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OMG third show in a row three shows this week this is Shane Armin row passenger seat radio. Welcome to the show. Yes, I am on my 13 mile commute home and I'm actually going home. And yeah, I'm a few minutes late, which is perfect because the traffic will be backed up a little bit which will even take me longer to get up. So you are on my 13 mile. Can you at home, welcome to the show. It is Halloween October 31 2019. And you know Halloween when I was in my 30s was a lot more exciting than Halloween in my 50 I'm not gonna say 50s because I don't like being called in my 50s 50 I'm having enough trouble with it in my 50s sounds even worse, so 50 Yeah, so not a lot going on in my house tonight. myself. Son is completely taken over the Halloween duties. So he completely decorated the yard and the house. He's handing out candy tonight. He's all excited to do it, which is even better. So yeah, so I got I got nothing going on for Halloween, which is perfect. And I used to love Halloween. So we'll probably my son and I, as you know, we are catching up on great movies of the 70s and 80s. As you know, he's 13 now and so now that he's a teenager I roughly have about a year before my opinion means nothing to him and everything I like sucks. So I have like one year left to get him educated on all the great movies of my childhood. So up right now, is I know what you're thinking 13 might be a little bit young, but I saw it when I was like eight. And that of course is the shining the jack nicholson Stanley Kubrick film of the shining. And so yeah, now listen. So I've told the story before but you know, it's Halloween and all that. So maybe it's worthwhile. So I think the shining somebody needs nobody's on the chat yet. What the hell? How am I supposed to get a research assistant here? Looking at time for me? Hey Google, what year did the shining come out? Maybe I just tripped somebody's phone. I want to say it was 77. But I think it might have been 79. So let's say that it's 79. That would have made me 10 years old. So I guess I was I was older than eight, but I was 10 years old. When my mother and my step dad took me to see the shining now. The reason you can tell this as a huge impact on my life is pretty much before the age of 13. I don't remember shit. And I find it fascinating that there are people out there that actually remember things from being three or four years old. I don't remember anything. thing, and I chalk A lot of it up to not having the greatest childhood into me, they'll listen. So my perspective is now I talked to my mother about this a million times. And I'm sure a therapist probably would be somebody better to talk to you about it, but my childhood pretty much sucked. It was not a pleasant experience. And so it really wasn't until I was in my junior year of high school, that life became anything worth living for me. That's when I finally found a niche and a group of people I finally found a click I can hang with I finally started having people started catching up. That was that's how that's how I look at it when, when I was nine. Let's see what grade me What grade is fifth grade, fifth grade, you're six so 511 right. 1112 ish, somewhere in there. I was. I was I had an IQ test and You know, I don't know how much weight you put an IQ test, but I scored a 139, which is apparently very, very good. And so they put me into this, this sort of state program for gifted, talented people. And so like once a week on Wednesdays from like 123 or something they would pull all of we the gifted and talented. GT. That's it. That was the name of the program GT gifted and talented, they probably pulled all the GT kids out, and we all went to some Brainiac. I think she was hot, too. I don't really remember I just have shadows. But we were all dragged out to do like, gifted talented shit. So we would go into like, some big room and we would hang out with this really hot instructor who heard gold. She always reminded me of the teacher from the Twilight Zone, the movie, you know how she the kid that wish they could get anything you wish for. And instead of being freaked out, she decided she wanted to be his teacher and all this other stuff. That's how I see this gifted talented teacher and I was her name Bray. Miss Bray. Damn. See I don't have any I have very little memories. I remember flashes of things, very little flashes of things. But in fifth grade, that's when I sort of figured out Okay, so I'm smart and I'm not. I'm not conform it right? I didn't want to dress like other kids or, or participate in their stupid shit. So naturally that makes you an outcast and I makes terrible things happen to you. So, but I knew at some point that this that I would pay off to be me right, so I stayed the course. And so about my junior year, hey, Michael Hummers on about my junior year of high school, people started to care about being smart. People started to care about intelligence and their future in college and what they're going to do with their life. I was doing that since I was 11. Right. So my Early Childhood just wasn't great. Now, the things that really traumatized me I mean serious trauma. Those Of course I remember vividly and occasion I do remember some events that weren't as tragic right? So I remember the event pretty clearly of me pointing at 22 rifle and five kids that were bullying me. I remember things like my my stepdad buying me a wildfire pinball at some after Christmas warehouse sale. And I remember going to the shining now I don't remember the whole movie. I don't remember going into the theater. I don't remember leaving the theater. Here's what I remember. I remember the shower scene the bathroom scene in room 237. When the the naked chick, the good looking naked chick, not the old bad naked chick. The good looking naked chick pulls back the curtain and gets up and I remember my mother covering my eyes specifically. I remember my mother covering In my eyes, and that's it. I mean, I remember the movie damaging me a little bit, right, I was 10 years old and I watched jack nicholson drop a fire x in the sky man, Crothers chest and 10 years old. And the night you know, 1979 you know, that sort of thing wasn't on TV, you couldn't watch that on the internet. It was, you know, to see a naked chicken, a bathtub and a black guy getting a getting an axe to the chest, you either had to go to the deep south, or you had to go to an R rated movie. And in this case, you know, I don't know what the hell my parents were thinking, taking me to the shiny and 10 years old, but whatever. Think my step dad was a Nicholson fan. So maybe that's why we went I don't know. I do remember being extraordinarily traumatized. The music alone at the beginning of the movie freaked the shit out of me with those screaming voices in the background. And that whole bit very traumatic for me, and it's still elicits every time I watch it, even though I've seen it a million times. Now. It always elicits a rather unsettling feeling when that music is playing at the beginning. And as the movies progressing and that that weird symbol hit when they when they show Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday scares me every time and I know it's coming. I've seen the movie. So, Dr. Sleep, the Stephen King movie based on the Stephen King book, which is a sequel, a direct sequel to the shining, hits theaters next week. And I really would like to see this I like you and McGregor as an actor. I did read the book, Dr. Sleep. So I have a pretty good idea what the movies about. I'm interested in the movie. And this Yeah, yeah, yeah. Exercise too. So Mike said he saw the exorcist when he was seven. And it traumatize them. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I remember. I remember. Seeing the first Exorcist I saw Exorcist to when I was whatever age that would have been when that came out. And I don't know how I saw that, but I did. Anyway, going back to the story. So Dr. Sleep takes the shining, it's a direct sequel. Danny Torrance is now a man he's grown up. He is. He's been an alcoholic for the last 25 years. Because it turns out that alcohol tends to tends to hide the shine, right? So all the shit the burnt toast is scat man, Crothers said. The crumbs that he leaves behind those ghosts, those demons, whatever it is that the shine helps Danny to see and basically tormented the shit out of him and so he used alcohol to deaden that if you've seen deadly umbrella, the umbrella Academy then they can pilfered that a lot of them Berlin Academy was pilfered from a lot of other stories, but same idea that one one guy keeps drugs and alcohol in his system. 24. Seven, solely, that was a dick move to do. That was a dick move to do. So the guy in front of me left an opening. We're sitting here trying to get on the freeway, he left an opening so that people could get out of the cross street mentor traffic, somebody zooming the entire line of us and cut in front of him in the intersection, like a douche bag. That was a douche bag thing to do. All right. Anyway, so Dr. Sleep 25 years has passed, you know, or you know, 30 years whatever has passed. And so now we pick Danny up as a raging alcoholic, trying to control the shine. And the story. I don't want to give away any story points. I don't know. I don't remember what all was in the trailer. So I'll leave it at that. It's and so the director and I wish I wrote the guy's name down, but I didn't He is a huge Stephen King fan. And a huge Stanley Kubrick The Shining fan. Now why is that important? I'll tell you why. Most of you probably already know already, but I've got time to fill here. Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is heralded as one of the greatest horror movies of all time. It makes every single top 10 list no matter who's making the list, always on the top 10 it is a fucked up movie. It's a freaky movie. Nicholson's the bomb. Shelley Duvall is ugly as fuck and smokes too much. And she's the bomb. And Dan Hey, Brian holds in here. Salman Crothers is the bomb. The whole movies amazing the movie and it's spawned numerous documentaries and they've got this huge. You know, there's this huge following and people who constantly break the movie down and we've talked about room 237, the documentary and all these other sorts of You know, kind of conspiracy theories were Kubrick has left crumbs inside of the shining to prove that he was part of the Apollo moon landing. faking, right. All sorts. I mean, listen, how much fun is that? Right? Let me put some air on in here. It's kind of getting warm. So the shining is that fantastic movie. Now, what the shining is not is a fantastic book adaptation. Kubrick basically took a very simple premise of the shining. And he, he, he made it his own. Right. So that would be called an an adaptation, or an arrangement. So if you if you're if you're a musical person, and you hear a song and somebody kind of covers it, and they change it up, and they put their own style on that, they call that an arrangement, right. So that's what Kubrick's the the shining was all about. He took characters and a really loose basis of the story. And he injected his own stuff into it. He changed it from a ghost story to a psych you know a psychopath story, which it Listen, it's great. I you know, I love Stanley Kubrick to the shining. Stephen King did not and he is not quiet about it. He is more than happy especially around Halloween or anytime you talk about Stephen King, Stephen King talks about nothing more than how much he hates school bricks version of his book. And that's okay. King if for those of you who don't know Stephen King then decided that to to repair what he felt was damaging to a story he produced which means he paid all the cash he paid for. He wrote the screenplay. I don't think he directed but he had a pretty heavy hand into a TV mini series of the shining. Starring Jake Weber and not Jake Weber. Ted? Is it Jake Weber? Rebecca mornings in there is Wendy. And it's Jake Weber. Right? Somebody somebody helped me out on it. So I think it's Jake, whoever I was get him in Tim Matheson confused for some reason. But he was the jack torrents of Kings own making interpretation of his book, The Shining. I did not listen, the shining mini series, it was shown on TV so you can only imagine how that had to get gutted. But it was very faithful to the more faithful to the book. But Kubrick's shining is by far better movie. Is it Tim Webber? Maybe I'm just mixing them together. Jake Webber's that little shit head kid that played a mannequin, right? Maybe that's where I'm getting it from. It's all mixing together. Whoever can fact check me please do so. That's on the channel. Doesn't matter. Just try Going to show my vast obviously my fast non knowledge of King's work. But anyway so the director of Dr. Sleep now Dr. Sleep the book picks up right after the explosion at the Overlook Hotel in the book. Alright, for those of you who have not partaking in the shining book, jack nicholson, I'm sorry. JACK Torrance, and at the Overlook Hotel, was actually fighting sort of a demonic type possession almost the ghosts of the overlook. We're trying to control him. Steven Weber. Thank you. Good lord. I knew Weber was in there somewhere. I don't like Steven Weber. But anyway. And the book of the shining. Nicholson was going to kill his family, but with a rope mallet not with an axe. By the way, the x is a lot better than a roadmap. I don't care what you say. But on stat man Crothers. I'm Sorry Mr. Halloran gets a rope mounted to the to the head it breaks his job but it doesn't kill him. And yeah, he was in wings. Yeah, I didn't like wings either. There was some wasn't wasn't like Jagger spin off of wings and then NC is with a spin off of that. I don't know. I lose track of all this shit. But anyway, so the end torrents is being driven mad by the ghosts the ghosts are trying to control them and get him to kill his family and and it for a brief moment. torrents regains his sanity over loads the boilers at the Overlook Hotel and blows himself and the entire hotel to smithereens. Meanwhile, Wendy and Danny, along with Scott man Crothers, they get away. So at the beginning of the book, Dr. Sleep, Wendy and and Mr. Halloran are friends, and Halloran has a relationship with Danny after this fact. Now these are sort of flashback scenes. Not sure how they're going to do that in the movie. I'm hoping that they cover it. But I don't know if they're going to if they're going to do digital work for stat man and for Shelley Duvall, I don't know, maybe they won't do it at all. They'll do it in some sort of weird flashback. But in that book, there's a there's a, you know, Danny has a life right after the overlook and then we fast forward to him being like 30 years old, and you know, long time drunk, blah, blah, blah. So, the producer, the director of Dr. Sleep, the movie had to kind of decide where his allegiance was going to be right. Is he going to be faithful to a sequel to Kubrick's The Shining? Or was he going to make a direct sequel to Stephen King's book? So the answer apparently from early reviews now I tried not to read any of the reviews but I've read a couple of basic synopsis synopsis is synopsis. I synopsis synthesis. I've read a handful of those and essentially from what it sounds like, the director did a very good job of honoring both Kubrick and King and Miss Dr. Sleep moving now from the reviews move back and forth. So this is going to be one of those movies I'm going to have to see for myself to make my own decision. I do that anyway, reviews don't sway me. But essentially, it's, this is a is a fantastic sequel to the shining. The other one was like, it's okay, but it's pretty much boring as hell. I don't remember the book being boring, but you know, hey, who knows? But apparently, we have many recreations and flashbacks to the Overlook Hotel from the Kubrick movie, which is great. I mean, I can't wait to see that. And of course, you know, Danny is an adult. I don't know if they're going to bring those little twin girls back. I don't know. But I can't wait to See it. So all of this is getting back to the shining and watching the shining at home. So nobody's going to go see Dr. sleep with me. So my only option is to get my son up to speed and bring him into the shining fold. So we have been watching the shining, we well, we watched about two thirds of it before he went to bed, I think Monday night. And then we're looking to get him finished up before next weekend when the doctor sleep movie hits theaters, and we're going to go see that on opening weekend. So I'm really excited. I think I talked recently about the shiny things. 4k release, and its audio commentary. It's very, very good. When I watched the movie a little differently now I'm watching it again with my son of course. So now I'm watching it without the commentary on but knowing everything I know from the commentary and it makes it makes the movie rather interesting. So I highly recommend if you're a fan to check out that commentary track good stuff. So Dr. Sleep is on the radar. I'm behind on every single show because I've been sloughing off going to the gym. My my wife had some sort of a flu or something over this last weekend. And now there's some sort of a cold going through the house. I mean, you can probably hear that I'm congested. I'm trying not to snort too much on audio but you can probably tell I'm a little more easily so yeah, so I've been fighting this some sort of cool I mean, it's not putting me out like in the old days fat Shane would have been put to bed. thinner Shane is a lot more capable of coping with the with the head cold and the general blogs day. So I feel I feel kind of crappy in the morning. I get better throughout the course of the day. And then at night later on at night I start to feel you know, start to feel a little So yeah, so let's see. I'm trying to think if there's anything else I need to cover to catch you guys up before I move on to my next topic, but I think that's pretty much it. I'm behind on a bunch of shows I'm behind on Mr. Robot I'm behind on American Horror Story. What else am I watching that I'm behind that I'm behind on all sorts of crap. I got a creep show the TV show and been like two episodes on that crazy stuff. I'm very, very busy. I have too much to do peace and love, peace and love. So the other thing that you need to do right now, right now is go up to Kickstarter and search for Dragon's Lair. The company replicate Well, it's actually what is it called new toys or something like that new. What's the name of that? I can't remember. Hook not hooked on toys at some stupid fishing place in Wenatchee. There's a toy company A new wave toys, that's what this new wave toys is working through this company called replicate. These are the people that put together like the 16th inch scale, fully operational, fully faithful arcade cabinets. So when I say 16th scale, that means it sits on your top of your desk. They're fully playable. They're very, very detailed. They're fully faithful to the original arcade cabinet. They've done a handful of them. Tempest was one of the bigger ones that they did recently. And listen, I love Tempest. But frankly, I don't think there's a raster monitor in there. And tempest in my opinion, and this is why I'm not interested in Star Wars, the arcade cabinet or any of these other arcade cabinets that are based around vector graphics like asteroids, is because vector monitors have a very distinctive feel to them. If you grew up playing major havoc in emulation on a CRT or an LED LCD or whatever, you don't care, who cares, I just want the arcade cabinet in the controls. But if you played Tempest at the arcade a lot, you know as well as I do that vector monitors and the vector graphics have a completely different look and feel when they're played on their native hardware. So I am not looking to support vector games that are raster. I understand you're not going to get a vector screen in a little tiny arcade cabinet I get it was not stupid. However, I also don't need to back a Kickstarter like that. However, these dirty sons of bitches hit me where it hurts, and then created a 16 inch scale fully working based on Daphne not some bullshit, using the Daphne emulator. They have produced a replicant scale model of a dragon's lair video game arcade machine. It looks fucking fantastic. Stick. It's like I said it's based on Daphne. So you know, it's not gonna suck. You know, Daphne's The only real way to play Dragon's Lair home I don't care how good the simulations are that come out on console's we all know that Daphne is going to give you the real deal because it's emulated right from the Rahm's view beautiful looking screen and get this get this a working scoreboard now, so people have made main cabinets or arcade cabinets that have you know you can you can put you can put Daphne on a pie I've done that I've got a pie with Daphne with what Dragon's Lair space as Dragon's Lair to all working but one of the things that's always missing but definitely does support is an LED scoreboard. So I've never had an emulation box or anything that's actually had a scoreboard for dragons there now listen They got video overlays, right? So you can have the score overlaid on top of your gaming screen. That's not that doesn't feel authentic though. The idea of having this little arcade cabinet that plays a real version of Dragon's Lair that has a working scoreboard that just that just makes me all warm inside. So there's 22 hours left to get in on this $90 is the going price. And now let's $90 is not a crazy price on it. Oh my god, 90 bucks Are you lost your mind? That's because you're used to seeing those shitty little replicated replicated arcade games from like retro up and these other ones in Walmart for 2495 that they kind of look like the game. It's got the NES version built in. That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about a realistic cabinet with a Raspberry Pi in it. All set up with Daphne in place and running with obviously a real working license for Dragon's Lair i mean i you know digital leisure has to be behind this they had to have license that thing. Real replicated side art the whole bit 90 bucks is not expensive but Raspberry Pi's for 25 bucks you know how much that can take to put together a real no real little control panel and all you got to have a little SD card in there so that has to be like an eight gigabyte card in there probably or maybe you could probably get by with a four gigabyte card. So the real question is going to be is how hard is it going to be to go in there and put space a song there and Dragon's Lair to if it's running a you know a pie with Daphne on it. There should be no reason not to somebody will have a tool to make that a multi cap and you'll be able to play all three of Don Bluth LaserDisc games in their 90 bucks, no problem as soon as I heard about it Boom, I back that son of a bitch. Yeah, 22 hours to get in on the fun. And it comes with a little tiny LaserDisc player. It's not a real one. It's still a little, a little, you know, little gizmo thing that looks like a LaserDisc player. And it comes right now I think if you get in on this 22 hours thing they've gotten this looks cool as hell. They've got a key chain that looks exactly like a wit coin return slot or, you know, a coin slot that was on the original Dragon's Lair machine. And as you know, I believe if it wasn't the first it was one of the first games that cost 50 cents. So true to the lore of Dragon Slayer, along with your little replication along with your 161 16 scale. Amazing looking dragons are machine with a working scoreboard, you're going to get that little tiny LaserDisc player replicant and then you get this 50 cent coin slots that lights up. When you push on it I think even when you push on it it lights up and looks exactly like the coin slot that was on Dragon's Lair. So that's I mean and there's another stretch goal kicking around here somewhere the stretch goals have been met so far there's a third stretch goal. The first one was an HDMI out or no USB port to plug in your own controller. Great. And an HDMI. The second stretch was an HDMI out. So what this really means is they cut little holes off in the back so you can plug a USB and an HDMI in right so hardly what I would call a great stretch goal, but that's okay, that's okay. Now the third stretch goal we don't I don't think we know what that is yet. But it doesn't matter I am so in 90 bucks. It's a no brainer. For me. It's a no brainer for anybody who's into the Dragon's Lair lore. This will be an amazing piece to add to the collection. I'm very, very excited. So 22 hours well it's probably more like 20 hours now. got less than a day folks get in on that. Speaking of having less than a day one of my absolute favorite virtual reality experiences is this this game nobody's ever heard of probably called in death. And this is a normally not big procedurally generated guy, but I'm digging this game. This puts you in the role of an archer. Right? As an archer exploring and conquering randomly generated citadels, stocked with, like, ghouls, and freaky ass monks and, you know, badass 10 bloggers. And it's an amazing, fun experience. On VR. It's one of my absolute favorites. It's one of those ones. It's really really environmental. You feel like you're there. It scares the shit out of you, because These, these road demon monks can teleport in behind you, you'll turn around and he's right there or they'll be some Templar getting ready to chop your frickin head off. You different types of arrows is a little store that you eventually get to where you can upgrade some stuff. It keeps track of all the monsters you've slain in this sort of gory looking scoreboard it's a really fun game it's loaded with different achievements right? So obviously you play until you die. That's the sort of road like way but there's lots of accomplishments and they're all in this big giant billboard right there the entrance point to the Citadel so you can easily see you know what you've got, you can do but you can accomplish what you've already done, that sort of thing. Listen, it's one of my absolute favorite VR experiences. It's not on question, so you have to play it on Rift. But of course, you know, with quest link coming out later on in November. You'll be able to play your rift games on your quest. Wired. Of course, an in depth would be an amazing game to have in any VR collection. Right now it's half price on Oculus calm, and it's the daily deal. So I don't know when the Daily Deals rotate. But if you're interested in in depth, in depth, Shane Armin row approved VR fun. I would highly recommend you get it on there. That game does not go on sale very often. So get in on it, get it, live it, love it, or leave it. Speaking of VR, I invested today so every paycheck I like to spend, you know between 30 and 40 bucks on VR games, mostly building up my Oculus quest collection. But this paycheck, I decided to shoot for the stars. And I picked up the critically end player acclaimed as guards wrath. This is supposed to be the game VR was made for that sort of thing. Triple A real triple A gaming experience. Not a tech demo. Not a one hour experience, but a true triple A full fledged not to, but 30, our VR game. It's from Oculus studios, so you know it's not going to be shed and it is getting unbelievable reviews. This is the one this is the game that VR was made for them. best game ever on VR greatest experience ever. Holy shit, even apparently, if you stream it using virtual desktop to your quest, it's still the greatest gaming VR of all time. remains to be seen if that's true, but I do believe that is an Oculus exclusive. So those of you with PlayStation VR are out of luck. Now, who knows, maybe it'll come around, but I do not know. So I bought that it is get this. Have you ever heard of the VR experience that's 90 something gigabytes. I mean, that's like Call of Duty territory. And the game itself has you playing a god like a Greek or Norse, it's a Norse god, not a Greek guy, a Norse god. And you've got these five different worlds, you know that you've got sort of got this dominion over and you actually play the game by taking control of your followers, your minions, so you will play many roles as well as the God Himself. As well as you know, playing different types of characters across the other. It sounds frickin amazing. But you know, I, I don't want to put my rift on anymore, even though my rift is like 100 times more comfortable than my quest. It's got that damn cable attached to it, and it's just a It just it's an ordeal I have to set up my sensors I got to clear the living room. And I would rather play on the quest so I don't know how virtual desktops going to play with it although people say it's great. My PC is a little out of date and tonight five with the GTX 980 in it. So that is a that's that's always a problem right? If this is really the great triple A game that it is. It may not run all that well and it'll weren't even less well being streamed to my quest. So we will have to see, but I'm excited to talk about that. So it that is coming. me seeing that review is coming I should say, I have no idea what I'm going to get to it because Modern Warfare is pretty much my life right now. I met I think I rolled over to rank 47 somewhere last night I rolled over to rank 47 Yeah, so the rest of my clan has gotten on board. As far as I know, we have one holdout who's Chad. Chad does not have Modern Warfare yet, but all of the rest of my inner circle from Travis are just going to jump right in here. But you know, you could have gotten in line with the rest of us and try instead of trying to cut us off. Anyway, so yeah, Travis, Chris. Javier Alex, Justin. Everybody's got it now. So we're ready to roll. So we're getting back to the basics. Friday Night Call of Duty night, everybody. Everybody together playing and thanks to cross play. We're playing on the platforms we want to play the most. I'm going to be on the Xbox One X. Several people will be on PC. It'll be great. Nobody on PlayStation four about that. The PlayStation four did not win in my peer group but can I tell you so I ran across something and I cannot believe for two seconds that it took me this long this came out in May I think of this year. That's a long time. That's like five months I should have had front and center frickin seats to this. Somebody made a commercial featuring a live action. Dungeons and Dragons. Commercial. Now I'm talking about the Saturday morning cartoon Dungeons and Dragons complete with the you know, with Dungeon Master Ranger, you know, Sheila, the thief, Bobby The Barbarian. Those characters played by real actors with the audio of the cartoon and it's all like totally legit Look, it is awesome. I ran across this and I lost my mic one because it's so freaking awesome. And to it because How the hell did I miss this? This should have been on my radar. Somebody in my circle on Twitter some one of my listeners somebody should have seen this and reported again right away but they didn't and so I feel like I missed out on that. So now I'm sharing you with you look up Dungeons and Dragons d&d car commercial. You can't miss it. Totally frickin amazing. Check it out. You will you will be amazed and you will love it. You will love it long time. Oh, let's see what else is going on. So like I wanted to talk about regarding vaping. So apparently, I think I talked about part of this. So Philip Morris Essentially bought jewel right? We talked about this I believe so the leading company for vaping when you're trying to think yourself Well that makes sense Philip Morris as a tobacco company why and people are changing out of cigarettes like crazy right everyone's leaving cigarettes and going to vaping so Philip Morris got to be losing their fucking mind right well so Philips Morris under the guise of being good guys said we understand this smoking can be dangerous so we're going to back this is safer alternative and they secretly bought up part of jewel. Well it sounds like they bought up a lot more of jewel then they let on and now we know why. So so they are going to release I think it's called I don't have a right for me IQOS or something like that. But to show The contributor of the story to me isn't listening. He could spell that out. But essentially Philips Morris is going to use their stake in jewel to create a means of smoking tobacco, where the tobacco is heated enough to release the nicotine, but not enough to give you the carcinogens that come with a cigarette smoke. So there's, there's still a tobacco business and they're going to be happy to sell it to you, but they're going to find a way to make it look safer for you to smoke. How about that? Now, that sort of stuff all makes sense to me, it all comes together. And you know, that's not something that you see, you know, front and center on the front page is Philip Morris is looking to bring, you know, bring people back to tobacco, you know, make sense, but you don't think that's going to actually happen and then you read articles like this. You're going holy crap. It's a these guys really are a bit on the evil side about that. So anyway, I had that on the back burner to talk about to be interesting to see how that turns out. Let's see. I you know what, I'm 40 minutes. I'm getting close to home. I've exhausted my topics List for today. So maybe maybe I'll cut it off. You've already had two shows this week already. So yeah, so maybe it wasn't three in a row. Like I said earlier was Monday and Tuesday and now Thursday. So maybe I will I will. I will get off the show a little bit early and listen to a little Howard. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the show. I don't think we'll have a show tomorrow unless something really exciting happens. So go out get Dragon's Lair, the replicated version of Dragon's Lair on on it's on Kickstarter right now. It's got one day left. It's 90 bucks to get in on this. You know you want it so go get this is Shane. Amen. passenger seat radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody

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