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Hello everybody this is Shane Harmon row. You're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is September 25 2019. year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Lovely day in Phoenix today. Temperatures are nice 86 degrees it's overcast. threat of showers coming. Traffic sucks, but hey, listen that you can't have it all. Sorry, I just sucked in a minute and just choke myself. I feel bad. I just cut this guy off to get over it. How's everybody doing? So, I want to talk a lot today about the Oculus Connect six event that happened today. What's the sort of the the three for the Oculus guy god damn. You know, these cars keep coming in and trying to get across this main intersection here right crossing Jefferson What is this fifth? So almost impossible to get across because everybody's timing just sucks, right? There we go. Now I can pay more attention to the show and less about driving, which is perfect. So yeah, you guys, so this Oculus event happened today, and it's a lot of it's a lot of Facebook promotion going on in there. But it was quite a bit of interesting stuff. I want to talk about that. Before I get started on that, I'm trying to think if there's anything pending that I wanted to discuss, most of what I want to talk about is dealing with the Oculus, and, and my beat saber mapping tool that I'm working on. I want to talk about that. What else Hey, Bruce will urgent Hey, yo, what's going on? I started American Horror Story. Let's talk about American Horror Story. It's been a whole week since the first episode, so if you haven't started it yet, I'm going to talk about it. And it'll be there may be some spoilers for that first episode and but again, A whole week the second episodes out tonight. So, so if you have no you have no excuse not to have seen it already. It's become my morning elliptical show right now. So American Horror Story as you know, the show takes place in is different every seasons a different story. Now they're all loosely tied together by something hidden storyline thread. I don't care about any of that, that most of the same actors return each season. And it's a completely different story. The characters are different people are the actors are different characters. I really enjoy. So we've had all sorts of stuff. We had an insane asylum. We've had a haunted house in Los Angeles, we've had a witch coven. We've had a haunted hotel, we've had all this all this great stuff. We had a cult. We've had all this good stuff this year. It's simply called 1984. And it is looking at sort of And 80s parody of Friday the 13th at Camp Crystal Lake scenario where a group of camp counselors at a at a summer camp get slaughtered by a killer. So I don't know if he's a serial killer yet. But again, a crazed madman hacks up an entire cabin full of kids and counselors who are naturally having sex at the time, right. The counselors were not the kids, but the counselors are having sex and fooling around so instead of killing just the camp counselors, Mr. jingles here kills the entire entire cabinet save one who actually lived and was stupid enough to 17 years later, 14 years later, by the by the camp so she found Jesus after she was almost killed by Mr jungles. And so now she has decided to buy the slaughterhouse camp and reopen it to the public means While the psychopath is was captured, and he of course escaped just in time for the camp to open, and what we have now is a ragtag team of 80s. teens. Yes, survivor girl exactly, Travis. Beyond the mask or behind the mask. The rise of Leslie Vernon has told us a lot about horror movies and the casting such as survivor girl. But anyway, so she's turned to Jesus. And now she wants to make the summer camp. She wants to turn it around and make it something positive, even though she almost died there. So she hires the only group of people a misfit group of kids to come up and be counselors. And it kind of goes from there. You've got you've got the standard cast. Like I said, a lot of the cast came back from the previous seasons. Emma Roberts is in the the lead role and of course she's super hot and she always looks good. They managed to get her wet, dirty and scared in the same episode. So it's pretty Fake even had a little girl on girl action at the very beginning which is perfect. I mean, the show like rights to me sometimes I think. But anyway, so that's sort of the premise and so far so good. It's nice and bloody interesting some interesting character developments going on. And I kind of dying to see, you know, there's a couple of loose strings going on. It's a standard American Horror Story. It's just set in the 80s. And of course, they go out of their way to make sure there's the Olympics are going on. So they have real footage of the 80s Olympic 1984 Olympics going on. They've got the music, they've got the they've got the leg warmers they've got the the robot size craze going on the whole bit. It's great if you live through the 80s and you know, those were your formative years. It's great. Even the intro looks like a bad VHS tape. Intro shot on VHS. It's even a four by three. Orientation. Just fantastic. It was I Fantastic. I love it. So anyway, we'll see what happens. I won't spoil too much. I mean, you've got the basic plot line if you're interested or not. But yeah, so I'm excited this it looks like it's going to be a good season a couple of the seasons I've clocked out on. I do love that asylum. That was one of my favorite ones. The was the second season of American Horror Story. So So let's see, I'm finishing up the movies, the CNN documentary series on films. I watched the 70s, the 80s, the 90s. And I'm on 2000 and beyond, I believe is the episode so I'm finishing up that as well. On the elliptical. Yeah, so we got a bunch of folks who I guess we can talk we can talk about. I think it's time we can actually talk about the boys now I think. I mean, I know Travis finished it up. Chad finished it up regular listeners to the show. So You know what, I'll tell you what this is your WARNING This is your warning for the boys. I'm not going to talk about it on this episode. I want everyone to know that next episode we're going to talk about the boys because I got lots of oculus ship to talk about. So we'll talk about the boys next episode be ready. I want to talk about the season finale and the whole bit so if you haven't caught caught up yet don't listen to the next episode of passenger seat radio. We're going to spoil it for him. Great show. I think even Travis liked it, which I think he I don't think he was in love with it as the rest of us were but I've loved it. It's one of my surprise hits in the year to be honest with you. But no more talking about the boys. Let's talk about the stuff that Facebook was putting out today. First off, I want to span it Facebook for I want to spat at Facebook for making me go into Facebook to watch their stupid Oculus presentation. You know, Nintendo and Microsoft everybody else Has the decency to say you want to watch this? I'm going to make it available on as many mediums as possible. But no, no, no, I had to go to Facebook to watch it. Fortunately, I didn't have to log in. You were promised boys talk. It was okay. Yeah, whatever. It was a bait and switch. It was not a bait and switch. I wasn't actually going to talk about it today anyway, but I'm talking about TV that I've been watching. And now that I'm finished up with that, I want to talk about it. So we'll give everyone one more grace period show before I talk about it. So a lot of what we heard, I got to catch most of it. I mean, I've worked after all, so I had it running in the background a lot and I paid attention to parts that sounded more interesting than others. So essentially, Facebook really, really, really wants to trap everybody inside a virtual worlds, where of course they can harvest everything that you do and handle all of your interactions. So right now they're essentially doing what Quantum link and their habitat promised ages and ages ago, which is to create a virtual world for you to just kind of live in. Hey, Brian, hold what's up. So I call this horizon. And inside of horizon, you can basically live in VR, they want you spending all of your free time and probably a lot of other time. Inside this horizon where you can interact with other people. You can actually build your own space basically, it's basically habitat that was promised to us by quantum link back in the 80s. So they're, they're real serious about it. They of course, you know, you have to have a Facebook login, all your friends are going to be there, blah, blah, blah. Oh, you missed it. I already talked about it. Brian. I already talked about the new American Horror Story I opened with that. So you're gonna have to go back and listen, I already talked about it. Damn it. We're on the Oculus Oculus talk now. So anyway, what I was doing Interested in of course, was what the future of the Oculus products were going to be new game announcements and that sort of thing. And they did not fail to deliver in that department. So let's so So Facebook, the boys at Facebook are spending all of their free time trying to perfect mixed in virtual reality where pretty much they have control over everything you see everything you say everything you do not control over but have access to it, right. So they're talking about setting up environments where you work. So they focused a lot on something called the virtual workplace, where literally, you could go to work in virtual reality mixed reality really. And with that, you could perform all of your daily functions, have your meetings collaborate, all with in their virtual workspace environment, which of course means that the are actually going to be sampling your entire surroundings all the time. They have this thing called Live maps, where they're going to use us. Not the Google does anything different, but they're going to use us to create augmented reality. So you're going to walk around with these glasses on, they're going to, you know, do the stuff that Google Glass was doing, like 20 years ago, right? They're going to be doing that. But they're going to be building three dimensional representations of places based on what you see. So that when somebody else comes to that location, you basically crowd funded or crowd sourced, infinite information about a given location. God only knows what the privacy statements going to look like. But they're talking about having you do this in your home having you do this in your workplace, sampling high enough where you can it can they can read your monitor, I mean, the privacy implications of this whole horizon in this virtual workplaces is crazy. showed a lot of VR technology reading faces. So though their thing is social, what do they call it social, social placement, something like that. Their goal is to make it feel as real to be with somebody virtually as you are in the real world. Right? So they're plugging this guy on, on the set working right, so this guy was supposed to be making a Facebook video. And instead his dad calls and says that this basketball game is going to start and he wants his son to watch it with it. So so they put they both put on quests, you know, Oculus quest headsets, and now they are existing together sort of like big screen inside his dad's living room watching his dad's TV, right. And they're, you know, perfectly represented by avatars and all this other stuff. So, they want this social placement or whatever they had a name for, maybe somebody else will remember who watched it. There is social social platform that that's their goal is to make being in person being with somebody in VR is as as realistic as possible. So they show tech demos of VR headsets, reading your face, your eyes, your eyebrows, your facial expressions. The demo even showed some woman puffing up her cheeks and it was being showed by her avatar. So they're trying to make your avatar hyper realistic. So because that's how we that's how we interact with each other, right? Your expressions, your features, your body language, those sorts of things are important in a social situation. That's how you read people that's how you you bond with people so they want to recreate that as much as they can, you know, being logged into Facebook Of course, because that's where all your friends are right now with no friends on Facebook or whatever. So that was that was so that was sort of this this the long drawn out part is them talking about the the social platforms and building these avatars of people and all of this other stuff. So they spent a lot of time talking about that which was interesting. It's a real Wally sort of scenario, right? where everybody's laying down on a couch strapped into this headset doing absolutely nothing, you know, and they'll be curating everything that you see and do at some point but or gathering information about what you see and do which of course helps them target ads to you and all this other so whatever, whatever. Yeah, they should do for row seats to a game in VR. Yeah, I mean, to me, that seems, you know, we can watch movies in VR. Not great yet, but I mean, we've watched movies in VR, we've, we've had movie nights with my friends, right? Me and Alex and Chris and Javier, we've all sat at Chad, we sat inside a big screen and watch the 80s movies together. So you gotta do this stuff. But again, you've got these goofy we like avatars, which don't really show anything. You can see people turning their heads are waving their arms. RM but that's about it. So yeah, the problem is is the more hyper realistic you get with these avatars and the more you're reading people, it gets closer and closer to being able to have too much information about you. Right. I digress. Let me move on to something more exciting. Let's talk about the Oculus future with the quest and the Rift. So probably the biggest announcement The biggest thing we want to talk about So right now, Oculus has two skews right now for for VR headsets. They've got the quest which is their wireless, scaled down technologically totally portable VR headset, and they've got the rift s or we'll just call it the rift because this sort of has this encompasses the rift as the OG Rift. So they got two skews. They've got a wired one that hooks up to the PC and you had to have the thousand dollar PC to run it. And then they've got this scaled down quest version right? quest is. So of course, they started touting all the quest numbers, lots of questions, lots of VR developers are talking about how the quest has really changed things for them, you know, three times the sales the first week of super hot that it had on the Rift. So lots of these developers are coming forward saying that, you know, the attachment rate of quest is 80%, which is unheard of it's ungodly. So quest quest quest, this is really the future of VR and they're very clear that that's the direction that they're supporting. Now they do for they broke off momentarily to talk about two big triple A style games coming out for Rift, the PC driven VR headset. But you can tell by the way that they're positioning themselves and what they're talking about. That quest is the future for for Oculus, and it makes sense. It's accessible. It's more or less affordable. But what really what really chaps people's asses is that your essentially have a cell phone, one step above Gear VR, you know, Google, what do they call that Google Cloud Daydream or whatever it was called? Yeah, that's kind of what you got only it's got. It's got a very strong backing by the developer Oculus. And they've done some exclusives, right? They had that Vader, Vader immortal. They, they they have a lot of developers making content, good, solid content. They've got a much more rigorous vetting process and approval process for games. So we have less games for the quest, but we have a lot higher quality in terms of the overall selection of good quality titles. So but what you know what people want to do, right is a lot of people have riffs already, like this is a perfect scenario. This is me. I've got a rift for me to plug my Rift. So I have my ribs plugged in, but then I've got to go in and put all my sensors up or adjust them because they are Cat knocked him over whatever. I've got a string up I gotta I gotta hook my rift up to my to my pulley system on the ceiling. And then I've got to clear the clear the room out a for lyst for me to play my rift is like going to the gym This is the best way I can explain it. I work out on the elliptical 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes at night. It takes me 10 minutes in both directions to get to the gym. So for 30 minutes of game or 30 minutes of gameplay for 30 minutes of workout, I got to spend 20 minutes or more right because in the morning I shower, which I would normally do at home. So the burden of me getting 30 minutes of exercise so I have to spend an hour of my life. That seems to be kind of a shitty trade. If you want to work out for a half hour it's going to cost you an hour of your time. For me the rift is very similar. I've got to basically have to reboot my computer to make sure nothing is running. I reboot my computer Make sure nothing starts up, I shut every auto loading process down. I do everything possible to reduce the complete load on my system. Then I fire up Oculus, it's got a load that goddamn Oculus home in the background. I launched beat saber beat saber comes up and for some reason the Oculus home pops up in front of it, and I can't seem to use it. I can't seem to use the controls on the headset with the with the VR to actually clearance now I've got to take it all back off, go back to the computer. Close beats sandwich by the way is running fine, but for some reason that never made it into the headset. I gotta close it real Listen, I want to play 30 minutes of beat saber it takes me an hour of time to do it. So that's me. I mean, I know a lot of people have dedicated rooms for their Rift, or it's not nearly as hectic but for me, it's a pain in the ass the quest. It's 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. 30 minutes of gameplay, bang, bang boom. 31 minutes of my life. If you can share If you can buy yourself back 20 to 40 minutes per day there's there's a, there's a monetary value you can put on that it happens to be 400 bucks request. That's what that is. Right? So for me if I want to play 30 minutes of beat Saber, if I want to play some space pirate trainer, if I want to play some Vader immortal, I can throw that quest on I'm good to go. Now what I can't do on the quest is play in depth what I can't play on the quest is what's something else I play on the on the rift? I can't Arizona sunshine, whatever. There's a bunch of games that I have on Rift. I have moss. I have all these other games on Rick, but I don't have them on the quest. So I've been experimenting with these tools like virtual desktop that let you stream PC content, PC VR content, that steam VR, that's Oculus Rift content, streaming over your Wi Fi to your question. And literally play Rift and steam VR games on your quest. How does it work? It varies, right? It's playable but not as enjoyable right? It does some screen scaling rights you're not getting the Christmas picture. You may have you know your wife my wife I don't know what it is I've got five gigahertz Wi Fi but I've got interference. I get minor stirrings, I get frame drops. It didn't stop me from playing like five rounds of in death when I fired this whole thing up. But listen, it's a pain in the ass. And if you want to if you want to stream Oculus games, you have to use that revive layer, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There's all a bunch of nonsense if I want to do that. So now we can circle back to the Oculus presser today. They have announced something called the Oculus link. Now, here's essentially in a nutshell, it turns your question into a rift. Right? So the rift has external sensors. The rift has a big thick HDMI cable. It has a USB cable. You got two to four USB cables running around your living room with the sensors blah blah, blah. You've got all the overhead of oculus home. all this nonsense, right? For one little tiny USB Listen, it's still a cable. I get it. But for one little tiny USB cable I've already got tracked running on my ceiling folks. One little cable not gonna worry me. I can turn my quest into a riff for a lot of people that was stopping them from buying a quest. How can I play rift games? How can I play Steam games? How can I play higher end game PC I listen, I got a great PC. Why can't I play PC games on my quest so that's not what it's made for by Rift. Now you don't have to or you won't have to. So one USB cable, a little piece of client software running on the quiet And a server package running on your PC and you're going to be playing rift games full blown Oculus Rift games on your quest. And frankly, it should look amazing the the visuals the visuals on the on the quest match the rift the resolutions this everything's good what you don't have on the quest is a powerful PC pumping the game to you Well, thanks to the magic of a USB cable and Tim probably can can cite the specs for us. What is that 40 Meg's 40 meg per second transfer more than enough to produce a visual for the for the rift games. So with one cable and a piece of software, you're going to be able to run all your rift games or be able to use rift games on your quest. That's a game changer. If I did not already own a quest, I would now be saying I don't have to have one and why do you have to have one if I've got a rift Because now essentially I've got an Oculus switch, right? I've got a great portable system, I can take and play wherever I want. I get home and drop it in the dock and then I get to play shit better. I mean, if they don't, if somebody doesn't come up with the if I don't register Oculus switch calm, somebody else is going to get it because that's exactly what we're talking about here. You're talking about a lower powered portable that suddenly turns better when you plug it into a document. So that was the big announcement for me. For me, that's a winner. I mean, I'm sitting here thinking about offloading my rift now, because frankly, I don't I don't play it as much because I don't want to go through the effort. Right? And but if let's be frank, as soon as this gets widespread, people aren't going to be wanting to buy rifts us they're going to want to buy a quest and a link cable. It's a no brainer, I would. So fair warning, your rift is going to be worth shit in about four to six months, maybe sooner. You're going to see the price on these dropped to nothing. So that was the big announcement. Some of the other announcements, of course, they, like I said, they talked about the attach rate, they talked about some other good stuff, they are bringing in full hand tracking, which is which is big. That's what the via the valve index has the full finger tracking and all that other stuff, they're going to bring that in. If you've ever used a quest, you know, they have something called pass through. And what this is, is when you leave your guardian zone, so you you put the quest on, you have to drop box around yourself, showing the quest where you're safe zone is. So you, you have a nice open space. There's a TV here, there's furniture over here, there's a wall over here, you trace this box around yourself as big as you can get, without running into anything that becomes your guardian zone. On the Rift, if you exceed your guardian zone, then you start running into stuff you trip over something you hurt yourself. Whatever With the quest because it's got cameras mounted on the face, when you leave your guardian zone, it automatically shows you what's around you. It flips the cameras to looking outside. And it shows you what the cameras are saying. Now listen, it looks like a bad security video. But you can tell you can see there's a wall or you can see there's a TV there. You can see the dog is going to trip your ass. But you don't have any control over that right? So you have to leave the Guardian zone Wouldn't it be great if you're in the middle of the game, you hit pause and you want to engage your spouse or your kid and just flip the flip that pass through on? Well, they are going to bring that to us shortly. So that passed through plus is what they call it. So that to me that's a big deal. I mean, that's something that's a no brainer that should have shipped with that. I don't understand why that's not the case. But valve index gives me the power to do what oh, funnel anime boobs. Yeah, well, listen, the quest is going to give you that power. So to you, I'm telling you, the support is going to come So, so there was the pass through thing, the hand tracking thing. There also now you guys know that the quest is is an Android device, right? It's like the fire anything else. It's built on an Android technology, but they hide it. They tried to skin it make you think you're not running Android. So one of the greatest things that ever happened to Android happen on the shield TV, which is a graphics library called Vulcan. And if you're into shield TV, you know that when the Vulcan graphics API was introduced, and emulators and things started using it, we got a significant performance increase. The Vulcan drivers are a big deal. They're going to bring Vulcan drivers into at least one of the core game building engines. It's either it's either unity or unreal. I can't remember which one it was, but they're going to bring the Vulcan graphic said to that core development platform. And listen folks, I can tell you right now that's a big fucking deal you don't know it's a big deal unless you know, you know what Vulcan is done on other systems. That is huge. And they promised to bring the Vulcan graphics drivers to the other major ones, the Unity's that the Unreal engines and all that. That's big. That is a big freakin deal. Of course, we have another hundred games in the pipeline they're promising for the next year which is good. Not that it's really that big of a deal if you have access to rift games and and your steam VR, I don't know how the steam VR thing is going to pan out but I'm guessing that that the steam VR thing is not going to pan out the Oculus doesn't want you buying cheap steam keys, right? But I guarantee you that if if Oculus can run rift games through that link cable, some clever hackers going to get steam VR running through it too. And we're gonna have pixel perfect, cheap steam VR shareable with your friends, via the family sharing libraries all through that cable and it's going to be wonderful. It's going to be fantastic and we love it. So let's see what else was there? Oh, they're bringing like mixed reality support, get this. This is huge to me. So mixed reality is a huge pain in the ass to do on the Rift. There's a package called Live and I'm sure it's an acronym for something. But live lets you take a camera, set it up in your rift environment pointing at yourself with a green screen behind you. Drop the background around you and put you inside the VR game. You've seen these do do search on YouTube for beat saber mixed reality. And you'll see tons of people have set up these intricate rooms where they can be seen playing They're real, but they're inside of a virtual environment. It's a huge pain in the ass to set it up the best, even with the the best possible solution, it's a huge pain to set it up. They're promising right now they've introduced it to developers. So developers have the power to do this now to do their, to do their, you know, their sizzle reels and shit like that. Well, their promise documents is promising to bring us that for the end user, which to me, that's, that's huge. I mean, I want to do mixed reality stuff. And if I can do it on quest, all the better. So that's very exciting to me. Let's see, we talked about the finger tracker stuff. Those might have been the bigger items. So I'm trying to think if there was some interesting games that were coming so Arizona sunshine, which is one of my favorites. It largely gets called overrated, but I think it's a great game. It would be great. Playing with the quest for you're not tethered into. That's coming. That's one of the release ones. There's one called like, pistol whip pistol whipped, which basically puts you inside of the Keanu Reeves, john wick movie, shooting everything running around. It looks great. It looks fantastic too. It looks fantastic. And something that I did not even think about it. I have not seen yet. The great Dreamcast game space channel five is coming in a VR version as well. So very exciting. That too. So, of course Vader immortal, it was one of the original one. Yeah, yeah, Travis didn't like I liked it a lot felt like the closest thing to like a full blown game to me. But again, you were fighting with the cables. Remember, Travis, the cables kept wrapping around your foot. You couldn't do a full 360 comfortably. And as I recall, you were having trouble picking up zombies behind you to that should all be fixed running on the quest. So We'll see, I'll let you know. Let's see, where was I going? What was my next thing? Blah, blah, blah, space channel five. shut out remember where I was going now? But anyway, so OO Vader immortal. So Vader immortal was released on the quest as an exclusive and it came to rift later, which pissed me off and have a question at the time. And it is heralded as like one of the greatest VR experiences and Industrial Light magic behind it. Blah, blah, blah. Now let's, it's great. It's good. It's very good. For me, that's the hype Game of the Year. Right? Travis says Arizona sunshine is overrated. I personally found Vader immortal, a little overrated. It's a it's a very short. It's a very short, very linear story. There's not a lot you can do. They throw in something called the Jedi arena, where you fight an ever growing population of robots and remotes things. Like that, but it's felt more like a VR mobile game, right? So, you know, get three stars on this level move on that sort of thing. So it had that sort of mobile game field. Not that it wasn't fun is the best, you know, it's the best Star Wars experience you can have in VR, right? But it's like yeah, okay, it looks alright. It's fun. It's fun. And, and Batman RM asylum is what I like to have people play when they come over and we've got a good 45 minutes. To me REM asylum is like, a good triple A very accessible good exposure to VR. So now we've got Vader immortal, which is a very good it's a good for a new person in VR to get a great experience without being overly complicated. Well, we've been patiently waiting my son's been livid about Vader immortals, Episode Two. So it's episodic, right? I think they've been releasing three or five episodes total. And it's This is all around Vader, right? Obviously by the title Vader immortal. For those of you who haven't seen it, basically Vader conscripts you and you become sort of like Vader's apprentice, right. So you get to play the dark side of the fight next to Lord Vader, the Lord of the Sith, blah, blah, blah. So it's cool. But again, it was like the first run, you know, so they, they had a lot of ideas that probably didn't make it in there. And so we've been hearing that episode two, was going to have a lot more force powers be a little more open ended a little more to do, maybe a little longer. And so they released the teaser reel for Vader mortal episode to today live during the conference. And it's like, yeah, this looks a lot better. I mean, you're doing force pushes. You can you do all this cool shit. And Vader is a lot more time with Vader. It's not like an ancillary character. He's there with you all the time. It looks great. Well, not only did they Announced with the teaser they actually dropped it for purchase today, which is unbelievable. I mean, nobody knew when this thing was going to come out and then bang, they just drop it along with the teaser on the same day. So naturally and listen to 10 bucks an episode. That's nothing that's that's a. That's a couple of cups of coffee, right? So obviously I picked it up right away now I haven't played it yet. I will give you guys a full rundown. My son is just chomping at the bit to play. He loved the first one. I didn't love it. I liked it. So I'll be able to give you an honest assessment of whether or not Episode Two truly transcends and exceeds episode one. Let's see here. What else was there from the show that was kind of worth talking about? I gotta stop at the store. Pick a few things up, so I'm not too far away. I don't know if I want to get into any other bigger topics. But yeah, so go back. Listen, I had to watch it live so I couldn't skip ahead. But the Oculus Oculus Connect six is the pressure that was out today. And if you're really getting interested in social experimentation and avatars and facial recognition and things like that? You might find a lot more interesting in that than I did. I would have liked to have skipped over a lot of that. To me, that's Facebook being fucking stalkers is what that is. But listen, you know, I get it. I personally don't want to do things with other people in VR, one of the beauties of VR is, it's sort of a return to the single player experience, right? I haven't heard a medium article about it, that the single player game is back. And it's great because it's in VR. But it's very apparent that they want you they want your ass tethered to Facebook 24 hours a day when you're playing VR, bang for me. But, you know, in a lot of the apps that have come out recently are all social apps. You know, watch movies with your friends, play, play shitty little board games with your friends, hang out with your friends, say I don't want to hang out with my friends in VR. I mean, watching a movie together as one thing is just some content there, but You know rec room and and all this I don't want a multiplayer experience I want to be able to strap that thing on and and play a solo type stuff. I don't want to I mean spark was kind of cool right it's sort of a almost a Pong game really but it's it's pretty cool but again I don't want to be on somebody else's schedule I don't want to play with Brando's I just I just want to be able to put the damn headset on a play stuff you know what I'm saying? And they're just they all we want this to be connected to everybody all the time and when you're when you're playing in a hotel in New Mexico and your friends happen to be in New Mexico we're going to connect you together and Ghana but the segment that whatever I don't care, just give me give me a goddamn be posting a beat saber. They brought two of the three guys out that develop beat saber. And they, they talked about their two big announcements where we've been been teased this beat saber 360 maps thing which is going to make everyone's life a living hell all the mat all the map editors aren't going to work and all this other knots all this stuff that breaks in the community when they release that version in December is going to be a nightmare. I'm not looking forward to that cuz I really don't care about 360 degree maps maybe I'll change my mind but i i don't care. I don't need a 360 degree maps. But the other thing they announced which again I don't care about, but Chad does and a lot of people do is they released a new music pack. Right so Imagine Dragons has been their big thing. And some frickin lobster cat thing. I don't know what the fuck that is. But people seem to know it like it. They releasing a panic at the disco music pack now for me music packs are pointless. I've got I've got custom songs at my disposal songs I actually want to play. I don't want to play panic At The Disco songs. Now. I know Chad and family are going to love it. And that's great. So that's good. So listen, I'm all in support of this. Getting more licenses more legitimate music, because that's going to grow the platform. I'm in favor of that I'm not playing i'm not buying any music packs. Let's be honest, I'm trying to think of what music packet come out right now that would go out by nothing's coming to mind. I'm trying to think if you make if you brought, like, the hits of the 70s, or the hits of the 80s, right, and you brought in 10, you know, Greatest Hits from that era, maybe I'd be interested in that. But to pick a group, you know, I mean, even even groups that I love, I don't necessarily would love them and beat saver right, like I love Electric Light Orchestra. But I when I buy a map pack of those, I might actually because yellow doesn't have a lot of representation in the custom mapping field. Maybe OMD, right orchestral maneuvers in the dark should have like 100 maps on on beat saber and they have zero maps. So yeah, if you if you can if you can tap a vein that is now represented by the by the community the mapping community I'd probably be more interested in purchasing that but you know, it has to be somebody I'd really be interested in you know, an artist I'd be interested in so anyhow Well listen, I'm at the store. We had a decent show we had a decent length of show Well, I'm sure we'll have another one this later on this this week, I can't see why not. Hopefully I'll have some more fun info I'll be able to tell you about be able to tell you about Vader immortal. And whatever other nonsense I managed to pull out of my life that is worth bearing here on the show. Me who by the way I live blog a lot of that Oculus information if you just want to cut some meat, join our my Discord server and go to the virtual reality channel. I kind of live blog the whole thing. So just the interesting stuff for Oculus people so Alright guys, I'm gonna let you guys go. This is Shane Armin row passenger seat.

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