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Hello, everybody, this is Shane Harmon row. You're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is Wednesday, November 13 2019, you're on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show a little bit late getting into the show. I, I needed to speak with my wife and she was running a little bit behind. So there we go. So I've done on the phone, and hopefully she won't be calling me not like the fiasco that happened yesterday. Have a nice clean show. And I got a couple of really interesting topics to talk about. And I'm going to start with the most interesting thing even though nobody's in the chat yet. So there's a company so so there's a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning and all this other stuff, right? But a lot of us don't really have a Practical frame of reference, right? So what can artificial intelligence really do for me? Right? When most people think about what artificial intelligence is up to, hey, Jackson, what's up, man? When people think of machine learning and artificial intelligence, they think about Google, and Facebook and all these people that are gathering endless amounts of data on you, and trying to figure out, you know, when you're going to have a kid based on what you're buying all this sort of crap. That's what people I think, tend to think about when you think about machine learning or artificial intelligence, or you think about something like Google's night shot, where it's, it's creating pictures where there is no picture, right? It's trying to intelligently do something. So when I run across something like deep fakes, right, so we talk a lot about deep fakes and how that is that is it. That is a machine learning tool that has some really scary capabilities and some, but it's sort of practical, right? So in terms of practicality imagine imagine Dr. Sleep, the movie that just came out, where they had to recast all of the major players to shoot the beginning scenes, because none of those people that are around anymore and if they are, then they're, you know, 40 years older than they were before. Dean fakes is going to one day allow us to have Dr. Sleep with jack nicholson and it's Shelley Duvall in it. The kid that played Danny and can't think of his last name, all of a sudden, all of those people, the twins that I don't know if they're gonna be able to get the twins worked out. There's not a lot of pictures of them. Not a lot of stills. But if you think about it, thanks to deep fakes a movie where they had to recast a movie from 40 years ago to reshoot scenes, they're going to be able to put all those people back in. That's something useful for AI and machine learning to do right. But I ran across something that kind of blew me away a little bit and I wanted to share it with you So a company has applied artificial intelligence and deep learning into music. Now I know I know I know I should think, well you know, machines creating music, who gives? Who cares, right? machines can create pop songs, who cares? And then and then and then and this is way cool. Hey Travis. So get this anybody who knows anything about music, which is probably everybody listening knows that music is not usually recorded all together like if you were to get a bootleg from a concert or something. You've got all you got all of the instruments together you've got the singers all together the accompany the company and singers everybody's all together on a single recording. When you go to the studio to record an album or a song, there are tracks right. So a lot of times these tracks are not laid down at the same time. The drums for example, are pulled on to one track the guitars on another track the lead singers on another track the the synthesizer the pianos on another track. So you can actually have you could actually have a 10 1214 different tracks going for a song. And of course, when you listen to it, you are hearing a single source of audio. In a lot of cases original mixes are lost, right? So, if you went into the studio in the 60s and you recorded an album, right, the Masters what were created from those multiple tracks, right? It's still there. I mean, somebody owns the Masters, the masters are in a vault somewhere, whatever. But the original four track six track eight track 12 track recording, it's probably gone. Right, but the masters are still around. So they remaster the Masters into higher quality right. And in some cases, they actually have to recreate some of the Audio when they do a remastering, because there's, there's pieces missing from the song that would would be on the individual tracks, but they're not there anymore on the master mixes, okay, blah, blah, blah, music 31 or whatever. So, one thing that's been pretty much ingrained in everybody's brain is once you've done a mix down, in other words, all the tracks are mixed down to the final master. You're kind of those tracks are all mixed together, you're done. Well, one of the things that has been in terms of music and mixing, it's been a very big thing in my life in the past. Hey, Justin, you're just in time. One of the big things that's been important in my past is karaoke, right? I spent a good deal of my military time in various karaoke bars. And I made we went in I made a little name for myself and I want some I want some contests and that sort of thing. But karaoke back in the old days, as Now right now if you were to go to Google Play Music or you were to go to Amazon it anywhere you go karaoke tracks are commonplace. However, if that's if you want Taylor Swift or you want Frank Sinatra's my way, guarantee there's 15 different karaoke versions. Hey, Aaron Doherty. What's up man? Doubt is a daddy. Daddy. There's no aren't there. Welcome, welcome. So, karaoke in the old days was pretty much limited to a couple of companies sun fly, pioneer LaserDisc. They, they recreated music in a karaoke format. Very rarely did they pull the original masters or the original tracks, drop the audio track and just gave you the Rick gave you the musical? The musical beds right? So what you got what you got to karaoke version was not exactly The real song right? In some cases, it was like if, if if some fly had an agreement with Sony BMG or whatever, then they could actually get the original multi track recording, drop the voices out Dr. Frank Sinatra's voice out, drop. Sammy Hagar his voice out or whatever. And you ended up having the karaoke track of the actual song doesn't happen very often. But what if you're into something that's not mainstream? What if you're not into Taylor Swift? You're not into these common staple standards of karaoke? Yeah. All the way back to I'd say the 70s and maybe somebody who's a little more knowledgeable But know this. But in all the way back to the 70s. There has been a drive, if you will, for something called vocal eliminations. And, as it turns out, most vocals tend to be in the center tracks of our audio recordings. Okay, so the drums, the drums, the guitar, those are all in the outer edges or the outer fringes of the audio spectrum. If you were to run a song through a digital or even an analog type thing where you can nuke the middle threshold of audio, you would sort of get a kind of karaoke track. Unfortunately, it tended to take a lot of the music with it. So if you were in the 70s, or even the 80s, you could buy this digital little box that you could play songs through and it would try to drop the mid tones of the song, which would give you a sort of karaoke track kind of, but not really it's still suck over the years cool added audio audition, audio grab or not audio grabber. What's the other one gassy? A lot of these things have vocal eliminator but they all work the same way. They strip out that center band of audio frequency to remove the vocals, but it takes out It takes it washes the song completely out. So as you may have guessed, with all of this lead up, artificial intelligence has now been applied to the deconstruction of music. They open source this which is absolutely bad shit crazy. Now the company that put it together I don't have the name in front of me. They released a source code package that that you can use to strip off stacks they call them stacks. So you can literally pull out individual instruments vocals out of a song. It is fucking crazy talk. Now you have to be able to use a command line there's a whole bunch of nonsense to use it but a company website. website put it together into an easy to use turnkey package where you simply upload a song. tell it what stats you want done and it shuts them back out to you. So because it's called I'll give you the I'll give you the URL in a minute but I want you guys to hear it in action first and I spent the time to get this all cut up for you so that you guys can hear it. Hey Alex. So I'm going to play you three clips there a minute and 20 seconds each sorry if you don't like the music, but it's this is it's not perfect, but it's so goddamn amazing that I can upload a song and have it shipped me out to audio tracks. Okay, enough of this nonsense. I just want you to hear it. So I'm going to play you first of all this is a minute 20 seconds of a Van Halen song It's called I can't can't stop loving you came from the balance out my belief Justin with no, but here's the song as it is the real song. Here you go. Nothing's going to change Alright, so now you've got the reference material, you know what the song sounds like? Now I'm going to play you the vocals have been removed through artificial intelligence. Anybody in my audience who has ever gone through a vocal elimination process and taken a song and remove the vocals out of it using that technique I just spoke about earlier knows that that song would be completely fucked over if you'd pulled the vocals out. Now listen to the AI version of no vocals. Is it 100% perfect No, but it will blow your mind at how good the music still sounds. After the vocals have been eliminated. Here you go. That is bad shit fucking crazy. That is goddamn crazy. Aaron knows what I'm talking about, for the quality of that song to be preserved and those vocals and backing vocals removed so perfectly. Anybody who's ever done vocal eliminations knows that that is on goddamn believable. Unbelievable. I didn't have to tweak anything. I didn't have to do any settings. That entire process took five frickin minutes. I uploaded the song and I had the track back. Now, let's say you're not a karaoke person, but maybe you've done a little DJ work in the past, right? They actually sell albums for DJ that have audio split off from the music. So you can do remixes right. Let's say you want to do a remix of that song. But you want to you want to Sammy Hagar his lyrics but you didn't want that music you wanted to make it some you you want to make it you want to make it I don't know a reggae song or something but you want Sam these vocals in there oh my god you're never gonna believe this they can not only remove the vocals from the music but remove the music from the vocals listen to this Sammy little at the beginning is even preserved. Check this out. Please everyone Oh my Nothing's going to change. Well, what did you think? Did that shit completely blow you away or what? I was stunned. I mean, I have heard promises of voice eliminations I've heard promises of plugins and filters for all edition and cool added that promise the world. This is the legit deal. And that's that was no work whatsoever. Now I'm gonna let you guys go do it yourself the website you're looking for is called that's super easy. You do have to you have to sign in with Google or Facebook or some shit Twitter maybe sign in, upload a song and tell it what which of these these streams you want and it will let you know when it's done. It takes about five minutes and you will have exactly what I just let you listen to now I trimmed it down obviously you want to hear the whole song but that is absolutely stunning. I I'm still amazed. I am still completely amazed. So This just kind of moves into you know, shut up, Travis. This is cool stuff here. No one else is going to go through this level of effort to hook you guys up with cool stuff like this. But you know, think about you got to think about what sort of nonsense that you can get up with this with this sort of thing, right? I mean, now listen, when they remove this the music and they isolated the vocals. Yeah, there was a little bit of music bleed here in there. But you gotta understand that's completely untrained, right? I mean, I'm sure they've trained it for music. But imagine if you if you fed that machine learning a bunch of Van Halen songs, right. The more you're feeding it, the more it's learning at some point in time, it would, it would perfectly remove Sammy Hagar his vocals or remove the music around Sammy Hagar his vocals. It's truly amazing what these things could be doing for us and to us actually. So You think about these sorts of things were largely like conspiracy theories, right? So one of my favorite conspiracy theories, of course, about 911 is that the people that called supposedly called from the airplane were faked. And we've already talked about this in the past, so I won't dwell on it. But you know, there are, there are there are machine learning engines that with, you know, 2.7 seconds of your voice can carry on a conversation with somebody else in your voice completely artificially. Now, imagine with this sort of thing, what you can remove, right? It's, it's to the point now, with deep fakes and audio manipulation and AI stuff like this. What you see what you hear, it's, it's not, there's no proof. It's where, you know what I'm saying? It used to be that there were artifact things and there were things that you could, you could you could print That this is a real photograph it wasn't altered. This is a real audio track it wasn't altered it's getting so good that we will soon not be able to believe what we see or hear. With with regards to this sort of thing, I find this fascinating because there's an actual legitimate good use for it. I can now have karaoke tracks and every goddamn song I've ever wanted. Even that weird freaky shit that there's no that song son fly or, or karaoke hits are doing songs up and I can have the actual original music along with it. How about that? So I thought that was pretty crazy. And I couldn't wait to share it with you guys. To me, this was a This was one of the more interesting things I've run across lately. Alright, so Moises, that AI we're done with that one. Let me tell you that I talk about I'm pissed off at Amazon these days with these guys. You know. I think I did talk I told you guys about them getting my coffee wrong twice that the same day shit just hardly ever works out anymore. They promise you same day delivery. doesn't show up till tomorrow. There's a lot of that nonsense going on and like, I don't know. So tell somebody tell me who heard the show yesterday, but either one of them. Can I talk about my, my problems with Amazon's I don't want to cover old ground but are old grounds in this case. But I'm but I'll be here the rest of the week, folks. But yeah, you know and it's like well you know you should you is it two days fast enough or not No, no, no, listen, listen, listen, I I grew up in the heart I grew up in hard times, back when you bought something and it took eight to 12 weeks to show up. You know, then when we got you know, delivery within seven days, then we started getting delivery, you know, in 48 hours. And now we get it. We get it same day, right, same day when I go to Amazon, so so let me let me just paint you the picture why this bothers me. Listen, I'm not ungrateful. I'm not an entitlement. Shit when I go to Amazon so let's say that I need a roll of electrical tape right between here and my house where I'm at right now. There are five different places I could stop and buy electrical tape. But if I can go to Amazon and I see electrical tape it says delivery by 8pm I may not make the stop I may pay the extra buck for the role so I don't have to stop my car and get out and waste my own personal time right? I made a judgment call to save 20 minutes of my life and pay an extra buck. But I need to take tonight that's that's why I was going to stop. I needed tonight eight o'clock. So okay. But if it doesn't show up. Now I've got to either either I am without and I can't finish my project or do what I wanted to do. Or I get to haul my ass out anyway. And double dip and buy another roll of tape right? And then wait for the Amazon want to eventually show up. So It's not a matter of being in such a big fucking Hurry, why can you wait an extra day? I'm planning I'm planning around what Amazon said they could provide me and they have zero compassion for essentially breaking the promise to the end customer. And every single time that I am on the chat with them or I'm on the phone with them I continuously get the feeling that by sending me another one or letting me keep one for free, or refunding my dollar 28 that that's all right that they've made it better and that's customer service. So let me tell you about the coffee cuz I don't think I went into great detail about the coffee. I've been ordering the same coffee for what Justin eight years maybe longer. I mean, I was getting Highlander grog cleared to court, right? And that was like eight years ago. Something like that. I don't know. I lose track of time. Long fucking time I've been ordering Highlander Grog, coffee masters Highlander grog from Amazon. It comes in a four pack. It's $33 and change. And my little coffee club it word myself and Justin and a couple other people. We like this flavor of coffee. It works really great with the sugar free it and sweet cream. It's what we like. So we we continue to buy it. So I have to, I need it. I need it like more than once a month so I can't get on their subscription plan. Otherwise I get too much of it and it backs up. I don't know what's going on here. There must be an accident or something up here because I've only moved like a block in the last 10 minutes. But I need to be on this street because I'm picking Arby's up for my wife. So we got to figure out what's going on here, but longer show for you. How about that. So, as per usual, I hop right on Amazon, I go to my orders, I search for coffee. It says you know you ordered Highlander. Grog on this date. I click it order again. And boom, Bang Bang. 15 seconds door to door, right? And it usually shows up in two days when that's fine. I don't need it the same day, usually, unless we're just like totally out. But I've got a couple of backup bags it at work of other stuff that we can fill in the blanks with. So it's no usually no big deal. So I order it. I order it and it usually comes like on a Friday. I throw it in my car when I get home. And then I have it for Monday. Leaving the box throw in the trunk guarantee it'll be you know, forget it at home, right, which I have done a few times. But get out of the car, it's sitting on the doorstep. I pick it up, I throw in the car, we're good to go on Monday. So in this case, I bought the coffee. It was delivered. It was in the box. I threw it in my car, I took it to work. I left it in the box, put it up on the shelf, waited a couple of days till we ran out of coffee cracked open the box and therefore bags of coffee masters, but it wasn't Highlander Grog. It was Kenya a coffee. What Hell that is can you a something or another whatever that is, I don't know. Suffice to say it was not Highlander Grog. And listen, listen we can we can have a bag of Kenya AA for a couple of days I'll I'll reach out to Amazon and they can you know they can tell me what's up. So I go into Amazon I go to my orders I pull it up and it says highlight I thought maybe I How can I miss order I were the same thing again. I go up there, it says Highlander ground. So I hit return an item. Reason is wrong item sent. And they say okay, we'll send you a replacement. And just go ahead and keep what we said you know, it's it. I like the idea that they realize that that coffee probably costs eight bucks total and it would cost them more for me to return it than to just keep it so I took I had one bag that was open that I'd use for coffee that morning. I took two of the other remaining three bags, I gave it to one of my co workers always over my office stealing coffee borrowing coffees. Sorry. So I said here, here's a couple of bags, you know, you know, you don't have to worry about running out of coffee. And I had another king a bag is laying there. So, so a couple days later another box arrives this time I look at the box. On the outside of the box. It says, you know, there's a there's a sticker on it that says Highlander Grog, or you know, Grog, HR, whatever it is, whatever their shorthand is Highlander ground, right? I'm like, cool. I throw in the car. I throw the car I get to work. And the next day I pop it open to make coffee. It's Irish cream. What the fuck is going on? Now I've got two boxes of coffee. that aren't what I want. And now the Irish cream fit pretty good with the Irish cream creamer. Right. Not quite the same thing, but it'll do in a pinch, right. So now I'm a little frustrated. So like Go back up to Amazon. I get into my orders. I click the last order right that was now sweet Italian cream and or Irish cream instead of watching McAllen, right? Can you a or pie Highlander drug? And so I looked to try to return it. Well, this item is not eligible for return. I'm like, What the fuck? So I get on the chat with hubby or whatever her name was. And I know that sounds racist, but that was actually the name and and I'm like, Okay, listen, this isn't your fault. I said, here's what happened. Order Number of the SWAT was sending correctly. Then when you sent me a replacement, you also sent me an incorrect replacement. So the person on the other end is like, Oh, no, no, we're going to make this right for you, Mr. Monroe. We're going to take care of this. We're so glad that you allowed us to handle this for you. Not like just give me my damn coffee. At this point in time. I don't mujer grovel you sent me the right shit. And she goes, and she's like, well, you know we'll dispatch you another another another set right away and I wait a minute. Do me a favor. Can you have somebody opened the goddamn box this time? Because the box right right last time. In this case, because I've had too bad things we get open up the box and take a peek. Because I'd like to actually get the right coffee this time. I've got eight bags of coffee not tall. I gave some of it away. I got eight bags of coffee I didn't want to use. Oh, okay, can you give me a few minutes now? Like what are you going to do? run down there yourself and check it out. I know. That's not how this works. And so she comes back and she's like, I've talked to our fulfillment center to make absolutely sure this isn't going to happen again. I'm like, but you have like 900 fulfillment centers you actually like talk to the one that boxed up my coffee. Anyway, so her solution wasn't the Send me another batch of coffee which kind of what I wanted But instead she said, we're going to go ahead and refund you. Well, first off, they refunded me $22 not $33. So I don't know why they refunded me pointing to instead of 33, which is what it costs originally, before the fuck ups. But the whole idea though, was that they were just going to smooth the carpet over, they really didn't want to fix the problem until I until I nag them about it. Can you can you open the box? I mean, listen, I know that you put a special order on there. So you put a special note on there something somebody's got to be able to open that box and tell them that there's Highlander drug in there and not Irish cream or Kenya KKA coffee, whatever it is. But you know, and then I started started going back and counting all the times that I ordered something same day didn't come or something two days paid extra didn't come on those two days. And I'm starting to kind of realize you know, in Amazon's busy trying to open up a check. gets you to open a checking account with them. They keep they diversifying, but they they're starting to suffer in the core services. That is why I'm with them to begin with. Right? You know, I'm here to get fast shipping. I'm here to get whatever I want in two days or less. I'm not here for your music service. I'm not here for your prime video. I'm not here for your whole foods discount. I'm not here for the other 9 billion services, you wrap up in my hundred and $20 a year. I'm here for one thing, the core thing that made Amazon great, and now that's just kind of sliding right out the shifter while they're busy trying to get you to use Amazon medicines and Amazon checking accounts. They're selling their tablets at a hardware loss to get Amazon fires into the building. I am. I just I was a big Amazon fan, but I'm starting to kind of lose my Amazon Mojo a little bit. You know? I don't know. Yeah, I wanted to bitch about that in better detail. Yesterday speaking of have to return stuff I recently told you how much I loved my elite two controller, my Xbox Microsoft elite two with their enhanced components. Well that had to go back that's right BA and the X button suddenly started getting sticky. Now I know what you're thinking I spill something on it but it has something on my hands now. The AM the X button just took a shit. So I got to take my elite two back to Costco because I got a good deal on it. I got a got a 459 bucks that's a great deal. Well guess what? Costco doesn't stock them. Costco online doesn't even have them anymore. In fact, not a goddamn place in the Greater Phoenix area has an Xbox elite to controller no game stops, no best buys no Fry's Electronics. Nobody has an elite XR Elite to controller. So I By the way, when I went to console Of course they didn't give me any shit. That's one thing you got to give them about Costco. You can return anything, no questions asked. They won't they won't even bad and I don't even think they asked me if there was anything wrong with it. I had to offer that information. And they're like, well, you use the MasterCard sir. I'm like so well, we can't refund you can't refund it back to your MasterCard as a credit card. I wanted the money back on my credit card. No, sir, we can, all we can do is give you a store credit or give you cash. I just wanted to back on my card. I guess I'll take the cash. So now I've got to either put that cash back into one of the other credit cards right? Or, you know, or I've got to find some place and then add more cash to it because it's not enough to actually buy it for retail. As it turned out, I ended up ordering it from Walmart online. It's going to be delivered tomorrow. So I'll get a new one. I'm hoping that that's just a one off defect but we know how elite controllers are. Hopefully I just got an early batch or something. I don't know if miss it. I tell you what, though. Listen, if there's anything that I can give you a good sales point about the elite to controller, I will tell you remember I told you guys that there's two hair trigger settings. Yeah. Two hair trigger settings. The one that's the super short hair trigger. Good Lord, I missed that. So I went back to my elite, my regular elite one controller. Good Lord, I so missed that short hair trigger. It was really hard to go back. So that's a that's a good testament to how great that that elite two controllers, extra settings were. Plus, I also noticed that because the charging pad is a small footprint. I don't have to unplug my headset from the elite two controller when I want to put it on the charger. My elite one I have a Nikon charging dock and I can't keep the headset plugged in. So now I'm back to plug on plug, plug, plug, plug, plug, plug and plug every time I want to play Xbox. I know first world problems right where I am Man, I can't, I can't put my my my Elite controller on the charge and I'm plugging my headset. Anyway. So that was that I did as journalistically responsible with me after telling you how much I enjoyed the elite to tell you that it had to go back as a return. But I did buy another one. If that says anything, I'm willing to give it another chance because I liked it enough to go through the all that nonsense. So there you go. That was one of the other items I had to talk about. Let's see, I've got a couple minutes left before I hit Arby's. So recently, I tried out virtual desktop on Oculus quest. It's 1.8. So it's an actual release, not a beta. And I finally decided along with the Oculus link cable coming in the very near future, that it was time to pack up the Rift. So as of what three days ago, two days ago, my Oculus Rift, the OGBCV One, the original Oculus Rift has been packaged up the batteries removed from the controllers and everything's back in the box. So at this point in time, anything that would play on the Rift, it's not on the quest I now play through virtual desktop, and soon through Oculus link, which is a good Testament as to how good virtual desktop really is, at least in my particular networking environment. Which is something I want to talk about too is there's a lot of people that talk about stuttering when streaming to Okay, so for those of you who are not aware, so virtual desktop allows you to stream virtual reality games on Steam, or the Oculus app to your virtual reality headset. Whether you have a vive or a quest or whatever. You can you can stream you can stream the content. So this of course, is the crux of what Google's stadium is promising. No console, no PC, a full streaming experience with no lag, no controller input lag, no visual lag, and up to 4k quality. It's all bullshit, by the way, I don't believe in for a fucking second but let the people who pre ordered figure it out for themselves. But what you will not find what you will not hear. And Google state is minimum requirements for bandwidth and all of these other companies. Listen, they tried this. But listen, Nvidia has been streaming video games from the cloud for years. Other companies have tried it as well. Yeah, it's still old school. So it's going to work and let's wait and see. But what a lot of people complain about people say I've got super fast internet. I've got a five g high end router, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I'm stuttering. I've got stuttering. I've got jitter in going on and I got input lag. Why my PC He is powerful. I've got a 5g router, I've got a strong signal of the quest. How come? What is going on? What's my problem? Well, guess what? Hey, Gus. Hey, Gus, I needed to talk to you about something and I can't remember what it was. do send me an email, would you? Because the email address I have for you is wrong. And eventually I'll remember what the hell it is I was trying to write to you about. I guess we'll get back to it eventually. Now that I can't remember now that I see you here. But anyway, so there's a little something that nobody likes to talk about, called networking jitter. And unless you've actually tried to stream games off of Nvidia grid or game stream or whatever the hell they're calling it these days. You probably don't know what it is. jitter is something that if you search network jitter on Google, you'll find a lot of voice over IP companies explaining to you what Network jitter is it's a failure of packet delivery. And it so jitter can happen anywhere in the pipe from the origins of the signal all the way to the end of the signal. Now Google can promise you excellent performing servers, Cox, Time Warner Comcast, they can all promise you great service. The problem is the second that signal hits your internal network. That's where crazy bad chicken start happening. Right? And this is the sort of thing that nobody, nobody talks about. Nope. Google state is not going to tell you. Oh, by the way, if you want to have a good quality experience with stadia, you're going to have to have jitter. That's less than 12 milliseconds, right. How do you know what that is? Do you know what your network generate rating is on your internal network? I bet you don't. And I bet people Who ordered stadium never checked their network? jitter they don't know whether it's going to be good or not. Right? But there it's irresponsible. People's internal networks are a goddamn mess. You know why? Because people wire anything. They're wired their wireless all through the house and I can't be bothered to throw cable. Well, yeah, so they've got power line adapters, they've got Wi Fi extenders, all that shit. As more links to offer you network jitter network jitter will kill the shit out of any sort of streaming gaming, including virtual desktop, including Google stadia, including rain way, including Google game stream. That's why when you do your profile check on in videos game stream service. They actually show you what your generous and my jitter and my network has always been dog shit. I was able to finally track it down to a hub that was causing me jitter problems and now it's Pretty good, but it's not perfect. It's not great. And listen, if I can't stream, you know, lower resolution VR across my 5g network locally, in my own home, effectively from my PC to my router to the quest, how the hell is stadia or any other game streaming company going to be able to provide what they promise which is this smooth lag free for 4k? That Dan, what's the resolution on the quest? No 4k? No, no. And how much further does that signal have to go back and you're promising me lag free, perfect 4k quality because my because my bandwidth from Cox is supposedly great. No, no, we're all good. It's all going to work itself out in the wash. And people are going to be pissed off and disappointed and Google's gonna say not my problem. My our servers are fast your your eyes SP, go talk to your ISP, you're going to the ISP, they're gonna say, Marcia, it's fine, what's wrong with you? And you know what's going to happen, then you're going to be back to your network and you're not gonna know what the hell's going on. And you've got this stadia box and a year's worth of stadium time and you're getting jitter problems. So those of you who are interested in venturing out into the world of streaming games, whether it be virtual desktop to stream games to your quest, or if you're looking to buy into one of these fantasy services, where they tell you that with a $50 a month data program, you can get 4k streaming games with no lag and perfect graphics. Yeah, it's all fantasy people. You'll find out. I'm not usually wrong, so Alright guys, I'm an Arby's. I gotta get out of here. This is Shane or Monroe pastor see radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody.

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