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Hello there everybody. This is Shane are Monro you are in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is November 2 2018. It is Friday Friday Friday and you're on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Alright well as 20 seconds nobody's in yet. Nobody's sitting there waiting at speakers studio to hop in. I predict the Travis will be first. Travis will be the first one on the scene. We'll see if I'm right. Alright, so I promised you some follow up information on the dentist yesterday I went in and had root tips extracted, hey, the S at Oh, the CEO, cc CEO. So yeah, so I went in and I'll tell you what, you know. Hey, Jeffrey dolls in what's going on. Man. I'll tell you what I hate about dentistry. Nova came. There's Travis. He was the third one in there wasn't the first one. I was incorrect in my assessment. So I went in and went in. And I tell you what, they're right on time, which was great. And everyone's very nice. I told you about the dentist, right? I told you that's a really cool dentist. And other people are really nice, blah, blah, blah. And so I went in. And so the procedure for those of you who are a little bit behind, I had to broken off teeth that were a result of lost or, or lost fillings, I think for one and last crown on the other one. And these teeth had been broken and shattered. Basically, they were down to the the root tips is what they were called. And so for, I'd say probably the last three or four years the dentist has been nagging me to get these things out. But they weren't hurting me. They weren't causing me any pain. The dentist really had no good reason to take them out. Other than Yeah, we should take these out. So yeah, I bet you want to take a man. So you guys know, I went to the dentist a few weeks back trying to see if my job you know, my jaw was hurting. And I was feeling kind of crappy. And I was thinking maybe I had some sort of an infection in one of my teeth. And that was causing the pain in my john. Maybe the low grade fever was causing problems, blah, blah, blah. And so they fitted me for the night guard where he told that story about the night guard. Listen, one of the old shows, and then they did say, they said, Look, you know, these, these root tips are starting to inflame your gums. And you know, you're basically they're basically pouring poison into your bloodstream. I mean, there it's infection is what it is. Let's take him out. So I said, Okay, let's get them taken out. And, you know, what's my first available, let's just get it over with. We're going to do it. Let's do it. And so it was yesterday. So now you got now you're all kinda so I went in, and I I don't like Nova King. I am not a fan of needles in general. You guys know that about me? I'm not a fan of needles and needles in your mouth is even worse. Because you know what? Anybody who's had worked them, you know, they bring out this fucking like, three foot fucking needle, right? This needle looks like the length of your forearm. And you're going Wait, Oh, where are you going to be sticking out there? hos and. And when they stick it in. Usually, they sticking like the, the, the fleshy part of the back of your mouth, in the corners, right? And that needle goes like, all the way in your something. Dude, are you are you in my stomach at this point, that needle so long? What the hell. So today, yesterday was no exception. So I I love the bit that they put the topical wine. Like it makes a bit of difference. So maybe it does. I don't know. But they take this one, right, this cotton swab. And they loaded up with some sort of a topical Nova Kane. And they rub it all over the spot where they're going to, you know, shove the needle down your throat. And that's supposed to, you know, that's supposed to make it better. Yeah, you're not going to feel anything, just going to be a little pitch. But, you know, they stick that needle so far that topical can't reach down to four inches or however, it as long as they're shoving that needle. And you know what I'm saying? And the needles curve like a seminar, you know, or how do you pronounce that, like the curve sword, they're sticking in your mouth. It's terrible. And so I two sets of root tips, right one on the right hand side. And one on the left hand side, the one on the left had like all for root sticking up, right. Because if you break it to, without, there's for you know, for routes to go down into the, to the bone and on the other side. Apparently on the right hand side, I only had like one or two routes. So instead of giving me the full down the back of the throat Nova keen on both sides. They did the back of the throat thing on the left side. But on the right hand side, they just started stabbing the GM and shooting Nova came into the GM around the root tip. So I didn't get like shut down the back of my throat. And so you know, I'm trying to kind of keep on you know, keep an eye on what's going on. And the assistant was like two, three or 4% doctor and he's like, let's go 4%. I'm like, Okay, so I'm going to get the strongest Nova cane available. I guess that's a good thing. I don't want to feel anything. So I guess that's good. And so they shove it down the back of my throat, they're shoving it in the GM on the left hand side. It's literally like you know, it's almost being it's almost being violated. It's almost like being raped. I mean I've never been raped. I'm sure I'm underselling the concept of Reiki. Anybody who has been raped but I felt like there was something being shoved in my mouth pretty much without my permission or consent. You know what I'm saying? Even though I agreed and I sign the waiver it still feels that way. So anyway, so they do the whole bit where I feel like I'm being raped. And then on the other side, they they just, they should stick it in the gum a little bit and squirt some in there. Then of course they say well, we'll be back you know, after you're good enough well, like 10 seconds after they left that was not going to sit there for like 20 minutes while this swelling you know, feels like swelling, but it's not of course, well, this this this this nonsense goes on over my mouth. And they come back into like how you doing pretty good at spectral and out my side. In this case, only the left hand side of my face was paralyzed. The other one was, you know, I just kind of felt a little numb over there. So then they break out the syringe again and they're shooting even more in on the left hand side and I swear to God the guy is shoving it in the right hand side and he keeps hitting bone or some must be must have been hitting the route tips or something. But he kept he kept clicking into something. I think at one time he was hit the tooth in front of the root tips. I don't know I'm not a dentist. And of course horse that side wasn't I mean, the side on the left he was shooting and more Nova came I couldn't feel shit right? Because I was totally numb. But on the right hand side every time he stuck that needle in it was like being stabbed with a knife I'm like dude I feel that I've heard from oh I'm like trying to like sign to him that this isn't working out anyway so more sticks more pricks and you know, five or 10 minutes later I'm now like, fully num num num as I was going to be I guess. So these routes hips, essentially what I gather, I couldn't see of course or anything. But from what I gather, they go in with some instrument, they scraped the GM off around the root tips, right? And it was I gotta admit, the root tip extraction piece was pretty fucking quick. At least it seem that way. So they, I'm assuming they peel the GM back from the root tips. They take this it looks like a pair of frickin pliers that a general contractor would have. Right? Of course, it's angled, like the seminar any reaches in pops it up pops it out. It doesn't make a little popping noise. But I'm doing that for, you know, visual effect, audible effects. And one point he dropped one as they sucked it up with a little sucker. There it is. I got it. He said. I'm surprised that you got it. You know, should I be concerned. But anyway, so he did that side. And there were four of them, like I said, and then on the other side, I couldn't quite tell if there was one or two or however many there weren't for anyways, just like you know, then they scrape scrape, scraping, scraping the gums off the off the root tips. Great, great, great, very great. And out that one way, okay, you're all good. Let's go ahead and get them all sucked out. And it's like, and then he's going the doctor just took off work is done. So that left the hijab Mr. I mean, the dental assistant I don't know what they want to be called African American, whatever they so then she's like, Okay, well, I'll finish you up and the doctors done and so now it's the whole so they're sucking it out and you can just I mean the too busy and thick enough that they're sucking out that you can't see clots of blood and flesh going up into that and and so they're like so they wrap the gossip right so anybody who's had this thing you know what they're gonna do so they wrap this up into like a little barrel and they put it in your mouth and you're supposed to bite down on it right bite down bear down so they had a piece of God's on you know a role of God's on both sides and holding them down and that's it okay you're done let's go I mean they like couldn't hurry me out of that chair fucking fast I'm like me Should I hang out for a little bit I mean Don't you want to make sure I don't know I don't know what yeah I want to make you want to make sure but do you really really looking to get rid of me that fast so I go up friend first of all I'm 99% sure they didn't charge me enough money they charged me $24 I was under the impression is going to be 200 and change for the extractions don't know, don't care if they come after me later. Great. But in the meantime, I spent 24 bucks. So put that in the win column. So in the meantime, they hand me so this is great. So they hand me this extraction post op sheet. I wish I left it in the car. I could have read some of it too, because I'm on the highway. Them stuck in gridlock. But so the greatest thing is, is the extraction sheet is for any extraction, right? Whether they pull a live tooth out of your mouth, or they pull a root tip out the extraction list is the same and the extraction list is really low tech in terms of so there's not boxes that say full tooth extraction, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah. Partial to the extraction. Baba, Baba Baba, there any they had like little checkboxes, the same this applies to you, this applies to you, but this is not, this does not. And so, I'm looking at this thing going, Okay. They're telling me I'm supposed to use this antiseptic mouthwash and I'm supposed to do this. And I'm supposed to take these pills. And I'm like, and then I'm so now I'm trying to talk to the receptionist. And of course, I biting down on God's Conklin. My mouth is, I mean, my lips are like hanging off. I look like a stroke victim. I have to and I'm trying to convey to them I want to know where's my antiseptic range where the pills and supposed to review before and Okay, so I take the thing and I circle antiseptic mouthwash and I put a little arrow next to it. I put you know, do I get this or I can't remember what I wrote down. But I wrote something down on there. And I handed it to the receptionist. She has no clue what the fuck I'm talking about. And suddenly, those this whole food me I felt I saw a crackhead Bob right. Pick a time man who grew up and she's like, I'm sorry, I don't understand. So now I'm like, I'm lifting up on the gods. Right? Which is probably a bad mistakes and blood draws. Just Oh, to me. I'm sorry. I'm trying to get the feeling of my lips. And there's like, Oh, I don't know. Let me go ask him. Like, so. I could have asked somebody else. I mean, what you don't know. So then she asked the you know, she had to go ask the assistant. You know, he wants to know, you know if he asked to do this. Oh, no, no, no, no, that's not for you. I'm like, you hang your paper that has all of these posts, instructions. But you don't designate which ones are actually for me. So do I follow this to our photo, a new solution. So I'm like, okay, fucking I'll figure it out. At that point. I just wanted to leave and get home before you know, the Nova came wore off. Right? Because you know how it is when that no one can goes. It goes quick. And next thing you know, you're in searing pain. And I didn't have any ibuprofen on me. So I wanted to get my ass home and get some ibuprofen ready. You know, because you know, the whole point of this. Novocain is supposed to be a you know, a temporary deal. So I get home I it's got to be about 1030. Now I get home right. So now I'm an hour hour and a half away from my lunch hour. Actually, I eat lunch usually 11 o'clock. And you know on my dietary needs and my schedule. Eating on time is very important. My body is regular. It knows exactly when it's going to get fed. And then once it right now, so come 11 o'clock. I am still numb as fuck. So I I'm not eating anything. One time I tried to eat I tried to eat while I was numb. You really can't taste anything I tried to eat while I was numb. And I literally chewed the living shit out of the inside of my my mouth. So it's like, I'm not eating you're not supposed to dry so that the gossip so I get home you're supposed to change the gods. But every 40 minutes, 35 to 40 minutes. I'm assuming that's what the sheet said. Maybe I didn't apply to me. So they gave me some extra gods. And so 3540 minutes in about a so what would that be? So I must have been just after 11 ranks. If I got home at 1030 just after 11. I'm like, well, let's see. Let's see how we're doing here. So I pulled the guys out. And it's just it's like a it's like you pulled an abortion out of your mouth. It was so fucking disgusting. I was gonna vomit and of course, you know, they're still bleeding. It's all fucking nasty. So I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna rinse my mouth out. So I put my mouth into the faucet and I got sprayer on right because you can't really drink you just pour it all over yourself. Like a dribble cup. Right? So I figured if I aimed inside my mouth and in sprayed some water in there, I could get that stuff out on fucking believable the nasty shit that came out of their frickin chunks and GM dead gummy blood. If you're wanting to throw before you do now. I risked it all out to keep a nasty taste out. I rolled up some some new cotton or new God, I popped them in there and closed down and I'm like, okay, so I guess I'm not going to eat anytime soon. So I'm thinking okay, I can wait. I can wait. I can do that. So I can't really drink anything. I can't eat anything. I'm hungry and thirsty. So I plop myself down and I'm sitting in the chair and I actually used I used that time down to work on Travis's parents computer Actually, it was his parents and his sister's computer. Yeah, that was great stuff. These these computers they bought them new there I threes with with four gigs of RAM, running Windows 10, but it was some I talked about this, I think already on the show. There's some really shitty build of Windows 10. And Dell had a bunch of nonsense running on it terrible. So they sent some SSD drive. So I had the drives installed and installed Windows 10 fresh, beautiful. So I use that opportunity to put the finishing touches on there. I was laying on the couch or sitting on the couch. And so then so then another like another hour goes by, right so now it's what 1230 I'm really frickin hungry at this point. And so I changed the gods out again and it looks just as bad as it was before and I'm going oh my and I'm still numb. Oh yeah. Not a single bit of numbness is clear. And I'm like what this has got to clear up I'm now I'm starting to wonder if you hit a nerve or something. Right? So I'm starting to freak out just a little bit because it's you know, it's four hours later. And I've still got I'm still not totally changed the guys out and I don't remember what I did next. I think I sat just watch TV or something. Just trying to keep taking it easy because they tell you not to do any exercise. No slipping through straws. Know doing this. No doing provided. Of course, that though that part of the sheet applied to me, which I'm assuming it did there were telling me I should stay home from work an extra day. This whole bed. I'm like, I can't stay home from work another day. You get you. My work is chaotic. If I miss more than one day, I'm so far behind. I'll be working on the weekend. Don't want to do that. I'm going to go into work on Friday. I swear I by the I swear I'm going to work. So anyway. So now I'm closing in. So it was he was up to 1230. So I'm closing it. Like at 130. My wife pings me on Hangouts, and she's like, How are you feeling? And I'm like, I am still 100%. No, I can't feel anything. And she's like, wow, that's crazy. I'm like, I can't eat. I can't drink. You know, I can't do anything. He's like, oh, that sucks. Yeah, you know shit. So finally, finally about I would say 330 almost for the Nova came finally started to wear off. It takes like an hour and a half of that Nova came to clear enough for you to eat. So now I'm trying to figure out what I can eat. Nothing that I eat at night for my dinner is compatible with compatible with having teeth extracted, right. So I took out the gospel I taken out the gods finally. And the bleeding seem to have mostly stopped. So I was ok there. But now looking to eat. You know what I'm saying? I mean, what do you eat? So I had some tomato soup. My regular tomato soup. I crushed up some. So just like you get some bulk in there. I crushed up my late July chips, like fine grain. I mean, it was literally like, you know, normally I like to leave in, like cracker size, little mini cracker sized pieces and makes me feel like I'm getting crackers with my soup. But in this case, I almost had a fine ground of this stuff in there just to make the soup have some thickness, but not enough to chew anything. And I met that's what I managed to have for dinner. And I had been putting I've been putting ibuprofen in every four hours on the four hours. So I wasn't in a ton of pain. I mean, even when the Nova cane wore off, it was a little bit sore. But thanks to the ibuprofen, you know, I feel no pain. So anyway, so last night, you know, by the time I went to bed, I was in pretty good shape. I was still taking ibuprofen. Life was good. I woke up in the morning. I had my mouth guard in last night, of course, and I woke up and I didn't didn't feel too bad. They were sore. So I took the ibuprofen and that was the word. So there you go. That's the rapids with the dentist. All done. Good to go. So now, of course, they're going to say, Well, what are we going to do about those holes, those gaps is putting bridges. Let's put an implant so we'll see what happens. So that was my dentist. Follow up story. I'm looking at my looking at my chart here. My my keep list. Oh, so speaking of Travis in his in his family, and laptops and everything. So so last night, so I ping them after I get the final. The final things done on the laptops. I picked him and say, Hey, you know, I'm home from work today. Your laptops are all done. If you want to swing by, I can just, you know, run amount to you. I had some work done on the teeth. So I'm not going to be great conversation. But if you want to swing by and pick them up you can. And so Travis's dad nice guy. His family's very nice, by the way, I really liked Travis's family. So his dad and his mom show up to unfortunately, out of sister show up to pick up the laptops. And so by that time, it was like, I don't know, 530 ish, something like that. So I was I was in pretty good shape. By 530, I'd had something to eat, I had something to eat, I was going to eat more, but I had something to eat. And my I was, you know, feeling no pain. I was mostly unknown by that point. So it was nice. It was nice to chat with them. And of course, you know, anytime you do something for, you know, for family or 40 not necessarily for family but for friends, family friends, there's always sort of an awkward thing you know, so he had asked me his dad asked me over text he's like you know, what do we owe you and I'm like you know me anything you know your you know your by your good friend of mines, parents and you know, we never talked about any money so don't worry about that stuff. You know, I put a couple hours in and it's fun. I enjoy the work It was fun to sit around and play with somebody else's toys in their money and no worries Yeah, no big deal. So they show up the they show up at midnight I expected only his dad to show up and his mom was there to was nice. I haven't seen her in forever and she looks great Bible you tell your mom She looks great. I wasn't gonna say anything cuz I felt weird but your mom looks great and I won't explain why I say that but you know cuz that's personal but it just tell her she looks great as good as your sister thank god she takes after her mom that's all I can say. I'm still I'm still under the impression you were adopted. But anyway I'll be poor Travis and his sister alone but anyway so so they show up right we make some small talk and a hand in the hand in the laptop's they're like they're like are you sure we can't give you some money? Let me give you a couple hundred bucks I'm a couple hundred bucks. No no, no, no no no no no no no charge. Come on. Come on. No charge. Like we'd really feel better if you'd let us give you something I said okay. If you want to give me if you want to give me something I'll take $1 from right that's the that's the best the move to make right when somebody wants to pay you but it's a token thing you say it's $1 right and in his dad's like I don't think I've got $1 and he's like I've got I've got Australian dollars I'm like oh shit I'll take it Australian dollars sweet you know i'm i'm all about seeing foreign money you know and so he pulls out a $10 a 10 out of the column dollars Australian dollars right he pulls out a $10 bill from Australia dude I'm telling you this money is cool as fuck our money looks like shit compared to Australia's money on fucking believable It's so cool it's all colored it's got transparency it's got a little logos on the transparent I'll post a picture somewhere I showed my I showed my chat group but way freakin cool on it was it's like I was much better than getting cash to me. I mean I would have felt guilty taking money from them but this is cool. It's funny Travis's like I'll take your couple hundred bucks for you. Yeah, guess what Christian said after I told him the story Chris said shit You should have told him the by Travis Black Ops four is payment I'm like why the fuck would I want to benefit that asshole you know why Why would my hard work benefit him to get black ops four I got a $10 Australia bill fuck him. But anyway, in hindsight, that might that might have been actually a good idea because I could use Travis on my Black Ops 14 he's a good player. But anyway, so that was that I had to share that story that $10 Australian bill that's way cool man that is cool as hell. Alright, so that takes care of alright so in the mornings you know I'm on the elliptical so I go in you guys know my routine by now I go to the why I'm there by 535 if I'm anywhere beyond 535 I consider myself late for the gym I think I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and then I shower there and then I go to work so in the in the YMCA when I'm on the elliptical there's like four televisions I think I've talked about this as four televisions along the wall and each one are tuned to a different channel right there's fox news cnn some other news I don't know if it's msnbc I don't know what what that third TV is what the fourth TV is always on some part time channel in the channel always has like Do It Yourself network and has something really bizarre not a news network but but something like well that's kind of at a place you know and on these doing yourself ones they always have they always have this overly attractive couple remodeling their house it's like fat ugly people never get their house remodel it's only super hot chicks and their douche bag husbands are getting their houses remodel. And then I told you I think about that high p Pilati pipe you'll you'll lot of philosophies in yoga yoga Pio Pio, it's got that chick that always has a camera like pointed down at her from above. I think I talked about that. But there's a new infomercial I wanted to talk to you about and I think I talked about it. Maybe I talked about to just stop me if you've heard this two guys walk into a bar. But this new commercial is some sort of an aging cream commercial. And the spokesperson the main spokesperson is the very very beautiful Lori lawful Now you may not know the name Lori laughing she was in that was what full house I never watched that. But she was in a string of movies in the 80s and and I always thought she was like super high. She was in hang on give me a second secret admirer right she was the best friend that was in love with see Thomas how. And he was a douche bag and one of the the bitchy ass rich chick and she was also in a very little known movie and I like to bring this up around the holidays Halloween holidays because it's it's a it's I guess you'd call it a thriller but it's kind of a horror movie and it's got James Spader and Lori Laughlin and a couple of people you'd recognize hey I know that guy but you don't know the actor or anything it's also has a guy I can never remember his name you see him pop up all the time though alright so the story of this movie is hey Bobby Smith what's up so so then the name of the movie's called the new kids and it's it's actually if I remember right I could be wrong someone's gonna have to look it up for me I do believe it's a Sean Cunningham film he and I think that might have been what turned me on to it other than the fact that she's on the coverage is high someone correct me if it's not Sean is cutting games I don't want to give wrong information but it is a story about a couple of kids whose whose fathers in the military they move around alive The guy is the the the guys like a military hero he's like a army hero and he in the wife go off on this weekend excursion to get a medal from the president right and so while they're gone of course you know the it's the the the sun and the daughter the daughter sorry Laughlin and the sun is a was his name Shannon Shelby or something like that you never I never saw it anything else again again that the two of them the kids and so they're having this little party and have friends over and all this stuff and they get this get this they're watching their dad getting the medal on TV and you're thinking Oh this is so cool what a neat thing and they're like totally cool parents they gave him spending money Tell him to keep the parties to a minimum really cool parents so then they get this call like in like in the middle of this party that both the parents are killed in a car have been killed in a car accident so these two kids are you know their their teens right so they can't make it on their own and so their uncle who lives in basically dumped water Florida tells them that they're going to come here there's a funeral right he shows up and he's like you know you're going to come live with us your family we're going to take you in and so they end up in fucking dump water Florida with the with this with the uncle and aunt and the the alchemy and own this really shitty little like amusement park but it's not really an amusement parks a little shitty ass shitty roller coaster a ferris wheel and you know a couple of yeah it's really it's it's San is workshop or something stupid like that and the of course the uncle believes this is going to be their nest egg and they're gonna you know make billions of dollars off of this thing in the meantime these two kids move in to this you know Middle of Nowhere dump water Florida and and so they're immediately targeted by this group of local hoods. Led by the amazingly delicious Lee evil James Spader and he's such a great dig I mean he is so good. He's played do drip drip and he's like the you know, he's running drugs and he's runs the gang and he's got a bunch of Higgs that you know, put pit bulls up on ropes and it's crazy but anyway, so of course they target the chicken she saw Lori locklin's hot and so do Dre wants to, you know, bang her, but she doesn't want anything do with him. And the brother ends up getting the shit beat out of him near death, you know, by the gang. It's really a good movie. I like it a lot. And it's good around. It's good around the it's good around the Halloween holidays because it's genuinely creepy. But and why this movie significant. And I feel like I've told this story before, but nobody's popped in and said Damn it, you're telling the same shit over again. Shame. It's the very This movie has a highlight. For me. This is the very first movie that I actually heard the word. That was the very first movie because James Spader after she, you know after she escapes his clutches or something and she flux him up and and James Spader says to the other other, the rest of the gang back fucking contact one her dad and it's like, you know, it's like you just said cut. I didn't even know they can see that even an R rated movie. You know, that's like one of those special words like the N word. You don't hear that. So I've always remembered that, you know, that was the very first movie I heard that word content. So I was fun. The new kids and you know what's great, I'm willing to bet that the new kids it's not available on any streaming service. It's not available on blu ray. Only those of us who are lucky enough to own it on DVD have the privilege of getting to watch the new kids. But I mean, you can probably get it on eBay on disk or something. But I'm telling you, I'm willing to bet that the rights or something that that are impossible, and I bet you can't find it on any streaming service. Maybe somebody can find it let us know here in the chat. But love me some new kids. In fact, I'm do for watching on that one. I was hoping they release it on blu ray, but I'm thinking maybe not. Like I said the rights are kind of in limbo. I'm sure it was also one of the first movies that i i when i first got a means of recording VHS to disk. It was one of the first movies that I actually created. I believe it was an SV CD back then. But I created my own disk copy from the VHS and I wrote I've created my own DVD jacket for that. And I spent a lot of time in paint shop pro trying to take this movie poster that was kind of, you know, headlines and stuff. And it was I took this movie poster scan and I taken it, I digitized it and I was trying to clean up and turn it into a jacket cover. And it looks really good. I don't even know what happened to it. But anyway, I don't think I have that anymore. But I do have the DVD so the new kids Lori Laughlin who is now the star of a vanishing cream commercial how terrible is that it's sad to see the people that you grew up watching on the big screen and stuff down to doing Verizon commercials or vanishing cream commercials or who is that black guy that was the compensated endorser for that mutual life for that term life not Wilford Brimley but the black guy what was his name slipping my mind I can't remember but I saw him in it's like oh come on he's he's working life insurance like you know club compensated endorser alright I'm almost home and the Wi Fi is going to kick in don't want you to miss any the show this is Shane arm and neural paths. You see radio. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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