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Hello everybody this is Shane Arman row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat or radio. It is unfortunately Monday. Look at that travels already and it is Monday, September 16 2019. You're on my 13 mile. Can you tell? Welcome to the show? What does it say? Wait wait a cave into peer pressure? Yeah, yeah, well, I wasn't going to do a show today. I was just going to take it easy and veg on the way home and eat my new Tic Tac so there's new tick tax out. And they've been saying new right on the bottle. There's sugar free tick tax although they want you to know they are not a low calorie food just a sugar free food. And these are called x freeze strong mints with cooling crystals. Yeah, of course. You know there's being sugar free. They taste A lot like all the other peppermint based sugar free means they taste like those Mentos extra mints. They're not very tasty so they last me a lot longer than regular tick tax which I go through like, you know snake eating a small rat. I just open my throat just put them in there. Hey, turbo, what's up? You're actually here at the beginning of the show. Is this DVD fab worked perfectly on my they live blu ray. Perfect. I'm glad it worked out. Yeah, they just had some sort of a sale and I meant to mention it on the show. There's never a great sale, but it's almost always on sale. And if you do a little searching around, you can always find a coupon code for that's usually like 15 or 20% off. Or wait until there's a holiday like and Halloween they'll have another every holiday they'll put them like 30 to 40% off. And if you're careful, you just get the modules that you need. A lot of people don't like the module based nonsense. But frankly, I kind of like it. I like the idea that you buy what you want. You don't want the video converter, if you don't want the iPhone converter or whatever that nonsense bullshit is, you just don't get it, you just you buy the module you need I want the DVD or what the blu ray Ripper, that's all I want. I want the Ripper. I want you know, I've got I got all of it I bought the I finally broke down and bought the all in one package with this, this this last year sometime I bought the all in one and that's got everything that's got all the modules. Of course then they introduce one or two modules that aren't part of the all in one package. But I didn't care about any of those. So it was okay. But overall, you know, now I don't have to worry about because you know what it is occasionally you need to rip a DVD, right or occasionally. My other tools won't convert some mp4 or you know, something, you'll need one of those modules like one time and then it's like you don't have it. Hey, Justin, you don't have the module. So you do it on us the trial version, whatever. Yeah, I just thought Screw it. I'm gonna I'm gonna wait for a good deal. I think I paid 218 bucks for it. And I got like a $30 amazon gift card with it or something. So it ended up being under 200 bucks after all of a sudden done, but I got everything now. So that's a that's a big plus, the licensing is really weird, but God damn it that shit works. That software does what it's supposed to do, and it does it well. And sometimes you have to pay for that. So c'est la vie, but I'm glad it worked out for you. That's really the key part here. It's free software is great when it works. It doesn't work out to pay for it. So anyhow, somebody, somebody on Twitter, Rob de who he'll be listening, I'm sure either now or later. He turned me on that to this thing downtown. Somebody somebody who works at the court. Actually I don't know this person but apparently They made like an 80 foot. David Bowie Muriel Muriel Muriel Muriel MURA a mural right along the side of the road using like 18 like an 80 foot by like eight foot brick wall made this tribute to David Bowie and I think it's got like maybe eight or nine full size murals on it you know one of them from like Ziggy Stardust one from you know more modern he they got one of them as the goddamn Goblin King and labyrinth. I'm so fucking there. So Justin that we're going to run down there today and take a look at it just didn't work out. But hopefully tomorrow, we can sneak out like at lunchtime and we can check out the Bowie Muriel Muriel that we have a miracle at work. So every time I start saying that I want to say Merial the mural, the David Bowie mural. For those of you who are in Phoenix for, you know, whatever it said, No, it said, McDowell and Seventh Street, apparently two blocks north North Miss test marker. Speaking of Miss test marker, I, I was moving some crap around my Plex server. So it turns out that at some point in time I put a lot of, I gotta go back. So on my public server, I organize my movies in three main categories and it's all by date, anything pre 1995 95 to 2011 and 2012. and above, right, so that way, at least I've got some methodology of of putting these things into some proper perspective. Because I tend to think that my audience is probably the people that use it. A lot of them are older guys like me, they're going to stay in the 1995 and before right, but you can always search was no big deal. There. But keeping separate so I was noticing in my pre 1995 folder I had asked loads of movies that were well after 1995 so I started moving them around racks I've got special folders I've got you know what eight different hard drives and I move things around and Plexus really good about if you move the file it doesn't make a new entry or anything it just it just realigns the wherever the new file location is it just lines it to the entry so it's great. Sometimes you actually want it to generate a new entry so you have to actually delete the thing. nuke the entry and then put it back. Anyway, I digress. So I ran across the the rip of Superman the movie The 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman movie by directed by Richard Donner. And I noticed that it had the commentary track so I flipped it on just I needed like a half hour because my son was at at the waterpark yesterday and I needed like a half hour of time to kill I didn't want to get involved in Overwatch or anything. I just wanted to kill a half hour. So I thought I'd watch the first half hour of this Superman document. I'm pretty sure I've seen it before. You know, I've listened to it before, but why not? So I put it on. And it's a commentary track is Richard Donner and the executive consultant, Tom Markovich or Markowitz or something like that some Jewish name it sounded like right? Not that it matters. But anyway, these two guys and it's odd because they put one of them on the right channel and one of them on the left channel. And I tend to wear headphones at my desk, but I keep my right earphones slightly off so I can hear my wife or the dogs or whatever. So, so I couldn't really hear Tom in the right ear. But I did hear Richard Donner just fine. And quite frankly, they both talks so much that you don't really want to miss either one of them. So I ended up flipping the mixer on and just making an audible alright A mano oral conversion right so now everything was in my left ear I'm getting I got it I got a topic on Overwatch to talk about so just the standby standby Travis I'll fill you in sorry traffic's really bad here get distract me set my crews here and I should be good for the rest of the trip home. Me Go. Anyhow, so I started listening to this it's an I have not heard I've not heard this Richard Donner commentary and it's really good. I got totally sucked in. I ended up coming back and listening to another like half hour 45 minutes of it. And I'll tell you what makes it so good. is poor Justin yesterday or the storage twice because we talked about it on my walk today with him and I walked it's exactly the way I like if I were to say this is exactly what I want out of a commentary. I want X, Y and Z and nothing else. That's what these guys delivered, right? So they talk about casting, they talk about the effects shots, they talk about challenges. They talk about interesting stories from the extras. They talk about production problems. They talk about tiny. They talk about miniature construction, they talk about, you know, when they flipped between camera shots, right, so, in some cases, they're shooting in New York City. Next, the next time the Camera Cuts, they're actually on a soundstage at Pinewood Studios in in England, and then the right back to a street, New York, right? Sometimes they flip between, you know, a stage shot and a live show. It's really interesting. I'll give you an example of one of the ones that I found extraordinarily interesting. I'll give you two of them. Actually, two facts about from this commentary. This just because I have other stuff. Hang on a second. You are actually right in the middle of my PSR Did you call on purpose to see if you can hear yourself on the air? No honey My wife is accused us of being a gay couple because Mr. Major pickle and I have been spending lots of time texting each other. I don't know if anybody can hear this actually on the show or not but just be warned you're on the show. That's a good thing though. Right? Yeah. You get your Connect stuff. I got all my Connect stuff. It's actually topic on the show. I haven't got it all hooked up yet though. Did you get yours all hooked up? We're just gonna sit in the corner. Oh, you're gonna wait for me to say I thought your new your new lover tech dude was going to be your your hookup for that. Wasn't he helping you out now? All right, good deal. Good deal. Nice to know I'm wanted I needed, right? Yes, right. All right, we'll see if the fans enjoyed hearing you live. Alright man, talk to you later. Bye. All right. I don't know if that worked out or not if I got kicked out of the show. How did that work out? Hey, yo, Bruce wheelers in. That's crazy. I have a live call. This is cool. That means you guys here. Major pickle. Could you hear him? Okay, I know there was a point where speaker wouldn't mix the audio like that. But if you guys heard and that's cool. I mean second, like take live calls. That'd be awesome. Imagine it one more fucking distraction while I'm driving. Right. So let's go back. So so there's there were two things I thought were really interesting. And there was a billion things I thought that were interesting but to make that make some good talk is there's a scene in Superman where Christopher Reeve flies into rescue a cat out of a tree. There's a little girl waiting for Bottom the tree crying for frickin cat and Superman comes in. This is what he's running around you know, doing good deeds solving crimes and all this other stuff right? He catches the cat burglar, all that good stuff. Anyway so he flies down he gets the cat and then he you know he lands down next to the girl enhance the cat over that's like that's literally like hang on i doing the show baby. Okay, honey thing of dish detergent so I can finish washing dishes of money here at home if you want to come home and get cash. Okay, that's okay, I got it. Okay, okay. Love you too. Oh, yes, the show that is endlessly interrupted. All right, well, I'm not even sure you guys are even getting the show anymore. So I'm hoping it's streaming up. Alrighty, so it's like that whole scene is like 15 seconds of Superman right? I mean that's like he flies down and gets the cat he lands he hands the cat off he says some nice words. The girl by the way, it's so funny because this is a bonus piece when the girl goes in and starts talking about some flying man rescued her cat the mom like like almost hits her like you know stop telling lies and she's gonna like punish the girl for getting her cat rescued by Superman. And Richard Donner just cracks up Yeah, get that destroyed so you guys can hear just fine perfect. Who so that whole scene right so so they fly Christopher Reeve with wires a lot of the time right? They got like three different technologies they use to make Christopher Reeve fly they got the front you know the rear projector gimbal they got all this stuff and they've got Of course this this crane with the with wires right this wiring harness this special wiring harness it was a big deal. Then. Anyway. So this they shot this originally on a New York, New York City Street, you know, side of the street. And they ran poor Christopher Reeve into that tree like six times. Every time they tried to fly him in to get the cat. They smacked them into the tree. So what they ended up what they ended up doing was the part where he actually gets the cat is shot on the Pinewood studio in England. And then they they cut in a cut over to the piece where he's landing next little little girl right there and on New York's Side of New York Street, so I was like, That's so crazy. I mean, that 15 seconds was was living hell for porkers, Marie. They didn't get the shot. They had to shoot it again probably six months later, on some Sound Studio somewhere. It's just priceless, priceless stuff. The other one that that blew me away. Actually, I'll tell you two more because this is cool and then I'll move on to the next topic. What are the other ones that blew me away is after they fly right so Superman gives the interview with Lois Lane and they fly off and they have that goofy mind reading bullshit and then they land. Right and then Superman flies off. And then two seconds later, Clark Kent shows up at her front door, right perfect distraction. You know, Superman flies off and Clark Kant's waiting at the door. Perfect right throw Lois Lane off the set. After there's a moment when she's standing there and he flies obbies like we'll see you later Lewis Rooney flies off. That's a goddamn movie screen. He wasn't even there. They he shot that six months earlier. She's just standing in front of a screen for that moment. And that screen was put up right outside the apartment set. And as she's walking over to her apartment right now walking over to the main room of her apartment. She's one Walking right past the screen, and now they're actually in the set. And when you know that it's there. I always thought the shot looked kind of funny, but I never it's like that just kind of looked weird. Well, now you know, it's actually shot on the screen and it looks like it once you know that it's shot on the screen. That was cool. And then the last but not least, when they bury Jonathan Kent, right, Clark Kant's Earth father. They do this at the cemetery up at the top of this hill. It's this beautiful landscape. And they're on top of this little sentence, this little cemetery at the top of this hill overlooking this little tiny town. It's really cool looking. And they built that Cemetery by the way that cemetery didn't exist. I don't even know if they can shoot in a cemetery legally, who knows, but they built that from scratch. But they wanted to build it on the side of the hill. And you know, to overlook, they wanted to set the perfect shot. Well, while they were scouting locations, Richard Donner had seen this little white church that was super Picture ask and all this stuff and and he thought to himself, wouldn't it be great if this was in the shot if we could have this in the cemetery shot that we're looking for? It's too bad. It's not sitting at the top of a hill where we could build the cemetery, right. So, unbeknownst to Richard Donner because I think this was shot by second or third unit. So Richard Donner didn't shoot the cemetery scene. They, one of the guys, and you know, who was part of the production, Bill rebuilt that church painstakingly at a miniatures made a miniature of the church and they composited that church into a panning shot across the cemetery. And Richard Donner didn't see it until later on in editing. And it just blew his mind that they actually somebody spent that level of time to get that shot for him. This whole this whole commentary is filled with amazing little nuggets like that. And frankly, you know, if you go back and Watch this remastered copy on blu ray. For 1978 movie, it looks really damn good. I mean, it really does. There's a couple of blatantly obvious little nuances where it's like, yeah, that was a bad effect shot or whatever. But the practical effects, the miniatures, all of those things look absolutely fantastic and they still look good. And that's the power of you know, physical models instead of the CG nonsense. So anyway, so I thought that was good. I thought that was really interesting. I thought somebody might be interested in going back and revisiting that. All right, let me see what else I got here. Superman commentary done. I finished up season one of the boys Listen, what a show. Definitely one of my top shows this year, I recommend it so much. Oh so much. It's eight episodes. You can get through it and no time. Your wish. There were more. I know. I do. Liza, the great cliffhanger. Great twist at the end of this year at the end of the season. You got to be watching you got to go see it right now forget about the rest of the show. Just shut this up. And go watch the first the first episode. And you don't have to wait five or six episodes before it gets good. Right? You'll be hooked within the first trust me the first episode if you're not done by the if you're not totally entrenched in the show by the first episode, then get the hell out because there's nothing we can do for you. So I highly recommend it. I will not be talking about any spoilers. Not for a while. I do want to talk about the show here. But I'm going to wait until you guys get catch catch up. Wow, that was almost bad. Where'd you guys get caught up? And then I can talk about some spoilers now give everybody fair notice. But I want to talk about spoilers for the show. Because all sorts of little topics about that I want to talk about I know Justin listens and I don't want him to get spoiled of it either. So Good stuff, good stuff. Let's see. Yeah, Rick. stochastic of the cars at Ricoh classic or a casing he he died along with any money died recently to two rock star legends. Ric Ocasek looks like he's been six feet under for like 20 years. So I mean, I'm actually kind of surprised he was still alive. To be honest with you. Was I a cars fan? I liked the cars I mean I, I own I own a problem. I think I own Greatest Hits and one other out my thing I think I got to I got two of them. I got to I'm sorry. I was recently digging through my CDs. This is sort of what brought this up. to rest in peace guys. I was an ad money fan too. I was more of a casual fan of both of them. Shake it up was on the soundtrack to the last American virgin, which by the way, is a coming of age movie. We've talked about that on this show. More than one time last American virgin great movie. Diane Franklin in her prime must see must see coming of age movie ends in a crazy way. And every time I watch it, I want to drive off a cliff. Zack kind of movie, but that's good. That's exactly that movie ended the way it would have actually happened had that been a real story. But that the soundtrack of last American virgin is nothing short of incredible even if you don't love the movie itself, the soundtrack is unbelievable. And shake it up from the cars. I believe that was my first exposure to them, or was one of the first memories that I have of the cars and sort of those groups that were around in the 70s but I listened to them till the 80s You know, there's a handful of those that are like that. And Eddie money I was a fan. I was a singles fan. Yeah, anytime me a single of his came out I liked it but I wasn't an album guy. I don't own any Eddie money, CDs. I don't have any any money on my playlist on Google music, right? So. But yeah, it's again, tragic to see these heroes, these musical heroes of ours, checking out. So. But speaking of CDs, so major pickle and I are going to collaborate on a song together, actually, we're not collaborating at all. He's going to show me how to properly map and beat Sabre, because while I've put out a few maps, I am I am not great. He's a great mapper. And I'm selfishly using our friendship to help me learn more about be safer and obviously, he's going to utilize my friendship to help him set up a Connect thing and we'll talk about that in a minute. Hey, Gus, what's up speaking of old friends from the past, here's the guy responsible for the graphics that you saw in several dark unicorn production games on the PC right? Good stuff there. Good stuff. Completely and vs ball Awesome, awesome stuff Amy we did the the graphics for Dino eggs that never got released, which is too bad. Because quite frankly, the version they did release was not nearly as much fun as the original game. But that's neither here nor there. So anyway, we decided we're going to collaborate on a song together, and I'm not going to mention what it is. But I told him I said, I would love to do that. I will in fact, even go and dig out my CDs and I will grab the CD and I will rip it clean, highest possible quality. I'll rip it off the CD so that we don't have to, you know, rip a copy off of Google Play or deal with some hundred 28 kilobits mp3, something that's right off the right off the CD. So I went digging through my CD collection and I got a little misty, I got a little nostalgic. Those of you who follow me on Twitter, I posted a bunch of pictures. I sent a couple to some of you personally, that meant something like Chad, Chad and I were talking about the nylons, a group that nobody's probably heard of. I blew him away when he mentioned the nylons. It done happy together and I said, I've actually got that CD. And I'm not sure he believed me that I own the CD. So I was back there digging through my discs I ran across and I sent him a picture. I sent Justin a shot of a Van Halen CD, and that sort of thing. So I got a little nostalgic, you know. And so I took this particular disc back, which was By the way, I believe. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was my very first CD. And if those of you who are longtime listeners of the show, longtime fans will probably know exactly what CD that was because I believe I have credited that with my first CD before because I wore the tape out twice. I had to buy two, two audio cassettes I've worn out the second one of this particular artist and album So having it on CD right never ever have to buy another copy of it was a godsend and I do believe that the CD that I have in my collection is the original one that I purchased so that's kind of cool to have something that old still kicking around something that meant that much to you still kicking around which is awesome but you know and I it's been a while since I pulled out an actual CD I mean I got movies and stuff like that but a music CD to open it up and I took the I took the jewel case insert out and I opened it up, it's like a quad fold. I opened it up and the lyrics are there and the little dedication devotion thing on the last page. Like who I want to thank all the people that made this album possible. There was a there's a moment where this becomes You know, when you listen to music through a streaming service or mp3 or whatever that you repeat yourself, no matter what it is. There's a there's an inherent lack tactile experience, putting the disc in the tray, closing the tray, holding it by the outer edge in the inner ring with your fingers. It's almost like it's almost like a Vulcan greeting, right? Like I can't see it of course because we're on the radio but I got my fingers a nap position that I would be in if I were holding a CD. And if you were to walk up to somebody from that era and hold your fingers up like this, they might actually understand that level of communication, you know, and to go through the the insert and to look at the artwork on the inside and you know, the little crack on the jewel case on the back that you know, you try not to pay attention to because you don't really want to replace the jewel case. The crack makes you crazy anyway. It was it was a slightly emotional thing and no my low T was not responsible that that's called the statue. And so it's very cool. And a lot of these things you know, you can't find this shit, you know? Mostly because people don't want it. But there are things that are that have gone through copyright. Hell, you know, it's kind of cool to dig through this thing and say, Wow, you know, you probably couldn't get this anymore. I mean, you could find a secondhand copier, buy it on eBay or something. But, you know, if this never existed in a physical format, you wouldn't be getting this music, you wouldn't be getting the audio that's on this disc, because, for example, I'll tell you one of the examples. They released a whole bunch of TV theme songs on multiple CDs. Justin said he's got a handful of them too. But I bought like everyone I could get my hands on. They were very expensive. I think you had to buy them off of TV. And they were like 30 bucks apiece or something absolutely back shit crazy. And they were very expensive, but they had like 60 theme songs. There's like the 50, the pre 60s and like the 70s the 80s. So there was like, I think I got three of them. And you know, and you look at it now and it's like the rights that That music is probably so tied up in legal hell with people having rights to the music and the publishing and the TV shows and the syndication and everything else that's required to license the theme song from Knight Rider, the theme song from the greatest American hero, five people probably on that song. And you'd never be able to get them to let you release that again on a on a disk, you know. And so it's kind of cool going through there and there were memories attached to them, right, not just like regular memories, but I ran across my Labyrinth CD, the soundtrack from the motion picture Labyrinth with David Bowie. And that was an import you could not buy that disc in the United States. I had to import it from Europe and this is back in the late 80s. You know, and you had to wait six to 12 fucking weeks for anything to be delivered. Even if it was across the street somehow it took eight to 12 weeks to get there. But I ordered that I paid out the ass for that. I think I paid 25 bucks and that's in, you know, 19 $88 for the labyrinth soundtrack. And that means that actually means something to me that that, that there's a story behind that disc. There's no story behind the streaming song that you, you know, that you're listening to on Spotify, that stuff, it's just not there. You know, the Zanna new CD, which is featured in one of those pictures. That was a pain in the ass to get a hold of what was the other one? It was another one I had to import the nylons might have actually been a weird import too. I had trouble getting a hold of that one. You know, in Wenatchee nylons weren't a big a big commercial success. I think I had a special order that one I had to go to the music store when they actually had stores that sold music and said Yeah, I heard this song from the nylons is happy together cover and and I really want the CD and it's like yeah, well we don't get that. So yeah, you can order it. Yeah, like like, how many months would that take is I had, you know, two months tops. So I remember ordering I had to pay for it in advance, you know using your allowance or whatever you have. on hand and and it was a huge pain in the ass I mean that's that's something you get from Columbia record and tape club either you know what I'm saying? But that was that was the Boone if you ever seen that the if you haven't watched The Goldbergs ever there's an episode where Adam the lead character ends up using like dozens of fake names to continuously sign up for the Columbia record and tape club to get massive collections of you know, free audio cassettes and that's just like totally true. Everybody I know including myself at least us two accounts made up some stupid ass name even going to the same address just to get in on the 12 tapes for one penny. And I remember they actually had you take the penny to the postcard there was little spots as a penny here and I always wondered about that it has to have cost more money in like postage wait because they paid for the you know the return mailing. So it's like didn't cost more them like mail that Penny then eventually they they build you for the pen. But anyway, so yeah, I got I got a little nostalgic and I was enjoying the CDs and posted pictures and stuff is pretty good. Let's see what else is going on. Little follow up on the Samsung Galaxy buds. They are still being my favorite set of earbuds I've ever owned. I'm still enjoying them. I'm still using them for worked out. They're still impressing the living shit out of me. So just wanted to throw out that I'm still enjoying them. And we will follow up see what else have I got going on? I talked about the David Bowie mural mural already not Miriam. You guys following this story about flavored vape You know, my biggest problem was smoking. Aside from secondhand smoke, which you know, we all know that me driving behind this asshole car in front of me. Probably gives me more of a noxious secondhand Disgusting gasoline fumes and a secondhand smoker but, but it's the smell right? The smell of cigarettes is disgusting it gets on people's hair and their clothes. You guys all know my position on that. But we had a couple of real diehard smokers in our office and now they're vapors, but one of them is back to smoking gun, but the other ones are a die hard vapor. And frankly, the fact that it smells like fruit or, or something like halfway pleasant is like Well, listen, I don't give a shit what you're doing right? If you want to vape if you want to smoke if you want to drink whatever you want to do. I don't care as long as I don't have to, you know suffer the consequences from it. When you're smoking you stink and you're nasty and I have to walk through your nasty shit on my way to my building. I don't like that. That's that's where your rights are infringing on my rights. But listen, if people listen, you warn the consumer. consumers know that smoking is going to kill you, consumers. Know that drinking is not good for you consumers know that sugar and, and and processed fat and all this other net that's all bad for you We all know it. We all know soda is not good for you. You do it and you know you're doing it you eat frozen food you deserve to be in a fucking coffin I get it. So why why why why why can you buy alcohol and cigars and cigarettes and everything else but they want to ban flavored vape they want to ban fruit flavored smelling vape to me if you might as well just bang it all if you're gonna band for me as a health crisis for teenagers. So is everything else? Why don't you banning that? In this case, I'm actually in favor of not banning fruit, fruity vape juice. God knows I don't want the alternative. I'd rather smell that the cigarettes I'm telling you right now and listen Water vapor ain't hurt me. I don't think unless somebody can tell me otherwise that vape you know, water vapors are hurting me, but I think you got all that nasty shit already inside you. All you're doing is breathing out what's left. So I'm all I'm all in favor. Legal, legal, legal, fruity flavored vape fruity smelling vape I'm all in favor of it. Don't mess with with my homies rights to not smoke, right? That's all I'm saying. All right. Check that one off. I got time for one more before I hit the store. And it's going to talk about quest stuff. I want to talk about what's going on with the switch scene. I got to talk about that connect setup stuff. I got Overwatch to talk about. Damn it. I'm approaching the show to the store too fast. Walmart has recently announced a $98 a year. Same day delivery service like Amazon. It's in a pilot program and it only extends to groceries now. Does anybody actually go to Walmart to shop groceries because I mean we get groceries and for their for something else but we don't go to Walmart for groceries you know what I'm saying? So 99 bucks or what was it 199 a year for Prime Walmart will deliver your groceries for 100 bucks a year Amazon you get the streaming you get the music you get the storage you get the books, you get all that shit as part of their. It they're making it's like Walmart's taking on the big g vinci's there, they're going to compete with Amazon to compete with what delivering groceries. Nobody gets groceries delivered by Amazon least now. Thanks so. So wait, wait, wait. So more sensationalism in the news. What are we talking about here? There's nothing going that's not a competition. When Walmart starts having streaming movies, and same day delivery and all that other shit and Amazon comes up but then you can, you know, put that in the spotlight. But until then, you know, pissed off You bloody rancor. All right, then I'm going to go and get my wife's digitas washing detergent, as I have been instructed to do, and we will do another show, either tomorrow or later in the week, obviously I have a couple topics that need to go. And maybe I'll have even more by then. This is Shane Armin row passenger seat radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody.

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