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Hello everybody this is Shane Armin row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is what is it November 5 2018 you're on my 13 mile commute home Welcome to the show what a Monday it's been already holy crap so we start off with this morning my my wife had a another heart episode and this time it's self corrected we started to run around to Urgent Care anyway just check her out and make sure she was okay and she was but it looked like she ended up having Hey ASCII mouth What's up man it looks like she ended up having sort of a double dose here so she had the she had the the heart racing scenario first which you know cause all sorts of crazy shit the tingling left arm and and all sorts of Not nonsense and then on top of that either at the same time at the same time or right afterwards she she started experiencing the the the sufferings of a really bad migraine so she was having spots in front of her eyes nausea dizziness terrible terrible morning for her so I got this call as I was driving to work this morning I was on the ice 17 and she calls me and she's telling me that you know the her heart's racing like it did last time and she's starting to feel all this stuff again sorry I turned on the air conditioning in here cool it off a little bit. And so now I'm like totally panic you know, the last time she had this we managed to get her there within like 10 minutes or so. But they said you know she might have been like totally, you know, passed out and everything within another 10 minutes we hadn't gotten are there in time. So now freaked out I mean, there's nothing I can do you know, I'm literally 30 minutes at least in rush hour traffic even if going, you know, with against the flow of traffic. There's no way I can get to her anytime soon. So I told her I said just call 911. Don't Don't fuck around, Call an ambulance. Get them to come out and check you out. So you can see that big you know, she is she's at school, right? So she's all the way to school. And remember, her school is 17 miles from my house. My work is 13 miles from my house the complete opposite direction and it's morning Russia. And I'm like just just college I didn't when I lay down I'll just lay down I'll just lay down for a little while and I'm sure I'll feel better and if I don't I'll call you I'll call you back in a few minutes and let you know oh wow everyone's started flooding in what a day. Twisted retro J. Who's high pinch Justin Travis's in errors in wow I got a full house today huh so anyway so I'm starting to freak out right i mean i cannot get to her before something terrible what happened and so I'm like who's with you is Brian still with you you know cuz he he goes with her out to her school and then his school is like two blocks away so he walks in Alex is here shit the whole company always Chris Henschel here, and Monica and we're all set of the whole party in here. And so you know, she's so she's at school, right? So she doesn't want to seem weak in front of her students. She isn't water students to see her in an ambulance or anything. So you know, she's being stubborn. And so I said, Okay, you call me back in a few minutes and you let me know who that calls from but I'm ignoring it it's not for my wife so I don't need to take and so I'm so I'm like okay, so Brian still there right. He does he know how to dial 911 I mean, I don't know who He's, you know, he's got a cell phone of his own, but it's like a flip phone. I don't know if he knows how to dial 911 or not, for God's sakes. So now starting to panic. As soon as she passes out, she can be dead. I mean, she could die from that. And there's nobody around. And she's hiding from all of her students and everything. You know what? I don't like it. I don't like that. So she's like, yeah, Brian's here. And. And I'm like, Okay. Okay. And so so she hangs up and I'm now I'm still on 17, right? And so I'm fast approaching the I 10 cut off, right. So I could I could get off on 10 and head towards her school. Or I could just go into work and see how things pan out and I'm starting to panic a little bit. So she calls me back a few minutes later and says, you know, it's the same, you know, and so she managed to ask her what I so I asked her I said, What's your pulse? What is your watch? Say? Right. So we got the Samsung Galaxy sport. Oh, I left On the headboard and I'm like, damn. It shows this my phone, read my pulse. And I'm like, Yes, your phone or he will go to S Health and do the pulse thing. And you have to put your finger up to a little sensor and it'll read your finger. So then she calls me back after a couple minutes. She goes, it's like 160 and not going down. I'm like, call nine one What? I would just go down to the nurse the nurse there this early and she's like, yeah, I think she's down there. It's like, go down to the nurse and then Call me when you down there. So at this point, I'm like, you know what, Fuck this. I am going out there. I mean, I can't beat an ambulance there. But if she continues to be a pain in the ass about going in, then maybe I can at least meet her there with the ambulance or something. I don't know I'm starting to freak out at this point. And so and so I take the I 10 cut off I call my boss and tell her what's going on that I'll be in when I can. If I can. I call my second in command at work. And I tell him you know I mean I'm gonna need you to take over go to my nine o'clock. Meeting, you know, let people know. I'm not in that sort of thing, right? And so she calls up. I don't know, maybe maybe it's 10 minutes later. She's at the nurse. The the nurses her, her, her vitals are fine. Her blood pressure came down her her her pulses down now, right? So it's now down to like 75 and she goes I still feel really, really bad. She goes, will you come out and get me and take me home? I'm like I already I already got on the tan. I'm on my way. I'll be there soon as I can. So I got her and she's you know, she's starting to like, feel like black. Yeah. And she's got the spots in front of her eyes and the whole bit and she's like, I just want to go home and lay down like no, you're going to Urgent Care we're going to take you as we're going to get you seen. We're gonna get you checked out. It's like no, you're doing so on the way back to the house. I took her into urgent care I got her signed in. I paid the copay blah, blah blah, and you know, Brian's all twitchy and shit. And I don't want, I don't like being in the urgent care, and because, you know, sick people are in there. The last thing I need to do is, you know, come down with typhoid Mary, while I'm in, you know, I'm getting ready to go to Denver and a couple of days, right? So she's like, just go, just take Brian go to go back to the house, and I'll call you in, you know, whatever, it comes down, I'll call you. So it's like 10 or 15 minutes, we get back to the house and you know, I said Brian, if he's got work to do, and hey, there's Monica see now she is Chris Henschel on here, will have a full house so anyway, so you know, the fat shaming Dr. It's funny that the same one that fat shamed me into losing weight, the same one that helped her last time I'm talking, yelling over the damn air conditioner, the same one that got her through the last heart arrhythmia, or whatever the hell it is, is the same one who saw They hooked her up to an EKG she checked out fine they said that the spots and everything posts were probably the migraine she's been talking about feeling a migraine coming for a couple of days so not a surprise but so anyway I you know I took her home got are settled in got my son working again and just went into work so yeah so there you go. I mean it's a quite the day it was I got to work and of course I'm swamped and got stuff to do and I'm trying to get work ahead so that I get everything tied up so that you know I'm going to be gone the last two days of the week going to Denver so I just want to get all my workload done so I don't screw my you know, my teammates over that sort of thing. So don't worry about it. Travis. Chris likes to listen to the show five or six shows behind that's okay. So that was that was my morning. The weekend. The weekend proved okay. It was short. Didn't get a whole lot accomplished. I played a lot of black ops four over the weekend, I've been playing a lot of zombies as well as those special multiplayer modes I was telling you about. And, you know, I gotta, I gotta talk a little bit about Black Ops four, you know, I like to talk about what it is I'm playing at the time and since I playing this right now, that's the that's what that's what you get. So, you know, it amazes me. It amazes me the rush job that of the of the games, some of the shit that comes out in these games, right. So so they released this battle past system. Basically, they call it tears, event tears. So as you grind as you grind on Black Ops four you are awarded shit for every year. It's just like battle past. If you played battle pass on on fortnite or on palette. It's the same thing. So as you advance through this tier, they give you goodies now and Paladin. Sometimes they give you Smurf berries sometimes they give you you know, new skins this that and the other and this is the same sort of shit. It's all cosmetic stuff. But one of the things they give you are stickers and I know this is just goofy shit. So stickers can be used as emblems, right? Or they can be you know, used as part of your, you know, your sort of your email system. But I swear to God I earned I earned a hamburger sticker. Right, which that in itself is not a big deal. But remember, remember back in the old days in the days of geo cities, and all the an angel fire and all those really shitty homemade websites. One of the things they were famous for was transparency, pixel artifacts every one of us have seen this right. So here's here's how this works. You Get a picture that's on a white background right and in your paint software you say I want all the white pixels to disappear and I want this to be a transparent image so then you take that transparent image and put it on your website so that the dancing hamsters and the and the the moving starfield and shit can be seen around the edges of your picture right a transparent image well if you if you have any clue what the fuck you're doing with graphics you know that you work the graphics on a similar color of background that they're going to land on. So if you're going to make an image that's transparent and you're going to put it on a black background you you essentially create the image using a dark or black background and then you then stipulate in your paint program you say I want this color to be transparent. And even if there's some fringes around the edges, little pixels or dirty little pixels around the edges it doesn't show up because they're dark and they're on a dark background this hamburger hand to god i'm gonna i'm going to post a picture because I just can't believe this hamburger was created a white background and not one place does it appear on a white background anywhere inside the game Not that I can find anyway and it's got that dirty, nasty white little pixel artifacts around it literally looks like a fifth grader put it together my son can make transparent images better than that but that's what's in the tier system and not like tier one or tier two I'm talking like level like tier 14 or 15 which takes like 50 hours of grinding to get it on believable you can't even believe that kind of shit goes on again it does so along with this so that was the that was my bitch about Black Ops four that I had to get out because it's absolutely nonsense. It's crazy. But other than that, so I've been playing a lot of this zombies You know the I love zombies in general. But this knowing this annoying this nine map. Thank you Javier. By the way for continuing to tell me how cool it was. Even though the first time I played it, I didn't really get the feel for it but it's a great man. It's a great map. It's got that sort of space, zombies, and Spaceland feeling it's very diverse it's not some dingy old Nazi warehouse or something it's something different it's clean and cool it's got a totally different sort of feeling to it it's all Gladiator you know you know giant zombie Tigers running around you know, weapons that are fitting inside of that sort of an arena blah blah blah blah blah right it's got its got challenges to produce and of course, things to find and build like other zombie games. There's there's lots of crowd interaction, right? So as you're killing the crowd gets all worked up and As you're playing the game, if you please the crowd, they start throwing treats at you. And if you do shitty, they throw poop at you. It's listen. It's great. It's it is it is to this incarnation of zombies, zombies. And Spaceland was, and I know that's a high praise but me. There's no David Hasselhoff to come down and there's no Willard Wilder. But for those of you who may have been interested in sitting out this rendition of zombies, I urge you I implore you to check out this knowing knowing map in zombies having a really good time with it. I've got tons of videos out if you're interested in seeing you know how to get the pack a punch open, how to get the shield built all that good stuff it's it's worth your time it's a it's worth taking a look at what are the other things that I've been up to that I wanted to kind of bring you up to speed on Is that you guys? I talked about the 64 Mini, right? I've been talking about that and how cool it is and, and how you can finally play your own Commodore 64 games on there. Well, one of the things that kind of makes it cool is with this latest firmware is the the, you can use your own configuration files that helped sort of drive the drive the emulation. So last week, I spent some time and I put together a web a website, a web application that lets you create your own configuration files on the fly. And so I've been out promoting it, you know, I've got I've gone to like lemon 64 I've gone to the sort of the community driven see 64 Mini site, I've been to read it. I've been all over the place sort of plugging this this application and, you know, there's something really amazing that you tend not to you tend not to understand unless you're sort of in the bowels of this sort of thing. A lot of people don't use Windows. You know, it used to be if you had a Windows tool, it was a slam dunk, right? And as long as you had a Windows tool that didn't run times or any of this other nonsense, you could get a pretty good following. Well, now everybody's runtime, that's all part of Windows 10. It's not, you know, you don't have to download another, you know, 80 megabytes of, you know, run times order to make this one kilobyte thing work. But anyway, so somebody weeks back had created a Windows based program, a thick client to run on Windows that lets you create configuration files since mine is web based. It works everywhere Linux, Mac, it doesn't matter what browser you're using. You can use opera, you can use Chrome, you can use Internet Explorer, you can use edge It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because it's a web based application. And it amazes me how many people are not using Windows not using Chrome not using what you would think they'd be using. I'm still getting I'm getting emails I'm getting. I'm getting loaded on these websites. Because, you know, yeah, well, we had this windows tool, you know, not all of us use Windows, you know, I can use my Linux, I can use mint, I can use, you know, I mean, I'm using a Mac at work, and I could use it to make my configuration files and it's just like, it's not, you don't even think about that sort of thing. But the tool you know, I figured the tool become popular and it's and it is definitely gaining an audience especially with the non windows people and so I've been getting requests and I've been getting emails and so I put a you know, of course, Alex J. Lopez is the Frankie amongst this will. Him and Chris are both Frankie. But you know the first thing after showing it to Alex because he dusted off his sees 64 Mini and I showed him the tool in its early stages and he Like, dude, you're gonna make a lot of money with this and I'm like, Oh shit. I never really thought about monetizing this thing. I just thought I release it for free and Alex kind of like yeah i know i know you know the money I don't know what he said. What do you say Alex? Like the the the money maker in me or something has to our anyway he said something like that. I'm like well shit you know what's it hurt to put like a PayPal donation button there you know. Hey listen You like it? donate. You don't give a shit fine. Don't I mean I don't need to ship via PayPal all the time. You know like like sonar sab and CBD? What are some? I donate via NC VLC. I've donated to VLC via PayPal and I think that's nice. You know, I think it's nice to be able to, to not be told, you know, you must pay us $30 for this. Yeah, I'll give you a five. You know, maybe I'll give you five again. Who knows? But anyway, so I've been getting some decent traction with this that And so, but I hadn't received any donations as of yet. So I put together and even I. So I started adding features to it, right? I mean, you can add all sorts of features to this thing. And so I added a feature where now not just Can you fill out the GUI and hit the button, it pushes the config file. So you can just download it right here, USB card, but now it'll actually generate a save link where it will allow you to share a direct download link with your friends, right? So if it's like, you know, some of these are kind of complicated to put together. I mean, a lot of people are using it to just use joystick one instead of joystick two or something simple like that. But some of these require key re mappings and true drive emulation and using joystick port one. For the uninitiated. It'd be really a whole lot easier if somebody could already create one of these things and just give you a link hey, here's a ultimate for Super League D at one disc version. Oh, and here's the config file. You need to make it work right here. direct download, no pop ups, no add fly, no bullshit, you just get the file. And why not, you know, let's make this thing easy. So I added that. And I also added a database collection piece of it, where now what they do is they select the file, the, the computer game that they want the config for, they put in all the parameters and they hit submit, I capture the file, I get an empty five of it, which is a hash. So then in sometime in the future, if somebody selects a file set Ghostbusters, right, that file can get pre uploaded. And then boom, the the tool can say, Hey, you know, I know you're getting ready to make your own config. But we've got these five other configs that your other, you know, similar users have made, would you like to try one of these and then maybe you rate them you know, this one worked for me thumbs up so we can create sort of a community around these countries. durations? Well, I got my first couple of tech support emails. Right? said put a little thing there. Save. You have questions or comments, you find a bug. drop me a line. So I got one guy that this. And the reason I mentioned ultimate for was because there was this ultimate for project that somebody put together. And the guy said, Hey, I can't using your tool. I've tried a bunch of different times, and I can't seem to get a working config and you help me out. So I grabbed the thing, I figured it out. I built a big config file to be like, five minutes, and I sent it over to him. He's like, Oh, this is so great. Thanks so much. A word. Great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And next thing I knew 30 bucks and period of my paypal 30. Wow. I mean, people, you know, people are notoriously cheap, right? They put $1 five bucks you know where I ran big bucks for a cup of coffee. I bought you a bear. But you know, in reality, you know, $5 after you know, PayPal takes their 2.6% off the top blah blah blah. It's Not as much money but here's a guy that through 30 bucks into the pool it's like wow and then I help some other guy out and he's like you know I'm gonna throw me some bugs I don't know what that came up to because I haven't looked yet but I think that's really neat I think that that's a it's interesting to sort of be at the ground floor of a community you know so that's another thing I did over the weekend was expand that tool and make that better for everybody you know I was watching what was I watching my wife is watching this this terrible TV show that's what she tends to watch called the so called Lost girl lost girl it's it's showtime actually it looks like a shitty sci fi show but it's not it's from Showtime and it's got lots of hot lesbian shit and it's you know I'm in the storyline is pretty much stripped from tons of other stories, right? There's nothing really original about it. You know, it's like part life force part Twilight, there's all sorts of there's no New inside this show, but you know, you come for the come for the succubus stay for the lesbian. That's what I say. And of course, all hot chicks. You know, there's not an ugly person on the show. You know, it's like the CW. It's like the Showtime version of CW. But, you know, they frequently make references that are 100% outside the viewing audience right now look, you know, Family Guy and South Park and a lot of these, you know, cartoons were made by, you know, 40 you know, 40 something or late 30s, early 40 something people whose pinging me and my wife Yeah, hang on, let me let me answer this or I'll have to take a call on my way. Okay, so buy me some time. So if you watch if you watch, you know, Family Guy or any of these other shows that there's references to the past, right. I mean, there's a these references, you know, Back to the Future Knight Rider, you know, and, and every time I watch every time I see like, Family Guy or something, and they pull one of these ancient ass references. Listen Knight Rider was like, What 1984 you guys realize that that's like 30 years old and yet their throat and family guys this huge sensation. I mean, Millennials watch family guy this is and you know, it's much like Bugs Bunny was in the old days, right? Bugs Bunny was worked on two levels. There was a slapstick kid component to it. And then there was sort of this adult undertone to it where the older you got the more funny it was because you just realized what they were what they were doing with that, but you know Every time I hear one of these great jokes on family guy I'm like Who the fuck is he writing this for you know Seth MacFarlane again it he and I could be blood brothers with the with the humor humor and stuff is very very similar but it's like like me and five people watching got that got that gag you know and I started thinking about it and the reason I bring up this last girl not because of the lesbian ism which of course is excellent but I sorry I got turn the AC back is a little warmer today they constantly throw out references to ship from the 80s little tiny quips under the under the vest and I'm going Not a single one of you bitches on that set right now we're alive when that show was on the air you guys weren't allowed to you guys weren't alive 10 years after that show is on the air What the fuck and then I started going through in my head and it's like you know there's a There's something to be learned from this 80s what? One of the things that makes these right. I listen. I grew up in the 80s. My formidable years were in the 80s. And I know it's very easy to dismiss any sort of fallen nostalgic for the 18th as well. You know, that's just you, because you grew up in the 80s, everyone remembers their high school years, all those are the greatest years. They remember the TV, they remember everything. But you know what I'm now I'm looking at these TV shows, these cartoons, everything, they referenced the 80s and I started thinking about it. Pop Culture is typically something that is popular culture, but I started thinking about it the 90s the 70s, the 60s, the 2000s these these decades. They don't foster pop culture even TV shows in 2008. team that are made on Showtime with a bunch of 20 something year old people use 80s pop culture. And I started thinking about I'm like, maybe that's what really makes the 80s great. It's sort of any mortal decade. You know, the music Now listen, there's, there's, there's something called the revolution, right? Every 20 years. She comes back and style close, come back and style music comes back and style. We're pushing 30 year people. And for early 80s, we're pushing close to 40. At this point. The revolution has come and it's not just coming back again. There's something actually special about the decade of the 80s and I'm starting to kind of get an idea about about what it is Travis's pointing out. The family guy makes fun of all sorts of generations in decades. Yeah, but it always goes back to the 80s There's I guarantee how many times is Back to the Future been referenced to pick any of your 90s or 2000 References? How many times is Back to the Future? made it on there? How many times has Knight Rider made it on there? It's just It's incredible. The difference. Trust me. Yeah. Travis said it's a horrible decade. I you're wrong. I'm telling you right now you're wrong. The movies that are being remade are the 90s movies. Are they 16th movies? Are they 70s movies? Now we get we get these weird generational things where, you know, we're, we're making spider man again. I mean, I'm not talking about that. Look at the look at the movies that are typically remade they're pulling from 80s, right, they're pulling, they're pulling the robo cops and the judge dreads and and they're pulling. They're pulling they're making they're making these hands downs Ghostbusters. Right there. They're making hand me down movies are generational shift movies. Stranger Things what Eric is that reference, it's all over the place. You cannot deny it. If you open your eyes up and look in the 80s, you can't you can't just close it off to the you know, to the revolution of time the decades so I started on Justin's on Justin's recommendation I started watching this cnn Tom Hanks production called the 80s and it's really interesting I'm only on the first part where they're talking about TV and and how how the 80s revolved around TV and it's really really interesting somebody you've probably seen it and I've only I haven't even finished that first one. But it's interesting social right now we have something called social media. Right. And let's be honest, there's nothing social about our media, right? You can read endless articles about it. I don't have to go into great order about how social media is actually wedging people away from each other. Right? That's all over the place. That's not my theory. I didn't come up with that. It's all over. Just look to googling. So social media, it's supposed to bring us closer together as a social order is doing the exact opposite effect. Meanwhile, for us in the 80s, social media was called TV and you can look at things like the day after, and V and Dallas and all of these things actually did bring us together as a social order the last episode of all of the family or mash or or Amy of cheers, right? All of these these things brought us together. People gathered in the living room people gathered at bars. To watch the last episode of, of mash together and the guy the guy was kind of interesting the guy they were interviewing I don't remember if he was a you know, sociologist or whatever, but he was saying, you know, these farewell episodes that when when before cable happened when cable came on and really sort of disbanded TV as a social event. These were the last times that media really drew us together as people. I was fast, holy fast, and I had this big epiphany and that just sort of jumped onto the pop culture stuff. What are you know, what are what are the millennial kids buying on eBay? They're buying any s cartridges for Christ's sake, every time I turn around, I'm watching Alex and Chris and, and people posting that these NAS cartridges these Gameboy cartridges Travis thinks I'm full of shit. You can read the chat and speaker. I'm on a roll here. I feel free. I mean, point out, point out to me another, another generation that's 40 years old, even 30 years old that has this holding power. And I think that it, let's be honest, and technological advancement, greatest felt in the 80s there's all sorts of crazy things in Back to the Future. Dr. Emmett Brown pointed out that the significance of November 25 1955 was almost like a focal point in the space time continuum I I'm going to put out that the 80s themselves may have been a focal point we saw things that became we saw things that became the internet, right? We saw bulletin board systems that evolved to the internet. We saw technologies we saw a digital music we saw so many things that happened in the That really haven't had that weird technological technological jump. Yeah, right, right. We're okay. So the 60s, the 70s, the 50s, right, so, so Travis and Javier countering with 60s, 50s, right. Show me those, go find some sci fi show, or some Showtime show where they're making where they're making jokes about The Honeymooners. Not they're where they're making jokes about the Beatles. Not there. They're making references about the I'm not gonna send you on the topic, because obviously, you all think I'm full of shit. I'm telling you. Did they were we're seeing we're seeing something special. You don't want to see it. That's fine. No, there's no caveats. I'm done. I'm done. You guys had your fun with me. Alright, so I talked about the CGM tool. I talked about pop culture so now we got to Talking about this Diablo immortal thing um. Okay so let me give you the backdrop here everybody knows with the game dapp Lewis right action RPG from Blizzard blah blah blah bliss con happened just this last week and the fans came from all over the world to come to this convention for Blizzard hoping to get a glimpse of the latest incarnation of Diablo Diablo for whatever the next one's going to be they came they got shown some remasters of Warcraft they got showed some shift from Overwatch so you know the obligatory Overwatch presentation and then instead of getting Diablo for they got treated to what Blizzard obviously considers important enough to take a giant amounts of their convention A mobile version of Diablo called yeah you can poke holes all you want my theory I don't give a shit i know i know what's going on you all come around everyone called everyone calls me crazy shame when it comes to the shedding for years will be writing articles about it and I'll be going see you should have listened to four years ago this shit again constantly happens alright enough of that I said I wasn't going back to that you go to our website oh yeah Diablo and more so they break out this Diablo immortal they pass it off as like look it will look at what we're doing for you we're going to give you no matter where you're at now you can play Diablo everyone's got a phone blah blah blah blah blah and like the crowd like the crowd there was just it's it's great i love it one guy actually got them and said Is this an out of season April Fool's joke This is a gag right you're pulling our fucking chain where's the curtain to pull back and show us Diablo for no that was it that was the big reveal no information on Diablo for instead they showed off a mobile game which I believe Javier said should really be a news or blog post at best not a giant chunk of the yearly Blizzard convention and not only that So not only did they hide the highlight of the convention was a mobile game the and not only that oh good Tim's here he'll have he'll have words to say about this to not only that the game shown looks strikingly like a game already in existence a Diablo clone called endless got endless of Gods whatever the fuck that name means it's Chinese game incidentally from a Chinese company that dapp or that Blizzard is working with. To create Diablo immortal so the fans are pointing out this what you're showing us looks like a re skinning of a shitty Diablo clone made by the same company you admit is working with you to create the game so the fans are pissed they're living as 10 points out they they they took to the internet then went to read it they went to YouTube or the trailers for Diablo immortal our our our down thumbs proportionate number of times against their positive ups the comments are like reading you know reading sputum from you know I was going to come up with something cool but the venom is this is it's absolutely insane The fans are pissed blizzards like well we knew they were gonna be pissed you think that we're going to be that pissed you know I don't understand why they're so upset well okay so we The fan base are acting like a bunch of tools let's get that off let's get that up front right you know remember that Saturday Night Live where where William Shatner was on there talking about Star Trek at a convention and the fans were asking the possible questions that we're getting all pissed off and he goes and William Shatner is um. It's a fucking TV show get a life it was like this is like there was like three season TV show in the 60s move on yeah now so so blizzards like Well, basically you should be thanking us. We're going to give you Diablo wherever you go. They have no clue why they pissed everybody off that that's the problem. Okay. This is why listen. Fans are stupid. The fans are rabid, they're being dumb asses they're being very bad representatives of concerned people that that have rational reason. For this for this to piss them off okay so Blizzard tools for not understanding why they're pissing everybody off because it's blatantly obvious to me The fans are fucking tools because they're pretending like this is a cure for cancer that's never going to come to fruition because you know Blizzard supporting mobile devices and now you've got a whole nother so there's the war of three there's three armies at war here right there's three armies Blizzard the fans and the people who can't fucking understand why the fans are so pissed off all over the place so I mean it doesn't matter where you're at whether you're reading news feeds whether you're on Reddit whether you're on Twitter whether you're on Facebook it doesn't matter where you're at these rabid fans are making acids out of themselves meanwhile Blizzard is doing nothing more than fueling that fire by pretending we don't understand how come you're not so excited. We're giving you a little bit Blizzard are fucking clueless and this is and this is even worse here's what Blizzard needed to do if Blizzard wanted to save face this is all they had to do that's all they had to get okay I'm going to tell you a blizzard should have done they should have came out when they shouldn't have given nearly so much Showtime to this shitty that they should have spent more time talking about Overwatch and ashes as a new character they should have propped up their existing properties and not given fucking Diablo and mortal more than the stink off their shit but that's that's my opinion here's what they could have done though if they really wanted to make make people mess upset they should have come out and said mobile gaming is making money hand over fist we want a piece of it we're going to use Diablo to do that we know this is going to piss you guys off we know that that the PC gamers don't give a shit about Diablo on mobile phones but mobile fucking mobile micro transactions are making us money hand over fucking fist with Hearthstone, it's making us money hand over fucking fist with Heroes of the Storm we are making 10 times more fucking money on these mobile games then we're making on Overwatch and Diablo three so here's where we're going to take it you fuckers are spending ridiculous amounts of money on mobile games guess what you have spoken we will we will start making shit for mobile devices and make money hand over fist because you assholes are letting us do it now let me show you a trailer for Diablo for which isn't going to make us nearly as much fucking cash is the mobile version of Diablo which you know it's going to make us $4 billion next year but here here's your fucking teaser for Diablo for Thank you for coming Have a nice day that would have pissed fans off but at least they were honest this nonsense Sit there trying to put forward well we're gamers. We we all have phones. We would love to be able to play Diablo on our trip trip into the city on the bus we don't understand why you're so upset it's that that that's a fucking tool answer right there specifically dodging every possible question that could possibly redeem them with any sort of level of transparency or truth right? Not a single fucking interviewer. Not what I haven't found when somebody correct me if I'm wrong, please, I will eat humble pie. Not a single legitimate interviewer has been allowed to ask them and get a direct answer about how this game is going to be monetized. Now one in fact, if you read these these articles, these blogs these interviews, not a single one of them has been alive. Presumably to ask about how this game is going to be monetized. Listen we all know how it's going to be monetized it's a rhetorical question but for fuck sake let's make Blizzard come clean. It's not going to be it's not going to be paid to play I'm sorry it's not going to be pay once play forever. Of course it's not. There's no fucking way people complain about paying for 99 for a top quality game on mobile the markets the market will not allow it you're gonna get a free to play game and guess what? It's going to be just like all the rest of them and guess what the Chinese love monetizing free to play I don't know about this endless of God's game that they've got going on. I guarantee that it's micro transactions out the ass and if Diablo is really good to just wrap a skin around it. They they claim it Not when we bought we build Diablo immortal from the ground up the Why the fuck you need net east to help you net East clone your shit they they knocked off Diablo Don't tell me for a second well we're just borrowing some some control methods from and that's all that's going on there's nothing to see here look defenses babies you know it's so it's so obvious that they are being in disingenuous with this entire scenario and they're trying to use where everybody's going to phone I'm so fucking sick of reading them everybody's got a food everybody can play Diablo and then they're going to start talking about how great it is because it's free to play you know yeah yeah yeah the Chinese love virtual joysticks I swear to God I saw that and one of the things that the Chinese love this control method it's like dude Diablo started off as a point and click mouse game on the PC See why on earth would you stray from a touchscreen control and use a shitty horrible virtual joystick for that as popular in the East? Good Lord you have no fucking clue what gamers are what gamers one the people who support Blizzard do not want this nonsense I guarantee and listen and I obviously I'm right everyone's like not showing you don't know what gamers are here out of touch with gaming you know you don't know what Pete gamers want obviously I do I appear to have at least some insight to what the blizzard fan community wants because they're saying the same shit and I'm telling you they're pissed and they're upset and he's people who don't understand including Blizzard and the people who smack them down on social media. You guys don't understand why they're pissed. They're pissed because a beloved IP listen Hearthstone was a brand new IP made for fucking mobile devices. That's the different been taking a beloved PC driven vehicle and turning it into a cheap micro transaction bullshit virtual joystick control game I've seen pictures of people saying this is my new Diablo setup they got a keyboard a mouse a joystick and then they got this little tiny fucking cell phone propped up on the keyboard their past Of course they are you know listen Blizzard doesn't know you the steam off their shit got it message received you know you shouldn't be pissed at Blizzard you know they don't owe you Diablo for you should be lucky about what you've got That's nonsense people you know these fans have given likes blood to propping up Blizzard in their properties you know what I'm saying it's it's it's an ugly thing that when Blizzard tries to play that down to play that down in favor of you know wizards always taking chances we've always been looking to put games on any platform we can and yet where's the you know where's Overwatch on the switch that we got we got Diablo three thank you for reporting over a four or five year old game right thank you very much for for putting out for us you know yeah the switches filled with four and five year old games thank you but no thank you I'm just saying that there's a reason these people are pissed off folks and guess what maybe they're not being the most representative source of their their species by how they're behaving I get that but to play off the their concerns are unjustified and to give stupid shit answers like well just don't buy it then if you don't like Diablo on mobile What do you care what difference is it to you that's not going to stop Diablo for oh but listen people despite the bullshit that they tried to pan off this game has taken resources from Blizzard it's taken away developers it's taken away assets Money time it's taking time away it's taking stuff away from Blizzard that could have been applied to something that people actually gave a shit about right here's the part that bothers me one they're going to put a virtual fucking controller on this thing they're going to put that nasty ass joystick touchscreen joystick on there and you know what, they're not going to offer real joystick controls. They're not going to allow you to play it on Android TV, right? They're not gonna let you play it on Android TV. So you can play Diablo on a bigger screen with a real controller they're gonna isolated down to a shitty ass Chinese mobile game and that sucks. Okay, we'll play it then. Okay, let me tell you how else that affects everybody else for some reason, and I haven't figured out why this is where I am not in touch with gamers. People are spending billions of dollars a year on fucking Free to Play mobile game micro transactions. They're paying billions of dollars. To get stupid fucking costumes for their fortnite characters they spend money on stupid fucking shit and you know what Diablo mortal is going to come out right and there's going to be a whole group of stupid fucking people that love to pay real money for stupid virtual nonsense stickers and and and and costumes and it's going to make it's going to make Blizzard money of course it's going to make Blizzard money it's going to make money Blizzard money hand over fist this continues to perpetuate the model that micro transaction free to play games are where the action is that that will affect every single game that Blizzard puts out the more successful they are and mobile game micro transaction fiscal type models they will continue to let that permeate it happened on Diablo three fortunately they got cross checked in that auction house and all that other nonsense got pulled right the fuck back out. right it's becoming more and more acceptable and it's becoming more and more acceptable because people are playing on mobile devices and they're letting that shit happen. PC gamers don't want to play games on mobile devices that's why they've got 1500 dollar gaming rigs console people typically don't want to play on mobile devices because they've got a lot of money they've got they've got a an ecosystem that they're supporting. It's not helping anybody this Diablo mortal it's not happy it's not helping anybody it's it's tarnishing blizzards reputation for many, many different reasons not just because they're making in mobile game but because of the way they're treating the gamers the way they're bullshitting the gamers by gamers and we love mobile games. And we're we're looking to bring Diablo to another platform and you should kiss our ass for that. You know, fuck you. You know the gamers have obviously spoken they're pissed off even if they're not behaving very well. Alright. Enough of this ranting I'm losing my voice I gotta go in and get something for my wife at the grocery store and I gotta get my ass home the treadmills calling and I've got a new Star Trek I'm on I'm on the vol one right with all those creepy ass fucking clone looking bastards with the white hair yeah I love that one. We are in tribute to Val he has everything he is the keeper and the bringer of the sun and love I love me some Star Trek alright I'm out the door people this is Shane. Our mineral pastors see radio. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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