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Hello everybody, this is Shane Arman row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is Tuesday, Tuesday, September 10 2019. You are on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Oh, well, it's Tuesday. And yeah, like half half of the managerial staff in my in my department are off in New Orleans for a court to court conference. So you know, the the rats, the cat's away, the rats will play right. Actually, I've been busy the last couple of days with them gone. But it's nice though. I mean, a lot of the meetings get canceled, things get moved around. It's kind of fun. I mean, I wouldn't want to go to New Orleans. Anyway, I probably could have gotten on that on that ride, but I just I don't know I don't like going to conventions with my co workers, you know? Just not my thing. Hey, Travis. So, anyhow, yeah, my ears started to feel better. I thought I'd give you a quick update on that. It the weeping, weeping appears to have mostly stopped. Yeah, and I've been, you know, doing all my stuff it seems to be healing up. So I'm very pleased about that I'm just tired of dealing with that nonsense so there's good good good. I'm still feeling a tad bit under the weather. I'm still feeling a little wiped. I've went to the gym this morning. I got on the elliptical watch the boys and not the boys in the gym. Yes, I love the boys at the gym. There's felt that they I know that's offensive now, right? You can't even talk like that because somebody gets offended. Everybody gets offended about everything. Yeah, we talked a lot about what people take offense to and It's just no matter what you say no matter what you do everything offense somebody somehow. Oh man, Hey, I'll share a great story with you speaking of offending people. So we know that I'm sure I've told these stories many times, but my son, he's at 12 going on 13 and he is he rages when he plays video games, Travis has had an opportunity. Travis has had an opportunity to hear his wrath, and he's not pleasant, but apparently this is sort of a common thing for preteen boys playing video games to, to rage like crazy. And so he likes to stretch the bounds of what he's allowed to say just like every other pre teenager. So he wants to use the F word. He wants to use the S word he wants to use all of these, you know this filthy language. So he comes up with you know, safe words. Like he he started saying Bass did, right? Not bastard bass stead. Right. It's like I didn't say it. It's like, Yeah, but you're really close. Right? And he says, You mother fucker. Right? That's his that's another one of his things, you motherfucker. And it's like, What did you just say? Like I said, You're right. Anybody who has kids knows exactly what I'm talking about. So every now and then No, he slips and I have to punish him, right? Because, you know, listen, he's playing to the he's playing to the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law, which is, now listen, I did the same thing growing up. I can't begrudge him. I keep telling him though, that his little mouth is going to get him in trouble. If he says motherfucker at school, he's going to get in trouble. You know what I'm saying? He's not gonna be able to argue with them. So I keep trying to tamp back down on him but this fo profanity. But yeah, the other day I caught him and I I butchered his ass hardcore. He actually said, You cock sucker. I've never even heard him say anything close to cock sucker before, but he did he i don't know i don't use that word. My wife doesn't use that word at least not where he can hear it. But no, seriously, that's not that's not a profanity word. Hey Alex, that's not a profanity phrase or word but it's in my household. So I don't know where he got that. But I was like, you know, I had to cross check him right then and there. It's like, okay, okay, listen, you've crossed the line. That is unacceptable. You say that at school, you will be expelled. You know, we had to go through this whole bit and of course, then his feelings are hurt. Because he's so songs it you know, he pretends to be this, you know, hard ass. You know, gangster game player, but then, you know, I yell at him once and he's all like morose and crying and shit. But yeah, he actually said cock sucker. And I'm like, Whoa, I mean, that's nutty. I'm used to I'm saying, you know, bass did, and now trying to get right up on the line, but yeah, so anyway, I thought that was an interesting story. But it's like, Damn boy got a filthy mouth on you. You know, that reminds me of the new kids. I recently sat down and watched my Blu Ray copy of the new kids. I recommend this like every Halloween and every time I hear about it, I like to recommend the new kids. It's got one of the greatest lines in it and you kind of miss it if you're not paying close attention. So the movie takes place like in the you know, in the south a little bit and the gang of hoodlums that's led by James Spader. There's a whole bunch of them and they're sitting around shooting bottles with it with a pistol right. And they're talking about how they want to fuck Lori Laughlin and all this. I can fuck her black and blue. I bet you 50 bucks you don't put out either one of you assholes. So we're sitting there talking right. And the little brother of one of the guys that you know that are in the gang. He's the One who has to set up the bottles and basically be their little slave right? And, and one of them like, takes a pot shot at him and shoots it his feet. And he's like, I can't remember exactly what he says. But he he says, He says, God damn it. That wasn't funny. He's like, shit or something like that. And one of the one of the gang guys goes, Hey, you watch your mouth. You grew up talking like a fucking hoodlum. Just I love that the whole interchange right there just cracks me up. Watch your mouth. It's just like, it's like, it was a Beverly Hills Cop, right Beverly Hills Cop when he said, he says yeah, we'd much much rather believe a respectable local businessman, then a foul mouth jerk from out of town. foul mouth. Fuck you, man. Good stuff. I don't have that kind of profanity anymore. Although, you know, the boys, I've noticed that. They there's a lot of good profanity in there. That the greatest and the greatest This thing going on. I wish I could quote it exactly where's the hobby errs hobby Aaron here yet? He's a big fan. I bet he died. I bet he'd like this. So Keith Urban is one of the guys on the show. In the in the movie in the in the boys right sorry the traffic's getting weird anyway and so he calls people anchors and constant and tweets all the time. It's so funny. Anyway, so this little protege guy he's like, you know, you walk around calling people constantly swats a lot and he's like, I don't think that's the insult you're looking for. I mean, you're resilient. You can take a pounding, I was dying. I mean this whole this little interchange, they did just priceless stuff. Great writing on that show. You're fun to do. It was your fun to be with your you can take a pounding, you're resilient. You stretch. I don't know if there was like five or six things that the kids said to him about being called account and I was dying. I thought that was perfect. That needs to be on some Me too. I mean post on Twitter is what I'm thinking. It's not something I use and I have the most foul mouth of assault. Yeah, it's Yeah, I don't know. I don't know where Travis had commented he doesn't know where Brian got that word of cock sucker. That's a bad that's just that's just a nasty word. I mean, you can use profanity that doesn't sound nasty. But you know cock suckers one of those those nasty words. Then they use that in Roadhouse. Yeah, but what if somebody calls me a cock sucker? Anyway, what about calls my mama cock second HEM? It's Patrick Swayze. Yeah. I watched a dancer you guys that I watched that? Real? The autopsy the final hours. It's a TV show about celebrity autopsies. I don't remember if I talked about it here. I was telling Justin about it. But the Patrick Swayze one's pretty good. I watched a handful of those while I was down sick. That's good stuff. me See there was anything last night trying to think if there's anything going on before I hit my list. Traffic fucking sucks. What is going on here? I mean the 70 is worse than normal I didn't get out later anything we're not moving every other lane My mind's moving. And yet if I get another lane in that lane I'll stop moving. It's typical. Let me see. Let me pull up my list here. I gotta I gotta keep lyst show topics. I don't have a ton on here but I'll tell you a fun story from today. How about that? So normally my compadre Justin and I walk at lunchtime, we take about a 35 to 40 minute walk and I keep him on his toes. I make sure he walks nice and fast. We we do stop usually for him to get lunch or for us to get lunch or I grab a little fro yo from that. The only eight for your place down there. But for the most part, you know it's a it's a good solid 40 minute little aerobic action right little cardio. And so when he's gone, I go out and walk by myself which totally sucks. I hate walking by myself. But you know so I got my so first off First off, I took my I got my Samsung Galaxy buds which I still need to do some sort of a video review on I'd like everyone to be able to see him but since this year things been going on I can't really shoving earbuds in my ear. So I took him out of my bag to charge them right? Is it by the way turns out and I didn't I didn't make the connection but it'll actually charge on any wireless charging pad which I thought was kind of cool doesn't just have to charge on the back of my phone. And you don't have to plug it into charger you can but you don't have to so any wireless station will do which is cool. And and so I took it out and I went to charge it but I never put them back in my bag. Now, before I got the buds I used an over the year. I think it was on key or something like that. A very very nice over the ear. headphones. A lot of people don't like the bugs. These these bugs have been my favorite. Yeah, that's my favorite. But I had to go back to these over the year ones because of the nonsense with my ears so I didn't have those which I was all excited to walk around and look pretentious wearing those. Oh, I see most had an L cheese. The fuck is on the road. Hang on a second bunch of car, car parts and stuff that That must be why everyone's slow. There must be an accident or something but you can see the accident by now. Anyhow so I didn't have my earbuds fortunately I keep I keep a pair of wired buds at my desk at work. So I took those out and walked with those. But in this case, yesterday I'd finished off the last of my lunch stuff. I finished off my turkey I finished off my reduced fat Swiss cheese. I literally like that. nothing to eat at the office. Right? So when that happens, I'll swing by pot bellies. Grab a flatbread turkey so I'm I'm I'm like a block away from the building and I realized no wallet forgot my god usually I'll take I won't take my wallet with me. I'll just pull my my debit card I will slide in my pocket you know the older we get we start padding our pockets to make sure we have everything with us. I mean, that's that's like an old man thing to do. Right. made famous by Peter Falk at the beginning of the end of Princess Bride, right. Anyway, so normally I don't have to. I mean, I got my phone. I got my sunglasses. I got my badge. I'm good. Oh, and you know, and I assume that I stuck my card in my pocket. But this time I did not. So I'm walking. I'm going god damn it. I'm not going to be able to wait for dinner. I have to eat something I have to eat. I have to eat. I will not not make the afternoon. So my only option really was to go back to the building, right, which sucks. Nobody wants to do that you're getting a little groove. You got the rhythm going, you don't want to stop and go back to the office, go back through the elevators go through security bad guy. It's like, I'm like, well, I'll get back to the office, and maybe I'll make another trip back out. I'll go to the food truck or something. I don't know what I'll do. But I didn't want to go back. So I was walking. I'm like, Huh. I wonder if pop bellies takes like Google pay or Samsung Pay, right? A lot of places are carrying will take, you know, mobile device transactions now. Why not? So I'm walking along and I pull up Google pay. And of course I had it set up at one time but the card that was attached to it was expired. And of course I have no cards because I have no wallet. So I have no cards to put back into Google. Pay. However, I went to add a card anyway, or edit cards or whatever. And the opportunity arose to add PayPal. And I'm like, Ah, nice. I can get into PayPal without my wallet. So I attach PayPal to Google pay. And I'm like, you know, when you walk when you stand in line for like, 10 minutes, somebody makes you a custom sandwich, and you get up to the register. And what if they don't accept the payment from Google pay? What if they only take Apple Pay? You know, what if they do accept Google pay, but it doesn't work? Because you know, and it sees turned off, or doesn't like the fact that using a VPN? Who the fuck knows why it might not work? But how embarrassing is that to have this, you know, custom sandwich made for you, and you can't pay for it. Right? So even a matter of Oh, well, let me give you let me give you cash. Let me give you a different card. So I decided I'm clever. I'm going to swing into CVS, you know, the drugstore, little drugstore at the corner, and I will buy some ticket tax. And I'll test and make sure that the Google pay actually works before I go to the long line and get custom food. Listen, I can walk out of CVS with no tax. No problem. But if I went, you know, you get the idea. So, I gotta say they've made this a lot quicker and a lot easier. This mobile paid nonsense, right? So it works right off the bat boom, dun dun dun right out of CVS. I'm like, Yes, let's hit the pot bellies and hope that they actually take Google pay. So I get to pop Belize riches, which of course is like about maybe five eighths of the way across for my journey, right. So I could have bought a sandwich at CVS or something just to tighten the over. But I wanted pop bellies, right. So I get to pop bellies and I decide to go to the register. I wait for somebody to show up. And I'm like, Hey, you know, do you guys accept Google pay? And they're like, no, we're sorry. We do not we only accept payment through our app. Right. So she said you can you can download our app for free and you can attach a credit card comes in. Yeah, well, that doesn't really help me. Now it does. So now I'm thinking, what about Jimmy Johns? Jimmy Johns is not exactly on my route, but I can take a bypass route I can, you know, I can take my walk and hit by Jimmy Johns double back and go to Jimmy Johns cuz that's that I can get lettuce wrap there. It's ridiculously expensive. There's a lead the lettuce wrap is like $8 and 50 cents, whereas a flatbread turkey at at pot bellies is like 506, you know, $5 and eight cents or something like that. So we're five bucks $3 difference, and I'm actually getting I think less on the Jimmy Johns, but hey, listen, you're desperate. You do desperate things. So I go to Jimmy Johns. And of course, I asked the guy right away. I said, hey, yeah. Do you take that you take Google pay? He's like, No, no, I'm sorry. We only take Samsung Pay. And I'm like, really? He's like, Yeah, you got a Samsung phone like Yeah. And I'm like, I don't think I got Samsung Pay set up on here though. And he's like, yeah, yeah, it's just Samsung. Pay. I'm like, Oh, that's that seems kind of odd. He's like yeah, we don't even take Apple Pay. And Apple people get all pissed off and we take Samsung Pay not Apple Pay. I'm like, Oh, fuck them. I don't give a shit. Fuck them. I'm happy you only take Samsung Pay. Let me go sit over there and see if I can get my Samsung Pay setup. I didn't even have Samsung paint stalled. I mean I did download it I do install it. This is a desperate I was to get some goddamn food. I downloaded I installed it. And oddly enough, I was thinking maybe I'd pre set it up and I had an existing card. But I did not have it pre set up with an existing card. Fortunately, they also took PayPal as a payment methodology, which is great. So I got that all set up. And that one was not as easy to use. I had the guy at the register had to help me I felt like one of those feeble old fucking elderly dudes, they can't figure out how to work their tech. And my defense though he couldn't figure it out either. Turns out that the first time you run it, there's like a wizard mode that you go through and it won't actually pay until you Clear the wizard for that first run through. So we cleared the wizard and then boom, stand right up. I got my my and which my lettuce wrap turkey Tom and headed back. Now I did have a backup plan. So you're wondering, you know, what if I had not been able to set up Samsung pain, what was what was my backup plan? I did. I did have a plan C and my plan C was to use my privacy com account, generate a credit card, use that credit card for Samsung Pay or for Google pay. And then I'd be all set. Right? And that would have been great anyway because then I would have had one more layer of security and I listen you know, I haven't talked about this in a while. Let me let me plug this a little bit because Mr. Travis understands, but a lot of people don't understand why like privacy calm is the coolest shit ever. And Travis will back me up on this. He hasn't back me up on much. But this one he backed me up on So, privacy calm is a layer a payment layer that sits on top of your bank. Right so I use Wells Fargo, I've got privacy calm plugged into my Wells Fargo account. I can now at the drop of a hat generate an endless number of credit cards, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, I can pretty much make any sort of a card that I want within privacy calm and then use that a digital merchants right. Now for example, let's say you want to sign up for a trial for Hulu or Netflix. Right But you have no one. You only want to see some documentary, you're not going to stay there. But you you don't. You don't want to you know you don't want to have to cancel you don't want to forget because that's what happens. Right? They're counting on that. They set you up for auto renewal. This happens with everybody. It's not just Hulu or Netflix. I'm not picking on anybody. Microsoft You sign up for one of those dollar for the first month bits. They'll happily charge you 25 bucks the next month and not even tell you they're going to do it. Because you click through a EULA that said they're allowed to start billing you full price. At the end of that 30 days. It's really easy to get fucked over by those things truly. And and I've had Microsoft renew things without me asking for it right? Well, we just assumed you didn't want to lose your three months of Xbox Live so we charge you retail. Like I would never pay retail price for Xbox Live or Xbox game pass. I'm always there's always a deal. Who in their right mind would let Microsoft auto build them every three months every six months every year, when you could get shit for half price if you do a little bit of sleuth work running around searching for a deal, right. Oh, we didn't watch your service interrupted. So we went ahead and use the cards you had on file. Yeah, guess what? That shit doesn't happen anymore because every single one of these serves Mrs. I load up with a privacy com card. And I put just the amount of the transaction I'm about to take is the total limit of the card. Because you can set this up, you can set it up as a single use card, you can set it up to have a certain amount total charge to it. You can say a total amount per month charge. Right? So the YMCA decided they were going to raise the price of my membership. I had my privacy com card for the exactly within within a nickel of what they were charging me. They raised the price and guess what? My card was declined because I said per transaction per month. You can only do this. And they're like, and then they called me it's like your credit card was declined, sir. And I'm like, um, yeah, I saw that it was declined because you tried to charge me $5 more. Oh, yeah, we had a price increase. Yeah, yeah. You can't just do that without telling people. Another time they tried to they tried to build me Five days early. I don't know what their justification was for that. But thanks to privacy com, feel like William Shatner with I don't know why. But yeah, because I had because I said it was set for every month, they were not able to build me early. These are things that are incredibly useful. And you can find, I guarantee no matter who you are, there's some reason that this would be useful to you. Whether it's to control subscriptions, controlled trial subscriptions, or just shop reliably online, knowing that the card you just use is now destroyed those ass hats from Etsy, or Kickstarter, or wherever else you you know, you use the card that you're not expecting them to bill you. And they suddenly do so you've got some control. So, we're constantly we constantly talk about this in my chat room, you know, people talk about but I wouldn't use it. I wouldn't use it. I wouldn't use it. And yet Four or five times a year, you know, they'll come up and say yeah, you know I don't want to give them my real card. I only want the dollar trial so yeah, if you had privacy calm you could issue yourself a $1 card. Yeah, but I don't use it This one's he did you said that like three months ago. You said you were gonna you know, I'd never use it. I don't want to give my credit card to Nintendo. I don't want to give my credit card to Microsoft I want to give I do that's what this is for. To give methods of payments that are fixed or controlled without giving them full blank carte blanche access to your account. I love it. I highly recommend privacy calm. I don't know if they're charging for it yet. Because I got in when they were new. So I haven't been paying a fee forever. I mean, I've never paid a fee for it. I don't know if they charge you anything that maybe Travis knows. I think he got in on it. Early on to one of the few things I recommended that he took. But I really liked I love being able to I could generate a credit card. I can do it right now while we're driving. I could generate a credit card and Give it to the pizza. You know, my wife will call me on this on on Wednesdays on the way home. Can you get us the two for 10? Or you know the Yeah, the two for 10 spaghetti meatballs. I'll call them I'll give them my privacy. I'll give them a privacy com card for the you know, $10 and 12 cents or whatever done. I don't have to worry about some asshole making minimum wage, sneaking sneaking my card, you know, writing down my number while they're processing my two 410 you know, sorry, Dallas meatballs and spaghetti. So anyway, privacy calm. A lot of banks like Chase Bank lets you generate virtual credit cards. There are some banks that do it. Wells Fargo does not. Yeah, no charge for you either. Good. Good job. Trump's excellent. You got it on an early I'm still not sure that they're I don't think they're charging for it still. They got a survey like six months ago. That said, you know, they've asked me tons and tons of questions. I've been a customer for so long and they're like If you know, we know we like privacy, calm being free, but should you you know, should we decide to charge a nominal fee in the future, say $5 per month? Would you be willing to retain the services of privacy calm for this minor fee? And I'm like, Yeah, I pay five bucks a month for privacy calm LCS. I am entrenched in that service. My like, oh, like all my all my bills, Mike, my, my my car payments. My my water bill, my electric bill. Everybody's got a privacy com card. It's awesome. And I could shut that car. I don't have to call the bank. Right. If I think that my credit card has been leaked, I can kill myself. It's awesome. It's awesome. Why would you not want that level of control? I don't know. People are just not into it. I don't know. Anyway. So that's my sales pitch for privacy calm. I haven't talked about it in a while. So it's a good time. But yeah, that was my backup plan if I couldn't get it, but see, they were Take a digital card a point of sale, right? So I couldn't go to pop bellies and say, here's my credit card. He is typing the numbers, they never will do that. But if I can attach it to Google pay or even their stupid ass pop bellies app, I could have populates today if I really wanted to download their stupid app I hate that I hate I hate the the segregation. You know, Google pay accepted almost everywhere Samsung Pay except it almost everywhere. Great. I don't wanna have to download. I hate the fact that in order, I mean, I use, at least Sonic is least Sonic pays me basically, to use their app, right. So when I get my diet green tea in the mornings and do that, like twice a week, I use the sonic app. And I will if you use a pre loaded card, right which of course you can fund from whatever source that you want. So I've got a privacy com card that has a $10 per transaction with I think a 30 or $40 limit per month or something. I don't remember what it was. But essentially, every time that I that I use the sonic app, I leave the gym, I hop on the sonic app, and I order a headed diet green tea. And I pick it up about halfway on my commute. And the sonic app, if you use the sonic app, and you use a balance, right, if you have to keep a small balance on there, you get drinks for half price any day of the week, anytime of the day or night. No happy hour. It's basically happy hour all the time. And they give you free fries free tater tots is you know, loyalty type thing. But to be able to get like a route 44 diet green tea for $1 67. And I can do it through the app on my way to the to the to pick it up. Toss. So yeah, I'm into that. But what's popular is gonna hook me up with this pot bellies gonna give me a discount. They're gonna give me half price sandwiches. No. They're gonna give me they're gonna give me a coupon for tomorrow's visit. That's what they do. Their pot bellies is great. They, they give you a receipt. So this is what they do when they when when they were trying to adjust the cash flow for the week. They'll give you a coupon for $2 off your next order as long as it's tomorrow. Right? So it's like maybe I don't want pot bellies two days in a row but if you're willing to come back, bring your receipt it's worth $2 off tomorrow, but only tomorrow. it expires like whatever. Yeah, I've never used a single one of those kiss my second just got off the freeway. Let me get myself into a do it cruise mode here. But my car and I do the wash. Close enough. Anyhow, what else is going on? What else can I talk about? Man I talked about some new movies that are coming out Hang on a second some new blu rays let me hop over so on discord I've been kind of treating discord like a sort of like a discussion forum right so I've got movies and I got gadgets I got all of the different areas that I want to talk about so I can put posts in there Damn this dark theme is really fucking hard to see while I'm driving. Area Let's see here. A couple of really decent damage so small. Let's see. Galaxy Quest is coming on blu ray nice little collector's edition of that. The the original Batman movies the original Tim Burton Batman movies that the 1980s Batman movies and were recently released on 4k, I think for like 30 bucks apiece and going Damn, that ain't gonna happen. But later I think this month is a four pack collector's edition of all four movies all 4k digitally remastered. Get area Like 89 bucks, that's a little bit that's you know, it's like 21 bucks a movie. I could probably do that. What else was there? There was something else that was decent. Oh, we talked about the shining 4k I think before the the john Carpenter's vampires with James Woods that's coming out Addams Family Values, right. I think I talked about that one. That's a that's the that's the second of the rival Julia and Angelica Houston. Those two movies that came out of the early 90s right. That the second one Addams Family Values is never been on blu ray we've had Addams Family dropped two or three times. And a new version of that's coming out too, but I think it's the same one that Addams Family Values, which is fantastic. This is fantastic. I love it. Actually, I got a good story. And I'm sure I've told you before but a lot of you are new listeners. Set the Wayback Machine Early 90s I got I got the Amiga cd 32 game console was a Commodore based, the Commodore created CD based game console. Essentially it was like an Amiga 1200 with a CD ROM drive but no keyboard or mouse or anything. It was just a game console based with a CD and it was had a ga graphics so it was like I said was a basically a 1200 with a CD ROM drive. One of the neat things that they did is they they released an accessory for this thing called the full motion video cartridge. And it plugged inside the unit so it wasn't something you plugged in on the back. I didn't hang out there was actually an internal slot that you could slide this card in and it gave you NP hardware based MPEG one decompression. And what uses MPEG one decompression, well that would be early video CDs, right v CDs for the Those of you who are are in the know, these were the precursor to DVD. They were SD quality. They were super over compressed and they were made famous by Philip CDI. If you remember watching those like four hour infomercials about the Philip CDI, one of the things that they were boasting was watching digital movies right from a disk on your Philip CDI using their full motion video cartridge. Well, they here's the sort of the slant on that. They released movies in the Phillips CDI format. Okay, Philip CDI was just like the open source, you know, open format of VCD video CD, but it changed just a little bit. So if you were to buy a Philip CDI movie, and try to play it on a standard v CD player It wouldn't work. You had to have a Philips CGI with a full motion video cartridge. Okay. And they had it as I recall they had a pretty decent Mark I mean usually these sorts of products launch with like five movies, right? It's not sure you typically want but in this case they had they had some decent studios backing it and and they had I think I don't remember how many titles they had lunch maybe if somebody can look up the wiki on Philip CDI full motion video how many movies that it launched it but it was quite a bit. It was movies you actually kind of wanted it wasn't like Yentl, you know or or beaches it was Star Trek six and Addams Family Values and a bunch of those are tons of them. Anyway, I had Okay, so roll back your open cuz I'm starting to close in on home. So Commodore commoners engineers said that the cd 32 with the full motion video cartridge would be able to play MPEG video discs v CDs open format, by the way, these CDs very popular in Japan. Very popular overseas not big here, very popular overseas. So the CD was it was a pretty big deal being able to play the CDs on the Amiga cd 32 like a week before the full motion video cartridge launched, Commodores engineers snuck in a patch or they snuck something into the hardware that would allow Amiga cd 32 to play Philip CDI proprietary discs. And I'm sure Phillips was pissed but listen and nothing to worry about because Amiga cd 32 didn't really go anywhere, but they were pissed and I think that there was some sort of a lawsuit and shortly thereafter commoner was fucked anyway, so So they were trying to get blood out of a turnip at that point, but it was awesome. You could go get the CDs you couldn't buy those in the United States had to import them for like 50 bucks apiece. Philip CDI movies those were on the shelf down at Sears man, those are on the shelf at JC Penney, you can go down and by video CDs, Philip CDI movies that would actually play on the Amiga cd 32 and I had the two is I for mentioned where Star Trek six and Addams Family Values. So I've seen both of those movies Far, far more than I care to admit. But what and what a neat little deal for them to slip at it at the end. It was full motion video cards just by the way. They made like 13,000 of them total. Something 13 13,500 and they were pricey. When they came out there were like 150 bucks or something crazy that was in 19 $91 or whatever. But of course as commoner folded is there was only 13,000 of them. They beat came very, very much a coveted item. I owned one obviously. But when I got divorced and I got out of the Navy, I needed cash I was going to file bankruptcy blah blah blah. I ended up selling the full motion video cards and that was shit that was I I think I sold that for 350 bucks. That's that's a good turnaround on investment right there. But I always resented the fact that I had to sell it that kind of suck. All right, I'm almost in the Wi Fi. I want to get off the show. This is Shane Harmon real patchy radio. We'll see you next time. Take care.

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