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Hello everybody. This is Shane Armin row, you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is September 27, 2018 year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. All right, everybody. Well, so this is, this is always fun. So I got pulled over yesterday on my way home from work. And, you know, Travis will be here pretty soon. Travis wants to be Phoenix PD. So he might enjoy the story. So right before you hit 19th Avenue. So if you are on if you guys want to pull up a map, if you're on Adams and 19th Avenue, and this is a one way street, there is 19th is essentially what you turn on to get to grant which is, you know, the major thoroughfare heading Northwest from downtown. There is a lane and I swear to God, they do it on purpose. There's a lane that that that buses typically use, because there's a couple of stops right there. And it one point it starts off as like a turn only lane and then but there's no it doesn't tell you that you can't go straight, right? If you look at the painting on the pavement, it says right turn only but there's no signs or anything that says you know, right, lane must turn right. It's not there. But there's something on the ground. And you always while you're driving. You're going Why isn't Why isn't everybody doing this? Why isn't Why is everybody waiting to get over until after this term. And so I'd say you know, most of the time when I'm going to take ran. It depends on you know what Google tells me the best traffic is I will get into that lane because the traffic's backed up on 19. So either you have to sit in line and wait with everybody. While this entire right lane is completely clear. Or, you know, you kind of take a chance you jump in that lane. And you know, you drive through this turn, which, you know, like I said, it's very poorly. There's Travis. It's very poorly. I mean, I could probably find it got a ticket, I could have fought it. I guarantee it. I could have gone to court and fight it. But it's not very well marked. And it's really it's a cop trap. Because there was a cop sitting right there waiting for people not to make that turn you what I'm saying, hey, Brian holds here too. And I hate that it Listen, there's a difference between a modification to an existing traffic scenario, right. When when they I've seen police officers sitting in changed condition areas, right. It used to be 3530 year, but now they've decided to designate a 25. So they'll put signs up, they'll put cones or whatever, to kind of help, you know, help everybody see that there's a change, you know, put big signs that say, you know, traffic, change your head traffic, change your head, and a cop will be sitting there and he will pull people over one right after the other for going 30 in that new 25 zone. Right. Yeah, I know Shut up. I know how to break and they'll pull you over and say, Hey, list, you know, the guy will come out and be like, Hey, you know, just pulling you over. It's it's 25. Now. It's not 35 anymore. You know, no ticket just, you know, Take heed and know. And you'll see that guy, he'll he'll pull right back around. And he'll still go right back into that line. And he'll wait for the next guy that I get. This is a track plain and simple because it's not well marked in the police officers. No, it's not Walmart, I guarantee you know, and I don't know a Phoenix has a quota. Travis might be able to tell you. But you know, traffic quota where cops that are working traffic have to meet a certain number of tickets that are issued. Actually, I did flash my Maricopa badge ID and that's probably how I got out from not getting a ticket. But I also you know, I didn't mouth off to him. I wasn't a dig. I'm like, you know, that's not very. So I told him. I said, You know, I, I've always wondered if that's okay, to go through there. Because it's not well, it's not well marked, you know. And so, um, yeah, you know, I mean, you were sitting right there, I saw you If I would have been concerned that, you know, if I thought they did it was wrong. I wouldn't have probably done that in front of you. You know, and I think the logic has worked it out. He's like, Hey, you know, let me Yeah, let me just run in here. And I'll have you on your way in just a minute and comes back down. Oh, no, right before he does that. So he gets up, he's like, I pulled you over because you drove straight through that turn only and I'm like, oh, oh, I didn't I didn't realize it was it was turn only I mean, it's not very well mark. And in so I mean, I had all my stuff for him. I'm sure the cop appreciated that I'd have to dig for anything. I had all my had my license and my registration and, and my proof of insurance was all in order had a ready for him. And he came to the window and he said, You work downtown. I'm like, Yeah, I work downtown Justice Center. And I have my badge right there. And I just kind of flipped it towards him. And I said, Yeah, I worked for Maricopa County. And so he's like, Okay, give me a minute. I'll have you on your way. So he so he went back to the car that seemed to take forever, I'm thinking shit, if he was just going to let me offer the warning. He probably wouldn't be in there for fucking 10 minutes. So I don't know what he was up to in there. But I mean, obviously, when they pull you over, they have to put something in the system. I think they're supposed to put something in the system, even if it's a warning. You know, in the old days, I remember specifically when a cop and pull you over and he wasn't going to give you a ticket. He would tell you flat out he'd be like, Listen, you know, I'm not going to sell me I can give you a citation. I just want you to be aware of this. This this and you're on your way. It's like three minutes tops. Well, this guy sat in the car and the whole bed I even got it will print out paper. Or let me see what my officers name is. So Travis can tell him that he started on show let's see. Hang on. I'm sure he's in here somewhere. Officer and POC at and Spock A n SP EA ch. Let's see failure to obey a traffic control device. That is the app I think I could have bought this. They know traffic control device, they're the best or is it some shitty painting on the on the payment which I don't think we're qualified traffic control device. But I don't know. Anyway. Listen, I don't I don't give officers a hard time. I don't fuck with them. You know, I'm not going to admit guilt. That stupid. But I'm going to say look, you know, it's well marked. And, you know, I didn't say I do it every frickin day. But, uh, so anyway, so I got off of the warning. And he sent me on my way. And he was a nice guy, he was fine. You know, it's no big deal. But my wife, my wife, I'd go home and I told my wife, you know, not because I got a ticket or anything because, you know, my wife is one of those people that if I didn't tell her she think I was hiding it from her. So I'm not hiding any there and get a ticket. But she's she's almost paralyzed with fear about the concept of being pulled over for her. It's like humiliating and embarrassing. And it's like, you know, listen, this guy's not gunning for your ass. It's just a conversation. You know, he pulls you over. It's like, yeah, I'm listen. Okay, so probably I did something wrong. Otherwise, you wouldn't have pulled me over. Right? You know, so. Yeah, I Paul, I'm sorry. I apologize. Here's my stuff. I will do better in the future. And you and you know, you nice to the guy. You don't fuck with me. He's not gonna fuck with you. Usually. So, but. But she's terrified. She's just like, oh my god, I would have died, I would have died. It's like, Why? I mean, I blew through that thing with that guy right there. You know. So anyway, so anyway, so I haven't been pulled over God, I don't even remember the last time I've been pulled over. That's how long it's been. So I guess I was do especially in Phoenix. But anyway, so that was my excitement for for yesterday. Also, yesterday, I decided to go and take my son to see thriller in 3d. Because you guys know, the first time didn't go so well. So the second time I was hoping I wouldn't be interrupted. And my son was really excited to see he's a huge Michael Jackson fan. So we had to go and this time we covered it with my end, you know, amc movie stubs, a plus member thing, right? My wife, we got two of them. So essentially, we pay 40 bucks a month for these two, these two passes, which give them three movies a week, a piece, right. And, and they use it. I mean, they don't use them three movies a week, but they'll go see a movie three or four times a month. And that definitely pays for the for the passes, right? And in this case, we got to go and see it. This is an IMAX, right? IMAX 3d. So we got to go and see that critical See, basically, as part of our package have to pay out of pocket or anything. So that was kind of nice. And he loved it. It was fun. And so I got to go see it again. Which was cool. Nobody interrupted me. No phone nonsense. Nobody calling my so I told my son. I said, Don't talk through this. I don't want to hear you talking through this damn thing. Cuz Yeah, he likes to talk during movies. He and my wife go to movies together. And they sit there and they talk. And I'm like, I would kick your ass. I was sitting next to you. And you were blabbing through the whole movie. I'd be pissed. Fortunately, they go to movies. I don't watch so it's perfect. I guess the people that go there expect there to be kids there are chatty as people. There were no special needs people there this time. But I do remember it did remind me of one of the incidents that happened when the special person is there. There's a commercial for I think it's Geico and there's this these Thespians up on the stage. And this is supposed to be like, you know, 1800s. And so there there's there in this play. And these people are up on the system on the set doing the play. And there's a phone ringing in the audience. Right. And it sounds like, you know, it's like an old old ass you know, ringing bell and it's like, Hello? Oh, no, I'm sorry. This is Alexander Graham. Bell. I know. I'm number one. You must have been wanting. Number two. You know, the old joke about there's only like five phones. And you know, you get the wrong number. It was a cute bit. But the the special needs kid that was there the first time I saw this. Oh, no. Good. What did you mean? Number one is number two. I don't know. What does that mean? I'm like, dude, just settle down. Calm down. Just take your Ritalin. Whatever it's gonna take. I can't have you doing this in the middle of thriller. Do. I just can't have you doing this in the middle of a movie? What do you guys he's not added guys. Yeah, yeah. Sorry. So. Yeah, it was fun. Yeah. So what else is going on? Now? Do I have anything on my keep list? Think so I don't have much to talk about, which was why I wasn't going to do a show. But you know, the public demands and I got something to share with you. I actually managed to sit down and get a recording. So you guys know that I'm not a fan of CGI. And I and I truly dislike CG quote, animation. In my opinion, animation is something that's drawn by hand, right? I don't lump CG animation into the same category. To me, animation means traditional hand drawn 2d animation. What do you call it? CGI cartoon. I call it a CGI movie. Right? That's what it is. It's not it's not a cartoon. It's not a cartoon based on the content. Whether it's, you know, Final Fantasy or some, you know, Disney flick. That's all in it's all CG. It's still a CG movie. It doesn't matter that it's geared towards kids are not geared towards kids. So, um, I often feel that I'm alone in my in my dislike of these, this digital animation, if you will. But oddly enough, I was listening to an old howard stern episode, right? So you guys know I listened to the car to old episodes. And here's here is Howard completely agreeing with me. And and he does the soupy sales bit I don't like he has that thing and it's all in one. And I thought you know what, I'm gonna have to have to pull that out and play it for my audience because it was that great. First he agrees with me. And second, he does the whole soupy sales thing so without further ado, I don't know how this is going to come out someone will have to let me know I've never done anything quite this long but here we go to do together because of technical issue some kind of a project which which has been touted as the next next phase is groundbreaking career and wouldn't lose timely short form digital content across hbus many platforms but but yeah, I guess something bad happened in terms of being able to deliver on time or cartoon or something well digital digitally animated oh I hate I hate digital animation so cheap so cheap looking I hate I hate it I was gonna I was gonna go cartoon you know you guys took you through all that you like regular selling them off the Korean they draw expensive Look. Look. Look look real. Yeah, I don't like it digitally. I never I never bought into it knows what happened. I'm telling you. those projects takes all right. I don't know how that worked out. It's echoing no no no no. Okay, Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. I can fix that hang on you were able to get the gist of it hang on a second I know why that is because I usually have my speaker and I usually have ruined I will this is good this is a work in progress my audio outputs usually set to the car so it's usually silence Okay all right we're gonna try it again for the sake of for the sake of posterity here we go to do together because I'm sorry we got ring go in there too digital animated project which was being touted as the next phase of Jon Stewart's groundbreaking career and would include timely short form digital content across hbus many platforms but I guess something bad has and in terms of being able to deliver this on time like a cartoon or something well digitally animated oh I hate digital animation so cheap looking I hate it I was going to do a cartoon good oh yeah I took you through all that yeah I bailed because I wanted to do like the regular cartoon say I don't like where you can send them off the Korean they draw for like my drawing drawing dry it was like no it's too expensive I go fuck you I'm not doing that that digitally million I don't like it It didn't look like a cartoon and I know what you say she will cartoons on real anyway how it but they gotta do you see it doesn't look real guys look real. Yeah, I don't like it digitally. I never bought into it now who knows what happened? I'm telling you those projects takes up so that was good that's good. There that played out. Okay, could you hear it all right. I mean I gotta get more drops for this year. I need I need to have my own drop my own I know I've got it I got bring go and I got I got warning. Peace and love. I have too much to do. I got that. I got my Shame. Shame. But yeah, yeah. I thought that was great. I love what he does. The I love when he does that. soupy sales thing just cracks me up. But anyway. Yeah, so I'm Howard i right on board. I don't like digital animation. It doesn't it doesn't it feels very soon. It feels synthetic. It feels very synthetic to me and I guess that's sort of CG in general you know everything looks so synthetic I was watching I was watching fire starter so so what I've been doing at night so once everyone's in bed and and i'm not wanting to play Call of Duty or whatever I've been returning back to watching movies in the living room at least parts of movies I can watch them in chunks like last night I watched I watched American Horror Story right third episode of American Horror Story and it's really good I'm digging the season so it's it's still good Emma Roberts is finally it and I'm sorry. I think she is so attract. I think she's like easily like the most attractive girl in that entire series. Except for maybe that redheaded made in the first one. But she finally made an appearance in last night's episode, but I'm not going to ruin it. Because it's too soon. too soon to be doing spoilers for that showed. If you're if you're on a delay of a day, then I don't want to ruin anything for you. But lo and behold, Mr. Roberts does appear and she's she looks incredible. I'm very good looking girl. But anyway. Um, so the last couple of nights I've been I've been filling in with two different movies. One is when I started a while back which is Firestarter. You know the Drew Barrymore Firestarter and then also wargames. And so with these movies I've seen like 150 times I've seen I've seen Firestarter a billion times I've seen board games a billion times and I love them both but fire starter I'd started a while back and so what I'm doing is I'm watching them with commentary and I know that commentary but I love it I love commentary there's there's good and bad commentary and my my favorite types of movie commentary are either trivia track style where they'll get somebody who knows the movie inside and out knows every little detail of the film has, I mean, basically could write you know, 15 Wikipedia articles these guys know so much about and they'll sit there and they've got a good presence and they're not annoying and and they will they'll sit and they'll tell you like every aspect of the film well this scene you know Kerry Ellis it had a broken leg that's why he's sitting down the whole time and you see when he's getting up the limping This is a Princess Bride by the way. All right. He's limping, his leg is actually broken, you know. So it just played into the scene. I love that kind of trivia track stuff. The other type that I really enjoy our our fill ins from the director or what are the primary cast members where they can sit and relate to what was happening on the on the set what sort of challenges maybe that they encounter during the shooting, filling in the blanks like the director knows shit that the stars don't know and I love that piece of information so like I remember I was talking about the commentary track and creep show to same sort of idea. I love that stuff where they filmed it. You know, the raft was in this 32 degree water the kid got hypothermia, that's not shooting I love that stuff. I love with a movie that I really really care about. I want to know everything that I can so Firestarter first of all Firestarter holds up remarkably well you know why what one because there's no CG if everything and everything was shot on camera almost everything it's unbelievable the set they burned up for that last scene with Charlie going nuts and and shooting fireballs and all this other stuff that's all real no CG no in camera optical effects they shot that on the set when the guys the FBI guys are running away from her and she shoots these like these growing flames from the ground and they they like chase after the guys and sometimes they catch the guys and the guys catch on fire all real they ran gas lines under the ground and these are those are real fucking gas lines torching these guys it looks great because it's real you know and there's the spots where they were talking about you know that one where she she when she hits little guy with the fireball so hard he flies up into the tree and the tree catches on fire all real not the guy It was a dummy that flew up there but all of that was real. No no nonsense CG no bullshit or some of the other things today we're talking about the horses right because when they set fire to the barn where Rain Bird you know kills her father and the bar gets set on fire and Drew Barrymore freaks out she starts burning off all the locks and the doors fly open they said they spent months conditioning those horses to flee these you know their stables leave the stables and they said you know take after take you know they couldn't get the goddamn horses to leave the stable even if they've been conditioned when the fire actually started they just coward you know it took them forever to get that shot and it's crazy that shot is like 15 seconds of the movie you know unbelievable but they one of the director was the guy that was doing the commentary I mean somebody I think was just him not somebody else in this case he kept saying you know this is all real I mean we there's no CG there's that this doesn't exist and then he said something that really really made me say it's absolutely true he said he said so you know for those the flames commanded the ground we we ran real gas pipe It took months to set this up and he said when they remake this movie this will all be CG and I'm like fuck sucks because it looks so good. It looks so good it doesn't look dated or anything it looks great you know you look at any of these you know early CG movies it looks disgusting looks terrible takes you right out of it. Yeah okay there's some bad optical effects in there when the guys are shooting Drew Barrymore and she's got like this fire shield that's banking the bullets off it looks looks a little cheesy but you know it was in camera optical stuff you know so but you buy that but but these but all the fire effects are real and it holds up so well so I finished that went off and then I moved on to war games now I was pretty sure that I'd heard the war games commentary because some for some reason I didn't have war games on blu ray i don't i don't like not having my favorite movies on blu ray so I ordered it a couple weeks back and I ripped myself a copy with commentary but I was pretty sure that I'd listen to the commentary commentary appears on the like 15th anniversary blu ray which are I'm sorry 15th anniversary DVD which I do have Hey Jeffrey Dahmer What's up man? I'm so I was positive. I heard this commentary. But after listening back, I don't think that I did. So I listened to into two parts over two nights and watched slash listened. And it's got the director one of the lead writers and somebody else somebody not a not a trivia expert, but somebody who's actually attached to the film. And they're talking about the film. And, you know, this is a period piece, right? It's, it's, it's war games. And it's, you know, so it's computer technology in 1983, you know, there's still video arcades, there's no internet, you know, there's all of these things that are real period pieces. And there's amazing shit in this in this commentary, you know, some of the things that I found really interesting where they were, well, first of all, they talked to, they gave you some insight to filmmaking, which I always like, you know, the expository, you know, nature of this, and how we essentially had to, we had to get you from A to B. So, what, how are a to see, how are we going to get you to be, you know, how are we going to make it believable that, you know, Matthew Broderick could hack into the school computer, right, well, we need we need them to find the password. How are we going to get in there, we're going to get him in trouble. How are we going to get into trouble? Well, we're going to have him, you know, smart off to the teacher, this class. And so they kind of talk through the writing process and the filming process, which was great. And they were talking about pieces of the film that that they never thought would fly or they never thought would would, would be accepted by the audience. They throw them in there, figuring Yeah, well, you know, they're not going to buy this, but we're going to do it anyway. Because we need to get from A to B or whatever. And he's like, they just accepted it, they accepted what we gave them, you know, it's powerful filmmaking tool, blah, blah, blah, was awesome. But they talk about, you know, some of these different shots. Now normally I don't like the cinematographer the director photography type nonsense i don't i don't care that we used a wide shot with a with a six lens I don't care about any of that shit I do like where they talk about how this scene looks like it was shot in somebody's house but they really shot it in a sound studio and you know the director of photography was able to pull off this lighting effect which made it completely believable that they were literally inside this house they talked about how the characters sort of grew and how they were you know how they played the character against each other and that sort of thing but they talked a lot about the technology and you know back in those days this is what 1983 right so Converse 64 I had a Commodore 64 that was the that was the year that a lot of people that conversation was a big computers were fairly common place and what are the things that that they'd said that they didn't they weren't sure how they were going to explain away they didn't matter they didn't need to was how did a kid How did a kid get that much computer equipment right because you go into Matthew broad mix room and he's got a shitload of computer equipment and and he said well it's simple you know in those in those days people were upgrading all the time and they were giving away their old equipment and you take a kid that doesn't have anything he doesn't care if it's old stuff it's better than what he's guide which is nothing and so this hand me downs type scenario so that's how you know we sort of explained away that Matthew Broderick got all this hardware I'm not going that she was kicking my computer's ass I mean you know i mean the acoustic modem I had a shitty Vic modem right I actually had to unplug the handset and Plug the wire to the handset directly into the modem after dialing his should look pretty good. I mean he had war dialers and, and speech synthesis and all this others. I didn't have any of that. I mean, we didn't have that. So to me, it felt like this kid had cutting edge shit, but they were trying to pass it off as you know, his stuff was, you know, hand me down dilapidated stuff, but some of the other I mean, they really they really spared no expense. I mean, the movie was shot for $12 million, which was practically nothing. He said, you know, at the time that they recorded the commentary, which was for the 15th anniversary in 1998, they were talking about, you know, the average movie even a even a shit movie, it's 32, $36 million. But, you know, they shot this for 12 million. They talked about how they staged the NORAD stuff and, and, and all the challenges but the but the neat things that were behind that and they they talked about, you know, the, the realism, I mean, they really had people, they had people between themselves, they went to NORAD, they actually got a tour of NORAD there, there are no no tours of NORAD, by the way, you know, that was, that was all done. I found this interesting. So, you know, in NORAD they have these tours of, and that's how Matthew Broderick got out, right. So he snuck out with the tour group was no tours and Nora, that's bullshit. But they needed some way to get Matthew Broderick out of there. So they put on this this tour. Well, they actually did manage to get a tour of NORAD as a VIP, blah, blah, blah. And there were there were numerous bits inside of the movie that were actually real, they were real phenomenon. So what are the things where the back doors, right, the two guys that are joking around about the back doors, they got that from, like, a CIA guy who was talking about back doors they were talking about, what is it possible that you could actually find a computer in the middle of nowhere, that gives, you know, authentic, you know, no idea how to log in or anything, it just comes up blank, you know, the pro division that he's supposedly called. And he said, yeah, that could exist. And the idea of having the passwords written down there was also the computer their computer guy, but also said that there's pretty much no way that a school computer would be open to the outside data, you know, that would be for internal use only. There never be a way that you can hack, you know, you can even dial into the school computer, but it was it was really, really interesting. The bit with a phone the phone booth in the middle of nowhere, always made me crazy. Was that real or not? Could you unscrew the handset, have a public payphone find a little piece of metal and shorted against the body of the phone and make a free phone call? You know, back then we didn't have any way of researching that to find out if it was true is it moviemaking madness or is a real and so after the movie came out me and probably every other kid on the planet that saw this went to find a phone booth and it turns out that most phone companies were already wise to this. It was a real it was a real thing. There was a hacker hacker consultant, they actually gave them that idea. Nowadays they wouldn't tell you anything, they wouldn't do anything that was real on film anymore because the liability and all that other stuff I'm sure the phone County was pissed a shit that they revealed that trick, you know, in a major motion picture, but instead of actually fixing the problem, they instead went and they they like applied some sort of heat shrink or something to all the handsets like every major metropolitan area, they all said Pete they sent their technique and every payphone had the handset the mouthpiece of the handset sealed so that could not be taken up so actually fixing the problem with the phone it was cheaper for them to just heat seal those handsets well that's the kind of great stuff it's in the it's in this commentary and of course they had you know the guys themselves had several little you know they had a couple of inaccuracies in the commentary you know they were talking about the acoustic modem that Matthew Broderick used to you know when when when Joshua called them or whatever he would make a call he was put the handset inside this acoustic cooler coupler. Now as far as I know my research back in those days acoustic coupler is we're not capable of doing anything higher than 75, right. And they were saying that they that he was running into 300, so, but yeah, little things like that. Of course, that sort of stuff just jumps out at you. There were a couple of other things too. The most interesting thing I took out of it, I will not the most but one of the more interesting things was DEF CON, right so there was these DEF CON one through five and DEF CON five is supposed to be peaceful, right and then as the game was progressing and all the nonsense we're going on, they kept lowering the DEF CON and once they reach DEFCON one that they can launch the missiles at DEFCON one, right. That was sort of the deal. It was a countdown and there's tons of these tension items in the movie The Whopper counting down all sorts of different things that would be party to bringing on tension but I thought that was interesting to and then the numbers the random numbers being sent to the silos that was another countdown mechanism. But anyway so one of the interesting thing was is I think the guy was one of the technical advisors because he said because once they got to the first reference of DEF CON he said and this is you know, this is my biggest flub in this film my my worst my worst mistake ever and you guys never caught on to her you never knew any better and I'm really sorry it's almost like he was revealing this for the first time he said DEF CON doesn't count down it counts up and he said this whole movie is wrong with def DEF CON it starts off at one and five is actually the worst thing and I thought isn't that crazy you know everybody who's an expert in something watch some movie that has that sort of information in it and says oh that's so wrong that's just wrong you know doctors watching house or you know doc new computer nerds watching you know it kind of it we all go out of that says bulls that's bullshit you know your wife or your friends of training since that really can you really do any like no you can't really do that but yeah think about it at the time we the folks going to call them out on that right what what what general Berenger happened to watch war games he's like hey honey you see that DEFCON five shit that iraq that's just that's just cracks me up but yeah you know they talked about Dabney Coleman. It's great stuff. Listen, if you like commentaries at all, and you haven't heard the one for war games. I highly, highly recommend so yeah, you see here I'm sorry to close into home. So I got to start wrapping stuff. But also I've been up to still been playing that debris. Infinity on switch. still playing Call of Duty World War Two. Oh, I did place my order today. Hey, 720. What's up, man? Welcome to the show. I just first appearance first lead first time live. I don't recognize your hand or your picture. your avatar. Welcome. Anyway, welcome to the show. Welcome. First time listener. First time visitor, longtime listener, first time lurker right? I did place my order today. For Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I've been sort of on the fence with that I knew that I'd like and I liked the last one. I was kind of waiting for a deal. That was like a 15% off remain gaming. So I went ahead and pulled it that comes out October 5. See I figured this way. Once. October 12 hits and Call of Duty Black Ops for us out. My gaming is pretty much screwed. You know, all all we're going to be doing is playing back out for multiplayer. So I thought I can get a good start a good good week ahead of time. On Assassin's Creed. I might get a good way into the game before Black Ops for comes and takes over. Anything else from the Nintendo Direct besides the online stuff, city skylines. I think I talked about that. I think. Oh, it's girl. Monkey. fat. Hey, man. Welcome, man. What's going on, brother? Long time. No. See. Nice to see an old an old ferment. familiar, friendly face from the old days and see Scott I think I mentioned about city skies. How much I like that game. I haven't tried it on the switch yet. I did pick up because it was a budget title. And I'm a horror for snake Hannah games. I picked up that Snake Snake game off of a switch. Yeah, it's worse than it looks. I'm sorry that I picked it up. It plays like a postage stamp window. I don't know if it was a conversion from mobile or something. But I know it's like it was like $1, 99 or something. I gotta I gotta be out of that. Unfortunately. I paid for it. So let's see. PlayStation classics. Oh spacecraft. Um. No. I haven't talked about the PlayStation classes because the saddle care listen I the PlayStation one was my first main console after I kind of defected from the from the sort of the PC era and I kind of got back into console remember I borrowed that Nintendo 64 and I said hey I love I love Mario Kart but I don't think I want to get in on get back with Nintendo so what can I find that similar to that and that was Crash Team Racing on on PlayStation one classic so I do have a few things I'll talk about I don't have time to go home but I'll talking about it more next show this is Shane arm and row pastor see radio. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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