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Hello everybody, this is Shane Arman row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is may 20 2019 at some Monday and you're on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the shoe. Well, I actually have a laundry list of crap to talk about. I made a list I checked it twice and I've decided I'm both naughty and nice. Hey asked him off. What's up my brother? players Travis. He's so cold in here. Oh, my wife was in here. So she's got all that. She I tell you what, she gets warm and stuffy really, really fast. And so it's like the put everything on auto here. It's like starting to freezing here. Anyhow, how's everybody doing? The weekend is over. That a three day weekend coming up. That's nice. I'm also taking two days off the at the end of this week. So I'm going to actually have like five days off in a row. I don't even know what that feels like. That's amazing. So that's cool. Hey, there's Justin. Justin. Justin. See, anyhow. Yeah, so the weekend was okay. Nothing really major to report. The was that the change? What am I talking about the change here? I don't know. Ask him. I've said the change. I don't know what that means. I don't know what change means. So let me let me get my list up here. Yes, yes. So over the weekend, I did finish Red Dead Redemption too. So I finished not only the main game, but once you finish the main story arc, you you go into something called the epilogue. And there's a two part epilogue that adds another know like three hours or so to the game. Oh, menopause. Oh, I don't think so. She still gets the rag. So I think you don't get the rag when you've got the menopause. Right? So now she's always she always gets warm. Easy. She always turns we go to a hotel right? The first thing she does is put the air conditioner on 60 because she wants to sleep under covers. I don't get that. If I don't know. I don't pretend to understand just love her and let her do whatever the hell she wants. Simple. So anyway, so after you finish, Red Dead Redemption two main story arc, which by the way, the main storyline the ending is it could be better. I'll be honest with you, I I I didn't like the end. And then then you have the epilogue, which runs another couple of a couple of hours, I'd say probably three hours. And then that ending is actually better believe it or not, the ending for the epilogue is better than the ending for the actual the actual game. And then once you're done with that, you get another like 40 minutes I kid you not it might have been actually 40 minutes, Travis, Travis can can commiserate with that. He said it was 40 minutes, I'm thinking maybe a little bit less, but it was close. The credits the closing credits of the game. literally run, like 40 minutes. It's unbelievable. Now here's how they keep you watching set credits, they throw little vignettes, you know, have a little story element. Some of it makes some of it's just like showing off landscape or showing off characters. But some of it looks like it's actually a post. Hey, Bruce Willis, what's up? Hello. Some of them actually show like story arcs that have happened after something of sort of a bridge between RTR two and the original Red Dead Redemption, right? You're going to sit and watch all that. And then once the vignette version of the credits roll, then they roll the scrolling credits. So one thing I found interesting, right, because I'm a manager of a software developer shop or part of the software developer shop. And, you know, quality assurance is a huge deal for software development, right? So in Red Dead Redemption, there were literally five pages of three columns, single spaced, tiny print quality assurance testers, for Red Dead Redemption to in our environment, we are the fourth largest trial court in the United States, Maricopa County as you can look it up. fourth largest. Our software runs the entire judicial branch. Right? Ours the software that we write in house. We have five QA testers, not five pages, five, five QA testers. It's unbelievable. So anyway, so I thought that was interesting. I wanted to make that know, Justin understands, don't you Mr. Justin. So funny, Justin, I were talking today about can we run quotes, like all day long, he'll pop into my office and say something and we'll just we'll riff on a whole bunch of quotes. And we were talking about the Wrath of Khan, right, one of us brought up a con reference and then we spun that for a little bit. And then we're talking about how how Raza Khan was funny because Khan remembers check off, right, because remember, he's down in, down in the Botany Bay and he's like, I never forget the face. Mr. Shake off. He's on TV. Yes. Right. It was funny is this checkoff wasn't even in spacey, the original Star Trek episode that featured the character of Khan. So that always cracks me up. And then Justin was talking about how it was supposed to be Sulu that went down there. He was supposed to be the captain to the Reliant. Right, not Tyrrell. So Justin started talking in Sulu voice and was saying some of the lines or they put things in they put things in us and me to do things minutes, me to do things so and I mean, Justin did it dead on and comedy really is 98% timing but it actually it actually is a lot more funny if it was Sulu down there to kick was your host, and you betrayed and tried to murder him. Yeah, it's awesome. I mean, I wish I wish I could get a recap of that, and have Sulu even if it's like George Takei at 85 I want to see him in the Star Trek outfit doing the pattern you know? You fantastic. It's fun working in an office when especially when you have people like Justin around. It's not so fun when one of us isn't there though. Trust me. Alright, so there's that Red Dead Redemption to done. Travis is still playing. He's off doing big game hunting and all that. I may take another stab at the online Travis and I tried the online. We were snuffed out almost immediately. And then we were snuffed out again and again and again and again. And again. Then we finally gave up we were done. Basically you appear in the game and a Nazi hit squad comes kills you and then you respond and do it again. Anyway, so that's that what else I got on the list. I got a ton of stuff on here. Oh, hey, listen, if this is a timely message, I want you with peace and love peace and love. Beat saber goes up 10 bucks tomorrow to its regular price. It leaves early. Early Access right early development, and leaves that officially tomorrow. And it goes from 1995 to 2995. So now is the time. I'm also going to give you a public service announcement here as well backup your beat saver folder. Because there's I'm guessing tomorrow, they're going to release the update. And all of the mods are going to break everyone's going to start bitching and whining. So I can I can tell you right now that if you plan on playing, if you plan on playing beat saber in the next, I'd say week and a half to two weeks back up your folder, back it up and get ready to restore it and take steam offline because yeah, it's going to be a real pain in the ass and everyone's going to be my word. So backup your beat saver folder if you haven't purchased beat saber yet and you're going to get it on one of this. You want to get in on this now. Bye bye bye. Troy if you're listening you should buy right now cuz you're going to leave my house later with a you're going to leave my house getting a VR headset so you might as well just get it now. Speaking of Troy I just wanted to take a moment to so you guys know we had a little tragedy our last trip to Vegas our cat got loose if you're ready the story and she roam free for a good five days and was mauled by a dog. She died just hours before we managed to get to her to shelter that somebody had found her. they'd gotten her in and tried to stabilize her but she did not make it. Unfortunately, we did not get to say goodbye to her while she was alive. Troy you know friend of the show Troy my best friend from childhood Troy I talked about Troy a lot he he recently got a new puppy. And today he had a tragedy the dog had got into some rat poison right What a horrible way to go because rap that's that's bad. And that just tears up your insides and up. So poor dog toys. poor dog his puppy died this morning. And so he's he's pretty retched up about it. And I I just told him I get it. I'm sorry. I understand. You know, he's sensitive like me, you know, a lot of people are like, Oh, just a dog, just a cat, whatever, but we're not that kind of people. So anyhow, so heart goes out to Troy and his loss. We're sorry, I'm sorry. Okay, I don't know if my listeners are sorry, but I'm sorry. I understand. Hey, Witcher three, possibly the game of the century. The best game I played in the last decade. In fact Witcher three turns four years old, four years old. It was yesterday or today. Four years old Witcher three. It's unbelievable man. Four years has gone by already since that game came out. And I'll be honest with you, including Red Dead Redemption to Witcher four. So the best game right now. Like if you were to say asked me What if you were going to buy the best game today right now? What would you buy? The answer is Witcher three. It's still the best game. Assassin's Creed origins was really good. Witcher three still better Red Dead Redemption to it was good. It was fun. I had a good time. I got 70 free 74 hours out of it. It was fun. Witcher three is still the best game out there right now. Four years later, it's still the best game out there. Congratulations to see the CD project read and their ability to create something that actually lasts longer than eight months. I'm looking at you add division. I'm looking at you Call of Duty franchise. Speaking of Call of Duty Have you guys been following this along? So first off, there's consideration of turning Call of Duty into a free to play game I don't think that'll ever happen the the stakeholders at Activision will not allow for that sort of thing to go on. But, sir, I've been watching a lot of Fantasy Island so I'm channeling Ricardo moto bot. And also along with that, it seems that sledgehammer got the sledgehammer to their PPS Activision has taken away the next call of duty from them and sent trademark into fix it and make it into black ops five. So I don't know what happened. No one's really talking about why just the trademark has gone in. And he's taken it over and Raven and sledgehammer will be support studios. So I don't know what went down, but Damn, that's some crazy ass shit right there. I don't know man. That's it. Hey, Brian. Hold came in. Jeffrey doll came in. They put creatures in our bodies made us do things. I'm sorry. I'm going back here. They were crack killers. I don't know what crack killers are. Anyway, um, let me get back to my list here. Sorry, I have to flip back between my keep lyst in the channel. Hey, so speaking of some timely information, you guys know I'm a huge Don Bluth, Dragon Slayer fan. And dragon slayer on the switch actually pass muster for me. I gave it a pretty good review. For the digital copy, now limited run games, which takes digital only games and turns them into a limited run of physical copies, has announced that on Friday the 24th there will be a collector's edition of Dragon's Lair trilogy released on Nintendo Switch. This includes all sorts of swag, and all sorts of extras I guess the price is going to be 80 bucks. Which man I love me some Dragon's Lair and I love me that swag. There's pins, there's posters and all sorts of great stuff, but I don't know, man, it comes in a box that's like a LaserDisc box. It's really tough man. 80 bucks. that's a that's a lot of change. A lot of change, man. But I may roll over and do it. We'll see. I'll see how the pre orders go this next couple of weeks, maybe another payday will come along before they close the pre orders and I can get in on it. But 80 bucks is a lot of money, a lot of money. Fortunately, I got the digital code for the original Dragon's Lair for free as a as a promo thing. So I mean, that's like, what 30 bucks, I can now apply make myself feel better. So I'm only paying really $50 for the Collector's Edition if you use my fuzzy math logic. So my last topic that I actually have here is I find this interesting. It's a let me flip this truck in. Okay, come on, I'm letting you in. You're welcome. No problem, man. No problem. So occasionally I do, we'll have YouTube or, you know, just like giving everybody else I try to catch up on some stuff. And if you're from my generation, the Gen Xers that we grew up in the 80s, you know, music, music, TV, MTV, and more importantly, music videos themselves were a very large part of our upbringing. Not just a period piece. I know there's music video now, but it's not the same thing. Right? When when thriller came out, when, when money for nothing came out, these these significant music videos came out it was a social, it was a huge social undertaking, you know, when you went to work the next day, you went to school the next day, people were talking about Dire Straits money for nothing video. And it was it was it was everybody was talking about it. It was it was a mass social event. You know what I mean? There was something special about a brand new video from a particular artist. You know, Prince video would come out or or or, or any of these, you know, really, really popular groups. These videos would come out and they were they were they were these these vignettes of stories that molded music and it was really important. Now music videos are a secondary thing. There's not a mass social surrounding to them. It's it's sort of a it's a lost. It's a lost thing. It's still around, but it's it's not what it was, you know? And you could say, Oh, that's just the statue. That's old man shame. That's grumpy old man shame. But I really truly believe that music, TV and the conversion of music to a visual medium was incredibly important to the entire industry into Yeah, the Take on me video from Aha, everybody was talking about that video. Everybody was talking about that video. And you didn't have to be a fan of aha or you didn't have to be an MTV fan. You know, if you're a Taylor Swift Fan, you know when a new music video drops of hers, right? And you can talk to other Taylor Swift fans. But it's nothing like it was before when MTV debuted. Weird Al Yankovic new video, whatever these things were, these were social, mass, critical mass items. And so, you know, I've got tons of music videos that I've collected over time. So trust me, I'm getting I'm getting around to a story here. So I continue to get news and information from Plex about title. And title not title like ti te le but title as in title, wave. title is this music service. It's like Google music or any of these other services. It's all just more another digital locker for you to get music off of. I continue to get these notes from you know, it's on my Twitter feed, I get it. I get news releases from Plex in my email box, all talking about title integration, title, title, title. And so I got a recent email about title offering like 6 million tracks, and over 250,000 music videos. Now, I see that I'm thinking to myself, now wait a minute. I've got all the music I need off Google music. But let's be honest, YouTube and all of these other sources when it comes to music videos are very hit and miss right? Especially if you're into the weird, eclectic shit like I am. Right? If you want Taylor Swift music videos, YouTube, no problem. If you want beyond say videos, go to YouTube, go to title go anywhere you want. There's music videos all over the place. But if you want Debbie Gibson's out of the blue, if you want army of lovers sexual revolution, if you want a team's floor filler, if you want, he sees around the world. Or he sees a heartbeat, like a drum, whatever. If you want any of these, forget about it, you'll be you'll be lucky to find some weird VHS bootleg on YouTube. So I'm always looking for a good source, not just to augment my video collection, but to try to replace it ton of the videos that I've collected over in the past. For example, I've got tons of videos from Aqua, right? That's the Barbie girl group, right? That's the only song anybody really knows of aguas Barbie girl. But I've got tons of their videos I love. I love Aqua. I love European pop, dance music. And Aqua I have tons of videos but they're all ripped from like VHS tapes, man. And they're all in like broken ass ABI files, you know, like, the old days with a vi was it, you know, and every single API file I have these days seems to have a broken index, right. So you load up in VLC, or whatever your media player is, then you can't fast forward or jump around because there's no index. So it tries to fix it for the moment, but it only fixes it in place. It doesn't save the index back. And you still have these busted ass API files. I've got Van Halen videos from the 80s busted ass ABI files. I've got Debbie Gibson videos, busted ass a vi file. So I'm always looking for another source, we can rip off YouTube. Now we can rip off Vimeo, we can rip videos off of almost any video source. Now. The problem is is finding the damn video source and trying to find a video source that actually has files that are better quality than what you have. So I was looking through title right, so this goes back. So I bought a 30 day trial. So I gave them one of my burner credit cards with $1 charge fee on it. So there's no way they're going to be able to build me in 30 days. So I don't have enough to worry about disabling the trial after I'm done. But I wanted to see exactly what it would offer. If I could spend the next 30 days ripping some decent quality videos of a lot of these artists that I don't have good quality videos from that might make it worth it. Hell, 899 a month I spend. I spend two or three months at that price to try to rip down some of those videos. Because quite frankly, they're they're gone. They're dying. These videos are going by the wayside. In the copyright police are all over the place. So I was trying to I was I was looking at my esoteric artists, right on Title I was looking at I looked up Debbie Gibson, right. That's fairly mainstream. Debbie Gibson had a series of hits in the 80s. She had a couple of number one songs. And so there was a couple of videos but I've got like 10 times more videos in my collection. The title has in there, right? I went to look at army of lovers, right? That's another Swedish pop group. They have like four videos. I've got like 30 you know what I'm saying? So my collection obviously outweighs the the collection of the title. So that however though, so then I typed in Aqua, right? We were big, really big fans of Aqua. It was a big thing in our house. My girls liked Aqua. We like Dhaka. Of course Barbie girl was again the one that everybody remembers. But Aqua had a really decent string of some really good songs. But they were very popular in Europe. They're popular overseas, you know, like Kylie Minogue Kylie Minogue had like two or three top 10 hits in the United States. But if you go anywhere else, if you go to the UK, you're obviously to Australia, cuz that's where she's from. But if you go to Europe, you know, Kylie Minogue is the Princess of pop. She's like Michael Jackson was in the United States. But everywhere else you want I'm saying? So she's like, super psyched David Hasselhoff. You go to Germany, David Hasselhoff said God, but he's nobody here except for you know, a fact, you know, drunk hamburger eating joke. But Aqua had a really decent following in the 90s. And so of course, I'm always looking to replace a bunch of my broken OCMA ones. So I go and look up their page, right and title. By the way, title, if you don't already have a music service. Let me just jump to that real quick. And then I'll finish my story. If you don't already have Google music, or Spotify, or some sort of a music service that you already like, and enjoy, you know how to use. And you are a Plex user. It integrates really well into Plex. I mean, they did a bang up job of getting title into place seamlessly. And I have to give them credit for that. If I didn't already have Google music and when Google music goes away, title title may be my next music service. I'll be honest with you, because YouTube music's a mess. I would rather you know, chop off two of my fingers that they use YouTube Music as a music service. Google Play is the bomb. When it comes to music services for me, that is my opinion. So anyway, back so now that you've given me a little mini review of title, it's worth looking into get a free trial and try it out. Just make sure you give him a burner card or something or be ready to cancel. But yeah, when when when, when the when the Google music goes out, it goes by the wayside, and I'm forced to go over to YouTube Music. I think I might look at title again. So anyway, enough of that. Let's see. Let me check the channel here real quick. I wish an official Captain EO release would come to VR dude. I don't know what I mean. I wish Michael Jackson, you know, hadn't allegedly felt a bunch of little boys, you know, because that's something that Disney might have actually kicked us out. You know, they might have been able to get us a clean for K Rino even attend ATP remaster of Captain EO and 3d inside of VR. It could still happen, it could still happen. But I think our chances are lesser than they might have been at one point in time. Alright, so I am in title. And I'm looking at Aqua. And I'm seeing a lot of Aqua albums that I don't recognize. So Aqua, like many of these other groups like a teens and these other groups that I love so much breakout. And then they go on to do solo or they reform like a sub base, right? Ace of Base reform of two new girls. And I gotta be honest, I am not as big of an Ace of Base fan. Now as I used to be in the 90s when the other two ladies were there. It could just be the style of music that's changed, right? I don't necessarily know that it's those two particular voices. But a lot of times we'll get back together but they only have half their members or whatever. Aqua broke up. And I find it interesting for those of you who are pseudo Aqua fans or don't know anything about Aqua, I'm going to take a few minutes and educate you. So Aqua was formed of three guys in the girl which is sort of outside the norm for European dance groups because it's usually two girls and two guys. It's a formula look it up. Anyway, so the two lead singers of Aqua, where this little money and running, which is really weird. And Rene's the guy European names, what do you want? Anyway, these two had some really good on screen chemistry. If you know anything about awkward music, Barbie Girl Of course, he played a role in that. And then there's Dr. Jones, where it was sort of like an Indiana Jones in the jungle sort of thing and then really good chemistry these two it's it's the big bald guy. Anyway, you think those two were a couple you know the way that they're on screen personas and stuff were turns out though, they weren't one of the artists one of the the sound engineers, one of the musicians of the group. I can't remember the guys name begins to the be I think it suddenly eludes me. But she got married to him. Right. And the group ended up splitting up and I can't remember why. And this is typically what happens anytime I like anything they take it away. So army of lovers broke up, everybody broke up. A teens broke up. So anyway, so ocko got back to together. Oddly enough, they got back together and released an album called megalomania in 2011. And I was totally oblivious. I had no idea. I figured Aqua was dead and gone. And I was never going to see anything from them again. So I I looked up this this megalomania album. And so I found on YouTube, I found it was the second song they released. And it impacted me enough that I'm actually going to play you a snippet of it. I actually took the time to isolate a piece of it to play for you. Now Aqua traditionally has had that Barbie Girl kind of that. That little girl sound voice. This is obviously them having grown and expanded. I've been I've been this song has been on my in my mind for the last three days and I can't get rid of it. It's called it's called a playmate to Jesus and there's nothing religious about it. I'm going to give you a quick snippet. I hope it comes out. Okay, I haven't played music over this thing. Let's try it out. Alright, I don't know how that came out over the on that side of the equation. The song really moved me I mean a lot and you can check out the video. It's on YouTube. It's one of the few things aren't banned on YouTube. And it's a it's a it's a neat video all their videos are needed. If you ever saw cartoon heroes. I don't know how much money they spent on that video. But that's like mid 90s Cg and technology that must have cost a bundle. But anyway, that's I've had that song stuck in my head in the videos, the videos cool and, and kind of artsy fart See, but I like it. And you know, the group is all there and all the members are there. There's definitely you can tell that there's not the on screen chemistry between those two leads anymore. But yeah, so I find it interesting. And this is where this whole thing sort of led to was I find it very interesting that that you can be such fans of something and then they sort of disappear and then they show back up and are able to recap debate you like that. Now I listened to the rest of the album. The megalomania by the way. I don't know what the hell is going on. But go just for fun. Just Just for fun. Go look up on Amazon and eBay. Look for the CD Look. Look at go buy the CD for awkward megalomania. Take a look at what they want for that disc. You're talking $200 What the hell, I'm just gonna go out and buy it. I'm an awkward fan. I want the CD. But do $200 for a disc. That's ridiculous. I can't pay $200 for an aqua this and you can't buy the songs either. Apparently, they're on Spotify, that album and the album's also on iTunes. But guess what it's not. It's not on Google Play Music. It's not on Amazon's music. It's nowhere to be found except for on like two sources. I don't even know if it's on those two sources anymore. And I have my ways of getting stuff, as I've talked about on the show before and I'll be honest, it was a pain in the ass to even acquire a track rip. I couldn't get flat copies either. I had to sell for mp3 copies of the rip of that. That album. Very, very hard to get crazy, crazy crazy. But there's also a great song in there. Well, it's not great. Let's be honest. It's filler pathway, a path I keep saying pathway play made the Jesus the best song on that album and quite frankly, I'm surprised that song didn't get more popularity. Because it sounds it sounds more contemporary than a lot of the Barbie Girl type. But if you like that, if if you're interested in Aqua, I will send you I will tell you there's a few there's a few songs you need to listen to if you really want the Aqua experience the rest of it. You'll either like or you don't. But cartoon Heroes is good. Around the world is good. This playmate did Jesus good. If you like those three that I would recommend checking out the Aquarius album Aqua. I liked that a lot. Of course, there's a whole bunch of there's some really good songs in there. They do this weird Halloween anthem song they've got you know that Dr. Jones, I mentioned there's any way you can look them up. Um, I just wanted to I really, it was it really impacted me. And then of course once I started looking at music videos, and I ripped down that playmate to Jesus song video, I ripped that off of YouTube and stuffed into my Aqua folder on my Plex drive. And then I started going through my other activities on the going, Oh my god, these things are like 30 megabyte MPEG, MPEG ones, they showed like a postage stamp on my 4k monitor. And I'm like, Oh, I got broken index AV eyes and I'm like, Oh, I am so pissed that I can't get this stuff. I can't get what I want. I can't get even quality for ATP videos from the 80s. So I went up and I tried to find a copy of around the world from Aqua. Right? I've got a like a VAB rip from some Japanese DVD that came out. And so I thought it's nowhere you can't find that goddamn song on any frickin video streaming site. So I thought just for fun, I would take my bomb and I put it up on YouTube. What the hell, there's every other goddamn Aqua song up there, but not that one. So I threw it up and I was immediately hit with a copyright strike, boom. The video didn't even get live from 10 minutes before I got a copyright strike. And it's blocked in all countries, not just the Americans, the Americas but all countries. So this is what I'm talking about. Man, this shit will be dead. You can't get it. You can't buy it. You can't get it legally. For God's sakes. It's hard to find a pirated copy of this stuff. We are living in an age where shit is so goddamn disposable. It makes me want to vomit. Why can't I get what I want? I'm willing to pay. You want to you want it. You want my money? Give me a DVD. I'll even take a DVD full of awkward videos can get all right. It makes me mental. It makes me mental. That digital streaming. all this nonsense is fastly destroying. I can't get my hands on what I want. It's going to make me crazy. If I lose those videos, I may never be able to get them again. I couldn't find that around the world video anywhere. Right? It's crazy. And it makes me mental. I just I don't know what to tell you. It makes me frickin mental. All right, well, I'm closing it on home. I've got a couple of minutes here. The chats quiet I'm maybe maybe awkward drove everybody off. Maybe I won't play off anymore. But I thought maybe I would share with you some of my esoteric music tastes here on the show. If it turns out, right. But anyway, so let's see. This week before I get off of here, Thursday and Friday. I'm taking the days off Chad from the we talked about chat a lot here. He's on the he's on the chat quite frequently. Chad is in town and he and I are going to hang out for a couple of days. So we will be doing a passenger seat radio with him in my car for change me in his car. And he can be part of the equation and we can talk about stuff and and we're going to Phoenix fusion fest or Comic Con wherever the hell it's called on Friday. So maybe Friday after fusion Cuban contrary to the hell it is. We'll we'll get in the car will drive around a little bit. We'll talk about what we saw what sort of treasures we found. Talking about the cosplay players, that sort of thing. That sounds like fun. We'll do that on Friday. Well, listen, I'm closing into the house here. I don't want to lose my Wi Fi. I hope you enjoyed the show. And please somebody give me feedback on how that music strengthened streamed through. I don't I don't I mean, I won't make it a habit of nobody likes it but that'd be fun to share with you guys some of that stuff. Alright, hope you enjoyed the show. Have a great week everybody. This is Shane Harmon road passenger seat radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, buddy.

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