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Hey there, everybody. This is Shane Armin row, you are in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is November 17, 2018 year on my while you're not on my 13 mile commute home. You're on my somewhat number of miles to home. we're out and about on Saturday. I had a few minutes had some interesting information to pass over to you. And a fun little story to tell. So I thought why not. We'll get on the phone. My son's next to me scarfing chicken What? It's all good. So a tumor in my overexplaining. Yeah. Okay. So anyway, a couple of things. First off, we're dusting off them in real world forums. I know over the years, we've tried to move to Google Plus we've got we've recently sort of made up a sort of a move towards Twitter, and also recently read it. And as I've gotten back into discussion communities, I've been involved with the sea 64 Mini community. And of course, lemon 64 for a while. But I've gotten back to the point where I feel that the forums are the best way that we can communicate amongst ourselves. And I know a lot of you are my a, some older guys. And we typically use what we like. And I've always said that one of the problems with these discussion forums was the fact that I couldn't share directly from my phone to them. And that's always been sort of a missing spot I can easily share to Google Plus, I can easily share to Twitter, just a couple of clicks in the and I go read it offered that sharing ability, but I just don't, I can't, I can't like the format. I don't like the way that it's laid out. I don't like it's in flexibility. I don't like that. It restricts what you can and can't put on, you know, subpost all of that nonsense. I gave it a fair shot though. I gave it a few weeks to play around on Reddit, and try to see if I could make your workout. And a handful of you didn't make it over there. But I think many, many more of you. Hey, Jeffrey doll. What's up, man, I think many more of you would rejoin us if we went to a straight up discussion forum. So we are back the discussion forums are now at Monroe mineral So I had to I'll give you a little backstory here. So those of you who were involved with them in real world forums, ages ago, know that we had some problems. Namely, we had Hey, Javier, what's up, namely, we had a problem with denial of service attacks. Now, I don't know who was behind the attacks we never found out. But every time I'd put up a discussion forums, I would be immediately within a week or two, actually, of being informed by my hosting provider that my forums are being taken offline because they're under attack. So I have moved to a paid service, which is pro boards, I don't necessarily care for the pro board software I like I like the bullets and I like PHP, BB, but you know, we have to make do with what we've got. So we are back again with them in real world forums at Monroe, And so we've got a bunch of stuff set up. I've already seen it with some discussions. Hopefully, those of you who have avoided getting together with us on social networking will rejoin the community with our discussion forums and listen if you've already got a pro board account somewhere you're already part of some other community you don't have to set up another account or anything like that I moved over all those cool Monroe world avatars they've Alex put together back in our last incarnation of the forums so hopefully we won't get the Chinese denial of service attacks anymore and we'll be able to keep the forums up so I wanted to share that with you while we had the weekend and people had time to get up and experiment that's been real so that's why it's in a different address them in real world com so please join us and hopefully we'll be back in business in full swing with a full combo many of you guys some of the best times we've ever had on the internet have been at the mineral world forum so that's really cool The second thing I wanted to bring up was so we were out shopping you know I was running my son around we were trying to you know just get out of the house get some sunlight you know be a little active and so I've been kind of keeping an eye out for a used copy of Diablo for the switch I wanted to rental right so you guys know I love going to Game Stop and getting used games because you have a seven day money back no you know full money back return policy so I mean if you hate Game Stop using for the whores that they are and rent from them for free and one of the reasons I wanted to check it out was I know from from a multiplayer standpoint Diablo three is probably not the game for me. But from a full blown campaign format I think I could probably get my money's worth out of it but I needed to use copyright the US copies are what qualify as a to be returnable for full full price. So I've been watching since the game came out. And Diablo much like, you know, Nintendo first party titles. Ain't nobody trading these things in man. I mean, getting a use copy of this is a you know, harder than getting a golden Wonka golden ticket. I'll tell you. So finally, we stopped the game stop just arbitrarily to, you know, look around and check the clearances and all that other nonsense. And so I thought, why not. I'll pull up my app. And I'll pull up the game stop app and see if there's any stores that have a used copy. And lo and behold, six miles away existed a used copy of Diablo for switch. Hey, Spike. What's up, man? Hey, I never got to see you lot. I guess the weekend works out better for you. So anyway, so I went ahead and I asked the manager at my game stop. If she would call over to the Bethany home store and have them hold it for me. Well, first of all, make sure they've got it to make sure they have it with a box. Because if I do end up keeping it I'm a collector. I like the box I'm going to buy. I'm getting a goddamn box with it. You know what I'm saying. So they call over and while she's on the phone, securing the deal. I see her making a box for me. So what she had she didn't have an actual real box for it. But what she did have was a display box. And sometimes the display boxes A Game Stop really, really suck. In this case. The box was actually decent in terms of the way it was laid out. It actually in some ways is kind of better than the actual Diablo box. It does have a little game stop ribbon along the bottom. But overall, it's uh. It's It's pretty cool. So she says, Listen, they've got it. They got it on hold for you. And they don't have a box though. So here's a box. I know. It's a display box. I'm sorry. But it's better than nothing. And I'm like, I'm looking at the box. I'm going okay. All right. I'll do it. Right. It's I can return the damn thing. It's not that big of a deal. You know, it's not new. I can get it gets. I got seven days. So we immediately get in the car. Like I said, it's six miles. So it takes us 10 or 15 minutes to get down there. So we go in and this is like the ghetto This is a ghetto game. Stop right? There is some woman with a shopping cart outside selling tamales. That's how ghetto this places the Malays yeah so I've actually I think I mentioned this game stop before because you have to mention it when there's a woman selling tamales from a shopping cart outside the thing and she was there last time I was there that was like years ago but anyway so back to the story so I wait my turn in line and the guys like you got some games Wow dude did you have to confront me like that? What the hell that was very rude. So he's like I've got some I got some some some bad news and some good news. I'm like oh I said you couldn't find it and he's like well here's the thing I've never ever seen this happen before he says I've been managing this game stuff for six years I've never seen this happen I agree to put it on hold on the telephone at the same minute that the guy at the counter sold it so literally one of them had the game one of them had a box you know the display box not the real box and the guy had the guy on the phone the manager the agreed to hold the game had the game the guy at the counter had the box and just rang the guy up and so they gave it to the guy that was in the store which is probably what I would do to right if somebody hit the store that you get preference over somebody who's on the phone I've always kind of felt that way you know if you want if you want to have you know first class attention Get your ass to the store and do an in person in this case though the manager Now listen you can say how much you hate Game Stop and how evil they are and all that shit but every now and then you know like Charlie bucket giving back the everlasting God stopper so shines bright star and a cruel world or whatever it was he said someone can look that up for me and posted in the chat with you The guy said so listen I'm going to make I'm gonna make this good I'm gonna give you a brand new copy and I'm going to give you the pre own price for it. I'm like whoa. Really? And he's like yeah, yeah, yeah, I said I've got an elite pro I mean that's a lot more money than just I mean that's 20% versus 10% It's a lot of bank and he's like no I'm going to honor it i think i think that my district manager would have wanted me to keep a happy customer versus you know screwing you out of your game and I'm like wow all right and i said i said Do I mean like I still get the I mean I'll probably be keeping it but if I don't like it i mean being Pre Owned I should be able to bring it back and seven days he's like yeah no problem he says I'm gonna write something on your received here and and if you have any problems at all You just come right back to this store I'll take care of her personally he said he said it was worth it I've never want seen this happen not one time that two people want the same one game what oh yeah yeah yeah so so anyway so that's how I ended up with a brand new sealed copy of Diablo for switch for the lonely price of $43 and 99 cents well my stack of A plus tax of course so quite the deal that was that was I have never listened I have called ahead I have put games on hold I have done all of this stuff but never have I ever want seen anything like this and either as a manager who does that nine hours a day and then Brian got a nice treat to so we were looking at we were looking at some switch accessories on our way out and the guy asked us if we were buying the new Pokemon game for switch and I said well my son wants to get it but you know he's going to have to save up for that's the that's a good chunk of change and he said well would you like the map now apparently against Apple's giving away some sort of was what is it just a map Ryan supposed to supposed to but isn't there a map on the back side no matter the whole entire game? Yes. There's a map of the whole entire game on one side and a poster on the other side. So it's a flipper and I think he gave you two of them didn't he? Yeah, yeah, they're very it's pretty cool. It's got like it's got like a foil and it sounds like a big giant foil Pokemon card on one side and and then the other side's got the map. So how cool is that? I mean so what a day I mean what a nice What a nice thing for that guy to do. You know So listen, I hear all the time about how game stops sucks and how evil and malicious they aren't all that stuff and listen normally I agree with you they do have their perks and occasionally you find a nice start this wasn't even my regular store this guy didn't know me you know the people in my store know me would cut me a break and would go out of their way to build me up a case for a game but these other guys you know something different so anyway I wanted to share those those two stories I really wanted to get everybody back online I know spike was a mineral world forum person so it will be nice to have him back Jeffrey doll I believe you two were on the forums way back when so I'm very excited to be able to bring the forums back and be able to be able to get us all back in conversation again it just the way my mind works forums are better laid out well laid out there not I look at you know just little philosophy here right let's be honest Twitter and even Google Plus these social medias are about today and maybe yesterday and if you're lucky last week and tomorrow and the week after that in the month after that these as a as an astrologer person as a as an individual who loves retro who loves nostalgia, who loves to keep things for a long, long time. forums are an archive of amazing discussion of amazing presence. Twitter, whatever happened yesterday. It's gone. I mean, nobody gives a rat's ass Google Plus. Same thing, really, with Google Plus shutting down. Of course, that's why I started making a move to Twitter, and Reddit, but even Reddit. Reddit is about what's popular, not about what could be for that day, you know, so I'm excited to bring those back. Yeah, read it. Yeah, exactly. Jeffrey read. It's disorganized. It's not well indexed and organized. It's really about what's trending. That's not what mineral world has ever been about. It's not what retro gaming radio is about. And I really would pass you see radios about we're not about what's trendy. We're about a collective, a collective of organization of information and memories in the style Jeff being able to share when we saw you know, some demo TV somewhere playing a space Ace video and you have no clue that that even would still exist or any of that sort of thing. So I'm hoping that with the forums everyone's back in a format that they like and they can enjoy Well, listen, I know is a little short show, but I hope everyone enjoyed it. Hey, Chad, you're still waiting for your plane for chat stranded waiting for a plane. So it gives them something to listen to for a few minutes be occupied by fixing is here. Yeah, check and fixes here that Chad's the new garish channeling in our in our organization. But Brian just laughed. He has no clue Garry Shandling is but it's funny. Anyway, all right. Listen, I'm gonna let you guys go. We're going to go into a car wash soon. The signal probably crappy anyway. I don't want it to do a disconnect. And I gotta go do some more shopping. So anyway, hope you guys enjoyed your short Saturday show. Short Saturday. Show the SS and we'll be back live next week. Of course. Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday. I am working. But of course, that is the long Thanksgiving weekend. So you won't get a show there. So maybe I'll do a show or two next week. So that we have our fill of poor passenger seat radio. You guys take care of thanks for thanks for hopping in on the Saturday special Saturday. Special short show. The SS SS featuring Brian Yeah. Free. Featuring Brian. Yeah. All right. hijack that. Yeah. Chad. Brian says. Hi. I'm sure you can hear. All right. We'll take care everybody have a great rest of the weekend. We'll see on Monday. Take care, everybody.

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