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Topics: Pinball / My Arcade Micro Games / Thrill Kill / Pi 3B+ -- Hello everybody. This is Shane. arm and row. You are in the passenger seat with me. passenger seat radio Monday, June 4, 2018 year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Oh my goodness. Short weekend long Monday. But can I tell you, it's just like that. So. Yeah, God, it's getting hot here, man. It's like it says it's 101 outside. Oh my goodness. Monique is here we have a female listener. All you boys have to behave. Now. There's Travis too. Yeah. Monique is Travis's girls. So or he's, she's her boy. However you want to say it. You know, I'm not sure who the possessive one is. In the relationship or your side by side. Nice. Nice. So yeah, it's getting so frickin hot. I mean, you have to basically walk in the middle of the night now. So Travis, and I walked. I'm sorry, Travis. Justin. And I walked at lunchtime today. And I'm telling you, I'm feeling a little right here. I might have to secure taking the walks at lunchtime. And I don't know, do something else. I don't know. do crunches or something in my office. I don't know, do something Barbies. I don't know. come up with something instead of going out walking in this heat. But anyway, how's everybody doing? Welcome back to the work week. The first week of June, right? Yeah, Travis says he's in charge. And Monique is like Guess again. Good stuff. Alright, so I do have a list of things I wanted to discuss. So regular listener PJ. I don't think I've seen him. I don't think I've seen PJ here in the chat. But he's a regular listener of the show. And he was really appreciative of me talking about pinball pinball games on the switch. And in general, obviously, yeah, I love me some pinball. And so he said, Oh, please talk more about pinball more about pinball. And I'm like, I can always talk more about pinball. But one thing I did want to talk about I don't want to spend too much time talking about pinball this time because it's been so recent that we talked about it. But the as you guys know, pinball arcade across all platforms, so you don't have to be a switch lover. For this all platforms. pinball arcade lost its license to the Bally Williams tables, which is pretty much every good table in the pinball arcade arsenal. So right now until June 30, which is coming up. We're in the last month. So you have less than 30 days to purchase any Williams Valley pinball tables that's on Steam x Xbox, PlayStation switch, you name it, they're losing their license across the board. Now, if you buy him, now, you'll on them forever. Because that's part of the licensing, they will continue to update tables and perform bug fixes and all that other nonsense. If you already young that come June 30, it disappears everywhere. So for those of you who do not own the Bally Williams tables that you want on the platform of your choice, now's the time to get involved and think about picking up those last tables. Because Yeah, it's over. It's gonna be over. And I don't know who's gonna pick them up if anybody's gonna pick them up. But there you go. So I've got one season left, I need to pick up season seven, the latest season of tables I have to pick up now the other thing too is once these tables disappear much like the much like the switch version of pinball arcade it's going to be the packs are going to get changed up so I don't know how they're going to separate the packs on other platforms would assume by looking at what pinball arcade get on the switch. I'll have a pretty good idea what they're gonna do another platform. So if you haven't purchased other tables, maybe that's an opportunity for you to pick up those non Valley Williams tables in a different pack configuration. Excuse me. My god. Oh, well, we're on the website now lets you enter comments. I thought you could always enter comments hobby on the website? No. Does that was it only on the speaker app itself that you could enter comments? I didn't know that. I did not know that. We're also real quick. I wanted to point out while we're on the topic, stern pinball, which I've not spoken favorably of in the past year because I think the sound quality is absolute and I'm not stern. Tables are great. They have some really good tables on stern. But you know, I was kind of pinning all my love on pinball arcade, which fell through so stern pinball on the street. Rich. If you buy all the tables will cost you $40 digitally. Go to Game Stop right now. Stern pinball. I don't know if it's on sale. Or if it's the current price. Stern pinball physical copies. $20 1999. You get all the tables which would cost you 40 digitally. I know some people like I want the convenience of digital I'm willing to pay a few dollars extra yet double and not double. I don't think so. So 20 bucks. 20 bucks for all the tables and pinball or stern pinball Good deal. And they got a vertical mode. Now. You know, I'm sorry, portrait mode, aka Tate Mo, that's some Japanese thing. And they do have leaderboards now, so it's not nearly as good in my opinion is pinball effects. But for those of you who are looking for real tables, especially newer tables, this is going to be the way to get it. You can get most of those stern tables in pinball arcade as well. You gotta wait. I mean, the price for a full blown retail copy of stern pinball is like a no brainer. 20 bucks at all. All right, so enough of this nonsense pinball talk PJ hope you got your Phil I got more things to talk about. So one of the things I've had to talk about for a few couple weeks now, I just didn't want to hurry through it. I was at Walmart. One of those rare occurrences where I actually go to Walmart, and I take my life into my own hands because I want to kill people. Every time I'm there, they have these new Okay, so lately, there's been this rash of retro gaming miniatures, right. Miniature arcade, arcade cabinets that play some rendition of the game that the cabinets based on right, so remember, we talked about Cracker Barrel having exclusive I think it was last Christmas, they had this exclusive on these little tiny arcade games madness, Gallagher Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man. And I went and grabbed all of those. And they're locked up in my little curios case, my glass case of my Witcher stuff, but then there's some of these, like flat looking ones. And I can't remember who makes those. But there again, there's some sort of a pseudo version of the game, blah, blah, blah, but they're flat. They're tall, thin, and flat looking. I like this, but I was at Walmart. And here are these gorgeous little cabinets. They're called them my arcade retro and going to second I wrote this down so I could give it to you. They're called my arcade micro players. And they're 25 bucks apiece, which is a little pricey, and they have very nice looking screens, the controls are even decent. They have little D pads that you can scroll a little joystick onto. They've got burger time, Pac Man, Gallagher. What else was there Karate Champ Dig Dug and there and they are the ne s versions of the game. So the enemy has versions of these games are pretty good. But again, if you're looking for the exact arcade version, you're out of luck and the sound quality. And Gallagher's actually kind of pass so if you go to my YouTube Shane or mineral and YouTube, I've got a video of burger time, that was one of the other ones, burger time. And Galligan you can check those out, and see what you think they're very cool. They take, they take double A batteries, or very smart of them, they take a micro USB, you know, little five volt Did you charge your cell phone with, you know, so you can power these things, almost, with any almost anywhere with anything. And they're pretty good. I mean, like I said, the screens good, the controls feel solid is one of the better retro tiny packages I've seen, again, 25 little pricey. But if you look around on Amazon, and on on eBay, these things are going for 40, 5060, I even saw one for like 70 bucks. So next time you're at Walmart, if you go to Walmart, make a trip down there, grab a handful of these things. I'm thinking that these are going to be these are going to be hot sellers around Christmas time because no one's going to have any of them. And they're already going for double their price on some of these various sites. So now here's the part that I'm really curious about. These things are big enough and have enough room that I'm willing to bet that someone's going to hack a Raspberry Pi into one of these things. Now, we got ourselves that game, you imagine that put a Raspberry Pi in there and have retro pi have all the arcade games, you know, anything that works with two buttons anyway, two buttons and a joystick. I mean, that's a lot of games, right? I mean, that's a shamans road. That's almost almost any of the basic shooters, right. So good stuff. I mean, hell, I'll hack open one of those things and stuff a Raspberry Pi in it. If somebody gives me instructions on how to do so. So check that out the burger times actually really well done. The sound doesn't sound distorted or anything. So check out the video again, that's on YouTube on my YouTube channel. Alright, what else do I have on here. So one of my favorite stories to tell. And I just told it on retro gaming radio, I've told it here ages and years and years and years ago was the story of me losing a battle with Pac Man bezel glass in my youth in the early 80s. So I decided to commit that to a medium store. You guys know, I like writing for medium and so if you're interested I posted that on Twitter and on Google Plus you can get access to that it's a it's a members only story but you know, you get three of them in a month for free without being a member and have you has been very generous and clapping for me and, and all that good stuff. And in fact, my stories have done well enough in the gaming section of medium. But I'm considered one of the top writers about that for gaming on medium. That's pretty cool. Sort of my first my first medium achievement if you will, so I'm kind of excited about that. So do do clap, do share, you know, all that standard, you know, social media nonsense, pass it around, re share it, like it, tweet it, plot it, Twitter, Twitter, whatever you want to do, get it out to the masses. If you like the story, it's still a good story. Even after all these years. I did some I thought some clever wordplay and stuff in there. So you should you'll appreciate and Javier I'll tell you he read at least the clap for I don't know if you've read it or not. But you know, just clap. That's all I care about getting there and clap and get out. Okay, so that's always fun State of Decay to which has been proving to be a huge time sink for me lately. Yes, I'm still playing it. And Alex Jay Lopez, who had a sort of a standing bet with me that after three weeks, I would not still be playing the game that Javier said he read it he liked Thank you. Thank you, sir. I love this. So real quick. So there's this Alaskan bush company right here on grand and Osborne and they have a habit of having this sign up and let's see if I can snatch a picture of that up I can grab with the phone they always have inappropriate signage out front today it reads $1 I'm sorry it says read for L it says what is the prefix it says hashtag read for Ed now hiring all teachers and class of 2018 This is a strip club people so that's what makes that funny the dang snag a picture this real quick before the that's not going to happened as I will see if I got it or not. Anyway, I'll share that with you guys later. I'd love that I love that they always have totally inappropriate items up that I love that cracks me up anyway. So stay indicates you I'm so Alex told me that if I was still playing it in three weeks that he would buy the game and he's a man of his word. He purchased it over the weekend. And I told him tonight. He and I would go on and do some of the first run. I bet Javier would have been Travis would probably hop in the four of us can go do some serious zombie slaying. Get him a nice community. all loaded up and self sufficient probably before the nights over four of us kicking and taking names. Take down some jogger. Take down some ferals. Oh you didn't know about that having that he picked it up yeah yeah he's he's part of team gets it so that's awesome now you have to do is get Christian although he's a hole that he's not going to get peace and love He has too much to play right that's that's this thing. That's right right I have too much to do too much to do. So yeah so anyway so that's good and they just had a patch the patch itself is like almost the full size of the original game I think the original game was 22 gigabytes the patch the that was supposed to be like a day one patch the patches like 18.5 gigabytes that's pretty it's pretty amazing when you have a patch that's almost as big as the original game that's funny stuff let's see oh the June Humble Bundle dropped and I may I mean monthly subscriber the last few months have been honestly kind of this month though you might want to check it out there's a couple of there's a couple of decent titles in there if you haven't picked up destiny to yet and you're interested in that there's that there's ukulele which is a decent looking platformer got some got some pan reviews but there's a handful of really good things and early unlock for next month will net you portal nights which is one of my surprise PC fades from the last year. So it looks like humble bundles finally getting off their spring slough is actually putting together some decent for the summer so definitely check that out. I mean it's like 12 bucks oh so Monica you're playing State of Decay too? Or is that Travis hijacking your account that'd be cool I know we've never I've never had more than two people one of my old high school friends half Jack's who does listen to the show from time to time he yeah he got into it too and he and I were emergency vehicle yeah is that go by I don't know how loud that is on the show. Allison Monica Travis double team yes David the case a lot of fun. Man if you're holding out for that good stuff on Michael Hummer. I am, hey, will be is here. And Michael Michael Hummer was nice enough to hook me up with them some access to some Microsoft alumni stuff, which lets me get some of this Microsoft at a substantial discount. So we're all benefiting from a lower price, lower total cost of ownership on some of these games. I mean, I paid 15 bucks for State of Decay. You know, that's, that's an amazing deal. But yeah, so anyway, for those of you who were not going to get State of Decay until the first patch dropped, well, the first patch finally dropped only three weeks later. Let's see. So I had more time with the Raspberry Pi over the weekend. And I recorded some more video showing some PlayStation one stuff, trying to get thrill kill to work through it kills it. Cool. So thrill kill is an interesting is interesting in the fact that it was one of those games that Electronic Arts was originally going to release and it's listening. It's a PlayStation one game, right? So go look it up on YouTube, if you want to see some video, but it's rather a demented, multiplayer fighting arena type game. And it's very sadistic, it's very gory, it's got, you know, overtones all over it. It's one of those games that EA was I think, all about getting set putting out and then they decided, yeah, this probably isn't going to work out. So they shelved it. And of course, it leaked and there's, you know, there's ISO floating around that you can play in your favorite emulator or if you actually have a modded PlayStation one you can play it there. But it was always my was my daughter's favorite game. Those two, they would play boatloads of thrill kill and it was a four on four you know, was a four player all you know, free for all Battle Royale before players check it out. It's actually fairly sadistic. There's some there's some nutty in there. You can understand why Electronic Arts, you know, decided against this what they were coming down towards. Or an accident. it. I hope everyone's okay. But I also hope it doesn't mean it's another half hour till I get home. What's going on here? Whose side? Is it on? Alright, well, we're still moving. Something's going on. What is that? Like? a painting? The the the fire and just like a pace car for the other side. So we're still moving between. I wonder what that was all about. All right, we're moving. That's good. I still want to get behind an accident on grand. You'll never get off much like Chris. Any who I'm I'm just teasing. So anyway. Yeah. Yeah. So played a lot with the pilot was trying to get a thrill kill to work. But there's something about the emulator core that doesn't like it tells me to shut off my PlayStation have another core that's working, but I gotta think with it some more. I'm really trying to get Commodore 64 stuff on there. I think that would be sort of the Holy Grail. If I could get Commodore 64 stuff up there. Because, you know, between the 64 and the Amiga. You know, I could be marooned on a deserted island for the rest of my years, and just give me access to the entire library of Commodore 64 and Amiga game so I'm good man. I could play myself. Legend of black silver. I can play replay legacy, the ancients. Oh, sorry. Sleep. Well, last night. I kept having these weird dreams about my nose running. What does that mean? Dirty for ad and people out there that know what dreaming about a runny nose means means something significant. Somebody's got Google in the front. But find out. No dreams about flying. But lots of dreams about my nose. Running is so bizarre. I woke up thinking that have blood all over my pillow. You know, I used to have nosebleeds when I lived in Wenatchee. Like once a year I would have this massive nosebleed and I assume just because my nose got dry. Like in my sleep. I'd be like picking my nose and I open up some blood veins and just pouring all over the place. You need to use a Kleenex Yeah, thanks buddy. up sleeping us not pillar so gross. But I wake up in my nose wasn't running. So I don't know what that means. So yeah, so I picked up a young and I haven't had time to thoroughly vet this out. I picked up a new raspberry pi. So I had the Raspberry Pi three B before I got a couple of those actually. And the the new one is the three B plus which is about 20% faster across the board. In terms of CPU the the ether the Ethernet suppose went from 10 100 to one gigabit which makes a huge difference. The Wi Fi now has a has five gigahertz all sorts of good stuff so it's the same price as the original pilot was 35 bucks I got into kid with a power supply so I'm dying to do some benchmarks between the the original Raspberry Pi three be with terms in terms of light in 64 some of these games that all use a lot of CPU time Yeah, it signifies very good luck for the dreamer. Especially with money and health. Isn't that every dream thing that you look up you know always say that it's good health and fortune whatever. Yeah. So over the weekend, I got a wide membership Travis our old stomping grounds where he and I went to martial art training together. My wife and son are officially on summer vacation as of today and they wanted to get back to the gym good for them I need to get back into the gyms is getting too hot to be outside. And yeah, so I we got our membership reinstated. cheated. So it's gonna be time for me to get back to the gym and tone, my flabby I mean I've lost a lot of weight now he's got to tighten up the loose skin you know what I mean? It's not like one of those people that had the the stomach stapling thing where I've got this big you know, Edgar suit draping off my bones. But you know I could afford to hit some machines, yaks. I'm not native dude. There's no such thing as native at 112 degrees brought right now. According to my car. It's 112 degrees outside. Don't give me that native. Let me see what my watch says. It is. I watched says it is time. Reload, reload, Piglet. Hang on. Where's my refresh on here? updated? 1120. Yes. Screw you. Give me the real Give me the new one. Come on the how's it doing? reaching out to Abu Dhabi for the frickin weather. Oh, here we go. For 41. That's funny. It says it feels like 999 nine and 9999 degrees to get that back up. That'd be great to take a pitch. Oh, it reset. It says it feels like 109. And it actually is 109 absolutely true. sunsets at 735 don't faze you. Yeah,. Oh, good. It'll 97 degrees by nine o'clock. What's our high tomorrow? Hi, tomorrow. Looks like 100 degrees. Wait, wait, wait, nope. Tomorrow's 106 Wednesday's. 104 Thursday's 106 Friday's 108. Saturdays. 108 Welcome. This summer in the city. man doesn't faze you shut up. Liar. But you do PT outside. Not in that nice. You know Travis's going for you. What's the what's the status of your Phoenix Police Department status Are you like in there like swimwear? What man? What else do I have on my list? I think I might be actually out of my list. What else can I talk about? So I guess the apple conference was today. I've I I've only seen a few items. Apple is now invented the ruler app for mobile phones. So now you can use your iPhone as a ruler. And Apple invented that Apple invented the you know, the flashlight. You know the flashlight app. What else did Apple event that they're all given credit for yet they invented nothing. What else was there was something else I read briefly at passing pass written test. Healing injuries for physical tests. Yeah, you're hearing injury whole life's nurturing less time on the counter pal. You less dangerous. Yeah, Overwatch is anniversary events. Almost done. So my son who of course a huge Overwatch fan. He can tell you. He's almost like, he's autistic. He can tell her not autistic. What's the Asperger's? Like? He could tell you like everything about any character? Believe me, whether you ask him or no tongue recognition. Good lord. But see, I can't say anything. Cuz Samsung does that to their animated whatever their animated emojis do like if you stick your tongue out of the read it. So did they steal that from Samsung? I don't know. And I don't care. Everything's just a cash grab. Now. Anyway, them. All tongue recognition. See, the difference is Apple probably advertised that were Samsung, like quietly slipped it in as an emoji or whatever the hell they call it now. Let's see. Oh, yeah, Overwatch, so there's some sort of buccaneers scan or something for junk rat junk rats like his favorite character, right? So it's like an anniversary only skin so we only has until like the 11th or something to earn it so much like Grandpa Joe in Wonka or Yeah, and Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I bought him a Wonka bar, which equates to 11 loot boxes and I paid 10 bucks for it. And I bought him 11 loot boxes, hoping that he would get a golden ticket his buccaneers skin junk rat, and I didn't tell him that I bought him for him. I just bought it and it appeared as a gift for him. And much like the aforementioned Charlie bucket, he opened all 11 loot boxes and there was no Buccaneer junk rat skin. I was very sad for him. He said, he got other cool stuff. And he was very appreciative. I wasn't there. Of course, when he got it. I was at work, and some of us have to work during the summer. But yeah, so I was kind of sad that he didn't get it. So yeah. freemium, so sick of this model. I'm to the point now where I don't want to play or support any game. I don't care how good it is. I don't want to play or support any game. It's free just because they me off. You know what? I think I figured out what really bothers me because I've had numerous people write me a based off of this show. And my comments on Google Plus and stuff where fortnight is supposed to be the greatest game of all time, because they finally quote, do freemium right now, I don't believe there's such a thing is doing freemium, right? Overwatch only does vanity items, but you had to pay for the game. And I finally put my finger on what bothers me the most about free to play games. Yeah, the bait and switch is one thing, but it lowers the bar of entry so that anybody can get in on it. And when you open the bar of entry, that why'd you get a bunch of heads on there, right? There's a lot of people who we get involved in these games that have free play weekends. Now, for those of us who paid for the game, and that we've ramped up and we've leveled up and we've done our time we love free weekends, because all the new show up and we waste them, you know, Tommy style. But the fact of the matter is, if you have a game that's based totally on free to play, you get loads of heads. You don't get people who are actually interested in playing the game you got you got these masses of people, you get tons of kids, you get anybody that has access to that particular platform. And I don't, I don't like talking chairs and games that anybody can play for free. So I think that's what I don't like. I think it opens up it removes the bar of entry to people who aren't committed enough to to the game in order to pay for so there you go. A little digging a little Freudian psychology upon myself got take a drink here. My throats getting dried is 113 outside according to my car. I'm melted ice in a styrofoam cup. Yeah, so today I actually had Diet Coke. So I got a 32 ounce cup from am pm I literally filled to the brim with ice and they put Diet Coke in it and I still didn't drink it all and believe me there's not even a cannon here. You know, 32 ounces. You that's supposed to be drinking soda. Yeah, I have a little bit of soda like one can a week maybe and believe me this wasn't a can't like three or four slurps and it was empty. And here's my other cup here that God only knows. Is this leaking. I'm gonna get rid of this cup. It has remnants of my diet, my diet green tea from Sonic. It's my new favorite drink. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Travis, tell your story. Walk in. And we're gonna kick you out of here. I kick. I wonder if I can kick people out of the chat. Let me see. Can I kick you out? We see what it says. Here. it. I gotta say. Let me try this again. If I long press you. Oh, I can block you. Oh, you better mind your P's and Q's. Buddy. I boot you out of here. Like freaking that general side style. I see your practice to big things. The fluff man love me some Christopher Reeve. Superman. Sorry. much traffic here. I'm trying to get crunched to go home have my salad. So my salad consists of three cups of lettuce. Yeah, Monaco. Blocking maybe I should block him. You can stay Monica. I'm gonna butcher boyfriend off here. About three or four cups of lettuce. I have about an eighth of a cup of low sodium beans on it. And then I have some sort of a meat so right now I'm having super lean roast beef. very lean strips about no maybe two to three ounces of roast beef on there I have some reduced fat sharp cheddar and I crush up to give it a little crunch crunch up a bunch of my my late July chips on there and then I pour on I don't know probably about four tablespoons which is a lot but this is that that boathouse dressing that really low, low calorie, low fat blue cheese dressing. Um, I'm drooling right now thinking about it. Because this is about the time I eat. My body's like, hey, let's go fat. Let's go. I eat food. Yeah, I'm still sitting at 227. Man. My problem is, I'm not walking on the weekends. And I need to maybe I'll just start going to the gym on the weekends instead of walking. And then I I'll get my exercise in and do some toning work on the weekends. I think that'd be good. Go see the old karate people go in about the time that there's karate class and go see everybody. It's nicely in the old faces. So Travis, you should swing in some time and just say hi to everybody. It's It's cool. You know, it's funny about martial arts. And and Travis has only been around the block for a while. But I've been around 30 years of martial arts 35 years of martial arts and it's not something you ever like get away from forever. Eventually you kind of get the bug and you you always want to go back but it was nice to see everybody and see how the how the studio's moved along because the studio is actually changed hands. My master instructor Pastor David L. Roberts, he transitioned the studio over to his daughter, Brooke Brooke Sexton. Don't ask about the last name difference, the whole story. But now she runs the place they've renamed it. They've changed the uniforms up a little bit. And she's kind of made it her own. So it's kind of neat to see the changes that's going on, you know, they redid their website, ease to their website form. They they reach you, they did it and do a yet more of a website brochure per student portal. So there's not a lot of programming or anything. It's just a brochure type thing. But it looks nice. And they still use my back end for all of their logistics for, you know, the database stuff and all that. So it's kind of cool. And so yeah, it was kind of nice swinging back in there and seeing everybody and you feel like you never left. You know, you walk in. It's like, I should be battling. I should be moving that person's leg back is our front stances. And deep enough Hey, punch at the lead two knuckles, buddy. Don't punch it. Those four leading knuckles break something. Yeah, I'll probably go back in October. That's when I projected that I'd be down to my target weight. But it's not looking good. Unless the gym really starts reversing things. I want to be at my target weight before I go back to the studio. We'll see what happens. Let's see. What else do I got? I got maybe three or four minutes here left to the show. Maybe it will come Oh, I know what else I could talk about what I was so so get this so I went to Home Depot so my wife has been red lighting me this that's that's by the way a an inside joke amongst my group. When we go to ask our wives for something if they say yes, we call it hashtag greenlight, right we got the green light to go ahead and buy this we got the green light to do that and of course the red light means that we've been blocked so since I got the since I got the Xbox One and actually have the ability to play 4k content from like Ultra HD. I've been kind of you know getting the itch to move up to a 4k Ultra HD TV now my wife has has cocked blocked me like nobody's business on this 4k TV now I think she's thinking it's gonna be like $2,000 when in reality the TV I'm looking at like $400 but she's been very adamant and not allowing me the green light hashtag green light to purchase this 4k TV because I've got house I need to do first she wants something done to the yard she wants her kitchen pain and she wants the floors you know the floors to be sealed. She wants to she wants that you know I want a $400 TV she wants like 12 grand and home improvement. So it sounds fair. Right so one of the things that we've been wanting to do actually I've been wanting to to but it's on her list of requirements is to get a grass patch in the front yard so that's a popular thing to do these days instead of making an entire yard of grass because it is Arizona after you designate a small patch of grass for your kids to play on your dogs to on whatever and so I've got we sectioned off like a nine by 14 foot area of the front yard Oh what am I looking for a TV I'm looking for something 55 to 65 inches 4k Ultra HD with HDR and the TCM one from BestBuy would do the trick Cosco had one that would do the trick we've got a 60 inch right now and I would rather not go less than five inches smaller and if so I'd go five inches taller or bigger you know so anyway I guess I'll tell the story later I got to the I got to the house. I'll tell the story about the home improvement project that just keeps getting stonewalled. This is Sharon Monroe patchy radio we'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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