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Day one in Denver With  Chad // Hey everybody, this is Shane arm and row and I am in the passenger seat this time. This is passenger seat radio. It is November 8 2018. I am in Denver, Colorado. My host and guest Chad Austin is is graciously putting me up here in Denver. We're gonna have a good time. We're going to have extra podcast and they can come in anytime. So keep that speaker app loaded chat. I welcome to the show. Thank you gave out my last name. So I'm in trouble. Oh, crap. I should have just kept my mouth shut. I like to give credit where credit's due that Chad Austin is a euphemism it's a it's a pen name of the guy at Charleston. Charleston. Yeah, it's like a weird like Tinder date and there have been on you've never been on a typical day well that's actually how we met so I just didn't want I didn't want anyone to know about this until now that we could properly tell everybody but we didn't meet on Tinder you swipe right instead of left and here you go so that's what happens let's see Chad is still empty a minute in even regular shows Nobody said it is late I guess they're waiting so we are in the car here landed here in Denver it's very nice I'm expecting there to be mountains but there's none we will eventually see what yeah yeah like Like they say in the Dumb and Dumber expect the Rocky Mountains to be able rockier john Denver so I guess that's probably local. More around here. Yes. I went around looking for Illuminati stuff. I got one thing they had been braced their their culture of aliens and Illuminati. There was a big bulletin board right in the right in the baggage claim terminal that assured me that there's plenty of secrets in Denver International Airport. But the tunnels don't go anywhere. Which is a damn shame. But what are they going to say? So you have to know who to talk to you. Right? I think the first two guys looked at me and just shook their head when I asked him where where y'all keep the Illuminati. Yeah. And I didn't work out. But what's the connection? Illuminati in the airport? Well, there's supposedly Okay, so there's supposedly, as I understand, and where's Chris? It should be on here. Chris. Chris knows more about this than I do. But apparently, you know, the Illuminati is the the top secret organization, the New World Order. And the Denver International Airport has apparently built there were there was a section in Denver International Airport that was closed off or was built but never opened or something like that. And that was supposedly an entrance to underground either alien sites of some sort. Or Where's Chris that you should be on the chat? Right hand? You see we can do here. Oh, I need to check. Chris has a can't listen. I need Illuminati info. Maybe the men in black here are always wiping her memories. There's Alex's, what's in the chat. Alex knows plenty about it to you can tell us all about what supposed to feel bad. You are the local law expert. So yeah. Is it really is the airport really just in the middle of nowhere? I mean, when we came in, I was like I expected there to be more Denver here. Yeah. Used to be much closer to Denver. I think it opens probably now 18 years ago. So its way Wow. Yeah, it is. But they're they're building slowly. Like there's a train that runs to downtown now that a couple years ago. Gotcha. But it's it's a bit behind and it's away from the mountains do it really is sort of disappointed that we could be in Nebraska right now. And I wouldn't even though you kind of seem off there that is Jason we go to the Springs, Colorado Springs when the nice things you're literally right in the foothills and mountains. That's awesome. That's very cool. Yeah, so the trip was fine. I'm trying to think there's anything special a talk about nothing unusual I guess was nothing that was comfortable for you was very comfortable. You know, being thinner now without the Gypsy curse. I was able to get into the airline seat and you know what, I was very comfortable. A there's Travis. Travis here. Travis Hey what's up Travis it worse Monica is she going to get on to we're going to have the full the full cabin going here Oh yeah. So I've noticed that they continue to skip back on the goodies they used to give you peanuts on the plane and a can of soda but they now they're now down to a biscotti and you know a little tiny cup of drink with some ice on it so I couldn't even get him to leave the can yes it's better than summer yeah i guess i don't know i mean i don't fly enough I guess but I gotta admit you know the seats were all nice look like a newer playing my wife was telling me the same thing that she has dinner plans there's no but there's no better plans that Monica can have them to be right here listening to the show Chad and I are waxing intellectual about stuff we don't know about but what what brought you out here you because he brought me out the invitation is your your fans may not know like, well that's guy driving around. That's true. That's true. So So and I think I've talked about on the show enough but let's we got what 40 another 28 minutes here. We got 33 minutes. So yeah, so as you all know, when Zanna do was made into a Broadway musical, it finally came around into the Off Broadway stuff and it showed up in Phoenix and my family and I went and we have a lot of interesting memories around Santa do but you know I liked the movie my wife couldn't have cared less but she likes to go to the theater and you know my son blesses hopefully straight heart that he loves music theater to I don't have much hopes but you know that's okay though I don't care but so we went to San Diego we liked it a lot in fact we even got tickets and when a second time we went to the after show you know the after show interview thing with the cast some of the secondary staff was there you know they'd be the leads of course don't come out but the the second string does and they got to rest up for the next performance you know it's better than a legion that's funny it's good stuff you new bread you die which the opening of Sandy do it was right before Legion anyway so we so we went to send you and I talked it up enough on the show and Chad said that sanity was coming to your to Denver like months and months and months away I don't even know how did you know that it was coming I just got an email oh yeah yeah and Zanna do is comment I remember she said he liked it a lot I talked to the wife and my life I've been met you many years ago we saw online and all that and let's give it a try Let's invite Shane see if he's interested that's right and so I kind of I wasn't sure at first right that because you know that the situation but you know my wife is you know she doesn't like it when I go off by myself It's so funny you know she's got vision I mean I know I don't have her mind works and she's got visions of the terrible things I might be off doing we can do that yeah thanks great as long as they don't come back with any stripper later my son my luggage I'll be okay. You know, it's over here. No pictures, no evidence I mean often the negatives but yeah, so it's always you know, sort of in it you know, getting work to line up right and everything else it's just it's complicated but you know, of course to come see Santa do of course would be great to see Chad and you know, Chad and I've been working a lot lately getting as Plex server setup and so it's been, it's been cool you know. And again we did have some enroll Palooza time and yeah chess chess. Maybe I can coax a picture out in the chats got this like salt pepper beard thing going on makes a very distinguished he's handsome dude anyway you know I feel I feel you know even though I've lost the weight you know I don't feel like I can compete sure I'm gonna have to go ahead and I'm going to go and grow that beard out I guess because that gives you character join the club I'll get one of those spot goatees from Mirror mirror that might that might look I didn't have that tombstone thing going on for a little while that seemed to work out all right my friend a thinner though might look better she knows you're not trustworthy. I know what Travis money you know. I was going to talk about you and Monique is particulars. But do I can I talk about that on the show. But is that something we still keeping secret? The whole channel knows. So I mean, that's pretty much most of the planning at this point. Let's see what he says. It's like a 15 or 22nd delay here. So anyway, so we finally got the logistics worked out of this thing. And here I am and enroll Palooza to That's right. Unfortunately, didn't work didn't work out. So we talked about that too. And certain individuals who shall remain nameless could not to commit basically, because there was just too much dust by the ventilation system. I do believe so. That was an out so we decided, you know, we get together somehow do something. And so this was kind of it. Let's just do a foo Manchu yeah I don't think that would work out I can't grow that long belong mustache thing that's the problem I fish like this. That's yours is probably even longer than I can grow it out. My will grow that one last time you tried. And I don't know. It's been a while. Maybe my my age I can grow. But it's funny. You know, my, my wife is like, so tell me about Chad. You know, I'm sure I'm sure your wife does the same sort of thing. And you know, my women are so much different than men. They know things about their friends. Guys don't know a damn thing about their friends. They don't know. Yeah. So what does he do? I don't know something in the military school. He's talking about doing training cadets or something. So in the military? Is he in the military? I don't know. It's gonna find out that she's listening. And I know she won't. She won't listen. She doesn't. She doesn't listen to the show. She doesn't listen. The show is probably for the best calling. My wife doesn't call me call while you're on p Oh, gosh. Oh, yes. She always interrupts the show. But that's different. So anyway, so I'm like, I don't know if she was asked about Chris. What? What is Christina? I know he works in a hospital or something. But what does he do? How do you how do you not know what he does? I do not know the ages of all your friends, kids, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it's like guys don't talk about stuff like that. Talking about video games and, and Peter chicks on on Daredevil, that sort of thing. That's what we talked about. You know, guys are guys, what do you want? So anyway, so that's what we're here. And Chad has got this huge itinerary put together, which is amazing. So I'm all excited. I don't usually travel without having my own agenda. But that's in charge. So it's fantastic that you're in charge. Charge charge. Yeah. My personal Scott bail. So yeah, we'd like to and I say we, my wife knows uses listen to you over over KSR instance, we got some fun stuff planned. today. We got the show. We're gonna go to a little famous diner for dinner. It's all meets with your approval. Of course, I know. I know. I'm the picky picky guy before but not picking a different life. Yes. And then tomorrow is Colorado Springs. Maybe a little virtual reality on the PC for you try. Hi. I'm very excited about the VR thing. I can actually give some approval we're gonna be I'm going to show chat, the the magnifier for the Nintendo Switch so that he can show you guys how cool it is. Because none of you believe me. I know. He'll give you the straight scanning. How much you do. What do we got here? Something in the chat here. Chad has military scientists assigned to of service and chat. Yeah, I believe that he's got he's got detailed files. Detail file sharing about you. Yeah. When any of us so none of us get to run for president. So what? So I guess we're doing this stuff arcade as well. What's the hyper or something another on Saturday. There's a place called hyperspace. hyperspace, yeah, and it is probably the best retro arcade I've ever been originally from Chicago. So I've been to those retro arcades. It's got pinball all the old coin op games and have a couple of laziness games and awesome just thought that might be a nice thing for you to see a show on Saturday night see a little bit of Denver and there's some free time to kind of flaxen going in venture that's awesome so there's many shows are a bit of a shame yeah Alex has he needs me to get an Oculus Rift so what VR platform or we're gonna be looking at around the rift we're on the rich so the Touch controllers and the whole bit so it sounds like I'm going to get the full meal deal here Alex Did you ever sell that second one you got I might be you might have to put it up on offer again I might have to take pick that up I've got the hardware for it could still do it but I don't remember if he ended up selling that are not read we write for like Yeah, he sold the red unbelievable with $375. Nothing like making room and my storage closet thrown out some stuff that something like this valuable. I now or you don't even know what's valuable. Travis just said hey, hey, you the funds yet though? But so though. I have to go find my own. I guess if I decided I like it. So yeah, fortunately, not a very scenic drive into Denver. That's okay. It's something new. It's just happy to see something different than I have not seen since it's your first time to have driven through Denver on a cross country trip. And by the time let's see was that from that was from Charleston to Washington. Wow. So by that time, we were not happy to me in the car. So it was a bonsai run. I'm trying to remember how many hours it took us 20 something. Maybe you had to have been more than that. Right. Charleston. Hey, somebody who's listening on the chat. Give me a driving time from Charleston, South Carolina to when he Washington certainly be grumpy. By the time I was. I was we were not pleased. And the worst part was, is we were driving in my shitty little car. And I and I'm trying to remember what vehicle it was at the time. But the the driver side door didn't it didn't have a good seal. So as soon as you reach like 48 miles per hour, it started like this howling. So of course, while you were driving, we flipped off turns driving my dad night. You have to grab the the seatbelt from the top of the door because it was one of those ones where they met up with the door itself, right? Yeah, yeah. And so you had to grab that and pull the door closed, so it wouldn't sit and squeal. She'd have to trade hands on the wheel while you're trying to hold the seat belt shut. And I don't think the heat worked very well. It was it was it was cold. I don't know if I remember what time of year it was. 43 hours. Three hours. Alex's 23 Travis's 43. I'm sensing a small amount of disparity here. I'm not talking about going via Guadalajara though. So I think Travis is taking me through Rocky Point. Which I don't need to go to Rocky Point. Travis. Yeah, I don't need to. I don't need to see you next time. Three. And 43, I wanted to say was like 50 hours. So maybe it was maybe it was closer to 4300 up. But it was a sucky trip. So I drove here from Chicago. That's not 18 hours. That's a lot. That's a long asteroid. I don't like driving. I used to. I remember. It's funny. I remember when I was a kid. I was always like, God, I want to drive. I just want to drive cross country. I just want to drive I love to drive ballot and closing in on 50. It's like, I don't want to drive you'd be taking Brian on like a cross country trip ratings. Let's see. So he's driven the Missouri Yeah, he's been my wife. And he and my wife have driven Missouri a couple of times. And so I mean, that's a that's a good little trip. Yeah, the last time they flew, but they've driven a couple times, you know, with all the debacle going on over there. Yeah. My daughter and what? Yeah, so maybe off Yeah, no, no, I ok. I mean, I've told most of the story here. It's just that bringing the update she's doing okay. You know, it's a it's sad that she ended up having a bunch of children that was that's probably the if you could, if you could take anything away from making mistakes in your youth make mistakes, but don't make children you know, she married the wrong guy or she I don't even know if I got married. To be honest. I don't know how that worked out. But whatever it was there union was not was not good. Or no, no, no, this is the booze The is the current husband now they got married. He did get married. My wife went over for that little wedding. Hey, Brian. Holds here. What's going on man? Welcome to the special Denver edition. Yeah, for those of you just for those of you just tuning in we of course are here in Denver Colorado I am in the passenger seat with Chad he's driving me around where you Where are we headed nine now I headed downtown downtown car walk again apparently watching a kid right there. All right. I love it. I love it. So that's where we're at right now Mile High City Mile High meeting nowadays yeah I bet Yeah. Let's see here trying to see if there's anything worth reporting that I'm looking at. I'm sure your point out anything scenic, but I need to know about past the copy. Chow factories. Oh, really? You know, it's so funny. You mentioned that did I mentioned on ps4 about the Purina plant in Flagstaff. I talked about that. I've heard him I mean, forgot. You tell somebody stories. I know. I know. So when we would have to Flagstaff a few weeks back for a little mini vacation. We we can't went past the same place a couple of different times. And every time we went by, we smelled meet and oh my god, it smelled so good. I mean, I'm hungry all the time anymore. Anyway. But you know, Brian, and I like going. I don't know what it is. But it smells so good. My wife's like, it's the dog food factory hundred. And I'm like, none, none. None of that can't be dogged. But that's most likely. Good. real meat. And right next to their I'm not right next to be close enough. In our little our little circle of driving was an oregano, which always smells like neat. So you know, that was a running joke was it's the dog food factory. It's the dog. No, no, no, it's oregano is it's oregano? Is it matter? Because when you're hungry dog food. Oregano is it doesn't matter. Food is food. Yeah. So yeah. So I've actually exceeded my calories already for the day. So but I'm gonna have to have to suck it up. I had a flat bread sandwich, you know, the first bread I've had in a year today. That was not you know what? It's not as good as you think it would be. You know, you think after you deprive yourself for a certain length of time. And then you get that thing that you couldn't have or don't have. You think it's like, Oh, my God. Oh, it's like, yeah, it's not, it's not worth breaking the breaking the cycle to cheat with it. You know, everyone's like, Oh, you need a cheat day, you have to cheat a little sometimes, or, you know, you're going to go crazy and pig. And it's like, now I don't need to cheat day. But, you know, it's what was available in the airport. Right. I wanted to make sure in case that I was stuck on the tarmac for five hours. And I'd have something more than peanuts to eat. So I carb loaded a little bit with the flat bread sandwich. Not prison. A little bit of right. Yeah, I've up to probably I was trying to hold it like 1200, 12. 1250 a day. But I've expanded that a little bit. I haven't increased, I haven't added more food to the to the diet. But I added a more of what I normally would eat. So instead of nine chips with some Lotus, and reduce fat cheese on it at night, I may have 12 or 15 chips. And that stuff all adds up. Yeah. So what's, what's the instinct look like for you? What can you eat like this forever? Or what would you know? That's a great question. So this is this a good story. And I haven't told this story on the air. So it's got so recently, I had an I know I talked about on the show, I had a couple of late days at work. And we had a vendor come in, we're putting in some software vendor software, and they came in to sort of help us out with some performance issues, and things like that. And so they actually sent some of their people. Yeah, before it's always perform, hey, there's my performance issue, I recommend getting a testosterone check and getting on Android if you have performance problems. But, uh, anyway, so So we, so the guy that the guy that sort of their project manager, and so they did some of their developers there, but the project manager guy and I are, we're about the same age, and we tell the same jokes, and we get the same little references and whatnot. And so we were sitting around, and we were talking, and while the programmers were programming and the customer was testing, we're just sitting there shooting the breeze and, and, and so we were talking, I was talking about what I was going to have for dinner, which was practically nothing. And so he was asking me, you know, what's your, what's your routine? Like, what do you know, what do you eat? And so I went down, I told him exactly what it was I was doing. I was at the gym twice a day, I walked in the afternoon, I took in 1200 calories, and this is what I'm eating. And he's you know, we were, we'd spent enough time on the phone together. And we've had enough meetings together where he's like, you know, you know, there's sort of a problem with that. He says, it's not sustainable. And I'm like, I'm not sure that's necessarily true. Because I saw on the flight, I sat next to this very skinny girl, and, and, you know, she was young and youthful and skinny, I saw what she ate on the plane, which was a half a bottle of water, and some some sort of a trail mix. Nothing. That was it. I do believe that this, this diet could be sustainable. I mean, the truth of the matter is, my blood work is clean. my cardiologist, my general practitioner, every doctor that I go to says, Whatever you're doing is the right thing for you to be doing. So is it sustainable from a health point of view, it seems to be so far. I mean, I'm only I'm a year in, right. So I had my anniversary, by the way, all right, we'll be having my anniversary on the 20th of this month. It'll be one year since the lifestyle change. And it's funny, you know, the bulk of my weight, I was telling this story to somebody else. Recently, the bulk of my way dropped off like four months in I dropped like 60 pounds in four months, which is unprecedented, but it pounds since then, it's been a huge pain in the ass. But But for me, you know, the blood work came back solid, and in everything, I'm off all medications at this point. I'm not on any blood pressure medicine. I'm not any heart regulatory medicine. I'm not on any. And I'm not taking anything over the counter anymore, either. That's something that I wrote my medium article, but I don't take an acids anymore. I don't take antidepressants anymore. I don't take anything anymore. And now granted at some point I may go to the doctor and and so I'm at the doctor every six months getting my blood work done and, and support that might say, Hey, listen, you're getting deficient in this. You're getting deficient in that. And at some point, I may have to change the diet up. But in terms of, you know, what I'm eating and the intake amount that I'm eating? I think it's I think it's sustainable enough. Yeah, I mean, that's a long answer to a short question. But when I was younger, when we move from Chicago to Michigan for a period of time, and I'm only child I was teased a lot. So I over eight. Oh, it's chunky. A person. You have to admit women. So women, so you you were picked on but you weren't fat first. You will offer something. Got that? Yeah, I would comfort myself with food. Yeah, pizza pizza. Not here to tempt you. Don't worry. My stomach is already like, it might sound like Don't you even think about it as well, because it's not gonna happen. So I've gone through I mean, some different times where my approach has been like moderation. Shahid, my sausage, pepperoni and exercise. Have one meal had soup. So if you don't mind my asking you want so. So if you don't mind, my, what were you? What were you picked on prior to the weight loss? Because, you know, my specs are, I was picked on a lot in the fifth grade, sixth grade area. Well, it's very bad for me, I think Dungeons and Dragons. So you were, you were sort of been a nerdy, geeky, was cool, right before the hipsters made it a thing to be that way. Right. Right. Right. And my, what happened to me when we moved from Chicago to Michigan is removed. The before the school year started, I met this guy named Rob and in the neighborhoods say, let's be friends. We hung out. And then when school started said, make sure you go and introduce yourself to people. And I did that and he got really jealous. Oh, and it just totally smeared my name. Oh, yeah. Didn't get didn't get Wow. Best start. And that's when things sort of went down. So were you were you in a rural location? Grand Rapids Michigan? Is that is that is that is a city is a city. So each movie American Pie I did based on Grand Rapids, okay. guy who wrote it without glasses. Okay. Gotcha. Okay. Okay. Gotcha. Because, I mean, I mean, I know when I had my problems I was in you know, BFD, Idaho, in the middle of nowhere, but the Higgs and the rustic said that, you know, if you're not wearing flannel flannel shirt, and jeans and boots, then you're instantly gay or Yes, yes. Yeah, I made the mistake one day wearing overalls is kind of a rich neighborhood. Oh, right. Right. Just merciless list was tease. Yeah, people. Yeah. So I've been there. Yeah, got got heavy lost weight than when I was in the Navy for a period of time with back to Chicago made the mistake of having like pizza and ice chicken all the time. Gotcha. Heavy against, oh, I appreciate admire what you've gone through. I think, you know, it's, it's not been pleasant there. Which is really funny. When I was in Idaho, I was not fat. That was it. That's why I was kind of interested in your backstory was because when I was ridiculed for being, you know, whatever. And a couple things I'll share with you that maybe I haven't talked about on the show is, so there was the geek factor, right? It was not, it was not it was not good to be smart. And so I was in advanced classes. And that's when I was in that gifted, talented program. And they took my IQ, and they put me in this in this special gifted organization. And that was like a kiss of death. I mean, you might as well have just been, you know, I don't know, it was, it was, it was good. It was, yeah, it was not good. Especially not in this world, you know, Coachella Creek School District, you know, population 12, it was not good. And so, it's terrible. These people, people do not understand what bullying is right now. Right? I think like everything else bullying is they don't get it. I mean, if you remember I said, this is great. I think I talked about this on Stephen King's it. Little, little fat kid, when you get the crap out of him, and they cut them and they started cutting the guy's name in his stomach. There's bullying for you getting called getting called the dumb ass on Twitter. Just I'm sorry. That doesn't compare to what I'm what I'm sure you went through. And what I went through as well. So, you know, I was always there was always questioning my sexuality, right? I was gay. Or, you know, I'm sorry. In those days. They use the fag word very frequently. And, you know, that was that was sort of the thing. And, and then, of course, because, you know, then you become a mama's boy. Because, you know, run home to mommy. And then of course, there was even illusions worth incest where I was incestuous. I was supposedly not just a mama's boy, but mama's boy, that that takes a toll on you after a while, especially when you're young. And of course, that led up to my my illustrious pulling of the 22 rifle and a bunch of kids that chased me home from school one day well So did you did you miss that store? I think I missed the holy crap that was an old story that I told on on pastor see radio skin old I mean, yeah, you might have forgotten right now. And it happens to the best of us to Yeah, so in one of these you know, so was it was a busing school obviously, because we lived out in the middle of nowhere. And so there was a, you know, country hc school bus. And it was a merciless teas, every single day back in at least four or five of the the ringleaders would get off at the same bus stop. And it was about I don't know, half a maybe three quarters of a city block. It wasn't city block, but that's the distance between the bus stop and home. So I had a period of time where I was sort of vulnerable, and these guys got off. And the teasing continued, blah, blah, blah. And it got to the point to where I think I just, I got fed up and I went in there. And when the house I pulled down my dad's rifle, I went out and that was going to shoot. Wow, yes. Your own version of falling down. It really it really was. It really was and, and of course, but for somebody that didn't seem to stop them. I guess they didn't think I was serious. Um, but I ended up you know, taking a shot in the air instead, I did I did discharge a around and that took care of that if you did that now. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I know, right? Yeah, it would be to be totally different. And I asked my parents later, here's the fun part. Because the 22 rifle always sat above the doorway of the house, right front door, right. So it's right there readily accessible, and I put it right back where was and I always wondered later on, if my parents had missed the round. I don't think I had what if I picked up my brass? I don't think I did. Do you know, did they pick up on they they didn't know that the rounded been discharged. They never questioned me and they never talked about it. They never mentioned it. So yeah, so I was sort of, I mean, it wasn't a school shooting but right. You know, I mean, I think I'm an innovator in so many levels I guess I don't know but you know, there's the dog flew factory see know, it was the regen as I went. So, anyway, I settled in, so yeah, so that it didn't solve the it didn't solve that picking on but it got me out of that particular instrument. So anyway, so that was that story. And I used to respond to being bullied my kids afterschool, for Oh, really? So you you turn the turn the aggressor? Yeah. Fair. Oh, wow. You were terrible. How to sort things out as fisticuffs? Yeah, you know. And so it's a joke about it, but it felt would be important text. Now, there's nothing important. I'm not sure this is psi. So anyway, yeah, yeah. So people, I don't think people quite get it. You know, when I see these school shootings and things like that. I mean, obviously, it's tragedy. It's horrible. But these people that are looking for something, something illogical, it's the video games, which the rock music it's whatever these kids are there are abused. I mean, if these kids are abusing a household, right, if some kid is beaten with locked in a closet, and one day he turns snaps and kill spirits, nobody questions or twice, oh, he was abused. He was a victim, of course, he snapped. But these kids that shoot up their schools, you know, they're, they're looking for anything other than the fact of these kids for eight hours a day, five days a week or abuse. I mean, mentally, physically, you know, I'm not talking about Twitter, I'm talking about getting caught corner and have these guys beat the crap out of you. And, you know, that's sort of thing. So, I mean, I empathize with the situation. I don't condone, if I do. Yeah, I do understand. I do understand about downtown Denver. So we got two more exits. All right. Nice. So I am looking around here. Okay. Right. So for me that state I've lived in Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, looked in Maryland, lived in Ohio, went to school there for about 300 days of sunshine, good skiing, good outdoor city entertainment. So what's the what's the snow sich like here? Not too bad. I mean, when you go to the mountains, there's great skiing and we get snow. It's only only stays in Colorado Springs, or Denver for a day or two. Okay. Just feel really cold. Yeah, it's it's Chris. But it's not cold. I mean, like I was saying, I was talking I'm the only guy in short sleeves I mean, even though even chatters got a coda you know in I'm from Central Washington you know that's that's not not Seattle, the other side of Washington where there's actually snow for months a year and you're digging your car out and it's it's the whole bit so this this is this is pleasant. This is a pleasant temperature will probably hear his job. Yeah. How's the job? You know, we know we needed to escape when he when he is a great time. Don't get me wrong. But it's it's a clannish town, first of all, it's agricultural. And agriculture breeds large crop based families, right? So the these large orchards, these large agricultural farms, things of that nature, and these are generational type things. And so if you're in Wenatchee and you haven't lived there for 40 years, and your families and you know, part of the Ewing family or something, then you don't really have a spot there, you know, and those who are there and had been there for a while. Well, I mean for Central Washington well off financially, they've got decent cash, they've got decent connections. So it's, it's, it's pleasant for them. But when we were there, when I when I moved my wife there from California, you know, I was making $90,000 a year she was making like $8,000, a year managing a Joanne's and I was at you know, I was a PC tech web developer and I was making which is nothing and yeah, so you couldn't you couldn't you were living, you know, hand to mouth and paycheck to paycheck, and there's really no future right there. You know, unless you're part of the human family. So then a friend of mine who I had met online who the infamous Richard Corcoran, Rick, I'm sorry, not Richard Ron Corcoran, right? I told that story on the air before he he had he had said hey, you know, we've got a position down here. Okay. It's a new startup. They're looking for a good talented hungry web developers so I can get you down here. I can get you and get you an interview. I'm a down I interviewed I like the fact that it was no snow and we're going to be any snow right? And it looks like yeah, let's let's do it. My wife wanted to get into it city. You know, she's a city girl. She come from she lands in Solange, which is like, 30 miles. I don't want to cheat even smaller. So she's a city girl. So we move and been happy. And we've we've been have I mean, listen, nobody likes the two the two or three months in the summer where you know, you don't leave air conditioned spaces. Nobody likes that. But to BBQ and my shorts on Christmas. There's you can't beat that. You can't put that financial number on that. It's amazing. So is this lots of construction going on? I see a lot of murders and stuff over there. Is that just the course fields though? Go to baseball. So it's supposed to look like Denver has been one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It looks a lot like downtown Phoenix, dude, I'm telling you. It looks a lot like downtown Phoenix, right down to the stadium. And we're passing the country's largest outdoor skate park. So. Oh, that's cool. That's a violence and activities go. Really? Sometimes. Oh, yeah. There's a gang gang version. Just crackheads. Oh, like, years ago, right after some with a skateboard and like beat him to death. Wow. Holy crap. But it's OK. Now go on. More security. Wow, look at that. That's pretty cool. And not a lot of water in Colorado. But this is like the Central Park version. Nice little park, you get a reverse. I don't know if you've Rei sport stores in Arizona. Actually, I would know if we did. That could be one next door. And I wouldn't know not my thing. But so we're going to park and explore a little bit of Denver. All right, I'll probably go ahead and pull my jacket out of the sea case just in case not because I'm a plus here but you know, the sun's going down and I know how the temperature drops so excited. So you can get on later and yeah, we can do another and you said we have one more leg This trip is it's a little bit longer. So we'll get on later we'll do another segment of the show and talk about downtown here and Zana do behind us and then another place fantastic Alright, well we'll kick the show off here then and that you guys got a 36 minutes extra show today. So we'll be having more of these onsite Denver shows over the course of the weekend. This is Shane arm and row with chat chat chat a Smithy. Hope you enjoyed the show and will be catching you guys later. Take care everybody.

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