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Hello everybody, this is Shane Arman row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is Friday, September 6 2019. You are on my 13 mile commute home Welcome to the show. Where the hell have I been all week long? Why has there not been a show? What the hell's going on? Yeah, well let's let's open with this so Friday of last week so we go today at night. Hey, Tim, what's up? I started having something like itching my ear right so it didn't first wasn't any big deal was just like, you know, you kind of notice that there's something there, but you don't pay any mind. I got some q tips. I swapped it out. You know, I thought maybe I had some earwax buildup. I don't know just something was going on. That a couple of days. I noticed by Sunday, I would say I started feeling some swelling in there thinking Oh, great. I got a zit inside my ear not the first time I've had since my ear before, right? You know, you get a little something nasty going on in there. And, you know, you wait for it to get to a head, you pop it, it drains you go, it goes away. You're done. Right. So I wasn't that concerned with it. I said, You know, I can feel, you know, wasn't maybe quite ready yet. So I waited until like Monday and then I took a squeeze at it. And the pain was absolutely insufferable. And I did not get any discharge. I mean, there was nothing that looked like a zit got popped in there. And so now I'm starting to be a little more concerned. And so, by Monday night, it was starting to I mean, it was like there's there's a problem here. And it was starting to get really tender was starting to really hurt and it wasn't just affecting. It wasn't just affecting You know, my, my, you know, it was just pain or tenderness. It was starting to affect, you know, me being able to sleep, I couldn't sleep on the side, I would turn my head sometimes and, and I could feel almost like a stabbing pain. And I could feel with the keoki gently put a Q tip and then I started kind of like palpitating my inner ear canal. And I realized whatever was going on in there was growing and it was growing quickly. And the pain kept getting worse and worse and worse. So I stayed home on Tuesday. And so I called into work and I said, Listen, I'm gonna try to get a same day appointment. I got I got to go in and get this looked at this. This isn't looking right. And so I got like a 10 o'clock appointment on Tuesday. And I went in I had to sit around for like an hour, you know, because I was you know, they kind of squeezed me in. And he looks in there and you know, you asked me all the questions have you flown recently have you done this? You know, did you shove anything You're here, you weren't supposed to that sort of nonsense. Hang on a second. That sort of thing. And I'm like, No, nothing's going on here. You know, he's like, you use q tips. I'm like, Yes, I keep tips in my ear. Anyway, I said, I know you're not supposed to use q tips, blah, blah, blah. And he says, Well, you definitely have an infection going on in there, we're going to give you some antibiotics, and you should feel a lot better by Friday, lot better by Friday. And he said, I'll give you some drops. But you know, sort of in a weird place, I don't think you can able to get the drops on there. But this should do this will get the swelling down, you know, pretty quick and you'll be fine by you know, like by Friday. So I take the first dose right away, it's like, what 11 o'clock and then I take so this is three times a day, I'm taking this shit. And so I've had so come Wednesday morning, I've had, you know, I've had almost I've had a full day right. And by now antibiotics usually have started to start to kick in at least a little bit, but It's actually worse. So I called in sick again, I decided to you know, I'll wait it out, I'll spend another. I'll spend another day at home, I'll stay down, I'll stay a mobile. I'll try to catch naps when I can, you know, the standard sticky shit. And, you know, come, damn come frickin you know, Wednesday night, it is still painful. And so I'm like, you know what if this if this isn't, this isn't down in the morning, I'm going to go to urgent care, right? So, here's, here's the, my train of thought with with going to the doctor. First off, always go to your primary if you can, one because they sort of have your medical history on hand if you if they need it. And two, it's a you know, it's less than half the price of going to the urgent care, right Urgent Care 75 bucks and then going to the regular doctors 30 right so it's a considerable difference. But at this point in time if you know I woke up Thursday morning, and it was terrible, my ear was almost swollen shut. I could barely hear out of it. The pain was excruciating. I mean, I could barely I can't even turn my head without hurting. And it was obviously considerably worse. Second, my wife's pinging me and if I don't respond, then she'll end up if I don't respond, Mitch letter calling. So anyhow, I'm sorry my boss just texted me to get everybody's trying to get my attention. My boss is texting me. My wife is texting me. She's sending me pictures. She's asking about this and that I'm trying to drive and I'm trying to show Unbelievable. Might have to end the show just because I can't straight for two seconds. So anyway, where was I? So yeah, Thursday morning was a mess. And I'm like, you know what, I'm just gonna go to urgent care. It opens at 8am. I texted my boss, like, Listen, you know, I'm gonna have to make another run at this because it's not working. It's very understanding. So I went into urgent care. And the guy says, we got to get to cellulose. This thing's going on in there. And this is just like a massive inflammatory infection inside the air. It's not it's not in the ear itself proper. It's in the ear canal, right. So this was this was just swelling up with nonsense. So anyway, so I asked him, I said, Can we Lance it? I mean, if we Lance it and drain it that at least get the pressure off? I could, I could maybe sleep. And I'm like, No, no, no, it doesn't work that way. The you you want to You want to fight the infection off of those D swell on its own. So I texted my boss back. I said, Listen, if this thing improves by tomorrow and I'm not in any pain, I'll come in but, you know, this is this is just This is madness. I I can't I can't even think straight with this. So anyway, so Thursday night last night, you know, somewhere around 738 o'clock, my ear just suddenly just exploded in fluid. It didn't there was no pop or anything. But it was just like all the sudden instead of being able to hear like 20% now I can't hear at all like I'm in a swimming pool. And yeah, So sure enough, I reached up and then just shit pouring out of my ear. So at least one of them you know, split open and then within another hour, so I'd say the other one went and so that they drained and of course, the pressure was gone. A lot of the pain subsided, it was still tender, that sort of, dude, it's one car. It's one car per zipper here. Don't you be abusive you piece of shit you let him go to yeah just let everybody go. Okey dokey and whatever he knows how to drive anyway so yeah so so this morning I woke up in and the pain was good I was still you know still tender and stuff in there and it's still weeping but it's not it's not bad so I went ahead went to work so that's what I've been doing all week is being confined to my bed and not going to the gym and not not working out and not doing anything really I sit around Try not to move my head and yeah so that was it now I get to spend the next eight days taking these horse pills antibiotics which by the way that dcx tear your stomach up like nobody's business what what it what a deal. So anyway, so that's that so now you're all caught up with what nonsense was going on all week. Now we can get into some other good stuff. Here issue checked off I recently decided to so you might have seen this I can't believe this guy has gotten so much attention and not really attention but visibility. There is from the 1960s, the late 60s there was a kids program called the banana splits. Now, when I tuned in in the mid 70s, it was already sort of in a second generation banana splits have been around since 1968 or something. And it used to be like sort of like a Double Dare almost they would have kids on and do do like events, right obstacle courses nonsense. And you know, it was sort of a sketch comedy thing. Well, I guess that got tired or whatever. And they changed the banana splits into more of a variety show, where they would bring on other third party type shows cartoons, live action stuff, and it would be the banana splits introducing Gulliver's the world of Gulliver's Travels or whatever. And then after that cartoon was over there be a bumper with the banana splits and then take you to commercial come back from commercial, the bumper of the band splits then back into the next show. That was the banana splits that, that I knew. Right That was the banana splits. And the best what's kept going on and on like 1993 or something, I think if I looked it up, right that the banana splits, you know, finally stopped airing. That's a pretty damn good run for a bunch of people dressed up as these weird ass looking characters. So I'm pouring through the recently released movies and I see this banana splits movie. And it's got all the banana splits on the cover, but one of them's holding an axe. This is a banana splits movie. It's a horror movie. And like what the fuck? A horror banana splits. How are we? How are they? What is it? First off? It's a kid show. I mean, not since Silent Night deadly night have I seen such a brutal abuse of a child icon right. But of course, it also got me curious. I want to know how you managed to get a banana splits the banana splits below the kids show from the 60s and 70s. How do you get that into a horror massacre scenario? So I was interested. So I went ahead and I started watching it because I wanted to see what the premise was. I wanted to see if I could get an idea as to what was going on. So the show is about this kid who's sort of a strange doesn't have a lot of friends. loving mother weird ass sort of step dad scenario going on. Anyway, the kid has trouble making friends. And so for his birthday, he's a huge fan of banana splits. And for his birthday, his mom gets him tickets to go to a taping of the banana split show on there's none. There's been so much soundstage. Right? So he gets to invite a friend and it's somebody you know, one of his friends bailed out and then he had to get a backup friend this whole there's a whole big thing going on. You're going This seems like a real like a real movie. I mean, what is this? I expected this to be like super cheese ball, you know chopping mall kind of share, right? But it's not and kind of going. I'm kind of sucked into this now. I mean the kids watching banana splits, he knows the song. You know, there's obviously something weird going on with this step dad. there there's a lot going on in here. Plus, I want to see I'm dying. What's the twist? How did the banana splits become you know, killers? I got to know. So listen, I'm not gonna ruin anything. Even if you decide to watch this. There's not listen, I'm not ruining anything. Most of you aren't going to watch this thing. So anyway, so they show up. At the at the at the screening, right they go to the judges are standing in line outside of tap studios. And so you meet all these other people. There's this this, this little girl who's got her father there and the father wants to get her in the picture in the movies and TV. shows one of those people who are trying to push their daughter into show business. So you got that going on. So he's dying to get into the studio and show the banana splits producers how great his kid is right? Annoying as fuck. Then you've got this young millennial couple for putting everything on Instagram, right? And she's like super hot Asian chick and he's just some douche bag. And so they're another sort of like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, right? You got you know, you got these little groups that are going in. Then you've got our, our, you know, our protagonist, the kid, his mom, his stepdad, and his brother, who the brother seems like kind of a douche bag, but turns out not to be a douche bag. And they're all being wrangled. All of these different characters. Oh, is there another group in there? Yeah, there's a whole there's a bunch of different groups. Anyway, so there's this woman, the page who's, you know, facilitating all the audience coming in and doing the warm ups and all this other stuff with him for the show. And you're saying it going, this seems like totally, like legit Like a legitimate I wanted some real cheese but I'm not getting it yet. So there they go in you get to meet all these characters they start setting up these little stories. And so it turns out that that if you got a star on your on your ticket, you've been pre selected to stay behind after the show and kick it with the banana splits, right? And of course our protagonist is not get the golden ticket and his chocolate bar so he's all depressed but he's still happy to be there blah blah blah, but a good kid. And so the dad keeps leaving he keeps telling his family I got a call work I got a call work and she's like, you know, put your fucking phone away is your kid's birthday. You don't need to call work and he leaves anyway talks or blah blah blah. So you know, there's some nonsense going on there. So Meanwhile, the banana splits come out they do their show everybody loves the show. It's all fun. You meet this other live action character. I don't remember from the show but it doesn't matter because he's a good Yeah, so you get through all this and the brother, the brother and the step dad are always at odds, right? So he ends up the brother ends up sneaking off and ranges with this page woman so that his that his brother can actually meet the finance. But listen, it's his birthday. You know, he hasn't had the greatest time he's having some friend problems, you know, can we you know, can you Is there anything you can do to let us meet the banana splits? Well, meanwhile backstage some douche bag was promoted to VP in charge of programming or something and he's going to kill the banana splits he wants to kill the show. So you got this year this other nonsense going on in the background. Meanwhile, the banana splits are now off the stage and they are a nap. Now you think now we know the slant is we know what's going on. The banana splits are robots right? So this obviously in the TV show they weren't robot so we this is how they made their leap. So the the programmer of the robots ends up putting some sort of bad code in them right so they end up getting virus or something I don't know what the island I wasn't paying that much attention. So you right now they become now they become a little more sentience a little more aware and now they want to kill. Right so now we got the killer banana splits and the obvious people end up getting it I won't ruin everything but it's all practical effects it's all fairly low budget but they do a pretty good job. In one case they okay so I'll tell you a little bit more because none of you are going to watch this anyway so I'll ruin it for you. Maybe you just want to see it just to see how it pans out but so the Instagram couple decides to see they got a star they got snitches there's there's star bellied snitches got Steve stars on there. So they got to go in and be part of the background cast to to see the banner split sorry, traffic anyway, so they decide they're going to sneak off right just like the can't, you know, just like a camp crystal like they're going to sneak off and, you know, not have sex, but they're going to sneak off and of course, Jason's gotta get him. So they sneak off to one of the backlot sets of the man of splits at some sort of a magic show. Set. Anyway, one of the banana splits takes and shoves them into that box. You know that box when they cut you in half, but they actually cut him in half and his guts are fucking hanging down all over the place. And the girlfriend the real hot Asian chick. She's like, got his hand she's crying and all this other stuff. My boyfriend's dead. Of course he proposed to her on Instagram just before that, right? You know, douche bag millennial move. Sorry. Sorry, Travis. No, no. present company excluded, of course. Sorry. So she's sitting there crying anyway, at this point in time the family understands what's going on. Right. So they're trying to get everybody together and get the hell out of there. They find the the Asian girl weeping over boyfriend's corpse right. And so they grabbed her and they snag her and they're trying to get away blah blah blah. Anyway, the banana splits on a man tear. The mom becomes you know supermom she peels off her sweater like a you know, like Superman's clothes and now she's super, super mom. And yeah, you get this whole thing going on the banana splits course in At the end, they beat the banana splits and and then there's a cool twist at the end. So I'll leave that in case somebody ends up wanting to actually watch this thing. But you know what I found the most one. Okay, so one It wasn't a complete waste of time. Wasn't it wasn't like a super like triple A movie that you just have to share with people now. But it wasn't bad for what it was. And you got this whole how do you take a kid show and turn it into a horror movie? They pulled it off. And I mean, aside from you know, the whole robot thing, whatever, but that's some good practical effects. And you know, I like that. Lots of violence and gore was good in that respect. So anyway, plus everybody GABA was coming to him, which was fantastic. Fantastic. I love it. Anyway, so what but what totally amazed me right so Justin, it worked. I can't believe he's in here. Not in here. Justin had said he had seen it like on Voodoo or something available for random but what really, I thought this is going to be some sort of a nice day. That nobody even knew about or whatever. I'm at Walmart despite my better judgment, and I'll be damned if there wasn't a disk version. I mean, you could buy this banana splits horror movie on disk at Walmart right now. It's on the shelves. I mean, it's literally on the front new release rack. Like what? How did this movie even get any sort of traction at all to end up on the new release racket Walmart next to Avengers end games, banana splits horror movie. It's craziness. wacky shit. So anyway, so that was that I wanted to share that with you because I thought it was it was interesting. If nothing else, for those of you who remember the banana splits, you might be interested in checking it out. Let's see next up. So I've been I don't know if I've talked about team viewer here. This will be something I bet Tim Tim would be interested in. So team viewers remote control software, right you install it on your computer and then from your phone or another Computer somewhere the web whatever, you can remote in your PC. So I'll use it at work to remote my box pick up some code that I didn't bring with me or, or do something that I would do on my computer but not do on a work computer. Right? So, I mean, there's been many of these tools before like logging in, and all these other ones, but one by one, they tend to fall team viewer has the unique has the unique property that it's actually free for personal use. If you want to actually use it for a business use, then it's going to cost you like 500 bucks a month something stupid, it's ridiculous. So there is no personal pricing, right? So you can get it for like 499 a month, or subscription, right. It's either you're paying 80 bucks a month for a five user license, or you're using the free for personal use. And the caveat behind that is is they they randomly pop up a notice when you exit right so if you exit the thing, it'll pop up and notices as thank you for playing There, you're using the personal view of team viewer blah blah blah. And you know if you're if you're a remote controlling like immediate PC attached to your TV and that damn window sits there lingers, that chicken bother you, right? But there's ways around that there's little scripts, you can install that close that window automatically. I got a button on my remote control my Firefly remote that actually closes the team viewer window. But recently, and frequently, because I'm at, I'm at an IP address that recognizes a government agency, even the guest Wi Fi at work, which is, you know, free and open to the public resolves to Maricopa County somehow. So team viewer constantly thinks that I'm using it as a commercial product and as soon as they realize that we've detected commercial use and then then the hammer falls. No longer are they the good guys. Thank you for playing fair. Now you're a criminal. And now that you're a criminal, you can only connect once like every 30 minutes and You can only connect for five minutes at a time. And so if you so it's obvious I'm not using it for commercial use, so I'm not trying to get away with anything. So then you have to go to their website fill out a form explaining why you're not using it commercially. They send it to some Review Board. And then they decide whether they're going to you know, change your usage back to personal user now. Now, I've had to do this three frickin times in the last year. And it just keeps getting worse. Now, even when I'm within my own network on my home PC, on my workstation, and I'm remote controlling my media PC in the living room. It can we actually use detect data. Five minutes I'm kicking your ass out. So I have been looking for an alternative. Now. There are many, many years sitting there going, Oh, I know there's VNC there's remote desktop, there's a billion remote control things that are free. So don't break your back. Just Use one of those cannot do and I'll tell you why. At work on the guest Wi Fi or even on our regular network, they have they have, you know, basically firewalls that you cannot get out. They firewall tons of shit. Gaming sites. video streaming site, Amina Facebook still works, but they barely block everything else. There was a period of time where Google Plus was blocked. But yeah, so if you tried to go to Netflix, they'll block you if you try to go to, you know, movies anywhere they'll block you. Plex doesn't work because it goes over an alternative port, right? It's not Port 80 or 8080 or 443. So you can't use Plex across there. So they've got it. It's a big pain in the ass. And of course remote control software VNC whatever you need a real IP address for forget about it doesn't work. Now log me in was one the dig was the very first product I found That would get through the county's firewalls. And of course, that changed some weird pay model, which was like 30 bucks a month. I'm like, dude, I'm not paying you 30 bucks a month you eat my ass. So TV has been really great because essentially, it's free and it works. It works everywhere, right? I mean, I got it on my phone. I got it on my my Chrome book at work. I got it. You got it everywhere. Hey, Javier. What's up? Jeffrey dollars into sorry, I don't think I mentioned in my name. So, I've been very I've been very sad that I keep getting hit with this commercial use. I keep resetting it. And within a couple of weeks, it's right back in again. So I went through I looked at a ton of stuff. I'm looking for a truly free solution, not cheap. You know, for 99 a month that's too much. I want free. That's what I got. Now I got free now. And it has to be able to get through my goddamn work firewall, which is not an easy task. So longer story short, I dug through. I don't Through all my crap, and I went through all the recommendations, and where I landed was something called Zoho assist, which much like team you are, these other ones are supposed to be for like remote tech support. But as it turns out, they also have something called unattended access. So you can install the Zoho assistant client just like team viewer on your PC. And then using a mobile app using another Windows app or window, browser. Whatever you want to use, you can remote control and it works through my firewall. And works work which is great. So now I have a shooting solution. Now how free is free they have multiple tiers. The free tier of course they limit you right they start too often promo By the way, it's just like it's just like a free to play game, right? They give you all the good guns and all the good weapons and infinite grenades and everything for the first like, you know, the first hour and then it's You get through an hour, they take all that good shit away, and then take you by smart berries. Well, that's pretty much what happened here, you got a 14 day trial to try it like in Pro mode, and then resorts back to a free model, which I just was able to get to this one. I haven't mentioned it before, I've just managed to get myself to the free mode. I want to see exactly what gets shut off. And will that impact my ability to use it for what I need it for? And so essentially, what what you lose is unlimited, you know, unlimited connections, so you get five, I don't need more than five I only have five remote PCs that I need. I'm good there. And it does take away the file transfer application that lets you transfer files from local to remote but that's okay. I can live with that. I've got a Google Drive. I have a drive mapped on my computer at home. I dropped the file into there and it immediately shows up on my Chromebook at work. I'm good to go. Good to go. It also said it strip multi monitor support off but it does not appear that it has done so because I can still use multiple monitors. So I'm in free mode. And it's stills working out great. So and there's no it's free for you know, it's you can even use it for commercial use, they don't care. So I'm not going to get back into the same problem. So now I've got something that works. It works everywhere. And I'm super pleased and you know, I get I know what team viewers up to I get it. I don't I mean, I get it, but I'm gonna have to like it. And even if you do want to go pro on this, on this Zoho assistant, it's cheap. It's like I think it's like 499 a month. Hey, Andy Johnson What's up? Hello, hello. Sorry coming mid Yon. So even if I had to pay for it, it's five bucks a month. Right? I just got rid of Humble Bundle, which is a whole nother story to talk about. I just got rid of humble bundle. So I'm now saving. What 1299 a month so I can afford to go with I hate her about what's up man. I can now afford afford to go with the pro version of Zoho assist if I wanted to, but right now, it's doing the job. I don't feel like I'm missing anything. So I'm just happy to have an alternative that that works through that damn firewall that can give me what I need. So very excited about that. Next item, Page Six. Wow, while I was down in my little convalescence over the week, I got a chance to watch a couple of documentaries that I've been meaning to get to. One of them's called the perfect bid. And it's about that that Terry dude that got a perfect showcase showdown bid. You're talking about $26,743 he actually got that dead on. And that means he wins both showcases, which apparently has been done twice in 40 years, right. And the first one was probably luck. Well, this story. This perfect bid is about this guy. Theodore, who's huge fan, math teacher. He became like an idiot savant at prices, right. So he created a database of products prices and everything else. So he knew he knows everything about everything. Right. So he started going to the shows to the tapings. Right. And he was helping out other contestants. He wasn't really in it for himself. He was trying to help other people sort of honing the craft. And what makes this show interesting is it's not just his story about how he did it, right. So this Terry guy didn't do shit. He was listening to the theater and the audience. This this, this Terry guy didn't do anything other than get the credit for making the perfect bid. But this other guy, so he's got a great story. First of all, he talks about, you know, having the hots for Holly, the the model on there and how he got to kiss her on stage and the whole bit, but what I found really interesting. What I found really interesting was they show you a lot of some of the background of what happens at the prices right? They showed like between, you know, between, you know, commercial airing stuff, right where they're getting commercials. And this theater guy got really well known. He'd been there like 38 times or something. And they knew that they he was kind of helping him out, but there was nothing they could do about it. I mean, there's nothing, you know, there's nothing illegal about memorizing prices. I mean, this guy had a database from top to bottom of like, every product that came up on the show, and the show repeated products because they had vendors that worked with them, right. So he could I mean, he was getting, you know, he was helping people get you know, that hundred dollar bill. You know, like, if you get a perfect bid at the showcase, or the contestants row, they give you 100 bucks. Well, they don't give you that hundred bucks. You have to give it back by the way, they give it to you and your prize later. If you don't get to keep the hundred. I thought that was interesting. There's all sorts of little factoids like that right. So I was really, I was really impressed by not only getting to see behind the scenes and prices right, but they had Bob Barker on there. Boy that guy's one foot in the grave. But it was really kind of neat. He told a little bit of his story and and there were some producers of the prices right that were in there that were had interesting stories to tell. And then of course, there was this whole Holly side story that you know, the guy was wearing this shirt, this son here to kiss Holly. And the guy finally got on the show, I mean, he finally got picked. And they do talk about how the audience is selected and all this other stuff. So it's really really interesting if you're at all interested in prices, right? But he ended up getting picked, he aced his contestants row bid, right? So got the hundred bucks. He aced his, it was called punch out, it's where you know, you, you, you bet you you get the price of a product and you get so many punches and you punch these holes in the board and inside there. They're numeric dollar amounts, and you can stop a time and keep what you've got or you can throw that away and take the next one. So he used the odds and he is Getting a grand out of that. Right? And so he went to the big wheel and he spun and he got he got eliminated so he didn't get to go to the showcase. So he's done. This is it. So Theodoros time is over this guy who spent his whole life learning everything about Bryce's right. And there's a lifetime ban on of anybody who's ever been selected as a contestant. So you think that's where this guy's story is? But it's not. Because 10 years after he was on the show, they changed producers, they changed management or something. And they they revoked it. And they said if you haven't been on the show, if you haven't been selected in the last 10 years, you can be on the show you can be selected. So he went back down and started going back to the tapings and he ended up getting selected again did considerably better that time. You got to kiss Holly the whole bit it's it's really an interesting story. And they have lots of footage right that actually his footage of being there and him mouthing the answers. The contestants and it's really, really interesting. So I've been meaning to watch that when I finally got around to that. It's called the perfect bid. And Justin had recommended to me this cola wars. It's, there's been a whole bunch of these cola wars documentaries. This one's from 2019. And it was on history channel. Yeah, I hate that Bob Barker. Anyway, yeah. Thanks, turbo. So this other one's called cola wars. And this was the epic fight between Pepsi and Coca Cola. And it's, I know some of it right? But it's really it's great. They bring in former executives from Pepsi and Coke to talk about what was going on what's sort of the war that we're waging? And you know, the the birth of Coca Cola or Pepsi came along. They talked about diet coke was previously known it was tapped I didn't know tab was Diet Coke, and they beat made a Diet Coke. There's all sorts of great stuff and of course, the greatest story ever is in response to Pepsi gaining ground against them not beating them. In response to Pepsi gaining ground with the Pepsi challenge, remember that? They freaked out and said maybe people really do like Pepsi better. Maybe they do like the Pepsi is sweeter. Let's change the formula coke. And they made new Coke, which was literally the absolute product blunder of the century, right? Because they didn't offer new coke as an alternate skew. They replaced coke with new coke. Some of you probably don't remember that. I remember the time frame and the world lost their goddamn minds. People were rioting in the streets. I couldn't believe it. It's like Dude, it's a soft drink. Calm down. But they were they were rioting in the streets. My kids will never know refreshment. They were holding up signs. Wow. And these guys oh my god. So they had a press conference with the people from coke. basically asking Have you lost your phone minds and they're like no, no, no. You will you will love this. You'll never want old coke again. We've taste tested this. Meanwhile they did nothing. They made the decision to vacuum in some boardroom Listen, I can go on and on about this documentary about the cola wars but you got to watch this. I love I love the rivalry I love the the whole night they tell the whole Michael Jackson story about him getting his hair caught on fire during the Pepsi ad. It's great. Listen, if it's even sounds remotely interesting. hunt it down and watch it you'll love it. I was I was totally sucked in. Big fan big fan. What else I got a mobile stone. We have we have final final approval that Overwatch will be on switch on October 15. Somebody leaked a switch Overwatch case on Amazon a couple weeks back and that pretty much tipped us all off. But it's actually confirmed they had it in the latest direct They showed me Video 720 p i think it's 720 handheld 900 docked and it's going to be 30 frames per second but you know we can't have everything but the full meal deal DLC legendary pack the whole bit so 40 bucks so switch will get Overwatch I'm very pleased that we're going to play against mouse players so you know yeah Travis makes a good point i said i got like 10 days of material backed up here so I'm actually almost home so I should probably get off of here before the Wi Fi kicks in. But I wanted to get you guys caught up and we'll have another show on Monday. up here's my turn. This is Shane Armin row passenger seat radio. Have a great weekend. We'll see you next time. Take care everybody.

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