Passenger Seat Radio Episode 2018-10-31

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Hello everybody. This is Shane Armin row, you are in the passenger seat with me. passenger seat radio. It's Halloween, October 31. 2018. You're on my 13 mile commute home. Blah. Hey, welcome to the show. So yeah, it's Halloween. I haven't done my usual Halloween work up, you know, quite honestly, I had been so busy at work and chasing Commodore 64 shit. And playing Black Ops and all that, that I kind of like the holiday was lost on me. You know, my daughter, Chris, Amy and I, we've always shared this love of Halloween. And I gotta tell you, I mean I had to drag ass to get our inflatable cat out and our light up i'd which out just it just was not on my radar. This year. I just. I couldn't I couldn't get myself worked up for it. I'm sorry. little diagram here. My throat is dry. scratchy. So. Yeah. So I mean, I got nothing planned. I got nothing going on. We did the haunted house thing. Right. Which the 13th floor which was great. Um, but you know, it's been just a real low key low key Halloween season. I guess. So. I don't know. So tonight, no plans, no parties to go to. Even my son is has reached the adult conspiracy age where, you know, he doesn't believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the whole bit. And so now he is. He is no longer partaking in the Halloween spirit. He is handing out candy tonight. That's what he wants to do. That's his thing is he wants to hand out candy. So that's what he's doing. Hey, ask him up. What's up, man? full on downpour hot so what do you got? Like a little monsoon action of your own. You're enjoying rainy days and Wednesdays and they always get you down. So yeah. So um, let's see. So what else have I got going on? Um, let's see. So how about the dentist? So I went to the dentist and I hadn't been for about a year. And so this was so remember. I went to the dentist about weekend a week and a half ago. Ish, right? And so they fitted me I think I mentioned this. They fitted me we talked about it for a mouth guard and nighttime guard. Because I grind my teeth at night. And that's bad news. Yeah. Merry Christmas. Yeah, it's so it's now Halloween. So it's officially time for the stores to start stocking all the Christmas shit. I forgot about Thanksgiving. We don't know nothing about no Thanksgiving. It's all it's Halloween then Christmas go. So anyway. Um, so I got fitted for the mouth guard. And they did the 3d print out of my teeth and all that shit. Which was cool. So yesterday I went in and they did my deep ass cleaning. Right. So so there's, there's three levels of cleaning by the way. I don't know if you guys know this. But I'm gonna I'm going to assist because that's what you pay me to do is to bring you information you probably already know but if you don't, you're going wow. That's pretty cool. So you have your basic cleaning, right? So if you go in every four months every six months you know they they break out the little the little pig and that little thing that looks like what do they call that a trivial trivial trivial you know that little looks like a little less a little tiny tiny shovel and they scrape the plaque off your teeth in and get the tartar off and they wrench you out and they put the fluoride on there and you feel good teeth are all playing then they have something called the deep cleaning which basically means you've been a shift head you haven't been to the dentist in five years and you've got tartar build up its so thick that it's not trivial not Star Star Trek I'll tell you about where I'm at in Star Trek to some people seem to be interested in where I'm at in the whole Star Trek saga because you know that's what I watch on the treadmill or on the elliptical I'll get back to that remind me in a few minutes here 720 seconds if I had to get back to it right and so they got this this deep cleaning where essentially they've got a terrier entire mouth up to get the the plaque in the in the in the in the tartar build up. It's a very unpleasant experience I did this a few years back I had been to the dentist and like four years or some silly shit and like yeah you need to block off some time because you know we're gonna have to break the jackhammer out to get this shit off and it's it's sucks and you bleed like a stuck pig it's all very terrible then and I just found out about this there's something in between and they had a three letter acronym for it something it's essentially means you're not fucked up enough to require a deep cleaning but you're not going to get by with the trivial in pics. scenario. So here's what they do. They've got like a power pic. So what this is, is, this is pretty cool. Shit. I mean, technology is blows me away. Sometimes this is a pic, you know, just like the same little pic, they would scrape off, but it uses like sub Sonics, right? So it vibrates almost. And at the same time. It it pushes water in through like the pig. I don't know if it puts it right through the whole of the pic or what, but essentially, you're getting irrigated because of the I'm assuming the heat of this process to bust up the the plaque and the tartar that's built on to your teeth. And so this time, they did something really, really cool that they haven't done for me before. Remember, I told you, they stuck that little 3d scanner into my mouth to scan all of my teeth to build my night guard? Well, this time they took a little wand, camera and and show and they took pictures of all of the heavy tartar build up. And I had like six regions in my mouth. I mean, how many regions can there be in one mouth, right? So in every region of my mouth, they had these deposits of tartar and or plaque, right. So they show you the pictures. And it's like, it's like super high resolution. You know, you'd expect it to be like one of those little shitty, you know, 640 by 480 VGA cams. But these things you can count the little flecks of skin on the inside of your mouth. That was amazing. super high resolution camera and they show how this this this tartar is. is accumulating at the bottom of your teeth and shoving your gums out. Right. So anyway, I thought that was really cool. It was weird because they kept having the off to different people. So one person came in and did sort of an eval that another person came in and did my night guard fitting and I'll get to that in a minute and then they had the debt the you know the head Dennis guy come in and did the quick, cursory look, you know, and they finally had another person that actually did the cleaning. So it was like this whole big mishmash of people. But anyway, um, so, yeah, so I thought it was really it was really an interesting trip. So let's talk about the night guard. Because I mean, not everybody gets fitted with a night guard. So I started asking some questions because my, I don't know, she was a hygienist or a dental assistant. I don't want to call her the wrong thing. But you know, she seemed very knowledgeable. And so I was I was talking to her, I'm like, you know, so. So they bring up this night guard. OK, so the dentist himself I knew someone was going to ask. And, you know, since I'm not bringing this up openly, I can't be held accountable for my discussion. I believe I've said in the past that my dentist is a very smart man, and he hires attractive people to work there. And he's also smart of the fact that there's not a single other man that works in that place other than Him, and I think there's another doctor. So the two dentists, doctors, dentists, they they have sort of speciality, right, so when I get my extractions done tomorrow, but I'm getting to, it'll be done by the other guy, Dr. F, something or another. But everybody else is a young, at least semi attractive female. They have a couple of token, you know, not hotties, they're all very nice. They're very nice people. And let's be honest, when someone's going to stick their hands in your mouth. You would probably prefer nice and competent versus hot and not you know what I'm saying. But, but usually the office quite frankly. Hey, Travis. Speaking of hot I got to pick drives up from your sister today. It was nice to see her. And I think she was appreciative how much weight I lost, which was very nice. You guys all know that. I think Travis's sister is hot. So I don't know where he came from. I mean, based on that stock, I think he's adopted personally. But anyway, welcome to the abuse. Travis chat. So anyway, so yeah, so my. So the the person who fit me for the night guard, since you're asking, you're asking the person who fitted me for the night guard was she was she was okay. She sort of had a kind of a man job. I'm not into that sort of thing. I don't like that. I don't like women. with with with man jars. The woman who did the cleaning was I'd say seven. But she had done she had these weird canine teeth. You know how, like we have our little canine teeth are a little bit pointed, and everyone was dressed up as vampires, right? So they all had dead faces on and blood dripping out of the corners of their eyes and that sort of thing. But that the heck does it hurt her canine teeth look like fucking vampire teeth. And I don't think that they were prosthetics or special effects. I think those were actual teeth. It was very unusual. I was gonna say something about it. But you know, in the me to movement that might have been considered assault. And I didn't up on the front page of the New Times. But anyway, so yeah, so the dentist themselves like an old Persian Dude, I mean, I'm not sure exactly his descent, but I'm guessing he's a Persian descent. Very nice guy, you know, very nice guy, easy to understand, always, always treats everybody really nice. And the whole staff is like that. I mean, these guys have really made a business out of making you feel really welcome and good to be there. So, yeah, so back to the original man, Joe gal. And she was very nice. And I had a good time talking to her. She has a 14 year old daughter, you know, I can empathize. I said, I'm sorry for you to have a 14 year old daughter. It's very unpleasant. I'm sorry, I've had two of them and not good. no bueno. So anyway, so they bring so I had to 3d printing done for those of you who weren't listening to the last the last Dennis show. And so they make molds out of your teeth, and I've got the molds. Now I gotta pick them up yesterday. These molds are so fucking creepy because down to the creasing your tooth and need some teeth have like little creases, you can see everything. It's not like a it's not like a blob model of your teeth. It is like a perfect perfect representation of your teeth. Like Hollywood special effect. Perfect and so I got to have those I got those those 3d printed deals. So the night guard itself is literally like almost nothing I mean I was expecting like in Kreider I travel so tell you we have these mouth guards. You know if you do sports did to put that big ass fucking mouth garden? Yeah. Yeah. That's kind of what I was thinking he was going to be none them. them. them. them. them. them. Them them them. It's these little tiny etc. Bitsy thin plastic mold of your top teeth. And when you put it on, it's not tight. It doesn't feel bad. It it literally sits on your teeth. It doesn't touch your gums, which is great. And so you put this thing on and it's almost like you're not where it's like we're nothing at all. Nothing at all. Nothing at all. So I was very excited about that. And it's perfect. Perfect. It's like Invisalign. Yeah, yeah, that's exactly what it's like. It's like Invisalign lines. It's fantastic design ties thick. I love it. So and So said you know, any questions and I'm so we're talking about the grinding because the one of the other people who would come in and noted I was a grinder, and so I'm like, you know, so, tell me about this grinding thing is it is it stress what causes people to grind and the they're like, you know what, everybody grinds. If you if you don't already grind, you will probably grind in the future. It's just human nature to grind in your sleep like that. Is it? That doesn't seem right to me. I mean, what about people who are like medicated, right? What if you're like on antidepressants? What is your take Zoloft or even take Paxil or something and you're all you're all mellowed out. Do they do they still grind and they're like yeah, even people who are you know on the SSRI is. You know, they grind, they grind their teeth at night. It just happens and the, the, the man job. woman was talking about how she grinds shrines and clinches during the day. Sometimes she actually has to, like, stop what she's doing and get up and relax or something clinches and grinds so I thought that was kind of interesting. And of course, so the dentist himself comes in and he's looking over my teeth. And he's like, yeah, you know, it's looking good. Except for those those root tips. The root tips that you know, they've been trying to get me to pull these root tips forever. So essentially what ru tips are for those of you don't know and I haven't talked about the Sorry, I'm trying to set my auto crews here because traffic starting to suck. And I'm tired of start. Stop. Start. Stop, start. Stop. So essentially what happens is, let's say you get a big cavity. They drill it out the the the filling falls out and you get so much Radha in that spot. That time that you can no longer fill and won't hold a filling anymore. So typically what they'll do is they will do a root canal, right? Everyone's favorite. They do a root canal and then they put a cap on it, right? That's sort of, I mean, dentistry hasn't changed, a shitload and it's at its core for a very long time. So they so they, they root canal it, they, they shape it, they put a cap on it, Bing, bang, boom, you're back at them, oh, well, if the camp falls off, and you don't get that shit back on there in a reasonable amount of time. Or maybe you swallow the cap and you don't quote retrieve it, which I think I've talked about on this show ad nauseum before for whatever reason, you you fail to get that tooth kept. Eventually it starts to kind of rot away, right? It starts to break off and chips off. And pretty soon What you have is what they call root tips. Not much to but a bunch of pointing shift that sticking out in your gums. Now for a lot of people, according to my dentist, these root tips become problematic. They become too sharp, they get pointed, they cut your tongue, they cut into your gums, and people just want them out as fast as possible. Well, for me, no, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sitting you're feeling and I know it sounds funny me talking. But I'm sitting you're feeling my route tips for one more day. And they don't really hurt anything. To me. It's like the least there's some surface in there. I mean, even if it's a choppy, pointy service, at least there's some surface in there would not want to keep that service as long as possible. But of course, like listen, I'm going to pull those root tips out, we're going to fit you for an implant, we're going to get you a bridge blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah. So then all these options but the root tip staying in are not an option that they care for any other dentists they want to do stuff to you right so so finally this time around my one year of not seeing the dentist the person who did the initial exam the non the the the vampire teeth woman she's like yeah you've got you've got some pretty decent inflammation normally yield a pokey with the pic in your gums, and it hurts and you know that you're in for a frickin you're in for a verbal abuse here pretty soon you you should be you should be flossing and you need to come back more often. And your gums are bleeding by but she's you know, she was very Matter of fact about it. And she's like, Listen, you know, you got some you got some swelling going on. And I was some bleeding. And it's it's the tartar and the plaque and whatnot. And, you know, you shouldn't wait so long as he was really nice about it. But then when the dentist came in, he was telling me again about the root tips. And he said, so what's going on at this point is, which hasn't really been a problem for you in the past is there there's starting to, they're keeping your gums inflamed, because they're essentially your mouth rejecting the things and they and that's what they do. You know, there's dead objects in your mouth and your your, your gums are trying to push them out. That's what they do. And because of that, the it basically you're introducing poison into your gums. It's it's an infection is exactly what it is. And, and he said, you know, it's probably it's probably time. I mean, I know you don't want to get rid of them. But, you know, maybe this is the right time to do it. So I'm like, Yeah, I know. You want me to get them out, blah, blah, blah, well, then, then, you know, the man john gal and I were talking about it, and she's like, you want to do you want to schedule to get these get these things out? And I'm like, I don't know. I mean, I don't know if they're really causing a lot of problems and blah, blah, blah. And, and she's like, Listen, they're not doing any good in there. You know, there's no surface to bite on there. They're not doing anything. I'm like, well, isn't the one because I've got I've got one that's in between two teeth. And I'm like, isn't that kind of keeping my teeth aligned to have it in there. And just let me show you your x rays. So she shows me the X ray, that one and she's like, very much left in there. Because that's not doing anything. All that's doing is infecting your gums. Let's get them out. And so, you know, after persuasive after the persuasive discussion, I said, Okay, let's do them. And she goes, and I said, which one would you do first? And she goes, Well, I would definitely get this one. You know, not the, not the one. That's partially but the other one just, I'd get that one out first. And, and I'm like, so tell me about the procedure. She was, well, we'll do it here. You know, we numb you up. And, you know, we take care of yen and we're gonna, we're gonna cut them out. We're gonna cut that shit out, get it out of there. And I said, Okay. And I said, so. Do I do both of them at the same time? Or do I do I separate? And she's like, based on this other one not being that big of a deal. She goes, I just do them both. Get them both out. Just do it. And I said, Well, how about like, the first part of December, right? cuz I've got this trip coming up next weekend, right? I'm very excited. Chad. I'm going to go see Chad. We're gonna do all sorts of fun things. So I didn't want to fuck with that. Then it's Thanksgiving a couple weeks after that. Don't want to mess that up. But I've got these three weeks or so between, you know, thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays, which I'm going to Vegas, and she's like, Listen, everybody comes in the last two months of the year. They want to use up their insurance. They want to maximize all their shit. She goes, you're gonna have trouble getting scheduled. And I said, All right. Fine. Let's see what we got. I said house how soon. I mean, I don't want to ruin my, my next weekend vacation. It's useless. She goes, you're going to be down 24 hours. And I'm like, Yeah, well, works. Not gonna want me to be gone for 24 hours. Just listen, I'll write you a note. Listen, she's like, you're going to be you're not going to be happy for 24 hours after that. You're probably going to be fine. I said. Oh, yeah. Yeah, doing at the same time. Yeah. Shut up Beavis. Um, yeah, I'm going to do both on store. So anyway, um, so she's like, Listen, you'll be fine men weekend you want even though you're gonna be fine. Just. And so I'm like, Okay, so what do we got? She goes, Well, I can get we can do you in and we can do you do on Thursday. And so they're like, we can get you in on Thursday. That's the first appointment we have. After that. It's going to be 234 or five weeks. And I Okay, mother, she was telling the truth or not. I don't care. I made a commitment. I said, Fine. I don't have a deployment going on a Thursday. So tomorrow being tomorrow, Thursday. So let's do it. And she goes, you just expect to be down the rest of the day. So you'll come in at nine o'clock. We're going to do teeth. It's gonna be about an hour and a half. You're going to go on your way. And by my later tonight, you'll you know, you'll be uncomfortable. But come Friday night, you'll be fine. Like, okay, cool. So I'm all scheduled to go in tomorrow morning at nine o'clock. To to get my my route. My route tips removed. So I'll show you my route tips. Say anyway. So that's, that's what's going on in my life. So I did sleep with the night guard last night. And I'll tell you what the dentist said. Flat Out. It's probably going to keep you awake. Do it on the weekend when you know you don't need as much sleep or whatever, you know, because it's gonna be a change. Well, I'll tell you what. I pop that mouth garden. I put that night guard. And last night. I was asleep inside of five minutes back. And you know what? I don't know if it was because maybe I grind myself awake. My wife doesn't say that. I grind make noise. But I slept better last night with that Night Garden. I think I woke up instead of waking up two or three times in the middle of the night. I woke up like one time at like, 330. You know, that was it. And then I rolled my role my ass right back to sleep boat. So Oh, yeah. Thank you for reminding me. Star Trek. So yeah. So as you as you know, I'm on the elliptical twice a day for 30 minutes at a stretch each time. So I got about an hour to watch TV. So you know, I have to watch something that's safer public. I'm not watching Game of Thrones. You know, I don't need Kalisa tips. flopping around all over the place. Well, you know, some Mormon woman is on the elliptical behind me or the treadmill behind me. Right. So I got to watch safe stuff. And you know, TV shows from the 60s and 70s are probably pretty safe. Right. So my current my current show is Star Trek The Original Series and I am on season two. Finally. And I have finally reached either my favorite or one of my favorite episodes. Which is Mirror mirror. Everybody loves the bearded goatee Spock right. Love it. I just got done with the Nomad episode. The changeling I love that one. I am no mad good shit. So yeah, I love it. I love me some Star Trek and I gotta tell you you know I'm really enjoying I guess you could call it binge watching or marathon watching but it's cool I get like just over an episode just over an episode a day right so I moved through to decent pace yeah I watched I saw the the Apollo one right who who we are. Who mourns for Apollo. or something of that nature looking Yeah, it's a Star Trek with Apollo look you see his son is something of that nature and stature Hey Brian hold Happy Halloween Do you sir so anyway so yes I've been enjoying I've been enjoying my my Star Trek is that a no agenda reference I don't know what that means no agenda reference let's see so what else has been going on and I've been playing we've been playing a lot get this yeah who mourns for Apollo Creed that's awesome Apollo Creed trying to think of a quote from Apollo Creed now I was looking for one I was gonna pull it out gosh I can't think of any perfect quote from Apollo Creed I can see him I hear him you know I hear I'm talking about at the press conference with Yvonne drag go and Dan I can't think of a direct quote from it and I can think of every like every rocky line well Didn't you say after you lost to me you learn to live with it I like oh you know you want to read the Bible all right thing day yeah I love that love love me rocky for man love rocky for anyway um. Yeah I can't come up with the director let's see so I'm thinking about you should have slipped that all stallion yeah that's that's pretty good right man I bought a few BORN AGAIN stallion you will stop that fight matter what I don't know I have to work on my Apollo Creed I guess anyway so goddamn back that boy that that sure. dovetailed into completely. Something different. Hmm. Um. Let's see here. Oh. So what I've been up to. So my clan my little group of friends. Most of what you end up appear here. And we've been getting a lot into Call of Duty World War Two. Now. I've been telling you guys now. So some people a little late to the party here. But world war two really kind of came into its own a few weeks back I'm sorry. A couple months back when they kind of cleaned everything up and they fixed a bunch of shit. And I when the leprechaun mosh pit. Shit came out. I was really enjoying that. I think I talked about it on the show. But a couple of our a couple of our regulars got join in the fun and got World War Two. Chad and Chris got into World War Two. And now we were essentially playing World War Two almost every night Even though Black Ops four just came out. So yeah, but I gotta tell you, so. I mean, that's old news. World War Two. But Black Ops four. There's a game mode in there now. And I hope they keep it but I'm worried. It seems like a temporary game mode. It's called mercenary capture mosh pit, I think is what it's called. And so here's what makes it great. So first of all, its objective based right. So it's hard point domination, that sort of thing. Right. So it's it's not Team Deathmatch, which is to me a bonus. But get this no teams are allowed. You're not allowed to bring any parties into the game. So there's no great organization, you know, so it's no, it's not a South Korean Death Squad that comes in and totally ripped through your game. Now granted, you get some uneven matchups and stuff like that. But for those of us who so I kind of figured out what our problem is. And maybe I talked about it on the show. Maybe I didn't when you go into a match by yourself, right. There's a different type of matchmaking than when there's two people at a party two parties have to two parties have three three parties have to I would not want to sit and write the algorithm for matchmaking. We all bitch about how terrible matchmaking is. But let's be honest, from a from a, from a programming point of view and an algorithmic point of view, it'd be a real pain in the ass to do good management. So I'm sympathetic as a developer as a programmer myself. But if you go in with a group of four people like this typical, right, so it's Friday night, we're going to play Black Ops together. There's me and Harvey and Alex and Chris and maybe my son Bryce, that's a party of five so they've got a matches up with another Party of Five or something close and what you end up with you end up with a crack squad The South Korean eSports teams or something like that and you get your ass kicked, right so you know it a team of four or five really good players. Now my group there's a couple of there's a couple of my group that I would consider really good players there's a couple of people that I consider okay players myself included and there's a couple of people that are there for the ride or you know just joined the game late It's no fault of their own that they have shitty weapons you know what I'm saying when you're level one after you prestigious your ass kicked into your like level 20 again, it's just the way it is. So you have a really mismatch team. Meanwhile, the South Korean team of four or five that you're fighting against are all quadruple prestige. They've got the best weapons every possible assortment of everything unlocked. They've been playing night and day for the last you know, 25 days straight. It's not even a competition and quite frankly, it ends up becoming shitty. I mean, the bar is not level and it feels like a grind fest about you getting your ass kicked. Now this mercenary capture mosh pit thing there's no teams none zero Zilch. matchmaking is straight up so you gotta figure more basic matchmaking should be more accurate matchmaking. That's why I think that when you go into this mode, I very rarely feel that I'm screwed. I've been screwed out because a shitty matchmaking if I the scores are always extraordinarily close, you don't feel like you're getting your ass handed to you. You feel like you're part of a group that's that's, that's even an even keel and level. So I really like it. And listen, if you have if you have black ops four, maybe you've written it off already, or you're brand new to it. Or, or you just been playing other modes and you feel you feel undervalued. I really, really, really recommend you check out this mercenary mosh pit game mode makes a difference to me. I mean, I've had more fun playing that mode and black ops four than all of multiplayer put together so far. So of course, you can't play with your friends. And that's both the shitty part of it, and the genius part of it. So there you go, then playing a bunch of zombies. So I play classified and the the ix are the nine knowing No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no map. Javier got me turned on to that i x map or nine map. There's all sorts of cool shit to do in there. And it's not a lot of it's all secret and hidden. It's pretty easy to figure out what to do. And it's good. It's fun. It's fun game. So I do believe I left off last show talking about the 64 Mini and i don't i didn't i mean we kind of ended it ended it quick. last show. I didn't really have a whole lot more to talk about. Other than the the fact that I made sure I talked about the sound right there. We. So a couple of inaccuracy. So let me let me let me share with you sort of my philosophy in dealing with emulation in general, right. So every every system has something specific about its emulation that that makes it but lets you know if something's there's if it's a good emulator. I'm trying to think of how I can explain this. Pick a platform any platform and there is an inherent issue with emulating that platform. And you'll know pretty much right away if a given emulator solves that problem. Right. So in some cases, it might be framerate I remember in the in the earlier days of any s emulation on Android the Robert Robert lows know Robert broadly a emulators NDS em you had a frame frame problem, it was it was there was a frame drop, it wasn't very, it wasn't very noticeable, but it's my friend, you know my angel friend Chris Henschel, he's like no, no, no, I have to frame skip one and I shouldn't have to do frame skip one. It's and yes, and it doesn't feel right. I'm sitting on Shiv. It feels great to me. But that was something that he can inherently tell that was a problem. PlayStation two emulation. Where do you go for there you go straight through Falcons maze. Know you go straight for any it wasn't Snowbird that Snowbird developers. The ones that do champions of North any one of those none of those games work right on emulation, right, unless you've got a super high end PC based emulator. So if you were to play any, you know, if you find any PS to emulator on the, say shield TV for Android, and you try to run champions of nor at it doesn't run, right. It does. It's a it's a, it is a Achilles heel of emulation of that platform. The Amiga is loaded with these, right, because Amiga developers never stuck to the conventions of the rules. There's like 15 different custom processors and custom custom gateways and all sorts of other crazy shit in the Amiga. And these developers were exploiting holes essentially in this hardware and emulators, just they recreate the base hardware, you know, here's your 68,000, here's your poly. Here's your Gary, here's your Denise chip. But the hardware itself by nature of how far those chips had to travel, you know that the signal between the chips on the motherboard traveled, let them exploit shit they shouldn't exploit. You know what I'm saying? Like every platforms got something like that with the Commodore 64. It's about audio because let's be honest, the Commodore 64 is a synthesizer it uses the same chip, which is essentially a three voice one noise channel synthesizer and as such, you know, Sid player, amazing a lot of the demos, the 64 crack demos or whatever, they all use extent made extensive use of music and sound effects. They used a standard synthesis things, a tactic a sustained release, all sorts of crazy shit if you listen to like, the intro music to caverns of Kafka. Right? One of my favorite Paul Norman games, if you listen to that music, you know, you'll hear this this simple this is sound where they take the note and they roll this attack and decay and it sounds really cool it's almost like doing data that and it's like that's so fucking cool. And so the same chip is pretty well emulated at this point I mean it's you know, it's it's well documented, you can buy secondary said chips they've got dual sim chip mounting devices did you put in Commodore 64, they've got stereo said cartridges. Listen, the seat has been well exploit and it's well documented. But there is definitely a hardware is component around the Cid chip that tends to make emulation of the Cid chip tricky. There's filters, bypass filters, all sorts of crazy shit. There's several revisions of the said chip. So you can have to commerce 60 fours or a Commodore 64 to see 64 C or a, a, a see 64 and accommodate mode, right, you can have the same program the same copy of the same disk running in all three of these machines. And the sound is just a bit different. Maybe a bit louder on this machine, maybe a bit muffled on this machine. And maybe on the other machine. It's, it's, there's actually a sound efficiency. And I've told this story before, but it's germane to the discussion I've had in my past I've had several Commodore 64 models I've had the original feel breadbox version or, you know, the, the, the big giant fat waves version I've had to see 64 See, which is that kind of looks like a 128 but not and I've had a commoner 128 D and a regular comet or 128 all of which will play the Electronic Arts games state of the art now why I bring this up is because the intro screen for for state of the art is still one of my favorite things to play on a Commodore 64 not the game. Just the interesting. And why do I love it so much. Because the intro music kicks major ass, they use a digital sample of a guitar. And it's absolutely amazing. It sounds great. And they do this thing in the border. Which is also cool, right? Because you're not supposed to be able to do anything in the borders of the Commodore 64 screen. And yet, some clever developers can actually write graphics out there. They can do copper bars and all this other cool stuff. This this state of the art intro actually wrote like horror or a diagonal line, something I hadn't seen before. I've seen copper bars and raster bars and shit like that. But these guys actually put like rolling diagonal bars or lines in the boardroom. something I'd never seen. So obviously, well, that's cool. But the music is insane. You know, and they use different frequencies of the guitar, right? So it's, it's, they just reuse the same sample. But it's incredible. You know, it's like, down and down. I should have a copy of that could play back on the phone. But it's absolutely incredible. On the Commodore 128 D the door sound effect would not play you could hear it like a little tiny, tiny, tiny week version of it. Maybe in the background ruin the whole thing. And, you know, it actually kept me from fully loving my commoner 128 days. It really did. So one of the things of course, when you're looking at emulation right, Vice or fellow or any, whenever I look at a Commodore 64 emulator on any device, any platform be at the see 64 Mini or 64 em you on Android, you know, see 64 forever from Koh Lanta on the PC these are the sorts of things that I throw in there. I throw in I throw in state of the art, right? If something's going to fuck up an audio. It's going to be that I also use a demo called Swift. Swift and I are very old friends. And I want to take a minute to talk about swim because it's cool. Swimming is a marriage of to demo demos. One was called swish and what was called swim. I'm sorry, since I'm sorry since and swish, swish was was a line drawing demo which featured you remember the video game kicks QA eggs from potato that had you trying to fill the screen up while this sort of traveling growing and shrinking line floated around the screen. If it touched your line while you were drawing it killed. You clearly inspired by that somebody made a cool demo where these lines draw in different patterns on the screen. It's very hypnotic that was called swish. Somebody also did a demo called sit which was nothing. There was no graphics or anything. He was just music but it was great music. It was a really great representation of music. It had Tubular Bells. It had had like nine pieces of music, noise noise pieces of music and it would run for 99 times. No, but it would it was it was fantastic. And one of my favorite bits out of that and I talked about Enola Gay a lot from August orchestral maneuvers in the dark OMD was this song called Enola Gay I love the song and I've got like, 9 billion versions of it sitting on my computer from computers to remixes to remakes right from the original dance versions you know trans versions you name it very popular by the way oh empty must have been very popular in Europe because like tons and tons of cracked screens intro screens and gaming computer demos feature and Ola gay in one form or another. It's It's crazy. But anyway, so like the song or the seventh song of synth is an old game and it's a really good version of it. Somebody took sin and swish and created swing both demos at the same time. And it's a piece of pure genius. It is a mainstay of any commoner emulation and even a real commoners I put it on there all the time. Whenever I set up my sX 64, whatever I do it, I use it. I played. It's awesome. I love it. The other thing is the Christmas demo the 1982 Commodore Christmas demo. I love it. Another one of my favorite little pieces of music that I play. I also like the entertainer, right? The entertainer from Rick Sterling. Love that. So these are important pieces of music because I've listened to them a bajillion times. and nine times out of 10, if there's anything wrong with any of it. I know I can blame the emulator. So swim on the sea. 64 Mini is dick. I mean it is I'll put up some comparison video Alex J. Lopez was nice enough to put a video for the Commodores demo so you can listen to that I'll share links to all this stuff on the Reddit to passenger seat radio Reddit subreddit and then the I haven't done the I did state of the art which by the way plays perfectly and I haven't done the entertainer yet but those are all things I need to do to test the audio of the 64 Mini 99 point knowing knowing knowing percent of the people out there are not going to notice anything wrong with the see 64 Mini those of us who live and die I need to get some said music on there because that'll really those really pushed the envelopes no pun intended of the music so more on that later well this is yet to 45 minutes show I'm going to get the hell out of here. I'm almost tell them I don't want the Wi Fi did kick in. This is Shane, our mineral pastors the radio. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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