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Hello everybody, this is Shane Arman row you're in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It's November 11, or 19th, Levin 1119 2019. But a lot of nines and 11th and ones in there. You're on my 13 mile commute home Actually, I'm on my way to Justin's house, because Justin's in the car with me right now. Say hi, Justin. Hey there. So this is the very special passenger seat radio. I've been telling you about carpool logistics, the carpool edition and passenger seat radio. So you're not in the passenger seat. Your ass is in the backseat. Justin is in the passenger seat. That's right. And we're on our way to Justin's house. So we get to hit the carpool lane. So we'll be kind of fun to see what what the drive home is like. Not suffering with the, with the straights in the regular lanes right? the dregs the dregs that bummers in the drovers, right, just the dregs. Jumping for this bus So we're we're under like this major storm watch right now in Phoenix. They said yesterday that it was going to start this afternoon and hence you can probably hear it raining in the background a sketch craft what's up and it's supposed to be like by nine or 10 o'clock it's supposed to be just like the skies torn open and it's pouring water in here so well that'll be fun it's always fun to have rain and Phoenix and that's most of the drivers are drivers are all bad chick fun crazy though the during the rain there Yeah. You think it's crazy with snows and Wenatchee these guys are Craig and of course these guys park right here we can't see shit. So you basically have to wait for the light or just jump out hope nobody tables your ass right happens to me all the time where I get all the way out here and then I hit the gas right because the car is almost on top of me. Goddamn Nicholas. Yeah, yeah. So we see here I had a couple of topics to discuss. I didn't know we were going to be doing Doing the passenger seat radio carpool edition here with Justin for faster that poor chicks right in their car out in the rain. a horrible Is that right? Oh yeah, yeah she was getting so Deuce Deuce to do. Yeah it's it's raining pretty good. So my son got in trouble over the weekend I was telling Justin about this earlier but you know I got to talk about it on the show. So I didn't get the full full details so quick version. So you know it was recently it was only recently that my son end up getting a smartphone he got my wife's hand me down SH right Samsung SA which is damn nice phone for frickin 13 year old but hey man, there's a Travis Travis is here. Boo. Sorry, man I got Justin on my side now. So anyway, but he got the hand me down sad that had the screen Replace and so it's not waterproof. So that's when you do sit in the waterpark. And so we dried it out and he got it back. And he's like, Oh my god, I'm never going to do anything bad. I'm never going to ruin my phone again. I'm going to treat it all nice. So anyway, I'm over the weekend. I think it was on Saturday. Yeah, it was on Saturday for sure. I was I was putting him to bed right? I was walking in back in to his bedroom and Justin thinks I shouldn't be tucking him any anymore. But he the boys should grow to be a man right? But he likes me to tuck him in and all that crap. So whatever I whatever, you know, I'm not gonna have much longer with the kid right? I mean, the second he turns 14, I'm going to be, you know, basically a Heaton. He's not going to want to be anywhere near me. I'm not going to know anything and you know, I'm going to be dad and blah, blah, blah. So anyway, so I live it up all I can anyway, so normally his phone goes on to a wireless charging base, on his desk or on his dresser and this time they got plugged in and put on his the back of his headboard. And I told him I said they're better not be any goddamn nonsense with that phone. I said if I if I ever catch you on that phone after bedtime, you will regret it he's like I know I know. Put his ass to bed I go out I'm doing some VR crap I'm you know, doing whatever. And my wife and had the air conditioning off and prayer time I know it's November we have the windows open. It's finally cool enough to get some cool air fresh air in the house. So come about 1015 I'm closing up the house and I'm closing all the windows. Turn the AC on. I didn't remember if my wife said that my son's window was open or not and I was pretty sure that he wouldn't close it out zone. So I went creeping into his room to you know, I didn't want to wake him up because that kid drops off like a like a light. And so I went into make sure his window was closed. I open that door and he's sitting there in his bed. Phone in hand screen on and boom, taught right handed. I'm like, you've got to be fucking kidding me Give me that means I said I we just I can't believe we just talked about this just just give me that. And so I took the phone close the door and left him to wonder what his punishment was going to be. So obviously the next day now here's the funny thing you know, the kid knows he did the wrong thing. But somehow he he gets mad. He tries to get all angry tries to turn it around. Like he's a victim or something. Right? He's like, Well, you know what? You told me earlier that he was texting his friends. Yeah. And now with the treatment have been different if he was looking at porn and stuff like that boy. Good job, son. I stopped to take the phone but good job. Don't tell your mom. Sorry to have to do this. You know, it's funny. It's funny, you know, I always admired that. Remember the movie license to drive with Corey Haim and Corey. Fellman, yes. Yeah. But you know, like, Oh, you say, What do you say? You say no, like, you know, like that movie? No, I love it. So there's one spot where he ends up lying about his about his driver's test. Right? He fails the test. And then he tells basically, he never tells his parents outright that he passed, right. But he made them believe that he did pass the test. Yeah. So he gets in trouble and his dad sits him down. Do you remember the actor's name that plays the dad? Cuz I like that actor. It's escaped me. But yeah, most of the time. I do know his name. Yeah. I'm sure we talked about this before. But you know, he sits, you know, he sits him down, you know, not in the heat of anger or anything. He sits him down. And he's like, all right, less. You're granted for two weeks? Not the end of the world. Right? You know, and so it's a real sort of, you know, almost like, Listen, I don't want to have to do it. But listen, you're fucked up. I gotta, you know, I got a mandatory sense. I've got to lay down here. So, so I like I do that same thing with Brian. It's like, Listen, you Last year phone for a week. You can't take it to school right? So the reason we got him the phone was so that, you know he could call my wife to let him know he's running late from school they can arrange pickup and the whole bit so he didn't get a phone until there was actually a need for it. And then he got a flip phone like all of my kids did initially and then the only reason he ended up with the smartphone really was because we had the extra phone laying around. So anyway, so yeah, and so he lost the phone for a week, which of course pisses him off. And then the next day, my wife sends me off to get the oil changed in the CRV and so it's kind of nice right because I'm in decent shape now. So I drive this driver CRV down the big O tires. It's like a 20 minute walk away from the house. So I dropped the I drop it off. I check it in and I walk home. And then when they call I walk back and gives me a nice little workout little exercise. I walk really basket, the heart rate up a little bit. It's good. So I was so it's funny because normally I drop it off and walk home. So it's like 25 minutes at 10 minutes, maybe the drive down there if I had to stop at a red line and 20 minutes to walk home. But I thought, Hey, I'm going to be a hell of a guy. And there's a sonic drive in right there next to Big O tires. So I stopped by to get my family food, because obviously I can't eat Sonic, but they can. So I was going to bring him back lunch. Of course, you know, I order on the app, so I get the half price drink special. They don't know where the hell I am. They don't even start my order. I'm sitting around looking like a fool. Finally, some guy comes back. He's like, Are you are you driving? Like, do I look like I'm in a car asshole? Okay, sorry. And so he walks by and then he comes back out with another order and another order. I'm like, dude, where's my order? Which was your order again? I'm like, oh my god. So Meanwhile, my phones blowing up. My wife is like, She's like, she's like he's gonna get in trouble. I'm like, God, what now? He's like he's raging, right? Because, you know, my son rages when he plays multiplayer games. And I said, Great, sorry. I'll be home as soon as I can. And then she goes, boom. Not only did he lose his phone, he just lost the computer. I'm like, What? And she's like, yeah. And I'm like, God damn it. So now I'm really eager to get home and find out what nonsense went down. So apparently, you know, standard bit. He was playing some multiplayer game with his friends. He got all pissy he rage rage out. My wife told him to get off and he told her now. And so she's like, don't you tell me? No, you get off? He's like, no, and it's not dun dun dun. So not only is you have no phone this week, he also has no multiplayer gaming. My wife was nice and allowed him to continue to play single player games. Anything that he doesn't, he doesn't get to play with his friends. He doesn't get his phone. You can't talk to his friends. It's awesome. You gotta find out ways to hurt him. That's the that's the secret of parenting. I think I've talked about That on the show is your what hurts your kid the most it starts off with a swift kick in the ass, right? Because you don't have anything to deprive them of when they're like one years old or two years old. I know. I know. Yeah, yeah, that's the Bing Crosby generation it gets a beat their kids when they're young, but listen, I would have taken him into the backyard. out there for hours may lead to slow Levy, right. Anyway, so yeah, I mean, so spanking doesn't work very long. You know, and plus, it hurts your hand. It's more effort for you to actually spank him. So once they get old enough, you start finding out what matters to them and you deprive them. It's fantastic. I love it. It's fantastic. So now you know he loves his phone and he loves his video game. So what do you take away from him first. So anyway, there's that water deprive him of food and water. Shelter by Justin will put him outside. He should be outside right now tied to the inside of the Shed waterboarding going on. It's good stuff right there. I don't know why my my keep this and coming up with my list of topics. I had some stuff to talk about the Oculus link to talk about, but they'll play board Justin. So Justin, Justin, I were talking about the man DeLorean this morning. Yeah, he said he seems to be in favor for the most part. It's what's that? I said, I'm all in. You're all in. And I'm kind of glad it's only like 30 something minutes in episode because, you know, I get bored after. So what was that? It's a dog. There's a dog like, like in the flooded water. Right? What was it alive? Yeah, it was alive. It's moving its head. What the fuck? The water. This is the it's in that tall grass. It looked like it was like half buried in the water. No, no, it's it's tall grass and then he was moving his head around support. That's what your dog right now is at home with mine Curtis Maggie, you're getting that. Yeah. So anyway, yeah, Travis says it's me. He's not Travis is not a fan. He doesn't you don't like the men DeLorean Travis. Yeah. Let's hear Travis So, so so far it's been like neutral, neutral. Okay, neutral is from all the sources I hear from all the one of my listeners, Paul wrote me and said, welcome back Star Wars. This is our Star Wars is what we dreamed about. I'm like, Yeah, well, that's not what I heard. But But plus, Justin told me this morning, there's not a single bit of Star Wars music in there. Yeah. There's no john Williams score. Yeah, nothing. It's some random thing. Does it? Does it have it in the spirit? No, no, it's not even close. So like, it's like so the way that I'm getting it is that it's almost like a good, the bad the ugly type of Really? Yeah. And they're trying to meet Yeah, there's kind of that except they're using some sort of, you know, fully pan flute or something? And that's what it is. So what is it? A steel drum like commando? That would be awesome. I'd watch it. commando steel drone magic. No, there's none of that but yeah it's just it's really weird I and I get what they're trying to go there they're trying to make it seem like it's a Western right that's what I everyone seems to say is that the George Lucas spaghetti western yeah right it's kind of like that sit there writing random blurbs which is which sounds like an Ikea shelving says. Danish lizard, Danish lizard. Swedish, Swedish. So it's okay. I mean, I'm in just because it's different and whatever. But I'm glad it's only today, Alex, six episodes from what I understand. They're using the European format or something. Somebody likes six episodes. That's crazy. So it's not a that's not even 10 episodes like, Animal Kingdom, right, but I hear that they're spending 15 million plus per episode watch. 50 mil Yeah, per episode. Holy shit. Yeah, that's bad. The special effects are really good. You know, of course it's a CGI. CGI shit fast. Yeah. Somebody was telling me No, no, there's lots of practical effects. That's not true. Now, so I was like, there's not a lot. Great. Great. Great. Yeah, so so the little Yoda thing. Yeah, they're using the practical effects of that. But other than that, yeah, well, I mean, is it actually a pumper to the CG that too? No, no, it's not something. Yeah. Although, you know what? I didn't necessarily need a little Yoda. Yeah. You know what I mean? I mean, who was who was asking for that? I don't know. But it if you know, the way they talked about it's supposed to be part of Canada. I don't think that they they totally fucked the candidate. It's like you're, like the last of his kind or so. Yeah, that's what that is that right? Where do they say that though? Now that I'm thinking about it, where do they say he's the last of its kind? I read that somewhere, but I don't know. It's probably one of the the novelisations and you know, yeah, I read a lot of those novels Empire get it or something? Sure. Yeah. I read that many times actually. The Return of the Jedi novel. I remember getting that from scholastic books. I was good shit when? When he had a book ferret? Yeah, dude, that was the greatest shit ever being a nerdy geek ass like me. Book Fair was the bomb, but fortunately, we were poor as fuck. So like, I don't know again. I believe my mother sold her body on the street to get me shit like my Victorian shit. So I don't know where she got me money for the book fair because we couldn't basically couldn't even pay rent, you know? Yeah. So it's like, you know, it was like 10 bucks or something. she'd give me a little allowance. Right for the book fair, and she always managed to make money for that. And yeah, that was one of the ones I got was the novelization of Return of the Jedi. Which, you know, they must have really cut some shit out of that fucking script dude or cut some scenes out of that because the novelization filled in a couple of gaps that make a lot of sense. Like, like when Luke is rolling around on the ground and the Emperor is frying his ass, right? The Emperor makes this weird ass comment about how his his powers are no match for his or something like that. Your pitiful powers are no match for the dark side or something and it seems so random you know he's literally frying him alive loose for like jumping around like a basic egg right? Yeah, it's like well, yeah, no shit not fighting back or anything. Yeah. And he's like your powers are know what, what does that mean? Yeah. In the novelization, they tell you because you got loops internal dialogue going on. Right. He's thinking to himself if these lightning bolts are force created they should be able to be force repelled and so he was trying to repel the lightning bolts that the Emperor was shooting out of his hands and the emperor of course responded your people skills are no man it makes all the sense after you read a book you know it should be just cut that line it should just cut the line out of budget nonsense. Make sense? emperor was a dick Yeah, pretty much all right. We had the I think we had the novelization. JI but I read like the Empire one like over and over again. Yeah, I think I missed out on that one. I don't think that was the book fair that I don't know how we got that But anyways, and I just remember reading about the how they were supposed to be the multiple multiple wafa attack on the on the base, right that they were coming in through the walls and stuff. Yeah, they had some cut footage of that. I think I remember right in that movie, too. But in the, in the in the book, they call about it, like it was happening all the time and you make it here, you know, somehow in the walls or something making noises. Damn, you know. So like the attacks happened all the time. It was just like a hazard of that bait. Exactly. That's happening all the time. And they, they somehow got in through the shield, right? Yeah. And they were up there in the mountain or somewhere, but there were bunches of them. And they kept breaking through walls, and they were killing them. You know, there was an infestation, I guess. Yeah, it's kind of cool. And then there's this really cool part in there also were somehow see three PO or somebody changes. A sign on the doorway when they're trying to escape. Yeah. And so the stormtroopers decided to go in that doorway where it's got a sign saying that it's going to the hangar or something like that. And there's a bunch of words office in that room so it's you know that's that's good stuff yeah I'll get around to that man DeLorean thing is set at some points i'm i'm so backed up on TV. Mr. Robots really good. I'm behind I think an episode on American Horror Story which has actually been really good this year. You know, I wasn't sure that camp Crystal Lake shit was going to turn out but it's actually worked out really well. I'm all I'm pretty much in and of course you know Emma Roberts is like super hot in it. So you know that other Billy lilium or whatever her name is? She's all 85 waiting for Chris to hobby Eilish. That's her Billy Idol is Shannon. Yeah, well don't don't tell Krista. We're talking about Star Wars and he'll come in here and like start preaching to us. We know he's the expert who's listened to 37 hours of podcasts about it. So yeah. Got that? Is he all in on the DeLorean? Chris, I don't has Christina and Alex. I know. I know Travis has seen it. I think you've seen it. Alex Wilson seen it. I think it might be the only one left in the group that hasn't seen it. But you know, like I said, Yeah, Lucas's memoirs. Yeah. Yeah. Chris, Chris spends a lot of time with it. Let's see what else is going on. We will have a lot of another show about the Oculus link. That's the the cable that came out that lets you connect your Oculus quest to your PC and turn it into a rift. So now you can take the quest on the go when you come back to the house, you can plug it in and turn into a full blown PC driven VR def machine. So that's pretty cool. Let's see, I thought I had something else but for some reason people just not refresh. Well, now you have been curious about this link thing. Okay. Why talk about it. I mean, So okay, so does that mean? So you don't have a rift? But you have this link? Never cable? You have a cable? That's all it is. Do you need all the sensors? No and stuff? No, the quest. So the quest has six degrees of freedom, which means it has cameras all over the place that can read your location in your hands. Right? So the sensors used to be there to show where you were in the environment. Yeah, well now, thanks to having cameras all over the headset. You don't need any sensors, you put the headset on you grab the things you're getting. That's it. And you can do that anywhere. So there's no setup involved. There's nothing I mean, the most you do is draw a guardian zone. Right. So yeah, so the when you so what's happening is the link actually then ties you to your library on your computer. Yeah. So it's basically using a highly highly optimized compression algorithm to push video real time from your computer to the request. So the question is no longer Being the brains of the operation as well as the screen it's only being the screen right? So now you don't have to have you know, four or five cables coming out of the computer you have one simple USB cable you run that out to your play area and boom you've got essentially a rift and then when you're done you unplug it and you take it on the go Yeah, pretty damn cool. And and so you don't have to have any sort of a special cable you just have to have a good high grade USB three point O cable so it pushes enough bandwidth through there to do real time streaming. So if you go that route what is the cost like are you getting any cost savings from purchasing a rift the cable the link in the you know the I think the rift the rift s i think is I think it's still 399 or 499 so the quest thing it's about the same The price is similar only with the rift so of course you're you're tied your home and your your PC, there's no option for for mobility Whereas Of course, with the quest, you can now do both. It's still in beta. And you know, so there's some. It's not a perfect system just yet. But I did write an extensive article last night on medium about it. It talks about my experiences using this lets you use all PC VR stuff, not just Oculus store, VR stuff, but also steam VR, and that's a big deal. Because Steam games, steam software can usually be purchased a lot cheaper than off the Oculus store. So if you want beat Saber, you want creed or you want one of these other cool games, chances are likely you can shop around various key stores and get a steam key, where Oculus fully controls their environment. And you can't you can't get a discount on that as God's wrath or whatever. So, but it's pretty neat and so I've managed to get a 26 foot cable 16 feet of USB three active extension cable For 13 bucks, and then a 10 foot high quality USB 3.02 USB C cable, which then plugs into that. So I have a total of 26 feet of cable. Which by the way is almost it's just barely enough. I mean, you think about 26 feet. That's ridiculous. Yeah. But you got to think about cable management, right? So my PC is sitting on the floor in my office, and I drilled a hole between the living room and my office to run all the cables through. Right. So in reality, it's only six inches from my office to the living room, but then I've got to run it up along the wall up to the ceiling across the ceiling and drop it down into my play area. Right? And so that ends up being like 20 frickin feet. You know, and the Oculus official Oculus cable is going to be 15 feet and I'm like, I don't even think because originally was going to be 10 feet, but I guess they figured out a way to make their premium cable 15 feet instead. And I'm like, that's not long enough. That's Not going to do the trick. You know, you have to put some sort of USB three hub in between cables. Like a repeater. Yeah, well, yeah. And that's exactly what the active three point O cable is. It's it's a powered three point O extension cable. So it all works out well. Although it did not like my onboard USB, which I thought was interesting. I had to go through my PCI Express USB three card. No, yeah. It could just be power. Yeah, it could just be powerful. PCI Express, I would think so. And you know, there's onboard I mean, the onboard USPS and that I'm not talking the front I'm talking about the rear right directly connected to the motherboard, USB plugs. Even those seem to be spotty. Now listen, it might have just been the link to cable right so if you put a 10 footer on there, and you're using your PCI ports or your USB ports on the back you might be fine. Yeah, but in my case 26 feet I needed that I needed the boost I guess that other cables so yeah, yeah. Whoo. So yeah, I'm very excited about that. I mean, this has been they've been talking about this for a couple of months now and we knew was coming in November. So that finally dropped and everybody's all abuzz. He wanted us all to be a buzz. So very exciting. So what happened to the way off the subject? Yeah, go ahead and beat saber thing where you were they got rid of the custom songs and all that. Yeah, so what happened was is Oculus put their Terms of Use front and center inside the rift inside the Oculus quest. Right so as soon as you go into unknown sources where you side load shit, there's a big sign on there that says you know, use of unauthorized software could result in account termination pop, you know, scare tactics, right? Yeah, just to cover their ass. Well, those terms and conditions have been on the books since the beginning. But now that all of a sudden their front center and the guy that made the custom song modern The hack that lets you hack and custom songs, got a little gun shy thinking that maybe it was directed pretty much solely him. Yeah, he backed off and said, I'm not going to update the software anymore. Which means as soon as they update beat Saber, you don't get to have custom songs anymore, right? So he backed out. And then of course, everybody freaked out. And it's like, you know, now they're going to prosecute you and terminate your account, and they're going to render your, I mean, it just went from there and just went back shit crazy with the speculation. Because Yeah, I mean, if you look at their terms and conditions, they can do terrible things to you. Right? If you're found altering software, which is essentially what beat on was doing was patching the executable to allow it to go out pick up custom songs. So by the letter of what they were talking about, it looked like they were talking about the saber. But in reality, it probably was more about piracy. Yeah, right. If you get a cracked copy of beat saver, if you get a cracked copy of this, and you put it on there, we can do that. Thanks, Steve. So now another group and anonymous group has picked up the beat on source code, and created something called BMBF. I don't even know what the hell that stands for, but stands for something. And that software is basically a complete clone of beat on and we're all back in business. So. And of course, you know, on Reddit, which by the way I mentioned on the show, if you go to the Oculus quest subreddit, that is like that is like a comedy in a bottle because it not only do you get this people asking the same question because nobody searches. I don't get that. People would rather come on and ask the same question that has been asked every day for the last three months. And they actually scroll down or hit the search bar and type in you know, custom songs been saved. They would rather can we use custom songs yet? Is that been fixed? Is there something Yeah, dude, hit click Search. We answered this yesterday and the day before that in the day before that. And then there's something about people can Type on there either people could afford a $400 quest, but they can't type text. You know, there's there's like letters missing from their words and stuff like that they will put punctuation in, it's all lowercase, you know? And they don't and they ask the question in the subject, right and then they don't put anything in the body of the message of the post. One guy actually put cricket on quest that was that that was the topic that was the subject and it was nothing in the body. And we're like, sort of course we all answer back. Perhaps this is the laziest post ever made on Reddit, right? You don't know what the hell he's talking about. So one guy, one guy took a picture of the quest and superimposed a picture of a cricket on it, posted it back in there. comedy gold, you can spend a lot of time just enjoying yourself watching that going on, but no, it's Travis Stevens. Now that Travis probably left because we're talking about beat saver. The easiest way to get rid of Travis is talking about beat savor it. It's good, cool. hour coming up on Justin's turn off. Yep. The carpool lane is fast the carpool lane was most helpful we're going to I'm going to probably get home about the same time which is great my wife will love it. I'm looking at scoring a new level not a new computer but a computer off of Craigslist I'm looking at an ice seven because I've been I've been stuck in this I five for like six frickin years and I definitely needed update you know, beat saver seems to be a lot more CPU heavy, the GPU heavy because our buddy Chad, he's got a nice seven and beat saver runs like silk, but, uh, my five even though I've got a nine at GTX it's just yeah, it's always it's always like I had to shut everything else off or boot from Oh, Travis is driving so I guess he's still in it. But anyway, more memory, you know, that you don't necessarily need more processor, but More threads and back up yeah and it's for for I think yeah if you go to six core and you have a little bit higher speed, you know, that should help Scott hill so of course this guy's like 25 miles away or 25 minutes away because there can be like like Travis said nothing on Craigslist is nearby yeah for some reason is that my buys him off Craigslist it's a 40 minute trip. Let's go to Queens Creek yeah great. Yeah so I can buy a $30 you go to Queens Creek to buy a $30 copy of Call of Duty. Yeah, it's not worth it. No, I think if it's not up here in North Phoenix, I'm not gonna go this is Sun City. So it's it's a good trip. trip. You know, it's too bad. You're in Peoria or Glendale right? Yeah, I mean, it's 25 minutes so it's not that big of a deal but he wants like 430 bucks for it. It's a nice Seven, six core 16 gigs of I think it's DVR for memory. MTR for that's good. Yeah. And then it's got a nice the Queen Creek not queens Creek, King King the Queen's seven. Checkmate try this is gonna be my Robin I'm just gonna keep telling me to shut up. Oh my god, it was the greatest shit ever. So they had a fake millennia on Stern, right? Of course these are old episodes, right? Yeah. So they had millennia calling in. So they were interrogating her about how they felt about Trump fucking stormy Daniels and all this other shit, right? And I know, Justin's being paged. Yeah, I'm not answering that. Anyway, and so and so of course, Robin has to kick in with something right? And she's like, Who is that? And he's like, that's Robin. Robin, aren't you? Like, don't you go out to woods and hang out with the witches? Right? Because she's like she like hung out with a coven or something one time and they keep bringing that up. And she's like and so that that mean you have lots of potions in your bedroom. And she's like, no and she perhaps there is potion that makes you shut the fuck up or something like I was dying of courses on this millennia boys I was dying. Good stuff. You have potion, you have many potions? That's awesome. Yeah, you gotta wonder what's going through her mind right with Trump being pulled out with all these, you know? Fuck this stripper fuck this porn star. It's like, you know I get if I have an understanding or something I mean that's, that's fine but it's like how do you deal with that right? I don't know she's just there for the money anyways that's probably true trophy wife right? doing her own thing I'm pretty sure yeah, I think she's got a little sassy john the side Yeah. sassy john side This is like what? What would Yeah, I mean? Like Arnold was fucking is made right so what do you I mean look at Maria Shriver I'd be fucking the maid to but I mean did you see the maid? Oh I know I saw the name I mean Maria Shriver is like fucking a skeleton I'm sure but, you know it's like Calista Flockhart territory right there. But I mean, if our that was fucking the main who's who's, who's millennia fucking I mean, who's around I mean a bunch of old geezer tough white dudes right? So who's she got on the side? The gardener the usual a pizza guy? Yeah, extra anchovies. Yeah, first her daughter's boyfriend Gina. Ivanka, she married some dude. It's probably fucking Ivanka, his husband. Yeah, very beautiful, but I felt her her speed. The whole porn setting going on. Oh, would that be great? Yo, there's God. I you know, I haven't looked I bet there's got to be like Trump and Ivanka porn out there, right? Yeah, there's gotta be I mean, they're Simpsons porn. So there's that's good boy recreations of Trumps Greatest Hits. That would be tremendous actually. Now let's think about it. Marla Maples. Marla Maples. This is yours right here. coming from this direction I always miss it has turn on hang on Louie and all right curbside service. Geez, geez. Gotta get my stuff out of the bag. Yeah, yeah, I want to drive off without your crap. Look at all the crap on your This is crazy. Looks like a rudo. We're supposed to be big trash day soon. Yes, we love both trash. Yeah. Fasten your seat belt. That was me fun. It's been fun brother. We'll see you soon see in the manana get your stuff go with your dogs in your poor wet, nasty dogs. All right, brother later Oh righty then let's go home. Actually, you know what I think I'm gonna get off the show. So I've got some stuff to talk about but I don't have my list up. And you guys got like a 36 minutes show Anyway, we'll have more of this week. I'll tell you what happens with the computer. I got a couple of other things to talk about. So this is Shane, our mineral pastors radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody.

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