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Michael Jackson's Thriller in 3D at the Theater / Nintendo Switch Debris Infinity // Hello, everybody. This is Shane. Armand row, you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is Monday, September 24, 2018 year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Yes. Late Show today. I've been putting an extra hours at work. And so hey Travis, what's up? So I have been targeting to the potty. told him to the Pulte. Hey yeah, so my family's back. They came back yesterday was Sunday morning. So my brief interlude with bachelor hood is over, didn't get a hell of a lot done. To be honest with you. I mean, you know, when the family's gone, you clean up the house. Hey, machine readable man. What's going on my my, one of my listeners with the Whopper computer is his icon. I always love that every time I see it puts a smile on my face. So it didn't do much. In fact, on Friday, I had to I had to work until almost seven o'clock. It was it was a very long no good, very bad day on Friday. But you know, it's it is what it is everybody and it has a long day or two from time to time. So what I was going to do Friday afternoon, I was actually going to try to leave early and I was gonna go and see Michael Jackson's Thriller in 3d at the theater. It's a one week only it's at the theater ahead of the set, terrible movie that house with the clock in the walls or whatever the hell that is. So that movie has Michael Jackson's Thriller, the amazing 14 minute music video from the 80s 1983 in fact. So it was a preceding thing in IMAX in 3d, Dolby Atmos surround sound, I couldn't wait to see it. I was so excited. I was going to get out of 330 and haul myself down to a 430 showing. But alas, I had to work late and it didn't happen. And because it's only at theaters for a week. I definitely wanted to see it because thriller you know, let's talk about Michael Jackson's Thriller for a minute. This is back when Michael Jackson was still black. And frankly, music. No, this was 1983. And this was back when MTV still played music videos and background music videos were actually something they meant something they weren't sort of. I don't know what they are now. But they're not. It's not really music videos anymore. Once you've got you've got you've got MTV or I'm sorry, you got YouTube. And you've got the hell's going on here. Why don't we stopped and why is the police officer in front of me? I was lights on. Is there an accident up here? What I'm very confused as to what's going on here now. Not just traffic, I guess. So anyway, you know, I think didn't use it. Who's Travis you're in front of the computer, right? MTV and went live. What was it 1981 right. It was at 1980 i thought was at one because I thought it was was at the year Mount St. Helens blue because I'd be 1980 can remember the X the actual year that MTV went online. But this is it. This is when MTV still was something it was a huge thing. People actually got cable TV just to watch MTV. And you know, it was it was so important to have a music video to have a presence on MTV. It made all the difference. And it's fun because I hear a lot of like old rock and roll stars like john Cougar Mellencamp and, and some of these other ones that came up in popularity through the MTV era. And they said, you know, you had to do it. You know john Mellencamp like, did not want to make music videos at all. He's like, I'm not, I have no interest in this. I don't want to do this. But you know, his agent manager, everyone's like, Listen, you're nobody unless you're an MTV and Michael Jackson's Thriller. The album thriller was absolutely ape shit popular came out in 1982. And I mean, you don't even realize because music is so fleeting anymore. Michael J, that that album dominated the top 10 music every like almost every song on that album was number one on the pop charts. The record was number one on the pop charts for you weeks, and weeks and weeks and weeks, and weeks was absolutely disgusting. How popular that that record was. And it continued to be to continue need to be it was hit after hit after hit. And and but in 1983, and 1983, what's going on here. So they got this, I got this, oh, Is there like a big pothole there? Okay, I gotcha. And I see what's going on, save the whole lane blocked off because there's a pothole there's a truck covering it with cones. But anyway, in 1983, you know, Michael Jackson, the album finally slipped a year later or eight months later, whatever was it finally slipped off the top of the charts. And Michael Jackson calls his agents and hey, you know, what are we going to, you know, the photo album is not number one anymore, what are we going to do? And it was his agent or his, his manager or something, said, Well, listen, you know, you need another music video, because he'd already had beat it. And Billie Jean they were huge, huge videos. He said, maybe you need a third video. And Michael said, Well, what we know which one should I What should I do off the album. And he said, You should do thriller, you know, you don't have to do anything. I mean, it's, it's a no brainer. You're saying you dance, you look scary. And you're done. Poof. And so Michael Jackson, at that point in time was a Jehovah Witness. And, you know, you can't have any belief in the occult or supernatural or any of that nonsense, which is why those of you who are fans of the music video it's preceded it still is, by the way, it's preceded by a disclaimer of Michael Jackson that says, due to his strong personal beliefs, he doesn't, you know, this does not profess a belief in the encodes or whatever, something like that. So, anyway, so they put this out. And so Michael Jackson earlier in August of 1983, I did a bunch of things. I did a medium article on this. Talking about my experience. With that with the remastering of the video. In August, Michael Jackson saw an American Werewolf in London, right. JOHN Landis is movie Rick Baker to the special effects. And in fact, in the academy war awards actually created a category called Best makeup. And this was the very first film that received that for Rick Baker special effects in his makeup for the transformation of Dave nodding, 10. I believe his name David not intense transformation into a wearable. So he saw this and he knew that this these are the guys that we're going to do this now, this big, big movie, you know, big movie directors, this was before Michael Bay, big movie directors did not direct music videos, there were music video directors that went on to direct movies like Mary Lambert who did Pet Cemetery, by the way, I believe she did some Madonna videos. And then she did this pet cemetery movie. And so you go one way, but you typically didn't go the other. Well, man, this was really, really interesting. Who wouldn't want with the principal hop? Right? This guy had the number one selling album, number one song for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. You want to be in bed with somebody like that, right? But anyway, so so he got they got together. They, they it by the end of the summer, they put everything together and they got Rick Baker, they got Elmer Bernstein, who does the scary music for that, you know, the, the, the, they call it incidentals, right incidental music in between. and, and he also did the music on American Werewolf in London. Right? So the kind of got the team back together, they paired up so Michael Jackson's love interest Ola re I believe is her name. She was a former Playboy Playmate which is weird because I always thought that the the actress that played her this made me be one of those great urban legends. I always thought that she had one some sort of a contest on MTV to be in that role. But it must have been something else. I must have been crossing my facts. But anyway, so they finished it up in October and Michael Jackson's Thriller debuted in December of 1983, December 2, or December 3, anyway, and everybody went batch it. I mean, it was crazy. That video which ran 14 minutes, right. So you know, you put some ads around, it's like 15 minutes and that that thing was on like every hour on the hour and the vj is, you know, Mark Goodman and you know, Nina Blackwood that back at the top of the hour will be replaying Michael Jackson's Thriller. You know, it was a force to be reckoned with. And you I mean, everybody on the planet was talking about next day I was in school, right? I was still in high school. That's all everybody was talking about. Everyone's talking about Michael Jackson's Thriller, is the greatest thing ever. Oh, my God. They've redefined music, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And, of course, thriller. Both the song and the music video went on to spawn Jillian's parodies and remakes and commercial and and everything you can imagine. And its popularity is still around today. You know, if you go to any haunted attraction around the country, chances are likely you're going to run into a zombie dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. It's just part of pop culture 35 years later. So that's why it's an important aspect to me that to go and see this film again, 35 years later. Now listen, it's on YouTube. You can go look it up in vivo or whatever the hell it is the place all the music videos, but let's be honest, the video was 3035 years old. It's never been remastered it's all in standard definition. Even the official video up on these streaming services look like hammer dog crap. You know what I'm saying? So this being remastered not just visually remastered in terms of making a high definition or higher resolution remaster, but also to remix the audio in Dolby Atmos surround amazing. And then if that wasn't enough, they took and they did post processing 3d on it. So not only do we have Michael Jackson's Thriller 35 years later, totally remastered in 3d. with Dolby Atmos we get to see it on the big screen. And there's something to be said for captive audience. You know I talked about that. I've talked about that a lot on the show about how these movie theaters captive audience you I'll talk about that more in a minute. But to actually be sitting in the theater doing nothing else. No phone buzzing in your lap, no kid piling. And you know, you know wife telling you to take out the trash, nothing going on. And you get to just sit even back then, you know when MTV aired it for the very first time there was no captive audience effect you there were three things in that video and that you know short movie that you will notice that you've never seen before. Not just because it's in high risk or high definition but because you never really paid close attention no matter how many times you saw it on MTV when it was originally airing every hour on the hour so is important to me to go see it plus it's also important to me that this film been remastered because we for God's sakes we might actually be able to get a home version of the thing that doesn't suck monkey but I mean if you go up to YouTube right now and pull up the official Michael Jackson music video It looks like crap if you would have vivo it looks like crap listen yeah even if you put it on a you know 49 inch TV it looks like crap you know so anyway I mean I was excited to see it and I was kind of disappointed I didn't get to go see a Friday night but I decided okay let's go Tuesday morning we'll see it first thing 1030 first showing I'm gonna hold my ass out of bed early I'm gonna go see Michael Jackson's Thriller theater now if the movie that it was attached to it remotely interested in me I might have stuck around but the house with a clock on the wall forget about that nonsense Cate Blanchett looks pretty good in that movie but you know there's not going to be any secret lesbian ism or her in a two piece bikini so you know jack black sort of negates any sort of interest in saying I like jack black from time to time but i i don't like kid movies and these all these kids movies I was reading this great article I think it was on medium or was on it was in my newsreader about how bad it is oh it was on the verge I think it was that house with the wall of the the clock in the wall was being was being tossed around as generic nonsense recanted kitty fair blah blah blah. Not good for kids. Anyway, you could read that on your own. But I had no interest in sitting in for them. So literally, I slapped down 11 bucks because this was IMAX. Of course, I slapped down $11 for a 15 minute engagement with Michael Jackson in 3d. And you could you could say I'm crazy. You could say that's cray cray but I was willing to do it because I wanted the experience so let's get let's go back to the captive audience thing so I get there. I I I wanted to be there early enough because what I didn't know when that video is going to play wasn't gonna play at this movie. Showtime. Cuz you here's what did the movie showtimes at 1030. That means? The movie doesn't start till 11. Right. And in between? There's going to be ads. There's going to be movie trailers, which I don't consider the same thing. I like movie trailers ads, not so much. So I didn't know is it going to be 1030 on the dot I'm going to play thriller and then play a bunch of trailers. And then the movie I don't know if you call you know, they're not going to know anything. Right? They probably don't even know that thrillers even being played on there. You know what I'm saying? It's it's nutty. How, how how, you know, low wage customer service. People don't have a clue what's going on in their building. And they don't they don't get paid enough to know, I guess. I don't know. So anyway, so I got there. I thought it was going to get there about 10 or 15 minutes early. I ended up getting there like 20 minutes early, 25 minutes early. So I went in, and the guy you know, so I bought my tickets online the day before. So I had a little bar code, a little QR code on my phone. So you just walk up and the guy scans and you walk in? Well, this is an old black guy in a wheelchair. Yeah, good. Good for hiring diversity, right? But this was just the beginning of what felt like a very strange entrance into diversity. So I asked him, I said, dumb. So this Michael Jackson thriller thing is that like at the beginning, or when does that play? He's like, yeah, don't forget your 3d glasses. And I'm like, okay, so you don't have a clue? Got it. All right. He's like, yeah, they're supposed to be some 3d thing in there. And I don't know I got I got It's okay. It's cool. It's cool. I got we got you, Windsor. So now I've got a bunch of time I was just gonna go sit on my ass. Watch the thing and get the hell out. But I thought, screw it. I'll get a soda. Now, buying a soda at the theater is a huge mistake. We all know this $5 for you know, 32 ounce soda with lots of eyes. Fortunately, we've got the soda machine. So at least you can get you know diet, you know, ginger, lime, Diet Coke, or, you know, whatever you want. I ended up going a cherry vanilla Diet Coke this time. So, I got my drink. And I slept myself into the theater. I got great seats. Of course, you know, it's 1030 on a Saturday morning. No one's in there watching the movie. So I parked myself and now it's new. He You know, that's the new thing at AMC. Right. So before the trailers before the real advertising comes, you sit and they do this Nuvi thing which really is just more commercials in the skies, but they do have that new VR arcade I've talked about which is pretty cool. It's a it's a like an AR type video game you know augmented reality so you put your phone at the screen and all of a sudden their spaceships and stuff you shoot him the screen itself is empty but when you're pointing your phone at all the sudden it knows and there's there's frickin you know, spaceships everywhere. And I blowing shit up. It was fun. All good. So that's fun. And maybe they only have like one you know, they sometimes they do like every 10 minutes. You have something to do. But let's be honest. Everyone's got their heads down on their phone surfing Instagram or something. So nobody cares. So I'm sitting here biding my time. And the advertisements start rolling in that listen, anybody who knows me knows I'm not a racist guy. I don't give a shit. I hate everybody. But ad after ad. After ad. I started to feel like maybe I was in the wrong theater. Because every ad was, like, more ethnically diverse than the next one. In some cases. It was so grotesquely diverse that I almost felt like the minority, right? I know. Welcome to the party pal. You're a white guy. That's the minority. But every single one of them. And I'm like, Okay, this I gotta be reading something into this. I got I got to be. Maybe I am racist, maybe? I don't know. But there's something wrong here. Yeah, thank you, Travis. Thank you for calling me a racist. Then all of a sudden, this ad came up. And it was all about minority voting, you know, they were showing all these minority people and all these different occupations talking about how important it was to vote in November. And I'm like, going, all right. I can't even make that that actually happened. That was not that was not me reading into some thing, right. And immediately after that, there was another add that came on, there was a purposefully blended family, a black guy and a white woman with their kids. Now, listen, I don't care. But it's like, Can you guys be a little more and conspicuous about I mean, this in your face nonsense that's going on these days. Just makes me crazy. Because I'm all about diversity. You don't have to shove it down my throat. But anyway, enough of that, but I thought it was really, really weird. And then the then the trailers came on. And you can only imagine that for a film like this, the trailers are going to be complete and utter crap, and they did not disappoint. Every trailer was worse than the last some new Harry Potter movie, some Nutcracker movie, complete with behind the scenes of this girl talking about how great it was to be an empowered woman. I'm going, Oh, my God, I want to hang myself. I mean, Oh, my God. So literally, I almost had to get up and leave, you know, but you know what I was here from Michael black man, by the way. Just wanted to point that out. That's back when he was black. So I was there to see a black man. So get off. So anyway, so I sit through all these terrible trailers I'm sitting in, my wife will love this. My wife. I love that that Bumblebee trailer was on their horrible haul Red Bull could sit through anyway. So finally, you know, the screen comes up, put on your 3d glasses now means 17 people in the theater ran out to go get glasses, because for either some reason, they didn't know that they were supposed to get glasses. And the black guy in the wheelchair didn't give it to him. It was also Special Olympics time in the theater. There were at least four or five very, very special people in the theater. yelling at the screen. screaming out loud, being obnoxious. These weren't asshole teenagers. These were like, special needs people. So it's hard to like, be pissed at him for screaming at the stream. But it's like dude is paid $11 for 30 minutes and 43 seconds we're going to do is shut sit down and shut the hell up. So now I haven't. No, I But listen, I'm finally here. It's finally and finally ready to go. This is like being the first time you see Captain EO in Disneyland. Oh, you have to wait for 45 minutes in line. Did we? Well, okay. So you still had to wait 45 minutes. But anyway, at least it wasn't hot and sweaty. It wasn't like sitting outside Nana, some. So anyway, so I put the glasses on and it begins and you know, the sound is fantastic. And watch and looking at the video. Michael Jackson's eating the popcorn. That's bright ass white teeth. It looks amazing. And I love that scene. That's one of our favorite things to post in my chat. Anytime one of us is having a fight with the other one or there's some sort of nonsense going on in the channel. One of us will post that picture of the the you know the animated that picture of Michael Jackson munching on popcorn. It's fantastic. But anyway, so I'm literally two minutes into the film. And my phone starts buzzing I'm on call. Right? That means if the business calls I'm supposed to answer because there's something wrong it work, right. So I'm torn. Right? I just paid like a bunch of money to sit and watch this thing in the buzzing in the middle of I'm like, Listen, whatever's wrong. Can Wait 10 minutes. 10 minutes. That's it. So I swipe to ignore hoping that they get the idea. minute and a half later. Man Man, man, man, man, man, man, man, man swipe. Two minutes later, I'm still going. Oh my god. So I'm trying to wait how much trouble I might get in by not immediately answering this phone versus what could really be wrong on the other end. So I got so I finished the film. I finished the movie and they listen, they did a magnificent job. You're looking for some sort of a somebody telling you that you need to go see you need to go. See. It's amazing. Don't Don't. Don't. Don't wait. Don't watch the movie that it's attached to just just say no. Just say no. Say no to jack black. But the 3d is fantastic. It's very well done. It's not gimmicky. They didn't do anything stupid with it. It's this atmospheric is very nice. The print looks insane. I've seen things in that print that I've never seen before. I'm able to like read the movie posters at the theater. The beginning. It's frickin believable. The sound is incredible. There's nothing like that. You know, that don't don't do. It's echoing through the theater. And you got to surround sound going on. And Michael Jackson changes. And they start doing that hold bands. And you're just like, totally captivated. They didn't mess with anything. They didn't change anything. There's the very last second and the thing. They they made a little hanging addition to a little tiny thing. Fortunately, it's going to be easy enough to chop off. If they try to include it with the with the actual home version. or however, you're going to get it at home. It'll be very easy to just take that out. So anyway, it was great. So of course, just as I was just as the film was ending, the phone started ringing again. So I ran my ass outside. I started talking to the business analyst. And they're like, well, there's something wrong. Like, Oh, great. Can you be a little more specific? Well, let me go get some more details. So said, Can you not call me if like you don't know what's actually wrong. I mean, I'm 20 minutes from a computer. Okay, so let me I'm going to head home right now. And you can call me back and let me know what's wrong. And I'll be in front of a computer I can remote in and I can take care of whatever the problem is. or five minutes later, he calls bags like, Oh, well, everything's working now. Sorry to bother you. I'm like, dude, the one time you're going to bother me over this weekend is right in the middle of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Me and Michael just trying to sit down and enjoy scaring the shit out. All right. But now I've got to pick up my phone. So yes, it was great. It was a great experience. If, listen, if you have nothing better to do, you don't mind blowing eight or nine bucks. I know I paid I paid a convenience fee. But if you you know, listen, it's a once in a lifetime sort of thing that that's not going to be back at the theater again, you're not gonna be able to get it in 3d at home. They're going to give you some lousy 2d print. So you know, go see it. You'll see it. Take your kids. My son loves Michael Jackson. I'm actually considering wrapping his ass and burning down to a showing of it again sometime this week. Because he was really sad that he had to miss it because he was in Missouri. So there you go. That was the Michael Jackson experience. And it was good well excited for the phone call and the trailers and the minority driven at the beginning, but whatever. Alright, so what's next up? I have to gush a little bit on you know, so for me, you know, Nintendo Switch is a great little platform. I don't care for the joy cons very much. I I find that they hurt my hand. I got big old monster hands. So most of the time I'm playing Nintendo Switch. I'm playing it docked with a pro controller usually plugged into my big, you know, 27 inch GC monitor. So I don't I usually don't feel the the disappointments of those little tiny as joy comes. And for me a lot of what's coming out on the switch list. The switches got ass loads of Independent Games. You either love Independent Games, you're not as big of a fan of Independent Games. So the problem with Independent Games, they tend to fall in about four different categories and most of them, oddly enough, my friend Chris Henschel, he seems to love you know, anything a bit 16 bit procedurally driven Metro mania road, like and he's in, it's like, I played all that already. I'm looking for something else, you know, I've already done those I don't like that I personally find the pretentiousness of you know, old school graphics. It's like, no, it's not old school graphics. You just didn't have the money to hire somebody to do better graphics. So you use the illusion of being, you know, work cool. And hit because we use old a bit 16 bit graphics, like the old days, no, no, your choice wasn't to use those, you use those because you're a little tiny, independent developer. And you couldn't afford to spend all that money on real graphics. So you, you know, you use pixel graphics. So I find that potential, I find the pretentious they independent developers, any developers, for that matter? Use the concept to mask the real thing, man enough of that. So there's a lot of that stuff. There's a lot of, you know, for 99 games on the PC Independent Games on the PC that have now been ported over to the Nintendo Switch. And they're asking 1499, 1999, even 29, $39 for these four and $5 indie games that are cheap on the PC. So me and me and the switch have a sort of a love hate relationship going on. There's a handful of things that I really enjoy on it. And but for the most part, you know what I love I'm not a huge fan. Oddly enough. I'm not a huge fan of Nintendo Switch first party titles are Nintendo first party titles. I do like the occasional ones. You know, I and I've had we and we you and game cubes. I tend to find myself bulking at the same games. Mario Kart again, you know, Mario Kart eight on the switch, whatever. You know, I played it a bunch of it on we you and it's basically the same game. You know, these Kirby games and everything is just the same game. They just poured it over to the switch. And they make you pay $60 for them again. You know, we play these on we you we played them on we I know you can say the same thing about Call of Duty. You played it last year's the same game. But you know, when you really really love the game, and it's the same game. There's a difference between Yeah, that was fun. But I'm ready to move on to something else. Oh, it's the same game again. Hey, so anyway, I'm always on the lookout for something that's scratches a particular itch rectal, I find something to scratch my itch on the switch. Fortunately, something came out and I got a gusher a little bit. You know, I've been playing the Y s eight. You know, that's a big triple A title. You know, you expect some level of decorum there. But when you see a really inexpensive, you know, single man development shop game on the switch. That turns out to be frickin amazing. You want to tell people about it. You want to play it? You want to talk about it. So I ran into this game called debris infinity expired. Spain as Spanish based Spain based company SBC games, and it is at first look a straight knock off of Geometry Wars. Unless that's not a bad thing. Geometry Wars is one of the greatest pure arcade experiences out there. It's easy to compare it to robots run, right? twin stick shooter, very fast action. Everyone's losing their mind. Everything's frantic. But Geometry Wars evolved over time. And for those of you who had the we version, what was it called on Geometry Wars have evolved Geometry Wars galaxy, or I'm sorry, it was Geometry Wars. China just had, I don't remember somebody else. Somebody will put in the channel here in a minute. I can't remember suddenly, with the name of galaxies, galaxies, the Nintendo DS version was really good to they took the basic concept of Geometry Wars and they sort of expanded extended extended a little bit, they turned it into a little more of a role playing game, you know, that was really cool. And then Inferno to on on Android, like, took that and turned on, you know, a twin stick geometry, you know, vector geometry based shooter and turned it into a gauntlet RPG game, which was amazing. So I'm always on the lookout for these twin stick vector based shooting games. And when I saw it, and Mike, listen, Geometry Wars isn't out on switch. In fact, God effects which has no twin stick vector based shooters. You believe in all of this same road, like a bit nonsense procedurally generated over and over and over and over and over again. Games. We don't have one single Geometry Wars clone. How is that even possible? I can kick over trash can right now, digital trash can right now at a copy of something Geometry Wars related would fall out. But yeah, we didn't have one on switch. So I saw one and it's like, Okay, I'm interested. Let's see what the prices it's five bucks for 99. Now. I'm very interested. I need some video. It's brand new release. And it's like, you know what, I haven't spent any money on the switch in a while. Well, outside of buying that bias. Eight never bought any new icons for my collection. Five bucks. that's a that's a, an impulse buy. It's five bucks. You know, even if the game totally sucks. I mean, I've paid more for like, I paid more and gotten less, you know, I'm saying even if it's just a pure Geometry Wars clone, I'd be totally thrilled. So I grabbed it. And I'm, like, immediately sucked in. It's fantastic. In the presentation. The UI right from the beginning. The UI is super polished. it's clean, it's sleek, it says I give a damn. And a lot of indie games that even though wasn't have really good play, you know, good core game mechanics, the UI presentation, the stuff surrounding it, the bumpers around the game, so to speak, the UI, the ending streams, all that stuff it all feels like it was rushed or half assed or barely put together but debris infinity the whole package. I mean, before you even start playing the game, you're pressed. That doesn't happen very often. So now I'm excited. I'm excited to get it. There's three modes of play. There's two player mode I'm I'm super excited. So I started playing I instantly something. What a game. It's Geometry Wars, right? So you got this endless and it's a twin state vector based shooter. Even some of the graphics look the same. You would be you would not you'd be totally forgiven. If you were to say, well, that just looks like geometry. Boris, I've already played that I'm not going to pick that up. But then you got to realize one you have no other contenders on Nintendo Switch. If you want a geology Wars game, if you want a great twin stick shooter game this is it you might as well throw it out of the five bucks well then I started playing the game and it's got its got online leaderboard, right. And so that's great. Because my friends and I are crazy. We love to go after each other scores. Lots of the people who listen to this show. Lots of the people who follow me on social media. We're all high score Chase. And so to have another game that we could chase each other's tails is fantastic. So I started playing the game and I think I'm doing pretty good, right. But then when you get to the leaderboards, people are kicking my hands. I mean, like my aligned like, I gotta be missing something. I better go back and look, the tutorial kicks. I breeze through it. It's geometry, wars, move, shoot, survive profit. That's all you need to do. Don't die. That's it. Well, that's where the superficial nature of the looking of Geometry Wars and debris infinity, that's where it ends. It looks like Geometry Wars, and it's a twin stick shooter. Otherwise, it's a different game. So in this game, oh, sorry. Here's her like, all plugged up to. So this game is that it's got it's loaded with modifier. combos, multipliers, chains, reflex shots, tons and tons and tons of things will make you think while you're blasting. So in standard versions of Geometry Wars, in such twin stick shooters staying alive as long as possible. Don't get hit, keep the multiplier high. That's it. That's what you got. That's how you score big in this game. Surviving is not enough. You've got to go after similar enemies and groups. You have to shoot you have to shoot same colored enemies, you have to quickly shoot enemies before they get too far onto the screen. Right. The reflection all of these things if you want if you want extra shields, want extra smart bombs, you want more energy, all that stuff you've got to work for. It's not just fire and forget. So it's kind of what I've been referring to is the thinking man's Geometry Wars. I mean, it's hard to think when you're being blasted like left and right. But that's sort of how I feel about it. You can't just play and when you have to. You have to have some strategy you have to play and it's so fast. It's so Fran looks it's gorgeous, silky smooth 60 frames per second. No hiccups no nonsense. It looks great. Doc that plays great portable, it's got two player mode right where you can literally play with any combination of controllers. So if you're really in a pinch, you could pull out each pull out of joy con and play with that it's not comfortable but it works now there's a couple there's a couple of things wrong with it right it doesn't have a friends leaderboard, which is weird. I don't know why you would implement a leaderboard but not be able to filter on your friends. The You know, one of the greatest things about the Nintendo Switch is it's got that high definition rumble which actually isn't gimmick you can say that, you know, rumbling generals and gimmick but the way that Nintendo implement is absolutely nuts. Unfortunately, this game doesn't use any single aspect of high definition rumble. So it's literally an on and off and you get hit, it buzzes in your hand full strength, you can change the intensity. But it's not. It doesn't feel it feels tacked on. Right. It's almost worth turning it off. So anyway, so once I really started getting into the game, and I started plugging it on social media, the developer reached out to me in a direct message. And we've been chatting and I've been giving them ideas for the game. He's very receptive. And it's been it's been a really neat experience. So I ended up writing an article on medium about it. I haven't done a game review in a while, not an expensive one. Anyway, so it's nice to to exercise. So exercise that muscle little bit and I'm hoping to, you know, get the guise of business. I know a lot of people who follow me 40 picked it up and I'm hoping that that this show will get even more people to pick it up and try it out. Unless it's five bucks. It's a Yeah, you know, it's a it's a, you know, double shot. Low fat mocha latte. I mean, maybe even less than that, you know, skip your coffee and pick up a copy of debris infinity and you won't regret it. Listen, if you're even remotely interested in twin stick shooters. It's it's top of the breed not just on Nintendo Switch but here you and that says a lot because there's a boatload of twin stick shooters out there and this one's really really good so definitely check that out I want to I want this guy to do well I want this guy to make some cash make some money and keep developing for the switch these are the kind of developers we need we need developers to give a damn they're wanting to do something something fun and slick with the with the system not just poured some old PC in the game and come up with something new and fresh I know Geometry Wars is a new and fresh I got it get off my back alright gang will listen I'm almost home you've had what a 39 minutes tell us not bad. I made better time getting home than I thought I was about ready to pass out from lack of food because I don't eat enough trying to keep my weight down. You know trying to keep losing weight I gotta go to the gym. I just I'm watching the enemy within I just finished the enemy within episode of Star Trek The Original Series it's pretty good you know Kirk splits into the asshole well always asshole but the evil Kirk in the policy Kirk is fantastic fantastic I love it I'm moving on to muds women next so I can't wait big fan of Henry mud all right I'm gonna get you guys out of here this is Shane are Monroe patches rated will see you next time. Take care.

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