember reading when rocky for had was coming out. And Stallone and Dolph Lundgren. We're talking about you know, they basically war themselves down to like, 2% body fat or something crazy. And they were talking about how they were eating this food. Like every two hours. And they had to have it. They had to have this every two hours. Or they're just gonna lose their minds. So I get it. I mean, I'm certainly no, you know, even dry go. But I certainly understand. I understand. So anyway, enough of my health. Shit. I thought that the eyesight thing was absolutely fucking and I'm still amazed. I'm still amazed. Right now. I am driving around town with zero corrective lenses. Makes me mental. And I can see the science. I can see northern. I'm right by Northern and I can see the sign perfectly. I can almost read the little tiny little numbers above it. Which is totally Adeline, I got my glasses here in case you see here. So I put these glasses on. first one's gonna hurt my eyes. And it does. And I can't make them. I can't make it out over northern right now. Maybe it's 6000, 6000 Northern. I don't know. But I can't tell any better with the glasses on. Is that the craziest thing ever? I started to think maybe it was something like phenomenon, right? Remember that movie with john travolta where suddenly started getting like super smart and you know superpowers and shit. And it's like, Oh, my God. That's a gift from God. And turns out it's a brain tumor. And it kills in on. Sorry, you haven't seen the movie yet? I just spoil the ending. Yeah, rosebud was a sled anyway, so yeah. So crazy stuff. Let's see. So what else we have to talk about over the weekend. Let's see what I do over the weekend. Not much. I'll tell you what I also innovative to all of these changes. I also stop sleeping in on the weekend. I mean, it's only been one weekend, but I four days off in a row. And I don't think I slept in my say sleep. And I'm talking like 1011 o'clock. I was up early, right. So I'm trying to keep my body on a better sleep cycle. So all of these things can only help, right, except for Travis is going to tell me something offline that I'm doing it all wrong. And I'm going to die or something. But anyway, what's this? There was some road construction science, and it's not for another 30 days. Nice to put signs up early. So I have to haul my ass to Albertsons. I am out of lettuce. So I need to go get myself a couple more heads of lettuce. Like slash it up and make me some make me some dinner. Let's see. I don't know if I've talked about happy death day or not here. I always forget. Oh, you're not good. Thank crabs. I need I need some sort of stability. And I'm giving it to myself. I give to myself. Cool. So happy death day. I talked about it. I know I've talked about it. My peer group I know I've talked about it on on Google Plus, but I don't think I've talked about it here. So let me talk about that. So happy death day I did talk about that. Nevermind I'm not gonna talk about Happy Birthday again, because I already talked about I know I did. Somebody can tell me all the chat that I've already talked about. Otherwise, I'll go back. But yeah, so season six of long Meyer the light of the last season the final season long buyer I am done with it. It's over. I would not have ended it the way that they did. I listen. Most I think 99% of the people out there for your launch by our fans that aren't done with the season yet not gonna ruin anything for you. I think most people watching long Meyer will be be pleased with how they wrapped everything up. I thought a little bit was cliche, I would have handled it a little bit differently. But again, again, they wanted to put like a real stake in the finale finale of the show. I'm good. I'm good with it. Great. I would have handled a little bit different. Now. Next time I do a show we talked about long Meyer. I'm going to talk about the ending. So if you're a long Meyer fan, and you have not finished the season, it's only 10 episodes. People come on finish the show. And then we'll I'll talk about I'll talk about what I did not like about the ending and what I did like about the ending next time we talk if you have not started watching long Meyer or you think it may not be for you because let's be honest, I mean, if anybody would have told me about a small town sheriff in Wyoming, you know, it would be like no, I don't like I like that. I like that. But again, Alice Lee Lopez friend of the show friend of mine, he said you know dude, you need to watch it. It's a really good show. It's really good. I'm like dude Wyoming. Small time Sherpa know he's like just just trust me so I think two episodes boom I was in I'm in there like swimwear and I wrote it all the way to the good stuff. Good stuff. And you know, it's listen it's over. You can finish it from start to finish. You can bench the whole thing. It's available on Netflix. So in July in July, let's see what else I do. What else they watch over the weekend. I started watching that Elizabeth smart auto biography. That song I think it's on a&e. So it's like it's like a two parter so you have to like watch a lot of it it's like I don't know I guess it's like three maybe three and a half hours all you know all things considered I knew a lot of it and I've seen a lot of the I've seen documentaries on it before but you know this is her telling the story and they do recreations and things like that and they bring in real footage real pictures of her while she was in captivity blah blah blah so there's all sorts of interesting things that I had not seen before but I find I find the story interesting it's it's crazy that somebody could come into your house and the other night I mean you know house full of people and at knifepoint no gun at knifepoint get you out of your house take you to attend to the middle of nowhere to this camp you know assault you rate you call you his you know 14 year old child bride and literally this guy even took her in public in Salt Lake City he would take he took her to a party there are pictures of her at least at this party in public places in a library and that he made aware this like you know this full Bergen but you can tell it's her eyes when you like look at these pictures. That's hurt. That's Elizabeth smart. She's in that burka and he had her so scare me I don't remember 14 very much but I get it shelter Mormon girl family life not very worldly naive scared shirtless I get it. You know there are several times throughout this documentary you're sitting there going What the fuck are you thinking RUN RUN What's he going to throw the knife you run you know and he addresses that sort of thing you know there's a there's a point time it'll ruin all for you were there in town sitting on a park bench and a detective comes up and starts questioning all she has to do is pull it off and say I'm Elizabeth smart and the whole thing would have been over guy header so scared if you if you say anything. If you do anything I'll kill you. Then I'll go kill your family so she was scared shiftless I guess I get it I mean but you know when you're literally there with two people and one guys doesn't even have a boxcar you probably have the knife on him I don't think and there's a detective with a weapon two feet away from you You say something but you know it's great the what's that guy's name john Walsh from America's Most Wanted he's got a little they have some interviews with him and he's basically you know he's chastising these people who said well why did you run you really wanted to be there blah blah blah and he's like you know you have no business saying that she was pretty good I like that guy john was so it's it's kind of interesting I mean, if you're interested in the story if you're interested in you know, and it's it's a it's crazy it's crazy stuff but I find that stuff interesting I guess that's it with 24 minutes I'm sorry guys. I expected traffic to be worse but I must go in my salad like I said I'm not 20 minutes from my meal and I needed I needed like, like verruca salt, man. I want it now. I want my salad now. So, I'm going to go get myself and I'm going to go home and walk and suffer in silence the rest of the night possibly play some zombies. So if anybody wants to play maybe we'll do that. I guess that's it. I will have another show this week. Something that's a little bit longer. I've got some topics I got some stuff to discuss. Guess that's it. This is Shane, arm and road pastors. You ready? We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody.

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