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Hello there, everybody. This is Shane. arm and row. You're in the passenger seat with me. passenger seat radio. Yes, I'm back in Phoenix. You're back in the passenger seat. I'm in the driver's seat. It is Wednesday, November 14, 2018. And I am not on my 13 mile commute home. I'm actually on a rather shorter commute out to Goodyear, which is not just a tire place, but good year is a town on the outskirts of Phoenix and I am meeting somebody and I'll tell you just who that is shortly. But first, let's catch up. So as you know, I was out at Chad's Thursday, Friday, Saturday came back on Sunday, Monday we had off right because it was Veterans Day observed. And that was great. So I had a nice little I had like a day and a half to kind of recoup and reminisce about the amazing weekend that Chad and his family showed me. It was truly truly cool. I'm going to tell you a little bit about the last the last part of the trip, and then I'll tell you where it is I'm going and why. You'll have to stay tuned to figure that out. But unfortunately, though, if Google is correct, I've only got about 20 minutes for a show. So you're going to get a shorter show. Why is everybody changing lanes up here and this doesn't look good. I might have to get over Okay, I think I can wait just a minute here, right. Nobody in the chat yet. It's a minute 40 seconds into the show. Not a single person is in the chat room yet. Of course, if you'd like to join in the chat live get the speaker dot speaker app or go to and pick up the show when it goes live. It's really really easy to do on your mobile device. Just install the app add passenger seat radio you'll get alerts when I start recording and there's Justin Justin maze he's in I had to leave early buddy I had to go I mean now to good year and every second the traffic was getting worse and worse. So as soon as that change release meeting was done I bolted and I think I made the right choice so i was i preceded you by seven minutes Hey asked him off What's up man so let me let me finish up the weekend for you. So I believe the last time when Chad and I did our Denver supplemental and congratulations to 720 seconds for understanding I was making a reference to Star Trek their Captain's log supplemental was a Denver supplemental I believe we were on our way to this incredible arcade called hyperspace, in the sort of the outskirts of Denver. Let me tell you, I want to tell you about this arcade. First, we went there on our way to the comedy works, which is an downtown Denver. It was a fantastic day told me fantastic day. So. So we got up on Saturday, and we went on a hike up to this reservoir. And if Chad pops in here live, he'll be able to give you all the details as to where this place is. I got pictures, but so we took what he called a gentle hike, which turned out to be quite a little hike. I think we ended up hiking about a mile and a half. It was it was a good hike. I mean, I would have never made it my previous state but it was a really nice hiking and Chad and I got to talk a lot and we you know, shared stories and thing on a second here. I just got a note from let's see, let's controllers no longer supply the Xbox controller. My son uses it. Hang on a second here. Alright, that's good. Alright, so um, yes, we went on this great hike. He was a matebook x men of the cloth is here. Always nice to see him pop in. So anyway, um, so we went on this great hiking we had a you know, we added lots of good chatting time it was really nice. And we got some great pictures by the way my panels turned out anyway, Chad, I tried to take some panels on my trip. And for some reason the camera kept telling me to piss off but I was able to capture a couple of panels with my phone, which I thought was really, really weird. But I did I got some panels. I just I screw up and get the wrong lane. I don't know what the hell's going on here. This traffic traffic. So we're down here on that on the 10 heading. West tech. Yeah, so we had the hike, it was great. We came back down and we did some you know, some kitschy is shopping at the the Garden of the Gods trading post, which was kind of fun. And then so then we we headed out and so one of our stops for the day was to this hyperspace arcade. I gotta tell you guys, this place is incredible. It's huge, right? First of all, it's in a real CD part of towns are going damn Are we sure we want to like leave the car here? You know, is there a locked parking garage or something? But anyway, so this archive is huge. I don't know what the square footage was. You can look it up online. Unbelievable. I saw a video it was the first of all, first of all, one of the cool things is they had original space Ace and Dragon's Lair. Now, these aren't these weird Dragon's Lair trilogy cabinets, where everything is done digitally. These were all original laser dispersants, you can tell you know, the difference. You can tell if you know what the LaserDisc games are, and you know all about it. It's amazing that see. So they had those, they had a bunch of machines that and all in great shape. They had a wizard of war and original Wizard of war. They had an original lady bug, which I don't know if I've ever seen an original lady bug or not. or some of the other games they had. They had a wacko, they had an original wacko to not a conversion. Get a Peter pack rat. You never see the Peter pack rats. Damn what else was there, there was just some truly truly truly amazing machines. There got a ton of pinball. It was a $12 cover to get in for unlimited play. The pinballs were not covered by the cover charge, which I thought was kind of weird. But the other thing they had at this place was they had like a simulated living room to actually sort of two sides to this living room. And on on one side, there was on both sides were like a couch, one side had a bunch of classic games. One side had a bunch of classic console. And in the middle, they had a whole bunch of computers, including an old Apple two and on Apple to get this apple to had a handful of games that I always wish we had on the Commodore 64, one of which was a game called sabotage and was basically a paratrooper derivative. And it's great. It was fantastic. It was actually on that machine and playable, it was, it was amazing. No emulation. These were all real machines. Amazing. So the other things, what else was in there, there was a Mr. Do, there was a crossbow, there was no zookeeper, and there was no Star Trek SOS, either the captain's chair version or the upright, but pretty much everything else you can imagine was there, and it was amazing. Satan's hollow, that's what else we played that you had a full a full size Missile Command. It was great. It was truly an amazing experience. But we only got to stay there about an hour and a half because we had to go and we we swung by subway, I got my so called dinner in which the comedy works. And I can remember the guy that we saw, I'm sure if channel pop in here. He'll tell us. But we saw like three comics. They were good. But here's the weird thing. I haven't been to live comedy since, like the early 90s. And so when you go in, personally have to check all your bags, right? They will let you carry anything in and your mobile device. They take your mobile phone, you have to give it to them. And they put it inside of this thick pouch, and they lock it and they give it back to you. So you can't take your phone out. You get to keep your phone with you. But you can't get to it. It's crazy. And then when everybody you know, when the show's over. Y'all have to stand in line of your phone and log. It was just just weird, wacky, weird, wacky, wild stuff. The seats were microscopic. I mean, they, they, I mean, they shove a ton of people in there. The seats are like, you know, when you go to like an elementary school, and you get those little tiny desk chairs. That's what they were like. And I'm going man, if I had been a lot heavier, and there were some, there were some good size people that are like, How the hell are you sitting in these chairs? It's totally weird. But anyway, yeah, it was. It was a good show. We had a good time. There was some good laughs I had my first set of real true cards, I ate some pretzels, some of those big dipping pretzels. I kind of that was my one sort of transgression while I was out chatting his family provided me with like, every type of food that I wanted to eat. They got all my special yogurt and my special taco seasoning and everything else. So it was really it was an amazing trip I wanted for nothing. It was great. And my room, my room that I stayed in a chance, right was it was a nice little guest. for them. It was very spacious, but it was all sort of themed towards the shining. And so on the door where was a Stanley Hotel Room 217, which, of course, is the book version of the movies through 237 never understood why they changed that, but they did. And so there was a Sidewinder poster, and there was tons of Stephen King books laying around. It was just, it was truly amazing. And so that night after the comedy show, I got, they put me up in a hotel, which was again extraordinarily generous of them. And I stayed at a place called the curtains, which is funny as shit, because Justin's dog, one of Justin's dog's name is Curtis. And my wife always cracks up whenever I talk about Justin dog, Curtis, because she thinks that Curtis is the craziest name for a dog. I think it's funny as hell. But the Curtis in downtown Denver is famous for what they call their themed floors. So almost every floor that you have in this hotel has a different theme. So there's TV, there's music, there's hard rock their sports, there's racing and so when you go to the root the to the floor, and every floor apparently has a very detailed theme room as well. I did not stay the fever but I did stay on get this the 13th floor right hotels don't have 13 floors. That's the greatest part. But in this case they did. And the 13th floor of course is a horror floor and when you are in the elevator and you go to the floor, there's some sort of a voice announcement some sort of a little jingle that plays to let you know what floor you're getting off on. And of course on my floor is jack nicholson or at reasonable sound alike just as you approach the 13th floor It's like he is Johnny 13 and it's just I was blown away it was amazing it's all decorated It's so cool down one of the side aisles is a giant TV with Heather O'Rourke you know right from Poltergeist and then down the other hallway at the end are the two twin girls from the shiny but not really twins but it works for the works with a bit and it's got red rum painted over it and what's really cool is and I'll share a video or pictures if you guys want to see it there is a little slant in the hallway and on this slant is a mirror and the mirror is perfectly angled so that if you look at it it says murder because murder spelled backwards right Red Rock it's it's just like in the movie right the Shelley Duvall bit where she sees it in the mirror. It's amazing. It was fantastic. I love that. There was a nice thing which by the way, I think Chad and I said that same phrase about 500 times over the course of the weekend. Great. So that was my room for the night. I had a raven outside my room. The room itself, like I said wasn't themed, but it was a great, very nice hotel. The bed was very comfy. I got there late. I couldn't really sleep. So I rolled around and watched a shitty TV cut of Roadhouse for a little while before I went to sleep. And then first thing in the morning snow storm. Yeah. Yay. snow storm. So I swear, I almost didn't get out that the deep plane, the ice, or D is the plane twice before we actually took off. I'd been like a half hour later. I don't think they played with a left. So I got pictures of that too. And I'll tell you what. I do not miss the snow. Adam. So that was the remainder of my trip that maybe we had talked about. So it was fantastic. Again, super, super big thanks to chat for having me out. It was amazing. Good stuff. So I'm Monday. So Sunday. I came home didn't do much late around Monday. You know, we did some errands, some shopping or whatever. Then Tuesday. Yesterday, I guess I just didn't didn't have the have the spirit to do is show yesterday. So today. I do. So that's why you're going to show now. So where am I going? Well, I was greatly taken in by by Chad's Oculus Rift. So you guys know, I've dabbled a little bit in VR. And, you know, with the Gear VR and I wanted that was part of my trip over was for Chad to show me the ways of, you know, true virtual reality. I think I get a full review of my virtual reality experiences with chat in the car on Saturday. So you can go back and listen to the supplemental two episodes getting close to my turn off here. So I would go back and listen to that. So after I talked to my son, and I showed him beat Saber, which is this amazing rhythm game where you slice off blocks in time to music with lightsabers. Yeah. It's just as cool as it sounds, I started looking around. And as fate would have it, I found a Craigslist item Craigslist listing for an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers, a couple of sensors for a really good price. And that's where I'm going right now out to good year to meet the individual selling this Oculus Rift. And this is going to be my Christmas present. So I am joining the world of real quote unquote, real VR. And I know Chad's excited about it, Alex is excited about it, because he is also a big fan. He owns an Oculus Rift as well. So I will be probably sharing a lot of my VR experiences here on the show one more piece of technology I can share with you. So that's where I'm going. And I've only got a couple of miles here to go. So I should probably start wrapping the show down here a little bit. Very excited to join this. Now, unfortunately, my wife is going to make me wait for Christmas. Which sucks because quite frankly, one of the reasons why I decided to go ahead and join this, this VR club is that beat Sabre Sabre SAP, er, you know, like lightsaber beat. saber is going to be a great workout. And I know because I tried a couple of songs on expert mode, and, you know, it totally thrashed my ass. So I'm hoping that with beat Saber, I can replace my evening trip to the YMCA, and instead do with 30 minutes of beat saber to some really good high impact songs. So I'm hoping that my son involved in to help him slim down a little bit. So we're really excited and beat Saber, I'm going to talk more, I'm going to give a whole host a whole show to beat saber shortly. So I don't want to get too much into detail with it. But suffice to say that there's you can do your own creations. There's a huge community, go, go, go. Go to YouTube, and type in beat saber and see just how crazy the community is. So I'm very excited to get into that. And that's where I'm going, right? Yeah. What else did I have? Oh, so also, I'm recently You know, I'm a big fan of sky force. It's a vertical shooter on various platforms. But it came out on Nintendo Switch. Not that long ago, the sky force reloaded edition. And then as of earlier this week, Sky force anniversary came out and it's very confusing. Do I need the second one? I'm a big fan of the first one. Do I need to buy the second one, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So I decided to do a little comparison video. It's up on YouTube. Now. The Shane arm and row channel, check it out. See what you think that the bottom line is. If you have reloaded, and you don't have any problems with it, you may not need to pick up anniversary, but reloaded was a mobile game port. So all the freemium things are in there, but it's been rebalanced. So you don't actually pay for any of the freemium but the 14 levels of currency are still in there, and all that nonsense. So you, you have to take that into consideration. So in the anniversary version has a lot of the same stuff, but all of that freemium stuff is completely stripped down. It's a much more pure experience. So if you don't own either you might consider going with anniversary first, or if you did pick up reloaded wait for anniversary to go on sale. It will certainly go on sale and you'll be good. All right. Well, listen, I'm going to get off of here. I don't know this area of town very well. So I want to be able to navigate and I'd rather not rear in the GMC in front of me. So enjoy. This is Shane, arm and row. Thank you for listening and we will talk to you soon. Take care everybody.

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