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Topics: Plex / Team Viewer / Asurion Glass Repair on S8 // Hey there. Hi there. Whoa, whoa, whoa, there. This is Shane. arm and row. You're in the passenger seat with me. passenger seat radio. It is October 4, 2018 year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Yeah, I started the show a little later. I was waiting for my wife to call back. She was she was late at school today. So I knew that as soon as she got out, she was going to be calling. And so I thought, well, I'll wait a couple of minutes, and we'll see if she ends up calling. And that way. I do not get my show interrupted. So here we are. We're here it is Thursday. So Friday, right around the corner is the weekend. Some of you lucky bastards have Monday off. And to all of you. I say go fuck yourself. on a good note, though. So I think I mentioned this last year, Maricopa County who I work for. We trade Columbus Day for the day after Thanksgiving. So most people take the day after Thanksgiving off anyway. So they figured, well, what the hell will just stop will take your October day off. And we'll give it to you right after Thanksgiving. So have a nice four day weekend there. And, and earlier in the month. I go see I go see Chad, friend of the show. Longtime listener. Yeah, I mean, I talked about him before he's bringing me up, I'm flying out myself to Denver, but he's putting the app in and taking me to a performance of Zanna do with his family. So I'm kind of excited for that. It'll be fun. And Chad and I have been putting together a public server for him. He You know, he sort of concern from the ground up. So I've done a lot of them. I've done I've done a lot of Plex work in in the past, I've helped people get set up, or I'll remote in and tweak this or tweak that. But we really started from the ground floor, which is sort of different in terms of we, we bought a computer mean, outfitted with everything we install the software fresh, we really did a you know a box to what's the is there an expression for that box to box to ready or whatever. There's some sort of expression for that where you start from nothing. And you end up at the very end. And so we've done everything. I mean, all from you know, installing a blu ray players, we could rip his blu rays. And I was thinking to myself, you know, this would be really cool if somehow I could I could start a business like this. I was telling my friends on my, my hangout chat, you know, Javier and everybody that that'd be a great business. You know, cuz he has hobby ears, like, really into smart home technology. I mean, listen, if I can get my voice to turn on the TV and play Modern Family shuffle. That's all I care about. But, you know, he's all into it. He's controlling lights and thermostats. And, and, you know, he's doing door video cameras, doorbell video cameras the whole bit. And, you know, I'm thinking to myself, man, there's gotta be some cash in that, you know, doing a, you know, smart home incorporated are smart, you know, Smart Home of the future LLC or something, you know, I could do all of the media work and he could do all the Smart Hub work, and it'd be awesome. We'd have this great little company where we're bringing people into the future. But you know, like all great dreams, it's just a dream. But yeah, you know, it's, it's kind of cool, you know, walking him through all that stuff. And, you know, I got to show them a few extra things along the way. So, we use team viewer, I don't know if everybody out there is a TV we're fan or not, but we love it. Everybody I know, you know, my little circle, we all use it. We all love it. It's free. But you know, essentially it's it's remote control software, right? And so team viewer comes in a bunch of different varieties and it's pretty much run up on any device. So if I want to remote control my PC right now from my phone at home, or my phone, my PC at home from my phone here in the car, I can do it. If I'm on a Chromebook in the living room. I can remote you know my my white box PC that's plugged into my TV and I can do that all and here's the best part is is if you work in an environment with a very lockdown proxy server or you know you're on airport, airport, Wi Fi or you're on any sort of if you're on any sort of really restricted internet or you're on some hotel Wi Fi and you know, that doesn't let anything through. It's all locked down this team viewer gets through everything it gets. I mean it you know, in the old days we used to use something called LogMeIn and LogMeIn was great they had a free model they went to a pay model of which nobody could afford and so everyone kind of stopped using it and then team viewer showed up and I know VLC VLC or VLC sorry, VLC, the video players like we didn't choose the ball man V, and see, yeah, the DNC hasn't talk through anything. You know, VLC is great, lightweight, but if you're behind any sort of a firewall, or proxy or anything, forget it, VLC doesn't work for this shit. But this team viewers, the literally the bottom, you can set it up for an attendant remote access, you can do you can do all sorts of great stuff with it. And again, it's free, you know, if they catch you moving around to too many IPS, or if you're doing it from work, or you're leaving your I don't know what their algorithm is, but they've got an algorithm to determine whether or not you're using it for commercial purposes, and then they throw up, start throwing up nags, you know, hey, Jeffrey, Allison, what's up first guy in six and six minutes in, but they have some sort of an algorithm that sniffs on you know, if you're jumping, jumping between ISP or whatever, they're, like orient, we suspect you're using this for commercial use, you know, play fair, buy a license, blah, blah, blah. And then if you don't do you know, if you don't do any weird suspicious behavior for a while, they drop that off, and they stop nagging you, but it's really great software if you're not using it a highly recommended it's great stuff. So over over team viewer, I've been taking chat and I've been teaching them how to use DVD fam, I've been teaching them how to use directory Opus, it's so great. You know, he'll be I'll give them a little bit of stuff, right. So this has been kind of a cool process, I'll teach him something, you know how to, you know how to use sonar, to, you know, download shows, or whatever from using it. And then I'll remote in arbitrarily and I'll watching him doing some sort of a process like renaming staff stacks of videos that he ripped with DVD fab. And I'm like, dude, you are doing this the hard way here. Let me show you. I will like Windows Explorer. So I hooked him up with directory opens. And I started showing him around the mass three names and all this other stuff. It's just, it's fun. Being able to impart that knowledge, you know, so it's been a good time. And he's almost done. I mean, we even had a stumble in the middle of the whole thing where the PC that he bought from Amazon had some sort of a bump power supply. So it would just randomly just flicker on the let's see on TV, or, you know, how to wake on LAN from outside the home network. You know, I've never had the opportunity to set that up, in my opinion, a PC that's off, I don't have any I don't like PCs that are on all the time. I mean, frankly, you know, if I'm in a remote control a PC from somewhere else, it's performing some service where it needs to be on all the time. So I know it's possible, but I think you have to do some sort of a combination between I think you have to use a service of some sort to make that happen, you know, because from what I know of wake on LAN, it's a shame that that Tim Chris's credentials, brother, Tim is an inherent, he probably knows all about it. But I think you have to have sure team your words as a as a client server type thing. So if the machine's not on, and it's turned off, how do you wake it up, you know, team viewer will get to it from through anything, but it's got to be on before you get there. You know, so, I don't know. I mean, I know wake on LAN is sort of like a hardware BIOS land, you know, Ethernet adapter, Nick type adapters scenario. So I think that, that that's something that has to be kind of set up from outside, I'm sure if you were using it in a business scenario, right? If you were using it commercially as business, then there's definitely a way to set that up. But as a home user, I'm not sure I'm not sure how you would make that work out, you know, unless maybe there's some way of sort of changing together TV viewers, right. So if you have a server that's always on in a workstation, that's not and you have a team viewer that's on the server that's always on and that server knows and can see the word station, you know, normally, maybe there's I don't know, maybe it would somehow worked out? I don't know, I don't know, hey, Brian holds on Travis's on Yeah, I wasn't sure I was going to do a show. But I thought, you know, why not? Besides, you guys wanted to know about what happened with that as jury in at home mobile glass repair facility scenario. So I wanted to share that whole story with you guys. Because a couple of you wrote later on. So yeah, don't forget to talk about that. I want to know more about that, you know, so it's like, okay, I'll put it on the list. So just to catch those of you who may have missed the show my my wife somehow fractured the glass on her Samsung Galaxy S eight. And she would admit how she did it. But I'm guessing that it was in her bag. And she threw something on top of it, or Kindle or something. And it crashed the crash the glass, I do have a server that's always on. But it's Windows Server automatically to your Pro. Yeah, I don't know, man, if you ever figured out let us know. So anyway, so I got on. Hey, Chris, what's up, man. So um, so I got on to a jury his website, remember, I was telling you that that their site doesn't work on mobile device, which is cracks me up. And so I put a claim in, you know, that's the, that's the thing. So you get online and you put a claim in, and it used to be a flat fee of 150 bucks, where, where they would basically just replace the device, right? So you'd wait two days. And, you know, you never know the condition of the device you were going to get back into move all your shit off, back this back that up. If you have a you know, an encrypted SD card that when you take that out of your old machine, you put it into the new phone, and it wouldn't be readable, blah, blah. It was all sorts of nonsense when you have to replace your device. And, you know, $150 for a $900 device replacement seems like a pretty good deal. But when I went to file the claim the, you know, assuring and says well, which you know, which which service would you like, would you like device replacement for 149, 99? Or would you like crack the screen repair for 2999, 2999? What a deal. So, it's like, Yeah, well done. I mean, if I can, you know, and then I started reading about and it's like, yeah, we come to you, right. You don't have to wait two days, you don't have to go to some repair facility, and, you know, Abu Dhabi, you know, and, you know, wait around a mall or anything, it's, you know, you'd have to go to a Best Buy Geek Squad store or something, they, you know, we, you tell us where you're at, we set up a time and we come and picture we replace your, your screen your glass, and it's 2999. And it's a guy that seems too good to be true, you know, so it's like, all right, well, shit, let's do that. I'm curious. Now. So, you know, you would expect maybe then, that if that were the case that you'd have to plan, you know, two or three days, you know, I couldn't get a refrigerator delivered same day, or, you know, next day, I had to wait three days before someone would deliver a fridge, you know, so I figured, you know, they'd be booked out, but they bring up the calendar and it's like, this day today, you know, and they have a ton of openings. And I kid you know, I can have the glass repair today. It's like, Well, shit, that's good. Alright, cool. Well, let's do it today. between five and seven, right? It's not even a six hour window. It's a two hour window. Hey, Alex is here to man. The whole team is coming in. All we need now is Javier. And we're all set. So anyway, so I set a time from five to seven at my home. And I was it you know, thank you so much. will call you before we show up. It's like, great. Alright, well, this is a, this is a neat experience. So that's where I left you guys last time was that I, I had it all scheduled up and I wanted to tell you guys what would be like what happened with that. So first off, the guy calls me at like 10 o'clock in the morning, right? So I did this on my way to work. I tried to do it on my way to work at red lights, you know, my car drives itself now, so I don't really have to pay that much attention. Haha. But of course, I couldn't do it on the mobile device. So I got I figured out what I had to do. I got to work you know, seven o'clock eight. I hopped on. And by 730 I had everything scheduled up so about 10 o'clock I get a call from the service that says hey, listen that we had a couple of cancellations. Can we come right now? And I'm like, Are you fucking high? You realize, you know, five to seven at a home address means that I work you know, there's nobody at home right now. Or I would have asked for an earlier time. So no, I'm sorry. You'll have to you'll have to come at the regularly designated time. You know, between five and seven. I said, there's no way any of us will be home before five. So, you know, give us a call and you know, you're going to call us before you come out, right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's like, you know, the guy was really disappointed that he couldn't come out right now and fix the phone. I guess I would have been great. You know, if I had been, you know, Jeff the drunk and sitting at home in my trailer smoking cigarettes own thing, but I'm not. We have to work. I'm sorry. So, anyway, so I told my wife and she's all thrilled and blah, blah, blah. So it's like 454 or 504 50 at night. We are all at home but we haven't been home that long and the dog start going ape shit right there barking and she's like somebody here. Somebody here. And like, well, maybe it's the guy to fix the phone. You know, I don't know how this thing works. The guy was supposed to call but you know, apparently he's not. He didn't call first. So the kid that shows up first of all, there's no car parked in front of my house. There's no car parked in my driveway. So what? The guy fucking come by broomstick or what? What the hell? Where's your Where's your convenience? Sir? Say the word convenience to a millennial. And see if he fucking blanks out on you to ever tell you that. Never tell you guys that story. When I called. I called the restaurant or something. And I was asking what forms of payment they accepted. And they were like, Am I my wife was listening to because I was in the I was in the living room at the time. Like, well, what I figured maybe you didn't hear me? Yeah. What forms of payment Do you accept? And the guy the guy you can just hear like this dead silence on the other end of the phone. I'm like, how can I pay? And that got me my wife and I still dying on that. You know, you have to do it. And fucking grunts and clicks before these fuckers understand you. Right? So anyway, so this kid shows up. I think he might be Asian. Some fact. Maybe Asian. Mexican. Not that matters. But you know, I'm trying to be trying to tell a story. So the guy shows up. And you know, the guys like 12, maybe 13. 1313 and a half, right? That's what 13 year olds and 13 and a half little tiny kid guy looks 13 years old. I see no car. What? His mom drop him off, right? Yeah. Can I use your phone? I gotta call my mom and have her come pick me up after I fix your phone. I shit you not. I still don't know where the guys car. Well. So he's like, yeah, from Missouri. And I'm like, Yeah, Yeah, come on. In. Right. Don't worry about the dogs. They won't buy you though. Like, they might like you to death and the bark alive. But they're not gonna hurt you. So that he comes in, right. And I don't know. I don't know what this you know, you think that this guy would tell you sort of what's going on? You know? And I'm like, so. So what do we do here? Do I set you up at a table? Or? I mean, do you have a you take the phone out to your car? How does this work? Ever? I have no idea what the hell's going on. It's like, Hey, I just give me a table. You know, I'm, like, personable guy. So I put him on my kitchen table. And it's like, um, do you have an outlet? Like, yeah, yeah, let me read something. Because my kitchen table doesn't have an easy to access outlet, right? So I ran an extension cord forum. I'm trying to chat the kid up a little bit, you know, trying to make it feel comfortable. Because this here's this guy sitting in my messy ass kitchen with my wife's phone on this pad sitting on the kitchen table. And so I'm like, you mind if I make dinner and it looks like five o'clock? It's fucking dinnertime. I need to make food for everybody's like, No, no, whatever. And so he breaks out this little tiny kit, you know. So he's got a box that obviously has this replacement part in it. And the kid just starts tearing the phone apart. Like right there. You know, there's no instruction manual. No YouTube video. I was impressed. I figured the kid would have to have, you know, a fucking IKEA manual to tell them how to take this. Take this phone apart, right? I mean, these are complicated little fucking devices. You know, I've taken a part of 3ds in it and a PS Vita The last thing I'd want to do is, you know, completely disassemble a Samsung essays. You know, but here's this kid on autopilot. Like a fucking Asian robot, you know, like, he's playing Dance Dance Revolution, or something, not missing a beat. And he's just, he's, you know, he's skeleton icing this thing like, a fucking Parana with a cow walking through the Amazon River, you know, and I'm like myself said, Do you guys. You guys, like work on specific devices? You know, because I'm impressed. You guys. You're looking into manual or anything. He's pulling this thing apart. I said, how many of these things you do a day? And he's like, five, six? I'm like that. I'm like, Oh, wow. I said, you guys specialize like you do Samsung's and other people who buy iPhones or whatever. And, and he's like, No, no, we, we just, we all do all of them. Wow. I mean, that that's there's a lot of models out there, man for you to just be able to start hacking this thing apart. And he's like, yeah, you know, it's, it seems like a lot, but there's only, you know, we really only end up doing you know, you know, five or 10 different models overall. And they're pretty similar. I mean, this was trying to pull anything I could out of this guy, because he did not want to talk at all. I said, Well, that's cool. You know, whatever, I'll sit and make food and, and, you know, so, you know, they think they tell you that the that the guy could be, you know, to take two hours for your for your job. So, plan accordingly. Right? This guy had my phone broken down. Well, that my phone, my wife's phone, had my phone broken down the stream replaced all put back together inside of like, 22 minutes. I was fucking I was I was astounded at how fast this was what maybe it was longer because he left it like 522. But he got there early, without a call ahead. Which was kind of rude. I mean, you imagine this kid showed up after his mom. He dropped him off. And there was nobody here because he was early. You know what I'm saying? I mean, what would that be like? I don't know. But yeah, he's scaling nice. That fucking phone he had to put back together and he showed it to me. And, and, you know, I tested the buttons. I tested what I could. And I'm like, Well, you know, if anything, you know, it was a complicated task. And what happens if the charging port doesn't work and the USB port doesn't work or the headphone jack doesn't work because again, well, you know, call the number on the call this number and, you know, some come back and fix it. So, the kid like, you know, showed up, get it disappeared, you know, and as he walked out, you know, I started to hear like that. The Incredible Hulk theme you know, what's he gonna do? hitch a ride horses fucking isn't a car. How the fuck did you get here? Dude, he's walking. He's got the frickin a jury and backpack on. He's like, filming? I never saw the kid again. Sir. I'm trying to think it was all just a dream. But yeah, that was it. Good as new but almost as good as new. So then the disclaimer nonsense had to come. I forgot to tell you about that part. So I said, and he didn't offer this. By the way. Thank God. I read the fine print. Because my wife my wife, when she was in Missouri was like fucking shooting pictures underwater with her. I say, you know what I'm saying? And so I asked him I said dumb so the website said when I was filing my claim that this phone may not be waterproof anymore because ip 68 right now my wife takes pictures underwater for crying out loud. I said, Is it true once she has the screen fixed that it's not waterproof anymore? He's like, Yeah, that's true. We do have to we do have to break the Samsung seal the water seal to fix the screen and I said, Well, that kind of sucks. I mean one of the best selling points of these phones is that you know you can dunk it in a whirlpool bath while you're having your fucking toes manicured and all as well and he's like yeah yeah well you know we do have to break the seals so it's no it's not going to be water is not waterproof anymore and I'm like well if I paid 250 bucks and got a replacement unit with that have still been waterproof I mean I'm starting to think to myself you know for 120 bucks I get a waterproof phone back not a fixed screen but I asked my wife and she's like I'll just I'll just be careful with it okay it's up to you and whenever you all honey that makes you happy so she now has a fixed screen sad that we paid them $30 for it but it's no longer waterproof so you take the good with the bad and I had David Banner fixed my fucking phone is a side job and I i truly expect that you know Mr. McGee will show up at my door asking about this kid at some point but whatever. Alright, well listen, I'm actually just a couple minutes from home so I'm going to go ahead and get off in here before my Wi Fi kicks in and interrupt the show hey I've been by the way I've been doing a lot more of the otter transcriptions for old passenger see radio so you the search results on the website will be a lot more accurate for older show. So I'm gonna get out of here everybody. This is Shane on intervention. I will see you next time. Bye bye.

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