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hello folks this is Shane our Monroe you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is April 2nd 2018 you're on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show all right well a new month a new week first day of the workweek is out of the way four more to go to the weekend and Travis is in inside of 30 seconds I imagine will be yeah yeah Travis's first motherfuckers he says awesome oh man well let a couple more people slip in here before I get to anything fun so my morning consisted of going to visit the doctor and so it was the urologist this time and so I've been I've been trying to get some information together before I shared this with everybody you guys know I'm pretty much an open book when it comes to medical shit and health and all that other stuff because more times than not I've helped people out hey there's Justin I help people out with this medical stuff that I talk about it's a lot of times it's what people either are going to be experiencing have experience or you know it's it's good stuff so hey there's Michael Caine the great British actor regular listener to the show so anyway so I went to the urologist my last blood work that came back everything was really nice except for I mentioned you guys right below a good cholesterol level which is going up but what did pop up in my blood work was a yeah no we haven't got to the farcry thing yet Chris we'll get to that Chris Henschel is here rare appearance so a lot of the people who were in the channel already know about this but that's okay I'll tell you the quick story anyway so my blood work came back with a low testosterone level 178 for those of you who are wondering what the the actual range is if you're under 300 you're considered low hey will be so 178 even if you use my age and all of this other shit I mean I should still be like above 250 so with 178 I'm basically a chick at this point you know what I'm saying so yeah so I went to the urologist that my doctor didn't want to prescribe any sort of testosterone treatment without um without going to see a urologist you know they want to make sure there's no other underlying conditions you know so I had to go to the urologist this morning New Year ologist not the guy I went to for my kidney stones years and years ago so I went in and you know so first it's kind of it's just a pain in the ass in general going to see specialist you know so I go in you know the way you take your blood pressure all that was good and of course so when the doctor finally comes in of course you know and this happened to me before remember I told you guys about going to the dermatologist and of course you know you're in this you're in your underwear you know it's really fat back then too and so I'm in my underwear inside of that you know tie in the back gound bullshit and and of course they have to bring in hot chicks with the doctor well these are medical students you know one was this hot red hey there was a blonde and so I'm always in fear that that's gonna happen every time I'm in some sort of a weird compromising position hey let's be honest you go to the urologist they're gonna check your nutsack it's gonna happen and the last thing you want is some broad in there while this guy's fondling your crotch you know what I'm saying well sure enough the doctor comes in he's got some thin blonde in tow fortunately she wasn't like super hot but you know he's still you don't want some guy fondling your balls in front of this chick and I'm like ah here we go yeah she's from University of whatever she's a student blah blah yeah thanks Chris fucker Chris is busy you know between Chris and Travis they're both talking about my lack of manual and manliness at this point but fuck all you guys you know ivory was reading article after articles I was doing my own testosterone reading and men in general are losing overall like across the board not just due to age or whatever cuz you lose 1% per year roughly due to age once you reach like 35 or something well men in general across the board are losing every single year the average the national average is going down and down and down they talk chemicals they talk all this other shit about what it could be sorry so anyway so uh but you're all just talks to me you know and he's like listen you know so let's take a look at your blood work so I gave him my blood work from February it's like yeah that's a low number you know you should be you know between 4 and 500 in your 178 I'm like yeah that's why I'm here and so we talked about the Winky problems and the lack of libido and you know the lethargic miss that I've been experiencing and all this other stuff and he's like yeah so let's talk about the downside about um let's talk about the downside of the treatment you know and he goes through the you can tell that you know that this guy does this like five times a day it's a very well oiled machine but he's like you know this is a big fad now people come in they want to you know be biking like this guy you know they of course he named a bunch of sports people and I'm like yeah okay you're wasting it not me if you don't nobody anybody else that you could name that I might be able to relate to and he's like you know these guys are top fit athletes you know they take these tests you know they take this testosterone they're boosting up to a thousand twelve hundred but these guys are like you know biking ten miles a day blah blah blah he's like guys like you and me and he's like I'm about your age this guy's like you and me that's not us you know so we can't we you know and they're shooting up on Monday riding on Tuesday and then it drops off and they get measured again on Friday you know when the testosterone drops off he's like you know they work the system and they work it well but unfortunately that sort of treatment isn't what you know this isn't what normal people should endure so he's like so the idea is that you know if we put we you know we put you on this and we see your numbers go up and that's good we monitor you every three months and we make sure that the numbers stay low and he's like you start creeping into the thousands and this is where your blood starts getting thick with this shit you can say shit but I'm just paraphrasing and he's like that's when you start having low blood flow through your heart that's when you start having a heart attack so you start having low blood flow to your head that's when you start having strokes you start having low blood flow to your extremities that's when you start having you know deep you know vein thrombosis and he's like there's I mean everything like this has wrists and he's like now you know these things aren't caused by the testosterone or by the treatment that you're given it's caused by your natural bodies you know blah blah blah so he went through the whole thing and he said you know it's really important to keep an eye on everything and so I've already got an appointment he says here's the thing now let's talk about the pain-in-the-ass part of this he said most insurance companies don't want to pay shit for this stuff they don't want to pay for testosterone they want to pay for the cheapest easiest methodology possible which is injections and I said I'm not real thrilled about the injection thing and he's like well most people aren't and he said you or your wife will be giving yourself shots once a week and at once a week Jesus and he says the injections also cause spikes so you shoot yourself up to get the high rate and then it drops off by the end of the week and you're right back to where you were so there's you know spikes and drops using injections and he's like so we don't really recommend that I'm like good I don't want to be doing injections anyway and he says plus there's needle disposal and all this other goofy shit that you have to worry about he said it's it sucks he's like it's not it's not the greatest thing so what we want to do is put you on this androgel right this 1.6 2% Andrew and he's like it's well tolerated you slather it on once a day you put it on your shoulders the back of your shoulders it's pretty easy to do blah-blah-blah-blah-blah says here's the downside of it insurance companies don't want to pay for it and I can tell you right now what's probably gonna happen is you're gonna take my prescription down to your pharmacy and the pharmacies gonna say well we know your insurance won't pay for them so you're you need this and then you're gonna have to come back to the office we're gonna charge you 25 bucks to reissue you the prescription you're gonna go back down there it's gonna be this huge back and forth of your insurance company and maybe in a month you'll actually have the product and he's like I just tell you this because I don't want you to be surprised I don't want you to be you know I don't want you to be waylaid by what this the insurance companies are gonna do to you regarding this treatment and he said the good news is once you get it all worked out and everything this gels gonna cost you about 50 bucks a month and he said truth be told after this shit starts kicking in he said you're gonna feel fucking great you are going to be you're gonna be you know fucking running the dog up and down the street you're gonna be cutting the grass you said you're gonna be taking the trash out the first time your wife asked you to he's a real funny guy and he said you're gonna feel great and I said okay so the bottom line here is is this is like a lifetime thing right so once I get started on this if I want to have the benefits it's gonna be like forever right and he's like well yep probably he's like but you know it's not uncommon although the numbers are low fifteen twenty percent of his patients once they get to that 400 500 they're starting to be more active they go to the gym they're doing this they're doing that and then the testosterone starts rising on their own they start ratcheting back on the supplements next thing you know you're a four or five hundred without any treatment and he says that does happen so anyway so I've got this prescription so then as I'm getting I got I'm getting ready to leave of course he had to fucking play with my nut sack and I swear to god my nuts still hurt I think I'm extraordinarily sensitive down there or something because I don't want anybody fucking touching my nut sack chicks dudes I'm all about not letting dudes touch my sack I'm all about girls not touching my sack I just want the sack left alone and these women book these women's freakin dirty girl books you know my wife will tell me oh I thought I thought guys like this I know keep your fucking cotton pickin fingers away from my nut sack I don't like it I don't want anything near it nothing sharp no fingers nothing I'm not even sure I want a mouth near there you know but other people I don't know it doesn't seem to be a big deal but I don't want anything near my nut sack period those of you who are not in the chat room with the show right now I've Spreaker you're missing out because the boys are having a good time at my expense so anyway so now my nuts ache a little bit from where they were fondled you know squeeze you know they gotta check the they gotta check the surface of your testicle with their fucking hands yeah don't just leave my fucking nut sack alone I know they're fascinating you know what did they say in them was it mischief no wait a minute those just one of the guys right girls don't have nuts so they're fascinated by them I'm just just keep your fucking hands off no squeezing no pulling good lord it's not fucking taffy down there people I'm sure I've said that on the show before I don't think Chris was present for that one but don't like my nuts touch is Lee Malone anyway so so now I've got the prescription and he gave me this handy little pamphlet which you know came straight from the makers of androgel and it's this off the post pictures of it it's pretty funny you know it's got these regular guys you got the you got the middle-eastern dude on one page the studly Hispanic dude there's a black dude and the Asian dudes in here in that guy that guy looks Middle Eastern the kid looks like a criminal because there's a regular white guy but no Asian dudes up now wait a minute now the doctors white eye that looks white but else we got it I'm looking at it while I'm sitting here waiting for the light now that's it no Asian dudes I'm very disappointed maybe Asian dudes don't get low testosterone this guy this guy looks like a fucking terrorist at this one though yeah I guess I better pay attention to the road sorry anyway so there you go so now I've got my prescription I and so so they come in right so they come in to give me my paperwork my discharge paperwork and give me my prescription and all that and sort of like listen before the insurance is gonna cover you they need to low tea counts in two different blood tests and they both have to be done prior to 11:00 a.m. what the fuck is that about what does 11:00 a.m. have to do with anything I didn't ask it's like she said we've got a lab on site you want to go in and get pulled you know into your blood pool today I'm like fuck I don't want to get my blood take and I haven't hydrated I'm a pain in the ass to get blood out of anyway it's like okay cuz my wife I know soon as I told my wife yeah I know right you like that fucking train tracks I'm on grand right now grand in well I'm right next to the dirties topless bar sports patio and billiards so I don't know where that is I got some asshole in the truck next to me have big fucking gauges in his ears playing that badass Bob Marley music your that you guys hear that over the recording I bet you can so anyway yeah this strip club used to put like their C stringers out here in bikinis this one right here suits the drive brand all the time I only drive it now when them when Google Maps tells me this is the fastest way to get home but yeah this is pretty much strip club Lane right here on Grand south side of Grand so so yeah so I go in right and it's creepy they send you to the other side of this office and the lights are dim it's like you know I'm like are we sure this is a lab you guys are legitimate right you guys are actually a lab that's attached to this thing something doesn't seem right here and it's a young girl she's there's a younger who meets me at the door and so she takes me back and there's this mother Abigail looking chick that's drawing the blood very very nice woman by the way I don't want to I don't want to imply that she wasn't a nice woman but she's older black woman and you know so she's got experience which I like if I'm gonna get my blood drawn I don't want it drawn by a 22 year old asian chick I want to get my blood drawn by an old black woman who knows what the fuck she's doing and this chick knew what she was doing she was good but you know he's but you know she's instructing the young broad how to enter this stuff in the computer and how you know they got to make sure they sent it to the right place it's not the sort of thing you talked about in front of customers but I was kind of laid back at that point so anyway yeah so anyway so I got my blood drawn and they you know they got it all sealed up so I don't know when I'm gonna be able to get my actual prescription filled but they said you know he said it's gonna be two or three weeks it's gonna take a good month he said probably by the by the time you get by the time you actually get to get your you know get the product in your hand and you've been treated enough to really start noticing a difference it's gonna be about a month yeah they do use the butterfly sometimes this chick I don't know what she was using I can't look dude her on freak out it's another one of those low testosterone problems I can't look at needles being inserted into my body it wigs me out she did a great job she didn't bruise me I've got one little tiny hole it looks great fuck pulling the goddamn medical tape so you know like I'm you know when they put that blue sticky or the the the Gaza round you and it peels right off then and they use like fucking medical tape like this was the 1970s for me pulling that tape off it was I mean I got a band I mean that's like I waxed my arm getting that fucking thing up so anyway so that was my morning that's what I got to do yeah I don't like being penetrated I'm not that much of a chick Thank You Travis but anyway so the blood work was was done well I wasn't you know whatever so that's done so now I've got my prescription I'm ready to go I just gotta get that blood work to come in yeah so then so we started talking when I you know got back into the fold of things we've been Mike my group and I half of them are on this chat right now Travis and Chris and Alex Javier's not here he's missing from the group a bunch of us you know we play games and stuff together you know these are all the people who were playing overwatch when I'm playing overwatch with and we played the forest together and all this other stuff so we're always looking for some cool fun co-op game we could play together as a group so we've been looking at this far cry 5 when I got admit it really hasn't been on my radar most of the Far Cry games I haven't really been a like a super fan of I play an I played Far Cry 3 and you know that supposed to be a good one far cry 4 supposed to not be a good one hey Jeffrey Jeffrey dolls in and then I played Far Cry primal which I played about seven hours of that I got it for a pretty good deal and it's like it's fun but it's not you know certainly not co-op and you know it's it's fun for single-player so I've been kind of ignoring the Far Cry IP overall and so of course you know I played and finish that Assassin's Creed origins which sort of warmed me back up to be soft after having an umbrella opened up my ass with watchdogs so I've been you know reading articles you know it's it's it's all in the news now far cry 5 arcade mode here the five best maps and worst maps we've seen all this user content you can make your own levels and all this other stuff it sounds kind of fun so we started looking for a deal and of course if you don't pre-order I love pre-ordering digital that's just so great if you don't preorder there's like no deals now everything even if you go to one of the gray where you know you know g2a or CD keys all these keys are actually above retail price it's like I went to this gray site to get a deal so I went to Humble Bundle which you know I have a monthly subscription to so I get 10% off everything across the board I had like two and a half bucks in my wallet you know leftover cash from my slush from my wallet and then I had received a $5 coupon as from some survey that I did for him so I figured you know I'm not gonna get that 20% off Green Man gaming good deal but maybe I could get enough off or I wouldn't feel like I was getting ass-raped paying full price so I went to Humble Bundle and you know I got my 10% off I applied my 250 I applied my 5 bucks and it came out to I don't know a decent a decent price iron it was like 43 bucks or something so I went ahead and pulled the trigger and first of all I couldn't get my Amazon pay to work I was gonna put it on my amazon credit card because I get like 5% back or whatever and I could not make the Amazon pay word and kept coming back with an error it's like now fucking all right well I'll just use PayPal credit that works too I can pay that off and you know a couple of pay periods or whatever so I didn't feel the sting so I paid with PayPal congratulations you know preview your that you know preview your email right so I get this eat I get my email from Humble Bundle your downloads ready so I go over there I open it up and it's like oh we're sorry we ran out of keys we'll get you a key just as soon as it's humanly possible and I'm like what the fuck you charged me for the key where's my fucking key and so then I went back to the yeah I went you know incognito back to the website to Humble Bundle and they're still selling keys for far cry 5 and they claim they have them so I go to login to my account and it says you know your keys are available here far cry 5 you click on you know retrieve your key and it says not authorized so I have no key I'm out forty-four bucks or whatever it was and we're so sorry so I go to submit a trouble ticket I went to submit a ticket to Humble Bundle like refund my fucking money asshole I found a better deal anyway and you know fuck you guys for selling me a fucking cute in half so I go to the support page and it's like due to unusually high tickets it'll be four or five business days before we can get back to you and it's like what the fuck is that yeah they heard I have low testosterone so I figure I won't do anything about it and so Chris posted it on Twitter and you know reference them and I wrote back and so we'll see if it actually amounts to anything but you know we have low testosterone people just Bowl right over you they think they're not gonna fight back and apparently not because I just don't give a fuck about anything and now when you have low tea the world is not your oyster have your the oyster they're praying your fucking legs open to fondle your nuts and make your nuts hurt for the next fucking 24 hours fucking keep your dirty paws off my pearls boys anyway so now I'm you know I'm out 47 bucks or 45 bucks or whatever it was and I've got no far crime so now I don't even get to enjoy it but yeah sounds pretty cool this whole arcade thing where you could basically build you know it's like adventure Construction Set only it's for you know this big engine where you can utilize assets from Assassin's Creed and watchdogs and least watchdogs will be contributing something back yeah thanks Chris Chris can be my nut sack for me and I won't lie I'm actually a little worried about the whole testosterone treatment just for that reason because I don't want to get irrationally you know become a dick I don't want violent mood swings like some people claim that they have you know it's just I don't I don't like that oh yeah Javier you missed everything shit oh yeah yeah so will be says once your tea goes back up what's gonna be my midlife crisis I don't know you know I'm turning 50 in it like a year and a half and now so I imagine turning 50 will be my midlife crisis you know I already feel like I haven't accomplished enough I already feel like I'm you know I'm getting you know I'm starting to get thin and and you know I'm starting to get where I'm recovering my life but it'll be too late I'll be 50 and I don't know something I'm sure will come up thank you for bringing that up I can't wait for my midlife crisis right now I just don't care nothing's my midlife crisis but I don't know we'll see I'm sure it'll be something it's funny because he called a man Oh pause is that like the greatest name ever I forgot to mention that thank you because he says you know it's basically men's menopause you know man Oh pause and I'm like shit I better get that domain name right now man Oh pause dot-gov or menopause then oh man Oh pause org it's probably already taken so yeah so it's basically you know menopause for women is when they lose estrogen and you know they have a nice cool name for it when men go through it it's called Hydra something or another but you know just low tea for me I'm mr. t I pity the fool get more tea to me I don't know where that came from anywho just a little Justin will appreciate that we were just talking about mr. and mrs. tea Bloody Mary Mix fantastic I'm mr. t mrs. mr. Teague blood a man mix ha let's see oh so so I'm driving or I'm driving to I don't know where the fuck I was driving it doesn't matter so I pull up to this red light in this car with these two young guys pulls up next to me when I say young guys I'm talking like late 20s or whatever right yeah well Dick Clark didn't have these problems cuz he has sold his soul to the devil if I sold my soul to the devil I would look good until I'm 90 and then the devil would call my ass home and a severe stroke you know what I like about Dick Clark and his uh to his pact with the devil the devil just didn't even kill him outright and made him suffer with a fucking snow serious stroke related shit for a year afterwards and then killed his ass terrible sorry ok so I pull up to the stop light right and this car pulls up next to me first of all this shows how fucking old I am so if somebody pulls up next to you and wants you to roll down your window what motion do they do like a circular roll down thing right well who the fuck has a car that has a manual you know manual handle for rolling down your windows so what's the gesture for getting someone to roll down their window it's not a circular motion anymore right but if you're gonna tell somebody they have a flat tire something you do the circular motion to say roll down your window well it's all automatic dude a fuck man so anyway so this guy's gesturing at me wildly from the other car and I'm like fucking dude what's this guy's problem is he having a stroke what so finally I just figured I'll roll down my window and ask the guy what his fucking problem is right and so I roll down the window and he's like dude I fucking love your license plate man I fucking love that game fucking awesome man awesome no thanks dude and the guy sitting in EXCI saying what the fuck are you doing he's like dude you don't fucking know which a3 fuck you man fucking owns man greatest license plate ever dude and I'm like yeah thanks man so this is I get through my midlife crisis I get somebody you know screaming at me how fucking great my license plate is it's awesome I had that on my list of things to talk about I kept forgetting to say it so let me go back to my keep list I have one or two more items on here oh yeah so we were talking about this in my chat room sorry we were talking about this in my chat room and I thought that and I'm glad Chris is here because I didn't want to do it without you know him being part of it because he and I share this proclivity so way back when this is another thing that people don't understand who didn't live through the era so way back when prior to you know DVRs prior to VHS that every home had a VHS machine way back when we're not talking you know late 70s the one of the things that I did which I found that was interesting to Chris did it as well is I used to record TV shows on audiotape now way back now remember I grew up very very poor so we would we've I didn't have a VHS machine until shit my parents no I don't even think like parents had one I think I had one first at like 14 or 15 right I'd have to do the math I could probably figure it out if I really had to but point be told we didn't have VHS we didn't have any means of recording and there was no real money I mean I was lucky I got Christmas presents for crying out loud of any kind so I specifically remember although I asked my mother and this is what I wanted to get back from my mom prior to talking about it on the show because my mother remembers shit I don't remember a fucking thing and I find this weird although a lot of people say that they're in my boat like my wife will say she remembers being three yeah no no I don't I don't I barely remember being I remember bits and pieces from eight and nine years old the most the furthest back I remember is like 11 with any sort of real clarity well I think I remember when I was three I remember my kindergarten teachers name I'm like how the fuck do you remember any of this I blame it on low testosterone which apparently affects memory too by the way which explains why I don't remember shit but anyway so anyway so I wrote my mom and she doesn't remember this particular incident but I do pretty vividly one of the things that was had have been late 70s we weren't a yard set we did a lot of yard saleing because that's what poor people do to get new shit we go to yard Sims and one of the things that then I picked up at a yard sale and I remember this because it was a huge pain in the ass to use I had a reel-to-reel tape recorder now the big fucking studio one you know that Blue Oyster Cult recorded on but I'm talking like it was a portable one when I say portable it's like you know a luggable you check into the airport but when I say portable I mean relatively speaking you could carry it it wasn't like on your shelf at home and I would record a ton of shit from television now remember we didn't have video on demand we didn't have fucking iTunes we didn't have the ability for you to pull Netflix movies down you know there were certain things that were recordings of opportunity there were some things that I had on audio that I will I listen to so frequently usually it was bedtime music from a big bedtime listening for me for some people they need white noise for some people they listen to music for me I listen to recordings of television shows and some of the things that I had were I had an episode of Dungeons & Dragons the cartoon and for the life of me I cannot remember which one it was I cannot remember just that I had one I had the pilot episode the 2-hour movie of Knight Rider right I had that one on audio on recorded on reel-to-reel I also had the television version of nine-to-five which of course I don't think I had low testosterone so why would I have a chick movie like nine-to-five recorded but I did I loved that movie still loved it today and the greatest part about recording some of these things is that's how I learned the movie so nine-to-five has very little shall we say not suitable for television pieces to it but like there's one point where Dabney Coleman is talking to his executive Rozz and they're talking about Maria Delgado having spoken about her salary and discussing it in the ladies room and and Roz is reporting you know I clearly heard that they were making estimates of your salary a month and Dabney Coleman's like get rid of her dismiss her and she's like well you know it's not like she hasn't been warned and Dabney Coleman says did you hear what I said and that's where it cuts up of course if you know the movie and you're a fan of the actual movie right after that he says fire the bitch you know and when I find I remember having heard 9:00 to 5:00 so frequently on this audiotape hearing it on the movie hearing him actually say fire the bitch just knocked me out of the park there's another one where Doorly you know Dolly Parton says something about taking his pants up more in the crotch and they cut that out what else was there there's there's a handful of items that they slightly altered I wanna see what else did I have I had a couple of other things that were on audio that I listened like the shit out of it that Chris had mentioned a couple things he has funny we had some overlap because he had a D&D cartoon as well god what else did I have I don't know anyway I thought that was an interesting an interesting thing because you know and I know I had a regular cassette recorder that can actually picture that cassette recorder that I had but I know I had this reel-to-reel and I can't identify it I mean I pulled up a list of portable reel to reels on eBay and there's a couple of them that kind of are not eBay Google there's a couple of them that look similar but I can't I can't identify and I hate that he recorded in Kristen he recorded Star Wars off television and his dad read the title crawl that's awesome dude that'd be great although yeah yeah what else I had another movie I swear I had another movie and I cannot think of what it is nine to five was the one I remember the most there was a couple other pieces of that movie that still surprised me because you know the memories that were made in my noodle the memories of nine-to-five they're in my head are still of that television audio recording you know not the movie that I've seen a million times on VHS or on blu-ray or on my plex server I still hear things you know there were also um and I don't think this was I don't think this was on audio but there were a lot of things that you hear later on that were edited one of my favorite things ever and I know I've talked about this on the show before but it's just sort of a neat little segue is so a lot of times what we heard were cuts right they would bleep out a word it's interesting there's sort of a history to censorship in films and television movies that you know they it used to be that they would bleed remember when bleeping was a thing I remember on the radio certain words like I think in Hotel California isn't there the hell is the word hell in there and I remember hearing on the radio then bleeping the word hell and they would beep it it was annoying as hell to be hearing this song there was a beep in it then they started dropping the word they did it on that that Meredith that Meredith Brooks song bitch remember that they would actually like they wouldn't bleep the song but then they would just call it the B word song or somebody's like you just played the song I said bitch like a hundred times in there but you can't say it and then they would drop they would drop this the words completely and then after that they started dubbing over it and one of the interesting things I just saw because I've just watched it with my son don't tell Mom the babysitter's dead fucking love that show that movie anyway there's two times when she says the word prick and her mouth says the word prick and you could see it clear as day but they over dubbed the word Punk and one of our men what they all heard of on the other one but she calls him she calls him like you know stupid little and you see her mouth say prick and it says Punk but they over dubbed it a lot right well then then it turns out I found out that it was not uncommon for them to actually shoot multiple versions of scenes they knew they would cut for film and a lot of people don't even know this was going on case in point the one that I could point to and I'd try I pointed to her to the Past sorry for those of you who listen to the show a lot Alanis Morissette that I got one hand in my pocket blah-blah-blah-blah-blah there's one word she says in there if there's a word in there and they always used to bleep that one out too I'm chicken shit they would bleep the word I am I'm strong but I'm chicken but and then they bleep out or they would mute out the word shit anyway so they would actually record different pieces for censorship and the one that's might one of my favorites because I'm actually seeing evidence of this and I'm actually one plug quit ok good ok it's good you're good go ahead and walk across I'm gonna wait for her anyway no all right I'll go now I hit this check to trying to go through this parking lot so anyway so national lampoon's vacation has an actual television cut it's not believed I though I think there's some mixture of different censorship in there I haven't actually had my hands on the TV cut for a while that's why I want to think that I had it on audio there's a point where you know he drives up he gets off the wrong exit in st. Louis and he ends up and you know the black guy the pimp is there with his chicks and he's like excuse me you give me directions to the freeway he's like fuck you oh mama thank you very much and he gets back in the car and he leaves in the television cut they actually rerecorded the scene a second time with the same actor and everything it's not overdubbed or anything the pimp looks at me goes who do I look like to you Christopher Colombo he says thank you very much and he gets in the car and leaves you can find this shit if you look at and look for it on YouTube and stuff but then a lot of people also don't know the other piece of censorship that came around and this is actually kind of genius even though I'm not I opposed censorship and all this stuff but if you really want your kid to see some version of some movie and you want it all censored they made this this parentals this parental censor group created these DVD players with movie file data files we've talked about this on the show - that actually censor your original movies so let's say you've got you know Deadpool right actually wish I had this because I want to make a copy of Deadpool that my kid can watch because let's be honest Deadpool it's it's an actual r-rated movie for a change you know and the only thing I'd probably cut out of there is the sex at the beginning even though I don't seem to remember being very graphic a lot of people say that it was I don't remember it that way but whatever I'm jaded I have low testosterone so there you go so anyway they got these DVD players this is this shit still exists you can buy these DVD players where they download little like parameter package like the old like guild hacking tools like you know Cracker Jacks and fast tagging you can download these parameter discs or whatever that you can put on and it'll actually Auto censor the movie for you sometimes they'll cut out bad words though bleep bad words they'll cut around sex scenes things like that it's kind of impressive from a technological point of view even though I'm completely against censorship in general but it's interesting how we've seen this you know progressed through the ages all right gang I'm gonna get out of here I promised my wife I'd make dinner we're having my guilt free meatballs tonight but I got to stop at the store and pick up a couple things so we're gonna end the show 40 minutes not bad you got a good show this is Shane our Munro past you see radio we'll see you next time take care everybody

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