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Hello everybody, this is Shane R. Monroe you are in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. It is February 11 2020. You are on my 13 mile commute to work. Welcome to the show. Yes, the Morning Edition of passenger seat radio was well received last time. And as it just so happens my Sirius XM Radio subscription is being updated right now. So I have a few minutes. Wait, I couldn't listen to Howard. So I am doing the show this morning. We'll see if anybody shows up here in the chat. milestone we made last episode I totally I think I totally forgot to mention it on spreaker. Now spreaker is like the third home of passengers see radio. Originally, passenger seat radio was served up on a web page. And then it was served up through a company called libsyn. liberated syndication. And then I moved to spreaker, which is the current home of passenger see radio. So it has lived in many, many locations. And why is that important? Well on spreaker as of the last episode, we crossed 600 episodes of passenger seat Radio 600 on spreaker alone, quite a milestone, quite a milestone. I think the real number I don't think we're quite closing in on 1000 yet, but I think that I think we had a couple hundred before spreaker at least. So I'm thinking that we're closing in on the eight 900 episodes, past mercy radio, how about that, huh? That's quite a milestone to me. So anyway, back to the morning and Here passenger seat radio I've nobody in the chat yet I expected somebody to have popped in by now. Don't run this red light this yellow light son of a bitch cameras this is the this is the intersection that got me and I swear to God I am always at the tail end of that and it's always yellow as I'm approaching it and I guess it did its job because I'm way too paranoid to try to run that again. So what's been going on? I didn't have a show yesterday I stayed home yesterday actually. I work from home I didn't take a day off. I didn't have a sick day actually worked from home and I had to receive furniture right. So I think we talked about this ages ago. Earlier in May 2019. We bought a sectional with three recliners and my wife just does not want did not want recliner. She did not want recliners. And it's like me, I want recliners damn it I want to be able to lay myself out front of the TV and enjoy. And so she succumbed. And within five or six months the recliners one by one started started dying started bending started breaking one of the one of the non recliner seats actually brocade now Aleksei Lopez, I knew he'd be in one of the seats themselves. The support board underneath broke. And then we had it took me forever to get ahold of somebody in the warranty department for more furniture, and then it took them forever to come out. I mean, we're talking weeks and weeks. I never they did come out. And it turned out that that particular chair had already been broken like at the factory. And they repaired it. I mean, I pulled him out of the box in the rapper myself. So I know that they weren't used. I mean, they could have been rewrapped I suppose. They looked me with They got here, but it broken the factory in the guys like yeah, this stuff happens all the time and they just Band Aid together and you look underneath and they showed me this really shitty staple job where they stapled another board to the broken board or the not that broken, whatever it's just like wow this is ridiculous. So he's like, yeah, so so we're going to fix the one and then he he said he was going to have parts sent to the house and then they would send somebody out once we got the parts are supposed to call them back and they will come back out and actually repair the recliners not replace them. So it's a budget who de Haan nonsense, Kaka duty nonsense, right. Fix my fn recliner. But anyway, so yeah, so weeks and weeks became months and months and hey, retro Sean's on. So this became district forever. Finally, I called him up. And I'm like, dude, you said you'd send parts, no parts arrived. Nobody's called nobody's told us anything. I was under the impression we're going to get replacements. So 20 minutes wait for the supervisors and the supervisors like Yeah, well, we don't have access to those anymore. So we can we can let you keep the furniture and give you $150 in cash. Or you can have $1,000 credit and more furniture and you can just go and find something to replace it. So yeah, yeah, so the answer was we took the thousand bucks who went to more furniture and we found a nice some, we found a nice non mechanical reclining non non recliner sectional. had to spend about five or 600 bucks on top of the credit in order to get what we wanted, but it's very nice. And so I had to be at the house yesterday. It's so funny. They get literally like 48 hours notice, so they, they text me on Saturday being your delivery is set for Monday from 10 to two. And it's like great, worst possible timing ever. I mean, at least it was in the morning or the afternoon. I could go to work for a half a day. Right? But you know, tend to two or is it turned out? They texted me on Sunday saying, Oh, good news. It's now nine to one. I'm like, yeah, that's so great. Thanks. So I had to be at home. Like they showed up or at 1030 or so. Right? And they had to take it all apart, you know, take apart the old one. Bring in the new one. They actually did the setup though, which is nice. And they it's not like they just threw them on the lawn and said you're on your own. It would have been a lot easier than setting up the recliner section. Oh, this is this came in two pieces. So we ended up with a two seat left facing our breast piece. And then we had the chase. Right facing peace. So it's very, very nice. We like it a lot. Very, very comfortable, still a little stiff, you know, breaking in and everything. But overall, it's very, very comfortable. I was chillin on the chase last night. And I like we like it a lot. So that's what that's what I was up to yesterday along with, of course working from home, which is why you didn't get a shout. And let's see. So over the weekend, I have a new programming project that I'm working on. But I pretty much spent all of my free time over the weekend working on and this is a oddly enough another beat saber related project. Which I'm glad Travis isn't here because you haven't shared attack go or beat saber. With the footman. It is so in the unburied saber on the quest Okay, so this is on the Oculus quest not on the PC VR version of beat saber right? on the on the quest version of beat saber. You have to run a patch in order to get custom songs on it. And it's an Android app. So it's got to alter the APK and rebuild the APK. And the custom songs aren't handled the same way. It's it, let's be it. It's pain in the ass. But listen, it's custom songs it beats as you do it. Well, one of the niceties of the PC version of beat saber is that there are tons and tons of hooked in mods, right, so you can create a DLL and hook that DLL directly into beat saver. So you can pretty much alter beat saber at the user interface level, you can completely remake the screen if you want to, you can add new controls to the screen. So if you have a custom song list that's 500 songs on it. It's kind of a pain in the ass to scroll through 500 songs to find what you want. Well, that's what you have to do in the quest version. Unless you use these sort of makeshift playlists. On the on the PC version, you can get you that sorting film tyring sort by author, you know, filter by author filter by genre favorites, you got a million in one ways to manipulate your song list, but in the quest you pretty much have one. And that's to use playlist. And the playlist functionality in the hacking tool, the BM bf tool is is utilitarian, it works. But you pretty much rather use anything else than to try to negotiate and work. I mean, it's drag and drop, and you've got to unlock open this close that open this closed. It's just it's not. It's not funny. It's not fun. So, I've always wanted to make a playlist editor for beats a request, because I felt I could do a better job and I felt that if you had the power of a mouse and non drag and drop and click to move and basic file manipulation style, it would be a lot better. So the key to being able to do that though, is to override And recommit a config file for BM bf. And up until recently, I couldn't make that happen, I figured there was a way to do it, you can just download the JSON file alternative, put it back up there and have a BM bf pick it up, you have to do something special what I couldn't figure out how to do this something special. And the documentation is sparse to none. And the project is no longer it's open source. But it's not because you don't have access to the source code. So they call it open source. But it's not. It's not open source, so you can't really see what's going on. So you have to use an old version of beat on source code to see if you got the right idea. Most of it works, but you're never sure if how you're accessing it is a problem with how you're doing it. Or if it's a difference in the code base between the old version and the new versions. Anyway, long story short first world developer problems, I was unable to figure out how to make that config file commit. Well, last week, I managed to crack that code. And now that I can commit the config file, I can now alter the playlist. So I've been working on playlist editor Pro, and it is actually available now. So if you have an Oculus question you using BMB for custom songs on quest, and listen, if you've only got a handful of songs, it's no big deal. But if you've got hundreds of songs, you must have a copy of playlist and IT pro for the Sen Pro. And that's available at beat saber quest com Yeah, can you believe that domain name is available? I just snapped that shit up like a you know? What was that far side where the alligators sitting on the couch talking to the psychiatrist. And he's like, Hey, Doc, you know those little tiny yellow birds that walk trustingly on the inside of alligators mouths? Yeah, well, I've been snapping those little guys up like popcorn. That's how I snapped up that domain name. Anywho. So that's how I spent a majority of my weekend is working on that tool. And right now it's still I've got a couple more features that need to be added but it's totally usable. It's still in beta. I've got a handful of things I want to make happen before one point out. But you can follow that all beat saber So other than that, what have I been up to? health wise I've been okay. I still don't feel completely right. Most of the most of the sinus congestion is gone. I don't really feel like I've been sleeping enough or right or something. So I don't know. I'm tired a lot. I ran a testosterone gel on Saturday. So I'm a few days out of that and I thought Listen, you know, the guy my my urologist said that I was good for a year so I thought my prescription would be okay. So I call up on Saturday and go your prescriptions expired. You have to wait till Monday. So I got ahold of them yesterday and they put the prescription and so I've got to get it filled tonight. So that's probably why I'm dragging ass like a dog with worms right now too, is I'm My tea is starting to fall off. And nobody wants that. Especially not me and especially not my wife. Let's see what else is going on Friday I went. So as you know, from my wedding, my Travis's wedding experience and my wife gets extraordinarily turned on and worked up by me being in a suit. Not a tux but a suit. So after the wedding, we decided we made a conscious effort that I needed some better clothing, right? Even if it's just for going out or doing special occasions, and of course, when the wife wants to get first in the bedroom, heaven forbid I put on a suit, you know, jacket in a dress shirt and a tie. And she'd be she gets all gets all excited. So we finally got around. I mean, how long has it been since Travis has been married right we finally got around to hold Our assets down the men's warehouse on Friday after work and we went shopping. So very nice guy. We so we were greeted right away This is listen, for some of you. This is like no big deal, right? Some of you have nice clothes. I don't I do not have nice clothes. I'm not a close person, which says I guess a lot about somebody, right? I just, I kind of don't care, Unless Unless we're my wife and I are doing something special, which I can't talk about. But then I like to have. I like to have some nicer clothing to wear. So I've got some nicer clothing and I wear nicer clothing to work. But in reality, I don't really have a suit. I don't have a jacket. I don't have, you know, expensive dress shoes. So for me, this type of clothing is a sort of a foreign element, right? It's not it's not comfortable. For me, but if it turns my wife on, I'm all about it. So it's worth every penny. So we went to men's warehouse we were greeted right away. Fair, a fair aired. I don't know, the guy was like, I don't know what he was maybe I don't think he was French. But somewhere in that province I think he very nice guy older gentleman came over and my wife sort of explained what we were looking for. We were thinking more along the the jeans with a shirt tie in jacket scenario. But it escalated quickly into something more than that, right? So we waited we started looking at jackets. And my wife is like, my wife is like Jacqueline beset in class when they go to that men's store and the guys trying to dress and she's like no, great plan, right? For those of you who understand that joke, it's a really good it's a really good analogy. If you do if you are a fan class then you'll be very pleased that I managed to work that in. But anyway, so finally, you know, and of course, he was like, you know, you really shouldn't be wearing it with this color shirt. Here's an appropriate tie. Here's a good color tires, good combinations, the patterns work here. This doesn't work. There was a whole big ordeal. It's like pretty woman, right? I had Roy Orbison playing in the back of my head the whole time. But of course, you know, oh, you'll need a belt right? You don't have a belt for this. So you're going to need this and you know, originally we were going to get a jacket, a shirt and a tie. We ended up leaving with two pairs of pants are reversible belt two times or three times. I think it was three ties, two pairs of shoes and a jacket and three shirts. So yeah, we ended up we ended up going crazy. So all in all, I think the entire trip cost somewhere in the $650 range which listen for nice closes a good deal. The jacket was on sale and he gave us an additional discount on top of the jacket. The shirts were buy two get one free the ties were Oh, I got two times buy one get one half off. Then the shoes were buy one pair get half off. And the shoes were I don't think I've ever paid $120 for a pair of shoes. Not even a nice pair of sneakers. I kind of cut my limit off at like 99 bucks, right? So yeah, suddenly reminded me of the game right? with Michael Douglas and the dog. He throws his shoe at the dog that there's this chasing up the fire escape. And he's like, well, there goes $1,000 or something like that. And the woman looks at him and goes, sit your shoes cost $1,000 and he looks and he goes Yeah, that one did good stuff. So anyway, I haven't had a chance to do my pretty woman modeling show for my wife. We just haven't gotten around to it. We're Working up towards spring break. So that means a trip to Vegas. And so it's it's crunch time for my wife that puts her squarely in not in the mood for shenanigans, which is not good for me. But listen, one does one must. So I've got this nice. I got this nice garment bag with nice clothes in it and I'm just waiting for the right opportunity. It is a three day weekend, so maybe, maybe we can dress up and go out this weekend. That'd be fun. Just take the new clothes out for a spin can be fun. Alright, so that that kind of catches you up on the weekend my daughter Garcinia has been nagging me to watch this show called Big mouth on Netflix now, I had no idea what this was. And it's a cartoon. It's animated. It's not really a cartoon cartoons are hand drawn. But it's an animated you know? 26 minute comedy show lot of big names in it. People you'd recognize lots of famous people doing the voiceover work. And so, she's been telling me dude, you gotta watch this dad. You got it. You're gonna love this. You gotta watch it. You gotta watch it. I'm going, Yeah. Everybody's got something I have to watch. I'll put it on the back burner. And so she gets back to me again this weekend, and she's like to watch again. Did you watch it yet? I know, this is gonna be one of your favorite shows. I'm like, Okay, look. So this was yesterday. She's like, She's like, just let me know. So I put the first episode on yesterday on my lunch break and started watching it. And at this point in time, I'm nine episodes into the first season. So obviously, it's a hit. But why? What happens what what does it take to tickle my Funny Bone? What does it take to make me binge watch nine episodes of a show over the course of you know? 12 hours. So, I've talked a lot on this show about the TV program drawn together that was on Adult Swim easily one of my favorite comedies of all time, because it's, let's be honest, it's filthy. It's irreverent. And, you know, it's satirical. Listen, he checks all the boxes. So this show is about a bunch of junior high school kids coming to terms with the changes in their body and in their in their lives, basically. So it's a coming of age. It's a filthy coming of age, comedy, right? But because it's animated, they can, they can do whatever they want. And it's on Netflix, they can do whatever they want, right? So So imagine a completely untapped to take drawn together. drawn together was on Adult Swim and it was on at like two o'clock in the morning. So the sensors weren't no Nobody was paying any attention. So they got away with a lot of stuff. If you want to know if you want to get the basics of it, look at clump babies. The column babies episode is probably as far out of the lines as they were able to color. Lots of pop culture references, things like that. So drawing together was great. So big mouth follows a group of kids. bunch of guys a couple of girls, right? Going to school. And there's of course, there's ancillary characters to keep things interesting. There's a, you know, gym, gym teacher that's completely illiterate. But there's a bunch of stereotypes and cliches and which is funny too. But it's really about these core set of probably four or five kids. couple of guys best friends start to date and now their relationship between the two of the guys are are changing. One you know, and of course the body changes. And what's going on hormonally is a fucking scream and once it's even better than that, because Let's be honest, when you're 13, the wind blows your dick gets hard, right? Well, they're, they're happy to exploit all of that in the show. But they do it. This is the best part. They do it through the persona ification of your hormones. So yes, there's actually in this show, for both boys and girls, there's a hormone monster. And it's this grotesque, ugly creature that constantly pops up. Essentially, pushing these kids into terrible hormonal decisions, right? The show opens up the first episode within the first five minutes the hormone monster visits this poor kid twice, once in once while he's in the classroom, and they're in sex ed, learning about fallopian tubes and, and ovaries and all this other shit, right? So the kids just sitting there minding his own business trying to get through the lesson and the hormone monster shows up and starts talking about how great fallopian tubes are. And the kids getting all wound up and he's like, yeah, I think it's time for us to head to the bathroom. You know, rub one out. Yeah. And the kids like listen, I'm at school we've got to have boundaries you're just as creepy sick monster and he's like, I don't know what you're talking about wheels are up in the wheels 730 Let's go to the bathroom hurry let's go it's it's hilarious. I'm this monster constantly pops up. Anytime this kid has any sort of Inklings. There's countdown timer. So the last time the kid jerked off this list, it is a fucking scream. You need five minutes of the show to know whether you're gonna love it or not. Five minutes of the first episode. You'll have to wait till Season Two before it gets good, right? So yeah, check it out. You need one episode. It's on Netflix. One single episode. The best part one not the best part. The whole show is great. But I like the way it flips back and forth between the boys and the girls. There's one episode which is fantastic called girls are horny to family. Fantastic episode, essentially, one girl at school finds this dirty girl book called The Rock of Gibraltar. It's essentially girl porn. And of course, by the end of the show, every female in the school, all the moms are all reading this book and they're all fantasizing about this. Geraldo dude or whatever his name was. It's so great. It's so great. And this is when everybody starts finding all the guys find out that girls get horny, too. Oh, my God. And then I think it's the next episode that the girls introduced to her vagina and her vagina actually like talks to her and gives her tours. I swear to God, it's I don't know who the voice of the vagina is, but it's somebody famous. And that makes it even more funny. But yeah, I mean, there's just within the first five minutes of the first episode, the two guys are having a sleep over and the dude sitting there laying awake, while the other guys snoring away and and the month Monster the hormone monster pops up. And he's like, he's like, he's like, Oh, no, I know why you're here. And I'm not doing that. I'm right next to my best friend. I would not do that to him. He's like, well, if you wouldn't do it, why am I here? And the guys like, Oh, yeah, well, you're right as always. And he's like, Hey, take a look at that clock up there. Yeah. And the clock is one of those ones, like a cat with the eyes moving back and forth from the tail swinging back and forth. And he's like, he's like, take a look at that clock. Start doodling your weenie or whatever it was right? And the kids like, oh, no way. That's, that's Nick's grandmother's clock sick. Yeah. She knew what she was doing. He's like, yeah, yeah. She knew what she was doing. Yeah. See those eyes going back and forth? Yeah. What clock tease Yeah, yeah. And then he's like, now picture your dad's picture your dad's assistant or his personal assistant up there. And of course, the clock morphs into this chick playing golf. It's listen. You just gotta watch it. One episodes, all you need. Do not Do not have it around with the kids can see it. If it wasn't for the absolute crudity of some of it you can literally have this a sex education because it's perfect it talks about everything insecurities about your dick size insecurities about blossoming late period nonsense. Everything is in here and they don't they don't hold anything back. It's great. It's so awesome to have this refreshing, you know, literal coming of age crudity, but it's but it's so well done and it's so genius and it's so that hormone monster fucking cracks me up. He's in for a penny in for a pound right? There's one episode where they're watching some new trailer for the rock movie. And I can't remember it's like the lumberjack or something like that. And, and, and the rock is talking about I've got a lot of wood here. I've got it. I'm going to chop down this wood. Yeah, chop down this wood. And so what one of the kids is watching the trailer and for some reason he springs up While he's watching the rock chopping wood, right, and so the whole episode is him thinking that he's gay. He's like, you know, of course the hormone monster. He's good. It's like whatever. Right and so when the kid starts talking about being gay, the hormone monsters you know, he's all in let's you know, let's start. Start dressing the part. Let's start. It's great. Listen, I can I somewhere on YouTube is I guarantee the hormone monster all clipped up into one big long running bit. And so I will be looking for that later. Not while I'm on my work Wi Fi Of course I will do that at home. But if you're looking for something that's their bite size or 26 minutes apiece, there's three seasons 10 episodes apiece. Right? Easy and easy out pardon the pun, and I think you will love it. If this even sounds remotely interesting. You'll have a good time with it. I know I'm enjoying the shit out of it. So there you go. Big mouth on Netflix. Must Watch TV and I don't say that very often. I started Castle Rock. So I was talking about Castle Rock season two last episode. And I am I decided to restart season one to try to give it up. Give it another shot a fair shake, right because I really enjoyed season two. And I did season one somewhere inside it about halfway through the second episode. So now I'm back and I think I'm on episode three. It's a slow burn right now but I'm still in. We'll see how that goes. Also at the behest of Alex j Lopez here after watching Season Two of Castle Rock and feeling I was missing out on some of the Salem's lot references. Listen, I saw Salem's lot. What was that? 1979 it came out right? The movie with that dude from Starsky and Hutch, right? And I can't remember the guys name off the top of my head. But listen, it's a 1979 horror movie, right and I do remember it's scaring the living shit out of me the vampire rapping on the glass and flying in and biting the kid. And then the guy digs up the kids corpse and the kids vampire and he jumps out and gets the guy in. Let's just say along with the shining, it sort of left an indelible impression. I probably saw it in see it came out 79 that would have made me 10 I probably saw it. It probably within the year, so I was 10 or 11. And yeah, that that leaves scars dude, at least scars if you're easily The Exorcist did the same thing, right? I shouldn't be watching any of that shit. But I did. So Alex was telling me that there was a Rob Lowe TV mini series version of Salem's lot in 2004. David Saul, thank you. I knew I knew as soon as I saw the guy's name. I know. David soul was the guy from Starsky and Hutch that was in the Salem's lot from 1979 Anyway, so I grabbed a copy of Salem's lot 2004 it's really sucky because it's only available on DVD and the DVD quality is not super great. I wouldn't after watching it, I would definitely pick that sucker up on blu ray if it would come out. With all the Stephen King hubbub going on right now you would think that that would be that'd be on the list, but maybe the source materials bad I don't know. Anyway, so Salem's lot, I watched that as well over the weekend. And I enjoyed that a lot. I went back and reviewed the 1979 Salem's lot, and I'm really glad I watched the 2004 version. It's not it's just a matter of sort of being updated. But the scenes weren't as scary as I remembered in the 1979 version. I remember I mean, if any, it invoked a sense of dread when the kids floating outside the window. I still love that scene. That shit is still creepy as fuck. 1979 This fucking dead vampire kid in pajamas is floating outside his brother's window. And he's rapping on the glass. Fucking free. It's still freaky. But not the actual vampire attack isn't as freaky as I remembered it. The 2004 version does suffer from some CGI nonsense, but it's actually overall and listen, it's a low quality copy. Maybe that's why it's not on blu ray because the special effects would look worse. But for the most part, there's lots of practical effects used and the CGI is not grotesque. So if I would say that it's up on par with blade, right, and I thought that blade CGI is like with the vampires turned to dust stuff like that. I thought it was decent for CGI work anyway. And they I think it might have been the same effects team. It looks really familiar looks very similar. But what a cast I mean, Rob blows in there William crumb well you know the guy from babe, who else was in there, Rutger Hauer, Donald Sutherland. I mean what a cast I mean somebody you know stephen king called in some chips for to make that one I think so overall good stuff i would i would recommend if you have not seen Salem's lot i would definitely check that version out 2004 I did I did tell Alex I was going to try to run that through and large AI to see if I could get a more palatable 10 ATP version of it. And frankly, in large a I took a shit while it was while I was trying to convert it to upscale it so I don't know. I don't know. It doesn't tell much just lets me send a an error message out so to DVD fab, so that did not work out. I tried a couple times and it crapped out each and every time so too bad for that. But anyway, so yeah, that's that's where we're at. I am at work, ladies and gentlemen. It is time for me to hit on in. Hope you enjoyed the Early Morning Edition of passenger seat radio. And this is Shane R. Monroe. We'll see you next time. Take care, everybody.

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