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Oh, yes, well yeah, so we're having a morning show. How about that? I haven't done the show in a while I've been down sick for like the last four or five days. And frankly, I really haven't had the voice for it or the my throats been killing me. And I thought, you know what, let's have a morning show. Let's see if anybody shows up on the chat at 630 in the morning. So now I can be your voice on the drive to work, not your voice on the ride home. Plus, I know that my good friend Javier Javier has a day trip to make today. And I figured maybe if I have a show in the can for him, he'll have a little something extra to listen to. on his trip. So I thought that would be nice. So let's get caught up Shall we? Sorry, my all my heat my heaters and everything around. Let me turn that off and see if I can keep it a little quiet in here and there again. So yes, I have had a ridiculous I don't know. So you guys know the last couple of shows I did. I was telling you guys I wasn't feeling well. Something didn't seem quite right. I went to the doctor and the doctor said, Well, you know, there's nothing wrong with you. I can't find anything. Your blood work looks good. Your loans look, everything looks good. So I don't know what to tell you. And so, about, you know, about one week later, everything sort of hit and it hit quickly. So, it was last Friday, Friday afternoon, I was sort of, you know, I was just on my way home and everything and boom, just poof. all weekend long. I was pretty much bedridden or couch written as it were, and I ended up taking Monday off of work and then I stayed home again on Tuesday, went to the doctor, and the doctor shot me some antibiotics. She didn't see an infection or she didn't think there was an infection but Just to be safe, because usually like my wife, she'd had a she'd had the exact same thing and it progressed to a sinus infection. So I think the doctor is trying to be preemptive and keeping that from from routing in there. And she says this is a real nasty thing going around. She hasn't seen anything like it. last three or four years she said it's been really bad this year and even herself who she said she never gets sick. You know, I've kind of enjoyed having the new and improved Shane not being sick bit but you know, sometimes you cannot run this stuff and my wife got it pretty hard. And I've got it. I got a pretty hard so anyway, so then she gave me this nose spray, which I knew what the name of it was. I don't know if it's new, but I don't think it's generic. Because she even said the copay might be kind of high but she says it's totally worth it. So in the past, I'm not going to give you the history of no sprays. Here as I'm sorting down snot, I apologize by the way. Hey Jeremy, what's up? Good morning sir. So the history of no sprays so there's really two things you can shove up your nose that are legal one is of course like a sailing spray. Which I'm going to be honest with you the sailing spray has never never been particularly effective for me. I've never felt the the rejuvenating factors of sailing spread but it's always you know, your doctor always said you know put sailing up there and saying, okay, it just doesn't really work for me. And then of course you have the terrible for you habit forming. Nobody should probably ever use it like aspirin, no spray and that and that shit will just sluice your nose right out right so you know how it is you're laying in bed, you're absolutely miserable. You can Breathe, you're choking on your own mucus. It is horrible. And so you reach for that little bottle knowing for a fact that you will get relief. If you spray that nasty shit up your nose and you know what? You snort it and within like 15 seconds you are dry as a bone and you can sleep. That's the only reason I think this stuff's still on the market. But anybody will tell you, your doctor will tell you, you know, you shouldn't use that shit. It's not It's not good for you. Eventually, the symptoms can come back even worse than they were when you started using this stuff. And it can be extraordinarily habit forming. You know, I had my stepdad in Idaho. He was one who died of a heart attack that we found out his name was something else he'd been he'd been a cat burglar and another life and he gotten out of prison and he assumed an identity. You know, you guys know the whole story for those of you are long term listeners. You've heard The story Good morning on the chat. I'm sorry, I'm my it's dark in here and my eyes are having trouble adjusting to this little screen in front of my face. So I apologize me if I turn the brightness up a little bit. Oh, Alex is here too good because I'm going to talk about something he sent my way as well. So anyway, I'm gonna have a nice full party here. We have more people in here now than I do in the afternoon. I'm I have to do Morning. Morning shows from now on. My wife's not gonna call that's a good thing. Unless something bad happens then I don't want I mean, if I hear from her, it's probably something not good. Like she got sideswiped again. I'll give you an update on that too. Anyway, so I remember my step dad, of course. You know, my stepdad was like a two pack a day smoker. Not a not a not a good life for him. Oh, yeah. He came in. Early Show. Yes, sir. Nice and early. today. I thought I would do one on the way to work. Usually, by the end of the day, quite frankly, my voice is sort of thrashed with the sickness going on. So I can't I really don't have the drive. Or the voice to do it in the afternoon so I thought we'd slip into Morning Show. Plus like I said, Javier might enjoy it retro. Shaughnessy Look at this, we've got a full a full house. Anyway, my stepdad in Idaho, that guy slept with a bottle of aspirin, or whatever that whatever the brand name of that was, he had that by the bedside 24 hours a day. And he would, he would snore fat, you know, like it's sailing, but it wasn't. So God only knows what was going on in his nasal tissues, right. But yeah, I mean, I knew there were a lot. I mean, that was like a 70s trademark was people snorting afrin no spray, because I recall. You see it in TV shows and stuff at the time. But anyway, so yeah, so this other spray that she gave me in the box is sitting on the floor, maybe if I get a red light or something, I can reach it. But she said this is really great stuff. She said, it's, it's like aspirin, in the sense that it cleans your nose out. And it lets you breathe and opens up your nasal passages but it doesn't have any of the ill effects of afrin I'm gone well shit Sign me up. She has I'm warning you it's going to be probably more expensive and she was but I promise you it's totally worth it. And it does seem to help for sure. So listen, you know, listen to what the doctor says. Do what she tells you. So anyway, so I've got that nose spray, and I've got the antibiotic, which is weird. It's the exact same antibiotic everybody's been prescribed, which is an amoxicillin. Clear a Cleary eight or something like that. There's a second component, which apparently now I've had a Montezuma bajillion times well, the everybody on this chat has had mocks assylum a bajillion times. But I've never had this out think had this amoxicillin Cleary eight or whatever it is, supposedly, according to the pharmacist in training that debriefing on my medication that that second component just helps the amoxicillin work better I need to look it up. Because I don't know if I trust the guy. Nice guy. But, you know, pharmacy student, you couldn't send the cute little Asian actual pharmacist over here. And now, she's very short, but she's very attractive. So let her come over and tell me about my nasal nasal spray. Anywho. So yeah, so that's where I'm at now, I've been on the antibiotics for a few days. So I mean, I don't think that I had an infection. I don't think the antibiotics are doing anything other than preventing having an infection. So I'm not waking up choking on my own lung cheese or anything like that anymore. So that's a great visual, and then I don't feel like I don't feel terrible anymore. I don't feel like I need to be bedridden. So I've been out and about I've been to work. It's my second day back to work. Obviously, I took Monday and Tuesday. So, yeah, I'm feeling a little better for sure. But I'm glad to be out of the couch, the couch. So it's funny, you know, My wife made an interesting comment. Tuesday night when she came home. She goes, I know, I know you've been sick because I can see all the 70s TV you've been watching. And you know, it's true when I'm sick. I like usually when I'm sick, and I've told you guys this before, I like watching stuff that I know really, really well. But I've seen a bajillion times 70 show that 70 show, oddly enough, is one that I put on when I'm sick. I can doze off really easy to it. So as it turns out, it's the 70s era that I'm into when I'm sick, because over the weekend, and over the two days I had off, you can go back and look at my viewing history on Plex and Cody. And you can see it's, you know, Linda Carter's Wonder Woman, you know, the bionic woman $6 million, man. You know, I've been touring a couple of episodes of shoes and that old 70s TV show. So yeah, I guess I guess it's a comforting era of my childhood when I'm sick. I want to watch things that I watched when I was a kid. I guess maybe when I was homesick, I don't know, there's probably some big Freudian Freudian thing in there somewhere. But anyway, so yeah. And you know, I have my favorites. It's funny, you know, there are episodes of the $6 million. Man, I bet I've never seen. But I always go back to the staples, right? When it comes to my bionic shows, when it comes to Wonder Woman when it comes to all of those, I tend to go back to the same episodes over and over again, right, and I'm going to share my favorite episodes with you. Because I don't really have anything specific to talk about. I got a couple more items, but nothing that's going to take any length of time. So for the bionic woman, which is really interesting, you know, maybe it's my low testosterone, but I've always seem to sort of relate more to the bionic woman, the $6 million man. And I think it's because you know, those stories were a little more touchy feely and a little less about espionage and spy stuff. I mean, she did her share that of course, but there, there are a couple of really great I love all the anything any femme bot episode, of course, there's a couple there's a handful of femme bot episodes, there's three different femme bot stories. For those of you who are not up on your bionic lore, femme bots are fully created robots that look and sound just like humans. And Steve Austin and Jamie summers of combat at these FEM bots a few different times. There's a three parter, there was a crossover. I mean, there's nothing. This was awesome. So it started with the $6 million man. The second episode went to the bionic woman and then the third episode came back to the $6 million man and vice versa to bionic woman's one $6 million, man something like that. Anyway, the episodes called kill Oscar and the The goal was that the Charles was just named Charles Fletcher flat Fleischer. Whatever that guy's name is the old dude. The goal, what's the guy's name on paper? Chase helped me out. Is it Fletcher, something like that. And now he's that old bald guy. He was, um, he was in scrooged. Right? He was the guy that was reading the story and scrooged America's favorite old fart. Remember that guy? Anyway, so he builds these femme bot robots to exacerbate some revenge on the OSI and so he's, he's sending one to replace Oscar Goldman. Right so we can get control this weather control device. It's 70s cheese, what do you want? But I love that episode. I love that story of the kill Oscar. And then there's Finn bots in Las Vegas, which is a two parter. That was on the bionic woman. And then there's another one. It was called like, and I don't watch this one very often obviously called like the return of the femme bots or something. It's a really, really super weak ass episode. The femme bots but you know, it's about Laura's just like Bigfoot right? There were three Bigfoot sub stories in the bionic shows played by Andre the Giant and a couple of them and then replaced by some other dude in the third. And not so great Bigfoot episode. But the original Bigfoot Episode The secret of Bigfoot fantastic stuff. I mean, it's literally been, you know, lampooned and and and discussed, it's a thing of lore that there's an Al is a hidden colony of aliens inside the Southern California mountains. And they are observing humans. They've been here for hundreds of years, they've been observing humans. And they've created this Bigfoot creature to be their guardian. And that's why there's reports of this big hairy motherfucker running around them in the, in the countryside, right. And of course, they had some white guy playing an Indian, and he's talking about how his people called him Sasquatch, and you know, he they've been in these mounds for hundreds of years, blah, blah, blah. Sasquatch is real but there's actually it's kind of a, an explanation as to why there's a Sasquatch, and Scott The young man Yomi Stefanie Powers who played Of course and Heart to Heart she's the main the main chicken there john Saxon is in their character actor john Saxon. So it's a great it's a great episode and Steve gets captured you know Bigfoot fixing up and he gets captured and they're analyzing is but I love all that shit. And then they had a return of big foot and then they had this weird Big Foot three, tear whole horrible horrible up so it's like, they strike gold they gotta bring it back and then they take one more shot at it and they probably should. pretty much standard fare there. But that was all you know, that was all about 70s and 80s. TV show, right? Like Knight Rider did a similar thing, right? They had to bring Goliath back twice. They brought car in twice. They were smart though. They stopped it too. If they brought car back a third time people you like Get the fuck out of here. But two is the perfect number for that sort of thing. Anyway, so see what are there but I love this Doomsday is tomorrow episode, right? That's, that's another Bionic Woman one, where they basically have how from, from 2001. Right is he's called Alex 7000. And this one, he's got the same mannerism. And they got the same little eye in the whole bit in this, this dying scientist, decides he's going to make the world you know, turn the world peaceful, right? He's gonna, he's gonna force peace upon the world by creating this doomsday device, and if any nuclear weapon is discharged in the atmosphere, it will launch this particular device that will literally end all life on the planet. And he sets it in motion. There's some, you know, horrible Middle Eastern company country that does not want to do the nuclear stand down so they go ahead and conduct their nuclear tests in the desert. And of course, the doomsday weapon is armed and Jamie's got four hours to get into the complex which is heavily guarded by artificial intelligence. You know, it's funny Listen, I know there's a whole 2001 knock off with this. But when you start looking at some of the some of these stories from the 70s some of them are fairly accurate in their predictions of sort of the future, right? I mean, this whole artificially intelligent complex that she has to break into, and the AI and it's, it's like, wow, I mean, granted, you know, listen, it's 9070 special effects and you know, slow motion in the stone. You know, Jamie stone man has a mustache. But you know, it's funny, you go back and watch some of these. And let me move on real quick. So Wonder Woman so I, I tend I notice there's three seasons of Wonder Woman for those of you who are not as passionate about Wonder Woman as I am. There are three seasons of Wonder Woman. The first season takes place in World War Two, not you know, it's Nazi Germany. It's all the focus of American versus the Nazis. And it's an interesting it's a period piece right the first season and I typically for some reason Stay away from the first season. I tend to like the other two seasons where so the second season I believe is out of Washington DC. Right. And then in the third season, they moved to the iadc offices in Los Angeles, which I imagine was a shitload cheaper to film in versus having to shoot in DC. But I tend to like the stories I think more in the season two and season three. And so every now and then I go back because like I said, they're probably episodes of Wonder Woman. I've never seen that, especially in the first season. And so I went back and I was watching one called falster the Nazi Wonder Woman. Right. And so I'm watching this and listen, I would consider myself you know, moderate to liberal. I'm I probably my needles not dead in the center. I can admit that. I'm probably a little more to the liberal side. But I'd like to think I'm firmly you know, center left versus all the way left right. So I listen I'm I'm all in for the you know, I'm into equality I'm into all that stuff I don't have any problem with gays I don't have any problem with race you know, I that's not that's not my thing I got bigger fish to fry I've got I've got to worry about Google stadia and I've got to worry about them getting rid of physical media, I don't have time to worry about stupid shit like abortion. So I'm watching this episode. And I'm like, wow, you know, why are Listen, you know, it's all this me to shit. And women are, you know, women are in positions of power and there's, you know, there's subjugated, and blah, blah, blah, and I'm watching this Wonder Woman, right? This falster, the Nazi Wonder Woman episode. And this is all about female empowerment. I mean, this whole episode is nothing more than men are weak slime. And we need a strong, powerful woman to save us and I'm like, Wow, so why is this me to movement all up in arms, just go back to the seven It's all right there. Jamie summers, you know, Wonder Woman. And it's like, it's like, I don't know. It's crazy. So she's so Okay, let me give you the background story because I know none of you have a clue what episode I'm talking about or anything I'm talking about. So in this episode, they so first off in the in season two and three of Wonder Woman, everybody knows there's a Wonder Woman, right? Everybody knows. They know that what she can do, right? It's she's a she's a piece of culture. But in the first one in the first season of Wonder Woman, but the Nazis consider her an American propaganda piece. So they don't even believe there's a Wonder Woman, which is kind of which is kind of true. I mean, right. I mean, if you think about it, there's no internet. You know what I'm saying? This is like World War Two. They've got sketchy reports coming out from the occasional glimpses of a double agent or something that's working over there. Right. There's no internet. It's You're going to see a look look at Wonder Woman on Twitter. Right. So they get a telegram, you know, little Wonder Woman spotted in DC. So of course they're getting sketchy results. Of course they're getting sketchy info. And of course they believe it's propaganda it was it made total sense to me, right? Sorry, I'm getting snotty here. I totally apologize. I figure you guys relevant snotty show the no show. Anyway. So and it's john Saxon, this episode two, I swear to God, john Saxon. It turns out, I looked him up. He was a universal contract player. And for those I talked about contract players in the past, but they're essentially people that work for a studio, and they just fill in the gaps, right? So normal actors have to have an agent, the agent gets some auditions and they go on audition for stuff. In the case of contract players, there was a pool of actors that were on retainer basically, and anytime they needed, you know, a six foot one, you know, dark haired male, they went to the pool, they pick somebody out of their contract. Poor that's who was in it. And Saxon, if you look at his body of work, you could tell he was a contract player. And I looked him up and he was, anyway, I sorry, I digress. I find that fascinating. But anyway, so they've got so this falster is this, this big blonde Nazi bitch who wants to capture Wonder Woman because they've got video now they got, you know, film of Wonder Woman performing all these feats of strength and wonder and deflecting bullets and shit. And they, she wants to capture her and find out the secrets of her strength and turn those secrets over to the fear. And you know, so that they have a wonder woman. They have they have all the power right now standard deal. So they formulate this big plan, they capture her and I thought and maybe I'm missing out and some of the Lord those of you who are the comic book freaks around here can help me out. But they use the lasso of truth on Wonder Woman herself to determine the source of power, right? Or her magic belt. So they managed to get the belt off or so now she's weak, like a man. She's weak like a man. Of course they beat her by using Steve Trevor as bait because they now know that, you know, Wonder Woman shows up on every seat. Trevor's in trouble, right. So they use that as bait. And so he's tied up in a box Wonder Woman asked to come and free him. He looks all pathetic in the box. He says his price hurt and you save me again, one room. Whoa, whoa. This is like watching. like watching Poe get de escalated in the new Star Wars trilogy. It's like, Wow, so this already existed. They were they were taking the good looking studly, Lyle Wagner, and Steve Trevor and they were emasculating him for Wonder Woman early on. This is nothing new here. And I'm like, wow, okay. Well, that's that's cool. I mean, that's that's nice that he can admit that he needs help. Right. So then so Then he decides to so Wonder Woman gets captured taken over to the Fatherland. And so she's like being interrogated and of course the guy doesn't believe that the gauntlet you know, the belts are true source of power. She gets a hold of the gauntlet she breaks herself free. And then she's lecturing falster that she is a powerful intelligent woman and she shouldn't be taking orders from a man I'm going wow. So there's no there's no hierarchy going on here. If he's a man, you shouldn't be listening to him. Wow, I somehow we all missed out on this. And by the end, she's holding her hand I got a picture of this. I took a picture of the TV cuz I just cry. So she's holding phalluses so she gets away. thousand decides to turn code and become a double agent or whatever. And Wonder Woman is holding her hands talking about how for women who who need to be free, blah, blah, blah. I'm going this is some crazy shit. Wow. And she's talking About and poor Trevor sitting there like, man, I go now, right? Unbelievable. So I'm watching this and I'm going, you know, this is not this, this movement just makes me crazy. It's like, we've had all of these powerful women on screen and on film and television long ago. So shut the fuck up. Stop your whining and bitching, stop bitching that the Captain Marvel is is not it's not a woman of color. I don't know. I just my mind. Anyway. So I sat there in my death bed watching cheesy 70s TV for the last few days. And then at the end of my of my sickness tenure, was talking to Alex here about Castle Rock. And now Castle Rock. We talked about this show, I think just slightly excuse me when it first came out. It's a Hulu original. Its executive produced by Stephen King and bed so I watched the first I think two episodes of season one and I was out it's just like first of all the the Stephen King references were so in your face it kind of it kind of turned me off right it's like rise of Skywalker they've got to prove what a fan movie there no this is a Stephen King TV show look we're going to mention Christine look we're going to mention mentioned Shawshank what grading twins look look look look look look look Do you see it? Did you see it? It's like oh my god I don't need this. So I kind of backed out even though terrio Quinn is in a love me some terrio cuase one of my favorite actors long before last by the way I'm not a bandwagon or terrio Quinn fan. I was a huge fan of him and Millennium and I was a huge fan of him of course in the movies. The stepfather movies. Great actor doesn't really get as do but everyone knows him from last right. I was Terry o'quinn before Terry o'quinn was cool with apologies to Barbara Mandrell. But anyway And then what's her name? I wish I knew her name I should know her name the the mom from six feet under, and I can never remember her name. She was also in American Horror Story. Some other stuff. Her name just totally eludes me. It makes me crazy. I can't think of her name, but she's in there and I'm going wow. Two actors I really like in a Stephen King series. I this should be a slam dunk. But it didn't work out. So I bailed. And Alex is telling me how great season two it's not like a I don't think I could sit through season one to get to season two. And he's like, no, no as a standalone story. I'm like, Oh, you mean so there's like, I don't have to watch season one watching a TV like then and then No, no, I mean, there's a cut. He told me it was a couple of references, but we can get through those without a problem. Like Okay, so I'm like, I'll give it a try. And I'll admit the first episode or two did not hook me but I got I got sucked in pretty quick. So what this is season two, without giving away any spoilers spoilers or anything? He's essentially miseries any Wilks origin story right so we all love misery. Kathy Bates where the a lover a hater. She is the definitive Annie Wilkes and well, I would have rather her chopped off Paul Shelton's foot like the book. She did find by breaking the guy's ankles hobbling him, whatever. She did a great job. And I've read the book a couple of different times misery. And I do I do enjoy the movie a lot. My fact the movie goes on rotation. Not every three years I end up watching misery, I think something like that. I really liked the movie. I'm not a huge James Caan fan either, but I enjoyed him in that I enjoyed him in that role. And I liked the story. So this is a full blown backstory like birth, up to the second of any wills and what made her crazy what her family life was like all that crazy shit she did and part of that story is wrapped into a sort of I don't know if you call like an alternate Salem's lot so it's interesting they mix the at least in season two I can't speak for season one maybe Alex can chime in but they mix and match some Stephen King backstory stuff in there but it's not like direct like Salem's lot had a very light influence on it but it was good I mean I really liked what they did with it this whole you know, Jerusalem's lot Salem's lot backstory that gets woven into the Annie Wilkes backstory. And so it's cool so it's you get to see at the very end of the of the of the of the TV show Season Two without giving away spoilers is literally her sitting in a Paul Sheldon bookstore. nining talking about how he loves she loves him so much and that he's her number one fan. And that's where it ends and it's like wow, so literally, you could throw misery on right after season two of Castle Rock and boom, you've got you know, a 12 hour miniseries essentially from any worlds point of view all the way to the end, right. So really cool stuff. I love that I may have to go back to season one. I don't know if the best part of it is Hey, john Johnson to I don't know if what made it work is because I liked the Annie Wilkes backstory so much. For I like the Andy Wilk story I like the misery story so much. What I like it as much if it was one of other other kings other novels, maybe maybe not, I don't know. But anyway, I enjoyed it a lot. And I'm glad that Alex convinced me to see it. So maybe I can help convince other people to watch it. Season Two Castle Rock on Hulu. So check that out. I'm suddenly a huge fan. My wife might actually even like that. I don't know. I mean if there were you know a bunch of good looking vampires in it she probably liked it but this case I'll be honest, I was amazed at like how not good looking at people were on this show men and women alike there's there were more good looking dudes in Castle Rock Season Two then there were good looking women. And that's an oddity. I mean, even the even the kid in there that's sort of the focal point of the of the season. Usually they cast you know, a 22 year old hottie to be a 16 year old girl in these types of shows. Not now. She's frumpy as hell. The woman who plays Annie Wilkes, I gotta give a shout out not that she'll ever hear the show. But she's the one who played Janis Ian and Mean Girls, the goth girl and Mean Girls, and I'll be honest, even though Alex says once you see it, you can't unsee it. I don't see it. I mean, listen, I can put I can put your Janice Ian's picture up for Mean Girls and I can hold it right up next to the TV and it's almost like you know what it's like it's like Jennifer grant you hold up old Jennifer Grey with her nose from from Ferris Bueller and new Jennifer Grey. You know they're the same person but they just you have trouble connecting the dots. But yeah, there was like Tim Robbins is in there. Sorry, I knew that was coming. Tim Robbins is in there. The other there's a whole bunch of faces that you'll recognize throughout the the show. One of them one of them. I really enjoyed seeing her working. The one who played Calamity Jane in Deadwood. I wish I could remember her name too. I need to be writing these things down. But she's also for those of you who did not watch Deadwood. Great, great series. By the way. I haven't watched the movie yet. I need to get around to it. But I'm kind of afraid to watch the movie because I don't want the finality of it. You know, sometimes when a team is show ends, it doesn't really end and you can just sort of extrapolate what you think happens and there's always the story is always alive in your head that once they have one of these personality movies, and so, I mean, you don't you no longer get to guess what's going on right? It's, they've put it they put a nail in it so, so I haven't watched the Deadwood movie yet but she's also she was also the attorney for the Sons of Anarchy bike gang. Her name was like Ali low in in the in the Sons of Anarchy show and I always thought wow, they've got a really hot attorney. And then if you look at her as Calamity Jane, she's anything but odd. But she's one of those actresses that they can they can front her up and make her look like I'm sorry, like dogshit and then they can they can take and make her look really, really good. So she's got a wide range. I think that's I think that's great. But she's got that sort of, you know, mom going on in, in this Castle Rock and you don't see her until like the back five of the episodes was really good. Let's see, I'm trying to think I've got a couple minutes here before I get to work I was trying to think of there's anything else like super pressing I wanted to talk about Dr. Sleep is out 4k. blu ray is out for Dr. Sleep. There's an alternative Director's Cut, which I think we talked about a little bit on the show, but that's out and available. So I got my copy of it in I haven't had a chance to dig through all the extras or anything yet. I'd like to hear some commentary track. I started watching about I got about halfway through the director's cut. And really what the director's cut seems to be is a lot of dialogue filler and a lot of story expansion. Not a ton of like there's a whole missing scene from the original movie, but it's extrapolates a lot more of the conversations and backstories and whatnot. So that's kind of cool. This Like a three hour cut, long movie. So that came in the mail. What else? What else? What else? I'm sure there was something. I mean literally, I was just I was zombified for the last four days so I don't have a ton going on. For those of you who are in an Oculus quest land I did find out some more information they finally Oculus finally released their so you guys know, I was complaining I was pretty upset about it about Facebook's takeover of oculus in terms of they locked you out of being able to make you know, have friends, Oculus friends. They locked out some multiplayer stuff all locked up behind Facebook. And so you you have an Oculus account, but you can't add any other Oculus friends. You can't chat with anybody on August all these things all existed prior to the Facebook takeover. So you can't say well you know, you had to happen face okay to do that to give you the features, well, they didn't really because those features existed before Facebook took over the social networking system. And that happened at the end of December. And it was a month later the end of January, before they finally actually showed you the revised Terms of Service, which to me screams that there's a class action action lawsuit available here somewhere, because you can't just change your terms and conditions and remove functionality from a product without the end user agreeing to it. I mean, there's there's laws about this, there's legal precedents set for this. So I was surprised that Facebook would alter what you were allowed to do with the thing without at least telling you or making you agree to new terms and conditions. I mean, look at what happens when Google or or Apple change their terms of service. They actually take out billboards and they give you weeks to accept it and go through it and everything because it's a big deal. They can get fucked over for that and they just slid that right into hockey. Listen, nobody's raising. I mean, there's a few people that raised a fuss but not that many other than me. So they finally released it. And essentially, what we're talking about here is that they should not require Oculus to Oculus players. To be using Facebook, you should be able to sign up, get an Oculus account, have somebody else sign up and get an Oculus account and at least be able to be friends with them and see what they're playing. Compare scoreboards, that sort of thing. Listen, if you want to lock up chat, and social gatherings and shit behind Facebook fine. But to limit that even the core functionality of the system that makes no sense to me, it kind of pisses me off. But it does not hamper all multiplayer. That was a mistake on my part. Multiplayer still happens you just can't play with your friends. Because the friend system essentially does not exist outside of Facebook. So listen It's I don't tend to play multiplayer on VR anyway. So it's not as big of a deal to me this Facebook nonsense. It's a bigger deal to me that people don't give a shit that people aren't complaining that people say, well, you're saying that for a fake Facebook account, what's the big deal? Well, they can terminate your account for that they can you know, they there are terms of services that Facebook and say you're not allowed to do that. What's the big deal? Looking to use it just for Oculus? Yeah, but you're going to tag your friends. Do you have no fucking clue how these things work? I think they don't, because otherwise they'd be pissed. So anyway, so I've lightened my attitude up a little bit more towards that as long as I never forced to actually use Facebook on that thing. I'm fine. So I was able to crack the code so to speak of how to this is this is a little esoteric. I'm going to leave you with this. One of the things I've been really wanting to do is find a way to manage playlists for beat saber. quest outside of the tool that is provided to do it. And I'll tell you why. Because the tool that's built into BM bf, which is the hacking tool required to let you play custom songs and beat Sabre on quest for playlist management, it blows monkey. But let's be honest, it's horrible. So if I could figure out how to bring down the JSON file from the quest, manipulate it inside of a nice clean Windows app, and then push it back over and have it recognize it, that would be a huge win. I haven't been able to crack that code. Even the source code isn't super helpful. And I haven't been able to reach anybody who's willing to help me. So I've been I've been noodling with it like every few weeks, I'll dust it off and try to figure out a way to hack that in there and make it work. Well, I came up with sort of an epiphany. I tried it and I now am able to override the config file on the BM bf custom songs. And so yeah, I'm in I'm in really good shape here, I will be able to allow people to grab their playlist off the quest, manipulate it using a really clean interface and then send that interface or send that file back over to the quest and have it pick it up. What this also means is that you will be able to protect your playlist because people spend a lot of time building these playlists, complicated playlists, and, and then they lose them. They lose them when there's a BM bf update, they lose them when something goes wrong at the factory reset. I'll be able to allow you to back those up and restore them should that be a problem. So that's that's really neat. Alright, listen, I gotta get into work, guys. I hope you enjoyed this early show. This is Shane R. Monroe, Pastor c radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody.

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