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Hello, everybody. This is Shane. arm and row. You're in the passenger seat with me. passenger seat radio. It is February 20, 2018 year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Man. This almost so didn't happen. So first off, I got out a little late. No big deal. Traffic totally sucks. I'm backed up and traffic, 17 is backed up here to hell and back again, slow moving, and then my wife wasn't ready to talk as soon as I got on the road, so I had to wait for her to call back. Hey now Chris Henschel rare, a rare sighting I'm going to have to like phone in my a game today. So then it's like, it's like, then, you know, I prep the show rights. I bring up Speaker I say, you know, new show live. And then I set the date and all that crap explicit content. And then if you if you you lose focus on the speaker app, like my wife called and then you go back to the speaker app and you try to start it resets the whole thing. So now I'm sitting here in traffic trying to type everything in will be as into, by the way, just to do first world problems, you know, where my speaker app reset, when. So anyway, so the long weekends over, and quite frankly, didn't feel like it was a long weekend. It was like over before you know it. I loved my daughter. She was so great. It's like 230 on Monday afternoon. And she's like, happy three day weekend. It's like, yeah, that was happy. You know, three days ago now. It's like, I gotta go back to work tomorrow. This sucks. So let's see. So over the weekend, let's see if I've got anything fun to talk about. So three day weekend, you think that it'd be loaded with good stuff, but quite frankly, there wasn't a whole lot going on, played a bunch of Overwatch watch. My son and I both play Of course. And God I had to snap at him because he gets on the chat. Right? So apparently, this is not unique to my kid. But he loves to hear the sound of his own voice and he believes he needs to be heard and deserves to be heard. That just needs to be or deserves to be heard. So hey, Brian. Brian holds on so you know, we get on an overwatch as a team type scenario, right? So you need to plan and strategize and help direct each other let you know let people know when you're gonna you know, pop your wallet on the other team and blah blah blah blah blah so yeah and he chatters. chatter, chatter, chatter chatter and he gets all upset and you know, I've talked about this before. But anyway, so finally I just had to shut the fuck up and yell at him. All my poor friend sad to hear me yelling my kid sound like an abusive bad but it's just like, Oh, my garbage chatter blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. He believed he did that. Dan. Oh my god, I'm going to give it about did. It has nothing to do. Listen, when when you're screaming you get all excited. Hey, Justin said you're screaming. You get all excited. And you're talking about holding the point. And it's like, oh my god. I'm almost dead. Get to the point. Hurry up. Hurry up. I can only I can hold it. I can hold it. You get all excited. You know, but he just somebody killed that stupid junk rack. somebody killed that stupid junk rat. And he says like the same thing like five times in a row. Just like Shut up. Will you shut your mouth. And to make matters worse. So I mentioned you guys that I got that wireless set of headphones. Right. The nice expensive ones like I for like 50 bucks off at frys. So he got my old headset, which is great. I mean, my old headset was fantastic is wired, but it was still really nice. And so I getting more setup and he's got some sort of a feedback going on. It's I have no idea what it is. But when we're when we're choosing our team. It's, it's, it's fine. He talks and everything's fine. As soon as we're in a match. He's Mike constantly opens up with this sort of it almost sounds like an echo but not I mean, it's not distinguishable as an echo so I don't know what it is. It makes me frickin mental I mean half the time I'm making music because I just can't stand to listen to it anymore. You know how those people with tinnitus you know people who suffer with tonight is for 30 years they have a ringing in their ear for 30 years and one day they crawl out onto the front lawn and blow their brains out that's what eventually that will drive me to because it's the scratching it makes me fucking mental sorry anyway lot of Overwatch I finished Assassin's Creed origins over the weekend and I gotta tell you I'm talking about your lackluster anywhere remember the ending of like Diablo two where it just pops up and says you when press any key and then it goes back to the main menu this might have been actually less cinematic than that it was basically you know I'm not gonna ruin the ending for anybody who hasn't played it yet but it's like it's like okay okay and then it's over and it's like you know brings up the Assassin's Creed logo you're going but it didn't explain and I don't know if they've done this in other games and I'm sure they have is can't be the first one that they explained this him but you know the Assassin's Creed logo that has sort of like the, you know, the I look and I in the middle of it. They show how that sort of gets formed. They show the origins of that. And I've never I mean, I'm not an assassin's creed player normally. So I thought this was interesting that they showed how that logo was kind of formed. So that was kind of neat. The whole storyline the alternate story. I'll leave it at that. For those who haven't played the alternate storyline is largely I mean, I expected something more from the alternative piece of the storyline. But now now just like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah over. It's like what? Damn it. So unfortunately, the game is fun, you know, because the ending certainly wasn't worth it. But I don't know, I'll wait for a deal on that DLC. And I'll probably pick it up and, you know, play a few more missions. It's I mean, it's fun. It's like I said, it's a witcher want to be in Egypt pyramids. So yeah, I picked up a few more blues that I've been missing. I think, I don't know if I talked about this or not. But I had that robbery, you know, like 10 years ago and I lost a lot of my blues and I have them in my DVD profiler and I keep finding that I think that I have blu rays that I don't have any more and recently Of course it was my Lethal Weapon blu rays I had one and two on blu ray and of course they're gone so I've been you know getting these getting these replacements in as I could so I grabbed the lethal weapon for movie pack it was it was it was a pretty decent deal was 20 bucks for all four movies plus a bonus that is freaking people love to call me when I'm trying to record this show. California call Cucamonga. But anyway, so yeah, my throat strikes like dry outside right now. It's it's a don't leave. Don't leave any room between you and the car in front of your some asshole cut you off. So herbicides Oh, yeah. So I got those. I got the Rocky, Balboa undisputed or heavy, undisputed heavyweight pack or something like that. And of course, I got sneakers, sneakers, I had that on HD DVD. Nothing came out of that robbery. Nothing at all. Yeah, I mean, we had no leads. No property has recovered nothing. So it was a total loss. Oh, and it was about 11 grand worth of stuff that they took by the way and for those of you don't know the story my insurance had somewhere lapsed my homeowner's insurance, and I did not realize it. And so we recovered. Nothing, nothing at all. A lot of fans of retro gaming radio, and this show, you know, through some cash my way, I really appreciated that we managed to replace a few things. And that was really really nice nowadays. I just crowdfund the whole thing. And I'd probably make money on the whole deal. Hey, Brian. Jay, what's up, man? But you know, it was really nice for people to throw some donations our way that was cool. Hey, speaking of which, I've had a couple of people asked me now. And I totally forgot that I didn't have this up and running anymore people. A couple people had written me asking me about retro gaming radio, and if they could still buy DVDs, and I forgot actually that I converted the whole site over to WordPress and then I did not upgrade the DVD ordering system on WordPress. So it's still out there if you happen to know how to find it. But it wasn't available from the actual website anymore. So I turn that back on. So if you're still interested for my listeners, my listeners I I put in a PayPal shopping cart system and if you use keep it retro one word, keep it retro. You get a 10% discount for my listeners. special treat I got a couple of bundles to up there that I added that I didn't have before. Like you get both starving student additions and save some cash. You can buy all the lugs DVDs and get a break. But yeah, I figured most people that wanted them have them but shit I mean like once a month or something. Somebody keeps either buying one or asked me how to get one so it's like I can't put that back on. Whatever you know, I still have it's so funny. I still have the and I can't get rid of it because people keep ordering these discs but I've got a disk label or it's from Casio it's the CW 75 if you want to look it up. And when I run out of when I run out of the ink cartridges for and I have no clue if I'll ever be able to find more of them or if they're going to be cost prohibitive but they're like they're like Daisy wheel printers where it's like a tape it's like a tape ribbon it's not it's not an ink ribbon it's like plastic and is it and it literally is a one past scenario so even if you don't print and you just print something that's blank it still uses that ribbon so it's crazy I should take out next time might make a disc I'll take some pictures of it and let you guys see it but you know if it's not sitting on a level surface like if you put it on your lap real quick to write to a disc at won't write the letters evenly and then you gotta burn another it is and put it on there you can only write on certain types of material like shiny discs right to but certain types of actual printable discs it won't right to weird shit right but it's a huge ordeal I mean I love it when people order to these things that I used to keep I used to keep stock on hand right when they were really selling pretty well and I was mailing out several a week but it's like I don't keep stock anymore you know they use they use unusual size DVD cases and usually size labels or you know inserts plus I have to break out that damn Label Printer every time the starving student ones are great. I mean it's literally just drop a disc in Burnet shoving a container and send it off but people like the deluxe edition and I appreciate that I appreciate the people want the full meal experience with these discs. So unfortunately they don't play in your car. You know, or the starving student wants. If you got a cd mp3 player. Just throw it in there. It's pretty cool. So what I did not get back to this weekend is is Dragon Quest to builders, which is probably for the best because once I start playing that damn thing. I lose all track of time and Overwatch is better. I can get the hell off of their you know, 10 or 15 minutes if I need to do something. But once I get stuck on that damn Dragon Quest Builders. That shit what happened. Four hours just went by Mr. Horse neon sign. What's up? What's up? What's up. So let's see blu ray stuff. Video games stuff. I wrote some articles on medium I've been I've really been enjoying my time with I'm going to give it another shameless plug. I've been converting some of my old articles from review lagoon and putting them up there were a couple of other new ones my like that it's, I think it's slash at dark uni and think if you want to go directly to my content page, change my picture up I crossed the 45 pound loss barrier today. So as of this morning, I am officially 45 pounds lighter than I was three months ago, almost to the day three months ago. So that's very, very cool. Let's see. Let's see what else some I got a list here. Hang on. I've got a few items in here. Let's see if I can do it without ramming into somebody. That tiny monitor that I told you guys about that little tiny one that I got for like 100 bucks at frys. It's really working out well I've been enjoying the living crap out of it good stuff it's working amazing it's great for my shield TV it's great for the you know put the Xbox on there if I just want to do some updates or whatever it's good it's good it's good still a winner next any x eight was the brand name of that I talked about the Mayflower the May flash whatever the fuck it's cold I was right Mayflower cracks me up so this is fun. I you know there's always talk about social media and and meeting catching up with old friends. And a lot of people are using social media to check up on there any Amiga stuff to report. Let's see here. Let me see. I had something interesting about Amiga. I was going to talk about the other day. What was that? I guess not the, for those of you I talked about the Amiga pi project that I was being sort of part of, if you go to Amy pi 1:28am I p i 128 dot com, you'll get a redirect to wear to this group called the arcade punks. They host tons and tons of you know, basically gray or illegal images for pi and for other things. So if you go there, I give you a direct link where to get access to that Amiga pi hundred and 28 gigabyte image. And you'll need you'll need 128 gigabyte car because it takes about a the two gigabytes total. So you can't squish it on with 64. And there's really nothing in between. Right. So. But yeah, pretty neat stuff. I'll tell you some fun stuff I dug out. So a friend of mine shall remain nameless, worked very closely with the hyper spin people I've talked about hyper spin on here before. And hyper spin is essentially Have you ever been to the arcade and they've got one of those generic arcade machines there that has like animated graphic, you, you can choose from, like, almost any classic arcade game and put your money in, and you can play a game of it as if you're playing that particular game. Well, that's pretty much based on hyperspace. So somebody created sort of an open source project. And it's, it's huge. I mean, it's, I mean, in size and scope. And so essentially what hyper span is, is they created assets for pretty much every classic system. And for every classic system, almost every game within that system has more assets. So let me what do I mean by that. So you load up this hyper spin, let's say that you have a full complement of everything you need, which is huge as fuck. But let's say you boot this thing up, and it comes up. And you've got sort of a spinning wheel that you can choose any s s n e s spectrum, Commodore 64 arcade, you name it. And so every time spin the wheel to that next item, an overlay comes onto the screen with animated graphics. With a little video playing in the middle, it's nuts. Go, go do it right now. Go to YouTube, and type in hyper spin. And you'll see sort of what I'm talking about. It's really impressive to look at. And it's the sort of thing that like, would make you cream your jeans for a main cab if that's, that's exactly what you would want to be on it. But like, it's such a big nightmare to actually get that shit working. Because you have to have so you have lab Ross system list that every system list has to have an XML file, everyone has to point to a particular emulator. It's really a nightmare that you can spend some cash and buy these things pre made, which is probably some of the origins of the one that I have is, but it's, it's it's way cool. And there's so much work involved because on the wheel, every entry not only has its own custom graphic for that logo, like if you were to see the Black Tiger logo, it would look like you know, the arcade marquee title of Black Tiger. And then then when you hover over, you spin the wheel to it. It comes up and it's got a dragon flies in and then it starts playing a little video. It's It's insane how much work goes into this thing. But anyway, so a friend of mine sent me like a one terabyte drive that has, I don't know, maybe 90% of everything in there. And that's like, all the assets, all the systems, all the Rahm's everything now doesn't have things like if there's a spot for PSP, there's a spot for PlayStation one. There's, you know, there's placeholders for big items like Sega CD, but those items are typically included in there, right? Because they're so big. So you got to kind of fill that out yourself. Hey, but again, it's like, you know, for you, all you want to do is play arcade games and a couple of consoles. Wow, what an amazing system. And so even best best stuff is with a particular set of configuration files. Yes, just just overlaying some configuration files, you can turn this hyper spin hard drive from a PC version of hyper spin it into an android version of hyper spin. So over the weekend, I dig around, and I dropped the setting files, and you have to install a handful of custom emulators, as well as retro K or a retro art. And you put those all on your shield TV, plug this drive in when you run it. That's it. I mean, it's, it is amazing. And most of the ship plays really, really well. I mean, yeah, you're not going to place you know, the arcade version of soul caliber on there. But, you know, 90% of what you want to play on there is fantastic and it's all pretty simple. It's all turnkey. A lot of the arcade stuff I had to remap Of course, because, you know, the default main inputs aren't great for the shield TV. But I mean, you gotta figure you know, all you have to do is set that on a couple of games. And you're good. I was playing real baton and Black Widow and smash TV. And what the hell else I played some punch out right punch. I was a pain in the ass the way the buttons are labeled as a real pain in the ass. But I got that working. I couldn't get dareus or ninja warriors to play appropriately with three screens in the proper aspect ratio. It's squishing them but other than that it was like man this is so great I mean it's so it's terrible that this is such an illegal thing to have emulation like this but whatever it's pretty it's pretty neat all things considered let's see so I guess that was sort of Amicus that hey Travis and see even pop in here bra let's see. trying to think of what else has been going on my son's like all into Overwatch now. So we we walk the Game Stop which is about just over two miles to from my house. So we needed to walk and it was nice over the weekend. So we walked a game stop and he he picked up these sort of capsule, Overwatch characters, their little, little vinyl plastic ones. It's not like it's not like the pop figures cuz I can't stand those. But these are cool. They're cool little Overwatch figures. And you know, they're blind polls, you never know what you're going to get, although they swear that he has each user's like 16 different ones available or whatever. And every crate that they sell to gain stop or whatever has 16 in there. So if you were to buy five of those 16, you're guaranteed not to get a dupe. So that's kind of cool. So he bought those he got a Reaper and he got a soldier 76. So it's cute, it's fun and give him something to spend his money on is my son's a hoarder. You know, when I was a kid when I was his age, I don't think I quite had a paper route yet. But I got an allowance like he does and had Damn, I could not save money to save my life. I mean, the second money hit my pocket. I was spending it on something but him you know, if he really wants something he'll spend his money on it will try to talk us into it. And if we say no, but he still really wants to spend some money on a bit. He me he's got kids got like $300 stashed in his room, you know, and he likes having it there. I tried to convince him to go open a bank account or something, he'll have none of that, you know, kids are they want to see it, you know, their money is safe, as long as they can see it and touch it. And frankly, if somebody broke into the house and tore through his room, they're not going to find it. Or they're not even going to go into his room. You know, what are they going to be steel is Skylar landers or six or 50 cents of pop so let's see. So my I told you about my wife watching the gifted Yeah, I can do without that show. And she picked up another show now called killjoys, good lord, and it makes me beg to watch the gifted. My goodness, it's so funny how I'm off direction that we got. There's a couple you know, we're married over 20 years. And it's like, man, I mean, our spectrum is so far off when it comes TV shows. We both like Judge Judy, of course. But you know, we don't cross over that Venn diagram. Very often. We both like modern family. We started catching up with season nine, by the way, Justin. So the last one we saw was the kickball one. That was great. So we're still obviously most of the season behind. But you know, I love that ship. It's really weird how everybody looks different this season. It's like they purposefully went out of their way to give everybody a slightly different look. It's got to be on purpose, I would imagine. But that's a really clever show. I mean, it's starting to get a little long in the tooth. I don't suspect it will be on too much longer, but I'm still enjoying it. You know, they have their filler episodes like every other show on the air. But overall, we're still having a good time with it. I went back and watched all the long Myers again, I tell you that now. I think I'm going to go get caught back up with Oh my god. Justin. What's that show with the what's the point break? rip off with the with the the mom and the kids. All of a sudden, I can think of it. Wow. That means it's been off the air too long. Justin, what's the name of that show? That's got to be getting season three. He's got to be getting closer season for whatever the next season is. That's got to be getting close. I yeah. I need to get caught back up with that. That nice cliffhanger at the end, too. Yeah. Yeah, man, trying to think it's got to be animal kingdom. Thank you. Good lord. Too much. Traffic can't pass. No. Let's see. There was something I wanted to talk about. It certainly isn't on my list. I got to start writing more on my list. I tend to think about stuff. And then I was going to talk about the old friends thing. So I didn't know where I get this text message. Like, seriously, like, totally out of nowhere, I get a text message. And I'm sorry, it wasn't a text message. It was a text that came from a Google voice call. Somebody called me and I didn't put it all together because I get tons and tons of these net and you know, not nasty, but tons and tons of cold calls and bullshit calls. And, you know, if I don't recognize the number, I don't, you know, whatever. I don't, I tend not to pick up and so I get this, I get this sort of garbled voice to text message. You know, this is Shane, arm and row, please give me a call back. I'd like to give you a call back What is this and it didn't faze me who might have been that actually left me that message. So I forgot about it. months go by. And I'm in I mean, Google Voice because they released a new version, I want to see if they did any justice to it sort of guy that's the most abused app on the planet. I mean, at least it's still there. It's not canceled, like Google Reader. But so I go in there, and I'm like, so maybe I better listen to this. Maybe it's something important. So I listened to the actual message. And it's literally an old an old friend from my college days, my you know my two trimesters of college that I took, and, you know, we did plays together. He was he and I, roommate, you know, roommate it for a little while. And it was one of those things where it's like, we were really, really close. And then all of a sudden, nothing. I mean, literally, we both went our own ways. And booth 25 years go by 30 years go by, and it's just there. And then I found oddly enough, just the day or two before I had found an old video of him. Hey, Javier. What's up, man? I found this old video from Bellevue. I think we had met I was over in the Seattle area. For some reason, he had already moved over there. And we met in the parking lot, and we were just hanging out and I had rented a Yeah, I know, there was, I was on leave, you know, it's so funny. I was in the Navy, and I came home on leave, and I rented a video camera, a VHS, big ass, you know, hoisted up on your shoulder, VHS. Nobody had one of those. I mean, it was just it was, you know, a rental and cost me like 100 bucks. I said, shit, I'm going to be home on leave. I'm going to run around. I'm going to videotape my family. I'm going to videotape my when actually, you know my hometown. I'm going to do all this stuff. I'm going to shoot a bunch of video be cool. I've a tape of all this stuff that I can take back with me when I go back into, you know, from my military leaf, right. And so that was one of the things that I'd shot along with. I had a video of my mother and my grandmother. My mother was talking nuts. My mom's talking about how old she was being 35 nutty. But anyway, I got some really cool video. My mom was driving and I was in the passenger seat. And I just we just drove down Main Street and up to the college and stuff and I just shot a video with some music playing in the background. And I've got this you know, when she's changed a lot and all those years. But I remember when I went over there I said, you know, when I was there, you know, he said if you're over in Seattle come say hi or Bellevue in this case, but it's all Seattle it's Spokane or Seattle there's nothing else and and so I met him over there and I had I just happened to have this recorder can only imagine what it looks like now. But it's one of those things where it's like, you know, we should talk on the phone it's like yeah, I'd like to, but I'm at work and let's let's touch back base. Again. I thought it was kind of funny, you know, in this day and age of everything being social media that the Twitter and the Facebook and you know, even Google Plus it's like, I don't know how he dug me up to be honest with you. I have no idea how he got my phone number. I mean, it's on my resume, which is probably searchable on the internet if you look for it. I don't even know if it's the same phone number but somehow he ran me down and I didn't even think to ask but it's interesting that even in today's Uber super connected everybody's on something world the guy got me with a phone call and a voice message you know old school but kind of makes sense in some sort of a weird I don't know the static way yeah when he's Facebook we need to get ahold of me you know how to find you can get me are you don't need Facebook to look me up and then ignore me look me up Make me your friend and then go what you can it's easy to ignore people outside of Facebook any Facebook to ignore everybody so I'm about four minutes from home I think at this point anybody got anything that yap about anybody want to talk about anything questions not about my health I spent a whole frickin show last time talking about that I think the next big game that's gonna be that's gonna come out that we're gonna be playing a see if thieves and unfortunately you know unfortunately unfortunately it's a it's a multiplayer only sort of game. So I'm going to need something after Assassin's Creed origins now that I finished it. And I know for a fact that I'm only going to do so many side quests before I get bored of and want to move on to something else. So I'll need another open world one player type game like that. So hopefully something will pop out between now and the time that I get bored of running Assassin's Creed. Do we need to talk about Black Panther? First of all, I haven't seen it. don't plan on seeing it. But has nothing to do with being racist. That has something to do with I'm sick and tired of CGI, fuck fest superhero movies but everything Yes. So you basically fall into two camps with black panther either it's the best movie ever made, or you hate it because you're racist. That's the only two solutions to the Black Panther scenario if you don't like it, it's because you're you're secretly racist and you're threatened by the black man for but from what I understand, including Travis here so get this so one of my co workers were sitting around in our morning smell sitting around in our morning stand up if that makes sense. And he's like so I went to see black panther I said you know I'm not gonna go see it. So this is use You're wasting your time with me. And he's like he's like, and this is the guy that loves CGI crap fest superhero movies right you're what I'm saying and I don't think he's raised but he's like that's easily the worst superhero movie I've ever seen. I'm like really? I said you're the first person to tell me that and I said you know you're racist right? If you tell anybody that except for maybe me and this other guy over here you're going to be considered racist and he's like it just it was a bad movie I'm like yeah and everyone's afraid to call it a bad movie because if they say anything they'll be racist What the hell happened here so now we can't know we're afraid to win it okay so everybody loves America Team America book yeah let's get rid of me legally but now all the sudden we're now held hostage by the fact that we're not allowed to comment honestly on movies because we might be considered racist met a loss man. I heard the CGI was shitty. His house he like they keep getting worse with it. And you know, listen, and I have no interest in the property. The only superhero movie I'm even remotely interested in. And you know, it's going to be kick ass is Deadpool. Deadpool too, right? I love me some Josh Brolin loves me some Ryan Reynolds, it's gonna be great. I love me some Deadpool. In fact, that's one of the DVDs or I'm sorry, one of the blu rays that I totally forgot that I had I for some reason I didn't think I had it I don't know why. And so I pulled that out and that was ripping the extra features and the commentaries and stuff so I could watch him later and and I'm like I forgot I mean I've only seen it a few times but I forgot what a fucking great movie that is. I mean it is just side you know, scene for scene moment for moment like a great one of the greatest movies of all time. Forget about your superhero movies. I love it. All right, I'm at home I better get out of here. My wife pulls up and sees me sitting in the car on the on the show the evening my let the dogs out. You didn't want to do anything. So I better get in there. Yeah, not bad. You gotta

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