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Part 2 of Shane's trip to Denver including playing with the Oculus Rift, 3d TV and more! // Hey there, everybody. This is Shane, arm and row. You're in the passenger seat with me. And I'm actually literally the passengers passenger seat here and chat Austin's car here in Denver, Colorado. I'm on here for a special trip. This is the part two of our special Denver supplemental episode. Say I chat. So we are on our way from Colorado Springs into Denver. We are going to I will get level of chat give you our itinerary for this evening. First stop. Is she taking this to hotel to get it checked in for the night then we're going to head to a retro arcade probably the best time ever been shut down several Chicago another large cities and a little walk around Denver and trip to the company so we're going to see a comedy show tonight should be a lot of fun. Head back to a hit back to Arizona tomorrow. So we're having the last of our last of our good time fun tonight. Now what she Lopez in? Hey Alex. So we we had quite a we have Clinton eventful day to day. So we were up last night playing virtual reality. We're going to get back to that. And then this morning, we we we went for a hike and you want to say where we were doing. I had no clue went up to a reservoir and Homer link Colorado about a three four mile hike. Nice. Yes, it was very nice. We went up there. I got my my steps in for the day. My dogs are barking a little bit downstairs. Hey, 720 seconds. What's up man? aka grilled monkey fat, which still turns my stomach. But welcome. I think you made a good change with the name by the way, yes, Saturday PSL. Well, that's because I'm in Denver. We're having a special edition. This is what happens. So let's circle circle back. So so that the hike was a lot of our morning. And we sat around and watch YouTube and some other nonsense. But so last night, we had a pretty good evening of virtual reality. And so you know, I've talked about Gear VR and some so my minor experiences with virtual reality. But I keep getting told that it's a big different thing. It's a big different thing when you're using a real virtual reality set up different than a Gear VR type scenario, you know, which is the stick your Samsung Galaxy phone into a stuffing on your head and call that VR, right. So we'll start off let's go through the whole kind of story here, because I'm sure you guys will find it interesting. And Alex is sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what what I thought of it. So first off, so. So Chad doesn't have it set up all the time. So he breaks it out for special occasions, which in itself adds a little bit of complexity to the situation. So what has to happen, it's much like the Connect or any of these other spatial sensor type setups. And it requires a little bit of putting together time. So setting up time. So the unit itself consists of a jump in anytime it consists of three motion sensors, or sensor type devices, a the Oculus Rift headset itself, which is a self contained unit, but it is wired. So it is wired via USB three to the, to the back of the PC. And there are two wireless Oculus Touch controllers, which are essentially sort of a split grip, PlayStation controller. So kind of a Dual Shock controller, but split half. So it's easy to hold both hands, very comfortable controllers, I thought that there's a couple of negative pieces to it, we're going to cover but overall, I can't imagine doing that with a controller, that Xbox controller, anything like that. So it was it's a good to have the full complement. So a lot of people will say, well, it's not real VR, if you don't have the third sensor, it's not real VR, you don't have the Oculus Touch controllers, we had the full set. So that's an important thing to note. 1080 x 1080 x 1080 Clark, and so right. Okay, so 1616 gigs up. So we had, we had good video card, right. So there was nothing that should technically tarnish the experience. So the whole setup process is actually very interesting. And apparently, this is not, this is not typical of the setup experience. But you know, because I was there, things have to be unusual. So once you plug everything in, and this required a, we had to get Chad early on, we had to get him a USB 3.04 port powered hub in order to properly and get everything plugged in, we were missing a crash, it was crashing. And then. So having a powered hub, we thought I thought would be a good good choice. And it actually turned out to work out. Okay, so first off, you set up these three sensors, they're all wired sensors. So if the, for the rear of the room sensor, you need a pretty long cable. So you put one, the one the batch sort of points to the center of the world, the two in the front point to the center of the room, and then you're in the middle and you hold one of the controllers above your head a little bit. And it sort of gives you a a spatial reading based on the sensors. And then it tells you based on where you're at, and everything it says you need to probably turn this sensor a certain amount to the left to certain amounts of the right so that you can get this proper triangulation thing going on. For those of you who are familiar with the movie disclosure where they did a VR setup, this was way back in the 1990s early 90s before there really wasn't VR setup there was actually sort of a third sensor thing involved with that whole VR rig which I thought was kind of interesting movie ahead of its time that's right I meant the story to be like a Captain's Log in the beginning. Good job. 720 seconds actually picked up on my supplemental story 25 36.2 Kevin solid supplement your was that supplemental when there was no date, by the way, so I ruined that bit. But anyway, so we had trouble over and over and over again. So he had me doing the calibration, right? And so either I wasn't holding the controller, right, or whatever, for whatever reason, the setup of these three sensors was a little ugly. So then what they have you do is using one of the controllers they have, you walk your, what they call the Guardian, Guardian zone, right? Yeah, Guardian, or any barrier barrier if Guardian something or another, I thought it was Guardian zone anyway. So you walk around your play area, with this controller, pointing it at the ground, and it paints a box around your safe area. So later on, this translates into this weird blue barrier that comes up. Anytime you're moving around playing, you'll know that you're getting too close to the TV too close to the fireplace too close to the couch, when this blue barrier comes up to sort of them tell you that you're getting into the danger zone. And then a bigger sign comes up if you actually move a little bit out of the zone. So you can I have to get a feeling I would assume sort of how to paint your zone to your own particular play style. If you're using a hub that's where your accuracy issues coming from. Here's the problem. Chad did not have accuracy issues when he and I were playing that dead Drop, drop dead dead drop, whatever that was, he was hitting the far targets dead on I couldn't seem to hit him with multiple shots. I still think the as he did the initial calibration, I think there was a variation. But anyway, we'll get back to that. So you paint this square, and that becomes your guardian zone. And then we hopped in and see what was the sort of the order of the stuff we did. What was the first thing that we did, we did the tutorial which was pretty cool. Yeah, so you got to go in and play around in this workshop. And the robot you know, gave you this do you put the disk and a little computer and the computer with 3d print something and then it would come to life and so it was head of that I like that etoro I thought it was a really neat way of interesting you and you can pick things up and thrown so like show me right you can just pick random crap up the did nothing and look at it say that's cool and put it down. So that was cool. And then we went into what did we do next we did it wasn't it wasn't the dead the dead and buried one right we delete that was later Later shooting games. Yeah, so what did we do? It says it's sticking out of it's not sticking here. jitsu. Beat saber came later. We took a shot at beat saber early on. Because you were excited about that. And for some reason, you know, when I was holding the controllers, this didn't add to the fun at all. When I was holding the controllers. It looked like it was pointing upwards. So if I were to point my head, tilt my hand down and point to the floor, that's when the been coming out of the tip was straight. Super, super hot. That's right. Alright, so Yeah, super house. Thank you, Alex. New what we play. So super hot. You may have played this super hot is that sort of weird time lapse scheme where they throw you into a scenario and this was on the computer as well, where until you move, nobody else kind of moved. They moved really slow. So you had to sort of plan out this motion and this action of firing and moving and I'll be honest with you, as a as a computer game. It's fun for about five minutes. And then it's like, this kind of sucks. All right, we're done. What else? Let me go play some Witcher three. But in VR, it's a whole nother story. I mean, in my opinion, I think maybe the game was made for VR, and they tried to make some sort of a home, you know, non VR Porter. That is what it feels like. And so to me, super hot. VR was basically the new dragon slayer because it's a matter of they put you in a scene you've dialogue until you start finding out one move at a time. How do I complete this scene, the most effective way in the most reproducible way possible, right? So the scene might start off with you standing there, and a couple of the creepy orange looking dudes on the screen there like silhouettes that are moving 3d silhouettes. And so you reached down and grabbed the gun. Now remember, as you move and you do things, the other characters on the screen move against you. If you don't do anything, or you don't move around a lot. They don't move around a lot. So you got some sort of time to take this in a sort of a strategic thing. I'm like Dragon's Lair. So right. So you look down, there's a gun, you grab the gun, and the action of grabbing the gun, they move a little closer to you get pulled the gun out, you shoot the guys, they die and you move on to the next level. But it gets a lot more complicated than that. They also fire back, they can come very close to you their items. Sometimes you run out of bullets, and so you have to pick up Yeah. virtuality, we've talked, we were talking about virtuality from the 90s the Sega the Sega Genesis version where that headset truck are the big bar that you put on your shoulder and the headset tracked up and down so anyway so I I found the game is frustrating just like dragons that was frustrating but I liked concept of this this this debt trap okay this this this this again this this this this this done so it was very it's repetitive it's not for everybody but I must put a good hour into at least right yeah so it was it was fun and you know once I started part of the problem is I have a pre pre pre something or another pre something other I'm a preconceived to the predisposition predisposition to the Gear VR where there's not a lot of moving around being done. So when I play VR, I stay in one place a lot these games because of the Oculus Rift and the Guardian zone and all this other stuff you're actually you need to move in order to play a lot of these games and that that was hard for me to get used to and every game that we started I sort of stayed in place and I end up getting shot or killed or whatever not realizing you know, I should be ducking I should be moving around doing a little bit of this and little bit of that so super high got a little bit better once I started learning to dodge bullets, learning to pluck bullets out of the air all that sort of fun stuff blocking bullets with bottles the throwing mechanism and there did not work well there are there are games that the throwing mechanism does work well and super super hot grabbing a bottle and trying to throw the bottle or throwing a bullet I was not having a lot of luck with that so I had to kind of adapt my play style to make that work and after what was after super hot seven we took a shot of the beat saber you're trying and then I couldn't I couldn't get comfortable with the fact that the controls didn't seem like they were working right so we dropped out of there and then and then we then we did a little bit of the then we did that dead was a dead bury Alex is a dead and buried that we played so so this is one that I played on Gear VR they completely I don't know if they'd hopefully halted for rift or if it was just a newer version and I hadn't played in a long time but this is a song be cowboy game and pretty much any kind of a shooter game works really really well in the rift really really well i'll tell you about some of the other experiences moving on so in this dead and buried there's a shootout mode where you and another person sort of like trying to kill each other there's a quick drum mode but the real fun the real joy of the game is a horde version horde mode where you can play up to four players and they put you in various locations a train a saloon Alex could probably fill in a couple of other blanks of the other locations several different maps to play on and wave after wave after wave of these you know crazy zombie cowboys come after you some of them catch on fire some of them explode and eventually they come running up to you and they'll they'll start tearing apart your little app barrier and they'll start kicking your ass Hey x men of the cloth is on we are truly honored to receive x man of the clock It's been a long time sir welcome welcome back to the show general find out what that movie was you wrote to me about you know what Chad by know that movie I'll have to pull up your email later he's a fan of 80s Horror to and he he has a different palette than me and a lot of cases so he might be actually know that know that show people do that on the air. That'd be fun. Right? We'll take a quick moment here and make sure I don't reveal x men of the cloth name. It's very his secret identity is very important. Let me see here. I got a scroll back. Good lord. How much email it might not read this weekend busy. I have been busy. It's been a busy weekend. Been in the Rift. Okay, I was speaking to a relative the other relative about old horror films from the 80s. I remember maybe sometimes around the mid 80s, there was a horror flick playing on HBO, my uncle's house. It featured an older guy, a younger love interest for him and a teenage boy and girl. I don't remember much of it. Except that the older woman was walking around shooting monsters with a triple barreled shotgun. And then in the end, I think the teenagers survive. But the final scene was a twist with stuck in my head all these years because it scared me when I was younger. As the older guy and his love interest drive off thinking they defeated the masters. He starts playing with her hair in the car and a piece of her scalp falls off. She then transforms into one of the monsters and proceeds to attack him just before the credits roll here. If anybody would know this movie is it'd be you is a ring a bell? Thanks. We'll get back. Okay. All right. So So Chad's on a mission now Alright, so back to the VR Taka x men of the cloth is sidelines but we're back at work it back in here. Holy crap. It's Travis Barnhart. Engage to the lovely Monica big congratulations officially from the show to Travis and Monica Do we have a date set I don't remember that's great. It's great though travel so have even less time to spend with his friends. which is fantastic. I love it. Alright, so back to the VR stuff. So this dead berries really, really fun and by the way, dead and buried plays very well on Gear VR. I recommend that you get the Gear VR controller though it's a much much much better experience with that. Okay, so after dead and buried is that when you have you left your left. So I I went out on my own and I grabbed the Nvidia VR Fun House. And I'll talk a little bit about that in a minute. I did play space pirates trainer. And apparently there's a whole bunch more to the game that I figured out. all I was doing was standing on a platform shooting these bad guys that flew around and I gotta say it was a lot of fun. These like I said, any of these spatial shooting games play extraordinarily well. In VR. That's it's definitely the high point I in my opinion of the the whole platform of these these longest and shooting games. We did play that dead drop dead. That was fun. That was sort of a at the beach and almost call that a rail shooter almost sort of went into there. There was a there was some walking around in there, which kind of made me a little uneasy. I think Chad mentioned you were the one easy with the walking sequences, right? Because you couldn't control you can control it says you were disconnected from it. Yeah, but there wasn't much of that. So that was pretty good. That was I thought that was a that was a good buy. I think it was like $15 I was a good buy gift for you. Oh, that was my gift. Okay. That's right. I forgot about that. You're welcome. And then. Let's see. So what else was after then? I got? I downloaded the VR funhouse. So the videos, VR funhouse or funhouse VR is literally a tech demo showing off all of Nvidia's technologies. But in a VR scenario, that's the pair words the physics engines and all that other stuff that dropped dead. Fred, I was thinking the same thing. Good. So this has about maybe seven, seven or nine mini games, right. And so there's no real menu, there's no real continuity to the gameplay, you basically start in one screen, you're playing to your board of it, you press a button you go to the next one to play to your board, and so on, and so on. So let me see if I remember all of these and Alex can fill in so you start off with a sort of a shooting gallery where you throw baseballs and soccer balls and bats at these various breakable items which is very fun and satisfying. He's quick gets old quickly then you move on, I think was the second one the clown and squirting the paint in the mouth. Or the well i was i thought the species later maybe, I don't know we're not going to try to get it or we'll just talk about it. So you have one of the traditional or you squirt squirt gun in the clouds mouth and it blows up a balloon. In this case, you're squirting this really cool liquid e ink into the clowns mouth and then when the balloon popped it dumped a whole big full of balloon full of the green Inc all over the place. Guys. That was very cool. Very cool. from a technology standpoint of you probably more fun if you had more than one person playing it, of course, because you always went then there was another shooting gallery where you had like a six shooter and iron six shooter iron. And you know, there was a rotating, you know, kind of a carnival they'll turn thing we shoot the pipes in this case, or a place to shoot and all sorts of breakable fragile things, which is always fun. And then there was the my favorite. I don't know what yours was Chad, my favorite was the bow and arrow. So they had all these wouldn't targets. And so you you had a bow in one hand, and you reached out and grabbed an arrow, you knocked it into the bow, you set the tip of the arrow on fire, and then you pulled back the bow string and you shot at these wooden targets. And if you hit the wooden targets, burn them up, and you get a score. That was my favorite. That was anything with a bow and arrow Forbidden Forest. It's the same idea. I said without the dragon to the bees and stuff. And then there was another there was a baseball game right. Where basketball sorry, a basketball game we could shoot free throws there was a one read through these like gelatinous octopuses at the wall. They remind me a lot of those old kids toys, right where you the the the little falling down, kind of like spiders you through against the wall, and they would stick to the wall. And they would kind of fall down with the legs flopping all over the place. And that was fun. You through those up against the wall. If you throw too hard. They bounced off of you through him to solve that didn't stick and they fell off. Lots of good physics in there. That was neat. Then you have there was one with a cannon. I think this is one of the last ones that would shoot these breakables up into the air skeet shooting style. You know, I'd be really cool if they waited until you said pull before they pushed him out. But I guess that didn't work out. And then boom. You know, they they they fire up in the air and you shoot that was fun. I'm thinking Miss. Oh, we had whack a mole. And there was the punching one. The ones where you punched a little a little guys on a spring. That was fun. Did we miss one? Alex? I think we do we do we do we miss one. I swear there's one more I can't think of must not have a memorable anyway. But that was the basic idea. And that was when I got video of that. I'll share that with you guys want to see me playing it. And then I think I was I was it for that one. And then Chad got to play that later on. He played that the next night or next morning or later that data remember you got to play to some point time. The whole weekend is kind of pushed together. And then let's see. So after that we did Robo Recall which I'd actually played on Gear VR, which is a great testament gear. VR works out pretty damn well. I mean, it's, it plays very similar. Of course, the graphics are better. It's the world's are a little bit more immersive. But the version that you played on Gear VR was pretty damn good. But it's a it's a full blown AAA type title. Right? So if you were going to have something to show off I did you say it came bundled with the Oculus Touch controllers system, the system Yeah, so it was a it was a package. But to me, that's probably the most impressive overall game in terms of everything that you can do. It's not it's not just a rail shooter. It's not just a shooting gallery knock off, it's a fully fledged game. And there's some really neat things you could do with it. So essentially, you're like recalling these robots, right? So these robots have gone crazy in the city. They're running around doing terrible things. And wave after wave of them, you move to different parts of the city. They come after you. And then you've got to recall them or kill them. But what are the things is, is you could grab a lot of stuff, right? So you could pull weapons away from them, you could grab their arms and pull their arms off and beat them about the head and neck with it. That was fun. I mean, there's nothing more fun than a robot getting too close to you. You snagging in grabbing his arm tearing his arm up and beating his head off with it. Very, very fun. I highly recommend it. If you have the means I recommend picking it up. And then yeah, what do we worried about we're like, we're starting gridlock here. And now. Let's see. So I know we did the bat. But we did some other stuff too, right? I know, we tried the forest in VR, the forest. And VR is a little unsettling. So it's sort of a, I would say it's more of an alpha or beta of the forest and VR. So you can you can look around, which is cool. It was very immersive. It was very neat. I think, Alex, you played the forest in VR a little bit, you probably got to play more than I did. But there is some looking around. And it does sort of have a so you can you move in real time, but you look in jumps. So instead of like turning your head to the left, and it's smooth scrolling, you use the controller to kind of jumping, jumping little bursts of turning hard to explain, but I think it helps with the motion segments. But you know, chopping down a tree in VR was a lot more fun than doing it for real. But even something as simple as building a shelter was a huge pain in the ass. And VR, I can't even imagine fighting natives and VR. But it's, it's a very immersive experience. The whole plane, the plane thing at the beginning was very immersive. But yeah, so that was cool. That was that was fun, that we got an opportunity to try that. And I swear there was another game or two in there, then we did, I think, beat saber for a whole bunch of time. So this beat Saber, let me talk about this because this alone might drive me to try to convince myself to get one of these Oculus Rift. So. So essentially, what this is, is it's a ribbon game where you get to lightsabers, and it's imagine imagine Guitar Hero or any of these, you know, type of hero games where you've got these, this big scrolling play field in these different colors of balls come at you. And you have to like tap to the music or tap to the color strum with the color held down that sort of thing. In the case of beat Saber, and all you do is is they send blocks, your cubes your way with arrows on them, or sometimes just a circle, which means you can kind of however you want. But you Fruit Ninja style. You cut these blocks as they get close to you. But you have to cut them in the direction the arrows pointing sounds extraordinarily simple. And it's a pure rhythm game. But I'm telling you what, willing to colored lightsabers, to your favorite music. Listen, here's the deal. This game would not be fun if you did not have music that you liked. So as per usual, these rhythm games typically do not ship with the music that you want. In some cases, like with account it's not synced started. There's another like a PC version of karaoke that you can get community made music for. But like, you know, Karaoke Revolution was great, because it had a whole bunch of good songs on it that me and my whole family would light quite frankly, built into to beat Savers, probably not the stuff that everybody would be into. It's more I think it was a lot of more original music in there, which is what they could probably afford right? No licensing going on. However, here's the here's the best part. So they there's a model mod made for it called beat saver and it integrates right into the application it's very very slick. And this allows you to connect to some community server and download community made songs that includes the song as well as all of the the rhythm piece of the game right the placement along with these blocks that you have to cut as they're coming towards you. They also put up these pink or red barriers and so you have to step to the side duck I don't think there's there's some jumping going on in there, I don't think but there's a ducking there's a moving to the side shifting side to side stepping side to side. And yes, I was emperor. The Imperial March wasn't on there. But there was dual of the face was on there, right? Yes, I haven't. Oh, yes. Imperial much, too. So there you go. So Imperial March is also there. Of course, for me, he'd already downloaded a handful of popular music prior to me getting there. So Michael Jackson was there with that beat it and thriller thriller wasn't like that's true. I did try throw that wasn't that was wasn't done very well. And I, Billie Jean wasn't as good of a mod either community made item but Beat It was fantastic. I mean, it's so it's so well put together. That the, the, the the motions are perfect. The timing is right. I don't know how many times I've seen these community driven rhythm games where it's like, Are you are you deaf Are you are you beat death do you have no rhythm because quite frankly, this whole thing is off by about a half a second and you can't play it. And I noticed a couple of we went back and downloaded a handful of other songs. Part of the problem is, is they tend to make a bunch of these songs in expert mode only. So you pretty much have to be a Jedi Knight God to play them. But a lot of the built in songs and some of the community songs have, you know, easy, normal, medium and hard so that you can you know, you can advance Of course, I managed to run down holding out for a hero which you know, that's that's why song and that was only pretty much an expert mode. But it was thrilling as hell to be part of that song and and swiping those the blades around. And the whole bit I gotta tell you, to me, that was one of the most because I got a big ass workout. I mean, I was trying to do journey separate ways and and Chad did it as well. He did better than I did. But that is only an expert level an expert level songs and holy shit that that will that will drain your ass. Dr. So I'm thinking, you know, instead of going to the gym, you know, twice a day, at least once a day. I could spend 30 minutes on these songs and get it Yeah, yeah. Easy. Medium, hard and sip. Yeah. You're not kidding, dude. But that was a lot of fun and chats, family got involved. His wife and his daughter. We're playing we're all having a good time. It was it was a great it was a great it was a great spectator sport, along with them just being a great sort of a party game if you Well, we never tried a multiplayer game. And I knew there was something else we were supposed to try. And I don't know how well that would work multiplayer. But I'm curious now. So Chad, and his family ought to try it out. Send me a video. So we played a whole bunch of that. Thank you for using mufflers. Great trying to record a show here. So anyway, so that was a lot of fun. And then the we sort of Is there anything else before the Batman thing? Alright, so then the last thing that I want to comment on is the Batman or come VR, which is what I would consider a VR experience. Not a lot of action going on. You don't fight you don't really shoot anybody. But it's a really neat experience. And if you've got the Oculus Rift, and you haven't tried this one, I suggest you do. Chad was telling me that early on, there was a glitch in the game or a bug in it. That was either annoying or it actually crashed, right. It's just like a line in numbers that you would always see. Yeah. And so it was distracting to the experience. But did you say that in crashed and stuff? Yeah, so my experience was actually completely clean. Which is amazing considering all the other fun that we had. But so we had so so poor Chad had to go to sleep he was he was he was nodding off on the couch. It was late it was up around midnight by the time we got there. We also did 3d stuff too if we forgot about that that was another fun experience maybe I'll save that for a different show the bat nipple glitch nice and so the experience is cool so you start off with them you know so there's some basic stuff that you do finding there's some basic puzzle solving to do that give you like a forensic bat light that shows hidden things you got a bad grapple where you can you know sort of grapple two different things there's a lot of there's a forensic computer to play with and so you're analyzing blood samples it's pretty cool and then you know in the game night we had been killed and so you have to go to where nine was killed and try to decompose or deconstruct the the murder site and try to figure it out that got long in the tooth. In that part I thought they drag that out a bit and then you eventually face off with the Joker in our comm asylum. And this gets kind of creepy there's some creepy crap in there you're looking around and then the walls are changing behind you. I think Chad was asleep through most of that Chad was out which to me was the more interesting part of the equation where you know they were trying to set a tone and elicit a feeling or an experience out of you but yeah so overall it was very positive my problem of course is is actually having room in my home to set something like that up and of course the price tags a little heavy the green light is not been given at this point in time but I'm going to work on my wife and see if I can get her to get her to relent and beat saber that beat saber the beat saber to me you know especially if I can get my if I can get more to the Jabra sound like Mark Hamill it he did not i'm not sure i didn't recognize the Batman voice either so you know they probably got the old sound likes in there but they were fine I mean the guys that people in the in the in the thing did a good job alpha with some young dude It was kind of weird and other voices there were plenty of voices it was just it didn't sound like Mark Hamels voice it didn't sound like any of the Batman's voices that we know of for Batman plenty of speech so Alfred talk to half the thing and you know Batman is always talking to himself the whole time you know he's like maybe if we deconstruct be seen again and maybe we can stop at the I know he starts to sound it would be great if he sound like Riley Martin Lissa run the deconstruct the back again you see some not wing was smoking the reefer which was placed on my property. Let's see, I have mine set up to sitting boat. Yeah, I was curious what the difference was between the sitting in the standing mode on that, Alex? Because I did the standing mode of course, because I thought maybe be a little more immersive. But that's really fun. That was a that was a neat experience. I can't imagine doing it more than once or twice or you know having it isn't parlor parlor game for when you bring company over. But it was neat. I wonder though. Hey, Alex. Maybe you know, because you probably play this a lot more. I there were there seemed to be a couple of different game branches or gaming branches through the story. No, no, we did not end up playing Star Trek bridge crew. Alex, Alex pretty much said that. It would not be my kind of game. So we did not. We did not spend our time doing that we had so much else to do. And we were really busy. But Alex has said that if I end up getting one between he and I and Chad that we would end up having almost a full crew for the for the bridge of the starship. So cross play. Is it cross play on like, the PC or something? Yeah, pizza is for now. How about that? See, there you go. Now the reason to to get it. Yeah, my wife will never go for. But I'm gonna try. So that was that was last evening. We got to bed really, really late this morning. Of course, we got it for that hike, which was good. We talked about that earlier. And then last night quick. I think we're in town here. And I think we're parked. So we're going to go ahead and get out of here. But the last thing we did is I wanted to see what 3d TV look like has chatted been talking about it, he had some 3d movies, he had active shutter glasses, right. So I thought that would be kind of cool to get an opportunity. So we did a little fooling around, we wanted to see if we could play on his blu ray player inside the PC. If we could use power DVD or VLC to play these movies back, you know, because maybe you could acquire some 3d films from external sources, you know, tribit share where you try before you by, of course, you know, so if you were to download, say dr. strange in 3d and you liked it, maybe you would go out and pick it up, right. So a trial version. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in getting that particular setup to work. I think we've got close a couple of times. But I thought it'd be kind of cool. If you could do that. Or plus it be kind of cool to even just be able to rip 3d movies off your own disks, and have them sitting, you know, on your network, and you could play him back whenever, without having to drag out the discs are doing the whole bit. So that was fun. So we watched predator 3d, which is, of course, a post shot 3d effect, which means it wasn't shot for 3d. So it was one of those posts processes like Terminator two, or these other movies, where they, they go back in, and they do the 3d effect over top. And the predator 3d was very good. I think part of what makes my personal thought on the on the matter is 3d works good in a big theater, it doesn't work as well on the TV, simply because the immersive effect of the 3d ends at the edges of the TV, which in your overall line of sight is a small location. So the illusion of 3d is sort of broken quicker, you know, you're staring at the TV. And as your eyes sort of wander the 3d effect, it's broken on the edges of the TV and the top and the bottom where the movie theater, you're essentially in front of the 60 foot screen. And the immersion affected the 3d I think, works better. So I was very cool. It's very nice. And Chad did go through all the goofy ball trouble that we had to do to get that because we were thinking around we tried to look at we try to play it in the the Oculus as well, because power DVD supports that Oculus player. We weren't successful in getting that quite working. But you know, by then we were trying to get a little later into the evening and we wanted to, you know, get back to the Batman and whatnot. So anyway, well, that's it, the question for you is your presence like playing virtual reality, you feel like you were there. Yeah, so there was, there was much more of a presence in that I think part of the illusion of that isn't so much the 3d head tracking and everything but the ability to move while you're in that environment, that's something that the Gear VR suffers on so you can look around and Gear VR and there's an immersive experience there. But being able to dodge bullets and being able to reach yourself out and grab a gun off of somebody or being able to do those sorts of things adds to the immersion level. Now, in terms of the Oculus as piece of hardware on my face, I do want to talk about that real quick because it wasn't perfect I expected so here's here's what I was told mostly by Alex but I wasn't gonna say its name too late now. He's already here. So I was under the understanding that the Oculus or vive experience would be a considerable step up from the Gear VR because of the quality of the the graphics and the quality of the Oculus headset itself, etc, etc. What I found was where rift worked was the emotion and positioning sensing but from a quality of video point of view things were still fuzzy and apparently that's normal it's not it's not crystal clear and it never is so at the beginning they have a calibration piece where you're supposed to put the headset on tighten it down you know tighten for the side tighten the top and they give you these logs sort of across with horizontal lines and vertical lines and they say okay so Titan the headset so that the horizontal lines are clear you do that then it says that the good thing is is it does have the pew pew Bueller Aki Larry adjustment whatever thing which is I you know, I've complained about this a lot with a lot of VR, they don't let you move the lenses across or away from each other. For those of us who have more narrow eyes are more further set apart. Eyes on Gear VR, I'm almost constantly cross eyed because I'm having to look slightly in instead of looking straight. And that gives me a huge headache. And it's not very fun. But the the that wasn't a problem with that. Now, once I did dial everything in the text is still a little smearing. And the graphics are not crisp. At least they weren't for me, I think chatted mentioned it that sort of what he also saw. So Alex likes to blame my contacts for everything. But I don't believe that that's necessarily the case. And the overall quality was not that much higher from a visual point of view, in my opinion, which is not necessarily knocking the rift but it's it's really sort of saying, well the Gear VR they did a really bang up frickin job with that, considering it's a $69 piece of plastic the slap on your head with your phone in it. So that was that was the one thing that I would say. And then once I put it on, and I was able to get it completely adjusted. I'm subconsciously comparing to my GC monitor your funny. The other problem is, once I actually got the headset where was comfortable that there was this little blurriness as possible that I could get out of the graphics. I had a light bleed around the bottom of my about the bottom of the nose piece. Now that might have been fixable, I may have been able to Dink around with the headset longer and try to tidy it up. We were passing the headset back and forth, and his wife and his daughter, he and I were all using it. So we were trying to continually adjusted to sort of fit our heads. But light bleed was not too big of a problem. It's distracting from time to time. In some cases, it was actually useful because you could peek out below it and see where you were at making sure you were still in front of the TV and not walking into the fireplace. But overall, I think that was a negative piece of the experience, but I don't think that's on surmountable. I mean, if nothing else, if it were my Rift, I would probably add some sort of a foam or something to the bottom of that, or a little drop cloth or something, something that I can wedge in there, that would still be comfortable, that would allow that light bleed not to happen, because that does sort of interfere with the immersion experience. Other than that overall impressions, the headset needs to no longer be tethered. That's, that's the next big thing if they could get that cable now, I gotta admit, listen, here's the funny part. When you've got when you're blind with a headset on and there's a wire running from your head, and it will computer the opportunity for tripping. And stepping on everything really seems to be a really great potential. Quite honestly, I never tripped over the wire and never copper wire and never gotten the way I don't know how that is. Unless Chad when I was when I had the headset on was running around and moving it out of my way. I was amazed at how well it did work with that wider connected to it. They get rid of that wire though. And they've got a they've got to work on the sensors. And quite frankly, if we had a room that was dedicated to VR and the sensors, you placed them once and forgot about them. And they were always good from that point on. I think that would be the optimal way to do it. But you break it out every you know, once a month or something. And so you have to set everything up manually. And then there's all the dialing in and tweaking and stuff so so the setup piece was less than pleasant. But I understand that that's not indicative. I didn't get motion sickness at all, which was good, but I think it also had to do with what we were playing it did not did not have that kind of motion quality to them. But yeah, overall very positive. I mean, to the point where I'm actually looking to try to convince my wife to let me buy when I'm starting to look at D. What's funny, is this morning or was the last night IGN Deal of the Day popped up with an Oculus Rift on sale so I quietly sent it to my wife and she has not responded I don't think she will all right well let's see out of 42 minutes show on a Saturday bonus episode yet to have Chad on here so we're going to go and do our our man things here in downtown Denver Hope you enjoyed the show this is Shane arm and row with Chad Austin is my special guest will talk to you guys later will resume probably regular shows on Tuesday. So take care. Enjoy the extra shows and we'll see you next time. Take care.

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