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Hello everybody, this is Shane Arman row you are in the passenger seat with me passenger seat radio. February 26 2020. You're on my 13 mile commute home. Welcome to the show. Well, I know it's been a long time since we've had a show anybody got a time stamp on the on the last show that I did. It seems like it's been a really long time. And there were this gum. I find that chewing sugar less gum gets my mouth something to do. Keeps me keeps me busy. Sorry, there's a homeless person crossing the street in front of me, but she's like, I don't know what's going on here. Yeah, so I think I've shared some pictures but we've essentially got Tent City going on down here. Tons and tons of homeless people. And it's just getting worse. I mean, it is literally crowded with 10s of Shit I am so sorry. I almost ran that light too busy looking at the damn tense crazy yeah all sorts of people bunch of topless dudes running around bunch of look at this. Let's see we've got over here. There's bikes all over there. So we got tents. We got bikes and people hang in there close up baskets. So we got down here. And I got a lot of stuff going on here. A lot of homeless people down here. But anyway, how's everybody doing? Yeah, I was. I didn't feel like doing a show on Monday. been feeling pretty strange. The last week or so. And I went to the doctor yesterday about it because last, I don't know a week or so. I've been feeling a little bit kind of lightheaded. I don't know how else to explain it. But it almost it almost feels like you know you've got something maybe in your ear and it's kind of affects your equilibrium. I'm a little bit I find myself having to like, compensate myself my equilibrium, you know, normally just walking, you don't even think about it, I find that I have to kind of concentrate to keep my equilibrium up properly, right? So I'm out, like walking into stuff. So that kind of freaked me out a little bit, the more I dwelled on and thought about, I'm thinking, hey, maybe there's something like really, really wrong with me. So I gave it a few days, you know, I've only been back on the testosterone for a short period of time, right? Except that two weeks off and, and I've only been on it like a week, less than a week, just about a week, something like that. So I went to the doctor yesterday, stayed home from work. So obviously, I didn't do a show, but I am going over the other lane. But, yeah, so I was kind of like, you know, what do you think? I mean, I think everything's okay. But you know, let's go Hey, Andy Johnson. What's up? Are you new, your first time First time live listener I do not recognize your, your avatar there nor your name. That's awesome. Welcome to the live chat. Live Show. So anyway, um, so I went to the doctor and I'm like, Hey, you know, I gave I gave her the symptoms and she's like, She's like, yeah, you know, your hormones are probably all out of whack. He's like you were offered two weeks. It's a slow rise back up. She goes, you need to give it another week or two, you know, before you start to worry about it. And things you know, you just had that big that big head cold thing that and she's like, I still haven't gotten rid of it with me yet so. So you've probably got some nonsense kicking around. And I popped in and out, but from time to time Okay. Have you ever actually posted in here though? I don't know. Now all of a sudden you got a circle for a head we had a square head before. That's interesting. I wonder did you change it hang on a second. So once was from, and it was awesome was figured out why all of a sudden did your avatar change from a squared to like a bordered round I don't know weird stuff with spreaker anywho so the doctor said you know don't have a crap attack about it just wait for your body to kind of dial back in you should be alright. So I'm, I am I am working on it. So I will continue to get my testosterone level back up. And a few months will I'll go back in and I'll get some blood work done. I'll make sure everything's okay but I like my new doctor. She's well prepared. Hey Justin. I like my new doctor a lot. She's the problem is every time I like a doctor someone HMO right? Which basically means produce the lowest possible tier of health care. I mean outside of like, you know, Medicare or you know, one of these. I pay for it, but I don't pay a lot for it. So, you know, they change providers, like I changed socks. You know, I know I've learned not to get I've learned not to get comfortable with Anybody? Because I think in the during the time that I've been with the county, I think I've had maybe eight or nine changes in my doctor. That's a lot. And 15 years, 16 years, so, yeah, 16 years. So it's like every two years my doctor changed I guess that has some sort of a pattern to it done it. Anyhow, so let me see here what's been going on. Anybody get a call on that last show? Let me bring up my bring up my keep list here. I had a few things going on. I wanted to talk about not a ton though. So let's see. So my pet cemetery two came in. That was the shout factory. Special Edition one that just came out. I know listen, I know a lot of people are not big pet cemetery to fans. And for those some of you might not even know there is a pet cemetery too. So now there's three pet cemetery movies, the original You know, a sequel and a remake. And hopefully they won't try to remake the second one. So the second one, let's talk about pet cemetery too for a little bit because it's not without its charm. I understand why people aren't super into it. It. The first one was directed by Mary Lambert. She is she directed a boatload of popular music videos in the 80s. Right, that was that was the that was the video of our generation, right? Today's YouTube, for Gen Z and, and and Gen Y. But for us, like Justin and me, MTV was YouTube. Right when you weren't doing something else, you were watching MTV, you were watching music TV. And so if you can imagine how important that YouTube is to a lot of people today, you have a kind of an idea as to how important MTV was to us. And so that makes the music videos and the performers that pioneered the music video format, not not to listen to music videos, they are not the same thing. They are essentially, you know, the person in the back and the singer, the backup dancers and maybe the band dancing around on the stage, you know, lip synching and not performing any. It's not, it's not the same thing. There was a drive in the early days for those of you who do not know about the early days of MTV, there was a huge drive to make mini movies, right? So a lot of people like Michael Bay, and you know, Lambert, you know, all of these people. These people were trying to make movies inside of three and a half minutes, right. They were trying to set this bar and in some cases, it worked incredibly well and in some cases, they went absolutely batshit crazy with it. Like with thriller. You know, they got john Landis. I mean, Michael Jackson, john Landis, the guy that did American Werewolf in London they got this guy in. They they worked like a year and a half on this video. Absolutely batshit crazy stuff right for for three and a half minutes song, they made it into a 13 minute movie. And when that shit came out, it was crazy. Hey turbo, when that came out, they were playing thriller like every hour on the hour on MTV, right. And so Michael Jackson did a ton of you know, short, short movie versions of his music right like ghosts and, and a couple of other songs. But there were people like like Madonna did controversial videos she wanted to she wanted to make everybody pay attention, right. So she did like a prayer song right? And then the video had this weird controversy because Jesus was black blah, blah, blah. Listen. It's what we had. All right now. Every Things seems tame and normal, but back then they were looking to shake everything up. Anyway, this Miranda Lambert was tapped from her music video career to join the Stephen King movie Pet Cemetery. And what's this guy doing this bus trying to get over here? Are you gonna turn? I'll let you in dude because you're bigger way bigger than me. Come on in, come on elegent you know why cuz I'm a good guy. So anyway, so she did this pet cemetery with essentially, you know, famous famous people at the time but you know their little bit you're going to recognize now and it did very very well. Stephen King was part of it. He did this the screenplay for it. He was in and a little bit. It was pretty well done against this movie. Madonna does want to blow up the White House. Yeah, well, you know, listen Madonna made her her career on being you know being crazy and and and being controversial right so that's that's the methodology she knows anyhow not to skew onto a political tangent. So pet cemetery to oddly enough A lot of people don't realize that pet cemetery to was directed by Miranda Lambert so the same director of the dead pet cemetery although if you watch both of those movies say back to back you'll find that they they feel like very different movies they play out is very different movies. And as Clancy Brown brings up in his interview his new interview for pet cemetery to special edition, he he said that there's very little in common between those two movies other than the venue of there being a graveyard where you bury dead things and they come back to life. And so obviously an important vehicle for the story. But at the same time, it's really easy to understand why people did not like pet cemetery to. There was a lot though to actually like about pet cemetery too. And if nothing else Listen, a lot of people didn't like Edward Furlong either. right he's the one that played the played the john Connor in Terminator two, he broke a lot of people wrong and and listen, I get it. I am not. I will not go out of my way and call myself an Edward Furlong fan, but I thought he did a perfectly fine job in that movie. But you had a lot of other great actors like Clancy Brown in there. And you had was his name Anthony Edwards was in there from gotcha. And what was he insane elsewhere or one of the not seen elsewhere was the other one was he had seen elsewhere? I don't remember anyway. He wasn't one of those long running medical dramas. He's a nice, he's a good actor. I had some beautiful women in there. I can't remember the woman's name who played Clancy Browns wife, but she's just she's smoking hot back then. And it was cool I mean listen it was it was a decent movie and hang on a second there's like there's some sort of nonsense going on here there's cops blocking the road Hang on a sec Let me see if I get around this like maybe an accident or something oh yeah DMF truck got all fucked up. Where's the car yet? Was it a train? Shit Justin Are you behind me? See if you can get a better look at that. I think that I think that truck got hit by a train or something but where's the train? I don't see any other car and that truck looked all fucked up because right on the train tracks to anyway so pet cemetery to the transfer looks great. I posted some pictures of the box. Of course it has the reversible cover art so you have the original cover art along with some new stuff which is okay but pet cemetery two is essentially another story right that takes place around the the graveyard where the dead you know the Big Mac Indian burial ground with a dead come back Yeah, you've probably seen it on you know if I need to go through the whole bit, but it's worth a watch. I think that pet cemetery to is just perfectly fine sequel. And I don't think it should be dismissed and again, it's stretched by the same, the same director. Now King was not involved and you can tell right and there are some new interviews that are great Edward Furlong has an interview, which is not as great but Clancy Browns got an interview, the composer has an interview, and I think the effects guy has an interview I haven't had a chance to watch them all but they're little you know, little vignette type interviews. There's nothing really substantial in there. I believe there's a director commentary which I may have already heard on the DVD I don't remember if it's new or not. So if you're wondering whether or not you should double dip for the transfer looks great. They did a nice job cleaning up Listen, it's it's a it's a shell factory, you know, so it's not they're not gonna really shit. I mean, not criterion. But there's good, they're good. So that was nice. I was glad to get a hold of that. I had that movie hold sort of a special place for me and I don't know exactly why. I must have been a timing scenario when the movie came out. It triggers some sort of nostalgia for me. I listened it's pet cemetery and Clancy Brown is fantastic. If nothing else, you forget the Clancy Brown skin like and everything. You know, my son and I are doing a run of Oh, so Justin, you were ahead of me. I'm just pulling up on your right. Hello. So I don't know, we didn't get a chance to see the truck. Like classy brosman and everything. You know, a lot of people forget that he was like the original bad guy in Highlander. Right. A lot of people don't remember that. He was the deranged sort of deranged woodshop teacher in The Goldbergs recently. Right. And of course in Starship Troopers he was the drill sergeant they got himself busted down to private so he go back in and listen the bug war right and So my son and I, you know, listen, as we've said before, he's 13 going on 14, and I've got a very short period of time to get movies in front of him. So I, what did we start off with? So we started off with Robocop. And so we've been doing the Paul Verhoeven tour for movie so we've done Robocop, Robocop to Total Recall. hollow man and Starship Troopers. Right. So we started with Starship Troopers. My wife's like, Yeah, you got to show them Starship Troopers. So love that. And I'm like, Yeah, okay, cool. So for those of you you have a son now to how old I mean, I mean, just had a son or turbo saying, he has a son that too. You don't have much time, my friend before you don't know anything. So Hurry, hurry, hurry, and they say like by seven or eight. You're sort of at a loss of your last cosma at seven or eight. But, you know so far 13 is still been okay. So we started with Starship Troopers, and we moved on to Robocop and you know, I gotta tell you, Robocop holds up really, really good. Three weeks old. Holy shit, dude, how are you? How are you here? And not either sleep deprived or changing diapers. I remember that age and there was nothing going on other than baby duty. So babies duty and baby duty for that matter. So anyhow, yeah, so Robocop holds up really, really well I recently picked up you know the arrow special release of it. You get a 4k transfer, but they they put it down to 10 ATP for blu ray, and they didn't release a 4k version. Yeah, yeah. Paul Verhoeven is a fucking amazing director. And oh, hey, Jay. Ron, what's up, guys? Anybody else joined when I wasn't looking 721 you are tired you're well tardy actually. While you're at work yeah, good, good, good, good. Let me see if I can get myself in the good lane here so I can veg out for the rest of the trip home. Yeah, so um, I hadn't actually gotten a chance to look very closely at the Robocop arrow rerelease that box is packed full of goodies, though. I mean, it is got everything in the kitchen sink inside that release, but I think we talked about that. But we finally got around to watching that and then my son's like Robocop too. Now. I'm like, Okay, listen, before we get started here with Robocop to He's like, this is suck. I'm like, No, it doesn't suck. Okay, but you need to keep your expectations tempered. He's like, this is the same cast in there. And I'm like, Yeah, yeah, it's still got Peter Weller. It's still got Nancy Allen. But it still got the old guy. You'll you'll recognize a lot of people in there, but he's like, so what is it? I'm like, Okay, listen. It's not the same director and he's like, well, that's okay. Right? I'm like, yeah, something's something's missing from the movie. In other words, it doesn't. It doesn't feel like a Paul Verhoeven film. And it's interesting. The older I get them, the more I am able to see the relationships of movies and their directors and their producers and that sort of thing. I mean, I was always kind of keen on it, being able to kind of get that sense of feeling. When you're watching, like back to back, like when you saw Robocop, I saw Robocop at the theater for the first time and I saw Robocop to add the theater the first time and what was that two years apart? Right? So you kind of you kind of forget you're just so fucking excited to be able to see you know, the Robocop movie and it's still Peter Weller, and Nancy Allen's and in the trailer look great. And there's another Robocop and he's going to do battle with and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So you're kind of like, you're the more forgiving when you watch him back to back like, you know, literally back to back You start to see the nuances that are different between Paul Vern opens work and this other guy. Not to say it's a bad movie, man, he say, I do draw the line with the flying Robocop. Okay, part three. I didn't leave. I told him we're not watching that. I said someday later on in life, you can pick that one up and watch it yourself. I said, Robocop three, just really doesn't have any redeeming values. Robocop two is loaded with redeeming values, right? Even though it's not as good as the first one, but there's a lot to like about it. It's actually kind of dark and the kid is a foul mouth, little fucker. And, you know, cain is fantastic. He's kind of like that. He's sort of like that Manson sort of guy. You know, Robocop is laying there. He's being disassembled and they're like chewing through his joints. They're chopping his leg off. And canes and they're going Jesus had days like this, you know, fantastic. Almost as good as this preacher from Johnny mnemonic. Not quite though. So yeah, so we watched Robocop too, he liked it, you know, he made fun of the stop motion, which, in Robocop the first Robocop there's a decent amount of stop motion, but they it's done very well. And for some reason when you're seeing stop motion on The Ed 209, which is primarily where the stop motion isn't that movie the stop motion kind of feels right. You know, it, the you expect a robotic, you respect it, you expect a robotic creature to move robotically, right. So the stop motion while it stands out a little bit because it looks out of place. It doesn't feel out of place. Does that make any sense? But in two, they not only do stop motion with the cane, Robocop or the you know, the cane robot, but then they also end up having to use Stop Motion for Peter Weller's role as well and then they have to do weird shit where there's, they're both fighting each other. And there's a point in time where Robo jumps on the back at Kane and the whole thing is stop motion. And it's like CGI, you guys know I love the bitch about CGI. When when the illusion is broken, whether it be bad practical effects, bad optical effects, bad stop motion, or bad CGI. I feel compelled to bitch about it. Because the secret of movies of course, is suspending disbelief. And it's really hard to suspend disbelief when you've got when you've got stop motion animation that looks like that. There's nothing to anchor it with the at 209 you had Robocop right there. You know you had Peter Weller doing that awesome mind shift that he's got going on, and the robotic word and everything's real except for him. And your mind buys into it when you see what looks really like a little tiny miniature Set with with bad stop motion kind of takes you out at the moment. But he still liked it. I mean, he's still got into it. He's still got a sense of childhood wonder, I guess which is great. So then we moved on, as I said to hollow man, and you know, humble man, I gotta admit how man holds up really damn good. I mean, from the point of view, it's like what 1999 Justin would probably remember this. So you're talking a 20 year old movie? That's no, that's no. Late bird special either. That's 20 fucking years old. 21 years old, really? And maybe a year earlier than that. And there isn't significant amount of CG in it. And obviously, you know, cG 20 years ago shouldn't be as good as it is today. Right? But rapey rape Yeah, and the so hollow man. For those of you who may have missed it is is a is a Kevin Bacon movie great cast by the way, you got Kevin Bacon as the supreme asshole you've got Elisabeth Shue she's still like she still looks great. I mean, if you've watched if you watch that new show she's in the last was it last boys or whatever it is that that superhero one. Yeah she's um she's not. She's not holding up Well, unfortunately, visually speaking of course, but, but she's still a great hollow man. Josh Brolin is in there very young Josh Berlin's in there. And the rest of the cast you would see him and go Yeah, yeah, I know that. What is this? Canadian brothers spend eight years doing a stop motion remake of Toy Story three. Hey, oh Bruce villains in. That's interesting. Yeah, you'll stop motion doesn't bother me as much because I lived with it as a kid. You know, all of the Christmas shows the Rudolph and the Frosty the Snowman and all that stuff was all stop motion so it doesn't necessarily bother me but I can certainly understand how it could bother a younger generation who are seeing this for the first time I love me some you know Clash of the Titans with the animated skeletons and the whole bit the stop motion skeletons so you know I grew up with it I'm okay with it but I can see how much like bad CGI or pretty much any CGI these days takes you out of the movie I can see how stop motion can take you out of the movie too. But Hello man it's great so hollow man is a is a different take on the whole Invisible Man thing. And so the storyline and by the way, I just got this from Germany it's a it's a hollow man one into Special Edition. I think I talked about it maybe I've already talked up hollow man, maybe I don't need to discuss it. But hollow man, that that's pretty violent. I mean, that's got some grown up themes going on in there. And so I'm always curious. Is my son My son smart? He's, he's a quick kid and he picks up on a lot. But I'm always curious to see where his what's the word I'm looking for? Where that recognition level is where when Can he When does he start seeing subtext? You know what I'm saying? He he picks up pretty well on it in Holloman. Holloman is I was I going with that suspects the traffic traffic's really bad for some reason I'm still stuck. It's like 430 and I have barely even begun this trip. So the traffic has been extremely bad. Anyway, so hello man worked out very well. He had problems you know what my son had problems with, honestly. So first of all, I wouldn't let him watch the the groping and I wouldn't watch him. Let him watch the rape scene. Which by the way, if you haven't seen the rape scene of hollow man on the uncut, unrated version in the in the version that everybody's probably seen the R rated version, it's more implied that he rapes her. In the in the full meal deal the unrated edition. There's no question in your mind that he rapes her which is crazy. Yeah, so I mean, if you're if you're looking for a reason to go back and watch hollow man again, you know what she's I thought she was really super hot that the actress I think she was a model, a French model or a Canadian model, French Canadian model, who plays that woman and there she has like no speaking lines. She's just there to look hot. And I remember as a kid, watching that thinking that she was super super hot, but it's that sort of model beauty which doesn't particularly appeal to me. And so watching it this time, and it's been a while since I've seen it. I came to that realization that that's just sort of not my type anymore. You know, my son, I think I've mentioned he's all about the girls now. I had a couple of worries about him for a while, not that I care if he's gay or not. I mean, it really that stuff doesn't bother me. But then, you know, trying to figure out which which direction things are going to go, I mean, the kid likes music theater. have to ask yourself some questions at some point in time with that. But Elizabeth shoe, you know, you think she's hot and, and the mom is hot, everyone's hot. So my son is making sure that I understand where he's coming from these movies. So hollow man lead us, of course to Total Recall. You're probably wondering, you haven't seen Total Recall in like 25 years. How's that movie holding up? Now one of the cool things about Total Recall is Paul verto, and likes to work with the same actors. And so, Total Recall has Ronnie Coxon from Robocop Scott. Michael Ironside in it from Starship Troopers. You know, so there's a lot of us that gay for me. Yeah, no Shut up. I know this. I happen to have turned out just fine. And I like sanity. So, you know, whatever I do like musical theater. I don't know what to tell you. I can be straight then again, you guys know, who knows, you know, who knows my whole life could have been a low t problem. You know, I was thinking about that. I was talking to my mom about it, actually. And she goes, you know, we wonder for a little while about you. And I'm like, You mean like the whole gay thing? And she's like, yeah, you're kind of the feminine I say, well, you look at the way you made me cut my hair. I look like a chick chick that was popular at the time. I'm like, I'm like you look at like Shaun Cassidy at the time. We all thought he was gay as a $3. Bill, right? queer is a $3 bill, and he was straight, but he had that hair. That's the way my mom had my haircut right? I Had the Shaun Cassidy haircut. And that was that looked as gay as possible. So, am I, my mom's like, you know, it kind of explains a lot your testosterone, you know, we always kind of wondered about, you know, my great Thanks, Mom. But yeah, I mean, I wonder if that sort of early level programming yes and into the 1970s movie technically 1980 movie because 1979 Michael Beck from xana do who by the way was a complete dumpster fire insanity, by the way is Sonny Malone. He was Swan in the Warriors that great Walter Hill flick from 1979. And so and I saw he was going to be at xandra Oh, yes, was going to be sanity. And then he turned out to be a dumpster fire to be kind. So, yeah, that's how I understand the years on that one. But anyway, so yeah, a lot of great, great cast. Oh, call me. That's work. Damn it. I wonder if I should take that call. You can text me. Text me if you need me. For 35 I should be most of the way home by now we'll see if he tries to call me back. No, not a rush fan. Zanna do xana News all about the cheesy movie, but they managed to salvage that movie very well with the Broadway musical. Which, you know, part of half of xana do is Electric Light Orchestra and and and Jeff Lynne and ELO love them love me some yellow and so if half the soundtrack from sanity was yellow, it's hard to kind of go gay with that right I'm Alyssa living in john. Listen, she's high and you like some couple of her songs but you wouldn't go on record as saying you were an Olivia new john fan. Right? But listen half of its ELO and then on the other side on on the A side of that cassette or album right? Yeah, the tubes. Right tubes are all right, push that Gene Kelly on there too, sir. Yeah, I don't know what I'm going with that anyway. So Total Recall actually holds up very, very well. There's, there's like no CG in there. There's some optical effects, which most of them are actually pretty good. You know, Russia is like any other band to me. I understand that. Understand that Russia. I understand that Russia has this weird, crazy loyal following. Right. And I don't have anything against them. Right. And I like a couple of their songs like, you know, the mainstream stuff that they played. I wouldn't say I was a fan. I don't know any rush albums. I'm sure I have a couple of their mp3 scattered amongst my drive. Right. But yeah, but I wouldn't say I'm a fan. I like a couple of their songs or hate them. Yeah, the tubes. You know, it's funny, the tubes completely disavow themselves from that. Song and that soundtrack they will not play it live the tubes will not even admit that they did that song How about that? So obviously they were they didn't like that but I like that bit I like that whole you know dancing with you some dance and what you do contains and you do and they merge it with the old eight You know the old Big Band action Yeah, I dig it anyway, so got back off Total Recall again so yeah, so Total Recall you know, classic army stuff or any one liners Sharon Stone is like in find form that Rachel what's her name to cotton or top 10 or whatever her name is? She, by the way, I thought she was going to do more that that chick she was in. She was she had a small part and falling down. She was the partner of of the coffin there. What was what was the actor that did that one? Anyway, so she was she had that small part in there and she had a small part. Well, actually a fairly big part in FX to Rachel tucked in. But I thought she would go further. I mean, she was she's really hot. I mean, you got to look at her all made up, you know, I didn't really pay that much attention. Close up, right. There's a couple of really close ups on her face and Total Recall. And I'm going to share a secret with you. I've seen movies a lot, but I've watched movies a lot less frequently than I've seen them. And let me let me let me qualify that with an explanation. So let's roll back to let's roll back to early 80s. Right. I got my first VCR actually to VCR I was making power Copies of movies. I was making my own three movie tapes like so many of us did back then. And the truth is, I watched movies two or three times, like, watch them. I mean, I consumed that. And then after that they became a playlist in the background, right? So I would get literally I would wake up and I would throw him a tape in or I'd start from from the day before, and before school, showering, getting ready to go to school, whatever I had movies on. And then I would stop the VCR on my way out the door. And when I got home from school, I would flip the TV in the VCR back on and I would have something running until I went to sleep. Right so and then on the weekends, I had movies running basically 24 seven. So Well, I didn't necessarily watch them closely. 100 times Like some of these movies like the new kids, I've seen that movie like well over 100 times guaranteed. But how many times I actually sat and watched it frame for frame, you know, start to finish, no interruptions, no stopping and starting the next day type thing. Five, six, maybe. And you know, and when I get these movies again, on blu ray or on, on on when DVDs were first coming out, when I would get these movies again, each time I would get them on a new format, I would, I would consume them again, front to back top to bottom. But some of these movies I haven't been back to in a while, like Total Recall to actually sit and watch it. And so in this case, I had an opportunity to take you know, to watch the movie a little bit closer with my son. He feels insulted if I'm doing anything while we're watching the movie together. Right? Which I get it. You know, this is a quality father son time so I'm watching the movies. A lot closer So what I'm watching it with him. And that's what I mean by, by, by by being able to notice these links between the directors and the producers and seeing similarities. I gotta tell you, let me tell you something about about Total Recall my son, and I'm sure this is my doing he is a continuity freak. And I don't know if I've talked about this on the show or not, but it's worth talking about again, for this example. He loves watching for continuity errors and movies and and TV, TV, super easy. Pick any show you want, you will eventually catch a continuity error. And a lot of this has has to do with the concept of the single single camera sitcom or the single single camera shows. Because they, they do the same thing over and over again, right. So for each camera angle for each actor, they end up doing the scenes over and over and over again, right. And if you're drinking from water glass, Right, you're eventually going to see that that water glass goes from half full to half it, you know, goes from full to half full, to back to full to empty back to half full. All you gotta do is wait for a little while and you'll see a continuity or movies though are a little harder to catch unless they're really bad movies. Now, Vegas vacation has like 900 continuity errors in it. But you know, for a top notch Paul Verhoeven or one of these, you know, leading sort of directors you don't typically see blatant continuity errors. And this one in Total Recall was not blaming it all, but my son still caught it. For those of you who want to go check it out on your own. There's a scene classic scene where Rachel tucked in and Sharon Stone kick each other's ass. It's one of the great cat fights of my generation right? Girls kicking girls his ass and we love it. Anyway in the back of this catfight going on Arnold is incapacitated, laying on the ground. And he ends up coming to and getting a picking a gun up off of one of the henchmen. And he ends up shooting Sharon Stone in the head considered that the divorce, right? My son's like, wait, wait, go back, go back, go back. And I'm like what he's like, I think they messed up but I'm like, oh, wow, really. I've seen this movie a lot. And I never caught a fuckup in here. But there's a period of there's a point in time where Arnie is already sitting up with the gun. Right? And then the next time you see it, he's laying down there and then they show him close up going and picking the gun up off the dead guy. And he's and I'm like, holy shit, he's right. So massive continuity or there aren't he already had the gun then he didn't have the gun and then he picks the gun up. I feel so proud. You know, when your son hits the home run that brings you know the winning home run for the point org scores the winning touchdown. That's how some dads feel proud of their son. I'm proud of my son. When I'm proud of my son when he finds continuity errors in, you know, 1990s movies. How can you love it without it being fantastic. I love it. It's fantastic. It is so great. I love it. Bitch brawls Yeah, yeah, there's been some really good ones to Cynthia rothrock You know, my favorite be martial artist star she's got. She's got a couple of good girl on girl ass whipping scenes. And that's like the real deal. So love said Total Recall. We're all done with that. So I need to pick my next movie. And I think we're out of Paul Verhoeven movies that he can see, because we're not into what down to what showgirls, we're down to basic instinct. You can't watch either one of those. My wife and you know, my wife has the nudity and sex clause in these movies. So I'm afraid we might be out of Paul Verhoeven flicks for him to see. So we're gonna have to find somebody else. Maybe we'll go on another Kevin Bacon run we've done a lot of bacon movies already. We did a bunch of Eddie Murphy stuff so we will figure something out. There's there's a whole cavalcade of movies that are required right watching while I still have his attention. So you see what else have on my list here pet cemetery to? Let's see. So, the, the annual release of visual or video studio from corral came out. And I was a I'm an early adopter every year. I don't know why I do it because they don't really change that much each year. But they always have like one or two things that I really, really want. And so I end up buying it anyway. So, Video Studio 2020 has shipped to pre orders and it's not for general release. Yet it should be within the next I think week or so it hits the site to the general public. And what I'm really wanting at a Visual Studio and they claim that it's there, but I haven't been able to find it yet. So I don't know why they bury it. One of the things that I'm really looking for is the lower thirds. As you're doing any video production, you know what I'm talking about. lower thirds are the banners that appear on the lower third of the screen usually during the opener, or the closer the video right so the video starts and then some kind of cool graphics or some sort of a like at the bottom of newscast right, this thing will slide out, you'll talk you know, you'll put your your topic and you know, this is on the Nintendo Switch. It's this game, blah, blah, blah, blah, traffic on pure or on cactus here. reset my cruise control here. And so there are several lesser products That have good, lower third functionality for some reason corrals Video Studio, even though it claims that there's more lower thirds this time around, I'm not seeing it. And so essentially, I think what they do is they use this Boris effects company, that they make plugins. And so they've got some sort of deal where they bundle in some of the plugins that Boris offers for free with your video studio. And so then in order to do these lower thirds, you have to you know, instantiate a plugin, which you then you end up in another interface, you have to figure out how that interface works in order to get the video in, you know, the overlay video for the lower third, and it's on other products. It's just so it's so seamless and so easy. It's just so it makes sense that for some reason, this isn't a nut these guys can crack. The last release was hard. Were encoding and decoding. So that's why I bought 2019, even though apparently was buried in some capacity. It was buried inside of 2018. It was front and center brought out last year. And this year's one of the bigger pieces of functionality that was excited about was 4k ui enhancements, right? Because if you spent any time with any application on a 4k monitor, even if you go in and set your windows DPI settings and all that stuff, you're it's usually an unpleasant experience, right? unless these developers go back and sort of tidy up the UI to behave specifically on 4k and 4k resolution. It it just doesn't, doesn't seem to work out well. So that was that was that in the lower thirds was where the two main reasons that I wanted to pick this up. And I'll be honest, I haven't had time to actually produce a full blown video on it yet. But so far I'm rather underwhelmed by the release. So you might go through the new feature list if you're considering I was adopting the policy of only upgrading every other year. But you know, so one year I buy the next year I pirate the next year I buy the next year I pirate. That seems to that seems to be a pretty, pretty good solution here for video studio. Same with PaintShop Pro, right? Those two tools are my go to for you know photo and video editing. But it seems crazy to be laying out 60 bucks a year for these very incremental upgrades. So that's that software point of view. What about the C 64 game tool? I have a lot of people asking me about this When's that going to come out? So let me let me bring you let me give you some backstory to this because a lots been going on I think since the last time we recorded a show here. So the C 64 Classic console comes in two formats. It comes in the mini version, which is what I have, which is this little tiny It looks like a Raspberry Pi in a 3d printed case, but it's a very high quality looking Commodore 64 little case, but no working keyboard or anything and then they released recently. Regular they call it they go adjust the C 64. But everyone calls it the C 64. Maxie, because the other one's called the Mini. Anyway, this is a full size Commodore 64 replica with a full working keyboard. Yeah, Bruce. I'll get to that. And it has a handful of slightly different games. It's been Extra USB ports. It's, it looks and feels like a real Commodore 64, which is, you know, some people ask what they're looking for. But the only way I could get it was to import it. And Amazon and other popular companies that ship overseas are not shipping it, they won't ship it over here. So I had a couple of people that were going to possibly send me one or they were going to act as my agent. But the price of shipping is ridiculous and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Somebody finally sent me a shop called like shop UK express or something. If anybody's interested in it, I'll I'll post it somewhere but I managed to find somebody that would sell me one and ship it to the United States, which for some reason seem to be the pipe dream. You know, the last unicorn or something. So I finally got it and I start I played with a little bit I did an unboxing for those of you you know, watch my videos and follow me YouTube I did some unboxing stuff I showed it off. And there are you can actually use your the game. Okay, so the two consoles come with 64 games built in and through sort of a clue g sideloading interface. You can get access to Commodore games on a flash drive that you plug into the USB port. But there's no you know, you look at the interface, they call it the carousel. And the carousel has like scrolling boxes along the bottom and it's got clip bar, you know, it's got screenshots, and box shots and metadata. And sort of the dream has been how do I get my own games on this carousel. And if you follow some of the Commodore 64 communities, they figured out ways of using you know j tags and hardware modifications to sort of flash and custom ROM stuff custom firmware stuff into the unit. But you got to disassemble it you got to do soldering and it's like you know what, if there's a software solution I'm in but I'm not opening that thing up. I'm not soldering some j tag to it. It's not it's not gonna happen. Well, a couple months back some sort of random Twitter post showed up where someone was claiming that they had a software only solution coming. No hardware, no soldering, no nonsense. Literally, you didn't have to be a wizard to get this thing going. And this was coming soon. Well, of course, I followed the guy and I didn't research around and he'd been making some posts on some other places. And I'm like, kind of a believer when I see it sort of thing right and then everything went quiet for like a month. Then out of the blue another message from this guy gets posted, saying that they've been you know, they've got this working. They've got the Working and it all sounds really legit. And so, I reached out, I sort of touched base with the guy and I said, So um, what's the deal? I mean, is this thing coming or, you know, I run the I run the the C 64 Mini zone. And I make CJ CJ m files, these configuration files for it. I'm really curious as to how, you know, essentially, this might put me out of business, so to speak. And could I be somehow involved with the project? You know, I've done I've done professional beta testing and quality assurance testing. I haven't managed to score an association producer credit on the unreleased Dragon's Lair for the Nintendo DS, based on my testing work and my contributions to the process. And I manage a team of software developers. So I know the process I know I've signed. I know about NDA, I know how to keep my mouth shut. I know, I know how this business works. And I said if you're looking for somebody who's got experience With the C 64. Many that you're you know, you're interested in having help with this project. I'm also a developer. I'm also a coder. I know how to look for things that most testers don't look for. Anyway, so I'd say a handful of weeks ago, the guy reached out and said, Yeah, well, we're getting really, really close. You know, we're getting close to a release. And somehow I got a link to a video like in Swahili or some shit, or one of the testers accidentally, I don't know if it was accidentally you probably did it on purpose. He leaked one of the beta builds with a YouTube video. And I'm like, Ah, okay, well, it's in Swahili or some shit, but I can figure it out. And I can do an English version of this same video. And so I reached out to the guy and I reached back out to the the guy that I've been in contact with. And I'm like, Yeah, well, I saw it got released and he's like, you Yeah, that wasn't supposed to get released, I'm going out. And I said, he said, Well, if you've already got it, I mean, let me talk to the developer, I'll make sure that you're part of the testing team. And I said, Yeah, I mean, I've been working with it for, you know, several hours now. And it seems it seems pretty solid. And so there was some back and forth and back and forth. And I really, really got into testing it. A couple weekends back. And I started building my own carousel, and I got like 80 games on there. And I started sending testing notes back over to the developer via this other guy. And to kind of wrap everything up. I've pretty much in like the lead tester of this thing. You know, how, you know, people don't really want to test. They want early access to goodies, right? That's what they want. They don't want to actually do regression testing on each release. They don't actually want to look for fallacies and problems with it. They just want to get what they want free and they want it soon. than everybody else, right? This isn't gonna be a paid product, but quote, quote testers, right? And essentially, I was told, you know, one of the two of them I can't remember cuz I start talking to the developers later on. But basically, you know, you're finding stuff that none of these other guys have found. But yeah, because I'm actually testing these other guys are just sticking with it. But you know, I put like 35 hours into testing this thing. So I found the stuff that they're not going to find. So, we now have I have a final version in hand, right? So I had a release candidate a couple of days back. I built all my distribution. distributable is my tutorial package. I've built my website around everything. I've got document, I wrote full blown documentation for it. I've got a page setup on the 64 minute zone. It's all hidden. Don't go looking for it. It's not public yet. But I got everything ready to go. And he's like, No, no, no, wait for the final build. Wait for the final bill. Dude, I'm chomping at the bit. I've got an hour and a half video. Ready for this thing I've got. I've got this tutorial package put together. I've been teasing screenshots. I've been teasing content. Let's get this thing out. Right I'm ready to roll this thing. And so now we're waiting on somebody to approve his EULA. Right? So we got one more hurdle. One more approval that the EULA covers everything properly. I don't think it's a lawyer that's covering him as somebody who's familiar with the legal ease. He wants them to take a look at us you know, you break your shit they're gonna try to hold you live on you. I flash your stuff and it ruined my you know, see 64 minutes I have to buy me a new it's like now you assumed all risks pal read the EULA. But anyway, so that's what I'm waiting for. Everything is ready to go. I got the final build in the packages. I've got everything ready to roll the websites up to date the tutorial videos up to date. All I've got to do is flip two switches and we are all hot. Once you have this you will be able to have a full blown fully customizable Commodore 64 Mini with just the games you want not those terrible, terrible hack jobs or weird euro games that nobody played. At least nobody played over here. All right, you had a 54 minutes Show. I'm now at the store. I gotta go do some shopping. Hope you enjoyed your near hour long show. This is Shane Armin rope sec radio. We'll see you next time. Take care, buddy.

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