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Hello everybody this is Shane Armand row you're in the passenger seat with me it's passenger seat radio, April 1 2019.

April Fool's day but not on this show. all that nonsense and running around wasting time with April Fools

Day. Your father in law I

never celebrate the April Fool's Day. So much nonsense.

only wish I had Jewish parents so they can make fun of Hey,

hobby errs and holy shit like 32 seconds in that, like beats Travis's score. That's awesome.

So yeah, it's Monday.

It's the one day of the year you can't read any news or following you know,

read any tech journalists because everybody's got some weird, warped sense of what's funny. So and this show though, we're not going to worry about any of that nonsense, I got a whole list of crap to talk about.

Let's start off with a couple of pickup stories here. So I had a few more items that that rear their ugly head from

the last couple of weeks, I thought I would tidy these up.

So the Sunday after my Vegas trip, I had to go and pick my son up from the airport right so he's 12 so he still flies as an unaccompanied minor

or you're playing stockpile You dirty son of a bitch I wish I were playing stock but hopefully you're doing better than I was the other day Good lord and stockpiles this, this new sort of dog tag mode in, in Black Ops for essentially,

you've got you know, you kill the kill the other guys,

you pick up their tags, and then you have to return the tags to a ever moving location and stockpile location. So it definitely adds I like it. I like the mode. I like the I always like killed confirmed, right? Where you kill somebody, then you gotta go pick up their tags.

This one takes it even further

by me, can you return said tags. But what really makes us great is it adds a lot of objective type stuff to the equation, right?


there's a couple different ways you can play right? So you can sit in and and Camp The, the the point, right like you would any other objective type point or

you can just run around and kill and collect and

then you got to decide whether or not

you're going to hold on to these tags.

Until the stockpile gets closer to you right and hope that you can beat whoever you know before they find

where the stockpile is.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, it's I like it. I like I like the varied in the game mode.

And I gotta say, you know, Javier will back me up mochi, Mr. Javier,

the black ops for you know, like every other black ops game It seems to take or like any other Call of Duty game, it seems to take about six to six to eight months before these games. Finally, get rid of all the cheaters and deal with the spawn camping and level all the weapons, start having some interesting game modes. So it's about that time, right? It's been. It's been six, six months. Hey, Brian, hold what's up.

So we've been Javier. And I've been playing a lot of black ops for which has been cool.

Man, let me get back to my story. So. So he flew in on Sunday night, right after we got back from Vegas, which was nice, because not only do we have grown up time in Vegas, but then we came back and we had,

well, we had a couple of days off, but they were you know, spent dealing with the cat situation.

And then

you know, Brian came back in the very last minute. So that was kind of cool.

So for those of you who have never

had the joy and privilege of dealing with the unaccompanied minors such situation, let me explain to you how this works.

So if you want to send your kid on the plane, right, even a non stop playing,

you you have to up to a certain age you have varies from airline to airline, you have to pay what's called an unaccompanied minor fee. Yeah, this ranges from remarkably decent,


Alaska air, which is like 25 bucks each


to remarkably stupid, which is American Airlines, which is $150 each way. And that,

of course, is to make sure you know, the kid gets on the plane and gets off the plane, which is weird, because, you know, if it's a nonstop flight, right, I can take him up to the gate, and see that he gets on the plane, you're supposed

to wait for him to take off.

And then when you go to pick him up, you can get a special past to get through security, so you can meet him at the gate. So there's never a time when he's out of your side. Right. That's, you know what I'm saying it seems almost pointless to pay for an unaccompanied minor fee. I get it if the kids like really, really young and they get scared or whatever, my kids 12 going on 20 you know what I'm saying? He's fine.

And he's got a phone now. So it's no big deal. Now the second the plane lands,

they say you can turn the phone on, he's on the phone talking to me. So

it's, it's not that big of a deal anymore. But up until a certain age, you still have to pay this damn fee, which feels almost like a an extortion fee.

So typically

speaking, you know, I don't want my parents or wherever he's flying to pay any baggage

fees or any company minor fee. So the night before, I'll get this notice from Alaska air saying, hey, you can check your son in now. And so you go up and you pay your fees and chooses seed or whatever, and you're good to go.

Now what really is a huge pain in the ass, is when you go to pick him up. For some reason, it's a lot easier to drop him off, and it is to pick him up. And I don't know why it is but it tends to be that way. So he's flying on Alaska Airlines, which is terminal two, for those of you who are familiar with Arizona that terminal two is a very nice terminal. Terminal fours is the ghetto terminal. So terminal two is like

let's see Macy's or or like JC Penney's, right,

if you were at the mall, that's what it would be like.

Terminal forest like Walmart. Right? It's literally overcrowded billions of people, all the cheapest flights go right in and out of there. That's complete zoo. Parking sucks. The gates are all a million miles away. You know, you have to take you have to essentially use people movers you know, those moving sidewalks to reasonably get to your destination any sort of

time but terminal to

it's quiet, you know, baggage claim. Everything is everything is nice. I like terminal to it's almost worth paying extra for Alaska, just for terminal to. But the if you can imagine, you know, even to find something wrong with terminal two. That's that'd be my luck, right? So,

first off, you gotta keep your eyes out because these goddamn flights from Seattle down to Phoenix here, all tend to get some sort of a tailwind going every time my son takes one, right? So it's about

it's about 30 minutes from my house to the airport on a Sunday afternoon, Sunday night.

So it's not too bad. So, you know, I'm on I'm texting back and forth with my parents. They're like, yeah, we're almost to the terminal or at the terminal, we put them on the plane, the plane took off, we're going home, because they live in what Angie and that Seattle is like three and a half hour trip back. So they need to get they need to get out the door. So they they fulfill their duties, which is to let the plane take off before they run off, right.

So I'm not playing check off, we're good. And I'm like, you know, okay, I'll text you when he gets here. So then I bring up the bring up the itinerary right

on the real time stats on the on the web.

And it's like, you know, estimated flight arrivals 6:35pm, I'm going sweet, I'll leave about six Life is good. Well, as that three hour window starts to go, all of a sudden it becomes 626 15 610.

Next thing I know it's 606 estimated time of landing. So now I've got to stop playing Red Dead Redemption to you. I know first world problems and get my ass out to the car and get myself to the airport. Because

unlike when I picked up from the

airport, or I'd pick Alex or Chris or somebody from the airport,

I actually have to park I have to wait for baggage claim with him, I have to make sure we get the bag

blah, blah, blah, it's all this big harangue,

it's not the same as just picking up an out of town, buddy, right.

And of course, you've got to deal with the security aspect of it. So here's how this works. And I'll combine the story with how it normally works,

it's not going to be nearly as fundamental.

So essentially, you go in and you go up to the checking, you know the check in counter. So when you park it terminal to I know this is going to sound like a whiny bitch fest. but bear with me. So your parking terminal so you don't even have to go up. You don't have to go up to like

six floors up and take this elevator, you literally

park on the ground level for terminal two, which is fantastic. You get out and you walk across the you know the traffic and you're in Terminal to Alaska air is literally as far away from the entrance in Terminal to as humanly possible. So you go into terminal Tuesday entrance, you make a hard, right? And it's literally all the way down at the end of the building.

That's where that's where Alaska air checks. And

so I get down there and

sometimes it's a big fucking line. I mean, sometimes there's like a billion people on that line. It's like, it's Sunday

afternoon. Why are you here.

But most of the time, it is like a ghost town, which is great. So you're in you're out Bing, bang, boom, you're back at the mall, right?

So I get down there and I get in this law, you know, I'd go through the little cattle, the cattle, cattle guards. And, and so Okay, so I'm going to sound a little sexist here big sue me for liking a pretty face. So the woman behind the counter in the special, you know, special needs or not special needs, whatever that there's, there's basic check in and then there's like a, you know, special information counter. And that's usually where I end up going. Because you're getting

like an unaccompanied minor pass.

Very attractive woman like right out of Fox News, right? I mean, she was wearing the same school with her leg sticking out around the counter. And I'm going on right, nice. You know, it's, this is going to be a good trip. So I get up there and she's like, Can

I help you? And I'm like, Yeah, I need to pick up an unaccompanied minor. Which, by the way,

if there was any, if there was, if there was any level of flirtation that happened

picking up your unaccompanied minor is not isn't, is not a flirty discussion. But anyway, I digress.

And I mean, listen,

you're going to sit there and wait around for somebody to print you out a ticket or whatever. I mean, you might as well be in front of somebody who's attracted look, and plus. So then, so she's like, okay, hey,

Lisa. And she looks over at the other counter, which is not the counter I went to

where this very unattractive woman is now listen, I don't want to sound I don't want to seem like I'm superficial. But this was this was not an attractive woman. And not because she wasn't textbook pretty but she had this string Yes, hair, these nasty glasses. Her lips were dry as the Sahara Desert. They were almost cracking open because they were so dry. And then she had like on the corner of her mouth like this cold sore. I mean, it was just

it was not a pleasant thing. And I'm like, Damn, I just got shined on by the hot chick that sucks. And she took she's sitting there talking to this other woman, right. So she's not doing anything at our terminal. I think she just showed me I think she was more interested in her conversation with this other woman then actually taking care of me. And she made some flimsy so I've got a note up on my screen or something. That's what she said to the Lisa. And so, you know,

Lisa was just, uh huh. So anyway, so um, Lisa takes her sweet ass time. It's taking forever. I mean, literally taking frickin forever I give her the ID I give her the itinerary I tell her you know everything blah, blah, blah, slow, slow, slow, blah, blah, blah, move along, move along. And I'm going to sit and stare at those freaking gaping cracked lips just

started have Nam flashbacks.


so finally, I get this little piece of

paper, I just spent the last 10 minutes of my life trying to acquire.

And next Of course, now here's the fun part. The entrance that I had to walk all the way down for I know, I'm bitching and whining. That entrance is I the double back all the way to the entrance hanging other right? That takes me towards the security gates.

So of course, if you've been to the airport, I'm sure it's exactly the same. You have a pre entry area where they farm out the cattle from the elites, right? So if if you paid $900 for your flight, you get to take this this line, if your general fucking cattle

you get to take this other line with 15 million other people, right.

And of course, there's beautiful people with iPod you know, I you know, air pods and iPhones and Max slung over their shoulder going through the,

through the elitist line. And then the rest of us, you know,

Android, PC or console peasants were in the middle. Fortunately, at this time of the night, there wasn't much going on.

It was like three people in line in front of me. So

again, if you've been to the airport, you already know this, but Heaven forbid some people don't fly. zoo. So once you go through the the the disgusting human vetting, then they send you to a pre check, where you then have to go up to these high and mighty TSA people sitting on these Thrones.

And they look like phones to know these

are the seats that sit and you know, so that they see you on

eye level, right? It's like I don't even know how they get the seats and stuff. And they motion you up as if you know they're holding court. And so you have to stand like 15 feedback from them at first and then they motion you forward as if they're doing this huge favor by checking your ID and making sure okay,

so the guy the guy that's in my line, I swear to Christ, you remember Jurassic Park? Remember Ned the guy that was stealing the embryos and selling them to the rival company? I can never remember the actor's name. You know, the heavyset guy curly hair glasses. It was him.

I swear to God, it was him.

If it wasn't him, it was his doppelganger. It looked just like the dude. Emotions me up as if granting audience and ID and boarding pass, please. And I'm like, here you go

ahead. So

I had everything ready. Right? I try not to be a dick.


so I hand him this. Instead of Pat. It's about a boarding pass. It's a they call it a you see pass on a company child pass or something like that. And so I hand it over to him and I handed my ID and then he he makes some he first of all, he says something like, so how do you print? So I

did. I know

it was so I hadn't shaved yet. So I had a big goal. I mean, my face was all you know, I just don't give a shit unshaven. And so he looks at me and he's like, and he looks at the ID and he looks back at me I'm going because my ideas when I was fat, right, my ID still is like to 90

so I'm a lot fatter in my in my license picture, but I've never had a reshot for Christ's sake. It's good to I'm 65 God knows I'm not going to go brave the the MVD just so I can get a new picture, right? But if anybody wants to bitch, if there's anything really wrong with your ID, they can fuck with you. If for whatever reason you don't match your ID some set of fun. What's this going to be? Right? And he's like, Oh, you got a beard.

And I'm like, I just just haven't shaved. Yeah, I know. I lost a bunch of weight. Yeah.

He's like, how do you say that? your middle name and like it's racing?

Yes. Wrestling? Yeah.

He's like, Okay.

I'm sorry. These don't match. I'm like, What do you mean? He's like, well, this, this this passes for Brian Monroe. Your ID says shaman room. I'm like, Yeah, yeah, I'm picking up my son Brian, is like, well, these have to match my. But what what do you mean? It's like, you're gonna have to go back and have them issue with your name on it. I'm like, Are you fucking kidding me?

I gotta go all the way back there.

I'm, you know, I'm already like, you know, I'm already behind because the plane is now 30 minutes early, right. Fortunately, I had a little bit of buffer time, just a little bit. So he's like,

sorry about that. I'm like, okay,

so I hold my ass back through the, you know, the elitist. The elitist, vetting process, right. Nobody likes see you go backwards. I think there's something freaky going on.

I hold my ass back to crack lips, Lisa. Which by the way, she started putting the like chapstick or your

car max or anything on that yet. She still looks like those things are just going to split open and bloods going to come gushing

at? And I'm like,

Yeah, they said that my name has to be on it.

And she's like,

oh, sorry about that. I guess third time will be a charm. Hahaha. Like, wait a minute. So that's why I spent the same you're thinking to myself, so

that's why it took so long as you fucked up the first time. And he

actually you ended up picking up the second

time to

maybe if you smooth those lips out

a little bit, you wouldn't have so much on your mind. And you could like get the thing, right.

So then it's another 10 minutes because apparently the third time takes another 10 minutes.

So here you go.

I looked over at the attract and chicken. I'm like, I can't believe you bone me with this chick.

You know what I'm saying? I can't believe that I got screwed over.

I guarantee you that that attractive chick would be too busy. You know, you know flirting the goods that you know to worry about screwing up this element.

Anyway, I'm sure that the the attracted chick would have messed it up to but I just can't get over those lips.

So anyway.

So now I've got the past, right? I go back. And the guy I literally I saw the guy 10 minutes ago. And listen, ain't 5

million people going through here?

You know what I'm saying? I guarantee you

when I went when from the time that I came back and went through again,

five people went through. And that's five of the, the, the console peasants not the elitist, because he wasn't working the elitist trough, you know what I'm saying?

So now I go back, and he's like, boarding pass and it plays and I'm like,

Yeah, yeah, he's gonna pretend we didn't even do this, huh.

And he's like, okay, enjoy your flight, Mr. Monroe. And I'm like,

What the hell's going on is like, you know, Rod,

Rod Serling is going to pop out from my kit for submitted

for your approval.

So anyway,

so I finally get through there. And then of course, I've got to do the, you know, the degrading strip search, right? So everything out of your pockets, belt off shoes, the whole bit, you know, and I travel light, you know, well, especially when I pick my son up, right? So I go, you know, and then they do the body scan, and they hold you. And this is the part that I don't get, like,

there's these little yellow footprints


after, and then again, after the the body scan, right,

so you got to stop, wait, they Usher you in, you stand in there, they swear, they swipe you, then you stand right outside, and then they send you to another station. It's so weird. It's like, it's like you're loading for Back

to the Future Universal Studios, right? Nobody, except for you know, you don't have you know, Tom Wilson and Christopher Lloyd, giving you little shorts to keep you occupied. When that'd be great.

I don't know what's on the X ray body, but we're gonna have to stop them. Come on, Doc. I don't know that was going to do some sort of an impression that just didn't work


Anyway, so yeah, so anyway, it was uneventful after that. And

you go up to the podium, right? For those of you don't know. So you go up to the gate, which

by the way,

while we're at it, the gate is literally as far away as humanly possible. So remember, I told you that, you know, you take a right and Alaska, there's all the way at the end, he was literally a gate 11, which is the farthest possible gate away from the entrance, which by the way, is the furthest possible gate away from baggage claim to for those of you who are wondering.

So I took him down to baggage claim, right? So we came off again, you know, the hugs out of the way and blah, blah, blah, talking about all the friends he made and how he cracked up everybody on the plane, my son, the entertainer.

So we go down to baggage claim. And you know,

I know that here's the hard part, I have to tell him about the cat, right?

And I know he's just going to have a total freak attack about the cat.

So I wait till we get in the car. We start driving off and

then I tell him about the cat. So

anyway, that's my exciting story.


the the Jurassic Park guy just maybe mental though.

Alright. doctor's office. Oh, so. So Monday morning. So you know, I've been fighting this tailbone thing. Which by the way, I went saw PCP. And he said, No, no, no, not the tailbone. It's your Poland idol cyst. Right. And I've had a Paul and I don't say this before, and it gets inflamed or whatever. And you got a draining. And I didn't feel like that to me. But he's like,

No, no, no, it's not your tailbone. See, this is your tailbone doesn't hurt. This is the other thing that hurts, right?

So we're going to send you to a general search.

So I scheduled that right as I got back from Vegas. So it was Monday the day I got back.

Anyway, so I went in, and of course,

he tells me No,

it's not. It's not. It's not

a polling title says it really is your tailbone, but but I, I don't work on the tail bones, soupy sales, my doctors, I don't work out tail bones. Because I'm gonna have to send you to an orthopedic surgery. Right? And my great. He's like, what?

I'll put your referral together and you ate out in the doctor's office with the talking chairs.

So anyway, so I get out there, right. So when I was in there earlier, when I was waiting to see the doctor, it was empty, right? Not a soul to be found. I go back out there now. And there's literally a five Now listen, this I told you before, I think that this waiting room is the size of like maybe two SUVs? You know, nose to nose, right? Maybe.

So it's small.

It's a very small country in the West Indies. This is not a big place. They recently had

the whole country confident

that if anybody knows that esoteric reference, good for you.

Anyway. So I come back out. There's a Hispanic family out there. And I only say that because

they're blabbing really loud space. And I

don't know what it

is about Hispanic people, but they're going to speak really,

really loud. Especially

when they're not speaking English. I don't know what it is. But this is not the first time

so I come out. And it's like for its family

of four not five. I maybe it was a fifth

one back there was hard to tell. Anyway.

And so I come out. I sit down

there is a boy like in a in a wheelchair and older boy, but there's something something's just not right with that. But I mean, he was there was something really, really wrong with that kid. So no big deal there. There was the mom and the dad, I'm assuming and then a boy about eight.

What do you think the boy had in his hand? cell phone.

And guess

what he was doing with the cell phone watching a fucking TV show with no headphones on. And that phone was fucking cranked to the max. Almost so that the goddamn audio was blaring. This is not a big place. This isn't like an airport terminal where you could go like 50 yards the other way and wait.

blasting it was an English at least

I guess I that was something right.

And of course because the phone was so loud.


you know Madre in Padre over there.

They had to streak

over the phone

to talk to each other not English, where I know what they were saying, of course, but in Spanish,

but I had no clue what they were saying. They're probably making fun of me. Who knows.

But the noise was just unbelievable. I wanted to like I wanted

to pull my eardrums out with a hook. You know what I'm saying? So to reach him with a paperclip, puncture, hook them and just jerk them out. And of course, you know, the doctor and his staff weren't in any hurry to get that referral out.

So I

must have been there good. 1015 minutes and

I was just I was going to lose my mind. This other old guy. Well, he was he was older than me. I'm not an old guy yet. But this guy was like

1970s he came out to sat down right next to me. This is not a big place. There was no room to sit a seat apart. There was also an Indian couple there, too. I mean, what is this? There's this sounds like a joke rain happen to me and people in these Mexicans going to this doctor's office?


So anyway, so I'm in there, right? The Indian people are nice and quiet. I feel bad for them. They're probably like, the fuck out

of here.

The old guy he probably couldn't hear anyway. So that was all right for him. But he looked pissed off too.

So anyway, so finally I get this referral. Right. And if for those of you who don't have HMO Good for you.

Referrals seem to be like a 24 hour thing. So they'll write the referral. They'll fax it over to wherever it

is, you're going to be referred to. And then you have to wait like 24 hours before you can call over there and schedule an appointment.

So I asked him, I said, so they give me the number and all that. And I'm like, so when should I call this afternoon tomorrow? I said you just fax it over, right? So yeah, we just faxed over. I'm like, okay, so when should I call she's like, What? What's the insurance you have a signature

signature, but not know, you can call that you can call that. So I call the number that they give me on the referral. First of all, they get sent to like some weird voicemail.

I didn't even sound like a doctor's office voicemail. Turns

out it was like their, their medical billing

supervisors supervisor. No idea how the hell that happened. But anyway, so I leave, I leave my name and number they call me back. They don't have the referral.

We can't do anything without the referral,

blah, blah, blah. And so and so they finally i think i called back later that

afternoon. And they're like,

they're like, yeah, you know, we'll go ahead and check you in because it's two months to get an appointment. But

what, two months?

And then like, yeah, you know, are the doctors booked till May 24. So that's the first time we can see you. And like,

I just sit on this fucking

tailbone another two months. So I got Okay, whatever. So they start taking my information, right?

Somehow they don't know

it's a tailbone problem yet. They take all my information, all this all that. Finally, after we've been on the phone for 20 minutes.

They're like, and so what do you need to be seen for? And I'm like,


Is it? Oh,

I'm sorry, this, our doctors don't do anything with

the tailbone. What? So? Yeah, yeah, you're gonna have to get referred to by somebody else, you know, you have to get referred to somebody else. Like,


So then I end up, you know, calling back my p i. So I go to follow my health. And I send this note to my PCP. And I'm like, this guy can this they say none of their doctors do it at their

place, right.

So I need somebody else and I'm starting to get pissed off.

I've been jerked around, I spent 45 bucks to be told it's not a sailboat.

In spite of the fact that PCB said it wasn't him. It was not as

bad. I've been frustrated here. So like,

Okay, we got January 1, they send

this back, we got your new referral. We're going to go and send it over. And so they give me this so they actually called me this time, they just leave me a message. So this net very nice woman from Sydney calls me

and she's like, okay, here, let me give you the number and I'm writing this

number and I got this number sounds really familiar. And sure

enough, it's the same place I just called. They say they don't do tables.

So I call them again

and I'm just like

I said, the last

person I spoke to said, you don't do tail bones. So I don't know why my PCP refer me back year after I just told them that you told


that you don't do tell us Hey, Jeffrey Dahmer. I'm misery and misery in right

now. Like,

Oh, no, no, Dr. Branson, he does tell them so I'm like, Oh, great. Okay, so. So you need to talk to somebody because they told me nobody there does tell them.

And that's when I found out it was a two week way.

The first time. That wasn't a two week where we didn't mean to the scheduling part. Before I got now I remember. Yeah. So now

it's a 2am. Sorry, two month Wait, that with Dr. Branson's only available on, you know, starting on May 24. So I'm like, Okay, well, I guess I'll

I'll take the appointment, I guess.

And so I wrote my PCP back. And I'm like, come on, man.

You cannot tell me there's not another orthopedic surgeon in the Greater Phoenix area that can see me in less than two months. Whole, this whole thing, this whole

nonsense nightmare.

So then they call me back like later in the day, they gave me this canyon ortho location. And so I called them today. They can see me on Wednesday.

So I'm gonna go get seen there, and we'll see what the hell we can do with this thing.

But what a nightmare. I mean,

what a nightmare. It's like,

I don't know, man, the more ideal with the medical profession in general.

already told you I think their guests and half the time.

Oh, and then as a little follow up to that story. That night, I decided to take my wife and

kid out to dinner, right? You know, welcome, go back to school after vacation.


have a nice meal allows to go to Applebee's.

So we're pulling into the Applebee's parking lot.

Another eight or nine year old kid where the cell phone

goes charging right in front of the car. I mean, I literally had to slam on the brakes to keep promoting this kid down.

Then, from in between the car shows up mom and sister or mom and her friend or somebody. Don't even it knowledge it. don't even realize their kids about fucking roadkill. Nothing. Nothing just

I'm like, wow, wow. Right? And so the kid is completely paying no attention at all. But you know why I'm going to give the kid a pass. Because he

had headphones on. If nothing else, this kid jumped in front of the car almost got hit like Crispin Glover, right? almost got hit. And the parents said nothing didn't wave and say Oh, sorry. We're watching their kid at all. Just let them run right out in the middle of the street.

And I don't know.

I don't know. But at least when we went in there, and the kid was bouncing all over the place being annoying as hell in the waiting area of of Applebee's.

All I could think it was thank god the kids got a pair of headphones on.

I actually wanted to reach out to the parents who weren't watching their kid who are annoying little shifts themselves and

say, You know what?

You're terrible parents. But thank you. Thank God, you have your kids wearing headphones. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We don't have to listen your kids silly shit.

So I was pleased about


What else do I got here?

Oh, yeah. So well, I was in a while we were in Vegas, there's a follow up little piece I

forgot to talk about.

While we're in Vegas, we're staying at the Plaza Hotel, as you probably already know. And so I bring wherever whenever we go on vacation, I bring an NVIDIA Shield TV with me. They're small, they don't require a whole lot the standard HDMI there perfect little boxes to take on trips. And now the TVs have have stopped, you know,

now the hotels have stopped trying to lock you out of plugging something into the TV. Remember that there was a weird time frame

about five years ago, between five and 10 years ago, when no TV in any hotel would let you have any access to any sort of ports, no HDMI, no component, know co x, nothing you could not they even put little security screens on the back. So you couldn't get anything. I don't know what the I don't know what that was. But there was a period of time

when you couldn't get any

damn connections on a TV.

There were no front HDMI jacks or it's nothing.

Now though,

they put like cheap LG TVs in every room, nothing's locked down. None of the ports are plugged. You know, they're not using like industrial TVs anymore. They're using, you know,

$50 sets they buy at Walmart or whatever.

So now whenever we go on vacation, we take the shield TV with us. I get on their Wi Fi, and I can stream all my crap from flex my public server. And I'll tell you what, the plaza maybe an inexpensive hotel, but their Wi Fi is the bomb. It worked great. So I have my shield TV plugged into the TV, I'm on their Wi Fi. And we're watching you know, Modern Family Forensic Files, just background shit. Well, we're playing video games or just hanging out in the room.


all the sudden show stops, right. But what happened, you know, I figured was buffering or something like that? Because I was sitting at the table. I couldn't see the TV.

So I said, What's going on? And you pause the show? And she's like, no. And she's like, what's going on? I'm like,

I don't know. So

I looked over the TV. And it says office shield TV, which name of my shield


and it says on there a Hulu

ready to cast Hulu?

And I'm like, What the fuck? So I'm like, that's where First of all,

we don't use Hulu. Second hulu's not even installed on that shield TV. What the hell.

So I you know I grabbed the control right back out. I go back into Plex. Start playing started playing Forensic Files again.

I literally put the controller down, walk back to my

desk, phone, blue screen, office shield TV ready to cast Hulu. What

hell is going on?


finally we did that two or three more times. And so now I'm sitting there thinking is the shield getting hacked? What the hell's going on?


So then,

at some point in time, it just stopped and all the sudden Plex was working fine. I'm going man, that was crazy action

right there. Then later that night, though, office shield TV ready to cast ESPN.

So I finally figured out I finally

figured out that somehow

I and listen the plaza is a decently sized place but you wouldn't believe this. There has to be another Android TV

somewhere on that network named office shield TV.

What are the office Android TV or office shield TV? No It has it was office shield TV

set means not only was there another Android TV on the network name the same as mine. But it actually had the name shield in it so you know it had to be shield device.

So somebody else in that

hotel on that network had an office shield TV named or the shield TV named office she'll TV and they were trying to stream to Chromecast with it.

What are the chances of that like next to none and next to none right?



Seas that get me out of my think that gets me out of my old Vegas stuffs not get into some new stuff.

Oh hey with all the Samsung stuff out the new watch the new phones. I wanted to I wanted to throw a

pitch and you guys

I highly recommend and listen it's not cheap. And you're going to feel like you're getting bent over the sink when you buy this thing. But trust me you want to own one. Samsung make something called the wireless duo charge I think I mentioned on the show. But I'm so in love with it but

I have to talk about it again. This is a desktop

charging station that has a stand up phone wireless charger. And it has a circular watch charger which charges the entire line of Samsung Galaxy watches

and you just drop them on and they go they're all fast charging. They're all made for Samsung devices. So literally I can drop my s 10

and my my Galaxy active watch right on there and the charges like

super fast. It's convenient. It's awesome. It's It's It's It's I think I picked mine up for like 80 bucks it's worth it worth it worth it worth it to have one device that charges both and I never have to worry about isn't fast charging does this fast charge will that fast charge. It's great and it's one of the few pads actually works very well with the galaxy active watch. So

I wanted to plug that

again. Because it's it's worth it.

I very rarely do I say these expensive electronics are worth it. That's worth it.

All right, I got a bunch of other crap and I'm almost home when the Wi Fi is going to kick in. This is Shane Armin rope

has you see radio. We'll see you later in the week.

Take care, everybody.

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