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Hello everybody, this is Shane Arman row and you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is Friday, September 27 2019. You are on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. So we will start off the show with a happy birthday greeting to Travis. I don't even know how old he is. I mean, I knew him when he was like 10 or something. So I don't know how old he is now. But it's his birthday today. And I promised him I wouldn't talk about the boys yesterday so that he could tune in and listen to the show today, because apparently he won't listen if it's not live because he has to be in a chat with me because he's a girl like that he wants to wants to interact. So hopefully he'll be all areas. Finally, now I can start talking about stuff now that you're here since it's the birthday boys day. So funny. The picture I have of you is still from when you were like 13 or something? Hey, you know what? Suck it up Buttercup. I have to tell people when I turned 50 you have to say how old are you anyway? How old is how old is Travis? I want to say like, you got to be like Catherine's aids, right? I can't I can't remember you're right around one of my daughters ages. Anyway. So, let me let me bring up my keep lyst had a couple of items I have. I have some interesting tales to tell about today's um, let me see here, hang on a second. Let me get rid of a couple of smaller items that are on my list here. For those of you who have the Oculus question, you are a custom mapper for beat saber. My beat mapping tools is entered version 2.0. And we are finally in an official beta status. It's a public beta. I've gotten through as many of the bugs I think that would cause people more most stress be mad Tools lets you take your custom songs and deploy them quickly and easily to Oculus quests which if you've ever done it manually through beat on side quest, it's a huge pain in the ass. Beat mapper tools makes it completely automatic. When you hit saving your editor, beat mapper tools takes over, either converts it and either converts it and or moves into your custom file custom folder so that you can play it in beat saber. And it automatically picks it up and deploys it to your quest with no intervention from you. you've ever done it the long way you know that that's a drag. I gave it a full skin. A full new scanning It now has the material design like Google does. It looks good, it works great. I added a whole bunch of new features like a cover Finder. A lot of people when they upload their maps, they don't have their cover in the right format. It's not big enough, it's not perfect square orientation. My my be mapping tool as well will help you absolutely positively make this the easiest metal Did possible for your custom socks. So there's my plug, you can go to beat mapper tools com and get the full skinny on that. Find the download link see what's changed. And of course Come on our discord channel and beat mapper dash tools on the Monroe world Discord server and we'll do whatever we can to help you out. So my other thing I wanted to talk about Logitech recently purchased OBS The, the definitive tool for streamers all over the world I think was like $89 million. So those guys made a pretty good payday. Now OBS has always been sort of an open platform, easy to use, super powerful, lots of community driving it. I'm really hoping that Logitech will not take it and screw it up. Because that would that would suck major, but if they screwed that up, because that really is what everybody uses. You know, so I'm guessing and I think Javier mentioned it. I'm guessing that Logitech is either releasing or have purchased a powerful game streaming or video streaming technology of their own, like the El Gato but only Logitech version. And they needed some powerful software to, to bundle with it, why not grab with the communities already using why not grab something that can get fairly cheap. I know $89 million isn't that cheap, but for them it is, instead of building something in house, so I'm hoping that's the case. And we're not going to see anything terrible happen with the software because again, like I said, everyone uses it, everyone loves it. And a lot of times when these little projects get bought up by big commercial organizations, they screw it up, and that's bad. So that was that little story I wanted to talk about. So before we'll talk we'll close the show with talking about the boys. Actually, you know what, let's Start with that first. I think that's a shorter topic than my last one. So the boys we wanted to talk about that so if you have not finished the boys, you haven't started the show you're planning on watching it. You don't want any spoilers, you're probably want to just tune out of the rest of the program and come back and listen. And another time because I'm going to talk about this the full season top to back and talk about major plot spoilers. So just to go back and talk to some of you may not even know what the hell I'm talking about. The boys is an Amazon original show. It's based on a graphic novel. And essentially, it is a story. There's a couple of different story arcs in here. But the overall story is superheroes are owned by a corporation, a big corporation. And their entire existence is is monitored and and commercialized and controlled by void technologies. I think it's called the As an invite, invite void something like that. Anyway, they own these these main superheroes these seven superheroes the seven and the all of these people are characters that you know there's a superman character is a Wonder Woman character. There's a flash character, there's an aqua man character, they're all in here. And what makes this great is normally superheroes are not very complicated. You know, you've got some of the you know, the Tony Stark versus Iron Man thing, but for the most part, superheroes are the good guys. Well, in the boys the superheroes not aren't really good guys there. Was it bought yet bought, thank you bought technologies or VOD industries owns them, and they're called the seven anyway. So what we have here are superheroes that are owned by corporations and how might that look? how might it be how might superheroes behave if they're bought, sold and owned by big corporations? In this case, one big corporation. The the sort of press secretary of this corporation is played by Elisabeth Shue and it's her job to oversee the seven in terms of making sure that they've got the right publicity, the right media that everything that they do is done perfectly in accordance with bot technologies or VOD industries. And right so she's she's their handlers. She's the handler of the seven. And she's got the lackeys working under her too. So the basic concept of season one is we've got a group of people pissed off at the soups, the superheroes and for various reasons, right. One of them believes that homeland or the Superman character, essentially raped and murdered his wife or caused his wife to commit suicide. So he wants homeland are dead. So that's his that's a that's a coral Urban's character and He's great. I love him. I love that Karl Urban character. He wants homeland or dead. So between him and a bunch of others little mercenary buddies. They are on the hunt to try to to get homeland or another another main character of the show. He's played by think Dennis Quaid son Actually, he he and his girlfriend were standing on the side of the road talking about their future when the flash character known as a train. The fastest guy alive black guy, Not that it matters. He's black, but just in case you've seen the promos is the black guy. Anyway, in some sort of a weird accident, he literally flash ran through this guy's girlfriend and exploded her into pieces right in front of him. He's holding her dead hands. He wants he wants vengeance, right? He wants to get back in a train in the soups, for essentially, you know, first of all, they're like, well, we're not Apologize, we're not gonna do anything and you can't touch us anyway, he off they offered him like some hush money, blah, blah blah. So he ends up hooking up with Karl Urban, and the two of them begin their quest on getting paid back against the superheroes for their various grievances. Along with them join a couple of other little mercenary characters, some ancillary characters who ended up being important in their own right later on. So you've got, you've got some crazy shit going on with the superheroes. Each one of them has their own story. The other sort of story are going on as a brand new addition to the seven is a girl named starlight. Now she wants to be a superhero. She wants to save the world. She's all innocent, blonde, innocent sweet, comes from the Bible Belt. And she wants to she wants to do good. She wants to use her powers for good. And I guess she's technically sort of a storm character. I guess lightning Electricity, light, right? So that's kind of her alter ego. But anyway, so she gets her crazy ass mom looking for attention, gets her into this seven, right? She audition so to speak, and she becomes starlight becomes the newest member of the seven. Well, she doesn't realize that the seven is this big greedy, you know that the seven represent this greedy Corporation and they're in control of everything. She wants to just go out and fight crime like a real superhero. And they're like, No, no, you've got your image to maintain. You've got to do this. We're going to be in complete control of your media appearances. You can't just run out and fight crime. We have to send you on special missions, blah, blah, blah. And so now she's all pissy that you know, she didn't really know what she was getting into. Meanwhile, you've got the dark side of all of these other superheroes. They all have some crazy shitty human bad Story Behind them homeland has got his demons to deal with. A train has his demons to deal with the deep right the Aqua man character he's got his own demons to deal with two days in a row. Where did Travis touch you poor fella? Yeah, I know. The deal was I was going to do a show yesterday and not today. Travis begged me not to do a show yesterday and only do one today because he wanted to listen live. So I said I want to do a show. I've got enough material. I want to do a show on Thursday and thanks to being his birthday and him not wanting me to do a show talking about the boys. I decided to do one on Friday. So two days in a row you get a second show. Thanks. Thank you to Travis for making that happen for him. Right so back to the boys. That was turbo turbo to access showed up. So all right, so that's sort of that's that's the overall premise of the show, right? Meanwhile, you've got some weird shit going on between homeland and Elizabeth shoes carry They've got some weird twitchy thing going on. Meanwhile, we uncover, we uncover. So again, so most of this is just basic plot points that but we're going to start talking about very specifics. It turns out that, that superheroes are not born mutants, but they are created that way. Essentially, this corporation has been sending this disgusting little drug around that causes superhero super things to form, right. So it's sort of like x men a little bit in the fact that you're not born a mutant. In this case, you're made one. And so they've been running this secret operation running this drug around all these hospitals all over the place, in the form of like mumps vaccines or measles vaccine, so kids are getting them. And these, these superheroes are basically made in the lab. And then of course, Thought industries goes around, picks them clean, puts them into their little organization and Bing, bang, boom, you got this great perpetual, terrible nonsense going on. So that's, that's another element that's going on in the background. They're also trying to get superheroes into the military. Right? So they've been trying to push superheroes that, you know, thought superheroes into the military. Well, you know, the military doesn't want superheroes, and they don't want corporations in the military, you know, conflict of interest, blah, blah, blah. So they, of course, they staged something terrible, which is that this drug that makes superheroes are now in the hands of terrorists. So there's really no choice the superheroes must be in the military, because terrorists are going to have their own superheroes, right. So you got that going on. yet? all this crap going on. And you find out that Carl Urban's wife actually isn't dead, that sort of the He said she's not dead. She end up having home landers bastardized rate baby. And this whole season ended on on homeland or frying Elizabeth shoe. Because she's, she's a vulnerability to him now because Karl Urban knows that that she means something to home lander and so he's going to use her to get to him. Well, Homeland or takes the approach just fries or as sitting in the chair. And so it ends up with Karl Urban detonating this see for blowing everybody up. But homeland or of course cannot be killed that way. And the end of the season shows Karl Urban laying on the lawn. His wife and her illegitimate kid with homeland or shows up comes out of the thing and we're literally left with this great cliffhanger. What happens now? Right? Meanwhile, there's all sorts of other shit going on. You find out that Oh, and there's some There's a bunch of ancillary stuff going on so I really got an answer to check the chat having our first boy my wife suggested Shane, you pulling some funny biz with my wife now I don't know your wife dude. I don't know why the name Shane is even means means anything anymore. I mean, there's nobody famous name Shane. My was named after that stupid 1960s gunfighters shame, which of course means has no bearing now. So I don't know. I don't know where she got that name, bra. It's certainly not any of my influence. So yeah, so the boys has turned out to be quite an amazing show. Now, I will tell you that I'm actually disappointed. The violence is pretty good, but the sex is tame. The profanity is actually kind of tame even the adult situations are kind of tame, and the show is right for it. You get one. You got one great scene at the beginning of the season, where it shows the debauchery of the superheroes, right? So these super Heroes can't do anything immoral or unethical, you know? Not publicly anyway. So they've got the squeaky clean images to maintain. Meanwhile, bot Industries has this. This you know, perverted whorehouse or debauchery castle for all the superheroes to go to, to, you know, fulfill all of their creepy nasty desires that wouldn't actually pass muster on Twitter, right? So you get a little glimpse of what sort of nonsense can be going on with them. But overall, if I had to say I was disappointed about anything is I don't think there's been any nudity. Right. I mean, oddly enough, even though the show is had plenty of opportunity for nudity and there's been plenty of adult situations, like the deep, forcing starlight to blow him. You know, I mean, you don't see anything starlight has sex with one of the characters. You don't see any nudity for her or the guy that she's having sex with. It's remarkable what they're what they'll put into what then but more remarkable what they don't Put in. And listen, I know you don't have to have that sort of thing. But when the when the show demands it or dictates it or the story, it's important to the story. Those sorts of things should be in there. Other than that, I mean, it's been my surprise hit of the of this year, quite frankly. I went into it expecting nothing. And it turned out that it was actually it was actually pretty damn cool. I like you know, I don't like superheroes shit, I don't like CGI shit. You know me. I'm not into this sort of thing. But this is a story about like real people that also happen to have superpowers and sort of the dark side they're in of it. And quite frankly, they don't really flex the whole superhero ship that often. It's a story about people first, that occasionally they have moments of superpower type, you know, flexing, and it's not gratuitous. It's not stuff It's not typically stuff that seems over the top so that's probably why the CG kind of works out for it. But anyway, so I don't know what else about the boys I can talk about but I did want to discuss you know I knew that Elizabeth she was dead when when homeland came downstairs with the baby right because the they got rid of the nanny and the baby was up there sleeping and Elizabeth she was wrapped up and see for and Carla was gonna blow her ass up just to fuck with Thailand or Islander homeland or, and when homeland comes down with a kid I'm going Oh, Elizabeth she was one dead ditch that poor woman and she was got her eyes fucking fried out. It's awesome. He just he just he just put laser eyes right through her head. It was that was that was like one of the better of the gruesome effects. And of course, a train blasting through the guy's girlfriend was pretty good too. They blow up the invisible The Invisible Man basically translucent. They end up shoving see for up his ass because his skins made a diamond but not on the inside. So he should see for up his ass and that he gets exploded from the inside that was pretty good but there's a fight there's a fight between the lead guy and Karl Urban and translucent which is kind of cool you know fighting somebody invisible Thailand or the TV series world you know I didn't have I didn't have Christopher Lambert and and I wasn't interested I didn't care for I don't like it when they take a property from the movies that I like and turn it into a TV show and then not have the cast from the movies that it happens a lot. I don't like that. I'm sure it was a good show. I mean, it's a great premise. I mean, Highlander is a story is great. Alright, so anyway, that's it for the boys. That's my wrap up of the season. I'm very excited. I finished Episode Two of American Horror Story. Next week, we'll talk about that. We'll talk about those two episodes. It's probably a Monday or Tuesday before the third episode airs. So if you're not caught up that second decibel Travis's, he's dying for attention in the channel. It's a millennial and him coming through he needs he needs to be important from just fucking with you do. So today I did a little half social experiment, half work, work item. So I run a team of a handful of people, right. So I run I have like five direct reports can do the sub group of production support and small projects together, we have about 12 or 15 people total and our sort of group. And it's, you know, we used to do a lot more team building stuff where we'd all go out to lunch, we'd all go out and do something we would go bowling together something something as a team, right. And we haven't done that in a while. So I thought it'd be fun to bring the Oculus question. is to work and have a VR team building. Now in order for team building to work, you need a couple things, right? You gotta have something that everybody can participate in something that shows a little vulnerability that sort of drives people together sort of psychologically speaking, to do things that are, you know, like karaoke would be something that would be a good team building exercise, because that puts you in a vulnerable position, but then you get acceptance from your peers that draws you closer together as a group. Well, VR is a perfect way to do that. Because, you know, it puts you in a vulnerable state, and it puts everybody in a vulnerable state, right? Anybody who hasn't been inside of VR hasn't done a lot of VR, you're on level a level playing field, right? Because you know, if you do a team building a bowling or team building of karaoke, there's always one or two people in the group that excels in that and it always puts everybody else it on edge, right? It's like, Oh, I can't sing that. Well, so you know, you sing great. I'm not going to do it. I don't want to get up. I don't want to do it. I don't want to do it. So VR is great. But the playing fields level, nobody in the group had really done it other than me. And so we had an opportunity to bring everybody down to the same level, whether you're a senior developer or a junior level developer, whether you you know, you can't bowl you cut, it doesn't matter. It put everybody on a level playing field. So one of the so let's so the idea was you got a two hour window we had about, we have about 12 people and everybody needs about 10 minutes, you need 10 minutes to indoctrinate and let somebody play and have a good time. So at 12 people I figured 10 minutes apiece, hundred and 20 minutes, that's two hours so I needed a two hour window I did it over a lunch hour and plus the morning hour. So I went to my my boss and said, Listen, I want to do team building. It's going to be an hour over the lunch break and then an hour of company time, so to speak, and she was like totally down with it. So that's great doing that'll be awesome. Let me know how it goes. So we that's what we did. So I figured I wanted to make a curated VR experience, right? Instead of having people choose what they're going to do, I kind of know what works for the brand new VR person and being Sabres usually a good thing to do. Be saber is a very simplex idea. Blocks flat you you chop them with your laser swords, there's no buttons to push, there's no hand manipulation, there's no grasping, there's no pointing. It's a very simplex idea. It's musically based. So you know, it resonates with everybody. So I figured pretty much what we were going to do would be played beat saber. So I tried to get a good collection of songs together. I did a demo first. And I showed them you know, sort of what you're doing. And then we got started. So it really it's kind of interesting how things shifted over time and some really interesting observations that I had First off, there are always people that aren't going to participate. And I had some of my direct reports come and say, Listen, I'm not good at video games. I'm not comfortable doing it. I'll sit and watch and I'll, I'll be part of the equation, but I don't I don't really want to play and it's like, okay, that's all right. That's fine. That's fine. That's all right. You know? I mean, listen, we can come up with something else. If the music and the rhythm thing doesn't work for you, I get it. Not everybody is into that. I can come up with something else. If you're interested. It's like, Well, I think I'll just sit this one out. It's like, that's okay, cool. Meanwhile, other people were chomping at the bit to do all sorts of different experiences. But when you have four hours to work with somebody and indoctrinate them to VR, teach them, you know, teach them all of the different pieces of the equation. It's a lot different than when you haven't for 10 minutes. So I was very hesitant to do anything like Space Pirate trainer, or Robo Recall. Any of these, any of these things that required a learning curve first, and then a tutorial and then drop you into the game? Yeah, 10 minutes to work with somebody. So we did a, we did a variety of different things. And I'll talk about the actual experiences in a minute. But I want to talk about what became a technical issue about it. So, the quest is a standalone complete standalone VR headset, it doesn't plug into a PC. What you see on a PC isn't in the headset. When you have a standalone headset, you need the ability to stream that video of what they're seeing, so that everybody can watch. There's no way to do a team building exercise where one person is standing in the middle of the room. There's no there's no context to what they're doing. Having it on a big screen in front of everybody so that everybody could watch what was going on was a crucial piece of the equation and yesterday Day I took all my equipment to to work I and I tried to get it all set up. And I found a solution. But let me tell you where the problem comes in. So it uses Chromecast streaming technology, right. So it's an Android based device. So it has some Chromecast abilities built in. So the Oculus app on your phone is the casting tool and you then cast a quest. Like an any other device to a Chromecast compatible item. So I use the shield TV. It has the least amount of latency at home that I've played with Chromecast apparently has more latency than the shield TV. So I brought that in. And the idea was I was going to put them all in a portable router, travel router. And as the as such I would create my own access point. My phone, the quest and the shield would all connect to the access point. they'd all be on the same network at that point with no restrictions, no ports, no proxies, no firewalls or anything, I can completely control the experience. And so I got it, I got everything on my raft power portable router. And sorry, had to get around the car. And the thing wouldn't work, I could not get the casting to work. As it turns out, there's a network, there's an internet call that has to happen before chrome casting works, which is total bullshit. By the way, if I have all three of those devices on an internal network with no internet access, I should be able to stream to my heart's content, but you can't. Right. And the only Wi Fi access at work is through a captive portal, right? So we have a guest Wi Fi at work, but you can get on to, but it's blocked. It's got proxy. It's got a proxy server and and all this other Nonsense to get in the way. So my fallback was to get my phone on 4g open up a mobile hotspot connect all three devices and hope to god that it's not trying to do some long pole streaming across 4g or I'm going to end up screwing with my data cap and them and be pissed as it turns out if I got so as it turns out, my mobile hotspot also works as a Wi Fi hotspot all It all depends on what your internet access is at the time that you turn it on. So in this case, I got my phone on the guest Wi Fi. I then shared the guest Wi Fi across the other three devices are the other two devices, right the quest and the shield TV. And as long as there was in connection to the Internet, on the phone, or the wire, the Wi Fi hotspot was everything seemed to align and work. Now it's not nearly as as fast or as efficient as my fast Wi Fi network at home. But it seemed to do the job. It was enough to give you an idea what was going on in the visor. So I had that all set up yesterday all working this morning at 930. To start at 10 o'clock, I went to the the training room that I reserved, I hope everything up and I could not get the streaming working, it would not it just would not play and it was making me crazy. By 10 minutes to 10. Somehow I managed to hold my mouth and just the right position or I prayed to the right God and suddenly streaming started working well every time you take the headset off, it dumps the stream out and you have to reconnect again. So that being the case, has been able to just keep the stream alive the entire two hour period that we had, it would have been easier but every time you shift persons every 10 minutes, you shift people to into the new to you know for the next person to try. you'd lose the stream and have to go back to my telephone, my telephone my mobile phone. Bring up Oculus backup try to reestablish it most of the time it works sometimes it didn't. It proved to be a technical pain in the ass for for the entire event, but overall, the technology piece worked out. We had a nice big training room. I had a gigantic Guardian zone, which worked out great. So we started off with beat Saber, I did my own demo, I said, Listen, we can pick easier songs, we can slow the song down, we can turn on no fail. You'll have a good time. Just relax and enjoy it. And, you know, we had a few people go through and it was it was okay. A lot of people this is their first experience into some VR. Then we started having some interesting experiences. So we had some different need people in the group. So one of the one of our business analysts has sort of elaborate vitesse thing going on. So she is pro To kind of dizzy spells, right? And so for her, I didn't want her doing something that might trigger that. So I said, You know what? For you, let's do a different experience. So there's something called the what's it called first contact. I think it's what it's the experience that you find on the original Rift. That's the little robot that you put the little discs in the 3d printer and it prints and gun and prints party favors. It's a really neat experience. And it's a neat introduction to VR, but it's not super exciting to watch. Especially because, you know, 90% of VR is being inside the headset. So we strapped her in for that and she did the entire that was her 10 minute experience was playing with a little robot and and going through that whole thing, and it turned out to work out very well. Well, now that games other than beat Saber, we're open Other people who I had sent lists of experiences and things like that to earlier in the week said, how about that plant game? That sounds like fun. I want to play the plank game, right? Richie's playing experience. So it's like, Okay, so now we started busting out other experiences. The plank thing is great if you have an opportunity and you in your setup in this situation where you're demoing this thing, I highly recommend using the plank challenge. So there's two pieces of Richie's playing experience. One is the actual plank, where you walk out on this plank sticking out the side of a, you know, a 20 story building, you're up in the air and the winds blowing and it's all freaky. There's that piece of it. And then you also can give them the Iron Man type gloves, where they can now fly around this virtual city that tended to be very popular. People felt that that was cool. And that ended up being played several times by many different people. We had Had. Let's see, what else do we have? One guy didn't want to play it. All right. He was one of those holdouts. He's like, No, no, it looks cool. But I don't I don't think so. I don't think so. So I said, you know, we don't have to do beat Saber, the plank thing. He's like, I'm like, What are you interested? And he's like, Well, what about that boxing game? And I said, I, you know, I don't own the boxing game, which is creed right? I said, I don't own the boxing game. But there is a demo. I've never played it. So I can't really help facilitate you through it. But yeah, I mean, I'm more than willing to, you know, fire it up and let you try it. So we had the headset on and I'm holding his hand on the controller, and I'm controlling it, trying to find creep because I hadn't played it recently, right or at all. So it's at the bottom of the list. So we're scrolling through and we run across the game called bait, which I had on the Gear VR, it was across sort of a cross purchase. So I had it installed. just haven't gotten around to playing it. He's like this fishing. He's like, I want to fish that I've definitely done fishing. And it's like Yeah, dude. Yeah, absolutely try it out. I mean, again, I haven't played this for like, you know, two years so I don't know if I can help but yeah, let's try it out. This guy Mr. You know, I don't think I want to try it. He was he got all into it. I mean fishing rubbed the right spot for him. He was in there like swimwear. So once he got the hang of the mechanics of reeling in the fish and playing him on the line, he was all into it. It was like it was like a total change of heart for him. So he got all into it, he finished. We had another so we had another person who was like basically saying already they wanted to buy the quest, but they were going to buy it for Christmas for their whole family. Right? So they have a family Christmas gift, a big gift that they give the whole family for Christmas. And just based on watching videos of beat saber and talking about the product. She's like or it so said, Well, don't you want to play it? I mean, don't you want to leave? See it? I mean, you're pretty much sold on it. But you got to see it. You can't just sit here and watch these people play. You got to play it. So yeah, I don't want to play in front of other people. I'm like, Listen, you don't have to play. I'll tell you what I'm going to put in. I'm going to put in this not the one that Stephanie play, not the not the first contact. But there's another one that comes with the quest, which is the same sort of idea. They take you through all the mechanics teaching you how to grip teaching you how to shoot things, all that stuff. She reluctantly we finally be peer pressured her ass to get on the VR. And this was fascinating. She'd never been in VR. She was totally not wanting to do it. And so it was interesting to watch what it took to make her comfortable in VR. Right for some people, they just we felt we threw them right in right. One of my contemporaries, one of the other managers. We put him on, we put him in beat saber and he was great. We put him on play. simulator. He was great, get no problems, the climate sizing. He was he was good, right. But this other woman this other business analyst she was definitely not not wanting to be involved she I think she was afraid of getting embarrassed or doing something weird in front of everybody. So she's like, I don't want to everyone's like plank plank play. Everyone wanted everybody to do the plank. And it's like now don't she'll make her do the plank. She's She's not comfortable doing it anyway. I said, let me let me fire up this other experience for you. It will teach you how to use the controllers that will put you in a safe environment. There's nothing scary going on. Let me put that on for you. And you can literally watch like the four stages of VR acceptance going on with her right? So she was uncomfortable and not not in control of what was going on. And she was like, Oh, this is so cool. This is so cool. But you could tell she was uncomfortable after the first couple of after the first couple of tasks in They had her do, which would be like looking and pointing at things and making a fist and using a finger, you know, making a finger point, picking up a little cube, throwing a paper airplane. And you could tell you could definitively see moments in time when it clicked. And then the next thing clicked. And by the time she was done with her little 10 minute piece of the equation, she was completely comfortable. She was, you know, she was she was manipulating things like a boss. She was all excited, the fear and everything was gone. And I found it. It's it. It was an interesting social experiment to see what it is that worked for people. What how you engage them what it took to make them comfortable. And then this is this is even even great, even better. So one of my staff members, has a cane, so he's not he's not a super mobile guy. He really wanted to play. So, you know, for him, I was gonna I didn't know what I was going to put him in because he kind of had to sit down. So I was going to give him pinball or something that wouldn't require a lot of motion and movement for him. So we he really wanted to play Star Wars, he really wanted to play Vader immortal. And so we're like, yeah, okay, you might have some challenges with the movement. But let's try it anyway. So we put him in there, and he got completely sucked in. And I think we gave him an extra 10 minutes on top of his original 10 minutes, just because, you know, everyone had had a turn. He was sort of the last person. And he really got into it. It was really exciting. And I think I think he's interested. I think he'll end up picking one up. But here's what's interesting. So after the after today, after 12 people played one of them, went back to their desk and bought one on the spot like literally went back to his desk, and within an hour of the demo, he bought one. It's on its way and it's going to be the Christmas present. Another one of the people that the woman who didn't want to get in but then lovely that the end, that's basically a done deal. So that's two sales. At least two other people within the group. It's pretty much it's pretty much sold, right? It's just a matter of when do I get it? How much am I willing to pay? Do I want the 64 gigabyte version? I want the hundred 28 gigabyte version, the power of VR to take 12 people, and I'm gonna I'm just going to use numbers I'm gonna say four of the 12 finished in that session buying or seriously considered buying VR? What? What's the conversion rate on that? A third. A third of the people that saw the technology either went right out and bought it or buying in the next couple of months. That is fucking crazy. Any company of any product would want that sort of conversion from a demo to purchase. A craziest that's Why I'm totally convinced that the quest is a winning move. Then it's a winning piece of technology. I saw people, disparate people, people without technical skills without gaining skills, I saw people reluctant to buy into the technology, turn around and leave that demo. sold. And all it took was putting the headset on for 10 minutes. So, Oculus has a winning product, for sure, absolutely guaranteed. But they also have is a problem of converting people into buying this stuff requires you put them under the headset, they need to do like Nintendo, they need to go on tour, taking these demo stations taking these making these events where everybody can get in there, get their hands and put one on for 10 minutes. That's what it takes. It takes 10 minutes to sell a third of people on VR. That's crazy. Alright folks, I'm closing in on my Wi Fi spot. I don't want the show to get interrupted. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great weekend. Everybody will be back next week with more stuff. This is Shane Armin row passenger seat radio. We will see you next time. Take care everybody.

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