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Hello everybody. This is Shane almond row you on the passenger seat with me. passenger seat review. It is June 22 2018. You're my 13 mile commute home and victory Shelby by How's it going? everybody. Welcome. It is Friday. Thank god this week has taken part of our every week seems to be a little bit longer. But I'm on my way out the door. I got to go to Costco. Trust me. Friday night at Costco is a lot better than Saturday morning at Costco. So I'm going to go up there. I'm going to get my late July chips. my diet green tea. give myself another week of love. So there you go. So what's going on? Everybody? Nobody in the chat yet. It's been almost a minute. I expect Travis or Justin or somebody to be here. Currently not. Maybe we'll get Gabrielle. Gabrielle to grace us today. We'll see. Yeah. So what's going on? Let me see. Do I have anything in my keep list for my show here? Um, let's see. I talked about Milo Oh, hey. Yeah, so a lot of, uh, one of the things that I found that's been missing. So I'm a huge Google Hangouts fan, right. And I love hangouts for a couple of reasons. Hey, there's Justin. I love Hangouts, because it's not so mainstream, that they fill it full of. You know, there's a lot of these chat apps that are just loaded with junk and animated emojis. And just nonsense. I don't, I don't like animated emojis. But, you know, hangouts is still early lean, right? And you can basically everybody's got a Google account, so everybody can use Hangouts. Now, you can't get everybody to do it. Because they're all on, you know, messenger, you know, I message or whatever. But everybody's got a Google account. So everybody can use Hangouts. That's, that's like mass adoption, right? Even people who live on Facebook have Google accounts. They can use Google Hangouts. I choose not to. So I do like that element of it. But one of the greatest things about Google Hangouts is it's integrated with Google Voice, right? And so back in the, you know, the old days when you used to have to pay for text messaging, right? Remember, the old days, some of you may not be old enough to remember the days when it was like 10 cents a message, right? to actually do messaging boards, 25 cents a hit of you sent a picture, right? So while these we're paying, you know, 20 bucks a month for an unlimited texting plan, in addition to everything else, a lot of us adopted, you know, I CQ, or trillion, or, you know, hangouts or something else that didn't charge us out the. And you know, in these. And I found out later on that that texts don't actually cost anything to the carriers'. It's a freebie. And they were charging us out the for this sort of stuff. And they were paying nothing. So anyway, or they wasn't costing them anything. So I quickly learned that Google Voice would let me have my own independent number. I could text for free over Google Voice. So in the early days, I would give people my cell phone number and say, You can't text me here. I had texting disabled on my primary camps. I wasn't paying 25 cents a hit because somebody didn't want to use Hangouts, you. You know. So I gave everybody my Google Voice number as my texting number. So if you want to text me use Google Voice number. And if you want to call me then use my regular Voice number. A lot of people won't do that. That's fine, whatever. So Google Voice would just appear inside of Google Hangouts. And that's great. I get hangouts everywhere, at home, at work on my phone. If you send me an SMS, if you send me a text message, and my phone is in my backpack, or my phone is on the charger, my phone is somewhere else, I don't get your message. It's that simple. So SMS to me is. If I can't get it in my main messaging app where I can get it while I'm sitting at my desk at work. And my phone is in my man sack or whatever. It's useless to me. So having Google Voice via integration via Google Hangouts has been the greatest thing ever. Well, now that texting is free. And everybody, even people who have Facebook tattooed on their, even they use SMS. So instead of using a Google based chat client that everybody has a Google account for, they would rather use SMS. So I grudgingly adopted keeping an eye out on SMS. And looking at my phone constantly. I have a true belief that the reason that people are so glued to their phone is because we don't have Unified Messaging available to us. But anyway, I digress. So when we're was promised that the Android SMS application that comes with every single Android phone, which is called messages, it used to be Android messenger, or something like that Google's in that cannot get there. mind made up. So now it's just this blue, this little blue icon that says messages. So we've been promised for months that web based messages were coming. And, you know, I signed up to get on the early release, blah, blah, blah, to me, being able to open up a web browser, on my desktop, at work, or anywhere at home, have it stuck on a monitor somewhere and be able to get my SMS messages without interacting with my phone. That's like paradise. So obviously, about a week ago, the feature started rolling in. And you know how Google works, they do rollouts. So when they roll something out, it doesn't go to everybody, it goes to a small group, if that passes muster than it goes to a bigger group, and so on, and so on. And it it's a rolling deployment for those of you in the industry. So I was not usually I'm one of the first people to get any sort of special Google, because I've been a member so long, and I use all their services. But I did not get Android or messages for the web. And when everybody else started getting so off. That's one of the reasons I put it down is on my keep list to talk about on the show is because I wanted it and I felt it with once again, helped change the way that I interact with people. Because frankly, only the people I really don't want to hear from us SMS, right. My bosses when they try to contact me, right? Justin, they contact me via SMS. So I don't care about SMS, right? Actually, when I see an SMS pop up, I think something bad is going on, that my bosses are trying to get ahold of me, or something really bad's going on. But like I said, more and more people are adopting SMS, and I have to kind of conform or I get dropped in the shuffle. So I finally got flagged on for messages for Android, or messages for web rather. And it's really, really weird. The whole process of it, it's kind of funky. So what happens is you go to, I think it's messages dot Android dot com, is that right? You have to double check. And as messages that android. com on your web browser on your computer. And, you know, if you're not signed into Google, you have to sign in. And then it produces you a QR code that you then have to open messages on your Android device and scan this QR code that links your browser and your phones SMS. Now, you would think that there was some sort of trickery going on, or there was some sort of magic, but there really is very little magic, essentially, all that's really being done is your phone is being used as sort of a server, and that server is sending your instant messages or your SMS is to this web service. So for a second, you think you can shut your phone off and still SMS on your desktop. You can't. That's why Google voice is so great. If my phone is off, my phone is dead, I lose my phone, whatever. My phone is not required to send text messages through Google Voice over the web, or any device, really. However, messages for Android, I'm sorry, messages for the web is just a web service that taps your phone. So I had a security update come in yesterday for my s nine, you know, it's a 10 minute deal. It's, you know, monthly security patches, blah, blah, blah. So as soon as my phone rebooted, my web browser immediately said, your messages are unavailable, right? It's not somehow tapping into your SMS, it is tapping into your phone. So yes, it's cool. Hey, it's Michael Smith, what's up. So it's cool. It serves a purpose. And it does sort of solve a problem. But if my phone's dead, I can't SMS from my computer, unless I'm using, of course, Google Voice. So there you have it. So that's sort of the whole messages for web versus messages for Android, and how that nonsense works out. It's useful, but it's not the Google Voice replacement that I was hoping it would be. So there you have that, and I guess it kind of makes sense, right? Google controls Google Voice, Google does not control horizons SMS server, you know what I'm saying. So it kind of makes sense. But it's really just a forwarding service. But it does the trick most of the time. So we'll take it for what it is. So that's that. Let's see what else is going on here from a technology standpoint. So my week has been very hectic, my wife has been gone for the week. And I know you think hey, yay, yeah, wife's gone, stay up late, do all this nonsense sense. But she was she left on Monday after afternoon. And she came, she's on her way back. Or she will be on our way back here in an hour to. So it was a work week, right? So you know, school day, the next day, so you go to bed on time if you don't want to be dead in the morning. So I was in bed at 1030 every night. You know, usually when the wife's away, and the rats will play or the mice will play. And I'm up until one o'clock in the morning 130 and get two hours of sleep. Go to work. Come back, wash, rinse, and repeat. Yeah, party. The wife's gone. But now that I'm old, it's just not working. So instead, plus I've been I've upped my game, right. So I think I've talked about this a little bit. A lot of people have asked asked me for status reports on where my weight loss is, and that sort of thing. So last, last weigh in was to 24. But it's been a long road to lose just a couple of pounds. And once I got to like 28 ish, to 27 to 26, things have been really, really slow losing weight. So I think my body has sort of climate eyes, three walks a day, 1100 calories, boom, I have I have leveled out. So in order to further my growth or loss experience. In this case, I have to up the game. So we renewed our YMCA membership and I have been going so now I've got a new routine. And I've used this routine before and it's fairly effective. So normally, I get up in the morning, about five o'clock I roll out of bed, you know, p put on my shorts, t shirt. I'm out walking for 35 minutes, I get back to the house about 540. I have my yogurt, blueberries and oatmeal and then around I don't know 610 615. I hit the road. I go to work unless I have to stop and get creamer. I've got to stop and get gas or whatever. Then I leave about six. So that's my morning ritual. Or has been since November. My new morning ritual. I'm sorry. When I get back from walking, I shower, right shake,, shower, shave, so to speak. And then eat my food. And then I go to work so that that eat some of some of the time. So now my new ritual is I roll my out of bed at five o'clock. I have 30 minutes to brush my teeth shave. If I'm going to shave that day p get my get my bag ready. And I'm out the door by 525. And I'm on my way to the YMCA, which is about a five to seven minute car ride. I get to the YMCA. It opens at 530. Otherwise I'd be going earlier and only opens it doesn't open until 530. I get my in there. I'm on the elliptical for 30 minutes. And so that is about a 2.2 mile stint in my current workout. Right. So I get a really good aerobic workout. Good cardio. I think I then go into the locker room take a shower, apply my android gel the whole bit get out do all my morning ritual stuff. I could brush my teeth there but it's one more thing I gotta carry around. So by not by I'm I'm ready to roll and I'm out the door and I go to work. So that's that's my new ritual. I get home from work this last week anyway. Well, my wife's been gone I come home I eat my my salad with a little beans. Me that some sort of protein on it. I have my dinner. I pack it up. And I had right back to the gym. I back on the elliptical for, you know, 3233 minutes. And then I come home. And then I spend a couple two, three hours doing whatever TV State of Decay to whatever and then my is in bed. That's that has been my schedule for the last week. The last work week anyway. So I guess the answer to the question is, is the Android gel doing its job? So from an energy point of view, obviously, if I'm going to the gym twice a day, Justin and I are walking at lunchtime for 30 minutes. Yeah, I guess I guess it's doing its job. Things are improving. In the boudoir department. I'm getting a little more interest level a little more logic activity. They're a little more everything. So I guess that's working out. So the answer to the question is how long does Andrew gel take to kick in and appears to be about seven weeks, six to seven weeks before you start seeing real positive change. Which reminds me, I need to get another bottle on orders shortly so that I don't run out. So yeah, so there you go. That's so since I've been on the elliptical to twice a day, I immediately started seeing weight loss happening again. So last weigh in was like 223 and a half, right. So I've dropped two or three pounds this week. And I suspect when I crawl on the scale tomorrow morning, which will be my next good way in period I've probably a 221 or 222. So I'm back on the drop. So now we have to see how long this workout will continue to drop me. I'm also finding myself having more of an appetite. So I'm having a few extra chips in the middle of the day for a snack. My body is needing more. And again, I'm trying to as I said before, I'm trying to listen duel my body tells me without going crazy. So there you have it. So that's why I'm going to Costco is to get my I need my frozen blueberries. I'm out. I need my special chips. My late July chips. I need my green tea. my diet green tea. I'm out of that. So Costco seems to be the best place. And now that I've got sort of a good working pattern of what I'm eating and all that it seems to be working out. So there you have them. So that's it for the update. I've not been back for blood worker recording the show. Well, we could talk for a few minutes. Are you on the road? I'm sorry. Yeah. Yes. Home to get to bed. Decent decompression data. You're gonna like your once you're there. But you need a you need a good night's sleep. It'll be good. Right? Absolutely. Okay. I love you. Bye. Alright, phone call. So back to work. Let's see what else there I thought there was something else techie related. I wanted to talk about something something new, not again. Not a computer. . I had something and I just slipped right out of my head. Of course I didn't write it down. Maybe I'll think about it. Think of it later that I mentioned it's like a couple days in July the movie big is coming back to the theater and I talking about that. I'm a huge fan of big First of all, Elizabeth Perkins is still like pretty hot. And that, you know, apparently she was really hot and weeds. Travis would be able to tell us more about that. But there was something about her character and you know, the whole, you know, 13 year old crush on the hot you know type thing. Yeah, it's it's not whole thing. But I'm a big fan. I love me some Robert lows. Yeah. You know, he wasn't a in this movie. Like he wasn't over the top. So we're excited to see that my son likes the movie. And so we're gonna go see that on the big screen. I can't remember what day it is. But it's one of those fathom events. I really dig on you. Oh, hey, those of you. I mentioned my talks about Milo. I mentioned that Sonics that had the Ghostbusters and the other cool music that sort of got me first roped into the Amiga and I didn't I couldn't post on Twitter because Twitter doesn't work at my work. It's but it is on Google. Plus. For those of you who know where to find me there. I did post a video showing the Ghostbusters and a bunch of other songs I forgot View to a Kill and Miami Vice where a couple of the other more mainstream songs that were done for that ages Sonics package. Yeah, it was music craft. That's what it was, when commenter own did, I think. And then when he just picked it up, and they distributed it, they renamed it to Sonic. So that was a little misnomer. on my part there. I forgotten the thing. Oh, I know, one of the things I wanted to talk about. So you guys know, I'm a big fan of the podcast lore with Aaron Aaron Mackey's podcast lore big fan. And as you also probably remember, Amazon commissioned an original series based on that podcast, also called lore. And they released six episodes of this show based on the podcast, Lord. So one of the things about it is I I hadn't watched it until recently. This is my new thing to watch on the elliptical. I take my new Samsung S two and I've got a flash drive that I just changed out that I put TV shows and things on and so I've been watching low and it's one of the reasons I kind of put off watching it is because I'm afraid it might ruin the podcast, you know, pay too much Liberty with it. Or, or worse yet, I might actually love it. And then there's only six episodes to launch. So I did start picking it up and watching it. And I gotta say, it's good. This one I'm on now, which I think is Episode Four of six. This one's a little slow. It does have Robert Patrick in it, which is kind of cool. He's the guy that played the T 1000 you know, the liquid metal Terminator. And Terminator two. Yeah, poor guys. That poor guys looking long in the tooth man. He was even still looking good in the faculty. You remember that movie? I love that movie. It's one of my favorites. And my favorite. But he was like, sort of the football coach. He was looking good in that. So but yeah, realize that was 1999. I can't believe the faculties that old but it was cool to see him in there. Anyway. So just to give you an idea. So for those of you who aren't familiar with more, it's like folklore. Right? So they they take some sort of a topic, Aaron Mackey take some sort of a topic he does all this research gets all the backstory. And he tells it in an entertaining way. And so how it differs a little bit on the TV show, or the you know, the Amazon show versus the podcast is there is there sort of a prefix piece of lore. So in other words, it's a live action show, but there's usually some sort of an intro where they tell you a similar piece of folklore to sort of warm you up for the main event that they showed for the most of the most of the episode. So like, the first one, the first one is about this, people dying and consumption, right. tuberculosis. And so the first one is sort of talks about at the beginning, they talk about being buried alive, right, and the, they break up bells and things to go into the casket. So people being buried alive was apparently a very common thing back then. And so they had all sorts of so they opened up that story with this girl and her sister were very close, and the girl dies, and the barrier and then the sister has this vision of her dead sister trying to claw her way out of the coffin. And so, you know, she manages to convince them that they need to dig her up, and they dug her up, and sure enough, this you know, or fingernails were all torn off. And she she died a second time basically in the coffin. And so that led up to this whole story about the consumption this poor guy lost his his wife, both daughters, and now his son was sick. And you know, they started covering all the folklore of how to you know, cure this and blah blah blah blah blah. So it's good it's good. The second one was about was a doctor was a Forrester Forrester. Forrester. I think, the guy that invented the eye socket. Bottom me right. So that was. That's that story. And then the next one was about changelings, right old Ireland, Ireland, Ireland, Irish lore about fairy circles and fairies, very demons basically coming to the earth, release the sap very rings and replacing people with evil doppelgangers right so this whole story revolved around this guy's wife and so it turned out that these the stories of doppelgangers were often used as a tool for handling people that you didn't like or if your wife suddenly started giving you it's you you wanted to take care of her you can claim she was replaced by a doppelganger which would give you you know basically purview to kill them and get away with it that sort of thing crazy stuff and then there were the one I'm on now the fourth one has to do with spiritual ism right so a lot there's a more Side Story stuff going on they talk about DVD and and other spiritualists and the origins of spiritualism it's really good It makes me want to go back and listen to the podcast more so than even remotely sounds interesting I do believe it's included with Amazon Prime so if you don't have other ways to get it wink wink you can definitely go up to Amazon if you've got a prime account and watch the six episodes they're very good at least so far anyway like I said this fourth once a little slow but Scott Robert Patrick any schools so I'm just not dealing with it so that's that's pretty my new thing let's see what else do I guy I'm sure there's something else oh so let me tell me I don't want to talk about that I don't remember getting close to say getting off for Cosco so I've only got a few more minutes anyway let's see oh so for those of you who have access to stuff wink wink one of the movies that has not been put out in high definition or in blu ray yet or I would own it immediately is a it's a Ray Liotta movie called no escape it was also called escape from Apple Absalon that's the actually outside of the United States. That's the name of the movie. And if you remember, right, I was talking about the process where I was trying to take a like 720 HD TV rip that movie that came from Brazil or something and tried to clean it up so that it was presented you know, get rid of the Spanish text on the front and replace it with actual English blah blah blah. Well, there's a nice clean 10 ATP rip of fat kicking around for those in the know where to get it and how to get it no watermark. It does have the intro text in Spanish still, but it does have for subtitles. They turn on for those. But otherwise, it's super clean. I watched the last night super clean, no watermarks. If you know where to get it. It's one of my one of my favorite Ray Liotta movies, oddly enough, so we're gonna let you know that was out there. And for those of you by the way, who are regular listeners and are interested in getting into the Wink, wink business to get ahold of me, you know, three mail or something. I don't want to talk about it too much here on the show, obviously. But if you're interested in getting set up, I recently helped a friend I've got sort of a document that I could send you that tells you a lot about how to get started in the Wink. Wink mode. So let me know Hey, I heard from x man of the cloth by the way on apparently he and his wife just had a little girl and so he's been busy being the good dad. So that's why he hasn't been listening to the show hasn't been online. So congratulations to the happy couple. And probably not getting a whole lot of sleep either, as I recall. So Amy, who nice to have heard from him. I like hearing from the listeners off off the show. Hey, not. So why are our regular Travis here is has a dilemma. And I bet one of my listeners has some information that might be helpful. So he's stuck with one of those car stereos that only understand the foreign language of iPod, right, so he's got an old iPod and old iPod Nano. And so when he plugs it into the stereo, it allows him to control it with his vehicle controls and stuff like that. So it's great, except for it's an iPod. And so he's trying to figure out a way to divorce himself from iTunes completely and have some sort of a music management system that will let him transparency daily deal with his Android device, his iPod, his local music, local stored music and that sort of thing. And I'm willing to bet somebody somewhere and I did a little cursory search. And I couldn't find a great solution without using iTunes, some sort of a Windows 10 driver that he can install that would allow him to just plug in his iPod and have it show up is like a flash drive, if that were the case, in his Android, of course, can do that. And he's got a drive filled with music, he could use something like xo tram or or one of these other music, you know, media monkey or whatever, he can use whatever media tool he wanted for organization. So if anybody happens to have a simple, preferably free solution to being able to just run a little driver and have the iPod pick up as a flash drive, that would solve probably a lot of its problems. So help help a fellow a fellow passing your seat radio fan out and maybe posted here, send me an email and I'll pass it along to him about maybe how he could solve that. So the idea is, he does not want to use a proprietary piece of software and there is many non iTunes packages out there that will read and write reading right from an iPod But again, it's still proprietary software. So you're still not cutting yourself loose of iTunes or you're not cutting yourself loose where you can use whatever you want. You're still beholden to some sort of a proprietary tool. Well, yeah, obviously the most elegant solution is to get rid of that deck and get a deck that accepts a micro USB card or a flash drive. And that solves the issue completely. But I know you're looking for a $900 plus solution. So my listeners often have a way of coming up with unique solution opportunities. All right. Well I'm closing in on the Cosco so I should probably wrap this up. Yeah. So I guess I'll wrap it up for the passing your see radio broadcast week. Pick things back up on Oh, sorry. Pigs back up next week. Hope you enjoyed the show and we'll talk to you later. Have a good weekend everybody. This is Shane, arm and row passenger seat radio. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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