Passenger Seat Radio Episode 2019-10-28

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Hello everybody this is Shane Armin row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is Monday what the hell date is it? I haven't typed it in and I don't remember 10 it says October 28 2019 year on my 13 miles commute home Welcome to the show peace and love He said love trying to get out of the parking garage in the cars everywhere you think they want to get out to or something? Alrighty then. Alrighty then. Man. Oh, man, what a weekend. So got tons of stories to talk about. Nobody's in the chat yet. I am. I'm shocked. It's 42 seconds into the show and nobody's here. Interesting. So anyhow, let's, let's start off on Friday. So, Friday, I work from home because I had a dishwasher, a new dishwasher coming our existing dishwasher, all of our appliances we bought them all my if you remember those of you who are really longtime listeners of the show, you probably remember that my wife got a nice little inheritance back about 1314 years ago, well wealthy uncle or something passed away uncle Bruno Bruno go first. And he did go first actually. So uncle Bruno left her like 40 grand. So we took the cash and decided to invest it into the house. But a big add on in the house. We got new appliances, new washer and dryer, new refrigerator, new stove, microwave, dishwasher, the whole bit, right, we're just we were just going to throw the money right into the house. And so now, you know, 13 years later, the appliances as you have been listening to the show this whole time, the microwave went out The refrigerator went out the dryer went out the washers on its way out. And of course the dishwasher has been piss poor for a good year, maybe longer. And yeah, so we've been, it's been so bad the dishwasher that we've been washing dishes by hand and you know, you know what's really funny about dishwashers in general? Hey, the SIO, the CEO and ever figure out whether we say your name by the initials or you just call you co CEO. Ei ei. Oh, I see you on live my brother. So, yeah, so you know, it's funny. The dishwasher takes like an hour and a half to run. But you could wash all the dishes in like 20 minutes. I guess it's just a matter of it takes five minutes to load and push a button and then you say 15 minutes? I don't know. Anyway, I guess it's fine as long as I'm not the one having to wash the dishes, right? You just wash your dishes by hand you know what you know all about. So in the dishwasher even when we were running the dishwasher like last year, I mean the dishes were like shit that they didn't then wash anything. It was disgusting half the time it wouldn't it wouldn't clean anything. You know and there's only so much you can do I mean, we went through everything we cleaned we I gutted that thing I took the whole thing apart at the bottom I took out the screens and and and all that stuff. I got all the food out there was down there. Hey, turbo, what's up man? And it was just I don't know what was wrong with it. I mean, it wouldn't clean. We tried to run. We we tried to run which McCall it through it. You know there's some sort of special dishwasher cleaner you're supposed to run through every six months, blah, blah, blah. None of it. None of it was working. So we finally gave up and the dishwasher became a drying rack for dishes. And you know what's even more funny about all of that nonsense. Is you guys know he basically the same thing every day day in and day out. Right? So, everything's controlled. So I use paper I use, you know, reciting, not not not styrofoam. I use recyclable paper plates and paper bowls for like 90% of my meals, I don't even know the last time I ate off a regular plate or out of a real bowl. usually only if I'm actually out. So, like, I go to Costco once a month. And I buy stacks of 20 ounce bowls and stacks of plates. And that's what I that's what I eat off of every single day, every meal every single day. And it's so you would think that if I was eating all of my meals off of paper that there wouldn't be a whole lot of dishes going on here. But it's incredible how many dishes just pile up anyway. So anyway, so we've been talking about it and we've been talking about it. My wife's like, you know, we need to get somebody out to look at it. I'm like, you know, it's gonna come out. It's going to be 100 bucks to have them just come out and look at it. They're going to say that it's a wash no planet ended, and that's 100 bucks we could have thrown towards a new dishwasher. Let's just buy another dishwasher. So we've been looking, we've been looking and let's be honest, if you wanna if you want an okay dishwasher, you want something that doesn't suck monkey, but then you're going to spend about 500 bucks. Now knows, Well listen, hey, listen, it's not that wasteful. And I'll tell you why. turbos calling me out of my wastefulness of using using paper plates. We participate. Glendale, the city of Glendale participates fully in recycling. So all of my paper plates all of my paper bowls all go into recycling and we separate we do the whole thing we we are conscientious So while it sounds wasteful, if we were not a recycling city if for some reason they decided to pull recycling, I will stop using paper plates and paper balls. I tell you, I'm warning you with peace and love, peace and love. When you have a dishwasher that doesn't work. You go back to paper. It's just like any sort of digital evidence or digital courtroom when when when digital goes down, you go back to paper. So that's exactly what we did. We went back I went back to paper. So anyway, so I've been keeping my eyes out, right so every time there's a, you know, a weekend sale day, you know, words like appliances go on sale, I keep an eye out. And I finally found a bargain that I was looking for with Costco. Right? So Costco had a deal. And they've had it like two or three times since I started looking. Same dishwasher to Whirlpool. And it's usually they call it like a $600 washer. But let's be honest. Let's be honest, the the dishwasher retails from everybody else for 548 bucks. Costco says we save $200 It's a $679 dishwasher. And you know it's not because Home Depot sells it for 548 so don't don't give me the don't play your reindeer. games with me. So however it was on sale for for 79. Right? So that's a, that's like 50 bucks and and and and Costco includes delivery installation in Holloway. And I'm like, Well, shit, that'd be another hundred bucks at Home Depot. So it's actually $150 off of what Home Depot in charge. So now I'm ready to pull the trigger. So I order on Costco, and they tell you so first of all, it's almost like a Rubik's Cube get to find out whether or not you're eligible for installation. And they do this by zip code. It's great. It's a so you go to the website and it says, you know, free Holloway in some locations. So then you got to, then you have to look at the little asterisk at the bottom of the page. It says, you know, setup and setup and Holloway available in certain locations. Restrictions may apply, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then there's a little tiny link you have to click. And that sounds like that was like a giant PDF of like every zip code in the country. I think that's not that's not true. There's like every zip code in the state of Arizona, you gotta find yours in the PDF. Thank God it was searchable text and find out whether or not you are supported. So I found it I am supported. Great. So I go online with Costco, I make the purchase, right? And then they they give me a couple days to wait. And then they send me this. They send me the survey type thing, right? It's like thank you for choosing Costco for your appliance needs. Our independent contractor will be happy to deliver and install your dishwasher. So I started answering the questions. Will you be home? Are there any dogs? Is there a clear passageway from the front door to the kitchen, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then hidden amongst the questions and you're sitting going Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes. Yeah. Sitting amongst the questions is one that says are you willing to uninstalled your existing digital washer for delivery. And I'm like, I'm willing to I don't want to but I'm willing to I guess so. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So I asked my buddy Justin, who's on on vacation this week that 30 son of a bitch. I asked him because he just got a dishwasher from Costco. And I said, Hey, I just filled out this, this delivery contract thing, and they're telling me, they want me to uninstall my dishwasher is like, What? But yeah, they're telling me I need to uninstall my dishwasher before they get there to put in the new dishwasher. He's like, No, no, that's a bunch of bullshit, dude. He said they came over they uninstalled mine. They cut new hoses. They did everything. Am I already Well, I'm not going to worry about it. That sounds like sounds like we're in okay shape here. Just a disclaimer type thing. You'd be willing to but do you have to write? So, sir, I'm trying to merge into traffic here. Find the older I get, the fewer things I can do at one time, right? So I have to I have to be cognizant of that. Let me get myself into traffic here. I see traffic is backed up. Well, should be a nice long show. Alright, so so they tell me Okay, our earliest delivery date is Thursday, something like that. Now like, Okay, how about Friday? I'll work from home that day. It'll be kind of a little mini three day weekend. I don't have to drive in traffic two hours. And yeah, I'll be able to play some Call of Duty before work. And at lunchtime. That'd be fun, right? Sounds like a winner. So I fill in their thing. I say Friday. And I'm like, Okay, well let you know, closer to delivery time what your delivery window is. And I'm like, all right. I'm not going to stick with it. I'm just taking the whole day at home. So Thursday afternoon, I get a text message saying thank you for your certain thank you for your patronage. We will be there tomorrow between one and 5pm am I Well, I'm glad I took the whole day. So I played some colleges. We're going to talk about college. duty in a few minutes. They'll probably be the rest of the show. We'll talk about what's new with Call of Duty and why I like it. And you know anything. I feel it's wrong with it. So anyway, so. So, now I get it, I get a text about 1230 saying that will be there in about 40 minutes. Okay, I'm like, All right, cool. Well, 130 is that sounds good. So the guys show up. And I'm like, hey, yeah, I'm your guy. Because they parked at the house. You know, the park that the next house down probably just to give him the targets. I know. I'm over here. I'm your guy. And he's like, great. He show me where we're installing the dishwasher. Yeah, absolutely. So I bring him in there to the house. The dogs are locked up going completely bad shit. And so so he starts writing up on this paperwork, right? And I'm like, okay, so I think we're in good shape. Otherwise, he would have said something so it must be alright with this dishwasher thing is like, unfortunately, he's a black guy. I don't know why he had the voice. I mean, I'm not trying to sound racist, but he hadn't The the kind of the black guy voice going on, was just it's fun for the show. It has nothing to do with being racist, but he's like, I'm sorry, sir. But we are unable to install the dishwasher at this time. I'm like, Well, what do you mean? He's like, you, you, the homeowner must uninstalled the dishwasher before we install the new dishwasher. And I'm like, like, whoa. So wait a minute. So what does that mean? I mean, I can probably pull it out. Right? I maybe I can get it out right now. I mean, you come back later, I got a whole four hour window here. It's like, well, what you can do is you can contact my office, I will give you my phone number and you can contact my office. And they will arrange for us to come in and install the new one after you have removed the old one. And like well, wait a minute, I took that I lied to my face. I said I took the day off work. I'm trying to pressure him into taking the damn thing. Because you know, they can take it out. So I'm like, Yeah, I took the whole day off of work here. I mean, this is costing me money to be sitting here. Waiting for you guys now I got it. You're telling me I take a whole nother day off? Is I'm sorry sir we had two other homeowners we had to deny installation services just before we came here and like so so you think maybe there's a problem here a bigger problem that maybe you should consider and say have already tried to check out the mecca minion force for switch to two player bullet Hill platform right? I'll look at it. The switch has been gathering dust since I got Modern Warfare. So have something to look at I suppose. So anyway, so I'm like, tell you what, just wheel the damn dishwasher in here. I will get the other dishwasher out and I will install this one. You know. So basically all the savings that I got of having Home Depot come in and install it I lost that savings. So they wheel it in and they leave it so I'm on YouTube, right I'm a millennial. Now I'm learning on YouTube, how to change out my dishwasher. Right, so the first thing the guy says so whatever so the so the video starts off with before getting started, it's very important for safety to disengage, go to your breaker box and disable the power to the dishwasher. I'm like, okay, I can do that. So it's me being silly. I followed the video from front to back instead of watching the whole video first. watch the whole video first. I might have had a better idea that this guy was like, fucking with me. So he's so I went out to the breaker box, and I couldn't find anything for the dishwasher. But I did find something for the garbage disposal. So I'm figuring you know, Hey, what's up Travis? So I'm thinking okay, I said maybe the dishwasher is wired to the same circuit as the garbage disposal. Alright, cool. So I flipped the day I flipped the garbage disposal breaker off I go back into the kitchen, I push the power button on the dishwasher. Nothing happens. I'm like, Okay, good. I go back to the YouTube video. Now, remove the floorboard panel by removing two screws. I'm like okay, yeah, two screws. There. They are sweet. I take it two screws off. And that was a little metal box in there. It's like, now you want to disconnect the power to the dishwasher. So you know he shows you just taking a little screw off of that box and you open up the box. There's a couple of wire nuts in there and grounding cable Mike, I can do this. This is no problem. I crawl into the dishwasher and it's a it's a nut. It's like a bolt. It's not a it's not a screw head. It's a bolt head. So now I'm like shit. I bet I don't have I bet. I mean, I've got a I've got a ratchet and a handful of a handful of, you know, drivers for it, but I don't I may not have that one. There's like no room in there. So I'm like, Okay, I'll tell you what, I'm gonna try to pull this thing out and then try to disconnect the power and I've got some room I can get underneath that thing, right. And the guys like you'll need to isolate the water, blah blah, blah. And so I reached underneath the sink and yes, there is a there is a vessel But of course, you guys know how it is with these old houses. No valve totally isolates water in that house. You know, when you have to change out the innards of your toilet which I've done like four times, you hit the turn the isolation valve, and the isolation valve almost shuts it off. Still got a little bit of flow in there. Because as you're closing the valve, you start hearing the ballsy break and everything else because these valves are older than dog shit. So now you're like, Okay, well, I guess I'm only gonna get one shot at this. So you're Craig in the township. Anyway, in this case, it actually did isolate the water I couldn't believe it. Then they say that there's probably some mounting screws around the inside edge of where it meets up with the cabin, right So sure enough, I found two screws and then two more screws and a two more screws and then two more screws. They wanted to make sure this dishwasher wasn't going anywhere. So I take out like 16 screws, and now they say you should be able to walk it out right so you grabbed the door you kind of wiggle it shifted shimmy it out. That little little underneath the cabinet right or underneath the countertop. And yeah, it comes out. And so I noticed under the sink now that there's quite a bit of play, there's quite a bit of slack in these cables. I'm sorry, the cable and the the water line and the drain line. So it's looking like they left me enough slack where I can actually pull this thing out fairly easily. So I'm thinking I'm in good shape. Well then I realized that the power to the dishwasher isn't wired into some circuit. It's a goddamn power plug. I did have to go out to my breaker box and shut off the power cut unplug the damn thing. Like general barons and wanted to do with the Whopper right I could have just unplugged the goddamn thing. But no, no, they just send me out to the breaker box first, whatever. So I shimmy this thing out right. And I see the drain. I see the drainage. What the hell am I looking for here drainage tube, I guess the drain line there you go the drainage line in the water line I see both of those, the water line looks totally easy. The drainage line those it looks like they kind of rig something up here. First off the drainage line is like eight feet frickin long. It's got it's got like a it's all flexible piping except for this one spot, which is not flexible that they actually had mounted to the side of the dishwasher right. Fortunately, it came right off no big deal. It was kind of clicked on there. And, and I'm like Okay, all right. Well, we should be all right here. This looks pretty simple. I mean, dude, even I can do this right. So I have to get this I have to get this goddamn metal box open that has the that has the electrical hookups in it. And of course I can't find I can't find a damn I can't find a a ratchet. They'll fit this thing right. I don't have any wrenches little fitted. I have one crescent wrench. I have a crescent wrench and to try to get that crescent wrench in that little tiny spot. wasn't working out well. So I decided it's time to invest some cash into my tool collection. I ran to Home Depot and I grabbed a cheap $25 ratchet set so now not only am I out the hundred bucks for that was supposed to be saving on the installation, I'm now on another 25 bucks to to buy a ratchet set right? Cuz my ass doesn't have a set that fits. So now they come back now mind you, I'm supposed to be watching a couple of dudes install my dishwasher while I'm working from home. So basically the afternoon is wasted for work right. Let me no more work going on this afternoon. So I get the drain line. I get the water line off. I finally managed to get that little tiny metal box open. So I got the box open. And sure enough, there are two wire nets. Well there's three there's the ground. I pop those puppies off and then I realize, Hey, wait a minute. Aren't these wires supposed to be white and Black. And of course I've already pulled the nuts off so I don't remember which wire was white in which one was black. Now before you say a shame, look at the side of the cable. The power cables you have a little thin white line along one of the edges. That's your white Guess what? That piece of shed cable did not have any markings on it to tell you white or black. I'm like son of a bitch. Fortunately, the dishwasher came with a replacement power cable that was proper, unfortunately was a little bit shorter. So I'm starting to think shit. I wonder if I'm going to be able to get that thing in there. But I elected to do that. So I pulled out the cable. I pulled out the great shitty cable that they had installed it with the power cable. Now I need to Oh, I forgot I stepped ahead of something. Do you know the dishwashers don't totally drain the water when they're after a cycle. Yeah, so that dishwashers been sitting around for many, many months. So I put that dishwasher on its face when I could get to the underbelly of it. Yeah, you might have a pretty good idea what happened. All that nasty, rancid, shady fucking dishwasher water went pouring out on my floor. Now wasn't a lot, but it was enough to make the kitchen smell like ass fact it still smells like gas. I got the mop at three or four more times before I get that smell out. Oddly enough, did you know the new dishwasher has water in it too. I did not know that the new one has some water to I'm assuming QA ran through a test cycle and there was a little bit of water in there. Something to take note of when you change out your next dishwasher. So anyway, we'll bet big son of a bitch out out of the way I unpacked the new one. And notice that it has some alternative hookup for the water. No big deal it was included an adapter, they left all the parts with me. So I was able to get that water line. Now. The German Line, like I said, was a different sort of thing. Because it had this long ass straight piece to it there was not flexible, replacing the one that was it on the new dishwasher with this one probably wasn't going to be an option. So what I did notice was that the fitting would accommodate of the old drainage hose fitting would accommodate the new drainage hose to be inserted, and it has a nice, you know, nice tighten clamp on there. I'm tying the clamp, I plug that in and I thought shit this should hold. I mean, I'm not much pressure going through that drainage pipe, but I couldn't do that much, right. So I call my dad and I'm like, Hey, hello, can I mean because there's got to be you know, that pump can only push out so much, right? I mean, Hey Dad, how long can that drainage hose be? I mean, because the black one that was already there. It's got to be like eight feet. And then you have this new drainage goes on here. That's a good four or five, six feet. Is it gonna be able to pump up All the way through that long ass drainage line. He's like, yeah, it shouldn't be a problem. Okay, cool. Well, I'll guess I'll work it out. So I get rid of that. Listen, this is a relatively easy process, right? There's three items, power to hook up. water line, and a drainage line shouldn't be that complicated. But everything's a little a little harder than it looks on YouTube. Right? I get everything hooked up. I call my dad back and I said, Hey, do you think I should run a test cycle with it all hooked up but outside of the cabinet, because once I put it in, they're not going to be able to really see easily if there's any leakage or I think I should take I should run a cycle without it being in there is like, Man, it's pretty standard stuff. You should be okay. Am I good enough for you? It's good enough for me. Just like with apologies to Cyndi Lauper. Right? It's good enough for me. It's good enough for you. So, I go ahead and I start sliding it back in there right now, this this is a very no dishwashers are roughly all the same size. Right? And so I did my measurements before I ordered the new and and the exact same dimensions pretty damn close anyway so I start I saw I moved the dishwasher I shimmied it back in there I made sure the cables weren't paged you guys had been proud. I was as I was shipping it back like six inches I pulled I pulled the slack in the cables, right so that in the in the in the tubing, right? So everything was good. No pinching, no, no nothing going on in there. Now I realize that the dishwasher is maybe just a smidgen wider than the old one. Now that could be because the seal around it was new, whatever. But I must have spent a good 30 fucking minutes trying to shove that thing into because if it's caught just a little bit, it's a little bit wider. And I would get one side and then the other side wouldn't go and then I pull it back out and get the other side I'm not mechanically inclined people this is not my this is not my job. So finally I get it to where it all looks level it all looks like it's fit in there straight. And then I realized oh shit, I was supposed to put some sort of mounting brackets on this thing first, Who the hell is running this rodeo. So now I've got to jerk this thing back out, which was actually harder than you would think. To get it out to put these little brackets on there. The brackets are not made to fit, you're supposed to fit them in there, and then snap off a piece of the bracket. And then you gotta bend back this little tab to keep the bracket in place, blah, blah, blah. So I finally get these little brackets in place, not understanding I should have taken the little plastic screw covers out before I broke the brackets off but that's neither here nor there. I get the brackets on I shoved this goddamn thing back into its hole. And now I'm looking to use a couple of mounting screens. Well guess what? The mounting hole on the left hand side did no longer lined up with the cabinet. Like sort of like a filler. There's a filler between the cabinet and the dishwasher. Well guess what? That's where the old one was mounted. The new one is back just a little bit too far to mount to that. Great. Now I was able to mount it on the right the right hand side one the cabinet was right there plenty of spaces to mount I was able to mount it in the other one not so much. The screw didn't the screw wasn't long enough of course to get all the way back past the extender into the actual cabinet. So now I've got to get this little screw out. Oh my god, that was a 15 or 20 minute ordeal. I know I know use a magnet use a magnet you couldn't use your fingers. No my fingers wouldn't fit in the hole would use a magnet shit. My kids got 900 magnets but I couldn't find a single one of them. So finally I got a pair of tweezers which were still too big to fit in the little hole but I was able to grip inside of the screw and one of the outer edges of the screw, unbeliever I should have videotape this whole thing it would have been gold to watch playback. Got the screw out, got like the six and a half inch would screw. Oddly enough I have six and a half inch whiskers don't ask why I have six and a half inch one screws but I do that was able to go in the hole and still chew about three quarters of an inch into the cabinet. So now I've got this thing out and I'm sending going Jesus Christ I should have I should have ran a test. I just know. I just know I'm going to have all done all this work and something's going to be wrong. Something's going to be wrong. So I finally I run my said now you got understand folks, this we're closing in on 435 o'clock. Right. So this has been my entire afternoon. Oh, and I forgot to mention that. As I was trying to shove it into that frickin hole. The edging around the dishwasher came loose, no big deal. You slide it back into place. What they don't tell you is is that the steel that those little edges are covering Basically unfinished and rounded raw ass frickin steel, which I then dragged my finger across, thinking that the rubber would follow along with my finger, but it didn't. And I got this big old nasty steel slice across my finger. Yeah, I probably should have considered going in for stitches. But at the same time, it's like a, it'll probably be okay. The problem is, is across that top knuckles. So I just kept pulling itself open constantly. So I ended up having to wrap it. So I mean, it's fine. It's fine, but it was just one more naughty thing that went along with the whole bullshit and putting this dishwasher. So of course, my wife comes home. My wife and son come home at that point about 430 ish. And I'm all grumpy and I'm dirty and filthy. The house smells like nasty ass dishwasher water. But damn it, god damn it, the thing runs and I got a load of dishes in there and it cleans. Great. So now I've got my dishwasher. replaced I don't think I saved a goddamn thing I should have just went to Home Depot paid for the new install it. Anyway so there you go now I've added dishwasher replacement to my list of handyman chores. So that was my Friday. Now of course in between before work I managed to a Call of Duty Modern Warfare and at lunchtime I got a little Call of Duty Modern Warfare and and as of this morning I am 28 hours of playtime into Call of Duty. So I've done I think about three quarters of the single player campaign, none of this none of the co op stuff yet. And the rest of it's been in multiplayer. So let me talk about modern warfare. I've been asked to give my opinions now. I showed a newbie video and I wrote a medium article already on excuse me, what's new about modern warfare. But that was about having 10 or 15 hours in. So now I'm a lot farther in, I think I'm pretty close to the end of the campaign. I think I can talk intelligently about the campaign I can tell you about the multi. So let's, let's spend the rest of the time here, which is probably about 10 minutes talking about Call of Duty Modern Warfare. So this year Infinity Ward, not trademark, its infinity Ward's here to put out a call of duty. And I will tell you that infinite warfare has been probably one of my favorite Call of Duty's of recent times, right modern war, it was a modern warfare three, we played on Xbox like, you know, 16 hours a day on the weekends. Yeah, so Infinite Warfare like was the perfect Infinite Warfare was the perfect balance of everything. The campaign was fantastic. The multiplayer was fantastic. The zombies were fantastic, right. Ghosts had the cool extraction instead of zombies. So I'd like a little bit about everything. World War Two background goofy and black. ops four I got plenty of time out of it. But once they started shoving in the loop boxes and everything else that kind of went downhill so let's talk about what they've done with modern warfare this time around what they've done with Call of Duty. And you can kind of make up your own mind if it sounds like something you want to dig into. So the single player campaigns of Call of Duty have been typically as Travis I think helpfully pointed out moving from one endless stream of bad guys to another endless stream of bad guys. Go Go to location a kill an endless stream of bad guys. Watch a cinematic go to site be kill a whole big budget streaming bad guys. cinematic wash, rinse and repeat right? Infinite Warfare was able to change this up by adding spaceflight, and all sorts of other really neat story elements. In my opinion. I thought that the the single player campaign was amazing and infinite warfare. Especially like the ending I really liked how they honored the dead at the ending of infinite warfare. So single player campaign. So what do we have this time around the single player campaign? I think that they heard Travis pitching through Hangouts. And they specifically said, Listen, we don't want this to be scene after scene of endless bad guys pouring out of a door. So we're going to change it up a little bit. Now let's there's plenty of scenes of endless guys pouring out of the door that's still there. But they decided to augment it with a lot of changeups. So, one of the things is that you'll have more scenes of using heavy equipment. So you will be using explosive drones. You're going to be using a fully armored gunship with with missiles in the whole bit. You're going to move to you're going to be using you're going to be clearing homes or enemy house With using nothing but infrared or night vision goggles, there's all sorts of Yeah, thanks Travis. I knew you'd like to be called out. So there's a lot of different settings daytime, nighttime infiltration, you know holding off there is even one and Travis I've been holding this until we were on the show. Because you can get through there real quick. If you can get through there. You're not going to get through there you go. Yep. My lights green dude. Let's go. Damn, try to do a due to favor. So this will appeal to Travis considerably. It also appealed to me. There is one mission, which is all sniping. Now listen, it's not ultra realistic sniping but it's far more realistic sniping than I've seen in any Call of Duty game. And in this case, you're going to be sitting I don't want to give away any story points, but You will have to adjust for wind bullet fall off and the whole bit I mean, it's, it's, it's fun as hell. And you have human targets, vehicle targets. It's one of my favorite scenes inside the game, the the single player campaign so far, I really enjoyed it. And you have a spotter, right? So you have this chick that spotting you and they'll be telling you, you know distance and all in the wind direction. It's great. It's fun. It's really neat. There's also without giving away any story points. There's also a mission where you take control of closed caption TV cameras, and you have to guide somebody through a terrorist occupied office building. Way cool. I mean, you lose a few times before you figure out the patterns of how the guys are walking and how to get this person through the through the office, but it's really cool. It's like oh, This is neat. This is I did not expect this. What a neat, what a neat little side mission. What a neat little. What a neat little way of of transitioning is from area to area, right? You're going to be in caves. You're going to be in destroyed cities. You're going to be you're going to be in Piccadilly Circus circle. Piccadilly square, rather, I think Piccadilly Circus, I guess. Yeah, so there's all sorts of different there's all sorts of different locations and different types of maps. It still feels kind of story driven, right? So they're gonna, they're going to move you in the right direction. But listen, they don't. So what about this controversy stuff, right? All this stuff. It's about, you know, controversial nonsense, okay. Women and children are killed in this game, and you might be responsible for part of that right. So there are many times when You may be going through a building and some woman or kid pop out and you get busted tap in and guess what? You don't fail the mission for doing that right and most of the time if you do something terrible like kill a friendly or whatever, they'll tell you they'll they'll say, oh friendly fire will not be tolerated, and they roll your ass back to the last checkpoint. In this case, yeah, and there are cases where Yeah, women are killed right in front of you and children are killed. gassed, bombed, you name it. It's it's some it's some heavy shit going on. Now maybe I'm a little desensitized, but I didn't think it was worth all the rubbish that they were going through and social media and all that other nonsense. That airport remember the airport scene in what was which, which Call of Duty was that they got all controversial because you had to kill civilians in there. Now you're popping civilians left and right not on purpose, mind you. But damn it there in the way the butcher you got to take him out. Stop jumping in front of my bullets you son of a bitch. So anyway, so the single player campaigns good stuff. I think it's I think it runs somewhere between eight and 10 hours depending on how good you are. I played on regular, my son played on regular and he managed to top it off I think in about 10 hours. So Modern Warfare two Thank you. So there you have it single player campaign good stuff. value add, right. So in the case of a lot of Call of Duty's the single player campaign cannot always be considered blackout was not value added to me in Black Ops for I would say the single player campaign, I would call it eight hours of content. So if you use the $4 per hour of that gives you $24 towards the purchase price, right? So now, if you've got 24 hour $24 your purchase price covered by the single player campaign, how much have you got to make up in the multiplayer and Co Op right? co op i think is going to be a lot of fun. I just I haven't had a chance to try it yet but upload it to the side so I can finish this segment before I get home I'm on my street so multiplayer you know what we're probably going to do multiplayer tomorrow I just don't have time I want it I don't want to break in half and half I want to talk about multiplayer on its own, but maybe I'll get some Co Op in tonight so I'll have something to talk about tomorrow. But right now so far I've got I got 28 hours in plus the rest of the campaign I figured another hour to at least. So I'm going to be okay financially speaking I've got my I got my 59 bucks out of the game so far. Even if they completely spoil it, which I don't think they're going to do. Multi players got a lot. I'm just going to I'm going to just kind of juice this up a little bit. multiplayer is no longer a complete running running gun game. There's a lot of factors to it that make it a little more thinking man and it's for a lot of people. Oh 32 Thank you. Thank you. I'm driving. So all right, listen, I'm going to get out of here before the Wi Fi kicks in. This is On mineral, patchy radio. We'll see you next time. Talk to you tomorrow. Take everybody

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