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Hello Folks, this is Shane Harmon row. You're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is November 12 2019 year on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. It's Tuesday feels like Monday first day back from the three day weekend always seems to take bloody forever. But the day is over and technically Hump Day EOB tomorrow, and nice short week get ready break back for the weekend and why isn't Travis in here yet? It's been 40 seconds. I am stunned and confused. Well, I have a handful of things to talk about. We let's see. I'm trying to think of where I want to start. So the big thing is, of course over the weekend, three day weekend, I went and saw Dr. Sleep, the sick, the sequel to the shining, an actual sequel, not a spiritual sequel, not a should have been the sequel could have been the sequel might have been now, this is the actual sequel to the shining. And so obviously the shining has a lot to live up to. First of all, how do you even have a sequel to The Shining? And yeah, so let's, let's talk a little bit about it. For those of you who have been under a rock, get some air flow in here, good lord. frickin miserable in here. Alright, so Dr. Sleep is based on a Stephen King book of the same name. And that book is literally the sequel to the shining. Now, the book itself takes place immediately after the events of the Overlook Hotel. Where Danny and windy are trying to fashions some sort of life for themselves after the horrible you know, tragedy of you know, jack torrents trying to kill his family at the Overlook Hotel, ending up dead himself as you can imagine that probably leaves him in a pretty bad state. The book doesn't hang out too long though in the past get just enough to understand just enough to help Danny understand kind of what's going on. Hey, man, yeah, I'm looking scruffy, my wife asked me to put some scruff on so that's too much of a baby face when I shave, but that's what I'm looking for. You know, I want to be I want to be a baby face. I'm fucking 50 I'm going to do everything I possibly can to look younger. But anyway, so you fast forward. Dan Torrance is now 35 years old. And he is he's a raging alcoholic because you know Having something like that, in the shining would have, you know, having something like the shining happened to you as a five year old. You can only imagine what sort of, you know, intense therapy that somebody like poor Danny Torrance would need after your dad was chasing you with an axe, and you let him freeze to death in the midst of a frozen hedge maze. Right? So anyways, so you've got that going on. And now so it turns out that drinking By the way, the alcoholism Hey, Justin, the alcoholism is a side effect of the shining and with regards to the fact that poor Dan Torrance Oh, he's Dan now he doesn't go by Danny. Dad Torrance has realized that if he keeps himself drunk as a skunk, then the the spirits and the ghosts and everything else around the shining is shining powers gold. So this is how he copes by being a raging alcoholic and I am a scruffy looking nerf herder Travis just Wanting to chime in and I'm the scruffy looking nerf herder. So anyway, so you fast forward now Dan is trying to get himself clean and sober. He's dealing with the fact that his powers are returning. He connects psychically to this other girl who is also connected with the shining. And there is a troupe of soul sucking shining vampires running around, finding and absorbing the shine of people like Danny and his new friend. And so that's sort of the premise of the story. Can Dan Torrance and this other little girl stop these, these? The Shining vampires? It's actually pretty cool. So I read the book. I've read both books, both the shining and Dr. Sleep. And as you know, you know, cool breaks version of the shining was very loosely based. We've talked about this ad nauseum. So we're not going to talk about that too much more. The king was not a fan of cool breaks and the director was Mark Flanagan. I think the the guy that did this Dr. Sleep movie was very concerned about being able to preserve the Kubrick legacy, which of course, is is what everybody remembers in the shining, right? Nobody remembers that terrible Stephen King mini series, which was a lot closer to the book, but let's be honest, Kubrick's movie is canon, whether you like it or not, Stephen. It's canon. So the director of Dr. Sleep wanted to ensure that the fans of the shining qubits the shining, as well as Stephen King himself, would want to be the party to this to this new venture and so I read the book I read Dr. Sleep the movie itself stays remarkably true to the book there's a few things that are changed. But unlike some of other Stephen King's adaptations you don't sit there scratching and going Why the hell would they do that? Like they changed characters around in the stand for no good reason whatsoever Not that I could find out anyway, with the Stan mini series, they changed a couple character names there and you can't figure out why it makes no sense. But in the changes made for Dr. Sleep you notice I'm purposefully not try not to spoil the movie. Next week, I will will do a full breakdown of of how I think the movie could move forward. You know, what the what I thought of the film and and and, and how they could have done better what they could you know what they did, right. I don't want to spoil it though, because I know at least Alex and a couple of other people are playing to see it not on opening week. Which was this weekend, but next weekend when things slow down a little bit? So yeah, so we'll talk more in depth about the movie. So if you're on the fence, if you're a fan of the shiny if you're a fan of Kubrick shining, I would definitely recommend you go out and see Dr. Sleep. There are plenty of images, plenty of hat tips, the source material is treated respectfully. If you're worried that they're going to fuck everything up. Then you don't have to worry about that. They don't mess everything up. It's okay. The The cast is very, very good. The guy that played what's his name Manifesto, the guy that played in long or long, long or long Meyer, I think I've done that before. In long buyer. He plays the he plays the Indian Reservation. Police Chief, if you will, whatever they call him. He's in there. He's in there. The girl that plays the woman who plays rose the hat, very good looking woman by the way, she does a great job. But listen the cast is the cast is good there's a couple of areas where they did a little force diversity and that bothers me still. But you know what I'm gonna I don't want to talk too much about x I don't want to talk about the characters. I went into Dr. Sleep having read the book, but not knowing anything about the movie. I didn't know what they did with it. I didn't know what characters were cast or recast. Let's just say that the less you probably know the better go in and fashion your own opinion. I truly, I truly enjoyed what I saw there was room for some improvement of course, but we'll talk more about that later on. So for now, if you're looking for my you know, my my sign off on Dr. Sleep, I would say go see it. If you read the book and you liked the book, you're going to like the movie. couple of minor changes. But nothing that'll scare you. And it's very respectful to Kubernetes shining. That's all I can tell you for now without potentially ruining some of the fun in the movie. CG is is mostly kept to a minimum. There's a few things in there so I wasn't disgusted by the CG it didn't take me out of the movie, which is you know, listen, that's what we got that sometimes that's what we want. That's what we got. Sorry, I did not mean to slow down in front of you do but I don't know if that truck was going to pull in front of me, man. People are freaking crazy. So that's that was the majority of my excitement for the weekend. The rest of the weekend I spent playing Modern Warfare, which is proven to be quite a hit amongst not only my immediate peer group, but of Call of Duty fans in general. Yeah, I mean, I've put almost 50 hours and I think I crossed 50 hours last night in fact 50 hours of play, which is that's all multiplayer, my friends. That is not lots of zombies. It's the campaign is in there. But yeah, zombies is what typically I spend a lot of time in Call of Duty playing. In this case it's multiplayer in a short campaign. So that's good. I am ranked I think 100 Nate team. But I do want to I want to spend a minute talking about a lot of people have actually jumped on the Modern Warfare bandwagon and we're planning to, and I think that speaks well for the, for the franchise. So one of the things that is a staple in Call of Duty and in recent call of duties, especially, is the concept of prestigious. Doing a prestigious. Essentially, when you reach like level 55 you have the option to reset the clock turn, take away all your weapons, take away all your unlockable and start from scratch so to speak. And they give you something called a prestigious token, which allows you to unlock one item, whatever you want whatever gun you want, whatever perk you want. You get one freebie, and every time you proceed, you get another unlock token. And you tend to get like a newer, cooler looking a little icon to go along with your with your profile. But in this case, prestigious has gone in favor of an officer rank up program. So let's talk about that. So once you reach 55, you've unlocked everything you've got access to all the weapons, and all the perks and everything. You don't have access to all the weapon upgrades you still have to earn those individually by leveling up the weapon you're playing with. But in terms of your own progression, once you reach 55 you become an officer You join the officer ranks and you start at the bottom and work your way up. And so as sort of a new ranking system, you're not a sergeant or a sergeant, you know, whatever. You're actually officer ranks and you move through the officer ranks. Now the cool thing about that is, is it unlocks ribbons. Right? So those of you familiar with the military, you do something good. You do something cool. You're awarded a ribbon. sharpshooter, marksman ribbon, 90 days underway at see you know, see Service Ribbon, you know, there's, there's a million ribbons in the military. And they're equally as many ribbons here in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. And the ribbons come in the form of challenges, right? So while you have daily challenges, right, so every day they rotate in new challenges, get X number of kills with this type of a gun with this number of attachments, you know, blah blah blah. You also have missions. Right, we talked about this. So you have, like, I think it's a bank of 10 different missions and every mission has every set of missions has 10 missions in it or seven missions in it. And those are progressively harder things that you can then finish a complete set of mission. So you got those two Chase. Now you have yet another type of challenge, which is the ribbons and it's got this big ribbon screen. But it's all these ribbons and you can see individually how far along you are on each ribbon. So the daily challenges you have to complete during the one day

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