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hello everybody this is shane armand earlier in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio it is what the hell date is it it's march 27 2019

year on my 13 mile commute home welcome to the show so meeting a couple of tic tac sorry i just got off work i am

back to the gym this morning after my vacation time i

feel like hitting the gym the last couple of days monday monday wasn't a good day i had to go to the doctor and i didn't want to go to the doctor with you know stinky sweaty smelly ass and then yesterday i just i just could not get the

get the energy to go to the gym yesterday so

i'm back today so i went this morning am

still finishing up that umbrella academy am on episode

Nine of 10. So it's almost over and I don't know, we'll see how it ends up. It's just been something to watch. I might,

my daughter Christina is recommended that I watched the HBO show sharper objects, I've no idea what it's about. But she says she hasn't been that into a show since six feet under. And so when you invoke Six Feet Under,

which was for me,

sort of the very first of these, you know, short series HBO type shows, I know a lot of people watch Sopranos before that but six feet under was the was the one that kind of spoke to me and I really got into it. So I guess I'll have to at least give it a try and see how it is. There's only like 10 episodes of that and I'll need something to watch. So with everything kind of currently off the air

and finish these Tic Tac

huh um

you know, it's really weird. These wintergreen ones are kind of hard to find.

These days

yeah the white ones are the freshmen ones the white ones are pretty easy to find and the orange ones for some reason

then they have

fruit sensation and then they have a couple of weird ones that called mixers right so they have ones are like strawberry and banana Hey asking about what's up

like a pina colada one or some reason these these green ones these wintergreen one seemed to be a little harder to get I mean you can order them and most stores will carry them but man I keep seeing a lot of stores not having them anymore nor do they have a spot for them anymore. So

probably cut back on the tick tax probably a lot more calories and they lead on they say it's negligible calories but yeah,

you enough of my guests are some calories involves.

All right, how's everybody doing Mitch? Wednesday, right?

pump days

Over, and I got short day on Friday, so that's good start the weekend.

Let's see. Yeah.

So I'm Pet Cemetery. The original 1989 version hit 4k Ultra HD HDR

yesterday came out. And so, fries. What is this?

serving sizes what to I'm going to say how I got the container writer.

Nutritional fact

serving sizes one minute, so supposed to be 60 minutes in here. calorie zero

total fat zero, sodium zero carbs zero protein zero.

So it says there's nothing in here,

but I don't believe it for a minute.

I mean there's sugar, right? So I mean, I'm not sure how much sugar we're actually talking about, but it's got to be pretty small. So anyway,

got tic tac one and a half calorie breath mint right

whatever happened to that chick she was really hot like back in the 80s i wonder how she's holding up that tic tac lady

she was somebody important i mean i was too young back when she was on tv like recognize her from anything

i mean if it wasn't like you know lindsay wagner or lynda carter or or

who's that who's that chick that was in logan's run jenny a good a good try whatever and oh my god she was so hot that was like you know she was literally like one of the really i mean i thought you know jamie summers you know bionic woman she was attractive i never really thought i'll be honest i'm gonna i'm gonna come clean right here on the show i'm sure i've said it before but i never found lynda carter particularly hot i tend to like shorter girls tend to like blondes redheads

didn't quite check the boxes for me but i did like lindsay wagner i thought she was attractive but not hot

Jenny was freaking hot. I don't know how she's holding up these days, but she was hot in that. And then she was in American course American Werewolf in London, right? She was super hot in that Logan's Run. She got a little nude in there too, if I remember right. And I think the last thing I really saw her on, I mean, for real. I mean, I know she's done some other stuff. I just can't remember. But the last thing I really remember from was Child's Play, too. And of course, she played like the motherly type Hey, Javier, what's up man?

So and she was looking still okay and child's play. Child's Play to has to be like freakin 50 years old at this point. So I'm assuming she's not holding up well.

Hey, now


what was I going with that? Damn it? I got totally Soho pet cemetery Pet Cemetery. Yeah. So the 4k release came out yesterday after I you know, they had a blu ray rerelease got just a few years ago, and I ended up somehow getting that one twice. So I've got like, $900

is a pet cemetery now, so I might have to offload a couple of my blu rays.

I know I've at least got to blu ray copies of pet cemetery. I know I've got it on DVD.

And now I've got another Blu Ray copy as well as the 4k as well as the digital code which I think I'm gonna end up giving the Justin because he likes he likes his digital lockers. I'm not a fan of course, but so maybe I'll give that to him.

So yeah, so I took a I took a run out of last night's You know, I'm always excited to see some of these catalog titles. Mary Lambert is the director if you didn't know that have a pet cemetery. And if the name sounds familiar, she was really big in doing music videos back in the 80s there were big one was like a prayer by Madonna. Right? You know, that's the one that was all controversial because it had the black guy is so funny. How far have we come? Right? It was so controversial because it was like a black Jesus dude and whatever. We've come a long way.

But yeah, so she

directed that and she got tapped to do Pet Cemetery.

The first one, of course. So I saw recently the documentary I'm sure I talked about it on the show, but the name of the documentaries eluding me. It was like an hour and a half documentary on the making of pet cemetery and was really, really good. I was kind of hoping that that would be included with the 4k somehow. But it obviously wasn't a paramount production, that documentary so I guess they didn't own the rights to it so that they didn't include it. There's a handful of extras including Mary Lambert, there's I don't know a couple of 15 minute type feature at Mary Lambert talking about supervising the transfer right that's the new thing is the directors you know the the Jim Cameron and others supervising the HDR treatment of their films and

You know I don't I don't totally get why they need that I mean listen, I think it's cool when

when they do transfer supervision you know when they when they they take the old masters and and the negatives and they they re scan them and they you know they're going to do some sort of cleanup autumn or whatever I want the director there to make sure they don't dig something up right

but the whole HDR thing you know the fact that it's basically two numbers right the high and low that I don't know if the director needs to be in there to supervise the the HDR high and low settings for the contrast you know what I'm saying?

But I know there's there's some color detail and some other stuff in there and this is I believe, it's funny DVD fab identifies pet cemetery is a Dolby Vision title, which it's not. It's an HDR title, HDR 10 titles, so I don't know it's really weird. Maybe it's both. I don't know if it can be both. Maybe Javier knows better

Interesting. So here's what's kind of interesting about this. So of course the first thing I want to do with with these 4k movies as I'm picking him up is I want to drop them into my PC and I want to rip the extras right and then I want to create a my own rip of the disk and then put the discs away and I can watch the 4k stuff on the Xbox or through Plex.

But, so but what I expect when I was wanting to experiment with was Can I take a 4k film?

It's written remastered right because here's here's what we got going on here. We got the 4k has a remaster copy and 4k and it also comes with like the last release of the blu ray right. So the blu ray is not a 1080 p HD.

Copy or remastering from the 4k. So what you've got is a 4k remaster. And you got the old

Transfer to blu ray, right? So if I want a non 4k friendly copy of pet cemetery on my Plex server, right? I, you either have to rip the blu ray, which is not the new transfers, you're not getting any of those benefits. Or you essentially need to rip the 4k and convert it down, sample it down to 10 ATP. And so this is my first experiment with that. So I left that going it was going to take like two hours to do that ripping conversion.

It's gonna be like eight gigabytes, that's about the right size it nice and good size 10 ATP video, I'm just curious how the down sampling process might affect the overall quality of the restored copy. So I got some experimentation to do. I'll take the blu ray out. I'll rip a chapter out of that. I'll compare it side by side, you know, because this is the sort of neurotic shit that I've got time to do, right.

So anyway, yeah, the transfer

really really good I poked around it you know I didn't watch the whole thing but I did throw it into the Xbox right so I got full HDR and and you know I got to see it on the 4k and the whole bit so you know I saw it as best as I could with my setup and it looks really really clean you know these older catalog titles tend to have a healthy amount of film grain on them and that's by design most of the time I am not is

I am not as film grain happy as a lot of people are it's I know it's a nice healthy amount of green I'm going dude I don't want to see green I want to see the damn picture you know some of these catalog titles just like you know if I wanted to see you know a picture with you know, some distortion over it like this film grain you know I can play Xbox One S rating play Black Ops on that and you know, playing with that Vaseline. cover over that's kind of what the grain feels like to me.

I know people, the film aficionados seem to appreciate the film brain. I don't I don't like it as much. But I don't want an artificially enhanced either, right. So if the film brains part of the transfer, then I guess we have to be okay with it because I don't want to see a monkey with. But she did say this was interesting. So again, like I said, it was kind of short, these extras, these new extras, again, tumble down to 315 minute type videos. Plus some of the older stuff was included on there as well from the blu ray release.

But she was saying that the during the remastering process, they were able to tidy up some of the obstacles. And I find that fascinating because so optical effects are done in camera, right? So or they're done directly to the film. So they're not digital. They're done through a camera effect. And one of the things you can always tell these movies from the

From the 80s, mid to late 80s, that have a ton of optical effects.

What they do is they apply the effects directly to the film, which means somebody like handling the film to add these layers on top right. So if you watch one of these older movies and let's say there's a

scene where there's like an electrical effect lately, I'm trying to think of one off the top my head like Superman for right, I mean, you could admit to watching it, it's okay. The part where the the radioactive bad guy occasionally has like these kind of these electrical bolts crawling up his arm, right. So that's done through an optical effect. It's not digital, there's no CG. And so what they do is for those sorts of electrical effects, they actually pink them onto the film. Right. So it's one of those things where you can't take the effect off. It's not like a multi track recording where you can pull the drum track off and put new drums on top of it right

So this process of man, you know, handling the film, and drawing, you know, frame by frame by frame by frame by frame these electricals are these lighting effects that they used to do.

It makes the film look dirty as hell, right. So if you were to watch if you watch closely, especially if there's a lot of whites, if you were to watch say,

Superman three, I don't know why I'm going to Superman mode here, but I'm Superman three, when the acid factory is, is is is heating up because of the fire right and then the acid is going to turn volatile and turn into this big nasty cloud of, you know, smoke they can eat through buildings and chip. So Superman flies to this lake nearby. And he uses this freeze breath to freeze the top layer of water and then totally fucking with the laws of physics. It was cool at the time but you know every now as I get older, I have more questions.

manages somehow to pick up the entire top of the lake and fly it over to the building and he throws it on top of the top of the building in it, it starts to break down and essentially turns into rain.

Well, if you've ever tried to lift a piece of ice up off of a frozen pond, it breaks really fast, right? I mean, you can't it nevermind, I'm not gonna argue physics with Superman three. But suffice to say

that that she device, right that he's that he's flying around with is an optical effect. And because it's white, you can really see the dirt and grime on the film.

And it's bad, right? And so anytime that you get these sort of older optical effects in these catalog titles, you can really see some of the bad articles. Some of the other ones that you see to our stop motion animations.

Because of the way that they're filmed, the film sits in exposing more

exposed longer I think it is. So like if you watch the gate right with those little clay creatures running around really neat effect back by the way back at the time

again, you'll see that the film looks a little on the dirty side, right? So and I haven't watched the film all the way through to check out the optical effects or whatever odd Pet Cemetery. The Mary Lambert definitely made a point to mention

that while they were doing this restoration, they were able to clean some of those optical effects up and that was that was really neat.

And it was really to it was really cool to to see what's the guy's name Brad Grenier greening or whatever his name is the guy that played Pac stout Pascal.

They showed some of his makeup sessions and things like that, you know, his brains are hanging out of his head. He said he wasn't very popular at the cafeteria, which I thought was funny as hell. Imagine this guy coming and sitting next to his brain goose coming out of his head. It's awesome.


was really cool it took like, you know, two and a half hours or it was a four hours I can't remember it's like four hours of makeup everyday to get him into into that costume and you know nowadays they just freakin throw some seeds shoot over top of the terrible and it looks great. I mean it still looks fantastic that frickin slimy ass brain sticking out of his head and of course the scene with Denise Crosby at the end of that right or like faces all happy and then she gets poured out of her I and and you know lewis is sitting there making our in the kitchen. Yeah, I saw something interesting watching that scene

that I didn't really notice before I've seen pet cemetery like a billion times right? It's one of my favorites it was on cost a rotation. You don't remember right talking about having a VHS tape with three movies on it.

And pet cemetery pet cemetery to which I know a lot of people don't like but I love it Clancy brand, and that super hot chicken plays the kids mom. Yet we put up with Ed for long because the mom was hot.

But hey Travis What's up?

she she's been in a bunch of TV lately and she's not she's not held up well, but yeah, she was no spring chicken back then. Let's be honest. The Clancy Brown makes that totally own.

Anyway, so I had pet cemetery pet cemetery too, and I really can't remember what the third movie was. I really wish that's something I hey, Alex, what's up, man? I really wish that I could read I had a listing. I wish and at one point, I did have it on the computer, but that was like Commodore 64 right. I wish I had a listing of all my VHS tapes and what was on all of them. Because at one point in time, I had a great catalog system. I busted that I think I had 120 tapes at the maximum of mine. Well, that's before I started collecting originals now I'm talking copies. So my entire room and he plays it was a goddamn horizontal surface. Had video cassette tapes, right had a VHS in a case well labeled, you know, in some cases

Simon printed the cases. And I and I had to have all the same cases. This is an angel I was about my movie collection right?

So Liberty video, which was the video store I've talked about many, many times on the show, where I used to rent 10 movies for a buck on weekdays. I take him home and pirate him over the course of the weekend. It was really it was great stuff but

they they would sell movies like pre you know, pre own movies, you know, pre watch movies. And if they they would sell them either with the original box when they sell them with their house, you know their house cassette tapes, right. So when you would go to the way you would go to the wall, they would have the actual original VHS cover with like some sort of a

like a styrofoam to hold it right so it wasn't actually the tape that was in the box, then the box of the piece of styrofoam in there and then they shrink wrapped it. So when you would go up and pick up

Look who's talking off the wall. It would be that Look who's talking box with with the insert the styrofoam answer right. So let's say they had 10 copies of Look who's talking for whatever reason I like Look who's talking about I just had to make a joke it Christianity's expense but they would have 10 copies of Look who's talking but they would only keep one of the boxes right? So when they were getting ready once the video it played out and they were renting it anymore and they wanted to resell it.

You would never get the box you would get a house box or a house

VHS case and so I remember them being this like kind of nasty looking brown color, like shit. It was like a light shit color.

But I want them all to be the same. So I would actually buy cases from them for movies that I purchased outside or for my own VHS copies. Yeah, those guys made a decent living off of me alone I think

But I wish I had a track list or listing of all of the movies because I had I had some really neat groupings in some cases like I would literally go back this is how frickin Angel and how much free time I had

I would actually go back let's say pet cemetery came out right on home video I would take and record that onto a tape and I put two other movies on it right well at some point pet cemetery to would come out but I so then I would I would do is I would rent pet cemetery

and pet cemetery to put those two consecutively on the VHS and then put a third movie on, or in the case of like Beverly Hills Cop, right, one two and eventually three came out, I would have to read copy or make a new tape with all three movies in sequential order.

And then I would take the other tape that used to have one of the movies on or whatever and wipe them over and reuse them some

quite the quite the system I had going on there, right so

Yeah, so the the pet cemetery transfer looks really, really good. I mean, if you already own it on blu ray, it's gonna be a hard, hard push for you to probably pick up the 4k. But that's sort of my new thing. Now you know, I'm picking up new releases in 4k and I'm picking up my favorite catalog titles and 4k, and pet cemetery is definitely one that matches the criteria of my of my favorite catalog titles. So

that was that and it was the same price at frys. It was an Amazon. And while I would have probably paid like 80 cents less in Amazon and tax

I would have had to wait a couple of days. I kind of wanted to play around with it last night. So yeah, the extras are good. For those of you who have access to my plug server, which many of the people in the channel currently do. You'll find a copy of pet cemetery and all the extras will be available on Plex, probably later tonight.

Those who want to take another run at it.

There was a there's one that's

called that there's one of the experts called fear and remembering which is interesting they have a whole bunch of footage from the new pet cemetery remake along with the new some of the new cast and the chicks hot and that to did she kicks denise crosby's ass i mean that's that's the missus create i want to hang out with is the one that's in the new one

but anyway so they have some of the cast they have a little bit of john lithgow and they have the producers and the director and a couple of other people there and they're talking about the reminiscing about you know the reason that they're doing this new and is that the first one affected them so much and it's really it's really a it's good i mean it's an interesting little

interesting little feature at one of the other ones which i think was on the dvd special edition dvd was called stephen king territory stephen king's territory and it has stephen king at the time of filming walking around the

The real world sets if you will, of pet cemetery when they when they were filming and he talks about his inspiration and like half a pet cemetery is a true story. Right? I mean he was in Maine and he was there with his family and his daughter had a cat The cat got killed by you know by a truck in the road. And you know,

there was a guy across the street standard judge you know, jug Crandall type. So like it was so much of the so much of the film is based on his own personal experience. You know,

of course, you know, the McMakin, there was a pet cemetery,

right? A lot like the one that was there. Then he added the dead fall in the mic back and all that stuff, obviously for the story, but it's, it's really interesting. It's kind of fun watching him walk around talking about it.

There's a lot of good information there. So if you're, if you're a pet cemetery, Hor. A lot of this stuff that they talked about was in that documentary. But if you

You know, if you didn't foot for the documentary, then you get a lot of that information here too. They talked about the facade they built. So what they needed for the the realistic outdoor sets was they needed to two houses facing each other across the road. And so they had one house, but the other house across the street was like this.

Not suitable for filming house. So they actually built a full house around that house. They built a facade house. And that facade, that whole facade is what they burned down at the end of pet cemetery. Pretty cool, right?

That's really neat. I really like that sort of thing. And I think it turned out to be turned out to be a good vibe.

So I forgot to mention a couple of interesting pieces of the story that I started on Monday, that I that I recall, then I wanted to share with you.

So let me see how much time do I have here. Once you've cut

From you know the other lane turns to you know

so let me let me double back on the misfortune of my poor cat My poor cat Luna

so during the process of

trying to find our cat

it was recommended one of the recommendations was to post on craigslist. And so what I did essentially was I had already posted I don't know two or three different two or three different locations, you know, the, the straight are and a couple of other locations. So I, I would I cut and pasted my AD AD I guess if you call it my plea for my cat. I cut and pasted it and put it on Craigslist and I uploaded the same photo to attach.

And so we're here it's like, I don't know 11 o'clock at night on Friday night, I guess. Right? Yeah. 11 o'clock Friday night and you know, we're checking you

know we're checking all the locations and everything.

My phone beeps I got my phone with me and my phone beeps and I got a I got an SMS text message.

And the message says, I've got your cat.

And he's like, I want to make sure that this is a real post and not a fake post. And I'm like,

What do you mean a fake post, trust me? Send me a picture of the cat. And he's like, I need to make sure that your need to make sure that this is a real, this is a real post. You know, there's a lot of fake posts on Craigslist. So he says, I'm going to have Craigslist send you a code, I want you to verify the code and then I'll send you then I'll, I'll I'll send you a picture of your cat. I'm like,

What the fuck is this nonsense. Like,

can't have my cat right? I don't know what you know. Plus, you're all destroyed is a great way to take advantage of people. So I'm like

I'm like, okay, send the code. So I get this code that comes from some other texts service, some other SMS. And it says this See, this is a Craigslist secret code for email address, Roz Razi Well, 2025 at And the code is 12345.

Never share this code. If anybody asks you to share this code, it's a scam. And I'm like, I'm like, huh? So I'm trying to figure out the angle on what's going on here, right? And so I wrote back to the guy, and I said, I said, I got the code. But semi Mike, send me a picture of my cat.

And he's like, No, no, you send the code first. And then I'll send you a picture of your cat.

And so I go back and I'm trying to I'm trying to figure out what the fuck this is right? Because it doesn't ring right.

But it was late and you're kind of get tired of everything and

And so I counter him and say, what's the email address this with the code, there was an email address with it, what's the email address with the code? And he identified the email address. I'm like,

I said, What the fuck? I just send me a picture of my cat. He's like, nope, code first, then I send the cat picture. So I gave him the code. Of course, I didn't hear from him again after that. And so now I'm like, wigged out what the fuck did I just give this guy What What is this nonsense that's going on? So of course, you know, a couple of Google searches and I was able to find what I was looking for.

So this is commonly known as the Craigslist code scam. And it can be played a couple of different ways. How great that they prey on some poor fucker who lost his animal. Can you imagine if I had not given him the code? What sort of crazy shit he might have said like he was gonna hurt my cat or do something nuts like that. These are some sick fucking people. The prey on somebody's losing their cat


Anyway so you look it up and essentially half of you listening are already looked it up. Damascus shoot it said right there was going to be a scam as I do, but you know you do anything right? You're going to do anything about your cat, last animal, whatever. So as it turns out what these ass hats do

is they once they see somebody post a valid SMS phone number, right? So he reached out to me to make sure that I could accept texts at that he that phone number. And so once I respond if he knew that it was a real phone number, he then went to Craigslist and signed up for a fake account that he could, you know, use to shyster people right? That he could do fraudulent activity with and then we made that account he gave them my phone number

as the account verification number. So when when he hit you know, verify phone number, it came

Me with the code.

The flat out told me not to use it to share with anybody which of course I ended up doing with his email address.

So then once they get that counter code, they can verify the code and they now have an account with some fake yahoo email address with a real phone number yours.

So any sort of fraudulent activity or any sort of nonsense or bullshit, sorry, end up doing

gets trace right back to you.

Now there's a variant to this scam,

which is they attempt to create a Google Voice account using your valid SMS phone number.


at that point in time, if you have your own Google Voice account, it basically can terminate your Google Voice account or does something crazy to it, and it gives it puts your numbers the forwarding number

To the Google to their Google Voice account, once again, lending credibility to the account all sorts of crazy shit. So anyway, once I discovered what it was, you know, Craigslist obviously has a tool page for tools, the tools that actually shared that code. And,

or like, yeah, yeah, I gave somebody my secret code, blah, blah, blah. So I put a retraction they took care of it made sure that you know, most of my phone number attached the account or whatever, so I had to share that with you. I thought what a fucking shitty thing to do, man. Here's this grieving couple worrying about where their cat is yours promising to give them their cat back. And all they gotta do is give you some code.

Assholes, man.

bunch of nonsense people suck. Just the way it is.

Crap, I just fucked up. Hey guys, I undo. Yes, good job.

How much time do I have stopping at the store? Damn it. I don't know if I've got time.

Yeah, okay, I don't have time to do anything more. I don't wanna I don't want to get into a topic. I know it's only been 33 minutes, but I don't want to start another topic, but I got a couple of things to talk about

that are worthwhile. In the meantime, I am closing on the store. So I guess I will let everybody go back to your day. Hopefully, Javier got 30 minutes of some sort of light at the end of the rainbow after that nonsense. He's been through a word Good Lord for Javier. Or Xavier as Google.

So funny, right. So if I if I'm doing voice to text and my chat with Javier and Alex and Chris and my other friends, if I just say Javier

right. If I say, hey, Javier.

You know, you want to get play Xbox later, whatever. It it comes up as Xavier x A vi er so hobbit universe a Javier Have you

No matter how I say it, it comes up Xavier. But, but

if I say, Javier Lopez,

it will spell Javier right. It's crazy. I cannot train it unless I give it enough Mexican context right or whatever it is that Google's using to do that just cracks me up.

frickin Xavier Xavier Lopez. Alright guys, I'm going to get out of here. I hope you enjoyed the show. Shana Monroe patches the ratings and excited

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